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Update, 10 p.m.: Rangers win 5-3. I’m officially in the clear.

Update, 9:09 p.m. Rangers 4, Devils. End of two. Yes, I will assume some responsibility for jumping the gun. But you can’t really pin two flukey goals on a guy sitting 100 stories up in the press box. Or can you?

Update, 8:59 p.m. Rangers 4, Devils 3. We’ve officially entered white knuckle territory. Patrik Elias scores on a 5-on-3 to pull the Devils back within one.

Update, 8:50 p.m.: Rangers 4, Devils 2. OK, you can officially resent me for that last post. I deserve it. Bryce Salvador makes it 4-2 after the puck bounces off Brandon Dubinsky, off the post, and off Henrik Lundqvist and into the net. Just like they drew it up.

Update, 8:39 p.m.: Hello Pittsburgh (or Montreal or Philadelphia)? Chris Drury makes it 4-1 after a feed from the corner from Nigel Dawes.

Update, 8:34 p.m.: If you’re Marty Brodeur, it’s never a good sign when you’re getting sarcastic cheers from your crowd for fielding an innocent dump-in. Living legends just don’t get treated like they used to.

Update, 8:32 p.m. Start of the second. Beware the dreaded two-goal lead.

Update, 8:10 p.m. Rangers 3, Devils 1: The Devils had been dominating right up until this point. I was literally just going to turn to Carpie and say that Brendan Shanahan has been invisible in this period when the veteran just set up the goal by winning a puck with his feet to Sean Avery. Scott Gomez roofed the rebound.

Update, 7:59 p.m.: Rangers 2, Devils 1: Rangers weather the first Devils power play, but now face another when they get called for too many men on the ice.

Update, 7:51 p.m.: Rangers 2, Devils 1. Jagr steps in from the half wall and beats Brodeur five-hole. Now the Rock P.A. system is playing Loverboy’s “Everybody’s Working For The Weekend.” That can’t be helping the Devils right now. Or anyone for that matter….

Update, 7:48 p.m.: Devils 1, Rangers 1. Never mind. Jagr tosses puck up high to Rozsival and he buries it. Now the Rangers have a power play as well.

Update, 7:47 p.m.: Devils 1, Rangers 0. Bad match-up for the Rangers. Their fourth-line against the Zubrus line. Giontabeats Lundqvist high glove side.

Update, 7:32 p.m.: The Rangers start the Drury line up front and Fedor Tyutin and Dan Girardi at defense. The Devils go with their line of Dainius Zubrus, Brian Gionta, and Travis Zajac, with Johnny Oduya and Paul Martin at defense.

Carpie says if the Rangers win tonight he and I are going directly to Pat’s Hubba Hubba in Port Chester.

This may be a reason to root for the Devils.

Update, 7:25 p.m.: OK, we’ll be chiming in live and (not so) up close from the Prudential Center. I’m centering a line in the press box with Zipay on my right and Carpie on the left. Carpie, of course, covered the Rangers’ last Cup win in 1994. But there’s no truth to the rumor he was on the beat in 1940 as well.

He was only an intern at the time….

Pregame: At one point in his pre-game media scrum here at the Rock, Tom Renney was asked whether he’s watching any of the other games this postseason.

“I watch the Western Conference games as a fan and a I watch the Eastern Conference games as a coach,” he said.


Later, after the session was over and Renney was walking back to the Rangers locker room, I said, “I imagine your goal is to start watching the Western Conference games as a coach?” — the implication, of course, that his team would be playing one of those West teams in the Finals.

A smile creeped across the coach’s face.

“Oh man, wouldn’t that be nice,” he said.

That is as far as anyone will go at this point, especially with a crucial Game 5 awaiting in only a couple of hours. In fact, speaking of other games in the playoffs, Renney said he would reference Montreal’s own 3-1 game last night, when the Canadiens saw a 1-0 lead disintegrate into a 5-1 loss.

“Last night’s a pretty good example of what might happen if you take your foot off the gas a bit,” he said. “Montreal’s a heck of a hockey team and Boston was allowed to do what they needed to do to get themselves a win. So there’s a clear example there within reach, so we’ll allude to that a little bit and just make sure we pay attention to what’s been good to us, and ask guys for even more.”

Some notes:

<li>Curious stat courtesy of John Giannone: in this series, the Devils have led for all of 15 minutes — all in Game 3.

<li>Jaromir Jagr again entered the arena flashing one of his Stanley Cup rings. When he emerged to work on his sticks, he had a trivia question for the assembled media: “How many players on the Devils have names like cities?” It was a strange question, I know, but three of the four answers were uncovered: Parise (Paris), Salvador (San Salvador), Brylin (Berlin).

Giannone chimed in. “You have way too much time on your hands,” he said.Jagr responded, “When they’re killing penalties, what do you think I’m doing?”

<li>Renney on Isiah Thomas, his Garden counterpart who was euphemistically “relieved of his duties” today: It’s always unforunate when people that are passionate about the game and have a level of competence to work at it lose their jobs. But naturally that’s part of the business. I don’t have my head so far up the sand that I think for a minute it won’t happen to me at some point in time. I’m OK with that.”

More in a bit…

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  1. Staal wart – You’re not a real fan. You know you got the David Putty face goin right now. Just kiddin bro!

    LOL Beer me,
    what are you talking about, I’ve been growing out the Playoff Beard since 94…thats it…you’ve got it…
    We Dutch boys don’t get much “beard-age” So there you have it…I think your just jealous…when I’m 60 I’ll still look like I’m 16…anyways

  2. Al Literation on

    how about the here and now. like game 5 tonight.

    enough about the future, Conan

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    “Renney on Isiah Thomas, his Garden counterpart who was euphemistically “relieved of his duties” today”

    It is closer to euthanistically!

  4. that effin freak Jagr with his Hitler moustache.

    Heil, jagr. dipshit.

    Smythe, my ass. give him the dumb clown award

  5. 1.20 come on guys drop the puck now…

    I can´t wait any longer…….


  6. it is defintely sure that tonight will be easier to close it out than a game six on Sunday would be…

    So let´s hope they are scoring first than they will do it tonight….

  7. Get Hollweg OFF the ice, please!!!! He was spectating for the first goal-what an idiot

  8. oh man, it is really a nice place to celebrate…

    I have seen pictures of Pat Hubba´s

    poor media guys:):):)

    I had such aw0nderful dinner tonite..

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    How can you NOT like Jagr right now?

    Backman-Mara continues to play well as well.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    adolph, you realize that not rooting for Jagr is the WORST thing you can do as a fan. When Jagr is on, he is BY FAR the best player on both of these teams. As a Ranger fan, how could you not want Jagr (or anyone on the team for that matter) to play their best?

    You’re just not thinking man. You can dislike a player, but to not hope he succeeds? that’s pretty dumb. I hate Hollweg, but when he’s out there I hope he does well.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s 2 two many men penalties in 2 games. The bench better get their shit together.

  12. brodeur, elias, and white have been simply atrocious in this game so far.

    no wonder the debbies can’t beat the rangers

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery is showing a level of maturity right now that I didn’t know he had. They are targeting him and he isn’t reacting, just getting up and playing. Kudos to him.

    And how wasn’t it a PP for when Clarkson just ripped avery down after the goal?

  14. GoCaptainClutch! on

    devs are so focused on hitting, i think they forgot they need to score goals!

  15. If that was Crosby being taken down like Avery was taken down, it would have been a penalty

  16. Rangers scoring three goals on seven shots against Brodeur !
    That´s not what you exspecting from Brodeur, especially when Scotty Gomez scored through the five-hole…

    It is time to get off the ice, Marty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. They have no business being up 3-1 in this game, but of course we’ll take it. I just hope they can control play better in the 2nd

  18. 3-1 up..sitting in an armchair in front of the computer, it is time now switching off the light now and switching off the screen leaning back and just listening to the game….

    2.35 am in the morning, it is time to relax a little bit..

  19. This game has been *LOVELY* so far. It’s too bad Avery probably can’t fight because of his eye stitchery, since I would love to see him throw down with Clarkson. Then again, this is probably a good thing because it is making him less retaliatory, and he is focusing on his offensive game.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    If I were the Devils’ trainer, I’d start getting the Purell ready. I don’t know where Avery’s hand has been.

  21. Beer Me! – was just reading the comments from earlier, and even though I like Emrick, your opinion of him is *very funny*! * “If I wanted to hear an a-hole, I’d fart.* LOL

  22. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Way to go Sam.

    By the way, if that hit by Dubi was interference, than 90% of the hits by the Devils have also been interference.

  23. Sam…you’re gettin really close to being on every ranger fan’s sh** list–you know we’re a bunch of superstitous fans. Better hope the rangers hold on!!!

  24. Wow, awkward deflections off of Dubinsky’s head and Tyutin’s arm. Amazing.

    I think the biggest surprise in this series is that there have been *three*, count ’em, *three* 4-3 games.

  25. Wow, the Devils people are really stupid, now playing the song that the MSG has been using at the beginning of Rangers games. What an amateur operation they have over there.

  26. Anybody old enough to remember Bobby Schmautz’s goal against the Rangers in ’68? I was there as a ten-year-old when he scored on a deflection from center ice against Giacomin, much like Salvador’s goal. It was late in the fifth game and cost the NYR — who had won the first two games easily — the series when they went down easily in the next one at Chicago.

  27. Dubinsky essentially gets penalized because the Devil knew he was gonna get smoked, wussed out and refused to play the puck. That is not interference at any time, in any league, in any country in the world. A horrendous call.

  28. Spiderpig:

    The Great One once said it best: the Debs are a “Mickey Mouse Organization” … If I was Mickey Mouse, I’d be insulted.

  29. onecupin67years on

    Well the devils are more lucky than good right now,the Rangers “Lack the killer instinct” ,put ’em away!

  30. ORR...The Pop Sensation Known As Colton !!! He Misses Ortmeyer ! on

    This is pathetic. The Devs are the luckiest team in the fuggin world. Tyutin is turning into Malik right before our eyes. Dubi was picking his fuggin nose, and it costed Nyr, he should have been scratching his ass.

    He they lose, then this series is going 7 games, cause there is no way the Debs wont get so fired up.

    The D better step up this period.

    The ubi call was BULLSHIT !!! Callahan got hit the same exact way, and they wrote it off as a “big collision” so there ya go.


    Sam Rosen – “Can you believe it?”

    Joe Michelletti – “….No!”

  32. Classy move by Marty B……

    I love it, off to Germany for 5 days, come back in time for Game 1…I hope.

  33. Bro-%$%#%-Deur on

    What do you expect from a class act like Marty…. what a whiny little b**ch.

  34. IbleedRangersBlue on


  35. onecupin67years on

    Brodeur is such a baby,I guess Avery did get under his skin,I can’t wait til next year when Avery turns up the heat on Marty-cone,the devils better sign him,no they’re to cheap and Marty-cone would pout.

  36. Princess marty shows his true colors. what a classless piece of sh**.

    Sam, you lucky bastard. Never EVER to that again!

  37. I really wish I could go through all the posts that I missed. Staal wart…good times man.

    Congrats to the boys for an entertaining series. For bettering(?) the ‘rangers in 6’ predictions, speaking of dic…tions, for proving larry brooks wrong, yet again. For making me happy and the old lady calling me from the other room. … see you guys. I told you so.

    And meatslapper…a success?

  38. Brodeur is finished-what an a-hole not shaking hands with his nemesis, Sean. The call on Duby was a joke-nice to see him vindicated

  39. Honestly I don’t even care about Brodeur not shaking hands. Its no big deal. These older guys feel that they’ve earned respect in the league, which they have, so if a guy disrespects them then they don’t wanna shake hands. It just means Avery was in his head and that he accomplished his goal.

  40. Avery tearing Clarkson into two million little pieces. “He’s really not much of a player. He’s basically completely ineffective. He thinks he can play with me, but he can’t.”

    On Brodeur in the handshake line: “Everyone talks about how classy or unclassy I am, and Fatso there just forgot to shake my hand, I guess.”

  41. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    Watching the Rangers tonight, I saw how our mix of veterans and youth is really paying off. The D was pretty composed, but it was the calm hands of guys like Jags Drury and Gomez, combined with the sometimes insane individual efforts from the young guys. And Hank only got beaten by crazy deflections: let’s not forget the penalty shot! The Rangers were HUGE tonight, and played composed under pressure.

    THe thing that sucks is… we have to wait so freaking long to get till next Friday. Bring on Cindy!!!

  42. I can lsiten to Sean Avery all night hahaha. Awesome job in this series by all the Rangers. Good night Marty see you next year.

  43. oldkid- I am pretty sure they all did, except for the baby.

    I love Gomez with the “What can you say”

  44. I wonder what happened when Brodeur and Henrik met in the line; It wasn’t showed on TV. Good job by Weekes coming through with the hug on Henrik. At least this clears up Emrick to replace some ineffective guy on Versus.

    Red Wings win game five on terrible defensive coverage by the Predators. Game six on MSG+ on Sunday (through the NBC feed with good ol’ Doc)!

  45. Spiderpig- The bar i was at since lviing in Jersey had the Devils feed on. marty and Henrik shook hands and said good luck. No hug, just a handshake.

  46. How sweet it is!! I’m not sure what was better, the game or Avery’s post game interview.

    “I guess fatso forgot to shake my hand.”

    What a classy move Marty, showing your true colors.

    Just a great win, I was never worried when they came back b/c we controlled the whole game. 2 MJAOR FLUKE goals — doesnt count as generating offense in my book.

    Bring on Cindy the kid

  47. Avery for governor--he's already seeing prostitutes on

    Avery is priceless. that is hilarious, lol

    calling brodeur fatso, that is worth a headline

  48. and then all the devils…
    came home with pride
    to the Prude rock..
    is where Marty hides
    but Avery was waiting..
    with a smile so wide
    but its easy to smile with…
    God on your side

  49. That’s an odd one Kaspar. How’s the nacho cheese-stained jersey doing? I’m 13-1-3 now, including 4-0-1 in this series.

    What’s with the song MSG keeps using where they forgot to take out one lyric, “can’t handle it?”

  50. Guys, I’m starting to see the offseason moves as brilliant on Sathers part…Two great well rounded centers in Gomer and Drury…
    If you think about it these two players fit into our system wonderfully. They both play a complete game and after taking time to learn Renneys system are now vital pieces to the puzzle…
    I absolutely love what I’m seeing!
    Bring on Cindy the Kid and LETS GO RANGERS!!
    Oh and a completely classless act by Baby Broduer.

  51. Comrade Spider
    the cheese stains are still there, will not wash until we beat
    Forsberg in finals ( he’s big Doritos fan too)
    I forget to wear jersey in only Rangers loss, I remember at start of OT but its too late…you must wear for entire game, this is only way Doritos nacho cheese stain hex works…
    song is from Bob Dylanski “With God on our Side”
    This is what I feel comrade Avery has…God is on his side

    Bruins in seven
    Rangers Vs Flyers

  52. BTW Weinman – the sarcastic cheers for Brodeur were from the legion of Ranger fans behind him ;) It was my row and a few others that tried to get loud about it.

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