Conn-flict of interest


Larry Brooks in the Post today “introduces a curious dilemma”: awaiting writers should the Rangers advance to the Stanley Cup finals this spring (it’s also a fairly far-fetched dilemma at this point seeing how the team isn’t even yet out of the first round).


The gist of it is this: with Jaromir Jagr able to trigger the option year on his contract by claiming the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP, it will basically be in writers’ hands to determine whether he can return to the Rangers next year at a discounted rate (i.e. with the Washington Capitals picking up half the tab).

Brooks touches on the many trouble spots with this scenario: how Rangers writers would be in a position to help the team they cover, how they could conceivably overlook another worthy candidate as a result.

Not to be overlooked as well is the fact that many of us who cover Jagr might want to have him back in New York simply because he’s such an endless source of amusement.

There’s obviously fertile territory for humor here — hey, we can name our price! — but it’s actually a serious matter. I’m pretty sure I can speak for the other writers who cover the team when I say we’ve all been taught as journalists to not become part of the story (never mind my endless self-indulgent meanderings in this blog). And given the affection we have for the game, I doubt any of us would want to see such an important award turned into a farce.

This would hardly be the first time writers have a say in such important matters. It happens every year with awards and even the Hall of Fame in a variety of sports, and there’s even a precedent with Jagr. It was only two years ago, after all, that he was essentially robbed of the Hart Trophy when writers — perhaps biased against Europeans — “voted for Joe Thornton instead”: Had Jagr won that trophy, he would have triggered his option year for 2008-09.

Now this year’s Conn Smythe remains his only hope. I’ll resist the temptation to say he better stay on my good side.

Meanwhile, some other news:

<li>The Rangers are having an optional skate at the Rock. I doubt there will be any lineup changes tonight. But I’ll check in later..

<li>Just like Obama and Clinton, the Rangers can expect to do battle in Pennsylvania should they get past the Devils. The Flyers are up 3-1 on the Caps “after last night’s double OT thriller”:, so if they close out that series and Montreal beats the Bruins, the Rangers would open the second round in Pittsburgh next week.

Of course, the Bruins also blew out the Habs last night in the third period to pull back to within 3-2 in that series. Should they win the next two and the Flyers win their series, the Rangers would actually get home-ice in the next round against Philadelphia.

More later…

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  1. Conn Smythe? Whoa there guy. I think we are getting a little ahead of ourselves here. The Rangers still haven’t even advanced to the quaterfinals. So this really could all just be moot.

  2. Yeah Conn Smythe talk puts bad voodoo in the air…however, if you had to name the MVP of this series so far (it is not over though) I think Lundquist and Gomez are ahead of Jagr

  3. Yeah, that’s WAY ahead of ourselves.

    “I doubt any of us would want to see such an important award turned into a farce.”

    It would be an absolute disgrace to the game if an un-deserving player were awarded that trophy for monetary, rivalry, or any other reason.

    He WAS robbed of the Hart 2 years ago. But just like the offciating so far in this round, let’s move on.

    Leave it to Brooks to be a F’n a-hole … again.

  4. REPOST:

    There are few greater pleasures in life for me than watching the Rangers beating Marty Brodeur & the Devils, especially in the playoffs. *I am sure many of you share this sentiment.*
    Well, I’m here to say that I will be physically unable to consider this season ‘unsuccessful’ if we go on to eliminate the Devils from the playoffs tonight. This *could be* the last time we ever face Marty in the playoffs, and it would/will be deliciously sweet to crush his season, again. Let’s be real here, once Marty retires, it will never be the same beating NJ again. It’s personal. Our team has changed so much over the years, yet he remained the constant winning force for NJ. It will be sweet to eliminate them from the contest again tonight, and enjoy it, you never know if we’ll have the opportunity to enjoy making Marty go home early again.


  5. Wait a second.

    Aren’t there writers out there who DON’T live in NY?

    Don’t those writers get a say too? So wouldn’t any bias towards Jagr be canceled out by non-NYers?

  6. Salty, the skating pretty Jagr has been a force all series. He’s been dominant with the puck and his line has accounted for a number of goals so lay off the skating pretty talk.

  7. Wait, I am still a bit confused. If Philly wins, they were the number 6 seed. If Montreal wins, we win, and Pitt, how would we play Pitt, wouldnt 1 play the lowest seed, which would be 6(philly) and we would play the Habs?

  8. Ever notice, and especially even more now, that ever since MSG kind of took over all of the local sports channels, that we kiss the other teams asses a bit when we play the Devils and Islanders. I don’t mean us, I mean the announcers and play by play guys. I mean the Devils announcers still bitch and moan about things “not going their way” but Sam and Joe definitely give the Devils way too much credit a lot of the time. I like both those guys, but I am sick of giving that frigin team any credit.

  9. Speed SkatOrr on

    I have to say this … Larry Brooks is in no position to preach about Rangers writers SUPPORTING the team they cover because Brooks predicted that the Devils will win in 6. I was so mad over that article. He somewhat redeemed himself the other day with his Avery article but come on. I don’t particularly like Brooks right now.

  10. Playoff Rankings
    2) Pitt
    3) Washington
    4) NJ
    5) NYR
    6) Philly
    7) Ottawa
    8) Boston


    if Mon, Pitt, NYR, Wash win…

    NYR vs Montreal
    Pitt vs Wash

    if Boston, Pitt, NYR, Wash win…

    NYR vs Wash
    Boston vs Pitt


    if Mon, Pitt NYR, Philly win….

    NYR vs Pitt
    Mon vs Philly

    if Bost , Pitt, NYR, Philly win…

    NYR vs Philly
    Boston vs Pitt

  11. Jagr has been very good in these playoffs. He’s got 17 shots on goal, is skating hard, 2nd in scoring so far. I think his most underrated play so far was the surprise slapper that led to Staal’s goal. Micheletti said on the broadcast, and it’s so true, that Jagr almost NEVER shoots from a sharp angle, especially when he’s on the left wing (it’s rare he’s on that wing to begin with). That shot definitely surprised Brodeur who coughed up the huge rebound, which led to Staal’s blast. It’s pretty plain to see that Jagr has “turned it on” the last 3 weeks of the season and has adjusted his game accordingly to the playoffs. It’s been great to watch and so far, worth the wait.

  12. Why knock Brooks for picking the Devils? He covers the Rangers, but has to maintain objectivity. If he thought the Devils would win, I’m glad he said so. And I’m glad it looks like he may be wrong, not for the first time.

    That being said, the poster who said other writers get a vote is correct. In fact, you can bet your arse that there is a huge contingent of writers who think that the Rangers (quietly) got a sweetheart deal by having the NHL allow half of Jagr’s cap hit to remain in Washington after the lockout. Maybe they don’t want to see the Rangers get one more year of a cap-freindly Jagr.

    And they are right, we got a good deal from the NHL. How about that, for a change?

  13. Don’t count the Devils out if they lose this series. Brodeur still has 4 years on his contract.. many people thought the Devils would get no where this season, but Lou is Lou.

  14. Read Bob Raissman’s article on Avery in the NY Daily News today. Finally someone gets it!!

    I hate Marty. I hate Sutter. I hate the Devils. F them all!


  15. Right on Newman.

    Salty – We’re almost there pal. While you weren’t faithful enough to believe that this season could be successful, I’m glad that you’re changing your tune.

    Yes, other writers of course get their votes. But if any of those writers are covering/bias to any team in the SE div that is not named the Capitals, it would benefit them to, to see Leonsis have to shell out another $4-5Mil to Jags.

  16. They probably have Crosby/Conn Smythe adverts being shot as we speak. Ballots with his name in large print and everyone else in small print are also being printed.

  17. I want to see Dawes get a goal against Marty. He owned him this season. I want to see him get a playoff goal tonight.

  18. I was under the impression that if the Rangers went to the Conference Finals this year Jagr’s option was automatically triggered. Can anyone confirm/deny this clause? I tried looking on a few nhl salary cap websites but could not find the info.

  19. Salty, the skating pretty Jagr has been a force all series. He’s been dominant with the puck and his line has accounted for a number of goals so lay off the skating pretty talk.


    simmer down francey… it was just a razz, Jagr has looked threatening all series and has been holding the puck on a string for the most part… lets be real here though: there is long line ahead of him of “MVP” candidates so far, Jagr is in contention for no awards except being a really good distraction.

    Beer Me, it’s true… Beating the Devils 4-1 is the spoonful of sugar that would certainly help the koolaid go down…

  20. Regardless of who we play, I hope the Philly/Caps series and Habs/B’s go the limit so Jagr and Shanny can have time to rest.

  21. i think if the rangers went to the conf finals AND jagr reached a certain point total (i think it was 85 pts, or higher), it would have triggered the option. but jagr didn’t reach the required point total, so the option won’t kick in unless he wins the connn smythe.

  22. I agree with your Jagr thoughts, his game has adapted and he seems to, more often than not he’s doing the whole north south thing. I thought his rush to the front of the net the other night spoke volumes on how hard he’s playing as well as the ensueing scrum that followed, he’s not backing down…good to see.
    I have a family “event” tomorrow with Devil fans and I the lone Ranger fan…how sweet it will be if we finish this tonight…
    And Yes Dawes scoring a goal would be awesome…

  23. “Beer Me, it’s true… Beating the Devils 4-1 is the spoonful of sugar that would certainly help the koolaid go down…”

    Well, salty. That’s step 1. Step 2 is acknowledging the fact that Renney may actually be the right coach for this team. Not that he’s the ‘best in the nhl’. Cause *I* don’t even think he is. And I think without Jags, purely from a coaching/ego perspective, there would’ve been even less of a question if he is the ‘right’ coach for this team. OR…had Jags bought into the ‘system’ sooner, we may not even be having the conversation. A fault on both Jags & Renney. Ultimately Renney got his way as far as having Jags buy into it. And it’s been going quite well I may add.

  24. Good thoughts, Beer. I said it yesterday and I really think Renney has proven this series that he’s learning from past experience. I also think that regardless of who our next opponent is, IF WE ADVANCE (don’t wanna start karma rolling in the wrong direction), we will have whatever “coaching edge” there might be. Possible opponents are Carbonneau, Boudreau, Therien, and Stevens. I think Renney is a far better coach than all of the above.

  25. First off, Imagine Renney and anyone on the Rangers complaining this much about goalie interference and ref’s? it would be all over the news with cries of unprofesionalism by a bunch of whiners. I love that its NJ bitching, and in turn looking like a bunch of bitches! eat it NJ, Rangers take it tonight on a game winner by Dawes (that would be so lovely)

    Secondly, Yes Sam Rosen and Joe M are definitely at fault for giving the opposing team quite a few blow jobs during the commentating on the NYR games. I’ve said this all season, and actually for as long as I can remember. Sam Rosen Sucks as our announcer, he goes on and on about retarded side stories while plays are happening and shots are being taken on goal, and should be replaced already. Im not a fan of Doc and Chico, but I’d rather listen to the good ole play by play the way they call it than listen to Rosen go on about how he and Davidson went out for a steak at jonnnies with so and so, blah blah blah. The guy is just an overpaid douche. And before I get any kind of response about this, NO i dont give a rats ass about his “it’s a power play goal”, or how long he has been our announcer, or any other argument. the guys just sucks ass!!

    BUT!, I would gladly listen to this retard dan corleopne gold ring wearing, horrible comb over, deer in the headlights looking mother F%@ker until June if it meant us in the finals.
    Thats my rant about Rosen, I just had to get it off my chest. Won’t hear me bitch about him til next year.


  26. I can’t believe this is a topic of discussion. Let’s beat the f’ing devils tonite. That’s it.

  27. Step 2 is acknowledging the fact that Renney may actually be the right coach for this team.

    The fact that anything is possible? sure. It depends what happens next for me. I’m already impressed with what has happened in these playoffs, although I clearly had pretty low expectations coming in off the regular season. One thing Renney has going with me right now was that in the press conf. after game 4 he did not seem satisfied, despite the win, nor should he have been. I don’t think I’ve seen that from him all year… he knew the team could be better than they were and he was not “just happy to win” by any means… he knew it needs to be a tighter ship to go the distance.

  28. Mikey – Chris’ comment “CANCELLED YOURS OUT”.

    That’s the kind of SH-T you want to listen to? I’ve never met Emerick, and I hope I never do. But I’d tell him the same I tell so many people I meet. “If I wanted to hear an a-hole, I’d fart.”

    RobC – agreed on the potential coaching matchups. Boudreau has done a great job down there. He’s also one of the few success stories of taking a stuggling team over.

    Let’s compare that to the Flyers last season. They fired one of the better coaches in the league, then got worse and worse with his replacement.

  29. Meatslap – At least it’s headed in the right direction. Where have I heard that before?

    Emerick: “Only 27,000 ticks left until they drop the puck tonight”. Gimme a F’n break.

  30. I also think Renney has done a fine job…I love all the posters who chime in when the Rangers loose or are going thru a tough stretch saying stupid sh$$ like “Fire Renney”, such a bunch of unknowledgeable dumba$$ fans, if they are fans…
    When the team is going pretty good they disappear…
    Renney has absolutely learned from his prior coaching experience…the proof is in the performance…
    year 1 sweeped by Debbies
    year 2 hard fought second round exit with a few crucial mistakes.
    year 3 still to be played out but you can see already that Renney is fully in control and has learned from past mistakes.
    Go Renney and Go Rangers!

  31. Yes Emerick sucks I’d rather listen to Rosen steakhouse stories than here nails across the board…I must watch hockey with the volume down with Emerick on…I could care less about the Boston College product…Brian Gionta…or the puck getting caught up in the paraphernalia of Marty Broduer…

    I like Joe alot more than both though

  32. “They jostle in the corner. Elias skates in unmolested.”

    Hey Doc, jostling is something I do with my balls when they are sweaty from the gym. Unmolested, well Doc, I think you molest small children while hump back chico sits in the corner eating a chili dog watching.

    I can’t stand those two.

  33. I honestly think people hate Renney for his cerebral approach to the game. I, on the contrary, think he is a great coach and I love his style. He knows the game better than we give him credit for. He seems to get the most out of players. I don’t think he’s as much as a softee as people say he is. I think he’s the kind of guy who just looks at a player with a cold stare if he does something wrong and the player knows it and he corrects it. He seems to care greatly about all of his players and he handles personalities well. I know some people have had issues with his accountability, but that certainly hasn’t been an issue in the playoffs thus far.

  34. Straka had a lot of jump last game. I am hoping he plays like that again tonight. When he plays a smart game and is skating, he is a very good and noticeable hockey player.

    One thing that really impresses me, and it is only going to get better, is Dubinsky’s ability to skate the puck and break out on the rush. He is a big guy and he can really control the puck. The kids is just such a bright spot.

  35. Yeah RobC I still don’t get the whole Cerebral approach of Renney or his “verbage”. I don’t find him to use hard language or speak in complex terminology…
    He is well spoken and speaks well but he doesn’t use hard words. I never understood that.
    He obviously thinks things through but thats a good thing. I also like him as coach…

  36. My point here is that you don’t need to yell and scream to be a good hockey coach. As long as your players get the message and they play hard, energetic, disciplined hockey, what more can you do?

    Look where all the yelling and screaming got Sutter.

    Also…I just LOVE the class of Renney and the NYR Organization that has shone through in this series by not complaining about the officiating, not commenting on the Avery antics, etc. They’re quietly going about their business and winning hockey games. I’m a proud fan.

  37. The hockey writers should be ashamed of themselves for not giving Jagr the Hart trophy 3 seasons ago, and voting for the perennial slacker Joe Thornton. Of course, Thornton is Canadian.

  38. formerly formerly jagrforpresident on

    Doc: “That one is Waffleboarded into the netting by Brodeur!”

    Waffleboarded? C’mon. No wonder no one watches hockey with pitiful announcers like that.

    Sam and Joe are better than most. Sam is a pro, Joe’s just a regular… uh, Joe.

    I do miss J.D. though.

    All I can say is, Sam and Joe beat Chico and Doc any day.

  39. “Hey Doc, jostling is something I do with my balls when they are sweaty from the gym. Unmolested, well Doc, I think you molest small children while hump back chico sits in the corner eating a chili dog watching.”

    HOly sh-t Nasty. I almost choked on my sandwich.

  40. Guys,

    i know this is off topic, but this is my first time going to the pebble tonight…are there bars and stuff outside the arena to hang out in? or are you just pretty much stuck inside of the pebble.


    lets go rangers!

  41. Adam and his Apple on

    im surprised but i definitely woulda thought that somebody would have mentioned jagrs hitler stash, and he thinks that having that elongated soul patch makes it alright, that silly bastard, happy passover everyone =)

  42. Nasty – Straka was directly responsible for 2 goals against.

    He was way better on offense, but he, like most of the team, needs to tighten up their D.

    Shanahan has continued to be god awful. He’s stalling the 2nd line. I wish they’d move Dawes up.

  43. There are few things I hate more than a Jagr-hater. They rear their ugly heads at the Mecca from time to time and love to show up on this blog as well.

    Anyone who’s watched hockey for a long period of time can see that Jagr has something that only a handful of guys in the NHL have. In his mid-30s, he’s still a better skater, passer and has more strength then 95% of players in the league in their mid-20s.

    Forget his stats. You’re a fool if you look at goals and assists as the only way to measure a performance. Hockey is a game of battles. Jagr has worn other teams down all year, providing opportunties for other lines to score and other players to contribute.

    He draws a ridiculous amount of penalties, kills clock cycling, makes passes that no one else can make (including sid the kid) and enhances the players around him.

    You can’t replace Jagr — its impossible. Heck, I bet you can’t even name me 5 players you would rather have over him for one single year. Sure, we’ve been able to win and score without his name on the score sheet, but this team still very much revolves around his production.

    He elevates his game to another level in the playoffs and big spots when guys like Gaborik and Hossa disappear.

    He’s a game changer.

    Side note, Renney reminds me very much of Joe Torre in the early 90’s…. that type of demeanor was good enough for 4 world series championship.

  44. the pebble is goin down tonight.. get the pulled pork sando.. amazin..not sure about bars near it

  45. Brandon – I heard the Torre/Renney comparison a few weeks back. It’s a fair one. And it proves that yelling and screaming does sh-t. Pinella anyone?

    However you’re missing what some of the “jagr-haters” are looking at. And some of your points are a bit inaccurate too. Jags DOESN’T draw “a ridiculous amount of penalties”. In fact, he draws very few. No discredit to him.

    To a team looking just to make a run, he’s one of the best around. To a team looking to build for the future…he’s useless. Re-read that now so noone missinterprets.

    WE are a team that is building for the future.

  46. i disagree beer me.. i think he would be very valuable in the development of dubi for another yr

  47. New York is the perfect place for Jagr. We are able to make a run while developing young players at the same time. They have the perfect mix of Vets and young guys.

  48. Nasty….you on fire today man!

    One comment on your Dubi comment (which I totally agree with…Dubi is the man). I think he has learned a lot from watching Gomer and perhaps taking some of his advice on skating with the biscuit up the ice. The way he pushes the puck ahead just out of reach of D men while maintaining his speed looks very Gomez-esque.

    On the Emrick, Chico, Rosen, Micheletti debate: Emrick makes me sick. Yes he has passion but he is such a dork, it annoys me to no end. “247 seconds left in the period”….UGGH. Chico is a total homer rooting for the Devils. Sam Rosen has good games and bad games. The less he talks BS and the more he focuses on doing play-by-play, the better we are. Those are his better games. Joe Mich…he has big shoes to fill after JD. That is so apparent. I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and revisit analysis of him next season.

    But really, who the F cares? I can turn down the volume if I have to listen to Dic Emrick and Chico.

    LGR….kill the Fng Devils.

  49. Beer, I agree with you in that we are building something right now greater than this season. I also agree that at his age he is not someone you build around anymore.

    However, I don’t think the team is ready to play without him and I don’t think they’ll be there next year either. Until he stops dominating and taking over games, you have to hold on to a guy like that. You can’t just sign a Jagr, and as good as our famr system is, and as much potential as a guy like Brandon Dubinsky shows, they’re not ready to spread their wings and fly without him just yet.

    I have difficult time thinking about next year when I’m wrapped up in a playoff series, and I mean, seriously wrapped up, I can’t think about anything else.

    I get defensive about Jagr b/c I think a lot of Rangers fans don’t give him his due. They think we can just move on without him so easily. I guess my point is, a guy like that is very difficult to replace. Unless Vinny Lecavalier (most complete player in the league, IMO) is on the market, we’re going to need more than one guy to make up for Jagr’s absence.

    His quotes alone are reason to keep him around. Some great material he’s been using, especially this year.

  50. I just want to make clear that I’m not ‘bashing’ Jags right now.

    If you don’t see that he wants to play for his old team while he still has some ‘game’ left in him, you’re missing something. I think a Conn Smythe trophy is the only thing that keeps him in the NHL. Maybe I’ll eat my words. But I’m comfortable with my assessment.

  51. It’s possible that Jagr could win the Conn Smyth. If he’s a strong candidate that means nothing but good for the Rangers. This whole option thing wouldn’t even be a issue if the writers didn’t screw him out of the Hart trophy a few years back. Vote for Jagr ’08! ;)

  52. Bradon – I totally agree that’s its hard to talk about at this point. Let’s just save it.

    My last thought on it for now though…If we’re not ready to move on, then we could be in serious trouble. I think it’s time we hand over the reigns.

    Only 23,400 ticks left!


    There’s 5.

    Not tryin’ to start a fight but that was easy.

  54. I never wanted Jagr gone like so many of you did this year. I do see he still has value on this team, especially this time of the year. We just wish we saw it all year long and not just down the stretch. But if he continues to play the way he is playing now deep in to the playoffs I am willing to forgive him. If we had no youth and only old aging veterans then I say dump him, but that is just not the case. We have some solid solid youth and a great young goalie.

    And I still say I want Sean Avery on this team for years to come.

  55. Actually, based on the way the playoffs have gone so far, I’d definitely cross Ovechkin and Zetterberg off that list. Remember, the question was could we name 5 guys we’d rather have for one year at this time of year. Not who would we build around.

  56. Ok, maybe this is the largest part of why I say to move on. I really really really don’t think he’d be satisfied with a lesser role, no “C”, less money. Are there folks out there that believe he would be?

  57. I think Dubinsky has the make up of a captain and so does Staal. Dubinsky is definitely more outspoken and I could definitely see him being the captain of the NYR. It all depends on what they want the face of the organization to look like.

  58. I think Nasty called Dawesy for a goal.

    I’m going to make one of the boldest predictions a fan can.

    Prediction: This game ends with handshakes.

  59. I see Dawes getting one tonight, and I liked Girardi’s game the other night. I can see him getting a goal or another nice assist.

  60. I think we’re going to see how soft Evgeni Malkin really is when we push him around next round like we did in so many regular season games this year. I’m looking forward to seeing his goofy Herman Munster butt on the ice all series.

    5 players for a playoff run, right now, and right now only…

    My 5 guys are (in no particular order):

    1. Lecavalier
    2. Sakic
    3. Jagr
    4. Crosby
    5. Iginla

    This could create a landslide of lists. This is by no means concrete, just guys I think perform on another level in the playoffs. I.E. Chris Drury

  61. Nasty, I was going to predict both of those things, but was too chicken to do so. So hats off to you on those.

    Is that your kid in the pictures? And where is your beard in the last two?!

  62. LOL at all the blind Jagr supporters, eager for a mouthful of hot chum. At leats Brandon cited his reasons, although I disagree with most of them and think the sooner this team moves on from Jagr, the sooner they will all be able to really grow into their identities. Non-scoring/distraction Jagr was the training wheels. Next step is removing them and letting the new Rangers ride.

    And as far as renney is concerned, the fact remains that he has only won 1 playoff round in 3 post sesaons so far, with an increasingly potent roster. I’m giving him credit where it’s dye right now but this is one of the most off base things I’ve read from someone who I usaully agree with, RobC:

    “He seems to get the most out of players. I don’t think he’s as much as a softee as people say he is. I think he’s the kind of guy who just looks at a player with a cold stare if he does something wrong and the player knows it and he corrects it.”

    Most out of his players? I’m sorry, I just don’t agree here. I think he got the absolute bare minimum out of his players this season… and by no means in the world do I consider him the kind of personality that “just has to look” at a player to get them to step it up, ALA Mark Messier…that is laughable Rob…

    I’m not bashing Jagr or Renney… just giving my perspective since we’ve got certified doctors here who think people are hiding out when the team wins… I’m right here and I give Renney his due, but also saying he hasn’t won anything yet and is pretty far off from getting “the most” out of players…. there is lots of evidence to go against that.

  63. The last two Doodie, are old pictures. That is my daughter in the pic. I was asking for everyone’s opinion on which hair style looks better. The longer hair is getting annoying.

  64. Salty, I love you bro, but this team does not go anywhere this year without some veterans on the team. And Jagr down the stretch and in the playoffs so far has looked great. Women lie, numbers don’t.

  65. nasty – Stop beind a woman man. Why don’t you try pig-tails?

    Just kidding dood.

    Meatslapper – agreed. holy sh-t, I can’t believe I just typed that.

  66. Like the meatslapper is saying….and I’m agreeing with…is not what Jagr has done down the stretch here. But where the future of this team is going. He referred to ‘training-wheels’. You could swap that word with ‘crutches’.

  67. Sam – where the F is our update man?

    Are you writing a novel? Get beat up my Malik?

    I’m pretty sure the morning skate is well, in the morning. Throw a dog a bone here, eh?

  68. Did anyone see on MSG the interview with Sjoestrom?
    He’s now missing a front tooth, has a huge gash over his eye that took some stiches, and is all swollen. He said he has no vision problems and is in for tonight, but when the hell did this happen last game? only time I saw him in a real scrap was when he was checked into Brodeur for the “Goalie Interference”.

  69. I wanna give a shout out to loyal poster “Tony in AZ”. He said he was flying in for the game tonight, and it looks like there’s no laptop or blackberry with him for updates. Enjoy the game Tony!

  70. Mikey – And that actually happend to his face BEFORE he was pushed into farty. I saw a still pic that showed blood on his face before he was even touching farty.

  71. “Non-scoring/distraction Jagr was the training wheels”

    So what was non-scoring/distraction Avery?

    Jagr didn’t have the season that pretty much everyone from the top down was expecting of him. I was person #1 calling for him to be dealt at the deadline. But, he finished the season very strong, has helped Dubinsky grow a lot (mostly in confidence, partly in skill), and has been very good in the playoffs. The team seems to be responding to his raised efforts, so I just don’t see how you can rip on the guy right now.

    Avery did none of that except be good in the playoffs. But I’m worried of a repeat from last year. Sure, he has gotten under Brodeur’s skin, just like last year he got under Kovalchuk’s. But what happened against Buffalo? He disappeared completely. I just hope that he can do more this year in the 2nd round than last year.

    Do I think Jagr should be brought back next year? Maybe. I think it depends a lot on a few things, such as what kind of contract it would be. Personally, I think we should keep him (for the right price) and cut Shanahan and Straka loose instead, sign Ryan Malone, and then give our younger forwards more time.

  72. Cheers to that. Enjoy Tony! I must be going now, it is time for the teachers vs. the 6th grade volleyball game. I am about to get Nasty on them. Ha.

  73. doodie – that’s what I’m saying…on different accounts. Its impossible to rip jags effort/production down the stretch and into the first 4 games of the post season(without Avery on the line mind you). But I don’t think the conversation began based on what he IS doing. Moreso, what can be expected of him moving forward. At least that’s what my take on it was. And my opinion (above) is based on that sediment.

    And it’s a great question of ‘what will happen with Avery’ in the next round, just like last season vs buff. Half of his game is only effective when people ‘bite’. If they overlook his antics, he better be burying pucks or he’s useless. Lucky for him, it’s REAL hard for guys to NOT pay attention.

  74. Not that we need a change but does anyone think that we should get Prucha into the lineup? At the expense of Hollweg?

    Not a biggie…just curious.


  75. The team seems to be responding to his raised efforts, so I just don’t see how you can rip on the guy right now.


    Like I said, not ripping the guy… but we don’t *need* him next year… in fact, I think we *need* him to *not* be here. These kids needs to wean themselves off the Jagr-tit.

    Put the jersey down… it’s gonna be okay…

  76. CHRIS

    I agree, Hollweg is doing absolutely nothing. He barely hits. I cant wait for my big brother, Orr to get back into the lineup. He told me he’s ready to go, but the coaching staff is leaving him out to get into game shape. So who knows. His girlfriend and my future sister-in-law is keeping him good company and keeping his spirits up.

    I AM A RANGER !! LOL i get a kick out of saying that, its so funny when Aves said it, he gets into it, big time.

  77. I can not stand E.J. Hradek, this idiot is a relic fan from the relic years when the long island fishermen had there so-called dynasty with the stanley cup and he enjoy throwing in zingers while co-hosting the XM Hockey Radio show at noon. E.J.Hradek, what does E.J. stand for(EVERDAY J*RKOFF)

  78. Maybe he is trying to jinx them
    I thought about that too. It’s not like he put his “credibility” on the line with that pick, most of the hockey world had a feeling this was going to be a tight series… I love how people act like Brooks, an “objective” journalist, was supposed to go with the team he covers regardless of his actual knowledge/perception of the game. It’s pretty funny too, these same people were complaining about the Devil’s beat writers being “homers”… LOL.

  79. ColoradoMark on

    Anyone who has had to endure the likes of most home team announcers will attest that we take Sam and Joe for Granted. Whatever your thoughts on these guys ability to call a game, you cannot call them homers or unprofessional. For me, the epitome of professionalism when calling a team sport is to call the guys by their last name, not by nicknames or their first names. Here in Colorado, I am stuck with an idiot who desperately wants to remind the viewers that he s buds with all the players. He constantly calls Sakic “Super Joe” and talks about every Avs player as if they are superior to every other player on the planet. Even more annoying is that after every goal he screams “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”. Anyone who complains about Sam and Joe should be subjected to game after game called by these guys!

  80. Alexander Bunin on

    Based on the KOHO gloves he wears that is two year old photo of JJ. That Jagr would have been considered for PO MVP. I am not sure about 2008 Jagr.

  81. BS, Sam. I saw all the games of both teams, and Joe Thornton deserved the MVP, not Jagr.

    and if you guys give him the Smythe award, you are all despicable as far as I’m concerned, because so far, the most deserving Ranger has been Gomez and Avery, not to mention all the other deserving guys from other teams.

    NY hockey writers, biased TOWARD Jagr, that is more like the truth

    all I have to do is ask the writers from the towns like Pitt and Wash to see how he ended there.

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