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They always seem to ask us for our votes for the night’s Three Stars right when the game is hanging in the balance, and tonight was no different.

With the score tied 3-3, I handed in my sheet saying the first star should go to the player who scores the game-winning goal, and the second star should go to Patrik Elias.

The third star? I said it should go to Marc Staal.

So it turns out I actually voted for Staal twice, which is amazing when you consider as a life-long forward, I usually have no time for defensemen.

More tomorrow…

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  1. With Pitt sweeping Ottawa, and the Rangers up 3-1 on NJ, (and too much time on my hands)…I have drafted up the Eastern Conference Semi-finals possibilities….Please save the “we gotta win the 4th game” replies, because as Ranger fans, ofcourse we all believe we will win this series vs NJ….This is just for entertainment purposes only at this point in time… :)

    *Playoff Rankings*
    2) Pitt
    3) Washington
    4) NJ
    5) NYR
    6) Philly
    7) Ottawa
    8) Boston
    if Mon, Pitt, NYR, Wash win…

    *NYR vs Montreal*
    Pitt vs Wash
    if Boston, Pitt, NYR, Wash win…

    *NYR vs Wash*
    Boston vs Pitt
    if Mon, Pitt NYR, Philly win….

    *NYR vs Pitt*
    Mon vs Philly
    if Bost , Pitt, NYR, Philly win…

    *NYR vs Philly*
    Boston vs Pitt

  2. With Pitt sweeping Ottawa, and the Rangers up 3-1 on NJ, (and too much time on my hands)…I have drafted up the Eastern Conference Semi-finals possibilities….Please save the “we gotta win the 4th game” replies, because as Ranger fans, ofcourse we all believe we will win this series vs NJ….This is just for entertainment purposes only at this point in time… :)

    Playoff Rankings
    2) Pitt
    3) Washington
    4) NJ
    5) NYR
    6) Philly
    7) Ottawa
    8) Boston


    if Mon, Pitt, NYR, Wash win…

    NYR vs Montreal
    Pitt vs Wash

    if Boston, Pitt, NYR, Wash win…

    NYR vs Wash
    Boston vs Pitt


    if Mon, Pitt NYR, Philly win….

    NYR vs Pitt
    Mon vs Philly

    if Bost , Pitt, NYR, Philly win…

    NYR vs Philly
    Boston vs Pitt

  3. Ah, Sutter. Work those refs on the Marty thing. Guy deserves an award for his acting. Pathetic. But, we all know, Sutter and Lou will get the calls. The officiating sucks and it’s getting worse.

    I know it may not make sense, but I would love to see Renney freak out behind the bench. because it would actually say something to the league — he’s not the boy who cried wolf. That, and it would be funny to watch.

    Go Rangers!

  4. SAM, how about covering the real bush league and unprofessionalism of the NJ team, the NHL, and it’s refs & officials. Tonight’s game was proof enough, and the NYR beat them all. What Parise did was a lot worse then what Avery did. That goal should have been disallowed by Toronto. Are they going to add some more rule reinterpretations before Friday?

  5. how much more interpretation of a slashing rule do you need? parise blatantly slashed the stick out of henrik’s hand. that play was ridiculous and a lot more against the rules and unsportsmanlike than what avery did.

  6. Daneyko and cangiolosi were bitching about the rangers running queen marty. does anyone understand half the collisions are caused by marty being way outside the crease or his teammates shoving ranger players into the goalie???

  7. I am so sick of Marty flopping around like a fish out of water, trying to get interference calls. I am also sick to my stomach with the officiating in this series. If Bettman honestly thinks these referees are doing a good job he needs new glasses or psychiatric help. Game three was handed to NJ on a silver platter with a string of phantom penalties against the Rangers. Game four was almost handed to NJ by not calling blatant penalties against them. On the goal that made the game 3-3, not only should there have been a penalty for slashing Lundqvist’s stick away, there should have been a penalty just prior to that for tackling Avery in front of Marty. Also, why is it that any time a Ranger is knocked into Marty they get a penalty? I hate that pussy and can’t believe how he is pampered by the refs.

  8. Sam, I always say to my hockey friends that bad calls are part of the game and that good teams overcome it. But this is getting rediculous! I agree w brklynblue. The officiating is a joke. Sutter is still crying about the calls (and the devs actually got most of the favorable calls). Marty def took a dive. But what about all of the bad noncalls (rangrrs being hooked, held, slashed, mauled w no penalties awarded?)

  9. Girardi should have gotten consideration for one of the stars of the game. He played a solid game defensively and that pass on the Gomez goal was perfect.

  10. I alos am tired of Marty diving. How was there an interference penalty called on the Rangers and a dive on Marty? There is no interference if there was a dive! When Jagr ran into Marty I thought Marty got shot the way his arms were flying around. That is not a normal reaction when a knee or thight rubs your helmet.

    Lets go Rangers!

  11. Hey, it’s 8:02 am. Did the NHL make any new rules yet? Rumor has it that the NHL is considering a new rule: If the Rangers even shoot the puck at Brodeur in game 5 and it actually hits him, the Rangers will get a 2 minute penalty.

  12. I’m at a loss on the officiating last night. A lot has been said here already that I agree with. Lohan’s from last thread, stuart from this thread kind of sum up my feelings. But remember this people…It doesn’t matter what Lou & Sutter say to the on or off-ice officials. THEY won’t have to deal with them in a few days. We will hopefully(?) be dealing with them for the next 6 weeks. Do you really want to piss them off? They(campbell/buttman) obviously see what’s taking place out there. And if they don’t, well, I’m about done with the entire NHL then I think.

    I’m so happy for Staal. What a well deserved goal. He’s been our best defender for a while now, and to think he’s just a kid.

    Good call on the Dmen stepping up with offensive plays/goal(s) tonight Nasty. To my own credit, I called Drury.

    Last night we played above the officiating, above the opposition, and did exactly what we needed to do. We responded well when we got bad breaks, and I think last night’s game was the spring-board we needed to put us up on the level we should be on.

    And to those saying that Renney had no chance of ‘outcoaching’ Sutter…SHAME ON YOU. Let’s not forget that Sutter’s assts have SEVERAL cups as players/coaches themselves. Hopefully Pearn will get the FLA job, and we can hire a cup winner to stand back there too.

    So happy today.

  13. There should be one new rule that governs all the rules”what to call if Avery did that? “

  14. OK, This is for ALL of you who went to the Garden last night. you SUCKED, NO SUPPORT OF ANY KIND UNLESS WE SCORED,Then it died down for what seemed for hours.

    It was like a game in the middle of December against a last place team.So A BIG thumbs down for fan support last night.

    I was at the Game at the Rock friday and it was 100 times more support,So again you ALLLLLLLL SUCKED,iT WAS LIKE A CHURCH…………..

  15. A couple things about the reffing, first jagr didnt get an interference call. He got called for roughing with oduya after the play. Second the reffing is bad because its inconsistent. There were plenty of missed calls and a few soft calls early against both teams. It looks like the crack down in the 1st period then let them play later, which is stupid IMO. Third I’m glad Renney didnt flip out and kept his composure. Shows the players on the bench to just stay focused and play their game. Finally if people are gonna say Avery’s antics were unsportsmanlike, than Marty’s diving needs to be put in the same class. And if you are going to call a dive, call it just that. No way both people can get calls. They say they want the diving out of there but don’t really penalize people for doing it since they both go to the box.

  16. dude do you want us flipping out for all 60 minutes? The third period was insane in the stands. One of the best playoff games ive been to in awhile.

  17. Yeah, I watched on VS. and thought the crowd was insane. Maybe the feed you were watching was bad, or you got sh-t in your ears.

    I credit Eddie O. last night for sounding completely disgusted with the officiating. I also heard that Micheletti had a good one saying something to the effect of: “at least they got the icing call right”. Good stuff.

    “Third I’m glad Renney didnt flip out and kept his composure. Shows the players on the bench to just stay focused and play their game.”

    Johnny – Thank you SO much for saying that. It proves that there ARE infact people out there that understand.

    I also want to clear up that the RUMOR I heard yesterday about Slats to TOR was completely torn down by Dellapina in his blog today.

  18. Sam, I’m interested if officiating will be addressed to the league by the Rangers. It was terrible, both ways but favoring Devils a lot IMO.

  19. “I guess we have find a way to do the same thing to their goalie,” Devils forward Jay Pandolfo said. “They are getting away with it, we should be able to get away with it, too.”

  20. In the words of the great JD, “Oh Baby!” When you are getting the shit end of the stick, the best way to say F U back to the Devils and the Officials is to just win. And that is what we did. I am more proud of this team after last night than I have been in the last 3 years. Let’s go Rangers!

    And I told you so :)

  21. I totally have NO RESPECT for Devils at all after this game. What a crappy organization. No honour at all.

  22. I think its obvious that the rules in the playoffs are not the same as in the regular season and its different between the first and third period.

    That said, its kind of tough to understand the inconsistency with the ref’s application in this series. Interference, roughing, cross checking calls can all be pretty subjective.

    I’m still kind of baffled on the non-slashing call. If you swing your stick with two hands in a downwards motion on another players stick and it comes out of his hands, its a textbook slash.

    Also, when Holleweg got blatantly cross checked from behind two (three?) times and fell right in front of the ref, how was that not called? If it was Hollywood, it definitely would have been a penaly.

  23. acdaviddc, were you watching curling on ESPN Classiic?

    I can barely talk today. Crowd was insane last night. Sure there were quiet patches (especially when the rangers couldn’t do anything on the 4minute pplay), but overall the crowd was load and we really gave it to princess marty and the refs, not to mention the “Henrik” chants and “LETS GO RANGERS!”

  24. Anyone else see the FIRST blown call of the night? It was about 30seconds in, on a face-off. Brylin wrapped both arms around Avery was like was sayin “how ya doin ‘ol pal”.

    I understand that the rules “change” a bit in the playoffs, and rightfully so. But there’s no excuse for the inconsistency.

  25. I punched a hole through my basement wall when Mottau scored. I also can not believe how many too many men calls the Devils have gotten away with. We did it once, barely, and got called. It is just plain sickening.

  26. acdaviddc,

    What the secion # were you in? Sounds like you were either in:

    a) the club seats
    b) the non-alcohol section
    c) the bathroom

    You could tell some people were spent after Sunday’s debacle, so of course there was a bit less energy to start the game. But it came back as the game went along.

    I don’t think there was any point during the 2nd + 3rd periods where there wasn’t a chant of LET’S GO RANGERS, THESE REFS SUCK, or UNCLE DADDY going on.

  27. Beer Me: “But there’s no excuse for the inconsistency.”

    Sure there is, “I didn’t see it!”

    I think the inconsistency is more noticeable these days because they call so many more penalties than they used to. And they still miss so much more.

    I’ll tell you what, though. When the refs finally did put the whistles away in the 3rd, the game got a lot better. (But it would have been nice if they saw the slash on Lundquist)

  28. acdaviddc – Just what game were you watching? I still can’t hear after last night, and my voice is completely shot. The only time I remember quiet was for the few seconds after each Devils goal. Otherwise, the Garden was shaking from the sound!!!

  29. acdaviddc,

    I was sitting in the blues and you are just dead wrong about the crowd. It was so loud in the building last night. Great atmosphere…I have no clue what you were watching or where you were watching from. To say that a few thousand at the Rock – as vociferous as you were, which was awesome, don’t get me wrong – were stronger than 18,200 at MSG is absurd. To me, it’s the second best, if not THE BEST playoff building in the league…maybe behind the Bell Centre, but that’s it. You didn’t hear the MAAARRRTTYYYY chants? They were deafening.

    Great stuff from out boys last night. Let’s go get this done tomorrow.

  30. Nobody is impressed with my pre game predictions? I mean come on. Give some credit where credit is due.

  31. And it seems to me that the only way we can get a power play is if the Devils draw blood on us.

  32. Great win last night punctuated by a two prime examples of poetic justice! I have not been as excited for a win, since Game 7, 1994 Cup vs Vancouver.

    Marc Staal scores the game winner after the unlucky game three carom.

    And the Rangers beat the Devils even though outnumbered 9-5 on the ice. I don’t expect the interference due to body position and even one armed tugging in the scrums or crosschecks in front of the net to be called. It is the blatant open ice trips, slashes and boardings that must be called. Those missed calls were so blatant even I, a non-referee, a would see them if on the ice.

    Overcoming adversity will be the order of the playoffs. No matter who they play in the next round(Crosby or at the Bell Centre), the Rangers will have to overcome tilted ice. The game showed the fortitude of the players as well as their ability to persevere.


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