“Sweep the leg….Do you have a problem with that?”


For some reason thoughts of the Rangers having a chance to close out the Devils tomorrow conjures up memories of the above quote from “The Karate Kid” (and for the record, “I am hardly the first person”:http://espn.go.com/page2/movies/s/simmons/020830.html to celebrate the metaphorical genius of this 80s classic).


The point is, the Rangers have an opportunity to end this series tomorrow night in Newark, and much like the blond jerk character who wanted to be done with that pesky Ralph Macchio as soon as possible, the last thing they want to do is allow the Devils the chance to hang around (by the way, if the Devils are Ralph Macchio, who is Elizabeth Shue in this analogy? And is Mr. Miyagi Brent Sutter or Lou Lamoriello?)

Pittsburgh is already done. Montreal could be done as well tonight. If you’re already thinking about the second round – the Rangers say they aren’t, but pretty much everyone else is — you know either of those opponents will be difficult enough without the Rangers already being worn down by Round 1.

“You don’t want to prolong anything,” Scott Gomez said.

Some updates:

<li>The day after scoring what has to be the biggest goal of his career, Marc Staal didn’t skate yesterday. His ankle was still sore after blocking a shot in the third period, but Tom Renney said Staal will definitely play tomorrow.

“The last game he scores the game-winning goal and now he takes the day off,” Jaromir Jagr cracked. “All the old guys have to practice.”<li>A lot of questions today about Brent Sutter’s remarks last night that the Rangers are purposely running Martin Brodeur. The Rangers say that’s hardly been the case.

“I don’t know what he said but before we played the New Jersey Devils we preached going hard to the net for rebounds and loose pucks. It’s not something unique to the NHL and it’s not unique to our team,” Brendan Shanahan said.

Personally I find it ironic this is actually an issue seeing how one of the great concerns surrounding the Rangers earlier this season was that they didn’t go hard to the net enough.

More in a bit…

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  1. Sam,

    In any analogy, Marty will always play the role of the chick. Marty is Elizabeth Shue.

  2. i believe we are 5-3 against the pens, after the trade deadline we are 2-1 against them
    and 3-1 against the habs

  3. *Rangers vs Pens (Season Series)~ Rangers Won 5 Games and Lost 3*

    Oct 23, 2007 Pens 1 Rangers 0
    Nov 8th, 2007 Rangers 4 Pens 2
    Nov 17, 2007 Rangers 4 Pens 3
    Dec 18, 2007 Rangers 4 Pens 0
    Jan 14, 2008 Pens 4 Rangers 1
    March 18 2008 Rangers 5 Pens 2
    March 30,2008 Pens 3 Rangers 1
    March 31,2008 Rangers 2 Pens 1

  4. As noted above, of course Maaar-teee is Elisabeth Shue . . . and “wax on, wax off” is how Maaar-teee gets his Brazilian done at the salon

  5. I’d look to these 3 games if you want to get a feel for what it would be like. Before that, we had the Jeckyl/Hyde Rangers

    March 18 2008 Rangers 5 Pens 2
    March 30,2008 Pens 3 Rangers 1
    March 31,2008 Rangers 2 Pens 1

  6. Take care of business tomorrow night. Not that I have a chance of winning, but does anybody have the code from last nights game for the Prague contest?

  7. Thats 21 Ranger goals Vs. 16 Penguins goals. Pretty close. How about against the Habs?

  8. *Rangers vs Canadiens (Season Series)~ Rangers went 3-0-0-1*

    Dec 30, 2007 Rangers 4 Habs 3
    Jan 12, 2008 Rangers 4 Habs 1
    Feb 3 , 2008 Rangers 5 Habs 3
    Feb 19, 2008 Habs 6 Rangers 5 (the game rangers blew up 5-0 and lost in OT/SO)

  9. I will give SO MUCH CREDIT to the person who photoshops that blonde 80’s kid in a ranger uniform.
    (Google: William or Billy Zabka)

    (What’s funny is I have *several* pictures of him on my computer…I have a friend from highschool who looks and acts exactly like him… and it’s an ongoing email joke with my other friends to reference him)

  10. I like our chances against either of those teams. But we really will have to stay out of the box against either of them. Our team defense is much better than either of those teams. Let’s win tomorrow night and take the next step.

  11. Looking closely at the season series vs. both the Tuxedo Birds and the Frogs…..the Rangers offense had no problem putting the puck in the net against either of them even though we struggled to score goals for the majority of the season.

    The rationale is that its either weaker Defense and/or inferior goaltending.

    One other interesting note…the Dec 18th Rangers win against Pitt was probably one of the top 3 best ALL AROUND Rangers effort in the 2007-08 season. The HBO line on Crosby and Malkin was sickkkkkkkkkk….They were hitting and throwing the body. Also, I do recall that Struds actually had a solid defensive game on that day.

  12. If you look at the dates that we played MTL, we are a much better team now than we were during those games. Maybe MTL is the opponent we want next. They racked up points and climbed to #1 in the East playing teams like the failing Sens, the B’s, and the lowly Leafs.

    Pitt was playing NJ, NYR, PHI, NYI(haha)

    Pitt is the better team of the 2 we may face. I’d rather MTL.

  13. May out of context, what do you guys think about the future of Jaromir Jagr with the Rangers ?? There are some pundits predicting him to move to Omsk to end his career in Russia getting as much money as on Broadway ????

    I am definetly going to Prague in October but seeing the Blueshirts there without the local czech legend ????

    It would definitly something missing…..!!!!

  14. Salty – William Zabka’s bread & butter was playing the high school dick…..He was the bully in one of my fav movies of all time, “Just one of the guys”…LOL

  15. I’m not particularly scared of the Pens or Montreal.

    The negatives for us regarding the Pens are that Fluery is playing his best hockey of the season, and we missed Crosby 2 games this season. The positive is that our defensive game is better than theirs, by a wide margin.

    The negatives for us with Montreal is that Komisarek is healthy and loves to beat up on Jagr. The positive is that Price is a rookie who we can rattle if we keep crashing the net.

  16. If you look at the way our rookies don’t seem to be responding (negatively) to playoff pressure, what should make us think that it would effect Fluery/Price. I’ve questioned this myself plenty, but I changed my mind. I think it’s a smaller factor than we may think.

    HERE YA GO…. Bettman and Stephen Walkom are on NHL radio today 4-5pm. I won’t be able to listen, but here’s the email address to send questions to the show. nhlhour@nhl.com

  17. Beer Me! – I didn’t mean we can rattle him because it’s playoffs. I meant rattle him just because he’s young, we’ve scored on him plenty already, and younger goalies tend to have a harder time dealing with physical contact and traffic than older vets do.

  18. Contact – I agree 100%….Rangers vs Pens, we would have to contend with the NHL/Crosby marketing machine as well as the insane amount of “so-called” penalties he will cry about which ultimately will influence the Refs to put the Rangers shorthanded……Plus you got Malkin, who could be even better than Cindy, and the addition of Hossa and the great recent play of Ryan Malone. Their weakness is def. the Defense other than maybe Sergei Gonchar.

    On the flip side, the Rangers vs Montreal….We would have the blown 5 goal lead game shoved down our throats by the media….Also, the arena up there in Montreal is filled with some of the most loudest, passionate fans in the world…Komi-Kaze who is actually from West Islip (didnt realize we had good ice hockey players from the Island)…He will be brutal to our smallish forwards…Even though the Habs dont have a bona fide goon, I would maybe dress Colton Orr to try to get in his face at every chance and lure him off the ice in matching penalties.

    I would chose Montreal for Round 2 if I had a choice….Rangers would draft game plan to

  19. Salty – William Zabka’s bread & butter was playing the high school dick…..He was the bully in one of my fav movies of all time, “Just one of the guys”…LOL

    Dude I know… he plays the exact same role in Karate kid, One of the guys, and Back to School… total classic character. Perfect to hate. I kid you not, my friend looks and acts exactly like his character….his name is ‘Greg’ too just like in “One of the Guys”….one night at my house like 10 years ago we were all tr1pping face and this comes on TV and the’re calling the guy “Greg” just like our friend, we almost died laughing…and then we probably stared silently at a crack in the ceiling for the next 2 hours.

  20. Salty…thats hilarous….I could just picture you guys tuning into the movie all banged out and seeing Greg doing the bicep curls with the lunch table and all of you just starting literally roll on the floor laughing so hard you almost peed in your pants…..hehe

  21. How bad to you want to punch Giannone in the face when they show that video when that retard busted his a$$ in that charity game.

  22. 22figure8, The code was “Rangers 68”

    I wanna get through the Devs before thinking about next round.

  23. only the look on his face when he tries to get up and he’s all stiff and rigid looking….I just want to whip a low wrist shot towards his head for giggles…. I like Giannone though, seems like good people.

  24. A buddy of mine that works for a bakery said that he came in a few times around the holidays. Said that he was all goofy, making lame jokes and stuff. I don’t know the guy, but awkward people like that usually piss me off. lol

  25. Thanks Rob. After falling asleep on the train last night and waking up hungover, I’m having a real good day. It’s good to be a Rangers fan today.

  26. The comments on this blog are prob the funniest i’ve read all year. and i agree…whatever the analogy, marty is the chick…a french speaking chick!

  27. My brother met Giannone, and Giannone actually fulfilled an interview request for him for a college assignment (my bro had to interview someone in the sports media industry). Apparently he’s a heck of a nice guy…stands outside the Garden after games and talks to the fans. Thumbs up for Giannone.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Giannone is a nice guy, but I would hate for him to ever get in the play-by-play position.

  29. I forgot the other 2 interesting notes about a potential Rangers / Pens series….The constant booing of Jagr when @ the Igloo….Also Jarko Ruutuu and Sean Avery will battle like Mortal Kombat….Remember what Jarko did to Jags in the 2006 Olympics….


    (how annoying is that announcer…makes Joe Michelleti listenable)

  30. John Giannone is hilarious after games, he stands and talks for well over an hour with any fan who wants to…

    Seriously I have to say befre this series I had repect for Madden really, but his whining about the Rangers playing dirty… besides Avery’s anitcs which weren’t dirty the Rangers haven’t done anything… Two goaltender interference calls happened when Brodeur was out of the crease (Sjostrem and Avery) and one (Jagr) happened becuase Jagr was pushed into him… and then Parise slashes Hanks’s stick and Madden sits on Hank and there is no call… also the Devils were interfering off the face off, and the goal that went off Staal’s foot happened in part becuase when Rozsival went to play the puck behind the net (when Madden slapped it in fornt) Pandolfo (who I have also had huge respect for, though that really ahsn’t changed much) was holding up Rozsival…

    And when Madden was asked if he thought the Rangers were playing dirty he replied ~ THats you asking me, so it isn’t just me saying it… ~ the reporters were asking him about his own quote…

    And I publicly take back everything I said about Callahan, I finally saw him when there weren’t a ton of people and he was very nice, we are guessing now he just got overwhelmed by the large crowds all the other times we saw him.

    And I made another video, if you all want to kill time, but it isn’t so good because I didn’t have enough photos…


  31. “Do we have a winning record against both Pittsburgh and Montreal this year?”

    Doesn’t matter now. If/When we get past the Devils, its a new season. So our records against those teams mean absolutely nothing.

  32. Howie Rose will be the next TV voice of the NYR, once Sam “Baseball Cap Hair” Rosen goes to his reward.

  33. John Giannone is a very nice guy… another Fordham grad, like Michael Kay and Mike Breen, to name a couple. Giannone has the smarts to do play-by-play. However, he just doesn’t have the crisp, clear, controlled voice that is needed for that role, IMHO. He is a fine reporter and interviewer though, in as much as MSG guidelines allow him to be.

  34. Jonny D: I wouldn’t say it means “nothing”. It is a new season, but it helps you psychologically to know you’ve had success against certain teams.

  35. Who Needs Lohan on

    Agravaine, I couldnt agree with you more. I also mentioned the blatant hold on Rozi by Pandolfo after Game 3. Not that I want a call that cheap in OT, but nonetheless it was typical Devils hockey.

    On Madden,
    As a biased alumni of the University of Michigan and seeing him play there, I can honestly say that he is the first U of M athlete that I can honestly say that I HATE. Besides the stories I have heard of him being a bad guy off the ice, probably having to do with growing up in the slums, he has always rubbed me the wrong way. And now….. I mean, can anyone be a bigger hypocritical d!ckhead? From bangin his own head, to playing cheap clutchy grabby hockey with his faceshield on, to taking dives all over the ice, its hard to really look at the guy.

    And Brodeur, if you asked me before this series aboiut the best goalies of alltime I would have included Farty in my top 2 or 3. Now I just dont think I could do that. At least when talking about Roy, one thing you cant call him is a pussy! Roy would have challenged that pansy ass last night to a fight!

  36. Once Sam Rosen goes to pasture, I could see MSG moving Micheletti to his spot and putting Dave Maloney in as the color guy…..Just a guess

  37. I don’t think a color guy can move right into play by play. I think Sam will be here for alot more years. I definitely wanted Maloney over Micheletti, but Joe is growing on me. He’s got a sense of humor. Where’e the Big Whistle?

  38. Hey Rob, in case you didn’t know Howie Rose is an excellent play by play man and a die hard Rangers fan. That guy was in tears when the Rangers won the cup in 94. He would be a perfect replacement for Rosen when and if he decides to hang up the microphone.

  39. Bumping Broduer is payback. Cwakson shoved Malik into Hank in game 8. Now its time we do the same to Marty. He’s a whiny loser, who cant take a bump. What a puss, i cant stand him, everyone talks about Averys antics embarrassing the NHL, what about every dive Marty does, that embarrasses me the most, and im not saying that cause he’s a Deb. I hate that crap, thank god Hank doesn’t do it, cause its a stupid move. When a forward does it, i got no problem with it though, especially Aves’ dives, cause there hilarious. Just like the one when Jags pushed him last season.

  40. and by the way can we worry about this series before we start choosing our next opponent please..

  41. I’m saddened to learn that Michael Kay is Fordham grad . . . that guy is the biggest douche in the world (after Jon Sterling, of course) and I would have expected him to have attended the Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse like all the rich douche-bag kids from the 5 Towns area of LongIsland

  42. WHAT !!

    Sam and Joe are hiarious. Joe used to be boring and depressed aas a Fish commentator, but being with Nyr got him fired up, and he’s alot more happy, and is way more into it then i ever noticed.

    I remember when i found out he would replace JD, i was pissed, cause he sounded so boring, and like he wanted some where else to be, but that happens when you work for fish.

    I like him, he’s funny, Maloney is good too, but he says God way to much, and you cant really do that on tv. Him and his bro have always had a hard time not saying that word, lol, good stuff though.

    As for Sam, i dont know why some fans dont like him…..So what if Shanahan is on a breakaway and he accidentally says Shanaway on a breakaway, or Callaway on a Breakaway. Its funny stuff. I need some cheering up when im nervous during game and they help me out.

    Especially when Joe said “Jagr breaks his shit…..stick”

  43. Anybody remember the Espo color days? He always bitched about players on the bench with the stick blades in the air. Whenever the was a 2 on 1 or breakaway, Espo always said “uh-oh”.

  44. I’m glad I just watched *Rangers in 60* because I found out that Staal got hurt, which was not mentioned on Versus, and I figured out that the crowd was cheering *Martina*.

    I partly agree with acdaviddc on the crowd. The third period was great, but it was hard to tell it was a playoff game a lot in the early going. I’m sorry. :(

  45. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this. But I am still shaking my head about how there was no penalty call when Lundqvist’s stick was knocked out of his hand last night.

    I mean a player skates by and slashes the goaltender’s stick out of his hand. Can someone please tell me how that was missed?

    Then a goal was scored. Plays like that should be allowed to be reviewed and a penalty should have been called.

  46. just wait till you see how loud we are in the pebble tomorrw taking that place over

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    “Once Sam Rosen goes to pasture, I could see MSG moving Micheletti to his spot and putting Dave Maloney in as the color guy…..Just a guess”

    Not a chance. Maloney will never be the on TV color guy because he is too critical of the refs and management. In other words, he isn’t enough of a shill to be the face of the media outlet.

    I think they offer Kenny Alberts the job, but he might turn it down because he does a lot of other broadcast jobs.

    Who knows though. I think Rosen is going to do the job until he physically is unable to any longer.

  48. Anyone else worried still about getting past this tough Devils squad?

    We’ve given up way too many goals for my liking. Especially against a team that isn’t exactly a scoring juggernaugt.

    IF we do move on… it’s going to be a serious wake up call. No matter who we play in the next round.

  49. BTW, the commentators on VS. last night, Jay Schraeder or whatever is the worst. Just horrendous coverage of the game. No emotion whatsoever.

  50. Micheletti seems to have really embraced being the Rangers color guy. It’s basically the best local job you could possibly get as a color commentator. He seems to enjoy calling Rangers games even though he didn’t play for them in the past.

    I really think Sam Rosen is a great hockey announcer. Sure he makes some mistakes, but the guy’s getting old. He still has passion for the game and conveys great energy. He’s surely a Ranger fan at heart, but he still shows excitement when the other team scores as well. That’s the mark of a very good announcer.

    I don’t know, I just get so much enjoyment out of a Sam Rosen goal call (power play or not!). Even when I go to a game, I ALWAYS watch Rangers in 60 afterwards to hear the calls. Great stuff.

    Sam went apesh*t on Staal’s goal last night…it gave me chills watching it again, hahahaha.

  51. I was under the impression that is a *legal play*, to hit the goalies stick with your own…. not parises fault Henke dropped the stick really… Although we should smash the rest of his teeth into his throat for pulling that move… much worse than what Avery did in my opinion, legal or not.

  52. I had never heard anything about Madden being a bad sport before, I don’t know how I missed it, I always just saw him hustle in the defensive system and never get recognition, thats why I respected him Pandolfo and Brylin more then most of hte other Devils, but now after Madden’s dispaly in this series and the threatenign comment made by Pandolfo (I hadn’t seen it when I posted before) I am shocked… really I never expected it form them…

    OH and as a Fordham Grad myself I am saddened that Michael Kay went there, but since I wasn’t to fond of the school anyway not really bothered that much. Any man who gets paid to watch a baseball game and then has the gall to complain about it… then again baseball games are getting longer and longer… I don’t care though, don’t start watching baseball until hockey is done, hoepfully that won’t b for awhile!!

  53. I’m with Rob L.

    Howie Rose was the guy who SCREAMED…

    “MATTEU! MATTEU!! MATTEU!!! The Rangers have one more hill to climb BABY!!!”

    That would be a nice addition (Or replacement to Sam who I also respect and enjoy) IMO.

  54. salty,

    it was slashing which is not a legal play and its interference… there was a game last year (or earlier this year) where a goaltender lost his stick of his own accord. One of the Ranger d-men (I think it was Rozsival) pushed the stick into center ice, and out of the way of the play (it had been sitting at a faceoff circle) the Ranger d man got called with interference…

  55. black helicopters on

    I totally agree with you Sam that there is no legit business reason for the league to want the Rangers to not do well. the conspiracy stuff here is really getting ludicrous.

    case in point. in ’94 the Rangers had their great Cup season and playoff run to the title.

    the TV ratings were the highest ever for the NHL. a million people turned out for the parade. national sports mags were saying the NHL was surpassing the NBA.

    things were great for the league. then the lockout that summer ruined it all. the Rangers success had been a business boon for the league. so, why would the NHL not want more Ranger success. of course, they do. it was not the league, but the stupid Ranger mgmt. mistakes that kept the team out of the playoffs for 7 years. it was not the refs who lost games, but the washed up big names who ranger mgmt stupidly acquired instead of building up their farm sytem.

    Sam, you are right. the NHL has no financial reason to cheat the Rangers. it does have a financial reason to want them to succeed.

    I do see that Dolan and Sather are not well liked personally by their peers because they are arrogant jerks. but that is a different subject.

    also, there is some resentment against big market teams, yes. but when the Nashvilles of the world cash their subsidy checks, they realize they need the big market teams for their own well being too

  56. Jim (“3 on 2 if they hurry”) Gordon and the Big Whistle were the best . . . may they both rest in peace

  57. Who Needs Lohan on

    Salty, I kinda agree with you on the non slash call. I mean, it wasnt exactly the biggest slash i have ever seen. Im sure that happens all the time, and we just dont notice it because the goalie doesnt drop his stick. Id have to watch the replay again. Being that I was all juiced up from the rest of the bad calls, yeah I did throw my dog off me, punched my coach and starting yelling obscenities at the TV with the rest of you. After I calmed down though I did wonder just how bad a call that was? I want to watch the replay again, anyone have the clip?

  58. The refs were pathetic as usual. They missed the obvious trip on gomer which could have lead to a breakaway. Then the obvious slash on Hank.

    That was a penalty cause Hank was holding the stick and it was slashed big time, i mean this stick went flying into the boards.

    What pisses me offf the most about it, isnt the fact that a goal was scored, but the fact that they ignored Hank and didn’t give him an explanation.

    Maybe im just paranoid, but it seems like the refs are desperately trying to even this series out, cause i cant see why they call hooks and holds, and phantom shit, but miss the obvious slash, and trip in that game, its embarrassing !

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Wade Redden has likely played his last game as a Senator. Thoughts on picking him up as a free agent?

    I personally would pass on him, or any other defenseman who would command more than 3.5-4 million/yr. I don’t think any of them (UFA defenders) are worth it. We need a hard hitter more than a puck mover because I think both Staal and Sanguinetti will be excellent puckmovers.

    Maybe pick up a cheaper puck mover like Liles.

  60. The Hank one really wasn’t that bad. Parise didn’t even hit the stick that hard. If anything Henke played that puck too soft and had he wrapped it around then I don’t think any of that would’ve happened, but thats a different story.

  61. vogs – Parise slash was discussed over at least a hundred times here, nothing unusual that VS sucks big time – btw, why’d you watch VS over MSG?
    colton … you remind me about one thing with your nick – I still cannot understand why the hell Sather traded Orty over Hollweg??? Can just somebody explain me that?
    Rob C – I can’t watch Rangers in 60 no more cause it’s not HD, damn – HD is such a difference!

  62. Pass pass pass on Wade Redden. The only big name defensemen we should look at is Campbell because hes great offensively and throws the body. Pretty solid in the D-zone too. I’d love Liles too. And Staal will be excellent, still waiting to see on Sanguinetti though.

  63. And btw, lets not forget the cap is going up to 56 million, so we can spend more than 4 mil on a d-man.

  64. I was out watching the game in DC and all they had was VS.

    Then when watching highlights it’s all on NHL.com and they don’t have the MSG feed.

  65. Hey Helicoptor, I think the theory behind conspiracy stuff is that you can screw the Rangers over and they will still be successful and fans will still come. Smaller markets like Buffalo last year who are near bankruptcy need success to get fans coming to the building.

  66. I shuddered and threw up in my mouth a little bit just now because _PTI_, in their little picutre box above their rundown, had *Sidney Crosby’s face* in the upper left and a *Rangers logo* in the lower right, since they were discussing which is more important to the NHL. Just the fact that Crosby was connected to the Rangers in the graphic made me sick.

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    “If anything Henke played that puck too soft and had he wrapped it around then I don’t think any of that would’ve happened, but thats a different story.”

    I said that yesterday too, Hank needs to take playing the puck a lot more seriously, even if it otherwise looks harmless, because you never know what will happen.

    As for Campbell, expect him to sign with SJ. He has already said how much he likes it there, and obviously the Sharks would love to have him since they traded for him.

    As for cap space, save it for when Kovalchuk becomes UFA in 3 years. If you go spending 6+ over 6 years, you won’t have the money when you need it.

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    SP, say what you want, I saw that graphic and got an erection.

    Whiney? yes. Favored by officials? yes. Would I bust a nut if he were signed by the team? yes.

  69. Sorry guys, but it drives me crazy when people talk signings, free agents and salary cap in the middle of a playoff run. That’s right, not game, but run.

    Here we are in a heated battle with our cross town rivals and you guys are hot and bothered by Wade Redden.

    I’ll tell you this much. If we win the Cup this year, the Rangers can sign, dump and trade whoever they want whenever they want to for the next 5 years.

    I don’t mean to trump your fun, but let’s stay focussed here.

    We need to stay focussed.

  70. If we win the cup this year taht just means next year we go for a repeat! Not dump trade or whatever whoever!!

    Yeah though, I agree, lets finish this series first!

    And let’s do that tomrrow!
    By the way boys, how are your playoff beards doing! (I think MAra is growing a beard for him and DUbie since the child seems to be unable)

  71. black helicopters on

    no, you don’t get it, Jorek. the national TV ratings determine the amount the league will be able to charge for rights fees in a new contract. if the Rangers are in the finals, or the red wings, there would be much higher ratings than they usually get, and that would benefit ALL the teams in the league financially. get it?

  72. Sam and Joe are great. Sam can do no wrong in my opinion, he’s classic. I’ve grown up with him.

    Joe has a very good sense of humor as well and is very insightful.

  73. Capitals-Flyers game four is a good and fiesty one so far, but the rampant homerism by the Flyers announcers is nauseating. This is a case where I wish I could watch Versus.

    Somehow, one of the referees just missed a blatant high stick that seemed to be right in front of him where a Capital player fell down and was bleeding, then the Capitals get a penalty called against them on the other end for a 6 PIM swing. The Flyers didn’t score on the power play, however.

  74. The caps are just more fun to watch than the flyers. I like how briere punches and then hides behind a ref. Backstrom was ready to go.

  75. If we win the cup this year taht just means next year we go for a repeat! Not dump trade or whatever whoever!!


    thats my personal nightmare. this is hopefully jagr & shanny’s “swan song” IMO …hope they give it their all for one last shot and then go out on top.

  76. If this has been psoted ignore, but the Rangers website says game 6 if neccessary will take place at 6PM.

  77. DB Cooper – It’s because Briere is a borderline midget.

    I can’t believe these Flyers announcers, calling out Ovechkin for diving when he is clearly pushed down, and then complaining that he came in late after the whistle to defend Poti around the net, as if the Flyers (or any other team) don’t do the same thing.

  78. Just to follow up on some posts on the slash on Hank’s stick. The rule book defines slashing as follows:

    61.1 Slashing – Slashing is the act of a player or goalkeeper swinging stick at an opponent, whether contact is made or not. Non-aggressive stick contact to the pant or front of the shin pads, should not penalized as slashing. Any forceful or powerful chop with the stick onan opponent’s body, the opponent’s stick, or on or near the opponent’s hands that, in the judgment of the Referee, is not attempt to play the puck, shall be penalized as slashing.

    From that definition, since Hank wasn’t playing the puck and it was hard enough to knock the stick out of his hand it was pretty clearly a slash in my mind although I would say in other situations between players on the ice there is definitely more leeway in the call.

  79. I dunno about Joe. He was practically blowing Parise in game one when he ran into Backman’s stick. Too many times Joe is too critical of the Rangers and not critical enough of the officiating and bush league play of the other teams, specifically the Devils in this series.

    As far as the slash on Hank. Ok, so it’s not “slashing”, then it’s goaltemder interferrence or unsportmanlike, either way you can’t knock the stick out of another guy’s hands, this has been proven all season.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    “We need to stay focussed.”

    Dude, we’re not the players. We’re just fans. What is there left to talk about today that has to do with our playoff run?

  81. Redden actually intrigues me, since he also hits and scores, but I don’t know how he is on the defensive side, since that doesn’t show up on the score sheet (don’t get me started on plus/minus).

    I’m surprised nobody else has mentioned the big gaffe by Renney on the offensive zone faceoff with 1:15 left. He obviously didn’t learn from last season’s mistake against Buffalo because Jagr was out there with Dubinsky and Straka. I can understand Dubinsky, since he has done well on faceoffs against Madden, and Straka, since he can play good defense, but why Jagr? Shanahan, Drury, Sjostrom, or Callahan would have been a better choice. At first, I thought he was there because they could go on offense, but then they didn’t change once the puck started moving towards our end, and they had a chance to when the puck was chipped back towards the Devils’ zone. I just don’t understand this and consider us lucky that it didn’t cost a goal. Other than that, I feel Renney has done a terrific job, as well as he could do so far.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    SP: I agree with everything you said, and would add these two statements:

    1) Redden is actually pretty good defensively.

    2) I still don’t want him because of how much money he would command.

    Briere has had a really good series so far. He has been just very good this season. Good pickup by the Flyers.

    I had this weird dream last night where Hugh Jessiman fought Sami Kapanen and beat the hell out of him.

  83. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, just checked the beard contest (and uploaded my pictures from today). what happened to your beard in those last 2 pics? Cute kid by the way. Yours?

  84. Doodie – Could you embed the link to the beard “contest” in your name so we can have instant access to it? If your web browser cooperates, it should stay there for every tiem you post.

  85. Good call on Coburn. I have noticed that he is a solid player, with offensive talent to boot. They got him in the Forsberg trade, correct?

  86. I wouldn’t have guessed that Flyers-Capitals would be the first series to go to a second overtime; I thought it would be Wild-Avalanche.

    Doodie – Thanks for the link! I think Nasty 1 is winning. No full-facial shots for you, eh?

    Nasty 1 – You remind me of Drury with your beard and the way your hair is now (since you asked for comments).

  87. I feel Renney won’t tinker with his lineup until next series, when Orr will probably replace Hollweg. I just don’t think it’s wise to change someone at this point. Then again, putting Orr in now would get him more ready for the next series, but there’s really no reason to put him in there.

  88. AP: Yeah but Nasty started with a beard already! Not to mention I lost some time because of shaving on Sunday for my grandmother’s memorial service.

    I thought Rangers-Devils would be the first one to go to double overtime. I thought it would go there a couple of times actually.

    They got Coburn from Atlanta for Alexei Zhitnik. A great trade by Don Waddell, part of selling his whole team’s future for making the playoffs to be swept in the first round.

  89. Knuble wins it for the Flyers. I wouldn’t count out the Capitals yet, but I’m surprised they didn’t go to Kolzig for tonight’s game. Huet played well though, especially dropping his stick to dive across the crease and make a save earlier.

  90. Holy crap! John Buccigross and Barry Melrose just led off _SportsCenter_ doing *hockey highlights*!

    Versus needs to find an alternate channel to use when their first game goes late, especially when it is blacked out in the local markets and they still don’t switch over to the second game.

  91. If I don’t get home in time (from my own wedding) to see the game, I may well have the quickest divorce on record.

  92. Mike Haasenfratz (sp?) called another doozy tonight in Philly, hitting Kozlov with a goaltender interference (sound familiar) when he was in on a breakaway and was crushed into Biron by a Timonen check. This call was so embarrassing, so absurd, so opposite the nature of the game and its traditions that Forslund and Olczyk almost spit out their teeth.

    Also, the goal that was taken away from Dallas tonight in the first period for the same alleged goalie interference was equally stomach-turning. It ended up not costing the Stars because they won 3-1, but the NHL has to deal with the fact that they have a bigtime zebra crisis on its hands. The reffing has never been more consistently bad in my more than forty years of being a fan.

  93. By the way, the call against Kozlov came in the last three minutes of regulation. Haasenfratz should be exiled to the ECHL without delay. But this is Gary Bettman’s NHL, so he’ll probably have Games 1, 4 and 7 in the Finals in June.

  94. OK, I’m going to go out on a limb here and make a prediction. I predict that today will be the longest F’n day in the history of Beer Me!

    Just to very briefly catch up on all that I missed late yesterday….

    Redden…yes, but only for the right price. Which probably won’t happen. If he signs somewhere in the Atlantic though, it better be NYR.

    Rose, Rosen, Mich, Giannone, etc… Love Rosen, I hope when his body dies they keep his head alive to call games. Rose is a trader(calls a decent game though). I like Giannone to an certain extent, I was just poking fun when I mentinoed his name before. Mich…I’d rather listen to my dog fart than this guy. I’d love to see Maloney, but as someone stated, he’s too critical of the nhl to be on tv.

    Go B’s! Price is very beatable.

    Looks like philthy will be moving on. Wash had a fantastic run, and they’ll only get better. Look for a big-time UFA to sign there. They also have another Dman like Green coming up (possibly) next season.

    Go Dallas! Go ‘lanche! CGY/SJ goin 7.

    Now, on with this looooong day.

  95. Dellapina said this perfectly IMO…

    “Now, I’m sure many of you screamed and yelled and threw things when that happened. And I know from reading your season-long comments that you probably wanted Renney to do the same. But what the Rangers got from their coach was poise. And they followed that lead to settle down and accomplish a far more important task than reaming a referee — they won the game.”

  96. Spider – read your post from last night. Very astute on Jagr in for the last shift in Wednesday’s game.

    I recall thinking the exact same thing – Why is a player historically known for lackidasical defense on the ice for the last shift in a one goal game?

  97. Redden makes 6.5 and he’s going to want around the same… he’s an upgrade over Blozsival, but not worth more than 4.5m IMO

  98. 8:45 in the morning and it seems like I’ve been up for 10 hours already.
    As you said this is gonna be a long,long friday. It’s gonna be 30 minutes longer then usual because the game starts at 7:30 tonight don’t forget…………………

  99. Oh yeah, Spider, I wanted to comment on that too…. The only conclusion I can draw is that they were the best line on the ice that game. And Jags was one of the best players on the ice. Sometimes when you’re ‘on’, you’re ‘on’. Also, Dubi hasn’t played with anyone else in a long time. I would fear that if he were out there with a ‘stranger’, the communication may break down. I don’t know, just thinkin ‘out loud’.

  100. Spider, I think who is out there at the end depends largely on the momentum of the game. At that point, despite holding a 1-goal lead, the Rangers were beating the Devils to every puck and keeping the puck deep in New Jersey’s zone – the “best defense is a good offense” trick. I thjink that while even though we have better defensive players than were out there, I’d rather the Rangers own the puck and be pressuring the Devils in their zone than putting in a defensive line and letting the Devils fire away like a shooting gallery – anything can happen under those circumstances.

  101. The last few pictures are older. I was asking all of you which is the best Nasty look? The short hair, medium length hair, or the longer hair. Just looking for some opinions without trying to sound too much like a metrosexual. I am growing my hair out but it is just such a pain in the ass some days. And thank you on the cute kid comment. That is my daughter. She is the older of my two kids at 2 and a half. My other is a son who is 8 months.

  102. who is ready for tonighttttttttttttttttttt

    an who is going tonight we need to take that place over..

  103. I hope we just go for the throat tonight and end this. Like at the end of the Best of the Best, when Tommy has the opportunity to kill the guy with the patch on his eye that had killed his brother in competition when he was younger. Remember the flashback scene when tommy is eating the ice cream cone and his drops is in slow motion just as his brother’s dead and lifeless body hits the mat. Well anyway, he has the opportunity at the end of the movie to kill this guy, while he is down on his knees barely hanging on to his last breath, but Tommy lets the time run out and doesn’t do it. Well I want the Rangers to do completely the opposite of that tonight. I want to kill them and bury them.

  104. I am not quite sure. Who would you say? In the movie he leaves because his son gets hit by a car and then comes back right? Also, that was a great performance by the late great Chris Penn. The best part of his performance is when they are at the bar and the hot girl is walking in to the bathroom and he asks her, “You going number 1 or number 2?”


  105. Nasty – Unless you watched that yesterday, I don’t think anyone should remember such details. haha

    I’d say E.Roberts would be Jags. Multiple reasons. One or two being; ‘his son’ is represented by failing to win a cup since he was 21, and never leading a team there after that. He’s also the ‘main character/captain’, to put it simply.

    Chris Penn is definitely Avery. Both play the role of the a-hole to perfection. (RIP Nice Guy Eddie )

  106. There are few greater pleasures in life for me than watching the Rangers beating Marty Brodeur & the Devils, especially in the playoffs. *I am sure many of you share this sentiment.*
    Well, I’m here to say that I will be physically unable to consider this season ‘unsuccessful’ if we go on to eliminate the Devils from the playoffs tonight. This *could be* the last time we ever face Marty in the playoffs, and it would/will be deliciously sweet to crush his season, again. Let’s be real here, once Marty retires, it will never be the same beating NJ again. It’s personal. Our team has changed so much over the years, yet he remained the constant winning force for NJ. It will be sweet to eliminate them from the contest again tonight, and enjoy it, you never know if we’ll have the opportunity to enjoy making Marty go home early again.


  107. Doodie–Boyfriend of many years; it’s really just doing the paperwork but I am suddenly, unaccountably, excited.

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