Method to their madness


Jaromir Jagr was asked about home-ice advantage, or specifically, the lack of it so far in this series. No home team has won a game yet.

“It’s been huge so far,” he said, laughing. “I knew it was going to be like that. That’s why we lost the last game (in New Jersey). Everybody thought we lost but it was pretty smart. Sometimes when you lose, you actually win.”

So why then, I asked, did you score a goal in that game to tie it up?

“To be exciting,” he said. “And to get to 25. I did it for myself.”

Evidently Jagr was very uptight before Game 4 this morning.
Some updates:

<li>No line-up changes are expected, meaning Petr Prucha, Jason Strudwick, Marek Malik and Colton Orr will be the scratches. Orr did skate with the team for a second straight day. I suppose the tenor of tonight will dictate whether he, or anyone else, is a consideration for Game 5.

<li>Brendan Shanahan was “asked about Sean Avery’s antics in Game 3”: He shut it down pretty quickly. “Are we still talking about that?” he asked. Shanahan did go on to answer the question.

<li>Meanwhile, Avery didn’t talk again today, but he did get me thinking about who he reminds me of: Dennis Rodman. Think about it. A player not quite a superstar on his team — albeit still very good — who receives an inordinate amount of attention. The only thing missing is a wedding dress, and sadly for him, Carmen Electra.


<li>Straying from the Avery topic, I wrote in my story today about “the play of the Rangers rookies so far in this series”:, and how contrary to popular belief, they understand the magnitude of the playoffs.

“My feeling going into the playoffs is if you miss the playoffs, you miss one chance. So this is a chance,” Brandon Dubinsky said. “(Roughly) half the teams don’t make it to the playoffs and half the teams are left, and I have a chance to win. You look at guys in their careers. I’m a big fan of hockey, and you watch guys like (Ray) Bourque or Glen Wesley who won Stanley Cups late in their careers. Mike Gartner never won. So I think for me, I understand every step you take you have to take seriously, and try to bear down and get the job done. It’s the hardest trophy to win.”

More later…

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  1. Dubinski, is gonna be a winner!…He composure and outlook are pretty amazing considering he’s a rookie, if he adds a few pounds he could be a force…

  2. Good Quote from Dubie. It goes to show how mature these players are becoming. I think the Rangers rookies and younger players are getting very valuable experience in this series and it is showing.

    Let’s hope they bring it to the rink. LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!

  3. “I don’t want to compliment him on that, but I’ve never seen it before,” Devils left wing Zach Parise said. “He’s creative like that.”

    Looks Like Parise wants to be a Ranger..

  4. “Brendan Shanahan was asked about Sean Avery’s antics in Game 3. He shut it down pretty quickly. “Are we still talking about that?” he asked. Shanahan did go on to answer the question.”

    OK, great, what was his reply? Thanks for the insight, Sam! ;-)

    By the way Sam…What’s your opinion on it? I don’t believe you’ve addressed it, unless I just missed that post.

  5. The Rangers better be aware of everyone on NJ tonight. The Devils have not had a big game from any 1 player yet. They got goals from a few guys last game that had a little luck on their side. Tonight the Devils can either continue to struggle or could have a big game from anyone of their top guys(Elias, Gionta, Parise, and Langenbruner) without luck having anything to do with it. We have to be fully aware of that.

  6. formerly formerly jagrforgovernor on

    Nasty1’s significant other better watch out:

    Sam posts pictures of bagels, Nasty’s gotta have one..

    Sam posts picture of Carmen Electra…

  7. Funny you should say that Nasty. As I browsed through some (online) papers today, from the Devils side it looks like everyone is saying “this guy/that guy is due”. If thinking someone is “due” is the game-plan, then I’d feel pretty comfortable on our end.

  8. What is very funny about that is that, and I am not just saying this, but my wife resembles Carmen Electra. Ha, gotta love it. I kid you not.

  9. Nasty, I think we should be congnizantt of your point, but I argue that the Devils don’t have a single player that is capable of taking over and having “big” game, or even putting his team on said back and winning alone. So far, that player for them has been John Madden, who in my opinion is the poor man’s Darcy Tucker.

    They’re not going to beat us with one player.

    We need to just play our game, which is a defensively sound, har forechecking, smart passing, smart decision making game. If we play our game, they can’t beat us. They just don’t have the manpower.

  10. I agree with you Brandon. What I mean is that we need to take care of our business and play a smart game. If we make mistakes and take too many penalties, they have players that could very well shove it straight up our asses.

  11. Oh yeah…and Dubi’s quote…I love it. Mike Gartner is my all-time favorite NHL’er. Nice name drop Dubi.

    If you guys haven’t seen it yet, head over to for their update on the Jagr/Chery/Bardin meetings.

  12. “Nasty, I think we should be congnizantt of your point, but I argue that the Devils don’t have a single player that is capable of taking over and having “big” game, or even putting his team on said back and winning alone. So far, that player for them has been John Madden, who in my opinion is the poor man’s Darcy Tucker.”

    Brandon not true, Elias and Parise both have the potential to take over a game, and John Madden is definitely not a Tucker knock off. He is not an aggitator, I think he’s a better version of Betts…

  13. I guess the point I was trying to make is that when we play a smart game the way we want and should be able to play it on home ice, we can beat anyone in the league. We have to play that kind of game tonight. Plain and simple.

  14. I personally would not mind having Avery back on the top line with Dubi and Jagr. He flourished there when he was there. Straka gets one more game IMO to get his game going, then he should be switched with Aves.

  15. Gotta win tonight.
    We can’t give the Debbies the momentum going back to NJ.
    Gotta win tonight !!

  16. Nasty, you said your wife is Jewish…she looks like Carmen Electra….pass the weed man….Jewish/Carmen Electra? Those are two items that could NEVER appear in the same sentence.

    Re: Tonight, we just need to play our game, finish our checks, and play smart in our own zone. We will be fine.

  17. Rangers lose tonight. The refs call 3 phantom penalties on Avery and then toss Avery for staring at Brodeur. The linesmen call the Rangers for icing while the Rangers are on the pk leading to three pp goals against. Brodeur spears Avery in the groin after the game and Buttman is so ecstatic he awards the Devils the series win.

  18. I am sooooo pumped about tonight… (I wish I was taking the ice with them… although that WOULD diminish our chances of winning greatly).

    I’d like to see a 1-0 win personally. Like it or not… our game is low scoring and tight. Not loosey goosey run and gun.

    Not to mention Hank deserves a goose-egg in the second season after getting 10 in the reg.

    (Too many goose mentions? maybe.)

  19. Anyone have any clue why Avery isn’t playing with Dubi and Jagr to increase our forecheck? Put dawes up with gomez and shanny and straka with callahan and drury. Dawes has been invisible on that line because he is supposed to be forechecking and thats not his specialty. At least with Gomez he can create some offense. Thoughts?

  20. Ian, I agree with you and was thinking that even after we won the first two games. Straka has done nothing and neither has Dawes. I know this was debated after the first game, but I would still put Prucha on the fourth line. Sjostrom has offensive skill and with Prucha, that line actually has a good chance of creating some offense. Hollweg does nothing and it doesn’t matter if it’s a hard-hitting game, when he only plays two shifts a period.

  21. Jagr was playing better with Avery also. They think Straka will make Jagr play better and it was the other way around.

  22. Ian,

    It seems to me like Renney is being pretty coy right now. I’m really wondering if he’s saving his best for later (or least for an opponent that those lines favor). A gamble for sure.

    The flip side could be that while they looked great in that config for a couple of weeks… they did go stagnant after the initial “honeymoon” ended.

    Maybe they are one of the many line combos that took off out of the gate but didn’t materialize any REAL chemistry. If you think about it… it happened with regualrity for the first 3 games of the season.

    I dunnno. Just spit-ballin’

  23. UpstateRanger on

    Parise concerns me more than anyone on the Debs. Hope he’s invisible out there tonight.

    Regardless, after tonight’s NYR win in regulation, I think the Blueshirts should gather at center ice like always and do the “Avery wave” with their sticks to salute the faithful.

  24. The other thing I was thinking was that for the last few games while those lines were made up that way… Avery had a plethora of chances (“would you say I had a plethora? Do you even know what a plethora is hefe?”) and couldn’t convert.

    Maybe Renney felt like he wanted a finisher on Jag’s line so he put Straka there.


  25. Someone the other day said it…

    Whichever team wins tonight… wins the series.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!

    P.S. UpstateRanger great idea!

  26. I take you word, Nasty! GO RANGERS! Why does Hollweg play at all. He’s a waste. Should let him go after the Playoffs.

  27. I hope all you Rangers win predictors are right…personally I feel a little nervous about the game…I’m confident that we can win..and that we have the veterans to get it done…
    I guess it all depends on how well we come out

  28. smart game in our defensive zone is the key, we can’t rely on the devils consistently missing point blank chances on turnovers or hitting the crossbar.

    and sam id take cuthbert over electra any day, tho not so much his new girl

  29. Tony from AZ on

    Atta boy Nasty !
    We win tonight – I guarantee it also !
    GAME PLAN : Score early, score often.

  30. Riche`

    I think you are right about Renney being coy – maybe even deceptive. The best is yet to come with offense. There are more combos he could go to for PP or ES.

  31. I am all for Electra. She always did it for me. I am more in to brunettes though. I remember I had a Electra picture in my college apartment on the bathroom door, where she is bent over giving you that look. Yummy!

  32. I just wanna see the Rangers carry the play for the first 10 minutes. That will give me confidence. Hopefully they are the aggressors.

  33. Rob C, I totally see us being the aggressors tonight. If we can come out the same way we came out in the 3rd period on Sunday night we are going to really slap them around tonight.

    I just hope we don’t play too passive because we are scared to take penalties that are not really penalties.

  34. saw him leave the green room the other day with some brunette, not as hot as cuthbert or electra

  35. Who Needs Lohan on

    Funny you guys say that cause my wife really resembles Elisha Cuthbert. That is of course until we’re through and I open up my eyes.

    Man I’m glad she doesnt read this blog!

  36. How hot was Cuthbert in Old School in that little pink pantie scene. When Wilson wakes up in the morning only to find that she is still in High School. Hilarious. But hot as hell at the same time.

  37. they have 24 guys with a 23 man roster. Orr must be on IR, if he comes back somebody has to get waived or released.

  38. Who Needs Lohan on

    Or in The Girl Next Door when she is on the bed slumped over. Man I am having flashbacks of last night. Oh wait, that wasnt really her…. Is it gametime yet?

  39. I went to all of the home playoff games last year. I loved when they played the video montage in the beginning before the games would start with that song playing, it was either Drowning Pool or Saliva, I can’t remember, but I don’t even like either band, but I loved the way the song was put to the video. Maybe they have it on youtube.

  40. Nope, they don’t have it. Oh well. Big game tonight boys. The boys in blue will prevail and we will all be breathing a little easier tomorrow. I just can’t wait to drop the puck. Let’s Go Rangers! I have a great feeling. Have a great rest of the day everyone.

  41. staal – I don’t even want to hear that your day is going slow. I just at through 90min of why my co.’s expense ratio is so important to monitor this 1/4. haha

    nasty – “Jagr was playing better with Avery also.”

    I’ve got #’s to prove otherwise! Avery scored more with Jags, but Jags didn’t turn it on until avery moved. Then Avery cooled off. I’m not saying it’s not worth the try, though I don’t think any changes are called for tonight.


  42. UpstateRanger on

    Speaking of Carmen & Elisha, here’s a joke to pass the time…

    Q: What do you get when you cross a donkey with an onion?

    A: A piece of ass that brings tears to your eyes.


  43. I’m holding you to it Nasty!!


  44. Are they ever going to update the clock on these postings or are we going to wait until next season when we turn the clock back??

    The day is slow enough without have the clock on the post a hour behind.

  45. Thanks Beer,
    You sat thru a meeting and I’m sitting here hitting refresh and trying to build a business…not easy and my focus is all off…Ranger fever is destroying my livelihood…LOL
    I just linked my Ad to my name…let me know what you think!!
    I know I look like a kid but I’m actually 32 and act like I’m 18…

  46. Honestly, I like it. “Is breathing good?” lol It’s a good ad, b/c it’s got the typical medical mumbo-jumbo which obviously needs to be there, but infuses a chuckle here or there.

    I hear ya about killing the livelihood…the playoffs are no time to be working!

    You do look like you’re about 14. You should replace your pic with a pic of Carmen Electra! HAHA

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    “The only thing missing is a wedding dress, and sadly for him, Carmen Electra.”

    Even without Carmen Electra, I still bet he’s got the clap.

  48. I’m glad he/they hate(s) the Rangers. In a few years when Farty retires they’re going to be the Atlantic’s whipping boys. NYI are loading up on high draft picks, we’ve grabbed ours, Pitt…we all know what pitt has, philthy? I’m not too sure what they have to be honest(other than their current lineup). NJD??? In comparison to the other divisional teams, they don’t have much goin on.

  49. why would Farty ever retire when he can flop and whine and play behind a trap, and get special treatment from the league, the refs and the media.

  50. If anyone is looking for tickets tonight – has a few that have been released. I searched for a pair and they’re available in sec 227(goal line/rangers side) row b. $179.50 + 12.50 EACH.

    I can’t do it, but I thought I’d pass it along.

  51. Who Needs Lohan on

    Isnt it sad that you are more of a Ranger Hater than you are an Fishstick fan? Maybe you should go to the Massapequa Blockbuster tonight and rent a movie. You sure as hell dont have any hockey to watch…..

  52. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    Beer Me! Which one?

    Staalwart: Good ad, although I’m sure you didn’t write it yourself, too clever. Plus, you’re only 14…

    Seriously, it’s a good ad. Not like some of the death threat ads some chiropractors try to run: “If I don’t adjust you, your penis will fall off and then you’ll die.”

  53. Who Needs Lohan on

    onecup, apparantly the math class you took at C.W. Post forgot to teach simple arithmatic. Thats $192. Since you are saving so much money why dont you grab yourself some ice cream at the dairy barn to eat with your movie.

  54. Staal Wart, I’ve agreed with a lot of your posts and comments since joining the ranks, but I think you’re giving Elias and Gionta too much credit. By definition, they are not game changers.

    Gionta is not/has not been the same player since Gomez left. There is no one there to open up the ice for him; as a player that doesn’t generally crash the net, is to small to bulldoze anyone over and lacks the same speed a gomez has, he’s much less effective. His numbers this year showed as much.

    Elias hasn’t been the same since contracting hepatits A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, etc. He looks like half the player he was 5 years ago; moreso a drop off in his game than any other player.

    Collectively they can beat teams with hard work and mistake free hockey. We can match that, which is why I think we will win if we play “our” game.

  55. OUR game! OUR game! OUR game!

    Brandon – I’ve been preaching that for a long long time. Right on.

    No point in trying to play physical when we don’t have a physical team. Just as an example.

  56. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    Beer Me! Forget hockey, let’s talk advertising. How about those colon commercials where they tell you “John Wayne died with 47.5 pounds of stool crammed inside him.” Do you want that? If not, take this pill filled with… medicine? laxative? stool softener? naah… ALGAE is much more effective! Plus, over 500 doctors approve! And their tans attest to the fact that while on the company-sponsored trip to Mexico, they pondered the deep mysteries of algae and realized, “Yes, I suppose algae does get the poop out.” You never see a fish full of crap, do you? Or a mermaid…

    Come to think of it, I bet Nasty1 is actually the salesguy from the Algae commercials, always bringing up crapping, and all sorts of bodily functions. Hmmmm….

  57. the crowd needs to really get on Brodeur tonight. I don’t mean the usual stuff. they need to go way above and beyond the call of taunting duty tonight.

    distract him as much as possible, and then really rub it in after he gives up his usual soft goal.

    the Rangers are not trying enough wraparound shots. THAT is what has been his weakness for many years. not just the several famous Ranger OT heroics, but also 2 years ago vs the Canes he had the same problem, and got eliminated by being Matteau-ed a few times.

  58. Doodie Machetto on


    Ever hear of rounding up? What’s an extra 8 bucks on 192? Don’t take things so literally.

  59. Who Needs Lohan on

    Doodie I was making fun of a fishstick fan. YOU, my friend need a hockey game!!!!

  60. Bring Back the Whalers! on

    You guys have it all wrong. The devils are going to win tonight because they are a much stonger team. Marty is one of the greatest goal tenders of all time, he has way more class and experience than Hank. Besides, the Devils come from NJ, the greatest state in the US…

    WTF? sorry i just put my crack away..


  61. I can’t wait to get to the building tonight. Gonna be SO RAUCOUS. I brought my Richter jersey to work today and proudly displayed it, draped over the back of my chair. Can’t wait to put it on and get on the train to the Garden!

  62. Who Needs Lohan on

    The best part of LoHud ignoring Daylights Savings Time is that instead of there being 3:30 hours to gametime there is really only 2:30.

  63. onecupin67years on

    Doodie -That’s tellin’ them! Golf? There will be a Ranger -Islander open next week! Probably at split rock.

  64. What objective reporting from that guy who wrote that on Zach Parise. Wow. I don’t think that’s ever been done before. Declaring hatred for a team in the headline. How classy.

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