You heard it here first: Paul Mara says his beard doesn’t itch


Paul Mara’s beard is already venturing into Paul Bunyan territory just three games into the playoffs.


But Mara told me in an exclusive interview this afternoon that his beard does not itch. I’m pretty sure no other news outlet has this story.


In other news, thanks to Ira Podell of the Associated Press for passing along this quote from Stephen Valiquette on Sean Avery (I caught up to Valiquette later, but it was actually quite crowded with media today. As if the bagels and the beards weren’t enough, this was another indication that the playoffs are important):

“It’s not in the spirit of the game. It worked and it’s effective. But it’s a gentleman’s game much like like golf. I wouldn’t have been happy if that happened to me. I probably would have reacted a little differently. Sean would have been picking his teeth up off the ice if it was me.”

And to think, Valiquette and Avery’s locker are next to one another’s. I’m pretty sure they’re even friends.

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  1. Well, if they’re friends, Valiquette probably told Avery exactly that same thing. I criticize my friends all the time and I’m straight up with them when I disagree with them. That’s just men being men.

    I actually disagree with Valiquette’s comment. Hockey a gentleman’s game? With all the trash-talking and cheap shots that take place? I know there’s a certain way to play the sport and most guys recognize that 99% of the time, but calling it a “gentleman’s game” takes it a bit over the edge.

  2. Mara’s beard was a textbook playoff beard last year. I for one was impressed.

    As for Valley, as a Rangers fan, I thought the play was funny and harmless once he got his stick down but as a former goalie, I have to agree. I would have gone after anyone who did that to me, then again, I’m not a little sissy like Marty is, even with his spear to the jewels.

  3. Sam is leaving quite aa bit to read between the lines here in my opinion. It’s pretty clear that the Rangers do not seem to be very happy at all about the negative attention Avery has attracted, yet again.

  4. I don’t think I’m dillusional here, but I could of sworn after the PP I saw Vally talking to Avery on the bench, almost helping him out, and telling him what else he could do. Vally didn’t look displeased at all.

    Anyone else catch this?

  5. Tony from AZ is going to NY !! on

    We gotta win tomorrow – I want to end this on Friday.
    With me in section 12 !!!!

  6. I think these guys are closer than we all think. Sure you’re gonna have clashing personalities on a team, but they all go to war and have a common goal of winning a championship. I think speculating about who’s happy or not with Avery is a little bit useless. If I were his teammate, what could I really say? He’s been skating his ass off and has 3 goals. He’s helped the Rangers more than he’s hurt them, in my opinion at least, though I suppose that’s debatable.

  7. This is just the vibe I getting from Sam since he’s been back… a somewhat tense locker room, whether the Avery situation has contributed to that or not. I got that vibe in both of his last posts.

    Sam, maybe if you could chime in on this? Am I reading into things too closely?

  8. The Rangers have 9 goals, one of them an empty net. Of the 8 real goals, Avery has had a hand in 4 of them.

    I am guessing that his teammates are pretty happy with his play. I don’t give a rat’s ass what each player tells the media.

    You can bet your bottom $ that they are all saying, “I am so glad he is on my team. I would hate to play against him.”

  9. I don’t think they are tense. I mean look at Mara joking that his beard doesn’t itch.

  10. Maybe it is tense, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I would like to believe that this team is focused really hardcore on the task at hand and that they’re getting down to business. I don’t think the Avery stuff is distracting them, which is a good thing.

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Brandon – you said you were looking for Kosher Beer? A friend of mine in college used to drink something called “HeBREW.” Not being Jewish, I don’t know if it’s something you’d be allowed to drink on Passover, but you might want to check it out.

    If nothng else, it’s a really clever name.

  12. “…..please call in to complain about sutters stick throwing incident:

    “I just called the NHL NY offices to complain about Sutter. Ask for the fan line.. the guy answering the phone was real nice and understood why I was so mad. he says the matter is under review by the league.

    NHL Phone number
    ” from another blog

  13. Who Needs Lohan on

    “HeBrew”, thats AWESOME!!! As a fellow Landsman I would say that it is in all of our best interest to root for Detroit to close Nashville out in 5. They would rather have a lopsided series than make America watch the team that forced the league to make rule changes.

    In other words we are the last resort for NBC on Sunday afternoon so we may have to say we are looking for the Afikomen all night long in front of the TV. Something tells me my wife wont go for that excuse!

  14. I think Nashville is going to take game 4. There come back was awesome last night with 4 minutes left.

  15. Who Needs Lohan on

    If my Afikomen excuse doesnt work Sunday night, I will grab an am radio and head to the toilet with “food poisoning”! God knows with my mother in law’s cooking I may not have to do much faking………

  16. Rob C….I think you are misguided…Professional Hockey is def. a gentlemans game….Let me ask you, where else do you see two teams in the playoffs beat the crap out of each other and then, at the very end…..they line up and shake hands with one another….Mark my words, when the Rangers wrap this series up, Sean Avery will be one of the first guys on the line and he will shake Brodeur’s hand and probably tell him he is still one of the best ever…and Marty will turn to Avery and wish him luck in the next round……That is why hockey is the *GREATEST* sport in the entire world,,,,

  17. I think we can all admit that if Avery wasn’t a Ranger, we’d hate him. Hence his charm.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    The Wings, and particularly Hasek, have been very vulnerable after giving up a goal.

    In game two, Nasvhille’s two goals came within 11 seconds of one another, with the second one being rather soft.

    In game three, Nasvhille’s first two goals came 2 minutes, 8 seconds apart. The second one was a complete defensive breakdown. They also allowed a dangerous 2 on 1 a minute after that, and hit the post on a breakaway a minute after that.

    Their second two goals came 9 seconds apart. The first was soft on Hasek’s part. The second was a BLAST, but the defense left Arnot with a ton of space to take it.

    I won’t count the empty netter.

    But interesting to see how that happens. Part of it is that Nashville goes to work, but Detroit definitely doesn’t recover well. I don’t see them getting past the next round as a result.

  19. That’s a good call for sure, Liquid, and I love that about hockey. I think that in the heat of a series, though, it’s hard for people to watch hockey and think, “I’m watching a gentlemanly game right now.” Also, there are players who probably begrudgingly participate in the handshake line and there are some who don’t. I believe Chris Chelios skipped the line last year.

  20. Reason number 25 why Steven Valliquette will never play more than 15 games a season no matter how many times he shuts out the Flyers.

    If I’m GM, which I should be, I remove him from the team after a quote like that and send him back to the monestary where he can read his War & Peace all day and pretend to make saves on the bench. A back-up goalie should be seen and not heard.

    Very weak, very very very weak.

  21. Interesting take, Brandon. I too would probably rather see team solidarity…but at the same time, as long as Valliquette said exactly what he said to the media to Avery’s face, I have no problem with it. If he’s voicing his opinion strictly in the media, then I agree…that’s no place to speak out against your teammate.

  22. Who Needs Lohan on

    Some food for thought gentleman… on this very blog from Sam’s post on March 12th concerning Valiquette’s contract talks:
    “As we know now, though, that hasn’t been the case, and my guess is the Rangers will feature the same goaltending tandem in 2008-09 that they do now. And unlike some of his teammates, Valiquette doesn’t sound like he’s going to push the Rangers too hard when it comes to a new deal.
    “No,” he said when I asked him if there’s been any talk so far. “But should I be like Sean Avery and tell you what I think I’m worth?” ”

    Take it how you want, I guess my point here is, this isnt the first time he took a cheapshot at his “friend” through the media. And yes, I do like to stir up trouble….

  23. I think they’re boys and Vally’s taking some friendly shots through the media, b/c he knows that Avery won’t/can’t say anything back.

    I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. Really.

  24. hey josh- I didnt see valy talking to avery but i did see Drury telling Avery where to stand and who has the puck as he was pocking brodure in the eyes.

  25. Who Needs Lohan on

    BeerMe, yeah its probably nothing he wouldnt or hasnt said too his face already. My biggest worry is that when negative press reaches Avery he disappears for a few games. We CAN NOT afford that!

  26. Is it gentlemanly to flop around like you’ve been shot and have your helmet strap loose so it goes flying off all the time like Marty does? Marty has been getting away with this garbage for years and yet it doesn’t get near the buzz that it deserves. Why is that?

  27. Liquid says:

    “”Rob C….I think you are misguided…Professional Hockey is def. a gentlemans game….Let me ask you, where else do you see two teams in the playoffs beat the crap out of each other and then, at the very end…..they line up and shake hands with one another….Mark my words, when the Rangers wrap this series up, Sean Avery will be one of the first guys on the line and he will shake Brodeur’s hand and probably tell him he is still one of the best ever…and Marty will turn to Avery and wish him luck in the next round……That is why hockey is the GREATEST sport in the entire world””

    I remember last year’s playoffs when a few of the Thrashers (I think), but I know there were a few Sabres that wouldn’t shake Avery’s hand. Brodeur has no class as it is, so he won’t go near Avery.

  28. If Vally would really do that he would get the penalty and perpetuate the 5 on 3, exactly what Aves wanted. I like how he says gentlemanly and he’d pick up his teeth in one breath. Loo k out for a pregame brawl between Vally and Kevin Weekes. lol

  29. lohan – It’s just my feeling, but I don’t think this is effecting the team much. I just watched the interviews from after today’s skate. It really doesn’t seem like this is hanging over them at all. But of course we haven’t heard from the ‘man of the hour’ in quite a while.

  30. “Sean Avery is a serial nitwit.” So says Ray Ratto on Jim Rome Is Burning, some San Francisco columnist.
    I’m sure Ray Ratto has a beard :’

  31. Yeah, it’s Wednesday, 2nd period just started, and we are up 2-0. At least that’s what I hope the Rangers are visualizing.

  32. That Washington power play just now looked a lot like ours, a lot of passing, not a lot of moving without the puck or shooting.

    Huet and Briere getting *feisty*!!

  33. this isn’t the first shot vally has taken at avery. I’m sure its all in good fun because avery wouldnt stand for it if he was serious. Just read about him in LA. And that’s funny that Avery was talked about on jim Rome. Haha.

  34. Avery was talked about in *two different segments* by Jim Rome, who was wearing doofy-looking glasses today and such was in no position to be criticizing. It’s a shame that he mostly talks about the bad things, at least on his TV show, because I think he is a hockey fan.

  35. I missed you so much Sam. You gotta give up this golf beat. How are we readers supposed to digest 3 whole playoff games without your insight? I’m just thrilled to have you back.

  36. For people watching the Flyers-Capitals game, do you think that was a dive by Ovechkin just now? The Flyers announcers seem convinced, but I don’t think it was. Ovechkin is not a player who dives, and he looked genuinely hurt.

  37. I disagree with that goal call for the Capitals’ 3rd goal by Laich. It looked to me like it hit his stick above the crossbar, not Biron’s glove.

  38. inhankwetrust on

    drury did not get upset with avery at all, the only thing he said to him was to get his stick down, because the referee was saying the same thing. He wasn’t pissed and pushing him out of the way at all…

    Jim Rome is the most ridiculous excuse for an analyst/tv show host. he says the most retarted things night in and night out. Theres a reason PTI and Around the Horn have ratings and his show sucks balls. cuz he does.

    did you guys hear what happened in practice today? PRICELESS!

    Avery saw all of the cameras on him so he did the stick thing again to Vally and then turned around and gave the finger to the cameras. so yes, they are all joking around about it…

  39. “I disagree with that goal call for the Capitals’ 3rd goal by Laich. It looked to me like it hit his stick above the crossbar, not Biron’s glove.”

    And holy shit did that prove my point. Laich wasn’t even facing the puck. He just put his stick up based on where Biron’s glove was and tipped it. Now I’m not saying its the best example of why tipping a puck when facing the goalie is probably easier, but its the best I’ve seen so far.

  40. inhankwetrust – I like all three because they give me laughs and are all slightly different, _JRIB_ with Rome’s hatred for random things, _ATH_ with their range of personalities, and _PTI_ with their funny interactions.

  41. why is sam so picture happy today Avery shirt bagels and this post…

    anyway we all need to admit that Avery helped these two days go quick hahaha we all had something to talk about..

    im going to go as far as saying that whoever wins tomorrow wins the round..

  42. your boy malik on

    Great to have you back Sam….see you tomorrow! Loved the Maaarty chant in Newark on Friday…hoping for similar tomorrow!

  43. Who Needs Lohan on

    Rangers win tomorrow night, then take Game 5 in OT at the Pebble. I hope!!!!

  44. It’s very simple. 1) Work harder 2) Take care of the puck in your own end 3) Be physical in all three zones

    If that recipe is followed, there is no way the Devils will win another game in this series.

    If it isn’t followed, prepare for a long summer, and start looking for a coach who will make sure it is followed.

    Again, all things being equal, the Rangers are fortunate to be up 2-1 in the series. So for crying out loud, capitalize on that good fortune!

  45. joejoe315 – He must have a lot of time to kill, like many of the daytime posters here; I’m looking at you Beer Me! and Nasty 1! ;-)

  46. inhankwetrust on

    in between game days are all about this….talking about bagels, afikomen…..yes!!! its wednesday!

    on a sidenote, i canot decide who i dislike more- jim rome or stephen a smith. it’s really a toss up…

  47. pig – It’s either post all day or do work. It’s rarely a tough decision. I have tons of work to do today though, and another afternoon meeting. And unless people who don’t seem to understand the game too well, keep talking about needing a coach well, there won’t be much to talk about today anyway.

  48. Melnyk should sell this team and run far far away.

    “Finally, thumbs down to the Ottawa Senators’ completely lame attempt to rally the fans to the apparently hopeless cause of winning four games, or even one game, against Pittsburgh.

    The pre-game histrionics of a Russell Crowe pretender in full gladiator garb, miked up so he could bark a script that Vince McMahon would have rejected, and looking as if he’d start laughing if he could see his reflection in the ice, was so bad I couldn’t react because I had to wait for my mouth to close.

    There’s a better chance the Senators will beat Pittsburgh four straight games than there is that Game 4 opens the same way as Game 3…surely.” Hodge, TSN.

  49. I don’t know about Paul Mara, but my beard is starting to itch a bit. I logged on this morning and checked, and still no Doodie beard updates and nobody else has posted. I just can’t believe it. It is left me nasty heart feeling empty inside.

  50. Well, look at the bright side Nasty, you’re probably winning. right?

    Found this little gem courtesy of Zipay…

    The Devil in the Lion’s Den? During an intermission at Game 3 at the Garden, my pal Charlie Cohn, wearing a Rangers jersey, spotted Devs boss Lou Lamoriello in the hallway and asked for an autograph for his son, Ben, a goalie and Martin Brodeur fan. Lou graciously obliged and said: “At least there’s one smart one in the family.”

  51. Man, I can not wait for the puck drop. I really can’t. Who is going to be the hero tonight? I just feel a Dawes or Drury goal coming tonight.

  52. I really want to have the lead the whole game and take it in to the third period where we have played our best hockey. Let’s not give these pricks a sniff tonight. I know we have it in us.

  53. I hope that we don’t need a hero tonight. Come out and bang bang bang..3-0 after 1. Marty chants all night long.

  54. “Quick! Hurry! There is a new Nasty 1 photo on the beard growing site!”

    “Who cares, the Nasty 1 is an idiot and the only one even doing it!”

    “You know something, you are right!” What a frigin moron.”

  55. Yesterday I told all of you that whatever BS was being spewed by the players to the media about Avery was not to be taken at face value.

    Today I see Drury say this, “He’s a Ranger. He’s our guy. I would take a bullet for him any time, any day. We all would.”

    Then you all should take a look at the NY Times article in the sport section to put a final nail in this BS coffin.

    The Rangers are pumped to have Avery on the team. So am I.

    F Brodeur. F the Devils. F Buttman. F Colin Campbell.


  56. I didn’t read everything but i have a couple of quick things to say and I apologize if I repeat anything already said.

    When it happened me and the others at Molly Wee’s (32 and 8th they put the sound on and we had a good time so there is the bar we were looking for) thought it was hilarious that a grown man was basically standing there saying “I’m not touching you” but reflecting it was really low and I would have been pissed if someone did it to Lundquist… that being said I think it was ridiculous that the NHL chaned the wording of a rule for it, they should have just said it falls under interference or unsportsmanlike conduct don’t do it again….

    Secondly on Firday there will be a viewing party at the Ziegfeld theatre. Tickets are 10$ and we will watch the game with tons of Ranger fans in high def on a big screen. Not as cool as being at the Rock (and not that much cheaper since they have the rush 20$ tickets) but Brian Leetch and last year’s playoff viewing parties were fun so Jo and I are doing this one as well!

    Also I was thinking about the other game and three of their four goals came off our gys, so unless Sean Avery has totally upset the hockey gods with his performance, I still think the Rangers are in position to control the game.

    Yorktown Ranger, I am going to be at the game again tonight (trying to win tickets on the playoff bus!!) but if I don’t I will watch the game at Molly Wee’s again so anyway I am still looking for autographs for your son, thats why I haven’t mailed anything yet :^)

    Cheers guys, my ister wants to go in soon so I don’t knwo if I will have internet again… enjoy the game!!

    PS how are all of your playoff beards/porn stache’s going?

  57. And you know what else, F any of those 2 bit reporters who only talk about hockey when there is some negative incident. Jim Rome…the guy is a loudmouth, pompous ass who wouldn’t know a wrist shot from a wrist watch.

    It’s like when I hear Mike and the Mad Ass comment on hockey. Whatever they say is total stupidity. I know this because the words are coming from them are sourced from the least knowledgeable hockey people in sports radio.

    And BTW, yesterday I had an email exchange with a guy named Brian Compton who is Deputy Night Editor for the He wrote an article about Avery’s antics in Game 3. When I mentioned to him about the Sutter stick throwing incident, his response was, “Thanks for your note. I acutally didn’t see that. I guess Avery’s antics stole the show.”

    Re-read his response. This is from the “Deput Night Editor”, or whatever the F that means, of

    So here is a guy who seems to have a reasonably solid job at the writing a strong article about Avery and his antics and his sportsmanship or whatever and the friekin guy didn’t even watch the games in question enough to know any relevant details to the story other than Avery was waving his stick in front of Brodeur’s face.

    It’s that kind of pure ignorance that just leaves me so sour when I read about all these opinionated a-hole writers who think they are all that when all they really want to do is get their name in print and voice their ill-informed opinions.


  58. Newman, especially since Sutter’s antics were in Game two and Avery’s in Game Three, presumably he would have already known about it if he was paying any attention…

    hot stuff Nasty, where did you take the pic with Kaspar?

  59. Last night I saw Len Berman show Avery doing the “Avery Method” during practice, then flip off the camera. Stupid Berman said the Rangers should discipline Avery for the bird. Hey Berman, pack it in already. Dick and the Dog talking about hockey is also funny. Even my father in law, who always busts my balls about NYI 4 in a row and probably never watched a hockey game in his life, was chirping about “that cheap shot by Avery”.

  60. I called once for Max Kellerman’s hockey rant, but after I hung up they said wow that was very smart and started laughing… doesn’t help that I sound 10 on the phone I suppose…

  61. I was at the Foo Fighters acoustic concert and the Beacon two years ago and Kasper was there. He was loaded! Ha.

  62. HAHA … you guys kill me sometimes. Newman, you’re on a F’n rampage this a.m. huh? Keep it up man.

    nasty – good stuff dood. Are you in the same multi-personality therapy that Hershel Walker is?

    Jim Rome sux, Len Berman sux, Brooks…LOL a-hole. There’s very very few writers/casters out there that are worth reading or listening to. I will say this though: it’s much easier for us die-hards to read something written by a fan. Weinman, Dellapina, zipay, everyone over at blueshirtbulletin. Stick with these guys and you’ll be fine. Everyone else is just not good for your blood pressure.

  63. That’s good newman. I’m anxious, but I haven’t made it to your point yet. I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to some tacos for dinner though. I’m sure I’m just a few hours away from being as pumped as you are about the game tonight. Truth is, I’m F’n swamped at work cause I haven’t done anything but post here for the last 2 days. lol

    nasty – I can see why you’d say that, but I think they’re disciplined enough not to ‘run’ him. Rather put pressure and create as much traffic as he can.

    Knowing that, the dmen and hank should be extra careful to move all rebounds or loose pucks to the corners, then up the wall and out of the zone. Turnovers up the middle would be the only reason I could see dropping this game.

    And I know that this is just a rumor. My brother told me that he heard it somewhere. Most likely on NHL radio (he’s a freak with it), that Slats and the Maple Leafs have permission to discuss if there’s a future for him there this summer. Now, it’s just a rumor, but they’re focussed on Burke and Slats apparently.

  64. So, this is how ghetto I was last night. I took a frozen bagel and used pretzel salt to make a yummy salted bagel. I had my wife pick me up lox on the way home, and I already had cream cheese. So I had the salt bagel with cream cheese and lox that I HAD to have yesterday thanks to Sam’s bagel pictures.

    My wife, being that she is Jewish, told me that I shamed her and how I made my delicious snack should be illegal. She said it was so unorthodox and untraditional that it should be banned from ever happening again. She has now instated the “Nasty Rule” which states that “a salt bagel with lox and cream cheese must be made with a presalted bagel that was made at the bagel store with fresh lox and cream cheese.”

    Christ, I didn’t know what I was doing was so wrong. I thought it was pretty creative thinking on my part.

  65. The Avery Rule…now the Nasty Rule…Brilliant!

    Smart, aggressive hockey wins us the game tonight.

    I’m also a big believer in the law of averages, the concept of due, etc…I guess it’s just the way I was brought up. But, 3 games, 3 road victories. Seems to me the home team, our Rangers, are due to break the unusual trend tonight. Obviously THEY can’t rely on stuff like that, but as a fan, you know a home team is winning sooner or later. After the Rangers dropped Game 3, I said that the first home team to win a game would win the series…I stand by that claim.


  66. Nasty,
    Did any Gastrointestinal Happenings occur from your un- orthodox lox and homemade salt bagel undertakings?

  67. No, I was ok, but I just didn’t understand her anger. I have never heard of this being something that should not be done. I thought I made a masterpiece out of nothing. Oh well.

  68. I am calling it here. Girardi either scores a goal tonight, or shoots a wrister that turns in to a ranger goal.

  69. It was a masterpiece in my book also…its like making thousand island dressing from ketchup, mayo and pickles and relish…

  70. Thank you Staal. I appreciate the support of my creativity. I might be shunned from the Passover dinner table on Saturday night though.

  71. I know that it probably won’t happen but…I wish the Rangers would come out and do what the Avs did to the Wild last night…5-1

  72. I am not being over confident here, but I fully believe we come out and play our best game of the series tonight. I think our guys will be making the safe plays a lot of the time and this will definitely will help in not making stupid turnovers. If there is no play, dump it deep and make them come the full length. We have not had much success this year when we try to play real fancy like we are the Russian Olympic team from the 80’s. We just need to keep it simple and work harder than they do.

  73. Nasty as long as you enjoyed your creation and it had no adverse effects, intestinally speaking, I’m all for it!

  74. The ducks were putting a beating on the Stars last night too. I watched a bit of that game. That building was absolutely DEAD. Beyond dead. I know there’s not much to cheer about when the score is 4-0, and you’re on the sh-t end of that stick, but it was deafening silence.

    Nasty 1, The Creator of the Anti-Semitic Bagel.

  75. I don’t want overtime, I just want a nice regulation win. I want to not have to be skating the third period with only a one goal lead. I want a legitimate win here. I want to dominate them tonight. I want them to leave having no question that we are the better team. I want their confidence to be shit. I want to wrap this up on Friday night.

  76. If the Rangers have done one thing consistently all year, it’s respond and play well after bad losses, especially with more than one day’s rest in between games.

    I think Renney does a great job of not letting the team get too high or too low (a la Joe Torre), and let’s the leaders like Shannahan do the talking needed in between games.

    We need to be more responsible on the break-out tonight, more aggressive shooting on odd man rushes and a little more hard-nosed in the corners; those are the keys to the game.

  77. Nasty I also think this will be their best game… There is too much veteran leadership on this team to let the same thing happen twice…Guys like Shanny, Jagr, Drury, Gomez, and Straka have too much experience to not rally the team and come out flying and playing smart, safe hockey…I just hope they dominate…

  78. hey Beer what was that about Sather? I’m not sure I understand, are you saying that Toronto has permission to speak with Sather about becoming GM for the Leafs…

  79. nasty – Yes it was. You can make the perfect bagel, but you can’t make the perfect wife. whatta ya gonna do, right?

    staal – that’s pretty much the long and short of what I heard. No details and no source. Rumors gotta start somewhere. And the more sense they make, the more they circulate.

  80. You can make the perfect wife, but it involves a lot of beatings and abuse. By the time I get home, after work and the gym, I just don’t have the energy.

  81. And guys remember, hard enough to hurt and send a message but not enough to bruise and leave evidence. I like to use two fingers and poke.


  83. I am just joking about all of the hitting and abuse talk. I have not looked cross at my wife since October when I was put on probation for domestic and spousal abuse.

  84. Just kidding, I have never hit a woman. I really think that any male who does should be dragged from the back of a car on a rock road naked.

  85. So I have a nasty 1,
    about 2 weeks ago, we has\d nothing in house to eat, so my wife went and combined alfredo, chili and pasta…ummm…she got sick, and wanted to finish the leftovers the other night…
    Some women just never learn…

  86. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, I posted my beard pictures from Saturday.

    I will start doing a daily post today, because I’m about where I was at on Saturday since I had to shave Sunday morning for a memorial service.

    Anyway, enjoy the wait for the game tonight.

    Let’s Go Rangers

  87. hhmmm…..

    I’ll say Drury gets one tonight. And I think Jags gets one on the PP.

    More than anything, I just want everyone to stay healthy. Even Hollweg. Ya know, just until Orr is ready to come back.

    Didn’t we used to have someone that wore #25?

  88. yes Beer I think Prucha was his name…
    and I’m wondering what ever happened to Prucha27?
    I’m amazed at how “slow” the blog is today.

  89. Seriously, it is like the episode of the Simpsons when Homer finds that old sub in the couch cushion. Marge warns him, but he still eats it and hallucinates. Ha. Classic.

    Doodie- Nice work, and it is about time.

  90. for the Record I didn’t touch the Chili afredo concoction…
    one look spoke volumes and I was not headed there.

  91. Just got my tiks for game 6 in the mail. I hope I don’t use it. Avery scores again tonight.

  92. If Avery wants to keep his place up on the playoff goal list, he better. He’s one behind now.

    I don’t care who scores for us really. As long as they put them in the Devils net this time.

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