OK, what did I miss?


OK, I’m back after an epic day of traveling that was so comically bad, I briefly forgot I was returning from just Augusta, Ga., and not the other side of the world.

The Masters “was fun, if slightly anticlimactic”:http://golf.lohudblogs.com/2008/04/13/some-final-thoughts/. And I’ll admit: at around 7 p.m. Sunday, when Game 3 was about to start and I was sitting down to write about “the triumph of that needle-moving superstar, Trevor Immelman”:http://www.thnt.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080414/SPORTS01/804140399/1002, I sent Josh and Carp an e-mail lamenting not being at the Garden. Good friends that they are, both felt the need to kick me when I was down.

But now it’s hockey the rest of the way, and there’s a lot to catch up on. I’ll be at practice for updates, but in the meantime, thanks to reader Brian Holden for sending along this photo of a new “Avery Rules” T-shirt (follow “this link”:http://www.cafepress.com/cp/prod.aspx?p=shopdecayny.254845150 if you’re interested in buying it). It’s nice to see the wheels of American commerce turning so quickly….


It’s good to be back. More in a bit…

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  1. Great shirt! If you’ve never checked out that site’s T-shirts, give it a whirl. There’s some funny stuff there. I DON’T work for them! (but I have purchased)

    Sam – Didn’t miss much. Marty went through a few boxes of Kleenex in the 1st few games. That’s about it.

  2. MALIK anyone?? With all of our defensive zone turnovers and sh^tty outlet passes I could see Malik stepping in to calm things down in our own end. I know a lot of you do not like him but he sure gets the puck out of the zone and usually to a Ranger. Thoughts?

    BEER ME!!!, Beauty sleep. What are you a woman…Just kidding. “Didn’t miss much. Marty went through a few boxes of Kleenex” nice one.

  3. I just bought that shirt. I am a huge Avery fan, and it doesn’t look like the shirt says NYR on it. I am obviously a NYR fan, but if he gets traded it is still a wearable shirt.

  4. Richard, who are you sitting for Malik? Rozsival or Tyutin? The other 4 have played ok. I can’t wait for the Avery
    Rules chants tomorrow. Welcome back Sam.

  5. I should say, if he signs elsewhere because Sather is mentally challenged when it comes to Sean Avery.

  6. Welcome back Sam…. thanks for the coverage Josh…

    Beer Me, the more I think about the pros and cons of Avery… you just can’t deny that we win more with him, penalties or not. I don’t think if it came down to it that Avery could ever *cost us* the cup.

    I also tend to think that when all is said and done, he will do whatever it takes to stay in NY. I just don’t see him going to Colombus, OH or Edmonton for an extra $1M…. With a guy like him, you can’t put a price on the perks of a place like New York City.

  7. That’s the problem trying to insert Malik right now. Staal has been playing well along side Rozy. Do you interfere with that? Toots & Girardi are both signed for next year and will most likely remain a D-pair. Backman’s been playing well and holding his own. Mara’s been playing well and hasn’t done a whole lot to deserve to sit.

    It’s not as easy as just saying: “put malik in”.

  8. I am going to look like rip van winkle after he wakes up at the end of the story and everyone else is going to be sporting their oil free fresh shave faces. Come on guys, have some fun with this. As long as you properly keep up with it, there is nothing wrong with a beard. I mean I understand if you can’t grow a full beard, or it comes in patches or something, but make things a little interesting for good old Nasty 1 over here. Goat t, mustache, anything?

  9. Salty – I agree on the on-ice pros and cons. It’s out of my hands whether he comes back or not. I don’t trust his or slats negotiation techniques and the butting of the heads could lead to his departure, or his over-payment. I think that’s the reason I’m not trying to get too ‘attached’ here.

    As long as he remains slient to the press, the off-ice stuff will clear itself up as he matures(I hope). But the best thing for him is to keep quiet. He knows it, as well as everyone should. The team stayed pretty focused with his ‘gag-oder’ invoked.

  10. Requests here to put Malik back in ? OMG! I would rather be holed up with my mother-in-law during a blackout in the dead of summer before I see that big, giant doofus put the Rangers sweater back on…..Rangers lost one game folks….get over it, and move on…The Debbies scored 3 goals that were flukey…..Let the Rangers come back from some adversity and play a much better game on Wednesday with the same lineup…We dont need some guy who is gonna try to stick check this otherwise smallish and inferior team.

  11. 22Figure8, Fedor looks lost out there but there is no way he sits. Yes the others have played very well. I guess Malik sits. Renney could sit Mara. We will wait and see but something has got to done about the D and neutral zones turnovers.

  12. It’s really killing me not to be a part of the beard contest. But I can’t do it. Not only b/c there would be no competition when I have a full beard in 2 weeks. But there’s no chance that the (future) Mrs. Beer Me! will go for it in our wedding pics 4 1/2 weeks from now. I wouldn’t want to grow it out and then have to shave it during the Conference Finals should we be successful enough to make it that far.

    Yes, we planned our wedding during the playoffs. Not to worry, if we’re still playing, we already have the 75″ reserved and the country club already has HD. It will be on during the reception. (An afternoon game could f-ck it up though).

  13. Nasty 1 –

    I hate to be a buzzkill but I despise the playoff beard. I think it looks terrible and it’s another one of those things that makes the league look ridiculous from a marketing perspective. Granted these guys can do what they want with their own looks, but I hate that it’s called a “tradition” when it’s come and gone through the years. Some of the greatest of all-time never wore playoff beards. How about our beloved
    94 Rangers? The only guy that had a full-on beard was Glenn Anderson.

    I personally like our boys the way they look. I know Dru and Mara are gonna have pretty thick ones if we go deep in the playoffs, but everyone else is pretty clean shaven. Looks like Shanny has busted out the razor already…he used to grow a pretty insane goatee. Jagr’s facial hair right now is atrocious…what the hell is that all about?

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    I would break up the Tyutin-Girardi pair. Tyutin has been terrible and needs to sit. And I don’t just mean in the playoffs. From about the beginning of December, Tyutin has been on a steady decline until now, when he is playing his worst hockey, in my opinion, since the end of the lockout.

    As for putting Malik in, I would honestly rather have Strudwick. They’re both pretty lousy defensemen. Strudwick is a little worse, and a little slower, but he is more consistent. Malik is a little better, but occasionally “pulls a Malik” and puts it right on the other team’s star player’s tape. Not to mention he takes at least one stick penalty a game.

    Not that it would ever happen, but that’s what I would do.

  15. I love the playoff beard tradition. Shanny’s growing out the goat, and the others are still working on theirs. The Jagr-t is funny and I like it!

    Rob – Jay Wells had the full beard too. Let’s not forget about Mr Wells now.

  16. I’m not so sure about that, Beer. Game 7 of the finals when he hoists the Cup, he’s clean shaven, no doubt in my mind. It’s a memorable moment because he’s missing a tooth, and you can see how much it means to him to be holding the Cup.

  17. Beer, I got married 2 years ago on 4/30. My friends said “what were you thinking”? The Rangers lost game 4 the day before but I still had to ditch my ticket for the game because of the rehearsal, although there was a split second thought that I caould leave the game early to make it in time.

  18. Damn Rob C, no reason to hate on the beard. It is just a fun thing to do and like I said, to each their own. I am not asking anything who is against it to do it, or saying that there is anything wrong with people for not doing it. Some people said they were interested in doing it and now I feel that I am the only one doing it. That was all. I totally respect your opinion, but who are you? Stan Fishler yelling at Scott Niedermayer to shave his last year?

  19. 22 – It’s a risk, there’s no doubt. But it all came down to: the Rangers have been around since 1926, and they’re not going anywhere. I won’t miss a game.

    And for the honeymoon…DVR dude. There’s not much of a chance of anything being spoiled in St. Lucia. The resort doesn’t have tv’s anywhere (on purpose).

  20. Here’s a question: How much better do you think this team can actually play moving forward? A lot of people were saying they were playing thier “B game” so far, and I kinda have to disagree, and say that while I think it might very well be “a B game” it kind of IS their best/A game.

    That i snot to say I’m not impressed/happy with what I’ve seen. I didn’t expect the Rangers to show up with the poise and intensity they have. It’s the most “complete game” they’ve played all year as far as I’m concerned… I do know the team is capable of more, but do we expect more?

    *Those of you who say this is only our “B Game”… is it your opinion that we’ve played better during the year? Or are you just saying you hope we start playing even better than this for the first time, because you know we’ve got it in us somewhere?*

    Basically, I think this is the best we’ve played so far, and I don’t think this is our “B game”, I think it might very well be our “A game”.

  21. Let’s not all rush and pull out our “Oh Baby” VHS tapes and fast forward to the end when they are all raising the cup. Ha. It is a tradition that some follow and some don’t. If a player chooses to do so then who cares. The entire Mets team shaved their heads last year, is there anything wrong with that? Not at all.

  22. I don’t think we’ve played our best hockey yet. So I don’t think that we’ve brought our ‘A’ game yet. Maybe a scattered game or two during the reg season, but no more than once or twice.

  23. Salty- Bottom line is this…the Rangers right now are playing probably at 75% capacity…This year its anyones Cup for the taking, there is no dominant team, especially in the East…..So for the Rangers to win and move forward, that have to play 100% to their capabilities (I sound like the coach on the nhl network commercials)….Now, if I may take off my NY Rangers rosey colored glasses for a moment, I will admit that this team is NOT built right now to be a Championship team…There are 4 glaring weaknesses (Power forward winger, scoring sniper, big nasty Dmen, puck moving / PP QB)….With that being said, I must give Coach Renney alot of credit to have this team play at a level that gives them atleast a chance to compete for a Cup…Ultimately, I think we are 2 years away from having a great team….but now let me put my Rangers glasses back on,,,,If Henrik can steal some games for us and play at the same level we have seen recently and the Rangers play @ 100% capacity as a team, heck…you neva know !

  24. Watching Nashville come back against Detroit somehow made me feel a little better about Wednesday night’s loss. I mean Nashville didn’t get lucky bounces, but that is what made me feel better. The Devils did. Not saying they didn’t outwork us, but they got lucky too. Anyone else feel this way?

  25. Im putting my beard pics up as of today
    Sorry Doodie for the delay, had some work issues. I know how can I let work get in the way.

    Anyway, I haven’t shaved since the first game (except for my neck and upper cheeks, have to make it look decent) so if we go far this year Im going to be looking like a guy straight from a Phish concert selling Super Burritos out of my VW van in the parking lot.

    Anyway, I think the loss had to happen the other night, and Im glad it did in game 3. Were we really going to sweep? Maybe, but probably not. Now the guys are pissed and we’ll see what that amounts to in tomorrow nights game. I cant help but think Renney is using his screaming techniques as he did when we weren’t scoring on the PP to get it into everyone sheads to stay the hell out of the penalty box.

    I still say, we take the series in 5.

    PS Jagr’s Go-Hitler-T is ridiculously funny. Mara and Drury are furry animals, and Dubi and Cally are trying wiht there baby scruff. I wish Shanny would let it go, he would look like a total caveman out there his stubble is so thick.

  26. Amazing to me that Renney and Sather have not made a major issue of the phantom zebra calls, especially the ones against Backman and Roszival. What’s the downside? Playing the docile victim, saying all the right things about self-discipline, certainly hasn’t accomplished anything.

    Lou L. is pushing hard; it has paid huge benefits for the NJD. Push back for chrissakes — the Rangers are losing the PR war here with the league office, in large part because they’re not even fighting it.

  27. Haha, I’m not trying to hate on the beard and spoil the party…sorry. I know it can be a fun thing. I don’t know…my views are certainly shaped by being a Yankee fan, I’ll say that much. I just don’t like the way it looks on most guys…just my opinion. They look more like lumberjacks than hockey players (though I guess that’s kind of the point?).

  28. I am a yankee fan too, but I was just bringing up the Mets because they did that last year.

  29. Very well said, LIQUID.

    My only kind of hope is that if we can get past Marty/Devs defense, everything else will become a little easier. I thikn we’ve played a great split, of solid defensive game, with an onslaught of offense whenever the opportunity arises. I’m just worried about how we might handle some serious scoring threats like AK27.

  30. “I’m just worried about how we might handle some serious scoring threats like AK27.”

    The way he hits the corners, we should be extremely worried should we face them.

  31. I think that the second we play a team that doesn’t have a line or defenseman that can contain Jagr, he is going to be completely on fire.

  32. I think as soon as we play a game that’s officiated by refs that will call the hooks/holds that Jags’ is playing through, he will be on fire. ;)

  33. Can anyone fill me in on Marc Savard, and how he left our organization? I like everything about that guy, but I don’t remember much about his stint here.

  34. I think that the second we play a team that doesn’t have a line or defenseman that can contain Jagr, he is going to be completely on fire.


    That team may not exist in this conference.

  35. Now that we have the “Avery Rule”, let’s have a clarification of some other rules. Let’s call them the “Devils Rules”.
    1. Call Interference when a Devil player impedes the progress of an opposing player without the puck, eg. faceoffs.
    2. Call Crosschecking, holding, interference, slashing when the Devils D or Martina the goalie does it to Rangers in front of the net.
    3. Call roughing when Devils instigate after the whistle.
    4. Call charging when Clarkson goes flying thru the air trying to put someone thru the glass.
    Afterall, the NHL always wants a fair playing field.;)

  36. Salty…you actually complimented LIQUID. Have you turned over a new leaf? It is a nice bit of fresh air….

    I agree with him, and you for agreeing with him. While yes we do lack some of those aspects LIQUID mentioned, I am not sure that any other team in the East has ALL 4 of those, plus a shutdown goaltender.

    In any case, I think we are playing our B game right now (B+ really) because of the gaffes in the D Zone and the lazy penalties we are taking.

    Whether or not it is a question of our B game being our actual game and we are just not as competent as I hoped in our D zone or lazy in taking the penalties, or whether there is room for improvement, is the real question.

    I mean I think we’ve kinda been hinting at this all season here, in SOOO many words, with the schizophrenic efforts. Glass half full says that we are pulling it together. Glass half empty is that we have seen this inconsistency before and the only thing consistent with this team is that inconsistency.

    But I am an optimist with this team…I think we come out stomping and pounding Wednesday.

    And BTW, if Renney is unable to motivate his team Wed night after all the BS from the refs calls to Marty’s whines to Sutter’s antics to John Madden saying “Avery’s antics were bush league,” and all the other stuff, then we have a bigger issue which could very well be in the category of B game, A game.


  37. It is a shame that Kovalev could never really catch fire in New York. I remember when he played for the Penguins with Jagr and Jagr was quoted as saying that Kovalev was the most skilled player that he ever played with.

  38. Wednesday night’s game is either going to be the most entertaining yet, or the most boring. I am not sure what we are going to see.

  39. Salty- I will even go a step further to break it down:

    Glaring Weakness-

    1) *Power Forward*
    Current – Brendan Shannahan….He is def. the outspoken team leader but his best days are well behind him unfortunately…Give us Shanny 10 years ago, the guy was an animal who could hit,skate, work the corners…Heck, give me Shanny 5 years and I would love it. Now Shanny plays like he has one of them bomb vests under his jersey and it would go off if he went into the corner to throw the body. Otherwise he still has a great set-up type shot and his hockey smarts trumps anyone we currently have on the roster.

    Pending UFA’s: Michael Ryder and Ryan Malone could fill this void and add youth. Both guys can score as well and are reaching their primes.

    In the system: Hugh Jessiman, coming on strong in 2nd half of season, has a scoring touch, good hands, willing to battle and drop the gloves, and was 1st rounder that the Rangers have alot invested into considering the players taken in the same round (and drafted after Hugh).

    Goal Scorer/Game Breaker/Sniper:

    Current: Jags and Straka have been counted on for the past few years and like Shanny, they are both fragments of their hey-days…Some days we love them, some days we want to get rid of all of them Czechs. Then we can also add Prucha to that list because he did pot 50 goals his first two years, but now he is the invisible man.

    UFA’s: Marian Hossa this summer, and Marion Gaboriak in 2 years. And even Malkin in 3 years I think.

    In the system: Cherapanov will be counted on to fill the void maybe next year and if not due to getting to North America, the following year. Also, Korpedo and Ansimanov may have a chance.

    Big Hitting Nasty Dmen:

    Currently: Jeez, I am embarresed to say no one right now. Tyutin used to throw a hip check here and there but its few and far between. Mara, figuring he is a big guy, could step up as he has done in the playoffs even if Rupp thinks he is a “little bitch”,,,,lol

    UFA: Brooks Orpik & Ron Hainsley – both could add a nice edge on the blue line especially if the Rangers let Rozy walk during the summer.

    In the system: Ivan Baranka and Michael Sauer- Both guys have been getting better….Baranka gets hurt alot recently but looks solid and could only get better…same with Sauer. You could also add Corey Potter to the list because he is a stay @ home Dman that Schonny down in Hartford says is the best Dmen for the Pack this year.

    Puck Moving Dmen/ Power Play QB Dmen:

    Current: Christian Backman maybe? Tyutin? Yikes…At any rate, this is a big weakness for the Rangers….they need a guy who can back peddle, who can straddle the blue line like a Zubov or Leetchie…in order to create passing lanes and shooting lanes…We have a bunch of immobile pylons right now (rozy, tyutin, mara, malik)….Staal is just a rookie and his agent, the infamous Bobby Orr says that Staal will excellent offensively as he gains experience.

    UFA’s: I think Michael Liles is UFA and obviously Brian Campbell if SJ Sharks dont sign him. Both would be a huge upgrade for the Rangers…well atleast one of them because they will cost a pretty penny.

    In the system: Rangers 1st rounder, Bobby Sangueinetti will be asked if not next year but the following year to provide the offensive d-men we have craved since Leetchie’s left town….Bobby Sangs still needs to refine his play in the defensive zone, but I think he is gonna be a solid player for us for many years with Staalsy on the other side of him….

    So thats my take, but what the heck do I know…I aint Sam Weinman….hehe

  40. A t-shirt but for 30 bucks a pop. C’mon. Another thing that sucks about the shirt is the color, its not a great color if you wanted to get Avery to sign it.

  41. I’ve never really disagreed with LIQUID as far as I remember. He seems to usually know what he’s talking about whether I agree with it or not.

    Not really sure what youre talking about New Newman…

    and I think if anything the team has turned a leaf, not me.

  42. Did you guy hear that they are changing another hockey term to a different name. The “wrap-around goal” will now be called “The Brodeur”.

  43. you can get avery to sign it if you have a silver marker. But who cares about him signing it? It is a cool t shirt. If you have the 30 bucks and like the guy enough, why not buy it?

  44. Also if you start to bang your wife’s sister. That is already called Brodeuring. Like damn baby, I was drunk, you two look so much alike. I am sorry, I couldn’t keep it in my pants so I kept it in your family.” “You Bastard! There is no excuse for you to go around Brodeuring her behind my back!”

  45. I also think the reason Brodeur has looked a bit off s because of his weight. Jesus, the guy look like the frigin Michelin Man. He has like 3 chins and bigger tits than John Goodman. He needs to do weight watchers or start drinking Dick Gregory shakes.

  46. Fans at the game should start a new chant for Marty. Instead of “beat your wife Potvin” how about “Bang your wives sister”

  47. This is totally off topic, but for any of you that have Hi Def channels and get the Mojo network, there is a great show called Three Sheets. Does anyone other than me love this show? I just ordered both seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.

  48. Ha, that would be great! He can say all he wants that Avery doesn’t get under his skin, but he definitely does. There is no way that it doesn’t.

  49. Liquid

    The “infamous” Bobby Orr? I think I know what you meant — the all-time, all-time all-timer — but you made him sound like Calvin Schiraldi or Ralph Branca.

  50. Nasty – I don’t get the channel, but I’ve seen it when visiting my mom. AWESOME show. The one that I remember was when he was in Romania. Sitting at a table in this little alley, drinking stuff with no labels. Good stuff, good channel.

  51. Hi Sam,

    Dig the blog–definitely the best Rangers blog out there, given the fact that you guys actually give in game commentary!

    Just a quick question. Why is there no LINK between your Journal News Articles and this Blog? Usually, on most sites you can click on the link to jump to the Paper’s blog instead of copying and pasting the link.

    Is there some rule against linking the blog to the news articles or just an oversight?

    Keep up the great work, and Go Rangers!


  52. LIQUID….I think if Staal works on his shot this summer (accuracy more than speed) he can be a legit QB on the PP/offensive.

    I like the Orpik idea. No thanks on Hossa. Like the Liles idea too.

    Salty….all I was saying is that we are at a B+ right now. I cannot figure out if we are an A- or A student consistently underperforming or if we are a B student with flashes of A work.

    Then I will add, what is the impact of the teacher in the classroom getting his students to produce? And if that teacher cannot get his students motivated for WED’s game, we have a real problem.

    Nasty, any comment on the analogy being the teacher that you are? I mean I am guessing you have your classroom pining for Red Robin by now right?

  53. I am very sarcastic sometimes with the students that I know I can light a fire under. I make them think that I think that they are not capable of better work and then they usually blow my mind. It is great when it happens that way. I said all season that this Ranger team is not a GREAT team, but they are a very good team and can play great sometimes. In the playoffs this year, I am not sure the GREAT team is going to win the playoffs. When this team can play the best that it can play all around they can beat anyone.

  54. inhankwetrust on

    new newman, i’m with you….and ive noticed it a lot during the second half of the season…staal seems to be the real deal, he has flashes of brilliance when he’ll make a rush and he’s just a rookie learning the ropes, but HE CAN”T HIT THE NET.

    if you go to you tube and type in marc staal you’ll see plenty of coast to coast goals and nice moves.

    the best thing you can say about him is that he doesn’t look out of place at this point. he’s just a kid, can’t even get into a bar yet. i think if he works on his shot, i.e. his accuracy, he can be a PP guy, and quite a good one.

    For now, and i know this has been much debated, but number dont lie….look at the rangers record with sean avery in and out of the lineup- there’s no way you dont resign him. he’s not a detriment, all of the players seem to love him and joke around w/ him (except for malik in practice, but get real), and look at the facts he had 10 goals in 15 games down the stretch and now has 3 goals in the playoffs, among everything else he’s done…agitating, drawing penalties, being a nuisance.

    i think he’s great, and his reputation kills him. he does what it takes to win a game. we MUST resign him.

  55. I wish it was tomorrow night already. I hate waiting. The game should have been tonight.

  56. Western Canada Survivor on

    Not to beat a dead horse here, but in wake of the Avery situation, I decided to start boning up on my NHL rulebook to figure out how in the world Sutter didn’t receive a game misconduct and potential suspension in light of his Game 2 profantiy-laced and stick throwing outburst. Let’s take a brief look inside the rule book at Rules 41 and 73 (c). You can go here for further description: http://www.nhl.com/hockeyu/rulebook/rule41.html
    Long story short-it’s an absolute farce that this guy not only didnt get suspended, but is calling our players immature.

    41h: A bench minor penalty shall be imposed against the offending Team if any player, club executive, Manager, Coach or Trainer uses obscene, profane or abusive language or gesture to any person or uses the name of any Official coupled with any vociferous remarks.
    A gross misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player or non-playing club personnel who directs obscene, profane or abusive language or gestures to any person or uses the name of any Official coupled with any vociferous remarks, after the expiration of the game. This action may occur on or off the ice.

    This shall also apply to anyone who throws or shoots any equipment or other object in the general direction of an Official but does not come close to making any kind of contact. This action may occur on or off the ice.

    Any player or non-playing club personnel penalized under this section may be subject to supplemental discipline under Rule 33A.

    In the case of any club executive, Manager, Coach or Trainer being guilty of such misconduct, he is to be removed from the bench by order of the Referee and his case reported to the Commissioner for further action. (Refer to Rule 73(c) — Obscene Language or Gestures.)

    73(c): Club Executives, Managers, Coaches and Trainers shall not use obscene or profane language or gestures anywhere in the rink. For violation of this Rule, a bench minor penalty shall be imposed. Should this behavior continue, a Game Misconduct Penalty shall be imposed and a confidential report to the Commissioner shall be completed and filed with the League for possible further disciplinary action.

  57. Although I HATED to see the Debbies win in OT.
    At least I get to see game 5 in person.
    I hope we win on Wed so I can be there when we win the series.
    God, I’m like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning.
    I’m sure Avery will find another way to piss off the Devils & their 45 fans !

  58. If Jagr, Straka and Shanny are gone for sure, I say:

    Hossa (Yes I know he’ll want 7m+ but cap will continue to rise), Orpik, Liles, Malone.. as long as Malik and Rozsival sign with a division rival, I will be happy.. first priority is Avery though.

  59. LIQUID
    April 15th, 2008 at 9:20 am
    Requests here to put Malik back in ? OMG! I would rather be holed up with my mother-in-law during a blackout in the dead of summer before I see that big, giant doofus put the Rangers sweater back on…..

    good “I would rather”!!

    I would rather dig up my long dead ex mother in law and do the smootchies with her decayed lips,
    than see Malik back in.

    anyone have a good “I would rather” to top us?

  60. Western Canada – GREAT RESEARCH. It is an absolute farce, isn’t it. Whether or not Sutter had reason to be angry, and let’s be honest, he did, his behavior is certainly punishable by penalty and suspension. The refs were clearly too chicken to give him a penalty or eject him though, because they had just royally screwed his team. Doesn’t make his actions right, though.

    Tomorrow should be REALLY interesting in terms of officiating. Hopefully it will be a good crew that will call it fair.

  61. In light of Western Canada’s thoughts on the rules….how is someone from the Rangers mgmt not sending a video of Sutter throwing the stick on the ice duruing Game 2?

    Sam, does anyone in the organization have a comment on this? All we hear about is the Devs complaining about this or that. NO ONE BUT ME SAW SUTTER THROW THE STICK ON THE ICE?

    I mean when I saw it I was like, “OK, he’ll get a bench minor or something.” Then I saw one of the Devs reach over and grab the stick because he knew the coach was way out of line.

    Then the Devs have the balls to talk up the Avery situation and the bad refs from game 2 or whatever, and NOTHING on this stick throwing incident from Sutter?


  62. Western Canada – excellent post. Also, Zipay points out that Broduer wacked Avery in the groin during the distraction technique. Should have been a major penalty – none called. So a new rule was created without enforcing rules already in place.

  63. Western Canada Survivor on

    I’m never one to complain about officiating, but I just remember that every time in the past when a coach has thrown a stick onto the ice, he has been suspended. And yes, as I pointed out, it’s definitely in the rule book. What pisses me off is that its such a double standard.

    Good luck finding a fairly officiated game this playoffs. I’ve watched 95% of the games in this first week and every single game has been marred by officiating. This is a playoffs for the officiating too with the “best” officials who probably call the most infractions (i.e. holding, hooking) making it to the next round with a big payday. That is my guess to why the officiating has been so inconsistent and terrible.

  64. Western Canada Survivor on

    Yeah, New Newman, you’re right on. Parise picked the stick up off the ice after Sutter threw it to cover the evidence.

  65. If every coach got a penalty for swearing and the then kicked out of the game for a 2nd offense, there would be no coaches left.

  66. Western Canada Survivor on

    nyrblue2-he threw a stick onto the ice-it has nothing to do with his swearing.

  67. People keep mentioning Orpik as potential signing next year. He’s not a replacement for Rozsival, who chews up 24 mins and had 38 pts.

    Is he an upgrade over Malik? Maybe. Orpik is probably the 5th or 6th best defenseman on Pittsburgh (behind Gonchar, Whitney, Sydor, Gill, perhaps even Letang), on a team not known for defense.

  68. Kovalev was going to be a good player until he went to Pittsburgh. Look who was on that team? Nedved, Straka, Francis, Jagr, Lemieux…etc. He didn’t have to do anything. So when he came back to NY the 2nd time he didn’t skate hard because he was used to moving the puck around in the o-zone the whole time. Took him 10 years but he finally figured out that he was a better player and 99 point scorer when he skated around and used his feet. Now that hes moving, hes having a great year.

    Also Savard was traded for some stupid reason when he had numbers to prove that he had a lot of potentials.

    1999-Jun-26 Traded from New York Rangers with round 1 pick in the 1999 draft (Oleg Saprykin) to Calgary Flames for Jan Hlavac, round 1 pick in the 1999 draft (Jamie Lundmark) and round 3 pick in the 1999 draft (Craig Anderson)

    He was definately better than Hlavac or Lundmark and would’ve fit in great had he stayed. Thats one trade I remember I was really pissed about even though I was in like 8th grade. I was a huge Marc Savard fan back then. Guess I’m a good judge of talent. haha.

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