Bagels in the press room again. This really must be important.


A year ago I returned for the first practice of the post-season and was surprised to see a tray of bagels laid out for the media. Those bagels were there for the rest of the playoffs (actually they were different bagels. The same bagels would be gross), but when training camp started up again the following September, they were gone.


The lesson here: The playoffs are important.

The second lesson: Bring your own breakfast to training camp.

But I digress. Larger issues beckon, one being Game 4 tomorrow that could tilt this rollicking series in either direction. The Rangers say they remain a confident group despite their loss in Game 3, and let’s face it, if your knees are buckling after one loss in the post-season, you’re not cut out for this line of work.

Some other updates:

<li>Colton Orr skated with the team for the first time and said he felt good. It was the first practice, so he’s not a realistic possibility for tomorrow. And either way, it doesn’t sound like Tom Renney’s interested in tipping his hand.

To wit:

Question: “If you were playing tonight would your lineup be the same?”,

Renney: “We’re not playing tonight.”

So that’s how it’s been around here.

<li>There’s been a lot of talk, maybe too much talk (to paraphrase U2) on Sean Avery’s strange antics in Game 3, and reactions among players ran the gamut. Jaromir Jagr said it was a smart move, but that Avery would probably have been better off saving it until later in the playoffs. Henrik Lundqvist echoed many of the same sentiments. Stephen Valiquette made it clear he was not a fan.

Renney tried to nip conversation about the incident in the bud, although when I asked the coach later if he knew that Avery was going to do what he did, the coach answered rather unambiguously that he did not.

Once again, Avery did not talk, and was last seen walking through the team’s fitness room (where the media can’t go). Curiously, playing on the TV above was a TSN segment on the Top 10 Sean Avery moments.

OK, more in a bit….

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  1. Sam, what is the overall mood over there? How do the players look to you? Do they look and sound like a team that is ready to take over this series on Wednesday night or do they look like a team that is just unsure?

  2. Yea Sam, anymore details? I mean, was there cream cheese and/or butter with the bagels?

  3. In regard to the questions to why Brent Sutter wasnt given any disciplinary action for his actions in game 2: I would guess its because the league swept it under the carpet because of the blown call on the Blair Betts interference as well as the whistle blowing for icing when it shouldnt have been….its inexcusable to way the Debbies acted but I guess Lemon Lou has the NHL on a string especially with the new arena doing crappy and needing revenues with longer series….

  4. When you hear Madden call Avery Childish it just makes me laugh. He was skating and banging his head like a damn child. I guess that was nothing though.

  5. Sam, will you eat bagels next week or stick to strictly matzah….Furthermore, are you jelly ring guy or do you prefer the chocolate covered marshmellows ?

  6. I am so glad that there is no game on Saturday night. My wife is Jewish and we are going to her parents for Passover. Only on Saturday night though.

  7. Yes, I know what it is before even looking, ha. Hilarious, and I would love to actually do that. They won’t know where the smell is coming from for weeks, ha.

  8. There really is nothing like a salt bagel with cream cheese and lox. Hot damn, I am getting one after work now. Once you have the want for one in your head, you have to get it. That want just never goes away.

  9. Actually that is not a paraphrase of U2 but a direct quote. That’s exactly what he said and having been a teen in the 80’s I find it hilarious.

  10. The impression/tone/imagery of this post does not bode well for the Rangers in my opinion. Could Avery be upset no one has gone to bat for him over this? Could all the bad press be setting a negative tone for the players? Let’s hope not, let’s hope they do take this as an “as against the world”. I thikn this team *needs* to be doubted to have success. That has been the winning formula, three seasons running.

  11. Brandon, for a second I thought you meant a picture of the bagels. Then I realized you weren’t but I looked at the bagel picture more closely.

    They don’t have holes. The holes are filled! Sam, what kind of deformed bagels are they serving you there?

  12. I don’t know Salty. I know that Avery knows what he does is over the line pretty much all of the time. The fact of the matter is that if it going to help the team he doesn’t care. That is what I like about him. His I don’t give a F attitude. I don’t think the team has shun him. He tried something it worked, but now it is illegal. Oh well, I think they can move on now and it will be just fine. Aside from the play, he has been 1 of our top performers in the playoffs along with Hank. I do think everything will be fine.

  13. I would say that *if* their was one move by Renney in this series it would be inserting Colton Orr into the lineup (when healthy) over Ryan Hollweg. I know that I battled Doodie over the presence of C. Orr yesterday, but I thought about it last night after watching an unedited clip on youtube of Rupp calling Mara a pu%#y and a lil bitch repeatedly after the whistle in game 3. I hope Colton Orr gets a chance to land one of his jackhammer right hands square to Rupp’s ugly mugg….Then Orr rips off Rupp’s helmet and takes it with him to the locker room so he can drink beer out of it after the game.

    Also Clarkson and Zubrus have been pissing me off in this series, so the same goes for them.

  14. I don’t think Sam actually took a pic of the bagels that were there. Tell us you didn’t sam, please.

    “once you get it in your head…” That’s SO true. I’ve been waiting for a day that I forgot to bring my lunch with me, and today was the day. I went to the buildings cafeteria to get this buffalo chicken salad. Its unbelievably tasty, and sometimes I crave it. The only problem is, much like today, I can’t eat more than 1/2 of it before I go running pinching my cheeks. I’m just taking a short break from the end stall right now. I’m headed back there in a few, then I hope to finish this salad.

    I hope that was enough of a ‘nasty’ moment for you all.

  15. Tony from AZ is going to NY !! on

    I’m so freakin excited that I flying in for game 5 !
    LET’S GO RANGERS – put these guys away !!

  16. I also think that it’s good for the players not to be dwelling on what happend last game. If you’re looking behind you in the playoffs, you’re done.

  17. Exactly, and this team has responded very well this season when they look forward and also when they are playing a game that they have to win.

    I love nasty stories, because we all have them.

  18. sam, do you know if reney is telling Hollweg not to go with any one or is he just not in the “mood” to fight

  19. One thing is for sure, the Rangers are not dwelling on Sundays game…Their is plenty of vet leaders on the team who will keep the team focused towards the task and hand. And that is to win Game 4 and blow this series in our direction and setting up an “only need 1 win in 3 games” situation.

  20. I don’t like playing Sunday games, it’s pretty obvious Hank is hungover as all hell on Sundays.

    I havn’t seen such lethargic goaltending since Eddie Belfour played the days after St. Paddy’s.

  21. When did he look lethargic? I am just curious. I am willing to give him a pass after the way he played the first two games. And he didn’t even play bad and 3 of the 4 goals were weird plays.

  22. Western Canada Survivor on

    Ha, good call Dunny. I haven’t had anything to fault Henk with since early March or so, but you’re right-it seems like weekend games are a total mess for him!

  23. LIQUID – right on man. As long as they stay focused and look ahead, I think we’ll be ok.

  24. UpstateRanger on

    Regarding the bagels, my guess is that cream cheese becomes available when NYR reaches the 2nd round. Lox in the 3rd round. Then…

    It’s been said several times here already: losing a game now and then is not a bad thing; it sharpens the focus. LGR

  25. Ok so I know some of you boys are doing playoff beards, and I need some advice…. I have been growing one since the playoff started, and my girl HATES it. Easy excuse though, we were moving, so I simply made sure all my shaving supplies were the FIRST things I packed, that way I had the excuse of “my trimmer and razors are packed, sorry.” We are now finished moving and unpacked, so I need some more excuses to keep this going without having dinner and or laundry and or sex withheld from me. Any ideas?

  26. I’m in no way saying anyone is wrong, because I think losing a game is a reminder of what needs to be done to reverse the result. But it’s still amusing that people acted like the F’n sky was falling after we’d drop an S.O. game to EDM, or drop that pair in FLA to teams that don’t matter. But NOW, when you can only lose 4 times in a round it becomes “good”. As if losing any other time can’t help you learn.

  27. The past 2 years of playoff experience must apply in this situation. You can’t panic after losing one game. You just have to go out and play better the next day and win.

  28. Fruity Cupcake on

    Dan, tell her that next winter, she can two months without shaving and YOU won’t say anything. Are you posting your beard pix with Doodie and Nasty? You should because then you can tell her you’ve entered a contest and you’re awaiting your “fabulous prize.”

  29. Tell her it won’t be for that long and when you are done you will leave just a mustache and she can have all the mustache rides she wants.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Ditch the blades (if you’ve got a gillette or something). Then tell her you keep forgetting to buy new ones.

  31. Speaking of Passover and this weekend….any word on the time of the potential game 6 on Sunday? Sunday afternoon, no problem. Sunday night, might be a problem.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    Tonight I’m going to post pictures of where I was at on Sat before I had to shave for that memorial service, and I’ll post the pictures of where I’m at now.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    I think it depends on if other series will be playing. If the Pens knock out the Sens by then (which they should) and the Wings take out the Preds (which they could), then the Rangers will definitely be in the day.

  34. Personally, I’d rather it be a night game. Sorry newman.

    Speaking of the schedule. If anyone should run across a potential schedule for any of the rounds before they begin, please post a link. I got so much sh-t goin on the next 6 weeks or so it’s not even funny. Although my other 1/2 carries her pocket schedule with her to make sure nothing get’s F’d up. ;)

  35. If Detroit Nashville gets to a game 6, Sunday’s game will be defintly at night since NBC has already picked that game for their broadcast.

  36. Brodeur is a BABY on

    As a fellow Jew, I have a bad feeling the game is going to be on at a 7pm….

  37. LETS GO PREDATORS! Sorry guys but I hate going to afternoon games, even on a Sunday. The rest of my day/night would be shot with an afternoon game.

  38. As a fellow tribesman myself, I know for a fact that G-d would want me to attend the Rangers playoff game over family seder. Then again, my whole family will be at the game anyhow. The only controversy for the day is finding beer that is kosher for passover. Worst case scenario, I’m drinking a glass of merlot in my seat at the game.*

    *Truth be told, I still don’t think this series is going past 5, so consider this post of no value.

  39. This whole blog is filled with Jews and Sam Weinman is like Moses to us…..Thou shall not loseth in OT again….(the 11th commmandment)

  40. Everything bagel with smoked whitefish salad from Russ & Daughters. I’m a wide-ranging atheist eater, myself, with a major in NY foods.
    Glad to have you back, Sam. (Carp was fun, tho.)

  41. I would like to know what kept you going in writing this blog. There are plenty that do not have the strength to do what you do. Please keep on the good work.

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