Postgame: Rangers remain confident


Tom Renney talked and talked about how this series could turn, but it was hard to believe it Thursday and even harder the last 48 hours. Even the pessimists had to like the Rangers when Sean Avery dogged Martin Brodeur, then stuck it in his face with a PPG midway through the second period.

I still don’t know if this things turned, but it’s certainly a lot closer thanks to a few lucky bounces going the Devils’ way. I made a quick detour into their locker after the game and found a very thankful Marty Brodeur.

“It’s a fun situation right now,” he said. “We’re happy we’ve got two days right now to relax. It took a lot of energy. It’s not easy when you lose games and you have your backs against the wall like we did tonight, but we pulled it off.”

The Devils definitely got the bounces. The first goal went in off Blair Betts’ stick. The third was redirected past Henrik Lundqvist after it hit Brendan Shanahan in the leg. (Lundqvist told me just before that his glove was there to catch it and the puck just moved out of the way.) And the last was, oh, well, you know…

Marc Staal seemed crushed afterward, but is looking to move on. “It’s something you don’t want to happen, but it happened and you try to forget about it,” said the rookie, who led the club in ice time tonight.

Both Staal and Lundqvist said the goal happened so fast they couldn’t move. I can feel their pain. We were right there in the press box and we had no idea what happened. Only after several replays could I figure out the fateful deflection.If you’re a fan looking for encouragement after a tough loss, here’s Brendan Shanahan summarizing the team’s mood:”

Put your chins up, get ready to work. I don’t think anyone, either way, predicted sweep for the Devils or sweep for the Rangers. I don’t think anybody in here feels like the series got away or anything like that. It was a tight game. It was a strange bounce. It’s not a devastating thing. You come back to work and get ready for the next game.”

OK, one more day for me tomorrow and then Sam is back. The team is off, but I’ll look through the stats and quotes and try to unearth a few items of interest.

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  1. I need to be into work super early tomorrow, but I had to check the blog before bed and I now feel the need to vent a bit about the game.

    There were certainly positives and negatives for the Rangers tonight. I thought they skated really well and offensively, they were more dangerous tonight than in games 1 and 2. Every line, even the 4th line, generated quality chances.

    The penalties were disconcerting, but not surprising given the circumstances after Game 2. Clearly the game was called much tighter on the Rangers than it was the Devils. Still, the play that got the Devils back in the game was Tyutin’s closing his hand on the puck penalty and the subsequent power play goal. I was livid because plays like that happen quite a bit during the regular season and are never called. That said, it was a blatant catch-and-throw of the puck and the refs whistled the rulebook infraction. Still, a big turning point.

    I think what I take from this game is this: the Devils played desperate hockey and still only managed 1 non-fluke goal. Three of the four went in on weird deflections off of Rangers! The situation now is that, basically, the first team to win on home ice is going to control, and probably take the series. I love the Rangers chances on Wednesday, and I’ll be in the house. Chins up, as Shanahan said, and Let’s Go Rangers!



    “Girardi is a good not great d Man with 14 penalty minutes for the year.”

    Thanks for that brilliant analysis, along with the killer stat. What’s his favorite TV show while you’re at it? And you have the gall to call OTHER people stupid??

  3. Again, incredible that someone who thinks he knows ANYTHING about hockey cites 14 PIM by a defenseman who plays almost 20 minutes a game as a uniformly POSITIVE stat. Laughable.

  4. reginald dunlop on

    There is NO rule against what Avery was doing but there is a rule against spearing and smacking a guy in the head with your goalie glove…. Mike Hassenfratz is brutal he shouldnt be refereeing a section one modified game ….How the heck is he in the stanley cup playoffs….check the scoresheet he was personally responsible for most of the penalties??? against the Rangers….Rozsival needs to wake up and show a little heart and hate to say it but seems to be dragging Staal down…..He wasnt good tonight…..bad clear on elias goal…half speed cruise on pucks into our zone, little gun-shy….besides anyone notice how bad betts is…..??? dumb player….shouldve been called the other nite for that penalty and remember it was him taking the dumb penalty vs. buffalo in ot game 5 leading to afinoginov’s goal……..

  5. and it was nylander icing the puck that led to the drury goal. Shoulda never got to ot. Betts had a bad game but he serves his role fine. The team just has to stay out of the box. A lot of penalties that should’ve been avoided (ie tyutin).

  6. Rangers 4th line is missing the one ingredient, and that is size and skill on the wing….The first 3 games we have idiots like Rupp, Clarkson, Zubrus and C. White initiating scrums with our top 3 lines….I think its safe to say that a guy like Hugh Jessiman will be up with the big club next year to grow into that roll we could use now….Ultimately, we can beat the Debs as long as we play 60 minutes of smart hockey….Heck…the Eastern conference is anyones for the taking in all honesty….Which ever hockey club wants it the most will be playing for the Cup…hopefully its the Rangers…(while we are at it, we can use a vet defensive leader as well)

  7. “Brodeur and Devils coach Brent Sutter said the refs had told them that future shenanigans from Avery would be penalized, even though they knew of no specific rule being violated.”

    That was in the daily news today

  8. Great job, Josh. I caught overtime on the radio in the Masters press room after filing my story.

    My one question: Did the bounces really go the Devils way when they hit three posts in OT?

    You tell me. I won’t see the game until I get back home today.


  9. Doodie Machetto on

    “Put your chins up, get ready to work.” That’s a great quote.

    Sam, I’m with you. The Devils completely outworked and outclassed the Rangers in OT. They played hard and dominated the play the entire time they were in OT. The goal was a lucky bounce, but it was the result of hustle from Madden. He lost the faceoff, yet was in control behind the net and threw it in front where Staal pulled an Aaron Ward. I believe it was Thomas Jefferson who said “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” That was what happened in OT. I just hope that the Rangers keep their chins up and get to work.

    Josh and Carp, you guys have done a great job. Thanks.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    “Rangers 4th line is missing the one ingredient, and that is size and skill on the wing….The first 3 games we have idiots like Rupp, Clarkson, Zubrus and C. White initiating scrums with our top 3 lines….I think its safe to say that a guy like Hugh Jessiman will be up with the big club next year to grow into that roll we could use now”

    In your (and certainly Jessiman’s) dreams! The guy is a complete bust. Expect him to remain in Hartford, if he remains with this organization at all. I agree with your sentiments about our 4th line wing lacking size, but usually we have Colton Orr.

    But we also lack size on our top 3 lines’ wings too. Orr won’t ever have the skill to play on those lines, so my vote is, and has been, for Ryan Malone. With all of Pittsburgh’s upcoming cap problems, it might be possible to steal him away. He is a big, tough, 30 goal scoring wing. Granted, it’s easier to score 30 goals when you are playing with Evgeni Malkin, but that’s still potential for at least 20 with our centers.

  11. Josh & Carp, I agree with Doodie. You guys did a great job filling in. Welcome back Sam. If Tiger knew he would only have to play 3 or 4 under, he probably woulda approached the course differently yesterday.

    Oh yeah, the Ranger game…

    A bad turnover by Betts, then puts the puck in his own net, ouch. 2 more off Rangers bodies/sticks. Nothing like playoff bounces. I don’t think this series has turned at all. Not really interested in disecting last nights game. Looking forward, a win Wednesday sends the series back to Newark and the chance for the Rangers to wrap it up.

    I LOVED Avery’s antics in marty’s face and then putting one by him a little later on.

    Don’t worry fella’s, no one expected a sweep. Up 2 games to 1 is a good place to be.

  12. Isn’t baby Hughey’s contract up after this season? I think he should get his resume together and create a profile on

    The Malone train has one more passenger. I’m in Doodie. I know you’ve been saying it for a while.

  13. Have the Rags been contracted due to lack of intrest yet, what a joke franchise. Dolan better pay the corporations some money to keep the Devils fans out of the garden.



  14. doodie – thanks for the ‘what can you say’ count on the last thread. I just breezed through all those comments. I think that Renney’s teaching a linguistics course after practice, haha.

    salty – You said you were ‘impressed’ with renney. Were you aware of that?

  15. Who are the islanders? I don’t see them on the schedule. Does anybody else see the islanders on the schedule?

  16. Devs coach Brent Sutter on Sean Avery’s face-to-face screening of Brodeur:
    “I did have a conversation with the official about it. He did tell me that the next time it happens, it will be a penalty. I was told after he scored so I am not very comfortable with it.:

    This is from Zipay’s blog.I know nakedjoe bought this up as well. So Avery did not get called for it last night, but he will get called for it if he does it again? How exactl does that work?

  17. It’s similar to Shanny having to tell the officials that Langebrunner was interfering in the face-off circle the other night. He got away with it the 1st time, but Shanny spoke up and told the officials it was a penalty, so they called the next one. The NHL should just eliminate officials completely. I don’t think it’d make a difference.

    IF that’s a penalty, I’m not sure. I can’t believe that there’d be something in the rule book on it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it added.

  18. what a crappy night…
    i know we should not have expected a sweep but now the Devils have some momentum. Rangers have to come out wednesday and score in the first two minutes of the game and second keep it up and dont give your tickets to Devil fans no joke less then 30 in the entire building last night.

  19. A ref needs to get hit with an “accidental” Mara slapshot for the officiating to improve…

  20. about Avery that was amazing. im guessing they will call it unsportsmanlike conduct

  21. I am not going to worry too much about that game last night either. I didn’t expect a sweep although I wanted one. I think it was good for this team and the rookies on this team to have to deal with a loss. I think it will help make the team play a little more honest and play even better than they have in the first 3 games.

    It figures though, that the same day in which I was singing Betts praises that he pulls a “Malik up the middle” and it comes right back to bite us in the ass. Take away one of those lucky goals and we win the game.

    Chins up and Let’s Go Rangers!

  22. Avery did nothing against the rules there…he made no contact at all. That would be the only way he could be penalized. But how about the chops Marty was taking at Avery during that though?

  23. When Avery is on another team are you going to defend like like you did Fleury, Tibbetts, Stevens and McCarthy?

    Nice seeing the Rags have to play Devils hockey to have a chance against them…….

    Look at those New York backages….NO RAGS….



    One bought cup since 1940 and a lot of Rag fanboys in the media selling Flukeqvist…

    Rick DiPietro

  24. It’s no so much fun doing this beard growing contest by myself. Where the hell is everyone else?

    And no, the headband is definitely not something I wear for real. It was a joke for last night because the colors matched the jersey. Actually, I think the headband is the reason we lost, so I am sorry. I will never wear it again.

  25. Rick DiPietro

    LMAO. Ok, you had your fun. Now go back to the home.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    “I can’t believe that there’d be something in the rule book on it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it added.”

    I agree with joejoe, they will call it unsportsmanlike. What was funny that Drury skated over the Avery for a second and it looked like he said something to him, probably telling him to tone it down and make sure not to take a penalty. Sam/Josh/Carp, can you guys ask Avery or Drury about that moment, and what, if anything, was said?

    And no one mind ragtrash. He probably has a lot of free time on his hands since his team was eliminated from the playoffs back in February. He certainly was enjoying the golf from the Master’s, but with that over, he has some time to come here and post before getting out on the course again.

    What’s really funny is that the only person I associate with the Islanders that is seeing any action in the playoffs is Mike Milbury on television.

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, I’m going to post pictures later today.

    Unfortunately, I had to shave yesterday for a memorial service, but will be free and clear to grow through the rest of the playoffs. I took pictures on Sat night to document the progress until that point.

    Maybe they lost last night because I shaved.

  28. I think it could be classified as unsportmanslike. As much as I hate to admit it. But if that’s unsportsmanlike, why not calling someone a F’n B*tch? B/C it’s after a whistle? What difference does it make?

    Avery’s walking that thin line again. That line that makes him extremely valuable, especially in the playoffs. Could also be extremely detrimental if he crosses it. God I love the playoffs.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    see my post above.

    I’m back to only 1 day of not shaving.

    What is really going to be interesting is that I have to go to court a week from today, but I am definitely not going to shave/trim/groom my facial hair. It will remain untouched from here on out.

  30. I shoulda entered the beard contest. I’m pretty rugged after a week of not shaving. But I have to, so I couldn’t commit long term. I was going to yesterday, but thought it’d be bad luck. I guess it really doesn’t matter, cause I didn’t shave, and they didn’t win.

    Although meaningless, I still think it’s somewhat of a ‘victory'(for lack of a better word) to not have lost to the debbies in regulation in 11 games.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Imagine someone like Chara doing what Avery was doing last night? It would be the ultimate screen. Although, I think Chara would end up taking a lot of pucks in the back.

  32. So who thinks this is ours in 5 and who thinks it is ours in 6? I definitely do not see it going to 7 games. Any thoughts here?

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    I think it could be 7 games. I see the Rangers and Devs each winning at home over the next 2, but I don’t know who wins game 6. I think the Rangers do, but I’m not as certain about that one as I am about the next 2.

    So my vote is for 6 or 7, but most likely 6.

  34. Well, I’m optomistic that we have a huge bounce-back game Wednesday. Past that, I’d be hesitant to make a predicion. Originally I said Rangers in 6, and still believe it, but just like the mathmatics in the regular season, I wouldn’t say Rangers in 5 is out of the question, yet.

  35. I think we are more than capable of taking the next two games. They have not beaten us in regulation and I really do think it is in their heads. Also, they might try to do the same thing in the next game and just try and throw everything at the net. I don’t think they will get as lucky as last night again. In my imagination it could be a real shit show on their part. I don’t think by any means that we are going to dominate them, but I think we win the next game in regulation by sticking to our game and taking less penalties.

  36. REPOST:

    disappointing, but devils wanted it way more in OT….

    I agree, this is a good thing that needed to happen… better the fluke goal than a gionta mini bomb or something….

    i am impressed with this playoff team right now, and tom renney.

    the battle looms

  37. Yes, Salty, I am on board with that comment. It is a good thing, and I don’t really think a loss in their series is such a god awful thing. I think the youth on this team need to experience some adversity in order for us to go deep.

    I would like to see a goal from Drury and Dawes in the next game.

    And also, we need not try and clear pucks up the middle anymore. Didn’t we learn a thing from last year?

    And my last bit about last night’s game. Paul Mara was a force last night. Taking shots from everywhere and also throwing the body and sticking up for team mates. Good to see.

  38. Additions:

    I was wrong about Tom Renney not having a plan. He clearly prepared the team to the best of his ability, and the only problems have been on ice player errors. The plan has been quite effective though, I’ll give it to him as of right now. The Rangers look better than they have all year. Obviously motivated and ready to play a versatile game. If only we had a real #1 Dman paired up with Staal (who has really been astounding)…I wouldn’t hesitate to feel very confident moving forward. We really needed that veteran defenseman though…it’s showing. Whoever said Girardi (2008) was a #6 defenseman on a *cup team* was dead on.

  39. I’m agree with that too. Even further, that puck going off Staal will give us a glimpse of just how mature he is as a hockey player.

    Just poured my 3rd cup of coffee this a.m. This probably won’t end well.

  40. For those that didn’t see Avery’s antics –

    I doubt we’ll have to worry much about that situation again, how many more 5 on 3s do you think there will be in this series?

    I’m not an expert at the rule book but I didn’t think it was a penalty although I’m sure that Avery will take a penalty for that from now on, whether they call it interference, unsportsmanlike, or whatever.

    I doubt the league wants people waving sticks around in a threatening manner. It would be interesting to see what they would do if he just held his hand up in front of Marty’s face, instead of waving the stick.

  41. Yes, Mara has done the club very proud… looks like he’s another one of those guys who “comes alive” for the playoffs.

    Also, Callahan & Dubinsky… have been remarkable.

  42. As long as Avery didn’t touch Brodeur, I don’t think it should be a problem. Win at all costs I say.

  43. And folks, you have to admit that even though he is not scoring a ton of goals, Jagr is playing some good hockey right now. I am proud of the guy.

  44. Very glad to see Dubi net 2 last night. I wish we had 3 of Callahan.

    I think with Mara, he’s giving it a bit extra to stay in the lineup. I think that’s healthy to make sure your players know that someone is dying to get into the lineup and take any spot they can. I like Mara, and for the right place, want to see him back.

    The Rodent was pissed last night eh? Someone throw him a rope and tell him not to jump, it’s a 7-game series. Although I agree on wanting to strangle Straka. I really didn’t think that he’d be a weak-link up front.

  45. Just so everyone knows, they showed it on NHL Network and blew it up to see what Drury said. He told Avery to put his stick down. His exact words were “Stick Down” just to make sure Avery either A) didnt’ get a penalty for accidentally hitting someone in the face and B) if the shot was high and it hit his stick, it was under the crossbar. Trust me, they knew Avery was gonna do that and the players had no problem with it. Funny thing about the stupid TSN guys is that when someone like Ryan Smyth did something like that, they loved it and it was creative and great (he used to face the shooter but wave his stick in front of the goalies face to try to make him miss the save). But when Avery does this its unsportsmanlike and there no place in the game for it.

  46. Speaking of Jags, I thought his Stanley Cup ring comment was interesting. I wish I had a Cup ring. haha

    But I’ll give him credit too. This season coulda been different if he had bought into the style of play sooner. But it’s tough to teach an old dog new tricks.

    We lost one of the best puck-handlers in the NHL and someone that Jags had unbelievable chemistry with. And brought in players that generate their offense off the rush for the most part. It’s tough to make that adjustment. But he’s appeared to do that just in time.

  47. I was at last night’s game as well. While the penalties doomed us to a certain extent, I definitely thought the devils played with more aggression than the rangers – so I can’t say i’m overly surprised with the outcome.

    I think Dubinsky is showing a lot of potential. I definitely think he’s benefiting from the open ice Jagr is creating but that said he’s progressing well. He’s also showing a lot of grit for a 21yr old kid, not backing down, getting a little scrappy. He might be scary if he puts on some more size over the next few years.

  48. Beer Me

    funny, but I tell the truth..I see only positives out of the series so far.

    All I wanted to see was this team go balls to the wall… I really didn’t expect them to show up like they have… if they can just tighten up that defense I’d think we’ll be ready to take the battle to MTL

    we needed this loss

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree with JJP. The stick up presents an issue. But I think if it was just his hands up, I don’t see how you could call it a penalty. Either way, I think Bettman or Campbell needs to make an official statement on what is and what isn’t illegal in this area.

  50. Glad to see that you’ve found positives Salty. Really.

    We are missing a Orr right now. Eventhough he’d probably spend the majority of his night in the box, he’d be taking someone with him. And I don’t think there’s ANYONE on the devils that take him.

  51. Guys and Gals, have a look at this link. It explains the Avery thing and why something will be done in the future.

    BEER ME!!!, I have to correct my statement I made a few days ago. I have been to so many NYR games in my life and I guess I have never noticed the Canon and Jana logos in the neutral zone on MSG ice. Maybe becauser they are a very faint red or I am just blind. Tough call.

  52. They way I am looking at it is we are up 2-1 and I still don’t think we have played great hockey yet. The Devils got very lucky. They played well in the OT but it really felt like the tide was about to turn right before that fluke goal went in.

    I love the fact that Avery is tied for the lead in playoff goals right now. Just hope he keeps his head for the next game and keeps skating on the correct side of that “line” he skates every night.

    Tyutin is really bad. Not sure why I never noticed before but really think he is having a soft series so far. Mara has stepped up big time though. As has Staal, Girardi and Backman. Rozsival has been ok to not so ok.

    Hank is playing great… 3 of 4 goals last night went of Ranger players – not much he can do about those. So that means Devils again only managed one goal against the King last night.

    I too think the loss is NBD (no big deal) – and in the end will make the team stronger. They needed a wake up call so they can elevate their games for Game 4 at MSG.

    I said Rangers in 6 in the begining and I’m sticking to it.

    And whoever said it about was right… time for Drury (and to a lesser extent Dawes) to score one next game!


  53. I just hope that Renney doesn’t change the lineup. He said he was sticking to the same formula as long as they win. Well, we lost and I hope we don’t see lumbering #8 in the lineup on Wednesday. Would he dare?

  54. richard – No sweat man. I really dislike on-ice ads, but there’s nothing I can do about it. So I’ll just have to live with it.

  55. nasty – Good question. I don’t think so. Staal is playing far too well to be moved. The only D that deserves to sit for #8 is Toots. Personally, I don’t see it happening.

  56. I mentioned staal, b/c we know that malik would play with rozy. And HE has his head up his a$$ to begin with.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    Yeah, it definitely shouldn’t be a 10 min misconduct, but it’s dangerous to be waving your stick like that. I wouldn’t have a problem seeing a 2 min misconduct for the stick waving. But the hands up is just screening, and presents no danger to anyone (except possibly Avery, and someone can’t foul themself).

    I read in the comments to the link JJP provided that VS did a close up of Drury’s lips when he went over to Avery and it looked like he said for Avery to keep the stick down. Probably afraid of hitting Brodeur or the defenseman up high and negating the 5 on 3, but probably not thinking about any misconduct penalty.

  58. That says a lot about Drury. He doesn’t have an extra letter on the front of his jersey(yet). But it shows that you don’t need one to be a leader.

    I don’t think a 10min call is right either.

    And the abusive language part of the misconduct rule is ridiculous. This isn’t tennis.

  59. I think WHAT Avery did was fine – its just the WAY he did it. Had he just stood their facing Marty and tried to block his sight with his glove it would have be one thing.

    But instead he gets all crazy and is whipping his stick around like a machete and waving it right in Marty’s face (which is why Drury tells him “stick down”)… gotta admit it does look like he is trying to instigate – which according to that link above – is against NHL rules and leads to a 10 minute misconduct.

    With that said Avery has had a great series thus far.

  60. the only problem I had with what avery was doing, was that he took himself out of the play completely. with his stick off the ice and his back to the pointment he couldn’t deflect a shot or readily get a rebound.

    altho he had a bad clear on that pp goal, staal is easily our best defenseman right now. toots the worst and rozsival not far behind. dawes in my opinion has been pretty much invisible, hope he has a better game weds if not Id put prucha out there for game 5

    bottom line we need to shore it up on our own zone big time if we want to win this series and have a chance to do some real damage afterwards. imagine if the devils players could finish, they easily could have had about 6 goals from our turnovers this series. no need to panic, but need to play smart simple hockey on weds.

  61. I cannot believe such a big deal is being made out of the Avery play. THIS IS HOCKEY. HE NEVER TOUCHED HIM. It’s up to the defenseman to move Avery, if that’s their prerogative. The only questionable thing is the raising of his stick. If Marty was smart, he would have moved his head in such a way that it touched Averys balde and teh refs would have called him for high sticking.

    Aside from that, I don’t see how facing the goalie and getting in his face is any worse than any of the other sh1t talking and harrasing that goes on out on the ice every single game. If a player wants to take himself out of the play like that, turn his back to the puck, in an effort to distract the goalie… eh, go for it. Watch out for a paralyzing slap shot to the back of the neck.

    It’s a brilliant play, Just be careful with the stick.

  62. You know what is going to be awkward as all hell, and I pray to god they show it on TV. The handshakes at the end of this series. I can’t wait to see Brodeur and Avery shake hands. Ha.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    I would rather see Strudwick than Malik. Both are pretty poor defensively, but at least Strudwick doesn’t take penalties like Malik does.

    Granted Malik is better than Struds defensively, but that marginal superiotity is negated by the one to two stick penalties per game

  64. Doodie Machetto on

    “You know what is going to be awkward as all hell, and I pray to god they show it on TV. The handshakes at the end of this series. I can’t wait to see Brodeur and Avery shake hands. ”

    I wouldn’t be srprised if they didn’t.

  65. Doodie & Beer Me….In respect to Jessiman…I can appreciate the fact that both of you guys are die-hard Rangers fans and spend alot of time talking about the team, but saying that Jessiman is a complete bust right now is incorrect. I am not sure if you go to any WolfPack games or catch them on the web….but Hugh has been maturing big time this season and looks alot more well rounded to make a jump to the NHL next season. His is stronger on his skates (was a problem in NHL pre-season 07), he has a tenacity to go into the corners, and has good hands….Plus he is not shying away from battling the goons of the AHL….I am not big Hugh’s agent (even though I may sound like it)…but he WILL be in NYC next fall playing on the 4th line…and you will be happy with his production over guys like Orr and Hollywood

  66. I wonder if this starts a new trend in hockey on the PP? It is a great concept and it certainly can work. I can read lips in some of these scrums and man the things they are saying qualify under the MORONs at TSN “misconduct” rule too. He didn’t touch him nor outwardly threaten him, it is a good HOCKEY play

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    “but he WILL be in NYC next fall playing on the 4th line…and you will be happy with his production over guys like Orr and Hollywood”

    Well, certainly over Wholeweak. That guy barely belongs in the ECHL, and for some reason he is on our team.

    As for Orr, I like Orr’s physical presence on the team. Until Jessiman learns to throw like Orr does, I would never take him over Orr.

    He sounds like a solid AHL player, but just that: an AHL player.

  68. Liquid – I did read early on that he was progressing. But I don’t see him being resigned. Right or wrong, it’s just the way I see it. Speed & hands are what we need up front. Size and agression on the backline.

    I just don’t see him being part of the 08-09 rangers. Unless he starts skating backwards.

  69. OK, so first thing: On the Avery debate and from the video that Richard gave the link to: PJ Stock (former Bruin, I think) defended Avery’s actions. The two blowhards in the studio were bitching and complaining. Do I think Avery’s actions were totally sportsmanlike? No. Do I think he was doing anything illegal? No. Once the ref came over and said something to him, then he had to tone it down. The rules say that if a ref warns a player and he continues to do the thing that pisses him off, he can be penalized with a misconduct. But Aves scored a goal the next time down…BEAUTY!

    Jags playing like a man posssessed.

    Dubi had his best game as a Ranger.

    Cally is an animal.

    Backman continues to play well.

    Rosy continues to look like an ass out there.

    Staal logged the most ice time and gets the job done. His nonchalance gets a little unnerving. He got a bad luck bounce in OT.

    If Hollweg isn’t going to plaster people, why do we need him?

    We lost our faceoff dominance last night, that affected things I think.

    How come all these pu$$y Devil players wear shields and then act all tough in the scrums? Colin White with a shield (who Dubi has owned, btw), has to be one of the biggest pu$$ies in the league.

    Hassenfranz had it out for the Rangers last night. Abso-frickin-lutely. That closing the hand on the puck call on Tyutin was a joke. A few of those hooks that are NEVER called on Jags were called on the Rangers.

    At the end of the day, the Devs scored 3 goals off of our guys. They still have not beaten us in regulation all season. We need to come out hammering on Wed night from the drop of the puck.


  70. The only way Colton Orr sees any playoffs his obviously when his toe gets better and the Rangers play either Pens or Caps in the 2nd or 3rd round (to neutralize BGL and Brashear). Orr, who is a top 5 fighter in the NHL, is a horrible skater and ineffective forechecker. How many times have you seen him land a good body check in the offensive zone after a puck is dumped in? Furthermore, most of Orr’s fights were scripted, right after the face-off with the other teams top goon. I like Orr alot passing time watching the regular season but he is not the answer on the 4th line in this series vs. the Debs

  71. Mark my words. We WILL win this series! That is a guarantee from yours truly, the Nasty 1.

  72. I take being called stupid by a mental midget like bathgate an honor..

    you are one of the early 20 yr old knuckleheds that cares more about fisticuffs then the game.

    ..have a few brews with your other delinquent friends and go on youtube and watch great hockey fights..

    again being called stupid by a retard is not exactly upsetting.

    My point on Girardi is he is a good player that stays out of the box(good thing since you are not smart enough to undertand it) and girardi also has some decent offfensive skills but he is especially good with the puck in his own zone.

    bathgate and doodie spend the next 3 days playing stratomatic and figuring out how the rangers can trade for Boogard or some other meathead so they can be tougher……

  73. In regard to Avery…I was at the game last night, sitting right across the ice from the Rangers bench. I had my binoculars with me and the ref came up to Renney at the bench and Avery was next to him. The ref warned Renney about what Avery was doing in the crease area and Avery turns to the ref and said word for word, “I didn’t f%#*’in touch him'”

  74. Colin white where’s a F’n fishbowl on his head and tries to start sh-t. Typical devils trash.

    Orr is more valuable to the team and the lineup than Hollweg. I think I read this a.m. that the toe is just about healed, but his conditioning needs to be brought back up to game-shape. I think fighting and forechecking are the best attributes he has. I don’t know where you’re missing the forechecking. No offense, but that comment sounds like there’s a motive behind it.

    salty – agreed on the winner of next game.

  75. I think, once again, the Devils were allowed to run, hit high and rough up the Rangers without being called for it. How does Clarkson not get a charging penalty for leaving his feet on Tyutin? (when he smashed his face into the end baords) Brodeur is allowed to punch Avery in the face with no call? Straka boarding call on big, tough Danius Zubrus? Gionta slew footing all night?

    I honestly sit back and laugh at how bush-league the Devils are. They are a cheap, no class team that complains about the officiating when they lose and then take every cheap shot they can at the opposing team down 2-0 and nothing to lose.

    Of course the flow of the game changed. The Rangers were whistled for penalty after penalty in this game and for no good reason. The Gionta dive in the corner when Backman was called for tripping in my eyes took the cake, that and the Straka boarding call, my goodness. The Devils dive, whine and are cheap.

    The problem I have with the Rangers is they don’t stick up for themselves. Clarkson should be challenged to a fight. The Rangers are going to get beat-up and pushed around the rest of the series if they don’t get tougher, especially in their own building. If the Devils want to get cheap, then either step up and hand em a beat down, or beat them on the scoreboard. Last night they did neither.

  76. To analyze and assess the Rangers deadline deals….Backman has been playing every game including the playoffs. Pretty impressive since we were all calling for his head even before he put the Rangers sweater on. Even during the scrums, he gets right in the middle of it and doesnt shy away….Obviously we could use a tough and nasty vet-dman but they don’t really grow on trees these days….On the other trade, Montoya and Bad Hossa for D. LeNevue and Josh Gratton….Looks like Rangers did pretty well there. LeNevue has been solid with 8-3-0-3 record (montoya is 8-6-0-0)…Gratton has 6 goals and 6 helpers and has lived up to his roll of dropping the gloves…Bad Hossa sucked with Yotes even more than he sucked with the Blueshirts (if that is humanly possible)….I dont even think he had a point

  77. Next game is huge, glad I’m going. I hope the Rangers realize that they’ve been mostly outplayed in the series and come out strong. Toots and Rosy are really weak and I hope they don’t cost us anymore. Parros, your pic from game 1 is a popular email between Rangers fans. $2.75 32 oz Bud Light draughts before game on Weds at Roses!

  78. I am sick and tired of all the Brodeur & Anti-Avery Police looking to get the Debbies back into this series.

  79. Beer Me- I am a huge Orr fan…but that is due to his ability to throw the big right hand for the KO….But lets look into things deeper….In this series vs the Debbies, we have garbage AHL worthy players like Rupp & Clarkson with their main objective to disrupt our top 3 lines and also get in the heads of our Defense….In the reg. season, Orr doesnt play that type of a game….He is more of a policeman than an agitator. I cant imagine him throwing hands to anyones face after the whistle like the Debs are doing to the Rangers….Alot of times, Orr just skates around with that smirk on his face after things get a little nasty….As far as his forechecking, please show me any video where he lands any type of solid bodycheck (by the boards or open ice)….the best one Orr did all year is when he KO’d Matt Cullen….and that was by accident…lol

  80. Ok, I think I was taking your comments in a different way. And maybe I didn’t relay my view the right way. Orr is a deterrent. He deters players like you named from taking those shots. Knowing that they’ll face that right hand of Orr’s if they do. He doesn’t have to match the physicality in bodychecks, he can do it with intimidation.

  81. Thanks 22igure8 – can’t wait to get the 11 by 14 full color one in the mail next month. Hope our boys will still be playing hockey when I get it!

    And what the heck happened to Rozi… he was solid in the playoffs last year. Not just good he was real good. Now you watch him and Toots out there and you can’t beleive the team is doing as well as they are with these two out there. Really hope they can both turn their games up a few notches or sooner or later one of them is going to costs us.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    “bathgate and doodie spend the next 3 days playing stratomatic and figuring out how the rangers can trade for Boogard or some other meathead so they can be tougher……”

    What did I say that even remotely looked like that? The only player I rallied for (since the passing of the deadline) was Ryan Malone, a 30+ goal scorer.

    The last thing we need is another meathead that can’t finish. One is enough. I think they need to be bigger, not for anything having to do with toughness, but just so they don’t get pushed around as easily. Prucha is a tough kid, but he is easily displaced due to his small size. Hence the need for size (Malone).

  83. “bathgate and doodie spend the next 3 days playing stratomatic and figuring out how the rangers can trade for Boogard or some other meathead so they can be tougher……”

    I have no idea what that comment means….

  84. someone told me Drury and avery had an argument. about what Avery did. Drury told him to stop embaressing the team. i am wondering if this is true????

  85. Everyone needs to relax.

    We are the better team who for whatever reason have not even played our best game. It’s one thing to play your best and get beat, a la last year’s Buffalo series, and another thing to play your B+ game and be up in a series 2-1.

    Key to last night’s game are simple, excluding the extracurricular and phantom calls and blatant no-calls:
    – We were sloppy in our own end all night, especially on the break-out. Our first passes were off the mark, that’s usually one of our strong points.

    – We were too fired up to start the game and not composed when up 2-1.

    – We blew 3-5 odd man rushes by trying to make the extra pass rather than shooting on a flustered Brodeur who didn’t look sharp, especially in the earlygoings

    – We came out flat in OT. The Devils played desperation hockey and we couldn’t match their energy.

    – The Devils had 3 bounce in deflect goals, 2 of which went off our own guys

    Put that all aside, with this coaching staff, veteran leadership and young legs, I see no reason why we won’t come out sharper and more composed in game 4. 3-1 is a deep hole to climb out from.

    Gotta remember we’re still a young team. For many guys, that was their first taste at an electric fired up MSG during playoffs.

    Let’s move on.

    LGR… still confident

  86. joejoe – Sounds like devils propaganda.

    doodie – I took a peek at Pitt’s $ for next season. They’re only on the books for $27mil. I know Malkin’s due, and I think Fluery is too. And like I said, I’d like to grab Malone too. But I think they’ll resign him. And I don’t think they’ll even consider Hossa.

  87. Hey whatever happened to that guy PRUCHA25…. Did Nasty1 do a Doodie Machetto on him on him or something?

  88. Doodie I agree with Malone…how old is he. I’m not for trading for older guys anymore…anything over 30, forget it unless we loose some of the older players we already have…

    BTW…Backman plays with a nasty (sorry) edge…I think he has easily been one of our better d men along with Staal, Girardi, and Mara…nice to see…

    I think the Rangers actually dominated the 3rd period last night esp. after Dubi’s goal…I thought they would win it in overtime but the Devs came out very strong, and won on a fluky goal…
    Brodeur is good for at least one bad goal a game…
    I didn’t think anything was wrong with Avery’s screening unless he hits Brodeur with the stick…which he didn’t…I don’t see a problem…

  89. If the Rangers want to even entertain the thought of signing a guy like Ryan Malone, then it means that they won’t re-sign Sean Avery…Considering the Rangers supposedly passed on an Avery for Steve Bernier deal at the deadline…I think they will just give Avery a nice contract for 4 years. Plus with the salary cap going up again, other big market teams will pay through the nose to get a player of Ryan Malone’s caliber come July 1st……Rangers biggest need is filling out the back line with a dman that is tough as nails and plays with an edge. Even though C. White is hated amongst all of us Rangers fans here, I would guess that most of us here wouldnt mind a guy like him on our D right about now….With the Finding Nemo fishbowl on his head or not……More realistically would be signing Brooks Orpik or a Ron Hainsey…

  90. colin white wears that big a shield b/c he had a really bad eye injury, not as bad as berards but still bad, he has not looked like the same defenseman this season (tho prob doesnt help that he no longer has the two scotts to play with on)

    i just think avery is more effective in front of the net with his stick down ready to deflect a shot or put in a rebound.

    straka does need to shoot more, i mean it is never a good sign when someone elects to pass to blair betts over shooting.

    am i the only one that thinks dawes hasn’t looked that great, tho drury looked awful last nite so maybe that something to do with it

  91. pete – thanks for the note on White’s injury. It makes sense to wear the protection. But he’s still a punk if he’s going to wear it and play the way he does. It just ain’t right. But what is these days in the NHL.

  92. Malone might be interesting but only for the right price. He’s had a career season and will undoubtedly want big money, which I’m not sure he deserves yet. Y

    eah he scored 27 goals and is big. But Pittsburgh plays a run and gun style of play. I’m worried we sign him for $5mn +, then get pissed when he only scored 20 goals in our more defensive system.

  93. yea malone will not be the same player without malkin. id pass on him. did anyone see brooks saying that the rangers are already monitoring michael ryder and brian rolston….no thank you on both

  94. I would not go as far as saying the next team to win will win the series. I think it will all depend on how the game is won. If that makes any sense at all.

  95. BlackS4 (Steve Trac) on

    well guys, regardless of Avery’s antics and the bounces going the Devil’s way all night, Rangers still need MUCH fewer penalties and defensive zone turnovers. It was a great game but those 3 things made the entire difference last night.


  96. just read a few of the initial posts and have some info for people who continue to bash jessiman-he just turned 24 years of age. he’s smart. he had to take basically an entire year off from the game because of a bad injury two years ago. anyone who has seen and/or read anything about the wolfpack this year know that hugh’s coming on and had a terrific second half of the year. he has great hands and started to put the puck in the net with some consistency. he’s gonna be here soon.

    i know it’s frustrating when you see carter and richards and perry and getzlaf and that bug on the devils get to the show before our guy, but i really think he’s going to play here and play here soon. we just need to sign him since he’s a FA at the end of the year.

  97. I just had the chance to surf a little and read some of the articles/blogs on Avery. This is blown WAY out of proportion, IMHO.’s blogs are all over it.

    Interesting takes everywhere.

  98. To break down the penalties thus far – Rangers have been called for 16 minors and the Debbies have been called for 11 minors….Last night the Debbies got 8 PP’s to the Rangers 5.

  99. BlackS4 (Steve Trac) on

    oh, and PS – you gotta love the electric guitar with the organ at the garden!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!

  100. Beer,
    I think that is because its Avery and he’s a complete wise-a$$ who wonderfully pushes the ticket…always and
    Big whinning baby Brodeur who is always crying about something…

  101. Disapointing loss no question but that was by far the most entertaining game of this series by about ten miles. As Jagr had stated the first games had felt like tennis matches at times. This game had it all. It had hard hits great scoring chances looks of passion goalies being run. It had Jagr carrying Colin White on his back the entire game. It had Callahan hitting every Devil on the roster. It had the continued development of Dubinsky into a star. Straka had one of his better games of the year. It also had the Devils getting breaks that they didn’t get in the first two games. Staal was a beast all night long hopefully the vets and coaches tell him not to get to down as he was just plain unlucky. The 2nd period parade to the box not only cost the Rangers the lead but nine minutes of pp time for the Devs kept Jagr glued to the bench. Amazing how both teams pathetic pp came up huge yesterday. The third was dominated by the Rangers like the Devs had dominated the 2nd. Brodeur’s Hasek like rollover save on Cally in the third was the best and biggest save of the night. Amazing how the Devs make near perfect shots in the ot and they all hit the post and moments later score a fluky goal. Ahhh ot Hockey in the playoffs ugly goals always win it. The Rangers don’t need to change up all that much in game 4, but imo they need better games from Drury, Gomez and Shanny.

  102. Yeah Beer, that is what I mean. If they all of a sudden solve Hank and blow us out of the water, then I would be worried a little. But I am really not worried about the Devils. Less turnovers and penalties and we are by far the better team.

  103. It should make no difference how a player screens a goalie.
    In fact its brilliant…Avery gets to see Brodeurs eyes and where they are looking…smart move in my book…

  104. And Graves9, I don’t think this was Straka’s best game…how many times did he try to pass instead of shoot…He’s passed on a few golden opportunities.

  105. Avery’s play was dumb. He broke 2 of the cardinal rules of hockey (never turn your back to the play, keep your stick on the ice), and it was bush league.

    You can screen a goalie just as effectively but keeping your back to him and facing the puck.

    The only thing he succeeding in doing was pissing Marty off, which has it’s own rewards.

  106. I think straka’s best games were before he took that header into the boards in EDM. Just hasn’t been the same since.

  107. Bush league…uh no, smart…
    Avery accomplished 2 things…
    He continued to piss off Brodeur…and he screened the goaltender…for an agitator…brilliant!

  108. Staal –

    Would it have been brilliant if his stick whacked someone across the head and he took a high-sticking call?

    Would it have been brilliant if he got hit with a shot and never saw it?

    He screen Marty, yes…but it wasn’t a smart play.

  109. Hey Contact, the fact of the matter is this, he didn’t whack anyone in the head and he didn’t get hit with a shot, in fact he scored right after that, so piss off.

  110. Nasty –

    The fact of the matter is that he scored by facing the puck carrier and having his stick on the ice. So relax.

  111. contact – why argue something that DIDN’T happen. What DID happen, was he effectively screened …. nevermind….not worth it.

    What IS worth it is this…

    His antics reminded me of a Springsteen line that applies so much to Sean it’s ridiculous.

    “When I die I don’t want no part of heaven, I would not do heaven’s work well”.

    Love it.

  112. Beer Me! –

    Who’s arguing what didn’t happen? I’m not arguing with anyone. I’m just making a comment that it was a dangerous play. Not dangerous like he could have killed someone, dangerous to the team because he could have taken a penalty or been hit with a shot.

  113. Reading some debbie blogs…Ha ha so bent out of shape…Avery not only agitates the other team, but there fans as well…LOL

  114. i think it was great what he did on the other hand that has to fire the devils up we just have to hope it fires them up and they get frustrated and do something stupid..

  115. Contact…
    we could discuss what could have happened all day…I mean Dubinski could have had a hat trick and won the game…but he didn’t, and Avery didn’t get hit with the puck nor did he take a penalty…so its a moot point…

  116. staal – can you post a link to the blog?

    contact – that’s what I was leading to. The woulda, shoulda, coulda’s aren’t worth the time to type.

  117. Staal –

    Right, I agree on that. But if it’s something that Avery continued to do, I can see nothing beneficial coming from it.

    He was warned by the refs not to do it, so you’re right, moot point. I’m just saying that having your back to the puck and not having your stick on the ice are generally not good plays.

  118. If it is within the rules then I think it is ok. If he was warned to not do it and he doesn’t do it anymore then so be it. He got it to work the one time that he could get away with it. Good for him.

  119. That clip is hysterical. Of course there’s nothing illegal about it. I’d love to know what Drury was saying to him, though. But it’s not illegal to screen the goaltender. Most guys just don’t do it that way because it completely takes them out of the play otherwise. They’ll have to put a new rule in prohibiting that.

    I couldn’t watch the game last night but I cannot stop laughing because Avery looks like a third-grader. It’s just too damn funny.

  120. If it was because of the stick and the danger of waving it around then shouldn’t Brodeur get a penalty there for doing it right back? He even gave Avery’s undercarriage a bit of a how’s your father. If they tell Avery that he can’t wave his stick like that in Brodeur’s face or he will get a penalty for dangerous use of the stick or something then fine. I am sure that he can just stand in front of him and use his hands instead. Remember it was a 5 on 3. I don’t think he would have done this 5 on 4. Either way, I could care less, we got a goal out of it.

  121. staal – thanks, I guess, for the link. Some of those people really make my stomach turn. And that’s not just an expression. Its really unnerving to read some of that.

  122. reginald dunlop on

    Zipay says league will have statement soon ….hope they take the opportunity to address goalie spears, acting, and head smacks, coaches busting sticks and throwing them on the ice, general managers who berate supervisors, players who abuse officials………HA HA……like that will ever happen to LOU and his devils, the nhl’s devils….LOU complains and all the TOOLS in power kowtow to him….that’s why #4 in professional league sports…..imagine football allowing Houston Texans to dictate policy… allowing Kansas City to dictate policy…ha ha ha…..never would happen…..

  123. PRUCHA for HOLLWEG….hollweg hasn’t shown me anything of his previous self…he has gotten too lax with his position in this lineup…yeah prucha is small but pound for pound is way more effective than hollweg, he hustles, he hits, and could make for a 4th scoring line with betts/sjostrom….RENNNEY, DO IT!

  124. Doodie: I guess you haven’t been following the Wolfpack recently because according to all media outlets that follow the team (most notably the Courant), Jessiman has been completely dominating over the past month. Power forwards take time to develop, look at Bertuzzi, Murray, and Knuble.

  125. Rumours are surfacing that Shanny and Drury took Avery outside of the lockerooms between periods and told him “Don’t you ever, EVER do that again.”

    Shanny I understand saying something… Drury, at this point, is questionable though.

  126. Never turn your back to the play? When did that become a cardinal rule? Many a times when guys are assigned to shadow a player their back is turned to the play; hence, shadowing. Thus, breaking the rule that doesn’t exist.

    Maybe Renney said go out there and distract Marty. If I was playing D out there I would have just buldozzed him over and taken the 2 min, but they didn’t.

    To me, you can’t argue against the play. The Devils couldve handled it, they chose not to, it resulted in a goal. Obviously, a great hockey play from a player that’s far more than just an “agitator”. He has A LOT of skill and a pretty good hockey IQ.

    You guys can sit here all day and try to call it “bush league” or “inappropriate” etc. etc. Fact of the matter is, if it was so out of line, the Devils should have handled it in front of the net.

    Side note, any truth to the rumor that Lou is lacing up, putting on the stripes and orange arm band for Wednesday’s game? He might as well, since he was basically officiating it from the stands. At least he has a chance of getting hit by a puck on the ice.

  127. Can someone tell me if Larry Brooks from the Post only writes articles when the Rangers lose? If you read today’s article, he almost sounds like a Devils fan.

    I could have sworn he worked for a New York paper.

  128. I can 100% imagine Shanny “reeling Avery in” on this. Obviously he will go to bat in public for his pal, but the reality of the situation is that Avery just added another reason to his resume for the officials to call him every chance they get.

    It worked. Brilliant. By no means a penalty there. But I agree, he should never do that again. Not like that.

  129. The more I look at the Avery play the more I gotta agree it looks like something you would see in the movie slap shot. I mean at the end of day he did not actually hit anyone – so no penalty should have been given – only a warning should have been – and was – issued.

    I’m glad Drury told him to chill out before he ended up costing us a penalty. And if Shanny told him to tighten it up – good on him too.

    Lets face it though – Avery has been great for the Rangers and he has really improved his game here. But he is kind of like your dumb little brother sometimes. I’m sure the coaches instructed him to get in Marty’s face and try to obstruct his view. Certainly they were not expecting him to do that! Anyway – doubt we will see it again in these playoffs so lets move on and figure out a way to beat the snot out of the Devils on wednesday night. LGR!!

  130. I’m sure many of you have read this already but TSN.CA reported today (in the story about Avery distracting MARTEE) the Rangers record with Avery in vs. out of the lineup.

    “…the Rangers are 50-20-16 with Avery in the lineup and 9-13-3 in the 25 games he’s missed.”

    That is a stark difference.

  131. “the only problem I had with what avery was doing, was that he took himself out of the play completely. with his stick off the ice and his back to the pointment he couldn’t deflect a shot or readily get a rebound.”

    actually i’ve done something similar and its easier to deflect the puck if its on goal. he can see where marty is looking to make a save and and put his stick in front of the glove or blocker so he can’t make the save. i know its not likely that the situation would occur, but since he can follow brodeur he can see where the puck is based on where he reacts.

  132. “…Avery just added another reason to his resume for the officials to call him every chance they get.”

    result…a detriment to the team. This guy walks such a fine line it’s ridiculous. Could you just imagine what it’d be like to walk a (game-)day in his shoes?

    I agree with your post salty. And in saying that, I question my own feelings on the player that is Sean Avery. Do you want your team to be a target for the officials? Do you sign Avery long-term? At what cost? Non-monitarily speaking.

    Much like relying on Jagr to pot 50 goals, relying on a ‘super-pest’ to stay healthy, stay NOT suspended, and produce all at the same time is PERSONALLY not something I’d invest in. Certainly there’s no disproving our record with him in the lineup, but I’d rather not build a team that can only be successful when you have a SINGLE player on the ice.

    All that said, I’m gald he’s doing it for us instead of against us. I’m just really torn on the persona that has attached itself to him.

  133. Here we go with the idiots chiming in that Avery’s play is disliked by his teammates. Give me a F*****G break.

    Shanny said there was no rule against it. Drury might have said, “Be smart, no penalties…” or something like that. But nothing more.

    Anyone who says, “Oh his teammates are mad. Drury told him never again! Etc Etc,” are just full of S.

    30 secs later Avery scored a goal. All the critics should just shut up NOW.

    Does anyone think that it was planned for Avery to go camp on the doorstep and distract Marty? Oh, just maybe. Let’s give Renney a little credit on that strategy.

    Also, was anyone else frustrated with Straka last night? I mean he had 2 assists and that was good. But how the hell can he dish out the puck so much instead of taking a shot himself. The 2 on 1 and the pass to Stonehands Betts? WTF? It’s like all these assists and Straka has forgotten how to score.


    But again, we lost to the Devs (still yet to do that in regulation in 11 games, btw) where they scored 3 off our guys’ skates and had 8 powerplays on some majorly questionable calls. It all comes out in the wash and I am guessing that we will come out super aggressive on Wed night.


  134. Yorktown Ranger on

    I don’t believe that BS for a second.

    There’s a Shanny quote in this artcile:

    Beer – If Shanny is half the leader that he seems to be – then rule one is show solidarity on the outside and admonish in private. I think Shanny probably palyed it straight – where is it in the rule books – But Avery was on the edge (as he should be). He won’t get away with that again, and will probably be under the microscope for the remainder of the playoffs.

    Shanny probably said what needed to be said behind closed doors. We’ll probably see Avery play a little bit of straight ahead hockey for a little while anyway. Perhaps his reputation will draw a few penalties.

    Just my read…

  135. Meanwhile, back at the fuggin ranch….let me tell you what is cheap BS…The Devils and their ugly coach know that the refs will call Avery or any other Rangers player who touches Mar-taay….So now the Devils Dmen go out of their way to bump avery into martaay intentionally or like we saw in game 2, martaaay comes out of the blue of the crease and purposely knocks into avery which automatically hits a button to the ref who immediately puts his arm up to call the Rangers for two minutes….Bush league !!

  136. Do you want your team to be a target for the officials?


    That, is the biggest question, and probably the only thing anyone on our side is ultimately worried about. The series really takes on a new shape after the press this has gotten today.

    And, I will credit Marty. He really didn’t seem to whiney at all in his comments over this. I think even he knows how great it was.

    Side note: Correct me if I’m wrong, but Marty was the first one to complain about the one piece sticks AND Ovechkin’s reflective visor, no?

  137. Salty Protein Shake- If Debs lost last night, you think Martina McBride would be a happy camper with his quotes?

  138. yorktown – I didn’t mean that I don’t believe the quote in that article. I don’t believe that shanny took him outside the lockerroom and ‘scolded’ him.

  139. I have to agree that Avery will get called every time he gets near Brodeur. He is probably the greatest pest in league history. I don’t ever recall the commissioner commenting on Dale Hunter, Tikkanen or Lemieux for a play that had no physical contact. Unfortunately the refs, like they did last night, will call penalties on him that he didn’t commit. He is under the Devils skin, he needs to go out in game 4 and play hard hockey and let them take cheap shots on him.

  140. Gary Bettman & Colin Campbell just don’t like Rangers. That’s all. I don’t see single reason for something like this being called. Come on. Brodeur should be called for his punch on Avery. Yesterday, the refs called EVERYTHING on Blueshirts. Not a single break. Devils had TONS OF LUCK. I don’t remember a Rangers game with 3 so fluke goals.

  141. Yorktown Ranger on

    Beer- I don’t think Shanny scolded him either, but I think they probably had a good talk about what to expect in future games. Shanny probably ‘strongly suggested’ that Avery should look at other creative ways to throw the opposition off their game.

  142. JOHNY D

    Are you sure it was Nylander ? I thought it was Tyutin.

    Speaking of which. The Rangers gave the game to them last night, they allowed them to get the fluke goals they needed, cause that was the only way the Devs can score on Hank, and they allowed it. Betts is supposed to be our best defensive forward, and he sucked balls, with a horrendous give away, and then he finishes it by putting a puck in his fuggin net. Then in game one, he is weak on the puck, and fails to clear it, leading to a Devils goal. Then Tyutin, i dont know what the hell is with him, he’s looking like vintage Malik out there. He could be the worst D man on the ice for Nyr, he has not looked good in my opinion. He needs to get his shit together. Rozsival was classic Rozi, weak ! He let little Panabearfo beat him to the puck, pathetic, show some balls.

    The refs suck as usual. I blame them as much as those 3. What ever, you wanna call penalties, then call a shit load of them, but dont tell me your gonna call phantom hooks and holds, but not the elbows, interferences, and To Many Men on the Ice calls they have been missing. Its pissing me off.

    Welcome to the new NHL, three years in, were still learning new things. Like, if a team cries long enough about how the refs played a bad game, then they’ll give them a bunch of calls in the next game. Its pathetic. These refs need to be fired, they clearly cant do there job. Buttman should take the money they make, and give it to charity, cause they would put it to better use, and probably not in a gambling ring !!!

    They lost, what ever. Losses happen, but to give them the win, hurts. All those god damn mistakes. Its a fuggin playoff game, how can Tyutin and Betts suck so much, but Staal, Dubi, Dawes are all doing alright.


    Mara is looking good. Ive been saying all year that i want him back next year. He’s finally starting to see the picture, that he needs to shoot more. Id prefer him over Rozsival, because he wants to rip it.

    Also, did anyone see the Flames game ?? Sharks winning 3-0, then they blow it 4-3, Cujo got the win filling in for Kipper. Bad stuff. Marleau got laid out in the game, he was busted open, bloody mess ?

    Oh yeah, i want Orr back. Hollweg forgot how to hit apparently.

  143. Agreed Yorktown. It’s just one of those things that will stay between the 2 of them. And let the speculators…well, speculate to whatever they think was said.

    So that adds to my point about avery from before. So if there’s no shanny next year, who’s Avery’s babysitter?

  144. I love the fact that nobody in the world cares that the Devils won the game. What they do care about is what Avery did. To me, this is a good thing. Because it goes to show that although the Devils won the game, the Rangers still get top billing on the sports page.

    I have absolutely no problem with Sean Avery. Partly because I myself can definitely be a royal a*shole too. He does things to get under people’s skin and to get a reaction. He does things on the edge and the record with him in the lineup says it all. You can say that stats of certain kinds don’t matter, I disagree with that one. This team is a better team with him in the lineup.

  145. Ive been saying all year in this blog, why players dont do what Avery did last night. Finally someone did it. It was so hilarious. Ive never laughed that hard during a hockey game, unless Sam and Joe make some weird mistakes. He actually scared Marty, he waved his arm, and he jumped cause he thought Aves was gonna hit him. There shouldn’t be anything illegal about it, its the same thing as having your have to the goalie. But obviously Buttman, and that j off Campbell will cry about it. Figures.

    This league blows, it makes no sense. For my life i cant understand why you can turn your back and screen a goalie, but cant turn around and do the same thing, and also you cant close your hand on a puck, but a goalie can close his hand on the puck and throw it across the ice, like Gerber did on a Rangers 5 on 3. Ridiculous.

  146. Make no mistake… the Rangers didn’t help themselves in the penalty category… but the Devils would have had more powerplay chances than the Rangers anyway after the botched calls the other night.

    Agreed about Wednesday’s game… the winner wins the series. It’s the most important Rangers game since losing to Buffalo in game 5 last year.

    As far as Avery goes… he’s been warned. I’m sure he’ll find another way to piss off Marty (another key goal perhaps).

  147. Brandon – You NEVER turn your back to the play. You have to keep your head on a swivel. Anyone who plays hockey knows that.

    If Clarkson did this stuff to Lundqvist, you’d all be pretty upset by it.

  148. Yorktown Ranger on

    Beer- excellent point. If Shanny’s spent, do we keep him around to keep the leash on Avery? Or does Avery take away a lesson from this season (whatever the outcome) and mature as a player. That doesn’t mean losing the pesky edge, but knowing when, where, and how far to take it. I’ve seen flashes of brilliance from Avery outside his creative sandpaper personality. But does he have what it takes to know when to use the skill and when to agitate?

    The enigma that is Sean Avery…

  149. Contact, he also risked his on well being turning his back to the play. And in a 5 on 3 situation I HAVE NO PROBLEM with it. It is not outside of the rules.

  150. You’re rolling the dice by re-signing him. And you’re rolling those same proverbial dice by not.

  151. When watching the play live, I looked at it in wonderment. I honestly thought it was brilliant. I could imagine Devils fans thinking “Wait, you can’t do that!” but really, there is no rule against waving your arms or stick in the air, as long as they don’t make contact with an opposing player.

    I really am a huge Avery supporter and have been for a long time. What really is funny to me about this whole situation is that it really proves the NHL doesn’t know its @$$ from its elbow. Outside of its impact on the Rangers, Avery is a walking headline. The kind of stuff he does, if it were done by other athletes in other sports, would be talked about and dissected as front-page material on ESPN, etc. I know this is a secondary thing, but I always think about what a poor job the league does in marketing itself. I think Avery is one of the NHL’s most marketable players, and they hate him. It’s really comical.

    The more important question here is, are his antics detrimental to the Rangers? I think he has more positives than negatives. He really is a smart hockey player. He has just great instincts, great hockey sense. I personally want him to be a Ranger for a long time, but I can see that a lot of people don’t share that opinion.

  152. The fact that so many people are so unsure about Avery always kind of makes me laugh. Sure he is going to do questionable things. He is the best agitator in the league, we have a much better record with him in the lineup, and he has the most goals of anyone on our team and I think is tied for the league lead in playoff goals right now.

    Next topic.

  153. Nasty1 – And that’s fine, but do you have a problem with Zubrus and Clarkson snowing Lundqvist? And like I said, what if Clarkson does that to Lundy next game? You OK with it?

    Also, I just think Avery is too good of a player to do things like that. He can score legitimate goals (as he did 30 seconds later, by facing the play and keeping his stick on the ice), why resort to nonsense?

  154. Contact- After the whistle I sure do have a problem with it. It is a different situation. If they do it to Hank then Hank will have to deal with that. Anything that is within the rules I am perfectly fine with.

  155. Contact, I have no problem with Clarkson etc snowing Hank, its part of the game…and when it happens players stick up for their goalie,
    What is so funny about the Avery thing is that this was absolutely no response or answer from the debbies…just funny stuff!

  156. Contact- If you are a devils fan, which I am assuming you are, why are you panties in such a bunch about this? Your team won, so does it really make a difference what Sean Avery did? I am just curious why you have such a raging hardon over this topic. I am not in support of everything that Sean Avery does. All I am saying that is if what he did is within the rules, then I don’t see why it is such a big deal.

  157. I don’t know if I stated it yet. But while it was going on I was rollin! There’s no doubt it was great tv. And a great edition of the side-show.

  158. If it is me, and we are on a 5 on 3 power play, we can use the 5 players we have on the ice and have them do whatever they want to do. Much more risky on a 5 on 4, but it wasn’t a 5 on 4. So that is the simplest way I can put it. Don’t take anymore 5 on 3’s.

  159. Nasty1 – I’m just curious as to how you figure I’m a Devils fan, when I said Avery was too good of a player to resort to bush league play?

    I don’t like that particular play. You do, we have different opinions. That makes me a Devils fan? Laughable.

    The whole thread is about Avery’s tactics, so I don’t really see how me offering opinion and debate (when everyone else is doing the same) constitutes a “raging hardon”.

    Fact of the matter, which you refuse to address, is that you’d be pissed if Clarkson or Asham did it.

  160. Well there you have it, the league released a statement and it will be penalized, so now I think that Sean should not do it. With that said, only because it is a rule, do I feel this way.

  161. contact – I thought you were a devils fan too. Just for the record.


  162. What’s lost in this play is that he scored a go-ahead goal SECONDS later. The guy just knows how to play hockey. Maybe it’s his fault for having the “sideshow” element to his game, but Avery, if healthy and playing smart, can easily score 20-30 goals in the NHL. People don’t seem to realize this.

    Salty. I’m glad someone else sees this about Sean. Just as a fan of the NHL, they should be looking at him as a goldmine. People would tune in just to watch Sean Avery play. Like I said, it’s a shame they all hate him so much. Sorry Bettman, but Sid the Kid isn’t gonna save hockey like Gretz did. And Ovechkin is great too, but he’s not the answer either. Guys like Avery could really boost the NHL’s profile. AND HE PLAYS IN NEW YORK. Oh well, somehow their marketing geniuses don’t see this. Whatever, All I really care about is Aves and the boys hoisting the Cup in June.

  163. If it was a rule that was in the books that said he couldn’t do it and he did and was not called for a penalty I would be mad. But it didn’t seem to be anything that was illegal. Maybe you are not a Devils fan, but I just don’t understand why this topic can’t just rest now? Seriously. Is there nothing else to talk about?

  164. Beer – Don’t you think the posts would be a little more venomous if I was a Devils fan?

  165. Snowing a goalie isn’t against the rules either right?

    I’m sure it’s happened to Hank before (it has to anyone who’s ever played nets) and it’ll happen again. Maybe one of our defensemen could do something about stopping it?

  166. if Sean Avery had not joined the Rangers, they would not have even made the playoffs last year or this year. period.

    57-25-16 with Avery, below .500 without him. enough said.

    give me about 20 more “bush-league” players just like him

  167. NJRangersFan60 on

    If the call on Straka was boarding, why wasn’t the Devil who cross checked Rosie into the boards (Pandoflo?) face first with his stick on the winning goal not whistled for a penalty? That was a more egregious play than the Straka check.

    I agree with the comments that they actually needed this loss. Most of this year, they’ve followed up a bad loss with an outstanding effort – hopefully Wednesday will follow that pattern. The winner Wednesday night probably wins the series.

  168. I hope the Rangers realize that they gave that one away last night. Dumb penalties, bad defensive zone coverage against the 4th line (for the Devils first goal) and bad bounces hurt the Rangers. You had to think that the bounces and breaks would go the Devils way sooner or later and they did last night. So let’s hope we are all even now and the Rangers can get back to kicking their ass on Wednesday night!

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