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I don’t know how you guys feel about this, but today is the 68th anniversary of the Rangers’ 1940 Stanley Cup.

Before 1994, just the year, “1940” had a terribly negative connotation. I just wonder if now it is seen as something to be celebrated as part of team history, or if it is still viewed as part of a past curse.

Anyway, as you know, it now 1 for 68 years, and 0 for 14.If you are one who can now celebrate the past – I doubt many bloggers were alive back then, and I surely was NOT  — I found this passage  in the NHL’s Total Stanley Cup book, a summation of the 1940 Cup win:

“With the circus heading towards New York, the Rangers were forced to play the first two games of the Final on consecutive nights before vacating Madison Square Garden for the rest of the series.

“Three of the Rangers’ four game-winning goals were scored in overtime, including the Cup-winner by Bryan Hextall in game six. It marked the third time in NHL history that the last goal of the season had been tallied in sudden-death.

“Lynn and Murray Patrick skated for the winners to become the third and fourth members of the Patrick family, joining father (and Rangers manager) Lester and uncle Frank (1915 Vancouver), to have their names engraved on the Stanley Cup.”

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  1. Carp, keep up the good work. Like the interaction.

    I will be there tonight with my dad and 2 borthers, super psyched. To pass the time I am going to sit at home and watch Tiger shoot lights out in the final round of the Masters to win by a stroke. Although, before that I am going to run around NYC with my bride to be and do wedding stuff. Whoopie!!!!

    8 hours, LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  2. I think now this can be looked at just another chapter in team history and it’s pretty cool to acknowledge it. 1994 cured all the old ills, and now let’s get some more magic.

    Hockey’s by far the toughest sport to win a championship in.

  3. Richard….congrats on your engagement…..As a 6 year married vet….let me give you some advice……before you say “I do”….make sure the future Mrs. S. understands the importance of Rangers games from oct. till june (hopefully)…..also sex during the game is a moral imperative….always between periods (literally)….hehe

  4. Thanks Carpi, imagine my surprise as I opened you blog this morning. You see today is my anniversary, though it only dates back to ’93. But better yet it’s also my birthday which dates back to ’48. So I turned to my son and said look at that, dad was born on the anniversary of the Rangers Cup victory. To which he quickly pointed out that dad we are a championship family because his older brother was born on Feb 3rd, the date of the last giants Super Bowl victory. Well for this birthday I’ll settle for a simple playoff game win to go up 3-0 on the Devs. Let’s Go Rangers!!

  5. I consider that nothing but a great omen.

    What do peanuts, elephants and cotton candy smell like? Playoffs.

    Building will be rocking tonight. Should be electric as always. Amarante will get drowned out; could blow his hair piece right off.

    I’ll be in my usual seat in sec. 404.

    I’d love to grab the first goal early to really put them on the ropes.


  6. Carp it’s time to join some others and expose the newark debbies for the cheaters they are and have been. Get a count on how many penalties they got away with, and how many they faked the refs into calling. But if they feel slighted , they cry the Hudson River. They have set back the game of hockey, and NJ people are smart enough to know that. That’s part of the why ‘nobody goes there anymore’, & it’s not too crowded. The little punk parise exaggerating that cross checks to the teeth happen 20 times a game. They are a detriment to hockey with their boring style and games, along with their lack of sportsmanship. Hockey needs less of that from many in this league. And less of the revenge hockey they will try, since their intimidation hasn’t worked. But as usual an accident gets more press than the intentional underbelly. And their gm thinks he can influence the rest of the games by attacking the refs. He should be suspended and fined for his tirade after the game, and his coach should be for his in game behavior. They were no accidents. That’s intent to injure the game of hockey, which that team gas done for years.

  7. LIQUID, thank for the wishes. I am working on the importance of the NYR and that all games are important. The “S” is actually my middle initial. Thanks for the sex strategy.

    As for the game tonight. Carp, any word on the NHL vs Backman’s highstick? Is he playing in tonight’s game??

  8. He should be. It was more of him trying to protect himself and because of parise’s height, he caught him in the mouth. Can’t wait for tonight. I’m going early to go around the city then heading to MSG at 6

  9. If they started suspending players for what Backman did, soon they’ll start suspending players any time their victims bleed.

    Suspensions should be based on intent and malice, not end result. I’m sorry that Parise lost a couple teeth, but that alone doesn’t warrant a suspension.

  10. reginald dunlop on


    How was that celebration compared to 1994’s??? might be subject matter for your next column….

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