The day after Game 2


Teams have climbed out of 2-0 holes in the Stanley Cup playoffs, although the number is only 37 out of 280 all-time in best-of-seven series.

The Devils did it against Boston in 1994, in the series before the epic Eastern Conference final with the Rangers — also losing the first two at home that year. The Rangers did it the following season, ’96, losing the first two at home and having to go to Montreal, where they never used to win, and win Games 3, 4 and 6.

So it ain’t completely over, and there will be mucho angst if the Devils win Game 3. Just trying to shoot down your overconfidence there.

 Anyway, for more — or what little there is on the Lamoriello vs. the officials fallout from Game 2, here is the Bergen Record’s story.

Brian Heyman wrote the game story in The Journal News and, and here it is.

Last and least, here’s the column I wrote last night about how nasty the series turned. That’s Stanley Cup hockey.

I do think Backman’s two-hander to Parise’s chops will be reviewed and he might sit out a game suspension. I thought he was lucky he didn’t get five and a game misconduct instead of four minutes.

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  1. actually it was 1996 when the rangers lost games 1 and 2 at home to montreal, then won four straight (including three at the old forum)

    1995 was the infamous first round matchup with les nordiques

  2. I strongly disagree on the Backman call. Parise led with his head on that hit. Backman merely brought his hands up in defense, but never pushed them forward so to cross check him in the face. It was more incidental than intentional.

    With the “new” NHL he may get a game. But, 5 and a misconduct for that? That’s just crazy talk.

  3. Also I believe the Bruins had home ice advantage in ’94, so coming from 0-2 down for the Devils that year was slightly less daunting than losing the first two at home would appear to be this time.

  4. Hopefully the league won’t penalize Backman in order to appease Lamoriello. Backman wasn’t the agressor in the play; there were more vicious hits in the game than that one.

  5. Officiating was awful all around. Yes Betts should have gotten a penalty in the last minute but so much stuff was called that shouldn’t have been a penalty (Sean Avery) or not called that should have been (Brodeur) that you can’t complain about it. Awful referreing everywhere cancels each other out, I guess.

  6. I remember that 95 series. Kovalev was a monster. 96 that was the year after montreal traded roy so Thibeault didn’t really scare me.

    Let’s keep the momentum and positivity going in game 3!

    Nice article Carp about the nastiness, brings me back to all throughout the 90s when I loved your Sunday morning columns.

  7. My mistake. Rangers-Canadiens comeback was in ’96. Devils did have home-ice vs. Boston in ’94 and lost first two at home, too.

    As for the Backman thing, the rule is this: four minutes for accidental high stick which causes injury; five minutes for careless high stick which causes injury; match penalty for deliberate attempt to injure. I thought Backman’s was definitely in the careless category. And Parise was wearing a mouthpiece and still lost teeth. I just think in today’s NHL he’ll get a game off.

    Thanks for the compliment, MikeA. Just being around the playoffs brings me back, too.

  8. there is no reason for any kind of suspension for Backman parise put his head right into his stick there was no intent on backmans side

  9. ok people, I think the Devils should be embarrased this morning of how they acted last night.

    From their coach to their GM and their players. Talk about falling apart and losing your cool. They have nobody to blame but themselves. They got beat up and down the ice last night.

    How nice was it to see Colin White get dropped twice by Dubinksy and then by Shanahan.

  10. The call on Backman was a joke to begin with. Parise ran into him. I don’t know what Parise was trying to do there, the puck was gone and he kept trying to check Backman.

    Backman barely moved his stick.

    What about Zubrus’s snow shower? Or Clarkson kneeing Drury? Or Zubrus running Gomez after the whistle? Or their coach thowing a tantrum on the bench? Or Madden ragging the officials? Or the White elbow to Dubinsky?

    Then list goes on and on. The Devils were unhinged last night and don’t deserve a damn thing!

  11. Am I the only one who thinks the non-call against Betts was actually the right call?

    He had one hand on his stick, and Martin (it was Martin, right?) leaned into Betts stick and brought it around him with his elbow more than anything else. Betts clearly showed that no hook was intended and even went so far as to hop up and forward a bit to unlodge it from where it had been tangled. I think the ref who was looking at the play probably thought (and rightly so, IMO) that the Devil involved leaned into it in an attempt to draw a penalty. Betts should’ve just let go of his stick immediately, but it happened so quickly I don’t blame him for what he did.

    Not to mention, the Devils were benefiting from calls (or lack thereof) all night long. I still think Backman shouldn’t have gotten a penalty at all. Parise goes at Backman away from the puck as Backman is backing out of the zone, and the 5″ shorter Parise leads with his face into Backman’s chest area. What was Backman supposed to do, keep his arms at his sides and not protect himself? Let himself get laid out? I think not. Backman did rightly, and Parise got what he deserved.

    Also at one point earlier in the game the Devils got away with a blatant too many men on the ice. They didn’t just have six guys out there, they had seven. And no call against them there.

    Lastly, the only reason the Devils even got one goal is because Drury was being interfered with (and not for the first time) on the faceoff. He was actually taken down by Parise and was out of the play for a few seconds, and Shanahan at the same time was prevented to getting to cover the point by Langenbrunner who stepped in front of him. That led directly to the goal. In reality a penalty (or even two) should’ve been called on the Devils there, which means they wouldn’t have even gotten one goal, nevermind had an opportunity to tie the game. This is why they eventually did make the call on Langenbrunner, because after the goal, Shanahan complained to the refs about the constant interference on all the faceoffs, and justifiably so. Shanny made a good move there, and I don’t blame him if, on the faceoff following, in the Rangers zone, if he did the same thing knowing Langenbrunner would hook him again trying to get to the point. A penalty is a penalty.

    Therefore, in my estimation, the calls evened out, and the Devils should be glad they didn’t get shutout.

  12. little town blues on

    watching all the games in the playoffs, one thing is obvious. this year, after 3 straight finals with small market teams, and record low ratings, the league and their refs are definitely favoring the big markets like NY and Det, and the star laden teams, like Pitt and Wash.

    conspiracy, no. business decision, yes.

    either way, the little guys have had their day. they got their lockout, they got their parity, but now the cap is rising fast every year, players like Gomez and Drury went from the small town to the big city, and the days of the big town teams is resurfacing again.

  13. HAHA

    The Devil fans are whiny bitches. They got what they diserved. The Devils got away with all the penalties in that game, hooking, holding, To Many Men on the Ice, fuggin un sportsman like conduct late in the game, when Madden said to the ref “fugg you” and yes he did say that, then Langenrunhometoyouruglywife followed up with some bad words. Devils got away with everything, and there only goal was scored off an interference off the face off. The refs made the right call, Shanny told them, and the refs warned the Devs about it, but they did it again on the face off, and it was called. Then Betts getting away with a clear hook, its Karma ! You get away with so much, its about time we got away with something.

    As for Backman, Keith Jones says it was a “dirt dirt move”, but this moron Parise was leaning down, towards Backs’ chest area, and he put up his stick. Its Parise own fault, in my opinion, it shouldnt even be a penalty, thats like calling a high sticking penalty on someone who got hit in the face with a stick on the ice.

    Either way,it was a hug win, and we need to finish this series A-sap !!

  14. Great game. I was psyched to see Gomez yap away the entire time he in the penalty box, maybe he took a lesson out of Avery’s book?

    I was up in Section 229, surrounded by loser Devils fans. Operation Jack Daniels was successful.

    Good showing by the Rangers fans. Lots of fights. F*ck Marty and his whining. I can’t wait for tomorrow night!!

  15. Does anyone else feel like these games arent really playoff games? They don’t seem to have that same intensity, at least on tv, as last years series against Atlanta. I was at game 1 in section 10, row 12, and being that close I was surprised how low the intensity was. I have been to Eastern conference finals and stanley cup finals devils games that close and I was remarkably surprised how low the intensity was…

    Also, watching this series also reaffirms my belief that the 3 best teams in the east are NYR, Montreal and Pittsburgh. This series is really just a warmup of the inevitable battle in MTL. That is gonna be a good one and hopefully washington knocks off pitt so our road to the Stanley cup finals is a bit easier. We can take Montreal but its gonna be tough for sure, especially with that home crowd.

  16. Joe the Habs stopped playing in the Montreal Forum midway thru the 95-96 season. The Rangers-Habs series was at the Molson Centre. Graves and Damphouse were surely the top stars of the series.

  17. Ian….not much intensity? Are you serious? I was there last night and it was not only intense on the ice…but in the stands as well.

    Devils are gonna come out FLYING Sunday night…and probably will pull some Flyers illegal hits and such after the whistles to rattle us… that game will be the most intense yet.

  18. IAN, tomorrow night will be very intense. You will get your wish, but last night was intense. Maybe your “high” made it feel different??

  19. Tony from AZ on

    Hey psychic, over on the Debbie site some guy told me the Devil fans beat the snot out of our fans.
    Is this true ? You where there

  20. Broadway Roe on

    Not intense? Geez…

    What exactly do you guys want? Someone hanging from the rafters?

    I think people confuse low-scoring with tame and high-scoring with intense. 0-0 going into the 3rd is about as intense as you can get. Rangers fans taking over the pebble- intense! You guys have serious thrill issues…

  21. very sweet game to go to for my 1st visit to the pebble. Ranger fans although outnumbered took over the place once we got the lead and after the 4 min pk as well. quite a few forwards were on that pk and whenever possible took very short shifts before the next came on.

    after the game the walk back to the train station was especially sweet. and when we were on the platform and the guy came by and announced the train to new york the chanting was loud very loud and very sweet. he wasn’t able to finish the rest of his speech.

    the rangers and our fans are the best.

  22. I hope that someone who works for MSG reads this,
    Last night when I was at the peeble center, the jerks that work the door handing out the Devil’s crying towels refused to give the towels to some Rangers fans including myself and in my case the jersey jerk wanted my rangers jersey for a towel I told him keep the towel you jerk o#f, I’d rather have the win tonight and even sweep your dump a$$ team out of the playoffs.
    Well, if you work at MSG or knows someone who works at MSG please have them refuse giving our giveouts to all Jersey jerk fans.
    Oh and by the way it felt great losing my voice last night while cheering LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m not reading anything, so if someone said this, oh well. But here are two things from he Elias Sports bureau, that you absolutely have to like.

    The Rangers beat the Devils 2-1 in Game Two of their series with a pair of quick goals in the third period. Jaromir Jagr and Sean Avery scored 23 seconds apart for New York. It was the quickest pair of goals in a playoff game by the Rangers since May 3, 1994, when Adam Graves and Stephane Matteau scored 19 seconds apart in the third period of a win over the Capitals.

    Martin Brodeur lost his last three games in the 2007 playoffs (all to Ottawa) and he’s lost his first two games in this year’s playoffs (to the Rangers). Brodeur’s five consecutive playoff losses matches the longest losing streak of his postseason career. Brodeur also had a five-game playoff losing streak spanning 1997 (when he lost the last four games of a series against the Rangers) and 1998 (when he lost his first game to Ottawa).

    Anyone who missed today’s Nashville/Detroit game, it was unbelievable. The third period was not so great, but the first and second were amazing.

  24. “I do think Backman’s two-hander to Parise’s chops will be reviewed and he might sit out a game suspension. I thought he was lucky he didn’t get five and a game misconduct instead of four minutes.”

    Your kidding me right? Are you a devils fan? If parise wasnt a foot shorter then backman, it wouldnt have even been a call.

    When is Sam coming back??

  25. “Your kidding me right? Are you a devils fan? If parise wasnt a foot shorter then backman, it wouldnt have even been a call.”

    Calm down there, Sparky. He didn’t say Backman should be reviewed and suspended, just that he thought he might.

  26. Thanks, BC.
    Sam will be back in town Monday, probably at practice Tuesday (and blogging) or at Game 4 Wednesday, Sten. Forgive me for trying to be honest and impartial.

  27. heyy heyy guys, we are all rangers fans here fighting for our cause–let’s tone done the sass shall we?

    and btw carp, I think you’ve done a great job at manning the blog while Sam’s gone!


  28. Fruity Cupcake on

    You’re rockin the blog here, Carp–don’t listen to any of us lame enough to be posting hockey on a Saturday night NOT in Canada.

    Ooops. :-)

    And Richter 35, I managed to get a hold of a luxurious NJD playoff towel on Wednesday night. I was keeping it to wipe the sand off my feet or the smile off my face, but if you’d like it, we can trade something. I get your point about it being denied by staffers, but really, you’re not missing anything. Bounty puts out a flufflier towel….

    Doodie, new beard pix coming soon? Where’s Gyllenhaal?

    Good LORD. Why can’t MSG rerun a NYR playoff game rather than some fresh soccer crap?!?!? Oh, right. I should get out more….

  29. Tony from AZ-
    By beat the snot out of our fans do you mean actually physically fist-fighting? I didn’t see any of that, but I was near tons of face to face shouting fights… very close to punches…then security took some people on both sides out.

    We definitely did have the upper hand on the chanting and cheering. Especially after the 4 minute PK.

  30. Broadway Roe on

    Thanks guys. I will be chiming in, I think, when Sam gets back. Looks like this ride could last a while, so I hope to be aboard for most of it.

    Hey Carp, please don’t jinx us… I’m even hesitant to say there will be a game four. Ha.

  31. Yeah, nice having you around, Carp. And just think, when Sam gets back, you can stop trying to be impartial and root openly like the rest of us!

  32. By the way, how about the Bruins just giving the Habs PP after PP late in the third and in OT? Of course the Habs won. Should we get by the Devils, I think a Rangers/Habs series could be excellent as long as the Rangers continue to keep their emotions in check. And frankly, I think the Caps are going to the Conference finals – I think Ovechkin beats Crosby in the next round on pure adrenaline.

  33. Why do I feel a letdown game coming?

    Someone talk sense to me… bring me in off the ledge.

  34. Riche’-
    It’s OK to feel a letdown game coming up… I do too. That will just make it more exciting when the Rangers win, cause you think they’ll lose. If you know they will win it takes some drama away from the game…lol

  35. Thanks psychic.

    That first goal is going to be soooooooooo important. Rangers have never trailed… if they (The Rangers) get it, I’ll feel way better.

  36. Tonight will be no different from the first two games. The devils are going to put allot of pressure on the rangers d-men
    and crash the net. Hopefully the rangers won’t take as many penalties and if lundqvist plays like he has the first two games I see another ranger win.

  37. Tonight’s game will be much more difficult to win than the previous two. The Devils are a proud bunch, and they have not played poorly in the first two games, and I think tonight will be their best game yet. However, they’d better find a goal-scorer or two. In Games 1 and 2, they have done everything but score on Lundqvist.

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