Rangers-Devils, Game 2


Starting lineups: NYR: G Lundqvist. Up front Dawes-Drury-Callahan. On D Girardi and Tyutin.

NJ: G Brodeur. Up front Pandolfo-Madden-Gionta. On D Martin and Oduya.Refs: Jackson and Rooney. Linesmen: G. Devorski and Kovachik. …

If you’re really bored (not likely) and not busy commenting on this blog (I hope you are) I’m scheduled to be interviewed by Dave Maloney and/or Kenny Albert on the radio (1050-AM) between the first and second periods. …

7:22 p.m. Long delay for something wrong with the glass. Devils coming hard so far, Rangers handling it. Straka took a bad penalty and the Rangers killed it off with just one shot, and that one came because Staal’s clearing try was stopped by a loose Devils helmet on the ice. ….

7:36 p.m. Lundqvist awfully sharp early, and he has to be. He made one save on Elias I’m not even sure he knew he made, and then a flurry off a missed Rangers 2-on-1 that went the other way. …. This laptop really stinks. Can’t do paragraphs again. I do boldfaces on the times and they go back to plain type every time I update. …

7:44 p..m. I think that long, ridiculous delay for the broken door/glass in the penalty box might have helped the Rangers gain their composure. Much more even now. Arena got a lot quieter, too. ….

7:54 p.m. Lundqvist two terrific stops on Langenbrunner and Elias on Devils power play in the last 20 seconds of the first period. End of one: 0-0. Shots 9-9. …..

Start of second period delayed because goal light behind Lundqvist is on, and they don’t have goal judges behind the nets any more to turn it off. ….. Backman just took a double minor for knocking out some of Zach Parise’s teeth and he’s lucky he didn’t get five minutes. It was a Messier-Gilmour type of defensive cross-check to the mug (only Messier got away with his and turned the game, also Game 2, and the series). You have to have more discipline than that, because if this turns into a PPG or two, that’s a nightmare ….

8:39 p.m. It’s getting pretty nasty out there. Some real heat. Gomez just got into it with Langenbrunner, who had just had a face-rubbing contest with Drury. Now Gomez and Colin White are chirping at each other from the penalty boxes. Ahh. Playoff hockey. Appropriately, they just showed Jerry Springer, who’s in the crowd (Yogi Berra is in a luxury suite, wearing a Devils hat and shirt). ….. Avery got a “reputation” penalty at the end of the period for bumping Brodeur, who got a free unpenalized shot in against his antagonist. Still 0-0 after two …….

9:24 p.m. Oh did this game and series just change! The Rangers got two on Brodeur in 23 seconds. First Jagr, off the backboards, stepped out and whipped a bad-angle shot past Brodeur short side at 4:26. Then Avery fired a loose rebound from the high slot past Brodeur at 4:49. 2-0 Rangers just like that. ……

Now there’s some action in the stands. A Rangers fan was just ejected, and on the other side of the arena a Devils fan threw a whole beer at an entire section then shoved a security guy, and up in the top seats a couple of guys are being separated. Don’t need this garbage. …….

9:51 p.m. Just 1:23 left, Devils net empty for extra skater, and the Devils’ Madden got one past Lundqvist. Now they’re storming because their playoff lives are at stake. Don’t put this into the “win” column just yet, and if the Devils can get another one, boy oh boy could that be a turning point. ………

9:54 p.m. Langenbrunner just took a really bad penalty. ……..

9:55 p.m. FINAL SCORE, 2-1, RANGERS.

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  1. Ouch. I feel bad for Parise though. Lost his front teeth and chipped others. That’s got to hurt like hell.

    Lets just kill this penalty boys!

  2. Did you know that today is the anniversary of J.P. Parise’s overtime goal for the Islanders that eliminated the Rangers in the 1975 best-of-three first round?

  3. Is it bad that i am stuck at home packing for move to new house and am on a 4 beer a period pace….(this could get ugly)

  4. Carp

    Any other happy thoughts while you’re at it? Like, wasn’t this pretty close to the day Lincoln got shot?

  5. Yogi being a Devils fan is sickening. I love the guy, and I know he’s lived in Joisey since World War I, but it is still no good.

  6. Carp

    I was there that night. Incredible third period rally from 0-3 down to tie, and the Rangers had many chances to win it in regulation. My father hadn’t even sat down for the OT when it was done. Horrible.

  7. I remember it being only a few seconds into OT, too. Right?

    Yogi is a Devils fan because he was really close friends with Dr. McMullen, the former owner. You gotta let Yogi slide.

  8. This is one of the most poorly-played playoff hockey games I’ve ever seen. Sloppy play all around and all of the skirmishes after the whistle are stupid. I suppose I wouldn’t mind if a Devil puts the puck into his own net in the fourth overtime period for a 1-0 Rangers win, but this game is offering very little in entertainment value.

  9. My father went to school with Yogi on the Hill-he can do no wrong. I love how the Debbies little Italian teenie bopper dream guys are both f’ed-up. Gionta with a bad back (not the same this game) and Parise just got his Palmero pearly whites knocked out of his mouth.

    Wally is playing great tonight. The plan to stifle Gomez so far is working. The Rangers need to step it up a bit.

  10. I am in Germany here it is around 3.10 am in the morning..
    Carp, what do yu think about a multiple overtimes?

    I am looking to 6 or 7 in the morning…:):):)

  11. wow 2-0 inside of 23 seconds, Jagr and Avery….

    Marty oweiah….no overtime pleasure…

  12. The referees and linesmen were terrible in the 1:30 of the game, but the Devils shouldn’t kid themselves; the home side was not good enough for the other 58:30 to deserve a win.

  13. OMG, the devils are a bunch of cry babies, taking lessons from brodeur. They might have a beef but join the club. The rangers get screwed all the time from these refs. I was hoping for the shutout but I will take a win any day. Let’s go rangers, MSG here we come.

  14. Yikes. THat was some bad officiating at the end. I’ll take it! Rangers score the first goal on Sunday and the series is over.


  15. I love the scene with the Debbies leaving the ice breaking their sticks on the wall.

    Well, the Wall that is the Ranger Defense won that battle, too.

  16. Carpy…Tell everyone in the press box that it was time for the refs to “Pay It Forward” for the NY Rangers….After getting the ramrod for the majority of the season from the zebras, it was a nice breath of fresh air!

  17. HUGE..Don’t want to hear Debbies complain about refs Lundy shut you down and didn’t matter what the refs did…

  18. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Fantastic. 2-0 series lead, the Rangers are in the Devils heads, and the Devils are distracted by the crappy reffing.

  19. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    You think the Devils are still psyched about winning home ice advantage last Sunday?

  20. Maybe Brent Sutter should go break some more sticks, and try to get his team pumped up for a whole game and not 90 seconds.

  21. Those last few minutes was a nail biter. Drury was terrible in faceoffs tonight. Madden beat him about 5 straight times at the end, otherwise Drury played a good defensive game. Shanny zone clear was too hard and unfortunately not at the empty net which led to the icing that led to Madden’s faceoff wins, that led to a goal. Then the ref helped. Don’t remember the last time I said a referee helped the Rangers.

    Devils will come out hard in game 3 and after that finish, if the Rangers had any thoughts about being complacent, the Devil’s finish may be a blessing in disguise.

    Hope Drury gets back to his usual faceoff ability in game 3. Did him and Dubinsky change uniforms tonight??

  22. Stanley Kupp on

    Rangers at Mtl

    Caps at Pitt

    Col at Det

    Dallas at SJ


    these are the next series imho

  23. This is why I love Rangers fans. We can go into the Rock and start a Marty chant without the Devils fans shutting it down.

    Now Sunday its the Rangers and 18,200 of their closest friends vs the Devils.

  24. BlackS4 (Steve Trac) on

    HELL YEAH RANGERS!!!!!!!!11 What a game!!!! There is NOTHING like hearing the Marty chant as loud as it was in his OWN HOUSE!!!!!! I was lucky enough to be invited to a box and I even saw Lou Lamarello in the bathroom! Devil fans were CRY, CRY, CRYING about the last 2 minutes of the game. Well don’t bitch to the refs when you can’t score in the first 58 minutes. It’s not their fault you lost…

    Man, I AM DRAINED from the game!!

    GO RANGERS, 2-0 going back to the greatest arena on Earth. WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. NJ whining about the officials way to much. rangers always get shafted.. NJ had a too many men on the ice penalty that was not called and there were other miscalls.

    Brodeur did his usual BS in the crese.

    Rangers won fair and square.

  26. BlackS4 (Steve Trac) on

    also, Sudder went APESH1T at the end and SMASHED a stick against to several pieces on the ice!! He was NUTS!

  27. BlackS4 (Steve Trac) on

    Last thing, at the end of the second, as Avery got his penalty, he was *face to face* (literally) with Marty and I wish I had a picture of it as a poster. IT WAS AWESOME! You can only wonder what was said in those few seconds!!!!

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