Game 2 nears


Same time, same place. Same players.

Both coaches said this morning that there will be no lineup changes tonight.

Actually, Tom Renney said he’s leaning toward using the same lineup. The NHL coaches handbook pretty much dictates that the winning coach in any Stanley Cup playoff game doesn’t dare make any changes. The losing coach often does, but Sutter said he wouldn’t.

And that includes Brian Gionta, who was banged up (side, ribcage, something) in Game 1. Gionta skated this morning and said he was fine and that he’ll play. You have to be in a body cast to not be fine and not play at this time of year.

The Rangers had a fairly big turnout for an optional morning skate. A lot of players just don’t like to exercise the option. They need to skate. Brian Leetch was one of those guys. He’d wake up early, get to the rink, get dressed in full pads and skates, go out for a few minutes, come off the ice, shower, and go back to his hotel room or out to lunch. But he had to be on the ice, even while playing 27 minutes a night.

Anybody who wasn’t here for Game 1, are you going to be able to make it to Game 2? What’s the ticket situation. I know they said Game 1 was sold out, but as you know there were lots of empty seats.

Apologies again for this all coming out as one paragraph. This junky laptop. … I’m confident that when Josh Thomson gets on line he’ll fix it for me. Thanks in advance, Josh.

(Sam note: I fixed it)

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  1. Thanks for the update…
    I’m bowing out for a bit…I actually have to get some sh## done today, unlike Wednesday…when I literally did nothing accept hit the refresh button…
    Later Guys…for now

  2. searched

    Single tix available in the ‘lower bowl’. pairs appear to be sold out.
    ‘restaurant ledge’ seating available for $255. each.

  3. Fruity Cupcake on

    So we wait all morning and there’s nothing new to report!!!!! TORTURE!

    Is this a Dellapina post? There’s the telltale Leetch story.

    Maybe if they’re saying Gionta’s ribcage, it’s actually his ankle or groin or something.

    Reminder, if you ARE going to Newark tonight, go with the NYR reps and fans, leaving from MSG!

    I gotta leave the premises and go have lunch….

    Satire from the Onion:

  4. I’ll be in section 111, row 4 in Bure blue. I won’t be making it up there until like 6-6:30 though.

  5. With all due respect to Dellapina, I covered Leetch longer than he did.

    They aren’t saying it’s Gionta’s ribcage or anything. Not even whether it’s his side or his feet or his head. That’s the playoffs. Somebody said upper body. With Gionta, isn’t every part of his body lower? That’s a joke.

    Stall Wart, I’m very disappointed to hear about working taking precedence on a game day.

  6. I don’t get what the junky old laptop has to do with pressing the Enter key and making paragraphs. Unless of course, the Enter key doesn’t work.

  7. If I was the rangers defencemen I would hit Gionta as hard as I can as many times as I can along the boards and make those ribs hurt just a little more.

  8. Carp thanks for the update, even if there really isn’t too much to update. haha. Also the game might have been sold out only because of the Rangers fans that bought the tickets. Same will probably apply to today, especially with MSG and the Rangers supporting it and giving out 100 free NJT tix to the game along with towels and stuff.

  9. Carp think Renney will throw any curveballs or stick with the same game plan and lineup?

  10. Greg, I don’t get it either. I do hit enter, and the paragraphs separate, then when I publish the post, it shows up as one giant paragraph.

    If I post a comment my paragraphs separate … like now.

    Any suggestions?

    bklynblue, same lineup. Probably some curves in the gameplan.

    Chris F, it actually took me a few seconds to figure out what LGR means. I am embarrrassed to admit that.

  11. Do you think it is safe to say that if we can clean up our sloppy play from the first game and net 2 to 3 goals that it is safe to say we will win any game we play against the Devils?

  12. tomg
    April 11th, 2008 at 11:44 am
    If I was the rangers defencemen I would hit Gionta as hard as I can as many times as I can along the boards and make those ribs hurt just a little more.

    Tom, don’t you know Rangers defensman don’t hit anybody? They poke check. I’ll be in my basement, row 1 seat next to cooler. Let’s Go Rangers!!!

  13. I think it’s safe to say that if we win the battle of turnovers, and hank plays the same game, we’re good to go.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    The number one thing they need to fix from the last game is turnovers in the defensive zone. Fedor Tyutin was the number 1 culprit and he needs to be much better going forward.

    I think Tyutin is going to be the next whipping boy on defense.

  15. Cheers to that Beer. I agree. People always talk about stealing one on the road. I see absolutely no reason why we can’t win this game tonight. Not even Brodeur. He just don’t scare me like he used to.

  16. Try the line break command.. just put br in between Not sure if it’ll show up but let’s see. I’m using the br between the blahs

    blah blah blah

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    dude, you look like Jake Gyllenhaal.

    Don’t take that as any disrespect. I think both he and you are good looking guys.

    Whatever. I’m comfortable in my own skin.

  18. Doodie, I agree. Tyutin was pretty bad. The ice looked bad also. It looked like the puck kept sticking all over the place. How’s that beard treating you?

  19. Thanks Doodie. Would you like to take a trip up to the mountains with me? Ha. Joke.

    I hope Staal really develops his hitting game even more. He has the potential to bulk up even more and with that size he can destroy people out there. I could see him being a Pronger like player. Maybe not as good, maybe better. Who knows.

  20. nasty – good point. that WAS a fresh sheet.

    Just like msg will be sunday. With those AWESOME new logos on the ice.

    Carp – Any idea if msg has layed down the new ice yet? Work your contacts man!

    Our ice is bad enough….hey, maybe a fresh sheet will help.

  21. Staal is da man!

    I’m dyin to get a staal jersey, but like I’ve said (repeatedly). I just don’t see him sticking with #18.

    He wore #14 in juniors.

  22. Cool. I was just reminded of a 2pm meeting that I forgot about. That should make the afternoon go a little quicker. Going to sit through a hour of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……..

    lose/lose on this today.

  23. Carp – thanks for keeping us engaged in Sam’s absence. Some people on this list will always have something to complain about. Who cares about a friggin’ enter key?! It doesn’t affect what’s happening at the game tonight. GO Rangers!

  24. “The number one thing they need to fix from the last game is turnovers in the defensive zone. Fedor Tyutin was the number 1 culprit and he needs to be much better going forward.

    I think Tyutin is going to be the next whipping boy on defense.”

    Wouldn’t surprise me, but Girardi wasn’t playing great either. I guess he was just not as bad as Toots. See what happens when you give players contracts in the middle of the season?

    Beer Me, I’m pretty sure the ice is down by now. At first I thought the Devils just painted those areas and went over them a couple times but all of the ice ads and stuff looked fresh. I really like what the NHL did for that, especially in Montreal where one side is in French.

  25. I actually hate the logos. I don’t know if my ‘awesome’ reference came across the right way.

  26. Hey maybe we should all go on the Devils blog with our same names and start a conversation…
    maybe we should say that Avery is not playing because of that puck to the head…They’d go nuts…LOL

    STAAL – love your style!!

  27. Agree on defensive zone play being our lowest grade last game. And I watched Rangers in 60 yesterday as I was at the game and couldn’t see replays and stuff so don’t shoot me for this comment, but Backman actually played pretty damn well in the D zone.

    Girardi could have cleared the puck during the PP.
    Roszival totally 100% abso-frickin-lutely pussed out of a hit by some forechecker that gave Asham a shot (and he hit the post and celebrated). But it could have easily been 2-1 right there, totally different game.
    Tyutin was slow. And when he rushes the puck and the seas part for him, he has to do something more than shoot the puck around so it clears the zone. Dumb.
    Mara was slow too.

    So net-net, Staal and Backman were our two best defensemen in the D zone. How scary is that?

    Bottom line: We can do a much better job in our D-zone. Let’s hope!

    Offensively, I thought we had a lot of good chances and we capitalized on the opportunities. I think we need to keep peppering Marty from all angles at all times. There is no such thing as a bad angle shot against Marty.

    Drop the friekin puck.


  28. Fruity Cupcake on

    Carp, no disrespect intended, I own your books! It’s just that JDP is always dropping a Leetch reference. And, well, God love him.

    And Nasty, it’s just the second shot that’s Jake-y. The pic with you and Kaspar is not. Didn’t mean to bug ya.

    Where’s everyone else’s beards?

  29. Ha, it didn’t bug me man, it is all good in the hood, you just broke it on down like I knew you would, rippin and rappin given marty a bitch slappin.
    With some hard skating, and a little bit of luck, I like our chances in this series, so let’s drop the fu**ing puck!!!!!!!

  30. Alright guys, I have an assembly to go to and then I am out of here. I expect a big win tonight! Enjoy the game and Let’s Go Rangers!

  31. actually not sure about tonights tickets i cant make it but for game 1.. there is no way it was sold out.. there were tickets on sale still at 5:30 when i left the city.
    my friends who didnt have tickets actually called a few guys on craigs list and they wouldnt sell for cheaper so they came to the game and called a few of them… they ended up sitting in section 1 for 2 dollars a seat cus the guy had extra tickets…

    and best of all!!! HOMO LARRY was at the game and the devils were dumb enough to play his song so he danced.. classic moment in rangers history

  32. Fruity Cupcake on

    Really, this day is TOO long!!!!

    If we go back to calling him Dancing Larry, maybe the GLAAD/ACLU/whoever will drop its threats against MSG and they’ll play his song and he’ll dance.

    You know, for the children….

  33. Adam and his Apple on

    staal will be better than pronger! all of my predictions comin true, wish all you guys would search back to all my posts months and months ago

    said renney had a game plan all along and for everybody not to panic

    said jagr and shanny were savin it for the playoffs

    just gonna pat myself on the back right now

    PAT PAT. feels pretty damn good

  34. CARP — re: the paragraph breaks issue, I’d try a different browser and see if that works

    if you want, email me directly & i’ll try to help troubleshoot

  35. Just looked on Ticketmaster and found 2 tickets in the lower Bowl, $135.75 each. Also found lower bowl for $100.75 ($95 level).

    Mezzanine and up are sold out.

  36. Thanks, Fruity. I have all sorts of respect for Dellapina.He was my main guy on the beat for many years, and he is the best. After Sam, of course. (sorry Sam).

    Can’t ever get enough reminiscing about No. 2, can you?

    Beer Me, I don’t imagine that new sheet/old sheet/in tomorrrow/in two weeks ago is going to make one bit of difference at the Garden, where they’ve only had bad ice since 1968. Love the nickname, though.

    Francis, are you saying my enter key is not going to have a negative effect on this series?

    Sorry there’s not much to report at this time of the day. I’m sitting in a vacant Pru Center, everybody from both teams is long gone. At least Wednesday we had that fire alarm go off.

    So I’ll be watching the Masters this afternoon. PS, Sam Borden and I taped a new show which will be on during RNN’s newscast on Friday evenings starting tonight, for those still looking to kill time. It’s Carp vs. Borden, or something like that, and they pick topics and we argue. One of them was whether Henrik is better than Marty. Sorry, I took Marty … for now. Borden took Hank.

  37. Rick! How could you take Marty? ;)

    I loved The Record’s headline: “Marty messes up”
    (It’s also now the wallpaper photo on my cell phone)

    I think Lundqvist still has a away to go before he gets headlines like that.

  38. How are the views in the 200s? And how much is a beer?

    The second question is more important as it dictates whether my friend smuggles in the requisite pint of Jack Daniels.

  39. BEER ME!!!, in regards to the logos on the ice. The only logos on the MSG ice will be the 2008 Stanley Cup Playoffs, the NHL logo behind the net and the NYR logo in the center. The others on the NJD ice is because they can’t sell out their building and need to make revenue is some other form. That is why every powerplay the Devils have is announced as a PSE&G PP.

    The NYR have enough revenue because we sell out our game and are real fans.

    Is it all the logos you did not like or did I hit the nail on the head??

  40. JJP, FYI, they pat you down pretty well at the rock. Careful with the JD. They will let you in just not with the JD if they catch it.

  41. Rangers pull down sMarty pants.

    Debbie does malice.

    what’s up Bro, your goals against?

  42. Tony from AZ on

    Richard, they pat you down ?
    Are the patters male or female ?
    This could be fun, I can’t wait until I get there !
    OH-LA-LA !!

  43. Who Needs Lohan on

    They should say…

    “Tonight’s A$$ Whopping is brought to you by Vaseline, keeps skin moist and healthy.” while having that picture of Avery celebrating the goal with Farty Brassiere all bent over…..

  44. Section 118…. unfortunately I don’t have blues… I have a white Richter 3rd jersey. I’ll be with two other people… one might have a blue though…

    getting nervous…. LGR!

  45. Does anybody else find the Devils goal horn obnoxiously loud? Nothing beats the Rangers goal song in my opinion.

  46. John Paul II was the BEST!

    I hope we’ll go to MSG with 2-0 score in series.


  47. My meeting ran the entire rest of the afternoon…unexpectedly. Oh well.


  48. richard – the nhl logo is the one that really pisses me off.

    carp – I was thinking the ice situation at msg being more difficult since the building is used almost everyday. Unlike the pru center.

    I’m willing to let it go! haha

  49. Wednesday night we over powered them in the crowd, I expect the same tonight. I will be at Section 103. Lets get some SCOTTIE GOMEZ chants, boy do they love that at the pebble center, just watch your step cause you may end up on the ice.

  50. I was thinking about this the other day. We’ve hardly seen the Rangers in the third jersey all year. Frankly, I think this is a good thing as A. I’m not a third jersey kind of guy; B. I’d be willing to bet the third jersey has a sub .500 all-time record; C. We look better in the traditional Ranger blue.

    Is there a reason why we don’t wear too often anymore, be it marketing or superstition? Anyone know?

  51. UpstateRanger on

    I think with the new Reebok jerseys (“sweaters”), no third was offered this season.

  52. “Its a PSE & G Powerplay folks, wave your towels!!! PU$$YS!”

    No no no. As the fan next to me said “Let’s Get Ready for the PSE&G POWER OUTAGE!!!” haha it was pretty funny. almost as funny was the Devils fan in front of us sayin “hey we’re not ConEd”.

  53. What upstateranger said. We didn’t hardly see them, we never saw them (great marketing job by RBK to tell everyone about the new Edge jerseys haha). We aren’t getting them back next year either because I don’t think the Rangers submitted for one. If I can find the list of teams that submitted approval for a 3rd jersey, I’ll let you know. It’ll either take place this upcoming year or the year after.

  54. @ Brandon –

    No 3rd jerseys were made by Reebok this year. I read somewhere that SOME of the teams will get 3rd jerseys next season, but I don’t think NYR was one of them.

  55. Good riddens to the third jersey. Not even sure why I thought of that considering the time of season.


  56. I love the team work of the beat writers here. Fixing paragraphs and the like. Good stuff and keep up the great work!

  57. Thanks, Dan. I think I figured out something for the next post, which is up now.

    Beer Me, I also don’t want to make a big deal out of the ice at MSG, but one of the problems is that almost every other arena — or every arena — is at or below street level. MSG’s arena floor is on the fifth floor of a building that sits atop a railroad station, which sits above subway tracks. I honestly believe that has more to do with it than the constant use of the building. Either that or it’s the stink from the Knicks.

  58. one of the debbies biggest flops so far has been Madden. he is not moving his feet, he is loafing, and he is a negative defensively. not like him at all. minus 3 in the first game,and very poor so far tonight.

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