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Help me out here, because I was writing a blog and a column in the third period, and had no access to what was being said on TV. 


What were they saying about A) the goal/no-goal review. I thought it was completely inconclusive … and B) the icing call with the Devils’ short-handed? What did you guys think about the calls (besides that the Rangers were owed a couple of calls, which is a common theme in the comments on the previous post)?


Apparently Lou Lamoriello went nuts after the game, trying to get at the officials.


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  1. A. inconclusive on the review.

    B. The refs admitted their mistake, and the rule is to have the faceoff at center ice. Even Sutter said that the faceoff should be in the Rangers zone, but he said you can’t do anything about that if the rule is to put it at center ice.

  2. A) They thought the no goal call was the right one. It looks as if Lundqvist does indeed get his pad across the goal line. Either way, it was impossible to tell conclusively if the puck crossed the line because the crossbar and a devils player were obstructing our view from the overhead cam.

    B)The MSG guys didn’t seem to realise how wrong the refs were to call icing on that play considering the Devils were shorthanded. They were more preoccupied with the non-call on Betts when he was obviously hooking the Devils player prior to the icing.

  3. Yeah, from a journalistic point of view, it was very interesting and to be fair, I think they should have called something on Betts. However ,as a fan, it wasn’t a pretty game reminiscent of the Red Army or anything, but the Rangers got the W and let’s concentrate on game 3 and not the Devils and there sophomoric shenanigans.

  4. The Rangers are still way behind for the season on getting calls or non-calls their way. Agree Betts should have been penalized but we cut a break from the refs for once.

    Anyway, even if the Devils tied it up, the Rangers would have won in OT!!

  5. Why should that faceoff have been in the Rangers zone if it was a mistake by the refs?? Sutter is a nut. Common sense is center ice after something like that.

  6. That game was INSANE. There’s no other way to describe it.

    MAJOR props to the blueshirt faithful at the pebble tonight. You do nothing but bring joy to Rangers fans across the country! The Hen-rik chants and Marty… The reaction after killing off the double minor was spectacular.

  7. No one mentions that the only reason the Devils scored the goal was because of a blatant trip on Drury that freed up Madden.

    And I’m sorry but Shanny WAS intefered with going to the point.

  8. Fruity Cupcake on

    After he’s done chasing down Walkom’s boys, could Lou Lamoriello stop at a Duane Reade on his way home and buy his only points producer a mouth guard? Seriously, was Parise going commando? Hasn’t this kid worn protection since the second grade? Or really, can you lose teeth with a guard in? Zach, we’ll have Tyra put a hold on your modeling career.

    Betts’ hold was the least of Sutter’s problems.

  9. I like when Some Devils were saying the refs wanted the Rangers to win. That is what annoys me the most. Yea like last season when what 2 Rangers were pulled down when Drury scored in game 5. The Nhl really wanted a Buffalo Ottawa Eastern Conference Finals.

  10. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Definitely not a goal. Fantastic presence of mind by Henrik to get the pad to the goal line while being piled on.

    Lou can be pissed about the blown icing, but Madden should know that if he goes after the ref like he did, he’s not getting a call anytime soon.

    Langebrunner interfered with Shanny, it was a penalty, and the same thing happened on the Devils goal. Good veteran move by Shanny to work the ref after the goal.

    Devils got away with a few, including 10 men on the ice in the 1st.

  11. Yes I must also give a shout out to the rangers fans in attendace tonight, is it safe to say msg will be electric come sunday night, lets go rangers.

  12. holy crap…. was at the game tonight… it was CRAZY!
    We were in section 118 and there were soooo many Rangers and Devils fans going at it… several got tossed by security. Non-stop yelling and chanting at each other and the Rangers chants were non-stop through the game…. my voice= gone.

    Can’t wait till Sunday….but I’ll be watching at home…crap.

  13. My neighbors in 117 and 118 were (pleasantly) insane leading most all of the chants on that side of the arena.

    MARTY-PERVERT was the high-point with the Na Na Na Na…Hey Hey Hey Goodbye to the departing Devils “fans” well prior to their 1 goal.

    And for those of us over there, I’m sure we won’t forget that brunette with the two long fingers!

  14. The hooking (should really have been interference) call on Langenbrunner was fair, I thought. Jamie didn’t have position, and tried to compensate for it by lowering his shoulder into Shanny’s side.

    The rest of the calls (icing) and non-calls (Betts, Roszival) were absolutely awful.

  15. Carp,

    I think you’re right: The Rangers were owed a FEW calls earlier, and caught breaks late.

    Dave Maloney made an excellent point on the recap regarding the Langenbrunner hook on Shanahan. His take was that perhaps Shanahan had been working over the refs to watch that type of interference, and they obliged him with a call.

    Who knows. The bottom line is Rangers 2 Devils 0…

  16. Madden got away with tripping Drury on the face-off that they scored their goal from. And then Clarkson, I think, kneed Drury in the head as he skated by.

    Also, how many years now have they been getting away with blatant penalties and having weak stuff called in their favor? Nuts to them.

  17. 1) While you can’t see the puck the moment it strikes Lundqvist’s left pad in on the reviewed shot, using all of the other available evidence, there’s no way anybody can argue that the puck crossed the line. I didn’t think for a second that it was a goal, and there will certainly not be as much controversy about that play than the reviewed play against Buffalo last year.

    2) I cannot believe the officials made that icing call; that’s an inexcusable error by professional referees and linesmen, particularly in the playoffs. The penalty decisions, especially those late, were bound to cause controversy. Yes, Langenbrunner did nudge Shanahan, and it was interference according to strict interpretation of the rules, but it looks bad when that play is called a penalty but Betts’ indiscreet hook in the final minute goes uncalled.

    In important games, especially when they’re close, I like it when referees put their whistles in their back pockets, so to speak. Tonight, however, the referees did a poor job of that. Overall, both teams were victims of about the same amount of poor decisions (but the Devils will be the most upset because of the calls late in the game). The referees also let things get out of hand after the whistle. How many times were there pushing and shoving after the whistle in the second period?

    It was such a sloppy game by all three parties, save about 25 seconds in the third period.

  18. Oh… forgot that Devils fans have been up in arms tonight about Backman’s cross-check to Parise’s mouth, saying Backman should be suspended for a game or two. I thought a double-minor was the right call.

  19. ThisYearsModel on

    The icing and non-call on Betts were ludicrous. Even more ludicrous than the beatings and restraining fouls on Jagr nearly every shift. The Devils got away with a fair amount too. Apparently, holding, interference and other obstruction is now allowed so long as your stick does not touch the midsection. Anyone ask why Madden and Sutter (slamming then throwing a stick on the ice) did not get called?

  20. reginald dunlop on

    Hey Carp,

    I guess everyone missed the penalty on the goal review…..when exactly did madden get hit for him to be able to lay on lundqvist like he did????? answer …watch it…..he didnt……..shouldve been a goaltender interference call….. as far as backman’s call yep he got the stick up to waist height which is parise’s mouth level…..ha ha ha….. madden allowed to freak like that??? I’m sure Colie will be handing down a suspension for his actions and sutter banging on the boards and throwing the stick on the ice………yeah right…….

  21. reginald dunlop on

    oh and great veteran move if shanahan did remind refs about faceoff interference …..watch on devils first goal….shanahan is blocked from getting to the point…if a defenseman does that it is interference……and betts should know better, didnt he learn from game 5 last year vs. buffalo when he was in box for afinoganov’s goal????????

  22. colin campbell on

    backman is a chicken swede with his stick. he did the same thing in his first couple games, and cut someone else, but they gave the penalty to the wrong guy.

    that kind of stickwork is bs, especially from a a guy who never fights and hides behind a shield

    anyone who plays hockey can respect hard body checks. even mean ones. but not cowardly stick work like backman or simon

  23. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Parise fell into Backman, had he hit him normally the stick would have been chest high. Not excusing Backman, but the stick work wasn’t as bad as you are making it out to be Colin “Soupy” Campbell.

  24. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    Forget the refs. The Rangers won this game. Now we go back to the Garden up two games.


    Anyone else notice how pumped Jags was last night? Not only did he celebrate his goal (something he rarely really does) but he also had at least one really solid hit.

  25. reginald dunlop on

    yep youre right colon…… all those punches to the backs of the white helmets are real gutsy plays……. ha ha ….especially coming from a former stick guy like yourself……..

  26. colin campbell on

    he didn’t fall into him. parise was trying to check him, and backman gave him the eat lumber cross check, plain as day.
    fyi, the guys on Vs who played in the nhl said it might get to me for disciplinary action.

    I’m a Ranger fan, but I don’t defend that kind of garbage.

    I will be surprised if he does not get a game or so.

  27. NJ whining about the officials is classic. they have been getting away with garbage for yrs. and are whining about a miss call on Betts 140 feet from the goal and a blown icing call…..

    at least complain about a kicked in goal, and run of the goalie that leads to a goal etc.

    White is the guy who is good for 2 crosschecks and a few punched at Jagr a night!!!!!!!!!!!

    The rnagers have gotten points or won 10 out of 10 games this yr. from the debbies, any reason why?????????????

    Maybe they are better now, deeper, with a as good goalie(finally) and more skill players, maybe that is th reason..

    I went to a devil blog wow, I though ranger fans were clueless, these people are in denial big time.

  28. There was so much blue tonight… awesome people in my section!! In case you were in 111, you rocked the pebble!

  29. SeamusORiley on

    hate to see a guy lose his teeth, but didn’t it look like bachman lifted his stick to protect himself? also the height difference was not his fault—-nor did it appear intentional.

    Actually, focusing on the sophmoric hijinks of the devils is an important part of a post mortem AND will likely factor into the analysis of Game 3. They carry Game 1 and Game 2 into Game 3.

    I could not believe the MSG announcers ignored *the SECOND TIME* the Ranger fans chanted “Marty, Marty”. The first time they mentioned it, but the second time, it ALMOST drowned out the announcers —if you closed your eyes, you would have sworn that it was at the Garden and the place was ROCKING with that chant! They said nothing about it—-it was overwhelming loud.

  30. Broadway Roe on

    Off topic- Did anybody see this social networking site, iamaranger.com? It’s like Myspace for rangers fans, run by the team. Pretty funny stuff.

  31. WOW–I sec,was in 118 last night thought it was the Garden voice is shot,So much yelling, chanting, Security was tossing people for yell at each other,and I mean in your face yelling.That was a blast,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  32. – The job Straka and Shanny did on that 4 min PK WAS HUGE!!!!!!!!! Say what ya want about these guys being over the hill but they’re sooo smart.

    – Hank excellent again (the only goals he’s given up are the “seeing-eye” variety.

    – Jagr playing hard!!!

    – Fairly solid defense all night

    – The Refs suck. Plain and simple.

    – RANGERS FANS AT THE ROCK… YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! You could totally hear the chants. GREAT JOB!!!

  33. The Devils can complain all they want about the officiating. That means they are getting frustrated and their energy and focus is on something else other than the Ranger. I know Sutter was a solid player but I can not stand watching him during games with that sulky frown on his face for 60 minutes. He looks like he has a you know what shoved up his you know where. He is a bitter man and they will spend their whole off day wrapped up in the frustration they experienced last night.

    I expect a real battle tomorrow night at the Garden but the difference will be the crowd will be all one sided in favor of the Blueshirts. We can smell blood and that place is going to be LOUD

  34. wow did u see a different game the last two night colin (first off great win last night) second fine they gave backman 4 minutes thatys all he deserves Parise was hunched over big time not saying backman was right but his stick was chest hights. the call on betts at the end should have been made. but the devils always get away with murder. every time someone was near shanny they were ripping his helmet off. also did u not see Martttttttttty but his gloves right in avery face the first game. this is playoff hockey so devil fans need to stop bitching and worry about not being able to score goals against out Rangers. plus they could not even score on the 4 minutes power play so it would not even have made a difference.

    and btw those new devil jersey that make people look like chairs are kind of cool alot of people had them on last night… hahaha

  35. The icing call actually helped the devs. We had possession or they wouldn’t have accidentally blown the whistle, which means we would have gotten down to the other end which would have taken way more seconds off the clock than blowing the whistle and having them win the face-off at center. I know they are jockeying for calls but the refs really gave them 7-8 more seconds of possession.

  36. Great Ranger fan support again last night! Since we didn’t trail the Devils at all during the 1st 2 games, Devs fans have had no chance to make any noise. Thanks Rangers!

    I’m still always surprised by how personally the Devs fans take our cheering for the Rangers. Season ticket subscriptions at the Crock should include post-game counseling for mental anguish (at least after losses to Rangers).

    One of their fans got so upset last night after 2-0, a 6-year old Ranger fan I was at the game with dropped his Ranger Zamboni matchbox car on the row in front of us. We asked the Devils fan for it, but he refused once he saw what it was – the kid got upset and the Devs fan did nothing. What a jerk (in Section 124)!

  37. I love that avery skated to the NJ logo at center to celebrate his goal…if he wasn’t on my team i’d hate him so much lol

  38. Guys,
    I’m sick with a serious case of Ranger fever!…

    Colin if you’ve watched Vs. u should know it sucks…I don’t think Backman will face any suspension or fine…it wasn’t premeditated and if Backman does face a fine or suspension…what about Broduers stick to the face of Callahan? huh… that could have cost Cally some teeth as well…
    Also unlike Game 1 the Rangers I thought played much tighter and seemed to control play more than they did in game 1…our D was pretty darn good tonight…
    Is it Sunday yet?

  39. When Avery and Brodeur got into it I couldn’t help but imagine Sean asking “You kiss your sister with that mouth?”

  40. i want to know more about lou going at the Refs someone needs to get on that ASAP…

  41. Question, why wasn’t Sutter called for some sort of technical penalty for breaking that stick then tossing it on the ice. At least some sort of bad-sportmanship penalty should have been called, correct? Or am I just way overly sensitive?

    Great game, the fans that were there made it enjoyable for those of us watching at home, that was the first time I ever watched an away game and didn’t have to turn to Mr K and ask what they were chanting. I’d like to say keep it up, but I doubt highly we’ll return to the Rock until next season.

  42. Joejoe,

    The devils didn’t get a SHOT on the 4 minute powerplay. This was the key to the game-not the fact that the refs missed an icing call and a hold 130 feet from the goal that they couldn’t get a shot on.

    I might mortgage my condo for a ticket for tomorrow. Jags had a huge smile on his face probably in memory of the last time he was in the devs-Rangers playoff on the table with separated shoulder. This time he’s looking over and seing the trap bustig Gomer wearing BLUE-that is bringing a smile to his face.

  43. I love the picture of Cally in mid-air. He was again fearless last night.

    Thanks for the link, joejoe

  44. RICH-

    What nobody is talking about is how Mara had the puck on his stick when they called the icing. He remember how I thought that he had allot of support, he could have made a short pass to either his D partner or one forward who was open — who would have had a clear attempt to send it the length of the ice into a open NJ net, or just lift it deep in their end.

    I thought right away that that call benefitted NJ, not us.

    I can understand Madden and Sutter complainging about it — its a emotional game, but I can’t for the life of me understand how Lou can make a big deal of it.

  45. pretty incredible. missed most of the game but did see the 4 min PK……. I wish I got to hear the marty chants…my favorite thing in sports.

  46. Anyone find a picture of Parise’s broken face? I would love to make it the desktop for my buddy at work– a Devil’s Fan.

  47. Let’s just feed off Devils pain for now. Frustrated. Can’t beat King. Burn Devils, burn.

  48. great win last nite. screw parise, this is playoff hockey, he makes plenty of $ he could buy some new teeth! any way we are owed some calls, the refs have been dogging us all year with bs calls. the devils seem to get all the breaks, surprised the didnt get the goal call. it was inconclusive at best.
    betts should have got 2, and sutter should get a fine or a suspension for his crap at the end. the devils need to stop crying, about the refs. the rangers need to start the 4th line sunday, and plaster every devil early and set the tone for this game right from the beginning.we need to take gionta parise or elias right out of the game. go rangers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Ola – Good point. I thought it was Rozy but whoever it was there was alot of room to skate or move the puck around the boards at a minimum. It looked like he was startled to hear Hank tell him that the Linesman was ready to call icing.
    Great discipline by the rangers last night. It may have seemed that the devils were creating great pressure but they were running around the perimeter with no lanes to shoot.
    Finally, we need to pound that coward Colin White. Did any one notice the elbow he threw at Avery in the 3rd. Time to get the puck deep and pound him through the end boards.
    Message to the Blueshirts – Its time to hate these guys as much as they hate us!!

  50. People complaining about the Devils fan and player complaints REALLY need to look in the mirror. I have seen many games where our fellow Rangers fans complain about the refs and/or call conspiracy. I have seen Rangers players complain about the refs.

    Point is every “insult” we place on Fluers fans, Devils fans, Isles fans is something we have done ourselves. I despise it when people criticize other team fans when they do the exact same thing too.

    That being said, great win! Seems to be like most games this season versus the Devs. Tight games and then we get a goal (lucky or skill) that changes the game.

  51. I’m loving this series. So far, so good. Great to see Hank outplay Maaaarrrrrttttyyyyy again!!! I really think this team can go a long way. OK, I know I didn’t really contribute anything, but I’m so into this right now I couldn’t resist. I wish I didn’t live over 2 hours away, or I would be at game 3 or 4. Thank God for Center Ice package!

  52. just had a devil fan tell me “forget about the non calls my team can’t score goals ” he said it him self I actually shook his hand when he said that.

    I feel for anyone that shows up with a devils jersey tomorrow night

  53. I was in section 5 last night- I have never been to a hockey game with this kind of intensity from fans! I’m gonna say at least 40% of the people in this section were Ranger Fans. It was truly amazing!!

  54. WHAT TO DO – WHAT TO DO !!
    I have tickets for game 5, I flying in from AZ just to see the game in person.
    I just can’t root for the Rangers to lose a game – I just can’t !!

  55. Fruity Cupcake on

    Tony, come to New York and should there be no Game 5, I’m sure you can find fans with whom you can reminisce. Plus, you’ll have to stop by Cosby’s and the new NHL store! Dude, it’s NEW YORK! You’ll figure it out, even if we have to help you :-) You travelling alone?

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