Some stats on Games 1 and 2


Now, before everybody gets way ahead of themselves and starts booking rooms for the next
series, take a step back.
Game 1 often, very often, goes to the visiting lower-seeded team, and very often doesn’t
mean much.
Yes, stats say that 71 percent of all Game 1 winners since 1994 (when the Eastern/Western
conference playoff format was put in place) have gone on to win the series.
But stats also say that 71 percent of Game 2 winners since 1987, when all rounds went to
best-of-seven, have gone on to win the series.
Now, if it gets to 2-0 … that’s happened 280 times in best-of-seven series, and only 37
times has the team down 0-2 come back to win, or 13.2 percent.

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  1. stats mean something, if only about the games/series that have been played already. but stats are fun and sports fans love them.

    although, stats this early in the morning make my head hurt.

  2. Those that didn’t get wasted last night(not doodie), wasn’t it easy to get out of bed today?

    My quick notes: Hank kept it a 1-goal game. #1 star imo.

    I think we’ll see this play from gomer at least through this series. And I hope it rubs off on
    the rest of the team(which it looks like it is).

    I thought Hollweg was going to break his face open when he went crashing into the end boards.

    A few mistakes here and there. Mainly in our own zone, I can’t keep repeating myself on that.

    Nice job by my boy Renney. Outcoached the opposing coach in game 1….on the road. And even before the game started by fooling most of you too. I’m not going back to quote some of those ridiculous posts, or requote my own though.

    Ugh…so now the wait starts ALLLLL over again.

    Oh…one last thing…GO CALGARY!

  3. For the first time in a while you can tell that the rangers hate the Devils as much as they hate us. Also, having listened to the post game on MSG+, the whining by Marty and Coach Yoda can’t be very inspirational to the rest of the team.

  4. Overall, a good team win with key contributions from several areas, both young and old. These are the types of “character wins” that keeps you going in the playoffs. Henrik was definitely first star, robbing Elias in the 2nd when it was 1-1. My favorite post-game moment from last night:

    Reporter: “Were you shocked by that goal by Callahan?”
    Brodeur: “I’m shocked when any goal goes in..”

    What a sore loser.

    Hey guys, any ideas on a good bar in the city to watch game 2 tomorrow night? Perhaps a bar that plays the volume of the game instead of annoying bar-type music? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I was thinking perhaps Stout might be a good spot?

  5. Yes Beer, getting up this morning was a breeze…flipped on MSG to watch the highlights, hear the interviews…good stuff…
    I like the team/coaches caution about it only being 1 game.
    I like the fact that even though we fans don’t necessarily repect the Devs (or there fans), our boys do…

    Yes it’s a long wait till friday but at least the first game is over…and I have off today….and its nice out…

  6. staal – you lucky bastard. Nicest day of ’08 so far. Although if I were off, I’d probably just sit on my ass and watch the Masters. haha

    It’s only 1 game. But it only took 1 to take home-ice advantage back. I guess that shootout loss way back in the reg. season means nothin now.

    oh yea…and Drury 14/18 in the circle is awesome.

  7. For once Jagr’s goofy comments made me laugh, from the Daily News – “Of course, it is tough to take Jagr seriously at times. When one reporter inquired yesterday how he scraped his knee beneath those Band-Aids, he replied, “Sex on the carpet.”

    Too funny.

  8. Who Needs Lohan on

    Thats awesome, I wish I still did that!!!!! If it aint missionary on a bed, my wife has no interest…..

  9. Guys like Cally, Gomez and Shanny along with Lundqvist deserve all the credit for the great games they had but few probably have mentioned how good Girardi and Staal played. I can’t get over how poised Staal is in his own end. He is at his best when he is out there against other teams best players. Girardi was terrific as well. He blocked shot after shot he played with alot of jam throwing the body all around. Girardi also did a good job of covering up for Tyutin who was very skittish with the puck last night. I can’t say enough about Hank the Devs totally dominated the first 8-9 minutes in the third and Henrik came up with huge saves. While Brodeur competely fell asleep on Callahan’s goal.

  10. Anybody know of any bars in the city that show the game WITH SOUND rather than music blasting and just a visual of the game??

  11. Not the best game we’ve ever played but coming out on top was important.

    Hank played incredible. I thought the youngsters really contributed. Staal especially made me say “This kid is a rookie… he’s showing veteran poise”.

    Shanny is such a class act… could have had two goals in game one but defered to Dawes for his first (hopefully of many) play-offs goals.

    Gomez really played an incredible game… they can’t handle the speed!!!


    Hopefully they can build on some things and come out stronger on Firday!!!

    Let’s Go Rangers!!!!

  12. Good call on notciting staal. He’s got a hell of a career in front of him. Now we just have to find the right partner for him to be paired with.

    jjp – thanks for that quote. hilarious.

  13. Brodeur’s head is too big (his ego included) to notice who’s coming around the net – it cost him in ’94 with Matteau, in ’97 with Graves, and now last night with Callahan. Although you really can’t compare the series clinchers of the past to last night, it’s still nice to win a game based on his bone-headed play.

  14. Anybody know of any bars in the city that show the game W/ SOUND rather than music blasting and just a visual of the game??

  15. Just like using the wrap-around on Marty, the devils know to go upstairs on Hank. Pretty close to going the other way last night. They hit 2 crossbars, no? Or did Hank get a piece of 1?

    AHHHH….I finally got my teams in the only playoff pool I’m in. Rangers, Flames, Avs. I’m rooting for all 3 in the 1st round anyway.

  16. By the way, I saw this today: Brian Gionta hardly played after being slammed at the boards by Marc Staal midway through the second. My brother mentioned it when it happened but I did not think much of it. Yes, Staal played well.

    That being said though, I thought in the first 6 mins the Rangers came out on adrenalin and were the aggressors. But from halfway through the first through most of the second it was even to edge to the Devils. At times our D looked nonchalant and sluggish.

    After a big save or two from Hank, we started to get it going and mash people. BTW, WTF that Hank didn’t get a star of the game? Gomer yes, for sure. Cally yes, he was hitting and hustling all night. But John Madden #3, are you kidding me? Over Hank? Total BS.

    Marty is a sore loser. What an a-hole!

    Drury is the money man…right Salty?

    Jags playing good 2-way and really being a force out there.

    Just when we want to bash Shanny and say he is slow (me included, though I did say we need to have him in there for his playoff experience), he shuts us all up. Nice game Shanny (and nice defensive work in front of the net!)

    Keep the momentum going boys.

    Section 116 had a ton of Ranger fans…great spot! BTW, JoeJoe was that you covered in blue paint? You are a nut!

    Also, Devils fans favorite chant is “F the Rangers.” Gee, a lot of ingenuity and class in that one.

  17. Boys – that was freaggin awesome. I had one of the best times last night. Had no idea my seats were as good as they were. Sat first row right behind the devils bench. Was wearing a white Rangers lid and my blue Drury jersey.

    Anyway so as soon as I sit down security is looking at me like I’m gonna try and assasinate one of the Devs players. I was right at the end of the bench where the Devils players come on the ice and I was stanfding there waiting for them to walk on. Two security monkeys get right in my face and are like – you gotta go to your seat. I’m like this is my seat tool box. Guys flashing lights in my face and checking my ticket stub. Whatever. Gave Weeks a little hello during the national anthem and he winked back. I pounded the Rangers emblem on my chest and he smiled back. Was pretty funny actually.

    Anyway so right after Fat-Mouth-Sore-Loser-Marty-Mc Dooshbag passes the puck to Cally and we go up 2-1 during a tv timeout Maryt comes to the bench for a little water bottle action. I am standing up jumping up and down right in his face saying nice pass Marty… nice freaking pass Marty. He looked right at me and as soon as he did i get a tap on my shoulder from another security guard saying hey you can’t do that. I’m like – do what. I can’t heckle. I’m not swearing or anything. Just a little banter. He’s like – can’t do it son. Then I said to him shananigans! You are just a Devs fan. You can’t kick someone out for chearing for the visitors… then I got right back in Marty’s face and the security guard didn’t do a damn thing!

    Loved seeing all the Ranger blue there. Like the pebble – but it don’t hold a candle to MSG.


  18. The Rangers held tough after being outplayed for a good portion of the game. IMO Shanny looked great with Gomez and Lundqvist. Tyutin??? WAKE UP! My worst nightmare, McCreary, came true but he didn’t kill us although that call on Gomez was picky. It’s a long road to go, we’re in 1st gear.

  19. Anybody know of any bars in the city that show the game WITH SOUND rather than music on over the tv volume and just a visual of the game??

  20. Drury didn’t have a giant game or anything but I’m in no way worried about him. You can literally see a different person sitting on the bench. He looks different. He looks pissed off. I like that. I trust him and I’m sure as hell glad he’s here right now.

    Under what circumstance do you think they’d ever pull Marty?
    Does Dawes goal last night count as a goal against Brodeur?

  21. hey New Newman,

    Devils main chant is the Potvin chant changed to “Rangers Suck”. I think they do it no matter who they’re playing. Or my favorite, when they’re introducing the Ranger starters before the game, after each person’s name is said on the PA, they all yell “SUCKS”. It’s SOOOOO ANOYING. Everything about the Devils sucks…..


  22. *By the way* Anybody know of any bars in the city that show the game W/ SOUND rather than music blasting and just a visual of the game??

  23. salty – I don’t believe that it counts against his GAA. Counts against the teams GAA though, obviously.

    Despite a not-so-playoff-like performance by our D-corp, we did limit them to 1 PP goal which was pretty much a 5 on 3 1/2. Not something to throw a parade for, but something to build upon.

  24. haha salty. now that you ask I know a ton of bars that you can go to like that. lol

  25. Something funny maybe someone else caught. I was watching the replay of NHL Live on the NHL network before the game yesterday, and they asked a question like: “Name 4 brothers that such and such in the NHL…” obvisouly looking for the Sutters. So this guy calls up and he only got 2 names out before they hung up on him. The 2 names you ask? Kevin Weeks & Anson Carter. No offense to anyone, but that’s pretty funny stuff.

  26. Was so great Beer! One other thing. I was sitting right next to where all the Devs sticks were lined up. A bunch had numbers written on the knobs and a few had players initials…. but one had NYR written in blue letters.

    Any thought?

    PS – It wasn’t Week’s stick from last year (although it could have been seeing he’s played like 5 minutes for the Devs this year) as I checked it wasn’t a goalie stick.

    Oh and blacks4 – when the introed the Devils players I yelled SVCKS after every one! All the Devs fans were looking at me like who the fvck is this guy!! I looked right back at them like – bring it on baby!!

    Thank God we won – that would have really svcked.

  27. Legal Beagle on


    Aren’t reporters supposed to know at least something about employing statistics? Saying that 71% of Game 1 winners go on to win the series doesn’t mean anything because 71% of Game 2 winners also go on to win the series is meaningless without breaking down the percentage of teams who won Game 1 and lost Game 2 or vice versa. C’mon, man. This isn’t rocket science.

  28. We owe this one to Hank,(& some iron) & fortunate that the Devils just don’t know how to score in view of the number of horrendous defensive turnovers we made in our own end.
    That said, it is a great sign we can still win despite not playing our best & being outplayed & outhit for a good part of the game.
    How good was Gomez! Lots of guys making clutch plays when it mattered.
    I think this game showed perfectly that this team has the heart, poise, & ability to keep fighting thru adversity that they demonstrated the last 2 months & can go far in the playoffs.
    Lots of guys bailing each other out & playing hard. Good backchecking & coverage in front of Hank.
    This was a great game to watch & just like every single game between these two teams this year, tight & tense till that 3rd goal.
    Go Rangers.

  29. Mike from CT on

    we were in section 213 last night and had a lot of ranger fans in our section. Good to see as always.

    I was shocked at the number of empty seats there were in the arena last night. Shame on the devils, they shouldn;t even have a team. People in the section were saying how you can get wal-up tickets at game time.

  30. Who Needs Lohan on

    Converation between my wife and I this morning….

    Her: You didnt shave….
    Me: I know
    Her: Well why not?
    Me: Its the playoffs baby.
    Her: So you arent going to shave until they lose?
    Me: I love you! (closes door behind him)
    Her (muffled sounds)

  31. Kris:

    That is good stuff, thanks for the link.


    Amazing how a couple posts and good goaltending can change the game. Brylin, Gionta both had point blank chances they missed and because of that the Rangers win game 1.

    That being said, Marty is one arrogant S.O.B. and he was “cadillacing” on Cally’s goal.

    Those are goals you can’t have scored against you.

  32. I have to say that while don’t think it was the Rangers best game by any stretch, I’m definitely happy for the win. I really like that we have three solid lines and the pressure isn’t all on Jagr. Plus having winners like Gomez, Drury and Shanahan should really help the development of the younger guys long term.

    Its a shame Avery didn’t talk sh*t in Marty’s face right after that goal.

  33. I loved the way that Farty helplessly tried to get back to stop that one. Just to get a face-full of Avery’s ass.

  34. Did anyone see the quote in the post by The Whiner.

    “I’m the top player on the team, to a certain extent. They need me to be perfect. Today I played pretty good until that goal,” Brodeur said.


    What ever happend to a team effort? That’s why they lost they were outworked by a real team, not a bunch of egos of those who feel they deserve things.


  35. I think someone earlier mentioned this but to those who went to the game last night…

    Great work… youg guys took over the place!!!

  36. Mike from CT: you could buy tickets in all different sections around the arena from Ticketmaster even at 4pm yesterday. I bought a bunch of tix for Friday 9 rows from the ice and had a hard time getting rid of them this week. They just can’t sell out wherever they play (and against the Rags too!)

  37. Hey all. I’ve been busy at work, hence my absenteeism from the blog.

    Last night was just so intense and was a great reminder of why the NHL playoffs, to me, are the best sporting event of the year. It’s a shame the sport isn’t more popular nationwide because if you like something like March Madness, you’d love the NHL playoffs, in my opinion, at least.

    Anyway, Rangers. I was very unhappy after the first period. Too many giveaways, and they weren’t physical enough. But I thought that getting the first goal was gigantic early in the 2nd period. After that, you knew the Devils would press and they did tie the game. But this game was a classic example of why the Rangers need to make the Devils chase the game. Yes, they hit posts and Hank had to be amazing, but if the Devils are chasing a 1 or 2 goal deficit, they’re vulnerable. The Rangers opened them up, and even though they don’t play an open, offensive style all the time, they’re deadly when they do. This is why even though the Rangers didn’t score a lot of goals, I think their offense is the reason they advance. They’re just a more dangerous hockey team and they finished their chances last night.

    Hats off to the usuals…Gomer, Shanny, Hank…but also Jags, the young guys and AVERY. I just love Sean Avery. Takes a puck in the face, comes back to grab a goal and an assist and play his usual physical game. He’s an X factor for this playoff run.

  38. Re: Carp’s stat, I wonder what the breakdown is on that for teams that win the first two at home and teams that win the first two away.

    Daaaaamn, what a third period. The Devils had three shifts in a row where they maintained some serious pressure in the Rangers’ zone, but the Rangers did well to weather the storm.

    Lundqvist’s left-pad save on Parise–both the actual save and what King Henrik said about his thought process during the play–is just more evidence that shows just how great of a goalie the Rangers have. When you can turn the difficult saves into easy plays, you are a special goalie.

    Here’s a rant about Nigel Dawes–I think he’s a good young player who’s got the potential to be better. He skates, handles the puck and forechecks well … but last night, sometimes he looked lost in the defensive zone. I compared him to some of the other left wings: Martin Straka is supposed to be more of your European finesse player, but he’s IMO one of the most underrated defensive players in hockey; he’s got great sense. Sean Avery is never caught in no man’s land–there’s never any room on the opposition’s right side when he’s out there. Dawes, however, seemed to be hesitant–does he I help out in the corner? What should he do about the defenseman? What if someone cuts in front of the net? Dawes seemed to hedge his bets by just hanging out around the top of the face-off circle…

    …but looking at the stats, in 61 games during the regular season, Dawes was PLUS 11. Yes, the BEST +/- on the team. As the team as a whole does well to keep the puck out of the net, and as they only gave up one goal last night (not to mention that stat above), I know I’m nitpicking way too much. What does everyone else think about Dawes’ all-around play and his career potential?

    The walk to Newark Penn and the train ride back to the real Penn Station was one of the best post-game atmospheres and perhaps the most fun mass transit experience I’ve had.

    Awesome, parros … I was in 118 and before the game started, I saw someone with a blue Drury jersey by the Devils bench and was hoping that guy was a good heckler!

  39. Lohan… I know how you feel. My girl put the kybosh (sp.?) on the porn stache idea last night. My friend and I were watching the game and I said that after the Masters I was going to go with the Hollwegg stache.

    From the other room I hear… “NO. I Don’t like MUSTACHES. Nope.”

    Women… can’t live with ’em… pass the beer nuts.

    (Just kidding ladies)

  40. Yeah Jordon! That was me baby!!

    I like Dawes though.. think he has great scoring touch and has great vision on the ice. Maybe he was just a bit nervous for his first playoff game. He certainly did not stand out last night.

  41. IMO, the Devils played their best possible game last night to our B- game and lost.

    The King is earning every penny of his new contract thus far, and I expect him to maintain the same focus.

    We looked a little jittery in the first, as evident with the puck going off the heal of our sticks a few times leading to turnovers; however, we settled down and I think controlled a great deal of center ice territory for the majority of the game.

    Friday is huge. I don’t think the Devils can play desperation hockey down 0-2. You have to open up your game to do that, and they don’t have the firepower.


  42. Roszival is very lucky his less-than-courageous bailout to avoid a hit before Asham hit the post is not a big story today. If that puck goes in, it’s a 2-1 game late in the second, and we are looking at a whole new sitch.

    Yeah, no question Renney “outcoached” Sutter last night. Especially in the beginning of the third, when the Rangers fired out of the locker room like men possessed (ahem) and didn’t start to play until the shot count was 9-0. Talk about ridiculous.

  43. Awesome Game. My first trip to the ROCK and I must admit a pretty incredible arena. Having said that, the Devils should be ashamed. I was able to buy great seats on game day at cost on Ticketmaster. There were many more Ranger fans than Devils fans in the building. You would never see that happen at the Garden. All in all the Rangers played a great game with Hank and Scotty leading the way. Hey it looked like Malik was wearing number 51 last night. The only down side, too many turnovers by Tyutin in his own zone. Best part of the game was watching the Devil fans get up to leave after the Rangers scored the 3rd goal. That was AWESOME!!!!

  44. hey…that devils blog that someone linked here yesterday (sorry for not reposting link) are tearing apart sutter & marty for the loss. I love it.

  45. “Yeah, no question Renney “outcoached” Sutter last night. Especially in the beginning of the third, when the Rangers fired out of the locker room like men possessed (ahem) and didn’t start to play until the shot count was 9-0. Talk about ridiculous.”

    If you’re gonna pick a few minutes of game 1 ON THE ROAD to draw a negative from…you should just save it.

  46. Doesn’t it lohan? Like the guy or not. Some people blame the coach when the team is flat, and praise the veterens when they’re fired up.

    joejoe – I read that somewhere this a.m. But no details. ATTA BOY STAALZY!

  47. Who Needs Lohan on

    Can anyone explain to me this new phenomenon at sporting events(mostly in football and hockey). When the opposing player takes a penalty then fans start yelling and calling them a cheater. WHere did this come from. After a Ranger penalty, my whole section (232) was yelling “you cheater”,”sit down cheater” etc. That is just quite possibly the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Do any of my team’s fans say such things? Someone please explain this to me…

  48. Outside of Staal and Mara, our defense was brutal last night. Staal was kinda shaky in the first but then calmed down and played much better. Backman wasn’t so bad either, but Tyutin was giving away pucks like McCabe, Rozsival was extremely soft and missed checks getting him out of position, and Girardi was really inconsistent. He did well blocking shots but made awful outlet passes to nobody or to the other team. It seems like since Toots and Danny signed their new contracts, their games have dropped a step or two. Haha Rozsival went for an open ice hit and missed a couple times, leading one of the Devils fans in front of us to say, “He could’ve FedEx’d that hit and he still wouldn’t have received it.” I admit that I laughed pretty hard at that one just because of how out of position Rozy was.

    One thing I’ll say is that I’m impressed how they stuck it out and played much better in the 2nd half. They need to play much better though next game because having a 1st period like that won’t get them anywhere in the playoffs. And I made sure I got my money’s worth in those club seats last night. Ate plenty of food down there. I do have to say that the Ice Lounge is pretty amazing with all of the complementary stuff you get. If you eat a lot, it ends up being worth it. Plus you aren’t surrounded by idiots.

  49. btw my voice is shot today.. i wish i could post pics on here i have a pic of a devils fans in front of me last night passed out sleeping.. there were so many empty seats there last night its pathetic devil fans should be embarrassed.

  50. It’s a weird feeling I have today, because I’m very happy the NYR won and I saw a lot of things — opportunism and resilience and obviously great goaltending — that are critical to post-season success.

    But some of the turnovers — and the decisions that led to them — were really mind-boggling. Girardi is a time bomb in his own end with the puck way too much. Tyutin makes me very nervous at all times. Roszival shies away from contact routinely.

    Add these things up and sooner or later the Rangers are going to pay through the nose. And I hope the message at practice today is how fortunate they are to be up in the series…..and how much better they will have to be.

  51. Who Needs Lohan on

    Strange happenning in Section 232….
    I had this one guy in my section, Devils Jersey, cow-bell, drum stick, the works. He wore real preppy looking glasses. Kind of a strange looking bird. Anyways, he turns around in his seat during a stoppage and loudly says Scotty Gomez using a face and voice of a retard. He just turned said it once, and the rest of the section cheered. It was bizarre to say the least. I turned to my buddy and the random Ranger fan who coughed in my face all night next to me and we all just shook our heads and continued watching the game. There were no words to react to such an event.

    By the way, I’ve had three Tangerines, 2 coldeez and thinking about some zinc before I go for a TB test this afternoon…..

  52. Johnny – thought the fire and ice bars were cool but that buffet had to be the most junk yard thing I have ever seen. I mean, we are talking buffet style – at a hockey game – in Newark. Are you kidding me? How freakin disgusting is that? And the line at the sushi thingie was like 20 people deep. I mean who goes to a hockey game and eats sushi. And free sushi…. if you ask me those words should never be uttered in the same sentance. I had to toss one of those pizzas in my face cause I was getting hammered from the twenty beers I drank. Would much rather be sitting in the club seats at MSG and rockin the Garden grub!

    Plus Ray Emery sits right there in the fire bar so you gotta look at his ugly mugg the whole time you are there.

    The open air bar is totally sweet though! Can just chill and watch the game from the bar which is badarse.

  53. I think Bathgate is right in terms of the turnovers by the defensemen. The Rangers need to address that. They must move the puck QUICKLY out of the zone. That said, the Devils did do a good job of pressuring them. They close off the boards very effectively. I feel like the defensemen had about 60 clearing attempts up the boards blocked and kept in the zone by the Devils last night.

    Where I disagree with Bathgate is on his negativity concerning Renney, and in general, the notion that somehow “coaching” had to do with the Devils’ start to the 3rd period. Did you consider that the Devils were the home team and probably said before the period started, “This is it boys, let’s go slam them around and try to get the go-ahead goal.” Likewise, Renney probably said, “Be prepared for an onslought boys, cause if we survive it, we’ll win the game.” Obviously this is all pure speculation, but to me, that’s how you “coach” on the road.

    The notion of “coaching” in hockey just bothers me SO MUCH. I said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s a reactionary sport. I’ve played, reffed, and coached it, so don’t attack me on this issue. It’s not football or basketball. There are some set plays on draws in late game situations, that’s IT. You send your guys out according to matchups and tell them to skate their asses off. There’s a certain level of motivating involved and maybe some chemistry comes from the coach, but the rest is up to the players on the ice. Did Ryan Callahan’s goal have ONE SINGLE THING TO DO WITH COACHING???? No.

    This is why over-bashing and over-praising Renney is worthless.

  54. Dude – I am on cloud freakin nine. Buddy just sent me a copy of today’s star ledger…. There is a huge picture of the devils bench with me standing up behind them celebrating Dawes’s empty net goal…. The quote says While a Ranger Fan (yeah that’s me baby) celebrates, the Devils can only watch the final minute of last night’s loss!

  55. Bathgate- You have given solid analysis in this thread and the other one too about the Rangers Defensemen…100% on the money….Now the reason for you feeling a little strange after last nights win….thats because usually the shoe is on the other foot with the NYR’s….We have seen them over the last 30 years go into a playoff game and play solid and the offense happens to hit the posts/crossbars, or miss yawning goalmouths with shots…..Last night, it was the Devils who were the NY Rangers version 1.a from the 1980’s era…..One good thing is that maybe the Rangers defense will settle down now that the game 1 jitters are gone and we have a 1-0 lead that could turn into 2-0 and a trip back to our own castle on Sunday….that would be very sweet !

  56. Anyone know how bad Vishnevski is hurt? I think it’s great he’s not in the Devils lineup.

    Meanwhile, I was at my dad’s 70th and didn’t get to see much of the game. So delighted to hear Marty f’ed up — still haven’t seen the replays.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  57. chrisF – I don’t believe that vishnevsky is hurt at all. Salvador was coming back from injury and took his spot.

  58. thats so funny my friend forwarded me that pic this morning and was laughing saying i wish i was that guy haha.

  59. salty – how do i post it. i am a bit of a tech-retard. CAn i send it to you and you post. It is so classic! Already called star ledger and they are sending me the original!

  60. What percentage of Ranger fan was there last night ?
    On TV it sounded like there where more of us then them.

  61. “Johnny – thought the fire and ice bars were cool but that buffet had to be the most junk yard thing I have ever seen. I mean, we are talking buffet style – at a hockey game – in Newark. Are you kidding me? How freakin disgusting is that? And the line at the sushi thingie was like 20 people deep. I mean who goes to a hockey game and eats sushi. And free sushi…. if you ask me those words should never be uttered in the same sentance. I had to toss one of those pizzas in my face cause I was getting hammered from the twenty beers I drank. Would much rather be sitting in the club seats at MSG and rockin the Garden grub!

    Plus Ray Emery sits right there in the fire bar so you gotta look at his ugly mugg the whole time you are there.

    The open air bar is totally sweet though! Can just chill and watch the game from the bar which is badarse.”

    nah the food at the Garden is definately better. I’m just saying that overall its pretty nice. They had like the oven roasted turkey and pasta on the side which I never got to and that looked kinda good (wasn’t really out there buffet style. And if you think about it, they kinda have to do it buffet style cuz of all the people. The way the desserts were setup was kinda stupid though, but its all free so whatever.

    Tony – I’d say it was like 65/35 or 60/40 in favor of Devils fans. The difference was that the Rangers fans were grouped together throughout the arena and the Devils fans shut up and left after the 3rd goal (there was still plenty of time left for the Devils to score twice).

  62. avery rules AKA THE GUY IN BLUE PAINT on

    the game was awesome, i can’t even remember how many devil fans asked me to meet them in the parking lot after the game…glad i could help ruin some devil fan’s days :)

  63. Mike from CT, I was in section 213, too – row 8. Agreed we had a good contingent rooting for our team there. Funny how their fans rans out so fast on the team as soon as it was a 2-goal lead. It was a school night, you know…

    Empty seats seem to have been caused by the Devils not releasing tickets to Ticketmaster and only making them available from the arena box office. They think that would ensure tix end up in the hands of Devils fans. All it results in is an empty red seat.

    It still surprises me even now, that since 1940 chants are no longer an option for Devils fans, the only cheer they have is “[INSERT RANGER-RELATED NAME HERE] SUCKS!” I know our Potvin chant has the same reference, but

    a) they took that from us and
    b) they use it for everything (Rangers, Gomez, Lundquist, etc)

    You figure after this much history between the teams they’d have something more amusing to yell.

    At least we had Larry dancing there last night to make it feel a bit like home…

  64. Thanks Jonny, sounded like we were louder.
    Where the Debbie fans a-holes towards us.
    I’m going to game 5 (if there is one) & want to be ready for abuse – LOL

  65. …and I’m confused by the “Rock Your Red” promotion.

    Why go crazy promoting red and hand out a bunch of WHITE towels at the game?

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Nothing that I can say that hasn’t been said.

    My favorite part was by far Dancing Larry. Why would they even play that song??

  67. Doodie,

    It’s obvious…they’re trying to emulate MSG!

    Hence Larry’s dance music + other music with simulated crowd noise. But that’s where they fall short. Our crowd noise is real…well that, and the fact that people show up.

  68. They could be giving out money at the door, I’d take MSG over the Pebble any day. MSG is a true hockey cathedral and when the fans are in full voice, it is the loudest arena in the league.

    I know MSG Netowrk does all that corny stuff about the building, but one of those commercials I find true. When Trautwig and Giannone talk about how the roar is different inside the Garden, that’s actually true. Rangers’ fans seem to have a more robust, deeper tone in their cheers. Half the other arenas, while loud, sound more like ‘NSync concerts than hockey games. I don’t know if this is due to acoustics or just because we’re better, but no one rocks their building like Rangers fans rock MSG. Playoff hockey there is a second to none sports experience.

  69. our d and forwards need to play the puck out of the zone a lot faster or eventually the devils are gonna score on these turnovers (i mean they have to sometime right). Glad we got out of there last nite with a win, for once i wasn’t upset with any of the players renney decided to use as the fourth line used sparingly was fine. if toots and girardi can shore it up we should be fine the rest of the series

  70. Rob C,

    Agreed. Being that we will stay with the current MSG for some years to come, we won’t be able to find out the true cause either. I think it’s a mix of both – but more due to fans than the building.

    And I like to refer to the Pebble as The Crock.

  71. Parros…

    If they sent you the picture in a link, just post the link here…if its a picture or something, you can host it on a site like

  72. when the ranger scored 3 on Marty in less than 2 minutes last year I have NEVER, EVER heard MSG so loud…. and I have seen SO MANY concerts and huge games there…. that was as intense as I can imagine.

  73. Speaking of stealing stuff, lets not forget their intro that they pretty much stole from us. We’ve had the Pirates of the Caribbean theme all year long for all 3 periods (different parts/versions). So they took the song we use before the 3rd period and used it as their playoff intro. Between that and all the chants for Scotty, Sean, and Henke, the guys must’ve felt like it was a home game.

    Tony, I can’t really say much about the abuse since I was in the club section like Parros and the fans really weren’t that bad. They were actually quite knowledgeable by me and we’re criticizing Sutter as much as we criticize Renney (like putting Green and Mottau in of Vish and Racoon).

    As I said in the other post, the only thing that was close to a fight was when everyone was doing the Scotty Gomez chant, a Devils fan in the section next to us stood up and yelled at us saying that we paid enough for our seats so we should sit in them and shut up. The response from a guy next to me was “hey, not our fault you can’t afford it”. haha. It was priceless.

  74. There where more Devil fans there last night then it looked.
    They were dressed as EMPTY SEATS – LOL

  75. There was a fight brewing between 2 fans trying to get on one of the upstairs escalators after the game. I think a Rangers fan hurt a Devils fan’s feelings and the Devils fan got belligerent.

    Security was nowhere to be found (I think they were busy on their arena catwalks), but I’m not sure what became of it.

  76. Tony from AZ,

    That’s why they tell them to Rock their Red. Doesn’t work for the black seats though…

    Their new slogan should be “Rock Your Red if you’re not in a Club or Center Ice section! Then Rock Your Black!” Might be too much to remember…

  77. Salty – it was in pdf format… just sent it to blackS4.

    you guys are gonna die. it is so classic!

  78. Doodie Machetto on

    You can like the vibe or the tradition of MSG over the Prudential Center, but as far as a venue goes, I have to give them credit, I thought it was amazing.

    This, of course, means I am giving kudos tohe architects and engineers who designed it. It has nothing to do with the Devils. But that place really is fantastic.

    Whenever they replace MSG, they could learn a few things about light and space from the Prudential Center.

  79. That’s great! Parros, you need to contact the photographer and ask for a color print!

    Sutter looked like he was gonna cry…

  80. There are several classic things about this picture:

    1. The faces of Sutter and especially LARRY ROBINSON
    2. The little kid 2 rows behind you
    3. Your face and reaction


  81. Thanks Black…. and already have called the star ledger and have a color 11 by 14 on its way… and an 8 by 10 for my brother in law the devs fan!!!!!!!!!


  82. Chris F,

    Pretty sure Gyro II’s still there. I want to say I’ve seen it recently – never eaten it though. It’s that good?

  83. thats now my wall paper its amazing

    i cant believe devils fans came dressed as seats last night

  84. the best part about the pic is the quote underneath it which you can’t see in the link… it says:

    While a Ranger fan celebrates, the Devils can only watch the final minute of last night’s loss.

  85. Doodie…I couldn’t possibly agree more about the arena. Beautiful place, unencumbered by luxury boxes compared to places like the United Center in Chicago and the Staples Center in L.A. That said, there must’ve been 200 or 300 empty seats in the section directly behind the Ranger bench. If you’re a fan, it’s worth the price to sit there for Game 2. … Pay up…you may sit close enough to hear a couple tidbits of wisdom from Avery.

  86. Gyro II is still awesome. Its my pregame meal plus a tall-boy or two every time I go to a Rangers game.

  87. Great pic Parros. While watching on TV, I heard the homo song and I knew, through myspce, that Larry was at the game. My question is, was there a homo Larry chant after the game? Gyro II is great for my drunk ass after a game, the only problem is they close too early.

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