Pregame: Rangers vs. Devils, Game 1


Not that you care, but I have this one friend whose parents owned an incredible house in the mountains outside of L.A. About 10 bedrooms and probably just about as many bathrooms. We went there once for Spring Break when I was a junior in college.

I mention this house because it had a couple bathrooms that were larger than the press room here at the Pru. Throw in the fact that there’s absolutely no windows and the size and smell of my surroundings aren’t much different from a very small locker room. I, too, can’t wait for the game to start.

Unfortunately, your desperate waiting for the lineup is going to continue. Tom Renney was yet again non-committal in his pregame chat with reporters. He offered the following:

“Game-time on that,” he said.

There was a little back and forth and it was clear Renney was playing coy. Hey, at least he had fun with it, right? (Belichick could learn from this.)

One reporter pressed Renney on whether his decision had anything to do with injuries. He said no, then added the following:

“I’m contemplating the assets and attributes of different people that would be in the lineup tonight and what I’ll need. It’s not necessarily based on what this game requires. It’s more based on what we require to win.”

Is what they require to win a couple physical guys? If so, we may very well see Hollweg and/or Strudwick. Stay tuned…

I’ll throw up a post once we find out the scratches, then I’ll have more to share throughout the game. I won’t be quite as diligent with the blogging as I was during last year’s first round series. Sammy was here then, so I had more time. Please stay with me during the game though and I’ll pass along any news  I can share.

Talk to you in an hour…

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  1. Tony from AZ on

    Stall Wart, There is only 1 Tony from AZ.
    I went to the Debbie site to start some sh$#t.
    When you post there is does not always give the right name.
    I know there were some Debbie post with my name on them – NOT ME !
    I got em going though – I think they’re scared !
    LET”S GO RANGERS ! 5 times !!!

  2. Hey Tony,
    Thanks for clearing that up… I was getting worried u’d switched to the dark side…

    I’m about to leave my Vapor Trail up Greenpond Rd.

  3. Emrick said that the referees will be cracking down on goalie interference, so Avery and company better not breathe on Brodeur and watch out for those dives! I really don’t care if someone takes a penalty like that early, though. It would be a nice way to set the tone, if we kill the penalty, of course

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