Postgame: Rangers vs. Devils, Game 1


After a quick writethru, here’s some final thoughts before Carpie and I head out into the great unknown (downtown Newark):

— Marty Brodeur said he wanted to keep the play going (remember: the Devils were on the PP and he didn’t want the faceoff to end up in his own zone) and that he simply forgot about Ryan Callahan. I, for one, found that stunning.

— The Rangers, in unison, said they were lucky to see Brodeur make such a mistake. “Good thing we took advantage of it because he’s not going to do it very often,” Callahan said.

“We got a lucky break, but that’s what’s always made Marty the best,” Scott Gomez said. “He won’t think about that. He’ll let that go and he’ll come back.”

— Gomez was the man tonight, creating the opportunities on all three goals. He dished to Brendan Shanahan before charging to the net, which must’ve bothered Brodeur because that was a softie otherwise. He then tipped Callahan’s rebound to Brodeur, leading to the fateful play. The third goal had his name written all over it…he tucked it underneath Brodeur from beyond the goalie line to a cutting Sean Avery. … All in all, what a game for Gomez.

— Avery’s just Avery. He had two points tonight, drew two key penalties and probably has a few more stitches to show for it.

— I wrote through my story quick and didn’t really mention too much about Henrik Lundqvist, but let’s be honest: He was reason No. 1 why the Rangers have a 1-0 lead.

Lundqvist actually said he “took his time” sliding across the crease when he made the great stop on Patrick Elias with 2:30 left in the second period. He said he saw Elias didn’t receive the puck cleanly, signaling to him he had time. Let me tell you: If he can think that quickly, he’s a better man than you and I.

“I had pretty good timing there,” Lundqvist said.

— So you know, I’ll be back tomorrow. The Rangers practice at noon, so I’ll check in at some point after 1 p.m.

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  1. what a great game to be at. I had club seats in the ice lounge and wow, free food, free sodas and other drinks, all that stuff. plus lots of rangers fans and funny devils fans that you could actually talk to.

    Gomez was the man tonight. Reason why the Rangers won along with Henke. The key was that he was trying wraparounds and stuff like that, which Marty sucks at. So they were shooting from odd angles with traffic and crashing the net. Thats why they got the goals. Not the best start, but the finished very well.

  2. oh btw, the chants in the crowd were priceless. the fans were cheering gomez by the end of the game because the Rangers fans took over. We chanted the goal song when they scored and started the MARTYYYYYY chant. Its kinda embarrassing that at a home playoff game, it was like 60/40 in favor of Devils fans. Nice arena, not a great home atmosphere. I can’t wait to go to the Garden sunday because that place will be rocking…with all Rangers fans.

    A devils fan got up after we scored and said “hey rangers fans you paid enough for those seats so sit in them.” The response back was “hey its not our fault you can’t afford them” haha.

  3. Game was amazing. I thought us Ranger fans held our own in the building and the third period was absolutely amazing!

    Scot-ty Go-mez!!!

  4. what a great time seen tons of season ticket holders from the garden.. we took that place over chanting scottty gomez. and then they actually played dancing larrys song and he got up and danced. Great time i hope even more ranger fans show up friday…

  5. Great Building and a bunch of unworthy fans who all sought the NJT right after we scored the third goal. After that Ranger fans took over the place for good. My hand is sore from high fiving.

    Good to see Girardi have a great game-and Gomer was Gomer. The Devls do not have a play maker, which will be their downfall

  6. It’s great to hear from the fans who were at the game! In my opinion, if we were at home, the three stars would have been Gomez, Lundqvist, Callahan. I thought I heard the announcer say Martin for the third star, which would make a lot more sense than Madden, but Madden is the one in the online box scores.

    Wild-Avalanche game going into overtime; it’s available online at

  7. So much for that. “The video you are trying to watch is only available in Canada.”

    I really wish I could have come over from college in Pennsylvania to the game tonight, but didn’t have the time. I’m sure a great time was had by all! Maybe I could make it to a potential game five next Friday night, which I think will be the clincher!

  8. Yeah Martin was the 3rd star. As I said before, there were plenty of Rangers fans at the game. Awesome atmosphere as a road fan, but the Garden is 10 billion times better. I mean they had to tell the fans to wave the towels because they didn’t know when to. haha.

  9. Really exciting win, especially because they didn’t come close to playing their best game and still the series off to a good and hopeful start. Given that, one doesn’t want to nitpick too much. But just a few quickies about the D and then I’m going to bed.

    —–Roszival wimped out pitifully on the sequence that led to Asham hitting the post. He should be very thankful that play will go generally unnoticed. If Asham scores there, it’s a 2-1 game late in the second, and that is not a good spot to be in on the road in the playoffs.

    —–Girardi’s carelessness is going to hurt this team at some point painfully and for no obvious cause. I only hope the score is lopsided in the NYR’s favor at the time.

    —–Staal had a couple scary moments but overall he was great, given his inexperience.

    —–Tyutin had the horrendous giveaway that Brylin almost cashed in, but he made some plays as well. I cannot figure this guy out.

    —–Maybe I missed something, but Backman and Mara did nothing I saw that made me pull my hair out

    —–Malik wasn’t dressed. Priceless.

  10. To the fans that went to the pebble……WE HEARD YOU LOL!!!!

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I was half hoping they would raise their sticks at center ice to recognize the “home-team” fans. The “Scott-ty Go-Mez” chant reverbed through the stairwells on the way out, and my brother overheard a father walking his little boy out of the building. “Hear that son? The cheering for Gomez? I hope Lamirillo does too – he deserves it for letting him go. What a disgrace.” That chant, along with “MAAAARTY”, “HEN-REEK”, and “Re-sign AVERY!” made that train ride to that state totally worthwhile. I’d be embarrassed if I skated for that team and the opponents fans drowned out the locals.

    Go Blue. Oh, and stop overusing the 4th line.

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