Maybe this Gomez guy might work out after all


Sam here checking in from my sick bed in Augusta (it’s a long story).

Just watched the whole game online through the wonders of modern technology, and my immediate thought was this:

Heading into the playoffs, Tom Renney and others talked about how the Rangers would learn from last year’s experience and not beat themselves, and tonight was a perfect example.

Hardly perfect, and in many ways having even been outplayed, they were still the ones forcing the Devils into mistakes at critical junctures. And at times when they could have imploded — i.e. a sluggish start to the third period, a handful of ill-timed penalties — they somehow kept their composure.

It’s only one game, of course, and if anything, Game 1 only reinforced the idea that this will every bit the grind the Rangers expected. But unlike two seasons ago and even unlike last season, the Rangers might not be the team to blink first.

OK, back to Josh and Carp. I’ve got golf to cover…

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  1. NHL Center Ice online? How many times did you get knocked off and had to log back in? It kicked me off three times. Too bad you weren’t there. I’m sure it would have been a great game to watch in person.

  2. Marty reminds me of DP. Arrogant prick. And whats with the hit to the head on Callahan – and no call…

    Shanahan is a true leader and his deference to Dawes on the open netter was priceless. This says a lot about his character.

    Gomez – three assists!!!

    Avery – A goal in Marty’s face! Poetic justice.

    Betts – The penalty killer is back – Thanks Betts.

    King Henrik!!

    Stall, Girardi, Tyutin – Keep it simple.

    Callahan – short handed! awesome! I love the way Marty flops as Callahan puts that goal away.

    Not a perfect game – but a great start to this series on the road…


  3. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    Jagr came out strong in the first, and was pretty solid defensively all game.

    Hank was sharp, Rozy played a good game. Hollywood was not as visible as I’d like, but I’d keep him in as the Devils seem to want to hit the good guys back into the Stone Age. I wish we had Orr, I’d definitely play him over Hollywood during this series. Should we make the next round, depending on who we play, Prucha will be nice and fresh. I’m just saying…

    I liked the PK, the PP was pretty good as well. There was one PP when Jags was all over the ice. I thought he skated hard and played a good game over all. Plus, that shot in the first that hit the post was a laser. Marty had tons of time to move side to side and it still beat him.

    OK, now we’ve got to wait till Friday!?!? I could watch another game right now!


  4. I can’t wait for the people to return from the game, and talk about what a great time they had in that 3rd peroid.

  5. Broadway Roe on

    Sam, you were probably closer than Josh, who was up in the heavens at the Pebble.

  6. Solid Team Effort.
    Lundqvist was great!
    haha Maaaarrrrtttyyyy Marrrrtttyyy! ;)

  7. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Good win even though they played a less than stellar game.
    Avery,Gomez(after the first),Cally,and of course the KING!
    One player who was not mentioned by anyone here or on tv who I thought was outstanding tonight was Backman.We have all been very hard on him but let’s give the man his due for a real soilid game.

  8. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Well, the defense absolutely sucked! 3 breakaways against and 2 two-on-1s but Hank hung in there and the Devils caugt a lot of metal.

    Can’t do that against a Good offensive team (Montreal) but it’ll cut it for now.

  9. onecupin67years on

    This game was the type of game the rangers usually lost in the past,this time Lunqvist kept them in the game and it was the devils who folded.

  10. devils security is whack…they threw out the man in the blue paint in sectio 116 at the 4 minute mark…i missed most of the goals…what a shame at least my boys got me the win…lets go rangers..

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