In-game: Rangers vs. Devils, Game 1


9:22 p.m.: I’ll tell you…Avery is always in the mix, making something happen, in these big games. A goal and an assist.

Still, Scott Gomez is easily the player of the game. He made all three plays happen, at least to some extent.

Rangers now should be free and easy on Friday with a one-game lead  in the series.

8:59 p.m.: Unfortunately, the blog is fading in and out. I can’t add much right now anyway since we’re closing in on deadline.

Can’t tell you I’ve figured out yet where that Gomez penalty occurred. Tough call. … It would be 2-1 if it weren’t for Lundqvist.

8:06 p.m.: Ranger goal scored by Brendan Shanahan, who got the puck along the side boards after it appeared Scott Gomez lost possession of it. Shanahan really looked like he was trying to feed a cutting Gomez, but Gomez didn’t get the deflection (although in real time I though he had).

Ironic goal. Not just because Gomez — the crowd’s whipping boy — scored it, but because the Rangers had just finished another dreadful PP. Well…now it’s time for another.

7:44 p.m.: It’s a 0-0 tie through one. Blueshirts on the PP to start the 2nd.

Not a good finish to the period for the Rangers, who are struggling to do much against the Devils’ defensive system.

Avery, as you probably know, returned only a few minutes after he left the ice. As my colleague Carp said when he saw the stitches, that won’t look good tomorrow…Of course, that’s probably how Avery prefers it. (As an aside, the consensus here is the puck that hit Avery came off Marty Brodeur’s stick…that outta continue their love affair.)

That period will not go on the resume tapes of most Rangers. Surprisingly, you can count Fedor Tyutin and Dan Girardi among them.

Also, I saw Jagr go to the locker room with 1:12 to play. Not sure if he’s banged up or just getting back there early because he had just finished his final shift of the period. It’s worthwhile noting that he missed the PP.

7:26 p.m.: No update on Avery, but that looked like it hurt. The puck deflected off his stick blade and into his left eye. For such a tough guy, Avery sure seemed to be in serious pain.

What effect will it have? The Rangers just had a terrible power play without their emotional leader, including a near-goal by Sergei Brylin.


7:21 p.m.: Above is a picture taken from my seat at press row, which is a far cry from the Garden.

Good action so far (only three whistles in 9 minutes), not many chances. Jagr came awfully close to burying that one-timer. That would’ve been a nice start for the Rangers.

7:06 p.m.: Sorry…Officials: Greg Kimmerly, Bill McCreary as the refs, Greg Devorski and Brad Kovachik as the linesmen.

And geez, is this building nice.


NYR — Marek Malik, Petr Prucha, Colton Orr, Jason Strudwick

NJD — Vitaly Vishnevski, Sheldon Brookbank, Rod Pelley, Barry Tallackson, Karel Rachunek

Starting lineups:

NYR — Marc Staal and Michal Rozsival; Martin Straka, Brandon Dubinsky, Jaromir Jagr; Henrik Lundqvist

NJD — Colin White and Mike Mottau; Dainius Zubrus, MIke Rupp and David Clarkson; Martin Brodeur

Obviously, this means Mara is in the lineup, as is Hollweg. And…admittedly, I must’ve been seeing things yesterday with Avery.

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  1. Great call on the lineup by Renney! I didn’t know there was a linesman Devorski, as well. His brother is in the playoffs as a referee, right?

    Emrick said that the referees will be cracking down on goalie interference, so Avery and company better not breathe on Brodeur and watch out for those dives! I really don’t care if someone takes a penalty like that early, though. It would be a nice way to set the tone, if we kill the penalty, of course.

    And away we go!

  2. czechthemout!!!!! on

    and there is mara making renney look bad for playing him with a dumb penalty!

  3. Wow, Gary Roberts already makes his presence felt for Pittsburgh 1:08 into the game, takedown and a backhanded, no-look goal.

    That’s an unfortunate penalty by Mara.

  4. czechthemout!!!!! on

    we are starting to be outplayed.It looks like the kids need this period to get used to the intensity.

  5. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Overall,not a very good first period.Only three shots on goal at even strengh,two at the very end.Two shots on the pk,one and two weak ones on the pp.So far they are not playing with what I would call playoff like intensity.If they don’t turn it up a MAJOR notch,they’ll be starting their off season by next wed or friday.Renney needs to have a major discussion with the team about the passion level so far in the game.The Devils clearly are showing alot more of it.But it is only one period,let’s see what happens next.

  6. hopefully we can stop the leak that’s springing from the misses playing in our jerseys

  7. Salvador is gonna catch someone up high.

    That building looks empty.

    Logos on the ice are totally lame. Especially the ones behind the goals.

    Is dawes ok? That early hit looked like it may have caught him awkwardly.

    Love the foo commercials. Glad one of my favorite bands are giving msg props.

  8. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Maaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrttttyyyyyyy needs to get punched in the head for that one!

  9. czechthemout!!!!! on

    It’s too bad that the refs felt it necessary to intergect their obvious ineptness into the game and give the devils a powerplay leading to the tying goal.

  10. Broadway Roe on

    Watch out for nose bleeds up there, Josh, or you’ll be “rocking the red”.

  11. czechthemout!!!!! on

    Not much to talk about after two.In the ottawa pitt series,it is quite obvious that the sens are dead!

  12. Unfortunately, those logos inside the blue lines remind me of the *Thank You Fans!* from the season after the lockout. I wonder how the NHL decided they needed logos on the ice, though it’s natural as every other sport does it.

    Let’s put this one away early in the third. It’s been an okay game for us, I think; a bit porous on defense, but a lot of blocked shots, too. It’s too bad everyone had to run around on that penalty kill when Straka had no stick. Time for Sjostrom to score that goal that someoen predicted earlier!

  13. Broadway Roe on

    Couldn’t ask more of Straka on the PK. Tough break, should have cleared the zone a few times.

  14. Broadway Roe on

    Anybody else painfully watching this game on Center Ice? The Devils announcers are KILLING me. I will never ever complain about Sam and Joe again.

  15. Thankfully Callahan got that goal, cause the Devils to this point are playing like they want it more.

  16. There it is! We needed that, if only for out own sanity when the Devils pull the goalie. Bad moves by Brodeur on these last two goals.

    There’s my series MVP pick, Gomez with three assists. First star of the game, or Lundqvist?

  17. All that Booing is just motivating Gomez. He is on fire tonight!!!!!!!

    And on top of that it was a rookie mistake that killed Marty, and Avery gets an in your face goal on Marty.

    Couldn’t have started the series any better.

  18. Broadway Roe on

    Yorktown- they sound so defeated now. You may want to take it off mute!

    3 more to go and the Devils are done! :)

  19. First team to three goals should win all of these games. In the end, it’s a good game, but there’s still things to be worked on. *1-0!!*

  20. Very nice win..Like to see some tighter defense but all around awesome. Hank was a Tank!

  21. Shanny rules on

    Shanny put the whiners on this board to shame, saying he was through, and putting him down. He is the man in clutch scoring situations, a great Pk er, and a class act.

  22. Avery didn’t get a Star and John Madden got the third with no points and a -3? Talk about home town bias.

  23. onecupin67years on

    The Rangers should have lost if it wasn’t for #30,brodeur is possessed with passing the puck, that his 2 miscues (on goals 2 & 3) cost him the game.

  24. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    Shanny rules…

    Took the words right out of my mouth.

    Huge win. They took the Devil’s best, and still won.

    1-0 BABY!

  25. A needed win but the Rangers better get hungrier and less sloppy. But WoW does it feel good to beat the Debbies…!
    The Rangers have players who really stepped up…Gomez,
    Shanny, Dawes, Staal, Callahan and obviously Hank was Huge!

  26. Hey onecup go back in your hole, 7 yr olds should be in bed by this time.

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Yorktown Ranger on

    Onecup. The difference is the Rangers capitalized on those lapses. This is the playoffs. If Marty is the second coming, then those lapses should never have happened. Especially with the great one Marty B. Say what you want, it’s not always skill and perfection that wins a game, its tenacity.

  28. I also thought Renney outcoached Sutter and the coaching staff make good in game decisions…

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