Game 1 tonight


Jaromir Jagr was limping around the locker room, and his shoulder was dangling and there was agony on his face.

This is an NHL playoff veteran’s idea of a belated April Fool’s/Stanley Cup joke. He left the room and five seconds later he came back in walking briskly, smiling. He’s fine.

Everybody skated, however briefly, in a quick morning skate in which Tom Renney did no drills that would lead to any indication what his lines or his defense pairs will be. Again, typical playoff stuff. Everything’s a big secret, especially at a morning skate on the road where the opponent can do all sorts of Spygate stuff—including sit in the seats and watch. But if you paid attention, it looked as though A) Brendan Shanahan will not be playing on the fourth line, and B) Marek Malik will not be playing anywhere. Again, that’s not definite. Renney did go way out on a limb and announce, when asked, that “Henrik Lundqvist will start in goal.” Thanks, Tom.

Tell you this about the feeling in the Rangers’ room, where they’re wearing these “Too Strong” T-shirts (No, I don’t know what that means, either). This isn’t the same feeling as it was two years ago when the Rangers were happy to be there, or last year when you got the idea they just wanted to win a round or two. This team is now ready to take the next step and go deep. Of course, the team on the other side—which does not do morning skates, just meetings—kind of has a history of going deep.

These Rangers are much better than the last two editions. Those Devils’ aren’t Cup favorites any more. I think that makes this very much a toss-up. Rangers in six, because I don’t have the guts to say five, and it’s too easy to say seven.

Once again, I apologize for this coming out all as one long paragraph. It’s my laptop. Nothing I can do about it except go home and type on my desktop, and I’m not making that trip twice. (EDIT: 1:17 p.m., From Josh: I fixed the paragraphs…and I say Rangers in 5.)

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  1. I have this feeling that Dawes and Callahan are both going to have a great series.

    Rick did you write something the wrong way?

    -This team is not ready to take the next step and go deep.

    Did you mean they look like a team that IS ready to take the next step and go deep?

    I hope so. Otherwise I am picturing them all snuggled up in the corner crying and shaking and pissing themselves.

  2. That was my prediction – Rangers in 5.

    I can hope for Rangers in 4 because ill be missing games 5-7 because of business >:/

  3. Rick — Typo?

    “This team is NOT ready to take the next step and go deep.” You mean “NOW”, right?

    Jagr and The King will determine the series, but it would be nice for Avery and Shanny to show up…

  4. Who Needs Lohan on

    “This team is not ready to take the next step and go deep.” I assume this is a typo and should read is now ready…. That is one bad Freudian slip!

  5. Who Needs Lohan on

    Man, if only our D-men were as quick to take the body of an opposing player as we all are to correct someone…….

  6. we need the old avery back he needs to get in brodeurs head tonight o man i hate brodeur i really do..

  7. Holy crap. This day is taking forever.

    Have we seen the last of Harry & the Hendersons??

  8. Then sonething happened under all his hair sticking out of his button down shirt there was a gold charm hanging from his chain it was a devils emblem I told the guy we can not do business with him.


    yo, that is the funniest “sentence” I’ve ever read. SO FUNNY. “gold charm”

    I’ll tell you cats one thing, I sure hope I’ve been wrong about this team. Damn right they are “Too Strong” to go out like bitches in the first round. If the Devils win this series that 7-1 record goes right out the window and we can never really mention it again. TOO STRONG is right, it’s time for this team to do some soul searching and find out what it takes to get to their next level.

    I’ll also tell you this, If the Rangers Sweep this series, I’ll change my moniker to *Sweety* until the end of next season and I’m sure plenty of you would enjoy that.

  9. salty the sweety – I’d rather you just stop posting all together. How about that? JK man.

    5 1/2 more hours!!!!

  10. Do you think one team will come out flying and score an early goal and then both teams will kind of settle down and play a defensive game?

  11. Yeah, that is what most people are saying. A lot of the Canadian press is saying it too. And they usually are all over Brodeur’s jock.

  12. Who Needs Lohan on

    ill make an unpopular prediction. Devils in 6. They win 3-2 tonight (may need OT)

  13. I’d rather you just stop posting all together.


    probably not gonna happen … tell you this though: if they actually stormed off and took the cup I probably would admit everyone else was right all along and just disappear.

    As of right now I feel like I could probably land a pretty sweet job at The Post though… I can’t believe Brooks took so much heat for that article…Oh wait….yes I can.


  14. Carp,

    Any truth to the rumor that Larry Brooks is in bed with Lou? Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that a Rangers beat writer for the Post would pick the Devils in 7 after watching the team all season?

    Maybe it was Dancin’ Larry who wrote today’s article, not Larry the journalist.

    Wanted to get your take as you probably have run into that sour puss on many the occassion.

    Go with your gut next time, Rangers in 5, we can all see it.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    The 2008 Playoff Beard/Porn Stache Growing contest is under way!

    So far, I’m the only person who posted, although I did get two inquiries. Anyone who wishes to participate need simply to email me at

    And if you’re afraid of webshots, just email me your beard/stache pictures and your user name, and ill post them for you.

    I’ll be in section 249 tonight. Anyone know if I would be able to sneak a flask into the pebble?

  16. If you ever accidentally picked up a NJ Star-Ledger and read only the headlines from the sports page, you’d assume the Devils went 81-0-1 this year. Richard Chere is more biased then Fox News politics.

  17. Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that a Rangers beat writer for the Post would pick the Devils in 7 *after watching the team all season*?


    Odd??? Maybe thats *exactly* why he chose them. Sorry, but that post exposed you as a NUMBSKULL. You think a beat writer should go with their “own” team *just because they’ve been around them?* Despite their gut feeling? I’m really holding back on this one, no need to explode on anyone today, but…. wow. wow wow wow.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, you should participate in the contest too.

    I’d invite Josh and Sam, but I’m not so certain they can grow facial hair yet.

    In Josh’s case, it might have something to do with why he went to BU.

  19. If you ever accidentally picked up a NJ Star-Ledger and read only the headlines from the sports page, you’d assume the Devils went 81-0-1 this year.


    So you expect NY papers to be complete shilling homers and then you rag on NJ for doing exactly what you want your own papers to do? LOL

    epic fail.

  20. Who Needs Lohan on

    To salty’s point, maybe the fact that he is around the team so much is exactly the reason why he thinks the Devils will prevail. Anyone ask Sam for a prediction?

  21. salty – I was just playing dude. I hope you do stick around so I can send you a pic with Renney’s cup ring. LOL

    also saltster…just let it go for now, you can fire away tomorrow. Let’s keep this upbeat for now, eh?

    Brandon – Chere is the worst…I read that little bit he had this a.m. What a piece of garbage.

  22. They are the team that pays for his livlihood. Richard Chere picked the Devils, Delappina picked the Rangers, Brooks is the only one to go out of his beat.

    He’s been a Ranger hater since day 1 — talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

    If you read his column regularly, assuming you can read — you obviously can’t write, you would clearly see that his has a negative undertone. Always impossible to please, never willing to give credit when credit is do.

    And Yes; quite frankly, it’s such an easy pick, Rangers over Devils, that one has to seriously take a step back and analyze the situation when someone like Brooks is so blind by his own ego that he can’t make the obvious pick.

    If you’d like to enter a war of wit or knowledge, feel free. I have the tongue and type to do so.

  23. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, that picture is awesome.

    Don’t forget to participate in the beard contest.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    “And Yes; quite frankly, it’s such an easy pick, Rangers over Devils, that one has to seriously take a step back and analyze the situation when someone like Brooks is so blind by his own ego that he can’t make the obvious pick.”

    I don’t think the pick is that easy at all. I think this series is a coin flip.

  25. An observation….

    Hollweg + Struds = Healthy Orr?

    Meaning: If Orr was in the lineup, is that all the “physical presence” we need?

    I’ve been messing around with this idea for a day or so now…

    Salvador is reported to be replacing Vishnevsky in the lineup. While I don’t believe anything I read the last few days, let’s just say it’s true. They’re going to take a hitter out of the lineup to put a guy coming off the IR/dtd in his place? And we’d combat that with a physical player? What I was thinking is that maybe by ‘claiming’ that struds is in for Mara, is to have Sutter lean towards playing Vishnevsky instead to take the physical edge?

    Along with that thought…Mara is most beneficial to us on the PP. Does anyone think that we’ll have that much opportunity on the PP?

    I don’t know, but I love this stuff. FIVE more hours. I feel like I coulda grown a playoff beard today alone!

  26. It’s pretty easy to pick out the Devils fans from the Rangers fans here, and I’m not even referring to the obvious differencies.

    My argument is as follows;
    – No matter what the Devils do, those closest to the Devils portray them in a positive light
    – In contrast, no matter what success the Rangers reach, writers like Brooks always portray them in a negative light.

    This is why playing in NY is so much more difficult then any other city in the world. One day your the people’s champ, the next day you’re the people’s chump. I live here and love it, but sometimes it’s okay to say, “we’re good”.

    Think about it, if the Rangers lose in “7” as Brooks predicts, he gets a nice early vacation.

    If I wanted to read negativity, I’d pick up the Ledger.

  27. “you would clearly see that his has a negative undertone. Always impossible to please…”

    Brandon – for the most part, you’re describing Salty AND Brooks! Salty = Brooks

  28. inhankwetrust on

    THIS DAY IS TAKING FOREVER!!!! I’m leaving at 5:15 just to get there, maybe have a couple of drinks in the parking lot, tailgate a lil…

    new newman, avery rules… you guys are in 116 eh? where you going to be before the game? shoot me an email on my blackberry, come by and have a couple of brews in the parking lot w/ some buddies. come one, come all…

    i hope malik isn’t in, although i’m not sure if i want strudwick or mara….struds hasn’t played in awhile but brings a lil more physicality…

    let’s go rangers!!!

  29. In case anyone cared, I believe the “Too Strong” slogan comes from Remember The Titans. In the movie, The two best defensive players on the team hit each other (wearing full gear) shouting “How strong?!?” while the other replies “Too Strong!!” to get fired up right before the game. It seems to me that the Rangers might be trying to get fired up the same way, likley without the hitting each other (or maybe they are, you never know with Avery). I know that part of the movie always fires me up.

  30. The TShirts are more than likely a reference to the movie “Remember the Titans”. When getting pumped up in training camp one of the captains says “How strong?” which gets the response from the other captain “Too Strong”. Always been a favorite quote of mine. YouTube –

  31. My issue with Brooks is that Rangers could go undefeated for the first 10 games of the season and he’d still have something negative to say.

    I understand the arguement that he can be subjective in his opinions based on his observations. Seriously, does anyone get the feeling that Brooks actually enjoys the sport of hockey?

  32. Hopefully they aren’t too fired up…that can lead to disaster and bad bad penalties…

    This day is making me sick…I wish it was 6:30

  33. I will pass on the beard contest. I didn’t shave for a week and a half at the Super Bowl and man did I look nasty. I got away with that because I was away from home. My wife would toss me now. Although I had a big dark beard when I was young. I wish I could grow some playoff hair on top of my skull.

  34. Thanks for fixing the paragraphs, Josh.

    I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to comment on writers from other papers. ‘Nuf said.

    There’s a fire alarm going off at the Rock right now. Geez.

    Speaking of alarms… I hope everybody’s not going to be climbing the GW and the TZ bridges if the Rangers lose Game 1. Game 1 never, ever means anything unless the Game 1 winner wins Game 2. But I know, everybody’s going to be giving the series to whoever wins Game 1 tonight, and that just shouldn’t be the case for anybody who has ever experienced playoff hockey before.

    And for that prediction of 3-2… any team that gets to three at any point in this series pretty much is going to win that game, right?

  35. Good assumption Carp, especially when considering the terrible quality of the ice surfaces at both the Rock and MSG. We’re looking at chippy, defensive, and physical hockey over the stretch of this series.

  36. staal – I’m with you man. I’m so close to ripping my hair out its not even funny.

    let’s go already!

  37. “There’s a fire alarm going off at the Rock right now.”

    Oh man…If that place burned to the ground…It’d be like hitting the lottery!

  38. Think about it, if the Rangers lose in “7” as Brooks predicts, he gets a nice early vacation.


    Did you even read the article? (Brooks said Devils in 6, not 7)

    ANYONE who says “easy pick” = you have *obviously* not watched a single NYR/NJ game this season

    Honestly, everyone knows I pretty much *like* to argue my points. Brandon, you are seriously not even worth arguing with. You could be the most uninformed poster I’ve ever seen on here, *every one* of your posts so is completely full of gaping holes. Clean it up.

  39. Beer Me! – if that means I have to wait another second for this series to start than I already have to, I’m not having it.

  40. I’m a little late to my own party. Here are my picks. Anybody else want to jump in?

    Rangers in 6.
    Ottawa in 7.
    Montreal in 5.
    Philadelphia in 6.

    Detroit in 4.
    San Jose in 7.
    Colorado in 7.
    Anaheim in 5.

  41. Tony from AZ on

    I just posted on the Devils blog – hope I piss them off.
    Can this day get any longer ???????

  42. BEER ME,

  43. This series is going seven, that’s my call… there is just too much history here and the teams are equal. Neither team scores many goals, both teams play defense and rely on goaltending. I see low-scoring, overtime games. The type of series that can wear teams out and hurt them from going deep.

  44. Salty, I’m still waiting to see Brandons picks of devil fans on this blog…
    he’s just disappeared…
    Though I know there are a few that check in with an occasional post…I think most here are True Blue Rangers fans…

  45. tim & staal…. ok, ok, ok. I let my hatred get the best of me. but if it really did, I think I could wait.

    salty – I know it’s so tempting man…but let’s keep it light in hopes that the positve energy will carry us!

    Oh, and it is an ‘easy’ pick. Either team can win this! That ‘easy’.

  46. Tony from AZ on

    Unbelievable how many Ranger fans blog on that Devil site.
    I guess all 35 Devil fans are there.

  47. Ok so here is what the rest of my day is shaping up to look like…
    A few patients this afternoon, that will make the time go by quicker, I hope…
    A new patient at 6:00…
    the new patient better be here on time and I better be done by 6:30…
    I’ve got sweaty palms, BO and my heart is in my throat…
    anyone feel the same?

  48. Rangers in 5.
    Pitt in 7.
    Montreal in 4.
    Philadelphia in 7.

    Detroit in 4.
    San Jose in 7.
    Colorado in 7.
    Anaheim in 6.

  49. Oh and Nasty 1,
    I just ate the nasty(est) chinese food with a greasy eggroll,
    that new patient is never coming back…

  50. Sorry Salty, I do indeed have a job that requires me to do work every now and then. Furthermore, despite attending 30+ Rangers games a season as a season ticket holder and having played the game at a very high level for close to 20 years, I guess the gaping holes in my arguments stem from my desire to hang out with attractive women in my free time rather than looking up stats on

    By stating you’re not engaging in an argument, you’ve already done as much.

    I’ll leave you with this… save for Martin Brodeur, name me one single threat, gameplan or player, in the Devils repitoire that I should be concerned about? I can name more than a handful on the Rangers side.

    Barring a monumental collapse, I expect the Rangers to win.

  51. Salty, I’m still waiting to see Brandons picks of devil fans on this blog…


    I’m sure the genious of “wit and type” has got it all figured out, just like the series.

    It’s one thing to be a devils fan, and its another thing to recognize them as a solid f#cking hockey club and a perpetual *threat* to the New York Rangers.

  52. staaly – thank god I don’t need an adjustment man!

    I’m just restless. Got my ipod on, but don’t have the patience to listen to any song for more than 40 seconds.

    I still count only 4 people picking the Flames over the Sharks. Is that right Carp?

  53. I’ll leave you with this… save for Martin Brodeur, name me one single threat, gameplan or player, in the Devils repitoire that I should be concerned about? I can name more than a handful on the Rangers side.


    This much has just been made clear to everyone: You have probably never actually played competitve organized hockey, nor do you understand the game past a House League level.

  54. I notice that you like to put my comments into quotes to beef your posts up. If you can’t think of anything else to write, I can email you an anecdote and you can post it as your own.

    You still have yet to make a clever comment or profound statement. So far you’ve quoted me and made remarks such as “wow wow wow”, “numbskull”, “Im not even getting into an argument”. If that’s your idea of a rational thought, then maybe we’ll just agree to disagree.

  55. The Flames can easily win that series based on their home crowd alone. Combine that with a talented group of grinders and possibly the best 2-way player in the game (Iginla) and they can steal their way to the WCF.

  56. Rangers over Devils in 5
    Pitt over Ottawa in 6
    Montreal over Boston in 4
    Washington over Philly in 7
    Detroit over Nashville in 5
    San Jose over Calgary in 6
    Dallas over Anaheim in 7
    Colorado over Minnesota in 7

  57. I imagine this is the type of argument that would have taken place in the fifth grade if Salty and I were in the same class (pre-blogging era):

    Brandon: “Salty, you’re an icompetent fool.”
    Salty: “No, you are”

    Brandon: “Tell me why I am”
    Salty: “No, you are”

    Brandon: “Well, you’re an idiot because you can’t come up with a single thought of you’re own.”
    Salty: “Ummmm… you are.”

    Brandon: “I’m going to go do cool things, be an athlete and talk to the girls while you hang out here playing with yourself in the sandbox, later.”
    Salty: “ok”

  58. tim – agreed on Iginla being the best 2-way guy. To me, I just love the Keenan, Iginla, Kipper combo with a side of 6 good dmen.

    I had actually picked CGY to go to the finals in a pool in sept.

    I don’t even know if it’s so much what’s on the CGY side than what’s NOT on the SJ side.

    To me, they look just like Det has since their last cup. A dominant reg season team, but not so much in the post season. I think Marleau needs to move on, and Wilson too. THEN I think they’re the biggest threat. And that would also require them resigning Campbell.

    That said…what makes them better than the last 3 seasons, is Campbell. (and Naby playing is a$$ off)

  59. I notice that you like to put my comments into quotes to beef your posts up. If you can’t think of anything else to write, I can email you an anecdote and you can post it as your own.


    What in the hell are you talking about?

  60. Tony AZ – I just put up a few LETS GO RANGERS on that debbies blog as well! Love it.

    And with Brook’s – I got no problems with his article today. But I do agree he is just so damn negative. Even when they win a game he finds some negative twist to put on it.

    Beer & Staal – I haven’t done a thing but think about hockey all day. Even walked over to the NHL store to see if they had any new Rangers gear…. nada.

    4 hours to go…

  61. SP – I’m getting angry just THINKING about hearing him! haha.

    Thank god I’m not in my car. There’s THREE F’n J-off’s talking about something they know nothing about.

  62. Thanks Newman…
    that is just awesome…however now I’m only 21 seconds closer to the puck being dropped

    you know guys my biggest problem is I “work” till 7.
    most of you get off at 5 and stop posting…so I get angry.
    I mean at 5 oclock I’ve read Salty’s latest A$$ ripping twice and there is nothing going on…
    its so frustrating…then at 6:59 I run to my car and leave a vapor trail going home, flashing my lights, peeling rubber, cutting people off…It’s like i’m possessed!

  63. Doc picks Penguins against Sharks for the Final, Devils in 7 against the Rangers, Avalanche have the best chance at an upset, but I think he is picking all higher seeds in the first round.

    According to Francesa, Red Wings 4-1, Sharks 6-1, Penguins 7-1,……Rangers and Devils are both 12-1. Rangers are slightly favored in this series.

  64. Tony from AZ on

    Devil fans sure get pissed easily – they just told me to go F myself & included my mother in the conversation.
    I love getting them upset – LOL
    All 35 of them – LOL

  65. Hey…My (future) father-in-law got us Yankee tickets.

    Main Box MVP 255 Row H.

    Any good?

  66. UpstateRanger on

    NYR in 6
    Pitt in 5
    Mtl in 5
    Philthy in 7
    Det in 5
    Calg in 7
    Ana in 6
    Colo in 6


  67. Francesa is comparing Martin Brodeur to Pat Summit, like you can’t pick against Summit, how do you think she won so many (since ESPN people picked Stanford last night), and saying Brodeur knows how to win playoff games. This must be a good thing for us though?

  68. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp has the official ballsiest pick: Ottawa in 7. And I thought my pick of Boston was ballsy!

  69. Francesa was watching the NBC game Sunday *for some reason*, and he predicts that Milbury will reach over and smack Pierre sometime. LOL

  70. read on Ziapy they are going to sit Prucha and Mara…If renny uses strudwick, malik, and hollwegg over these guys he is crazy.

    I like Renny but Strudwick!!!!!He is the only guy slower then Malik…..

    BAD IDEA if true

  71. NYR over Devils in 6
    Pens over Sens in 5
    Montreal over Boston in 6
    Caps over Flyers in 7

    Detroit over Preds in 4
    Calgary over Sharks in 7
    Avs over Wild in 5
    Ducks over Stars in 5

  72. Pierre Maguire picks the Rangers to come out of the East to play the Ducks in the finals. Not that it means much.

  73. Beer if not in this series, is there any possible one you could imagine him “fitting” in? Frankly this is the *only* one I see him fitting in…

  74. People give Maguire a hard time. I like him. And I think he’s secretly a Ranger fan.

  75. good point. That’s what I get for giving the guy a chance!

    maybe in a a wild/rangers Final? haha

    Maybe the World Series as a bat boy?

  76. Man… I’m sooooooooo filled with nervous excitment!!!!
    I feel like I’M about to take the ice.

    Doodie… I’d love to get in on the beard contest but it’s Masters Week and I think my boss would fire me if I came in with any scruff. Maybe I’ll do the porn stache next week (I have a goatee so I can just shave the bottom off). That’s cheating so I won’t expect to be involved in the “contest” aspect… but I’d love to participate anyway.

    Newman thanks for the clip!!! It’s still makes the hair on my arms stand up!

    Let’s GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

  77. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Maguire is such a Montreal loving tool-bag. I can’t believe he picked the Rangers…perhaps he has a secret crush on Sean Avery?

  78. Who Needs Lohan on

    The moment you all have been waiting for, my picks….

    BTW… I was effin with you all with my Devils in 7. EFF that!

    NYR over Devils in 6
    Senators over Penguins in 7
    Montreal over Boston in 6
    Flyers over Caps in 7

    NYR over Flyers in 7
    Montreal over Senators in 5

    NYR over Montreal in 7

    Detroit over Preds in 6
    Sharks over Flames in 7
    Avs over Wild in 7
    Ducks over Stars in 6

    Avs over Det in 7
    Ducks over Sharks in 7

    Ducks over Avs in 6

    Ducks over NYR in 5

  79. I think a Nasty 1 story would go a long way to helping me thru this day…
    I can’t believe its come to this…!!!

  80. Alright ladies and girls.

    I’m outta here. Enjoy the game. Maybe I’ll get the chance to stop back later, maybe not.

    (Make some noise if going to the game)


  81. staal – I have a ‘nasty1’ story. But all day I couldn’t figure out how to clean it up and get it on here without completely being disgusting. no luck. sorry.

  82. It’s always a good time for a Nasty 1 story. My wife wanted to have sex the other night but the game was on so I told her to wait until it was over. Then later on I went upstairs and she was sleeping and now I was ready, so I woke her up, and she was being cranky about it, but finally gave in. But midway through she noticed that I had the TV on mute and was watching Rangers in 60. She wasn’t happy at all. Let’s just say that I had to pull the goalie and then put him back in.

  83. Well guys I am out of here. Let’s Go Rangers! I want to hear you guys on TV tonight. I am so pumped.

  84. Who Needs Lohan on

    im off for the game. no im am not pierre. but those are my thought out predictions.

  85. Tony from AZ on

    Nasty – you gotta face her AWAY from the TV.
    Pull your goalie – hahahaha

  86. Just got a ticket–middle of ice 19th row 130 unbelievable-there are still tix available-I will be yelling at the top of my voice at the ROCK, “LET”S GO RANGERS!!!!”

    Prediction-no shootout tonight

  87. Tony from AZ on

    God, I wish my life would last as long as this day !
    Can it get any longer ?
    Devil fans are retards & my mother is NOT a whore !

    LET’S GO RANGERS – in 5 !!!

  88. As silly as I think some of you can be about hockey, actual Devil fans are seriously retarded in my experience… they really are the worst. Islander fans don’t even count.

  89. Doodie Machetto on

    Dude, they have fans?

    As for me, I’m leaving to meet my friend at Penn now. GO RANGERS!!

  90. I can’t even begin to tell you all how much I miss being around hockey when I read this stuff. You guys rule! Absolutely the most passionate fans of any team in any sport. I’m also getting emails from people saying the same stuff, about how they’re suffering watching the clock. Great stuff.

  91. Thank God we start tonight and don’t have to wait until Friday like the Caps/Flyers.

  92. Tony from AZ…you are all over that Devils blog…whats up with that…?
    not to question your allegiance but are you a Rangers fan or a Debbies fan…I’m confused…

  93. NO – This day cannot go ANY slower. I have a full hour commute home that will be like living torture without a PC, a blog, a TV – something to deliver something Rangers. All I will have is a marginal AM radio broadcast. Like I said -it will be torture.

    Lets go RANGERS!!!!!

  94. omg were walking the streets of Newark and we stickout so much haha let’s go rangers

  95. and here I sit…alone…waiting for the puck to drop…
    I shoulda been a sports writer…or announcer
    I’d be there now…getting ready…

  96. Hi, Staal Wart! Lay down on the couch, what do you wanna talk about? Haha. Not gonna be many people here during the game either, as they’re going to populate the Rock.

  97. yeah I know SP…
    I’m still here at the practice…waiting for my new patient…

  98. Gotta go with Henrik because of the low scoring. Gomez is my next best bet because of how he’s played against the Devils this season.

  99. I agree with you on Hank…but
    I’d love to see Drury steal a game or two…
    we know how bad it hurts to have Drury steal a game…

  100. I think Drury will show up more on the defensive side of the ice in this series, especially penalty killing in the first two games. I would say we have an edge there, but our power play hasn’t been too great, so it could make the Devils look just as good on PK. But obviously we have to look out for Drury in any game that goes to overtime.

  101. Yeah, how sweet that will be…
    I also hope JJ continues to produce, we really need him…

  102. UpstateRanger on

    Super-surprise pick for series MVP…Marty Straka
    (thought came to me halfway through a scotch-on-the-rocks; after I finish it off, it could be Prucha!) :^)

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