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Note my playoff devotion: As I write this post, I’m sitting here at the press room in Greenburgh next to a half-eaten bagel. I never, and I mean never, leave food half-eaten, but I understand the task at hand. Much like the Rangers, I have to put aside my own desires (in this case a sesame seed bagel with plain cream cheese) for the good of the team.

Hopefully, between Carpie, Sam and myself we can form a decent line until Sammy returns from the hideous monstrosity that is Augusta National. For now it’s my turn, so here are a few things to consider as the Rangers prep for Game 1:

— It appears Brendan Shanahan will return to his usual spot alongside Scott Gomez and Sean Avery. Shanahan, who played the fourth line in Sunday’s finale, skated there during practice. To me it’s not much of a surprise as the club becomes so dependent on leadership from its oldest player this time of year. That leadership’s a lot easier to provide from the second line, wouldn’t you say?

— The LW spot alongside Blair Betts and Fredrik Sjostrom may fall to Ryan Hollweg. The ‘Stached One skated there today. Petr Prucha worked himself in, but Hollweg earned most of the ice time next to Betts.

— The most interesting of the three lineup decisions (Shanny, LW on 4th line, Backman’s partner on D) appears to be in the back end. Jason Strudwick was paired with Christian Backman for practice, leading to speculation that he’ll end up there tomorrow. It would constitute as a surprise when you consider Strudwick has played just once since March 15th (Thursday vs. the Islanders) and only four games since Feb. 24. My questions to you: Does Strudwick provide what the Rangers need against the Devils moreso than Malik or Mara? Will Jersey actually get a double dose of ‘Stache? Should every Ranger go Tom Selleck, perhaps starting a trend that ends in the defeat of the playoff beard?

OK, I’ll have more to share later. Talk to you then…

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  1. If I were addressing the local media today as the coach of the Rangers, it’d go something like this:

    “I’m not sure what the lineup will look like tomorrow. Hank, Jags, Shanny, Gomer, Dru, Staal & Rozy are all sick with the flu and may not be able to even attend the game.”

    I’m not expecting much more than a “hi, how are ya”. Can’t exactly open the playbook one day before the playoffs start. In fact, it’s irresponsible of anyone to announce what they’ve seen in and around the Rangers the last 2 days.

  2. Nah, you already know what you’re getting with “Honest Tom”…he’ll have plenty to say with absolutely nothing of substance. Snake oil salesman. My kind of guy, *not* my kind of hockey coach.

  3. Interesting fact. Whenever Chris Drury has been in the playoffs, his team has always got past the first two rounds. Might not mean much, but I am looking for positives.

  4. repost:

    Hey guys…
    PLease pass the video around to all your Ranger fan friends though, I want to get tons of views!!!!

    but… and I’m hoping its my computer, it keeps freezing on me, first at 38 seconds and then around 3:17, please let me know if it does this to you… I hope not… I would be truly upset…

  5. Agravaine,

    The video was great. Nice freehand painting.I just checked Ticket Master and they have great seats available for game 2 on Friday night. I can’t believe they cannot sell out.

  6. salty – today…that’s exactly what you want.

    oh I know… I just don’t think he’s had anything important to say all season, I wouldn’t expect it to change before the playoffs. I suspect the poor guy still isn’t sure what he should do with that team.

  7. Josh – Does that mean that Malik & Mara were paired in practice?

    That does seem odd. I’ll wait to see what team takes the ice tomorrow night and see for my own eyes.

  8. Strudwick and Backman….

    I would rather see Prucha then Hollweg on the wing but I guess if Orr is still out then the Rangers need one physical presence… I dunno though…

  9. If Straka is skating with Gomez and Shanahan, then doesn’t that mean that Jagr-Dubi-Avery is reunited?

  10. if strudwick is in there instead of mara, renney should examine his head…they will be out of it in five games…prucha out for hollweg, give me a break…is renney trying to lose the series?

  11. i agree
    I think Renney wil decide tomorrow and the D pairings will be different. Only confirmed pairs, or D men are Rosi, Toots, Staal and Girardi.
    And let shope Dubi Avery JAgr line is back in action

  12. I’d like to see Hollweg just retire to be honest with you.(haha) But I haven’t seen prucha do anything to be in the lineup just yet.

    It pains me to say this, but I think hollweg could fill a spot IN THIS SERIES better than prucha.

  13. they need Hollywood out there to fight or at least stick up for guys. Especially after last game they need that presence to go up against rupp and asham and clarkson. I don’t like hollweg in the lineup but without Orr he needs to be. I think struds is in for a more physical presence on the back line and if I’m not mistaken, mara takes the cage off this week. Say what you want about struds but he’s in good position 95% of the time and he hits hard.

  14. is renney trying to lose the series?

    no he’s trying to be that “hero” who gave the wrong guys the opportunity to make good and win off of of something cute like that. he’s such a bag of f0resk1ns. kept trying to make a hero out of malik, doing the opposite of what rational people would do on the hopes and slim chance that if it works he looks like a genius. what an encrusted protein rag he is.

    if he dressed strudwick over mara, renney deserves to lose that game.

  15. to add to my mara comment, maybe rennet wants him to skate a bit with it off and will play him in game 2.

  16. Yes, Mara and Malik were paired. Here’s the complete lineup from today:

    Also, I’d venture to guess Beer Me! and one or two others are on to something. The insertion of Sturdwick and Hollweg would indicate that Renney wants a more physical team on the ice. (That is not an original idea by yours truly…I give Zipay all credit.)

  17. Apparently Sather —- ooops, er, I mean Renney —- is cool with putting Avery back on with Jagr now that his regular season goal-scoring skein was successfully cut off at the knees, thereby diminishing his value on the market this summer.

  18. Guys…I am just going to save my energy and stuff by NOT commenting too much on who is playing where and with whom in the practices.

    Never in 100 blogs did I think Struds would be getting ice time over Mara or Malik or Backman.

    Also, I am kinda shocked to see Hollweg in there over Prucha. Although all that being said, Prucha has done much of the same in his return to the lineup that he did for teh first 5 months of the season. That is to say, a lot of hustle, a lot of excitement, and zero points.

    If the lineups are the same in practice tomorrow, I will make more noise.

  19. This line-up, if true, is the best one Renney could go with…Shanny was not a fit on the 4th line (and also brought the energy down) and if he’s going to contribute with his smarts and shot at ES, it will be with a player like Gomez….

    Prucha has been a disaster since coming back and deserves to sit..As for the 4th line, we need them to provide a physical element and, more importantly, to hit and get in the heads of the Devil D-men..Say what you guys want to say about Hollweg, but he is the best option for doing that with his speed and hitting (much moreso then Sjostrom) especially when played at the wing and not at C….Also, I think Jagr is in for a rough ride from the likes of Clarkson, Rupp, Ashram, especially when the games are in NJ…We need to have some measure of response..And I think (hope) Renney recognizes that..

  20. Finally, Renney puts the first line back together! Move Dawes back to the second line with Gomez and Shanahan, and the team is set.


    Those were the lines when the Rangers were playing their best hockey this season.

  21. “If the lineups are the same in practice tomorrow, I will make more noise.”

    amen newman.

    Jagr played with every friggin line in game 82. Did you guys think that was going to stick too? come on.

  22. I say we play Hollweg in game 1 and have him just run marty, like hard, from our goal to theirs and just charge him and take him out. Then dress Prucha the rest of the way.

  23. Newman

    Of course they’ll skate tomorrow, but there won’t be a practice per se, given that it’s the day of a game. So I have a feeling what you’re seeing is what you’ll get tomorrow night.

  24. I have always liked Struds as an individual and think he would make a great ambassador to the sport of hockey..but, I would strongly urge Renney to avoid dressing him simply because he is not that good.

    It is quite obvious that 90% of our defense has no legs..Putting struds in there will add to that percentage..NOt sure what the issue with Mara is..maybe his face guard is too much of a distraction?? I dont know.

    I understand the physical aspect by putting Struds in, but really the only physicality he represents is occasionally dropping the gloves..I dont recall him throwing one big hit all year. He is decent along the boards with Man-to-Man, but I just dont think he should be dressed.

    I am happy to see that Avery is being re-united on the first line according to the lines today, but not too sure about taking Prucha out for Hollweg. Hollweg can throw that hit, but I honestly dont trust the fact that he wont take a stupid penalty for boarding or something of the like. There is much more at stake in the playoffs and Id rather not risk putting someone in the line up just because they are bigger over someone who can produce the same amount of energy but is a bit smaller. Not to mention, at least Prucha has the ability to be an offensive threat. After all, the more offense we have the better. We ARE playing the Devils.

  25. I don’t see the need for both Hollweg and Strudwick, but maybe this means Backman will be out tomorrow, as you could see it as *Backman is skating with Strudwick* rather than the other way around. Renney is very befuddling, taking Malik out of the lineup when he was actually playing decent hockey, but now putting him back in for the last game, he doesn’t look as good. Meanwhile, in that time, Backman has played better and now looks like he’s on the outs (to me). I like the decision of Hollweg over Prucha for the fourth line, but I would still like Straka on the second line because Gomez needs somebody quicker than those two wings, and Straka likes to pass it so much, which is good for Drury scoring in the *clutch*.

  26. What the…!
    I thought today was…
    I gotta find something to do…
    See guys having a day off can stink…

  27. on Prucha vs Hollweg:

    All year, these games have come down to a goal. Hollweg has aboout .5% chance of ever putting even the luckiest of pucks past Marty Brodeur. Prucha, has a much better chance of touching that flukey game winner over the goal line. It’s as simple as that for me. The devils are not overly offensive, you do not need Ryan Hollweg in the line up, yet. Show me PIT… we’ll talk about Hollweg then. Devils are almost as much of a pussycat team as we are though… I would go with Prucha in at least one of the first 2 games. He looked great when we plugged him in, not to mention at a physical peak …. it was obvious. He really should be played, you are doing a great disservice to use Ryan Hollweg over Petr Prucha in the playoffs against NJD where each game will likely come down to one or two fluke goals.

  28. Thanks for the update on Dellapina’s blog Kelly.

    His last paragraph sums up exactly what I’ve been trying to say.

  29. Hmm, the thing with Prucha is that I would use him if he could fulfill an effective checking role, which is the point of the fourth line. There’s no dbout in my mind that Orr would be playing if he were healthy, so that’s why I give the edge to Hollweg. Sjostrom can still get the scoring chances, and I noticed last couple games that Hollweg is smart enough to know he can’t put up points, so he has been hanging back a bit to be ready on defense. But an argument for Prucha would be he can fill in for Shanahan, if he is still hurt, but then again, so can Sjostrom. If Prucha is not going to be used on the power play, I see no point for him, so I would *reluctantly* choose Hollweg, especially since it would keep the team more consistent for the time when Orr is ready, if he ever is this season.

  30. Josh? Regarding those lineups today? Wanna look back over your notes from the practice today? Or is Dellapina the one who’s drinking on the job?

  31. sturdwick may be a good guy and all but to have him in the lineup over mara and even malik is utterly ridiculous…he may fight every once and a while but he cant hit, skate, or defend…poor henrik

  32. Not sure what you guys are seeing in Prucha…All I see is somebody who fumbles, flails and falls…..Yes, he is more of a threat offensivley then Hollweg, although he has turned into a Hossa in converting opportunities..And it’s not about one game, it’s about winning a series…Prucha hits like a gnat with no impact…The Devils D will have it easy with a player like him on the 4th line unlike with hollweg who can hit And hurt…With the first game in NJ, with the Devils having the change, I expect it to be physical (including guys like Rupp, Clarkson, Ashram targetting Jagr) and we need a player like Hollweg who will hit anybody….If it appers that the series will not be physical and a wait-fest, then throw Prucha in…

    And I understand the concern about Hollwegs penalties, although there have only bee nreally two all year, but at least the Devils PP sucks as much as ours!

    ON another note, Dellapin and Josh have different takes on the 2nd and 4th lines..Only Renney knows I guess

  33. Avery-Dubi-Jagr


    As far as the lineup..I like everything above…except I question Struds in and Mara out….I think I would play Mara on Wednesday….he actually looked good even when playing with the cage….We shall see

  34. Thats pretty good thinking SP. Prucha’s forechecking has been questionable in the past, but I do think he has recognized that responsibility well on the 4th line when plugged in. No he won’t concuss someone, but he will throw hits and pressure passes for sure. I don’t think hollwegs physical presence is needed in this series.

  35. Renney could be playing coy with his defense pairings, but wouldn’t it be more important to get the team ready for the Devs in its one and only practice? That’s why he must consider playing Strudwick and Backman a possibility, as he stated.

    I’m not sure now about the top two lines. I saw Avery definitely work some with Jagr and Dubinsky. … It’s often tough to tell who will play with who based on practice, especially up front. Perhaps that’s the case here.

    As always, the moral is: You never really know until the puck drops for real.

  36. When the Devils find out that Hollweg is playing, they will probably go to Lloyds of London and take out an insurance policy on their necks…..You know Hollywood is gonna be good for atleast one Board…rofl

  37. UpstateRanger on

    Good job on the car, Agravaine.
    Maybe you could paste a big cheesy ‘stache on the front grill for added effect :^)

    Actually, I think the Debs are highly offensive. LGR.

  38. Agra & Jo – very nice job on the video….It looks great! Now just take it up the Seaford-Oyster Bay Expressway to Syosset and Jericho…the hotbed for Fishstick fans….and blast the Rangers goal song…..that would rule

  39. Wait, I’m confused now.

    Dellapina, in his blog entry, stated the lines were:


    Yet you’re saying the lines were:


    So which is it?

  40. Josh — Completely agree about the need to practice first and be coy about fooling the Devils second. Which, if in fact Renney is serious about inaugurating the Strudwick-Backman administration for the initial game of this series, only adds fuel to the fire for his critics.

  41. No. Why would you, right?

    See my first post before any of this was reported. I’m not saying I’m a jeanous (haha), but what did you expect. I wish 1/2 of you coached the devils. It’d make it pretty easy.

  42. I just got 3 tix in section 118 from Ticketmaster!
    Ranger fans, snatch them up!!!

  43. And …

    I don’t know how valuable practice is at this point. Do you think they can get better at this point of the year by practicing? I’d say what you saw down the stretch is what you’ll see the rest of the way.

    You’re talkin about PRACTICE! PRACTICE?! Not a GAME, but PRACTICE!


  44. Tony from AZ on

    YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got tickets to game 5 in NJ !
    Now all I need is my plane reservations.
    It’s been 28 years since I’ve been to a Ranger playoff game.
    I’m so freakin excited – God, I hope it goes 5 games – LOL
    By the way, does the Devils have any fans at all ? Plenty of tickets still available

  45. Strudwick and Backman paired together is a Ranger fan’s worst nightmare. The Devils will be salivating over that mismatch. Reconsider, Renney!

  46. Doodie – Before you make the wrong plans, game three in MSG is *game six* in the series, not game five, like you said earlier.

    Canadiens in 6
    Penguins in 5
    Capitals in 7
    Rangers in 5
    Red Wings in 5
    Sharks in 5
    Avalanche in 7
    Ducks in 4

  47. For all the Prucha lovers, heres his stats for the six games he’s played in since he was reinserted into the lineup.

    Games 6
    Avg time 9:14
    Shots 6
    Points 0
    +/- -1
    PIM 4

    In my mind, he’s been ineffective as a scorer and that’s his role. He’s managed to play his way out of the lineup compares to Dawes or Callahan.

    Holleweg sucks offensively but he’s effective in his spot on the 4th line as a physical presence. I’ll take Sjostrom and then Orr/Holleweg any day for 4th line wings over Prucha.

  48. The Atlantic div is the only one with 4 teams represented in the playoffs. Seems to be the opposite.

  49. weak?

    You drunk?


    dude. it’s weak. it’s been weak all year. theres not one team in the east that looks like a true cup contender. it’s said repeatedly here that there is no one that looks very unbeatable, and that includes us. i don’t have the energy to get into this but in absolutely no way does a tight/close divison neccesarily equal a “strong” division.

    if you put two chimps together on the ice and they tie it doesn’t neccesarily mean they’re “both just that good”.

    The 2008 Rangers would have run away a #1 seed under Ted Nolan or Brent Sutter, among others, who would have had this team giving 110% every night at which point regulation wins would have been popping out like gremlins fed after midnight.

    everyone in hockey knows the East is weak, theres not one solid team… each one is a house of cards in some way, Rangers could have been that powerhouse, all the pieces are right there, *except* the brain to make it work, to get these guys playing hard, to motivate and incorporate the X factor, and lust for the feeling of *winning* that it takes to go deep. oh my god here we go again, here comes the infuriation. this team will go as far as they can by doing as little work as possible. that has been the formula all year, and it has worked just enough to put us right there in the middle of the mediocre so far. At least we’re in agreement that what we’ve seen is what we will continue to get… as I’m sure that’s probably the case. A team that is quite happy going to OT.

  50. Can we call up Hutchinson now and sit Rozsival? At least the guy shoots and can cover his zone!

  51. FWIW I did mean eastern conference rather than division, but I stand by it that the Atlantic is absolutely nothing to write home about at all. Like I said, a bunch of chimps bumping into one another does not mean they are all “good”.

  52. SeamusORiley on

    did I miss something, or was Mara playing better before he was benched?
    I don’t get it.

    Please someone tell me that Malik will not be in the playoff lineup sans injuries to many, many, many players?

  53. If Hollweg takes a bunch of needless penalties, I am going to freak out and shave him with a rusty machete. He is no good. And not very tough, either.

    Come on, Stache-boy, prove me wrong!


  54. As I’ve said many of times …one of the few teams Hollweg is an asset playing against is the Devils … their D need worn down … if we do that, NJ will not be able to counterattack … I like Hollweg over Prucha in this series …and do not mind seeing Strudwick play with Backman … as stated before though, defensively Backman is one of the worst defenseman I have seen…. there seems to be at least one scoring opportunity every time he is on the ice … and to think he will make 3.2 next year … but I am beating a dead horse…Renney must be forced to play him … Maybe he will help on the PP …

  55. Seamus … you mean ‘A penalty a game, and still only one goal the whole year in spite of recently getting a ton of ice time’? … Is that the Mara you are referring to?…

    Does anyone know if we can bring up Pock and Hutchinson now??

  56. I said it before, but who cares that Struds is slow when hes usually in great defensive position. You guys act like he doesn’t know that he’s slow. He knows it and makes up for it by dropping back. Everyone on here expects every player on the team to be lightning quick and have a great scoring touch. Its just not gonna happen.

    And Salty, I think coaching a team with decent young talent and a bunch of superstars is much harder than coaching a team with role players. Its not that hard to get role players motivated to go out there and play physical and stuff like that. With superstars is much more complicated so I think the Rangers job is tougher than that of the Isles or Devils.

  57. I don’t think so because they have one way contracts. If we can, then they’d still have to clear waivers anyway. And why do people still think Hutch and Pock will be the savior of our defense? If the solution was in hartford, that player or players would’ve been up by now.

  58. yea no need to bring up pock or hutch. once they sent down it was clear they would never get called upwere not coming back up as we would lose them on waivers, so they may in fact be the answer but there is no way we could ever get them on our team this year.

    as far as prucha versus hollweig. id rather have prucha as insurance for shanny as i am not overconfident he is going to be able to compete at full speed the whole game. i liked gomez and prucha together (tho i guess you have to at least see if Shanny can skate again), but not with avery. avery should play with jagr and put straka down with drury.

    i hope everyone does well that renney plugs in there, but if not i hope for once renney will make the decision that is best for the team and not a former star/veteran

  59. I would take a sharp stick to my eye before I would like to see Malik back in a Rangers uniform….Struds is ok as long as he is in game shape….Mara works best for me….

  60. Pock can’t be called up because he would have to go through re-entry waivers and someone will take him first.

    I will be in section 118!!! Tomorrow- at the ROCK!

  61. If Renney does decide to play Strudwick over Mara, then seriously, he is really the dumbest coach in the league, and i dare all Renney lovers to say otherwise. Malike, and Strudsy should both be in the press box ! Pock was great in the playoffs last year, well not great great, but he surprised me, cause he was pretty good I hope he has a shot at taking Malik’s spot next year, or Hutch.

    Honestly, when Orr gets healthy, i think id put him in instead of Prucha. Honestly Pruchs hasnt’t done a thing since coming back. He really isn’t the same player. Hopefully that changes. I really hope he isn’t like Pascal Dupuis. One great season, then turned into an over rated forward.


    Watch your back. Not for the Devil fans, cause i doubt there will be any of them there, but i hear there’s alot of criminals there. Be careful !

  62. Oh yeah, and why is this moron Renney thinking of playing Avery without Jagr. That line has been awesome.

    For the love of GOD !! Why is this guy coaching, he doesn’t make any god damn sense. I would never see any coach in this league trying that. If something is working then dont fugg with it.

    I wish Torterella was our coach ! He is funny, and he looks funny, and acts funny, and he looks like Fonzie, and he is a pretty good coach.

  63. Lol, the Sens think the Pens threw there final game of the year, cause they were scared to verse the Flyers.

    I hate both teams.

    Here’s my playoff prediction, and dont give me shit aboot it !!

    Rangers beat Debs in 6
    Filthy Flyers beat Craps in 7
    Sens beat Pissburgh Penis’ in 6
    Booins beat Habs in 5

    Preds beat Wings in 7
    Sharks beat Flames in 6
    Wild beat Avs in 7
    Stars beat Ducks in 6

    BOOM !

  64. czechthemout!!!!! on

    I think the rangers win it in six,they have the better horses.THe only way the Devils win is if the great equalizer
    Tom Renney makes up bad lines and fails to adjust to the flow and course of the game(his specialty,see last year vs buffulo).I am however hopefull that this being Tom’s third season in the playoffs,that flaw of his is gone.

  65. czech

    We shall see. When you have a coach who routinely ignores perhaps the biggest advantage to playing at home —– the right to match lines and get your best players on the ice against the opposition’s worst —– you have already handed the Devils a card they ought not to have.

    Can anybody out there name a Cup winner in the last fifteen or twenty years who didn’t match lines when he had the chance to?

  66. Unless the Devils play like pansies, Hollweg over the recently invisble and valueless Prucha is a good move..In case of Shanny not being able to “finish”, SJostrom is jsut as good/bad as a choice as Prucha to move up for some minutes until the next game (persoannly, I think both are inept at offense)…As for Orr, even if healthy, he should not see the ice until September…Too slow and doesn’t hit…His, ahem, “presence” will mean zero in the POs…Unless we play the Flyers or Ducks..

  67. Agravaine – I like that *The car is a FORD (Fix Or Repair Daily) Taurus*. My grandparents had a station wagon one from like 1993, and we still use it.

  68. czechthemout!!!!! on


    I’m no fan of Renney as any of the posters on here,who post over at BB will attest too.I’m hoping that he’s learned his lessons from the past two playoffs.I have many problems with his coaching not the least of wich is his stubborness and his failure to quickly recognize when something isn’t working.I’d also like to see some emotion from him.I know it’s not his style but it would be all the more effective if we saw some kind of pulse from him once in a while,particularlry when the team is getting the shaft from the refs wich has happened way too many times this year.



    play mara instead of malik and keep the 12 forwards the same, is not too complicated?????

  70. We have had a string of bad luck with our car (part of it I think is due to a corrupt mechanic who took advantage of us not knowing anything about cars). Hence the fix or repair daily it had been good for awhile now though!

    As for the criminals I was at the Rock on Saturday for a blood drive and while we were waiting outside saw a car pulled over and girl yanked out by cops and put into handcuffs. Security guard guessed drugs . . . so yeah . . .be careful!

    Pock was good I don’t know why he never got a fair chance.

  71. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

    I suppose no one else knows if center ice is carrying the game tomorrow night do they?????? They did this same thing last year, they didn’t put their schedule up until the last minute. It is really sucky service on their part not to have the schedule up. If they don’t carry the game tomorrow it is going to suck REAL BAD for me. I’ll get any of the versus games so at least I can depend on that. Anyone with info give me shout. thanks

  72. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

    salty wake up wake up your having a dream
    where did this come from???????

    so yeah . . .be careful!


    yes, be careful with your stash people…security in full effect…

  73. Hockeyman Rangers #2 on

    all I want to know is if center ice will carry the game tomorrow night????????????????????????? ANYONE

  74. where did this come from???????

    try reading a few posts up…. I was responding to Joreks quote about “watching out because security was busting someone with drugs”

  75. i’ve been very unimpressed with my center ice package… they boast “lots of HD games”…. I don’t think I’ve ever caught one of these, they always come on my screen looking like “old napster video” quality

  76. renney is killing me. Tom, Don’t worry, they will still let you be in the team picture if we win and you don’t put your stamp on the series!! No Mara or Prucha? Is he kidding? We need Mara on PP and Prucha can score, though he hasn’t much, on just about any shift. Hollweg…oh, don’t get me started. I am sick of Renney trying to out-think the opposing coaches. It’s not about YOU Tom!!! You idiot.

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