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In addition to Carp’s playoff prediction contest, you can now pick who will win the big series on this site. I’ve added a poll to the right that asks: Who’ll win the Rangers-Devils series?

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    I looked over all of the picks, and I’m gonna take a chance on mine:

    Bruins in 7
    Penguins in 5
    Philly in 7
    Rangers in 6

    Detroit in 6
    San Jose in 5
    Colorado in 6
    Dallas in 7

  2. Here are mine:

    Canadiens in 6
    Penguins in 7
    Capitals in 7
    Rangers in 6

    Detroit in 5
    San Jose in 6
    Minnesota in 7
    Anaheim in 7

  3. Sorry if already discussed, but is the game on MSG(1) tomorrow. I’m in NYC and my TWC is still showing the Knicks v. Bobcats on 27 (which should not be the primary attraction anywhere, in fact it should not be on TV)

  4. Canadiens in 5
    Senators in 7
    Caps in 6
    Rangers in 7 (thanks, Renney; it shoulda been 5)

    Detroit in 5
    Calgary in 7 (Ron Wilson gets fired)
    Colorado in 6
    Anaheim in 4

  5. game 1 Rangers 3-2
    game 2 Devils 2-1
    Game 3 Rangers 1-0
    game 4 Rangers 4-2
    Game 5 Devils 3-0
    game 6 Rangers 1-0

    i wonder how close i can get

  6. Fruity Cupcake on

    Shout out to Carp–Loved “Nightmare.” Always appreciated the fact the you explained Petr Nedved’s teenage courage to the boneheads.

    Montreal in 5 (Boston will need more than Bergeron.)
    Pittsburgh in 6 (PAINS me to say it. But really, Ottawa? No.)
    Washington in 6 (Bless the goalies in Philly, but they don’t stand a chance.)
    New York Rangers in 5. (Sorry Marty, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, but go ahead. Proceed directly to the Hall of Fame.)

    Detroit in 5 (Bless the goalies in Nashville, too.)
    San Jose in 7 (The one true toss-up in the league, IMHO.)
    Colorado in 6 (Although Forsberg will reinjure his foot and Foote will hurt his forsberg. OUCH!)
    Anaheim in 6 (Damn the brutes. Although maybe Jagr would like to try the Selanne Plan next September….)

    Friends bought seats at MSG South and while it’s against my philosophy to spend money in an opponent’s building, holy hattrick Batman, I’ll be at the game tomorrow!!!

  7. Here are my picks:

    Canadiens in 6
    Penguins in 7
    Flyers in 7
    Rangers in 6

    Detroit in 5
    San Jose in 6
    Minnesota in 7
    Anaheim in 7

  8. here are my picks

    Canadiens in 5
    ottawa in 6
    caps in 6
    Rangers in 6

    Detroit in 5
    Calgary in 6
    Colorado in 7
    Anaheim in 5

  9. Salty – I’m not looking to debate that with you either. Everything in that post was speculative, and I’ve already gone down that road before. “So and so could make this team winners”. No proof, no facts, just salty.

    You not understanding that the head coaching job in NY is one of the top 5 in all of professional sports is beyond me. And that top 5 does NOT include the NJD. Never will either. And way to change your argument. I felt my retort was necessary, but today…there’s no arguing from me as I stay as positive as possible for game 1.

    Bathgate…we agree that CGY will beat SJ. It’s time that SJ changes things up.

    We’ve seen Keenan prepare teams for the playoffs and be (relatively) successful. Year after year we see that Wilson can’t. An upset is in order!

  10. So by my count, there’s only 3 of us looking for that upset out west. Mark, Bathgate & Beer Me!

    If anyone has a good link to the series breakdown from a NJD perspective, please share.

  11. Larry Brooks is a d-bag. Did anyone else read his column this morning? Everyone is entitled to their opinion but he sorely lacked any sort of rationale for his predicition.

    The Devils have finished with more points than the Rangers for years, so obviously they’ll win the series. Garbage. I could write a column with more substance.

  12. JJP,

    That’s Larry Brooks’ MO. Have you ever heard is summer-time trade rumor articles?

    Most of the time, take what Brooks says, then expect the exact opposite to come true. Good sign for us!!!

  13. No predictions. The Rangers have the ability to beat every team in the East, it’s just a matter of if they come out to play and injuries. Please no McCreary for the Rangers. He’s the Wally Harris of the 2000’s. I can’t wait for tonight! LGR!!!

  14. oh no! Before I open that link, please tell me it’s not Eklund!

    Ok, here goes!

    Oh, and btw people…we should all be like Kevin Nealon in Happy Gilmore. Focus on all positive energy going into the game. Don’t worry about the lines until they take the ice. It’s all going to work out.

  15. HA! No SP, that’s not what I was looking for! HOWEVER…I can admire the fact that there is an actual devils fan out there that cares. How much he knows about hockey…well, I’m not that concerned to find out. But his little rant there doesn’t answer the question why with just 10 hrs until game time, you can still by tickets within the 1st 20 rows of the ice.

    I really wish I could go tonight, but I’m a bit financially strained at the moment paying for a wedding. I had to talk my fiance out of bringing our jerseys to work today incase we decided to get tickets.

  16. My son went on line last night ticketmaster and we got tickets for friday’s game can’t wait……….

    picks are……

    Rangers in 5
    Canadiens in 6
    Caps in 6
    Pens in 5

    Detroit in 4
    Sharks in 5
    Minn in 7
    Ducks in 6

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Don’t forget, there is still time to register for the playoff beard/porn stache contest.

    there is no prize except the envy of your peers.

    email for the web id and password.

    I’ll post my clean shaven, “before” picture in a couple of hours, at which point I’ll drop the webshots link here so the readers can keep track.

    So far there are two others who will participate. You know you want to!

  18. Montreal in 5
    Penguins in 6
    Caps in 6
    Rangers in 6

    Detroit in 5
    San Jose in 7
    Colorado in 6
    Dallas in 7

  19. Doodie Machetto on


    The Debbies said in 2005 that the reason the Canes beat them so easily is because the competition level of the Rangers was so low that they weren’t at the level they needed to be.

    Lame excuse or not, I feel like it is actually a possibility. Look at Detroit’s numerous first round fizzles. When they are wiping the floor with the dregs of their division for the last 2 or 3 weeks of the regular season, how are they in any condition to compete at a higher level? Compare that to the 8th seed team that has been battling every night to just make the playoffs.

    So, I think playing the toughest opponent first is good. Although, I think the Rangers have an equal chance to beat or lose to every team in the East right now. No one team looks like they would have no chance against us. For some reason, we had a hard time with Boston this season. And Ottawa is still potentially a very dangerous team. Philly is hot right now, and they will pound upon whomever they play. The Devs have Broduer and so are always dengerous in the playoffs, not to mention the close margin of all of the games of the regular season. The Caps are hot, and they played really well against us, but they are stilla a young and inexperienced team. The Pens are supposed to be favorites, but we beat them. The Habs came back in that game, but don’ forget that we had built a 5-0 lead. So, like I said, We can beat or lose to every team in the East.

    The only team that I think the Rangers match up really poorly with is the Capitals. But I think Philly takes them down. I think that the Flyers are just going to pound on them and wear them down over a long series. I expect the Caps to take the first two games, and then Philly to win in 7. The longer the series goes, the better for Philly.

  20. Hey Spiderpig,

    Didn’t the Rangers have a guy dressed as a goalie run around NYC last year? It just seems like the Devils and their fans have no originality.

    I checked TM and it seems that there are a lot of tickets left for tonight’s game. I may just head over and check it out. Anyone else going tonight?

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll be there, waaaaaay up there.

    I knew there would be tickets available, just not the “cheap” seats.

    They’re still a lot cheaper than the seats I got at the Garden for game 5.

  22. doodie – good point about NJD vs the canes. But one thing I heard to the contrary, is that with how much emotion NYR and NJD spend early on, it’s detrimental to either side moving forward. I see it either way. Just one more thing to equal these two teams out.

    Man, I can’t wait until tonight.

    100% pathetic that those seats are still available. Seems odd to me though that a ticket on the glass is $250, and a ticket 20rows back is $250.

  23. I think a 2nd cup of coffee was a bad idea today. I’m pumped up enough. I think may heart may explode.

  24. Beer Me thats fine… I’ve been trying to pick out positives all morning and I’m getting excited, I think it will be a great series for the fans to follow.

    As far as top 5 coaching job in the world, I don’t see how says or means anything to the conversation. Top 5 in what exactly? Money? Sure. Pressure? Hardly. I only *wish* it was treated as such a high level position requiring only the finest talent, and maybe we’d have found a good one that doesn’t take a roster full of stars to make it to the middle of the pack. Instead we have coach who apparently caters to the team and hesitates to get them out of their comfort zones. Speculative? Absolutely. But I’m not just inventing it in my head, it’s the impression I (and others in the same camp) have gotten over 3 botched seasons.

    And the NJD are consistantly among the very top teams in hockey, regardless of how their coaching position ranks on your chart. If you want to talk about the “pressure” of a position, look to NJ, and look at last season. The job is *evidently* always on the line over there. The same can simply not be said about at least 3 Major NY Teams, that is actual fact if you examine the recent years of the Yankees, Knicks, and Rangers. So, I’m not sure what the other 4 “top jobs” you were talking about were… but if you’re talking about pressure to have a team perform, I’d hope the Yankees and Knicks coaching positions are not on that list. Maybe if you’re talking about top 5 salary, you’ve got a point.

    I really didn’t change my argument by the way, or didn’t mean to at least. Mistook the word “division” for “conference”, I still say “both”, although on contains the other, are relatively very weak compared to . Competetive does not neccesarily equate to “good”, even in the NHL, and I’d think you do understand that.

  25. Now for some positives:

    -Rangers have actually showed up to play *actual* big games this year
    -We have been good against inter *division* teams
    -We have dominated MSG South since the day the doors opened
    -We are in Marty’s head big time, and our rookies have all own’d him
    -Tom Renney has a *new* suit for playoffs

  26. MTL in 4 will continue their dominance over boston
    OTT in 6 Still a very good team even with out Al
    WSH in 5 This is a laugher
    NYR in 6 Rangers will break open the offense on Marty

    DET in 6 No bounce in the 1st round for the Wings
    CAL in 7 Calgary is going to pull an upset.
    COL in 5 The Avs of old are all togther minus Roy
    DAL in 6 Another upset…

  27. Who was doing the beard growing contest? What was the email? I just found the pic of me and Kaspar at the foo fighters show. I want to send it in.

  28. salty – Still not interested in the debate. ’05-’06 was a highly successful year considering the position the franchise was in pre-lockout. Just making the playoffs was an commendable. And Renney deserved his nomiation for the Jack Adams.

    We’re so far apart on this I don’t think it’s worth the effort today. Let’s just focus on winning tonight, eh?

    “Competetive does not neccesarily equate to “good”, even in the NHL, and I’d think you do understand that.”

    Totally. But to make the playoffs in the most ‘competitive’ division, is still nothing to overlook.

  29. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on


    Haha “MSG South”

    I’m starting to get pumped… LGR!

  30. Doodie Machetto on


    No, the Islanders did.

    I think I give a slight edge in the goaltender matchup to the Devs. You have to beat Brodeur. Hank sometimes gives them away.

  31. doodie – (yeah, the isles did). The reason I say it’s a wash, is b/c hank’s been hot lately. I’d never say that he’s never ‘given them away’. PART of the reason we don’t have home-ice is b/c of that. But I think if you take Farty’s p/o success, and hanks hot play of late…it’s a wash. my opinion anyway. We’ll see what happens in a week to 10 days.

  32. I like this Rangers team’s ability to bounce back from adversity & win big games in the long playoff run they have made.
    This team collectively seems to come up big after potentially devastating setbacks, & I think that will serve us well in the playoffs.
    Go Rangers.

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    “hanks hot play of late”

    I’m sorry, did you see the game on Long Island? What about the first period in NJ? Hank is playing as inconsistent as usual.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    He got hit by a car… A drunk Kaspar was driving. Why do you think he fled to Russia?

  35. I don’t think it’s a wash. I think one goalie will crumble at some point. I expect both goalies to have at least one really bad game, or at least let in some very soft goals.

    I wonder who deserved what more in 05-06:

    Jagr deserve MVP nomination or Lundqvist the Vezina nomination or Renney the Jack Adams nomination?

    Food for thought. In retrospect, was Renney carried on those two players backs? What happened to the team when either one of those players was “off”?

  36. “MSG South”

    I cannot take credit for this, it’s been said here several times…I think “Pavel” made it up.

    Metro Ice Challenge? I really thought we won that by a point? I thought we won by getting the point against NJ on sunday… damn…now the season was REALLY a let down…! ;)

  37. we need to be loud tonight DEVIL FANS SUCK and know nothing about the sport.

    ill be in section 116 i think thats what it is were pregaming at some place called hobbys deli.

  38. Beer…
    I’m with you on the coffee…
    I have this restless energy today and other than adjusting patients, I can’t seem to get anything done…

    “I think I give a slight edge in the goaltender matchup to the Devs. You have to beat Brodeur. Hank sometimes gives them away.”

    Doodie, Brodeur also is known to give up some pretty bad angle goals. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a great net minder, but does let some softies in also…

  39. joejoe315…..i am in sect 116 too…row 1…..i think some dude on this blog as “avery” is in row 116 too…..i will have my “NYR” hat they gave out at MSG on Sirius sponsored hat night a few yrs back.


  40. doodie – I think in both of those instances, it was the team, not just him. And I would look all the way back to februrary in the comparison. I think that Hank played better than marty down the stretch, but the same can be said in terms of both teams.

    salty – I think Jagr WAS the mvp that season. Not only did he deserve the nomination, but the trophy. It takes more than an mvp on your team, or a vezina winner to be successful though.

    “What happened to the team when either one of those players was “off”?”

    The team was built around Jags the last 2 seasons. Renney openly admitted(in everyone’s favorite quote) “as he goes, so go the rangers”. What happend to Pitt when crosby & fleury went down? they got better. Was it b/c of Therein? THERE’S a guy that’s being carried.

  41. im sitting in row 6 gomez jersey u will see me i will be standing on my seat…

    i heard they are lighting up the streets around the prudential center will all RED lights. im a little scared that that might attract all the bloods to hang out around the stadium hahaha

    “MSG SOUTH” im so using that one

  42. I just scored Radiohead tickets for Camden. Radiohead-Sweet! Camden-Yuck! It’s the A**hole of the world!

  43. To me it seems like sec 116 will be all NYR fans.

    I cannot focus today on anything but tonight. Anyone else having that problem? BTW we are taking the NYR Express out of Penn Station at 629p.

  44. richard – total A.D.D. today. It’s going to be even tougher tomorrow with the Masters starting. For those that care.

    Those going to the game….please don’t be shy!

  45. there are going to be an insane amount of Ranger fans tonight.. 6 of my friends just all got free tickets from there jobs all these company seats are going to ranger fans we are taking the pebble over tonight. thanks to us maybe they will get there second sell out of the season.

  46. Who Needs Lohan on

    I dont mean to sound like a pr!ck but i dont get the MSG south. wouldnt it be MSG West? Just wondering…..

  47. Anyone a NYRangers fan in Tampa?

    Looking for people / place to watch the game tonight …

  48. RE: Therien “deflection”

    I don’t know ANYTHING about that team, but my first thought was:

    “There’s a guy who knows how to take lemons and make lemonade, your lose your star and top goalie and you make it crystal clear to the team that they have to step it up in anyway that you can.”

    I would really venture to guess that he’s not “carried” at all. If I had to guess, it would be that he got his team to go above and beyond in a “crisis situation”.

    Jagr was *absolutely* the MVP in 05, everyone in hockey knew it hence the players award. It’s really tough to argue that Jagr and Henrik did not carry that team though, and that Renney was absolutely LOST in those playoffs, literally no gameplan or prayer without Jagr to come to the rescue.

    The only thing Renney has ever been good for is somehow stroking Jagr out of his funk. Jagr is one player that maybe you *do* need to cater to for 600g type results.

    There are very few of those types of players though, and REnney seems to try that lube formula on everyone and has shown very, very, very limited results.

  49. salty –


    Hanks migraine’s, and no Jagr didn’t help the cause in those playoffs.

  50. Brodeur is a BABY on

    I’ll be in Section 102 sitting with my friend, who’s a Debbies fan.
    This is officially the longest day of all time.


  51. Somed unrelated Ranger questions before noon hits and we are all dying to get out of work, for the game to start, etc.:

    Does anyone know what happened to Bobby Granger?
    Who is growing a playoff beard/Stache?
    What’s with JAgr hitler stach/go-tee combo and will he grow a full beard over the playoffs?
    Which Ranger will have the best beard?
    Which Ranger will have the worst beard?
    Will Renney wear a pink tie tonight?
    Whose getting into a fight at the Pebble tonight?
    Who will be PISS DRUNk at tongihts game?

    Just some fun q’s

  52. SpeedSkatOrr on


    I just read Larry Brook’s article, it made me so pissed that I don’t want to pick up a NY Post ever again! Also, if I were to see him, I would give him a piece of my mind. That article alone would make him a marked man by the Rangers fans. How does he say/predict such nonsense? Whatever!

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  53. Unlike my namesake I’ll be rockin a beard for the playoffs! I bet the best beard goes to Hank… Best porn stache to Struds (sorry Hollweg). Renney will not wear a pink tie. I will be p1ss drunk tonight.

    PS – funny how Hollweg and Struds starting rockin the porn stache after Anaheim came thru town… coincidnece? I think not – but as I am a Ranger fan not a Parros fan I say bring it!

  54. Larry’s Brook’s is a total putz. He is always so freakin negative. I bet he’s never played a game of hockey in his life… and it certainly shows in his articles.

  55. i actually shaved this morning starting fresh today. i will def get into a fight at the pebble tonight. and im drinking a lot just so i can pee on the devils emblems all over the bathrooms. Renney is def wearing pink tonight. Hanks beard is going to come out of his helmet.

    P.S. i cant wait to count all the jersey mullets at the game tonight..

  56. I don’t have a problem with Brooks … if he thinks the Devils are going to win, so be it … some of the reasons he brings up are legit. He’s trying to be realistic, not negative.

    Anywho, to me this is the most enjoyable Rangers “column” that’s on the web:

  57. I’m not growing a beard or a stach…not much facial hair in my dutch blood…
    Bobby Granger…who cares…
    Mara will have the best beard…
    Dubinski/Staal will have the worst…
    Renney will wear a bowtie tonight…


    salty, are you Larry Brooks?

    I remember hearing Struds admit that Parros was the inspiration. Hollweg is just a follower.

  59. Just read the Brooks article, I don’t see the problem at all.

    MasterP is dead on, Brooks gets paid to write objectively, not be a goddamn shilling homer like so many of you want to read. His main points are exactly what I say on this blog every single day and agree with him on almost everything he says. However I do think Rangers have a good chance of winning. It’s a matter of motivation here. If the Rangers can be convinced to play their hearts out, it’s theirs. I really just don’t know if are going to play like that though…

  60. I think Dubi should grow something. I love the kid, but he has Keith Tkachuk’s body and the face of the baby in the Adams Family movie. It’s pretty funny actually.

  61. I am steering away from negativity today. I told my students this as well. One kid was acting up so he is sitting in the hallway doing his work. Desk and all. I just don’t have time for it today.

  62. That’s it. I’m getting a home “Nasty” jersey. Right on dude.

    I think Dubi may try to grow some hair on his chest for the playoffs!

    hollweg should cut some of his hair and glue it to staal/dubi’s faces. Beavis & Butthead style

  63. I am proud of myself today. I ate tuna and didn’t drop it on my laptop. Maybe it is a sign! :)

  64. His article is not very well thought out…guess he didn’t realize that the Devils tumbled from the top and the Rangers climbed in the standings in the last five weeks…
    He mentions all the Rangers experienced vets…He never took into account the Rangers youth…
    and then the Devils have Pedigree?… what are they dogs? purebreds?
    Salty, not looking to argue but that article is anything but objective, he doesn’t even break anything down…
    An objective look is Stan Fischler, he looks at Offense, Defense, Coaching, Goaltending etc.

  65. Fruity Cupcake on

    In his MSG ProFile, there’s actually a photo of Staal in a (red) championship beard, so Marc can grow one. It’s Baby Face Dubinsky who needs facial Rogaine :-)

    Don’t know where I’m sitting tonight, but I’m starting to hope it’s 116!!!

  66. That the rangers won’t play sloppy, and they will win the game. And that I am becoming a grown-up. And I won’t have to explain to my wife again why my laptop smells like Lexington Avenue.

  67. Nasty 1, your posts are priceless…
    A long time ago, I was the kid in the hallway, desk and all, then still acting up…resulting a leisurely stroll to the principles office…

  68. Who Needs Lohan on

    Best beard will definitely go to Rozsival. He is the type of guy that has a full beard after a day and a half. Jagr may be a close second with Dawes and Shoe String close behind.

    Worst beard would without a doubt be Prucha. I could see it now, all splotchy, and peach fuzz mixed in. Just awful, but then again it will be hard to even notice up there in the luxury box….

  69. lohan – I almost included prucha in my post…but then I thought the same thing!

    best could go to dawes. as far as utes are concerned.

    fruity – he was also wearing #14 back then. one more reason why I’m waiting to get my staal jersey.

  70. Tony from AZ on

    Although I would love a Ranger SWEEP, I have tickets to game 5 in MSG South (I love that)
    I just made my plane reservations – I thought hockey tickets would be expensive , holy crap I think I bought the plane.
    4 days in NY during playoffs – LIFE IS GOOD !!
    LGR !!!

  71. Zipay is at the a.m. skate…

    “D Bryce Salvadore, obtained at the trading deadline, is replacing Vitali Vishvevsky for the Devs tonight…Rangers are just going onto the ice….”

    He says: more in a bit.

  72. “Salty, not looking to argue but that article is anything but objective, he doesn’t even break anything down…
    An objective look is Stan Fischler, he looks at Offense, Defense, Coaching, Goaltending etc”

    – He doesn’t have to … he’s assuming most of the readers are already knowledgeable about those matchups. Brooks is operating on instinct … besides, even if he were to do the matchup analysis and come up with the conclusion that the Rangers are more talented, etc, we should all still take it with a grain of salt since they’ve had this “shi*ty” lineup all year and still finished ahead of us in the standings.

  73. Who Needs Lohan on

    Rozsival was the kid who on the first day of 6th grade came into school after the summer off looking like a man when everyone else was still examining that first hair on their ball.

  74. ok so I have a restaurant over in nj and some salesman came in trying to sell us fish. And since we can always use good fish i said bring some in and let my chef cook some and I’ll try it. Anyway everything was really good. We sat down started going over prices Then sonething happened under all his hair sticking out of his button down shirt there was a gold charm hanging from his chain it was a devils emblem I told the guy we can not do
    business with him. He thought I was joking but I sware to god I told him we will not purchase from him. He is now on the way to my dads store to bitch me out . I had to do of for the team

  75. I am definitely excited as hell. Nothing is better than playoff hockey. I am all pumped up. At recess today there was a boy who came to me and said that he felt like something was biting his head. I told him to toughen up and get back in the game. He came over again and picked up his hair and sure enough there was a tick half way in to his head. They got it out in the nurse’s office. And I was giving a student a high five because she likes the rangers and I knocked the lunch tray out of a younger student’s hand. I am just so pumped up for hockey that I don’t feel like being at work. I have all this aggression in me and I want to smash someone’s face open with my forearm. Like a drunk Devil’s fan who says the wrong thing. I am totally not that kind of person either, but man, today I just…..I just……I need to get out of here.

  76. Stat time!

    Brodeur has played 17 of his 164 career playoff games against the Rangers. He is 8-9 in those games, 86-61 against everyone else.

  77. i honestly believe once playoffs start stats mean crap. just my opinion i feel like starting tonight anything from this season means nothing power play penelty kill i feel like they start from scratch tonight and anything can happen.

  78. Tony from AZ on

    Beer me – you going to game 5 ?
    I’m in section 12 – I’ll have my Ranger jersey & Ranger berret hat on

  79. tony – I’m on a game to game basis. If I can grab a decent pair at a decent price, I’m there. But I’m hoping to find a deal.

    joejoe – I agree mostly with stats going out the window, especially regular season vs playoffs. But a career 1.93 gaa in the playoffs should not be overlooked. We all know his history, the #’s don’t really matter I guess.

  80. joejoe315 – April 9th, 2008 at 11:28 am

    Now that is a good story! Your Dad will back you up too.


  81. he already did as soon as the guy walked in and seen the brian leetch banner on the counter he knew it was over.

  82. Fruity Cupcake on

    JoeJoe, send the fishmonger to see Wang :-) You are WHACKED to turn away the decent catch from one of the rare, seldom-seen Debbies fans, and yet, I salute you!

    Maybe we can have a party at your restaurant in June….

  83. Man… I’m actually nervous. Haven’t felt this since 1994. ALL SEASON LONG it’s been a case of motivation for these guys. There should be no problem with that tonight. I don’t just want wins… I WANT SHUTOUT WINS!!!


    MasterP… if you want ot drive to Orlando I’ll be watching with beer in hand.

  84. Lovely get the job done. The creativity is marvelous, but extra so since the recycling element is so crucial and timely. Kudos to you Mark for these inspiring artwork.

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