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Sorry I have to take a quick break from my new (extended?) hockey assignment. I’m at the Mets home opener. Back to hockey tomorrow.  I think they figured a way to get my name on top of my posts instead of Sam’s. I apologize if this is showing up as one long paragraph. Something wrong with this laptop. In the meantime, here’s my column from The Journal News and today. Also, I thought we’d have a little fun. Anybody interested in predicting outcomes for all eight first-round series? Get them in by Wednesday afternoon, or before the 7 p.m. puck drop in Game 1. Maybe I’ll come up with a prize during the first round, too. I’ll post my picks later.  It’s great to be back on hockey. I can’t say that enough. You fans are the most passionate of any team’s fans anywhere. Oh, and to that one person … you can call me Carp, but please be more careful where you place the A and the R. 

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  1. Doodie Machetto on


    I just got tickets to MSG game 3 (game 5 of the series) in section 415. Carpy [;-)] section, but it’s about being there more than anything else.

    Games 1 and 2 are only scattered single tickets.

    I didnt check about the semis because I can’t afford those, and because I won’t be available to go during that time.

  2. Repost:

    I wish I could do the beard growing thing this year guys… I did one last year (but from the time they got Avery or thereabouts) and damn near got fired. I have red hair so it I looked like I should be chopping down trees in a flanel shirt or somehthing.

    Maybe a Strudwick/Hollweg porn stache contest?

    As far as the d-men go… I say sit Malik. He’s been good when he’s played good but when he’s bad… whew! He stinks. I thought we played a really fun to watch, up tempo 1st period the other day. If not for Marek we would have won that game 2-1.

    Mara seems more steady and solid to me… go with him.

  3. Ok, here are my predictions, starting with the West:

    Detroit/Nashville: Detroit in 5.
    San Jose/Calgary: San Jose in 6.
    Minnesota/Colorado: Colorado in 6.
    Anaheim/Dallas: Dallas in 6.


    Montreal/Boston: Montreal in 5.
    Pittsburgh/Ottawa: Ottawa in 7.
    Washington/Philadelphia: Ovech..Washington in 6.
    New Jersey/New York: NYR in 6, 4 games in OT.

  4. On hold right now. good call on the upstate line doodie. It’s been so long since i’ve CALLED for tickets, I forgot about that ‘scam’.

    nasty – did they say rnd 2 is sold out too?

  5. East:

    Pittsburgh in 6
    Washington in 5
    Montreal in 4
    Rangers in 7

    Detroit in 4
    Colorado in 7
    San Jose in 6
    Anaheim in 7

  6. I only tried for the first 2 games at MSG, but I am actually teaching and the class was just kind of staring at me while I was doing it. Ha.

  7. Here are my picks:

    Detroit/Nashville: Detroit in 6.
    San Jose/Calgary: San Jose in 5.
    Minnesota/Colorado: Minnesota in 7.
    Anaheim/Dallas: Anaheim in 5.

    Montreal/Boston: Montreal in 5.
    Pittsburgh/Ottawa: Ottawa in 7.
    Washington/Philadelphia: Washington in 7.
    New Jersey/New York: Rangers in 6.

  8. REPOST…

    I just hope Mara handles the playoffs pressure better than he did last year. I thought he was horrible last year in the playoffs. Was responsible for at least 2-3 goals in the Atlanta alone.

    Pumped to rip a playoff beard. Plan on shaving a week and a half worth of scruff tomorrow and then not shaving (including for the wedding i am in next wkend) untill the Rangers win the Cup or get knocked out!

    Going to games 1,3 and 4 – so freaking pumped! Have section 49 row A for first game at MSG! Oh baby!!


  9. Doodie Machetto on

    I told the secretary not to take any calls.

    hahaha, I’m just a low level nobody.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    I got the worst seats in the house, so it doesn’t surprise me that there are no more pairs.

    The seats have a viewing impairment. I’ve sat in these seats before. I have to stand everytime the puck gets near the bottom of the circles because it’s blocked by the seats below me. Ha, I just spent 200 bucks on terrible seats, and in no way regret it.

  11. Carpy, it is so great to have you back covering hockey!!!!
    I always wondered why you moved on to high school sports coverage or special commentaries!! No offense to Sam, but all those years you covered the Rangers, you were spot on with your assessments of the team and management!!!

    Predlies over the Wings in 6 – Detroit always loses 1st round
    Ducks over Dallas in 5
    Sharks beat Flames in 7
    Avs upset Wild in 6

    Habs over Bruins in 5
    Pens over Sens in 5
    Caps beat Philly in 6
    Rangers beat Devs in 6

  12. Detroit in 5
    San Jose in 4
    Colorado in 6
    Anaheim in 6

    Habs in 4
    Pens in 5
    Caps in 6
    Rangers in 6

    I hope the Rangers can beat the Devils in less than 6, but I think Brodeur is good for at least 2 wins at home. Wednesday can’t come soon enough!

  13. Nasty, 150 for a 300s ticket seems a little too much, but depends on where.. if it’s near center ice, then go for it.

  14. SeamusORiley on


    I don’t know if I would change a single thing about your playoff status…..the only slightest tweak might be Detroit in 4, but if I were a betting man, I probably would give them 1 loss as you did.

    great post.

  15. Picks…

    Detroit in 5
    Sharks in 6
    Avs. in 7
    Dallas in 7


    Montreal in 6
    Pens in 5
    Flyers in 6
    Rangers in 6


  16. Pairs are sold out for all 6 available games @ msg. I tried every single game through ticketmaster. Oh well.

    On second thought nasty, I wouldn’t. F*ck the 300’s. lame.

  17. Thanks Saemus. I was debating Detroit and Montreal sweeps, but I think they’ll give up 1 game. Nashville’s goaltending seems to be too inconsistent and Boston was swept by Montreal in the season series (and I think Savard is still out).

  18. JO and I tried, but we couldn’t get tix, but thanks for the upstate number we are going to old onto it, we are saving money now, no buying tix unless its a Stanley CUp game (then we can afford (sort of but not really) whatever they will charge for the cheapest worst seats in the house maybe….

    Agravaine’s picks:

    Preds over the Wings
    Dallas over Ducks
    Sharks over Flames
    Avs over Wild

    Habs over Bruins
    Sens over Pens (but that could be wishful thinking)
    Caps over Philly
    Rangers slaughter Devs

    Jo’s picks:

    Detroit in 6
    Ducks in 5
    Sharks in 6
    Avs in 6

    Habs in 5
    Sens in 7
    Caps in 5
    Rangers in 6

  19. Beer Me!’s picks:

    Detroit in 6
    Dallas in 7
    Flames in 7 (you saw it right)
    Avs in 5
    Rangers in 6
    Habs in 4
    Pens in 6
    Caps in 7

  20. PICKS

    MONT IN 5
    OTT IN 7
    NYR IN 6

    DET IN 6
    AVS IN 7
    DUCKS IN 6

  21. WEST:

    Nashville in 7

    San Jose in 4

    Minnesota in 6

    Anaheim in 6


    Montreal in 4

    Pittsburg in 5 – payback will be a biotch for Ottawa even though I hate pitt

    Washington in 7 – Ovechkin scores 38 goals.

    Rangers in 5

  22. Well, if I can’t get playoff tickets, I think I’m going to buy Liberty tickets. Then I’m going to hide in the stairwell until the next Ranger game!! Nobody steal my idea!

    Either that, or I’m going to walk around with my head up my a$$ and just say my name is Joe Michelletti. That’s the easy way in.

  23. hey anyone know the layout at the pebble. just got my ticks for game one… Section 9 row 3 – any good?

  24. East
    Montreal in 4
    Pittsburgh in 4
    Washington in 6
    Rangers in 5

    Detroit in 5
    San Jose in 5
    Colorado in 7
    Anaheim in 6

  25. RegalRangers on

    I tried to get tickets to MSG games this morning and ended up finding a pair of 100 level seats (1st row) in the rock for game 1 tomorrow for 100 each. I’m fine with invading Newark if it saves me hundreds of dollars. Besides, I haven’t checked out eh new arena yet and I’m sure there’s gonna be TONS of Ranger fans going.

  26. RegalRangers on

    Parros, pretty sure those are 3rd row seats. Like, three rows from the ice. You pay 250 each? I thnk you’re right behind teh devils bench.

  27. What do people think Jagr is going to do in the playoffs?

    The more I think about it I think he’s going to come out strong. My general impression is that Jagr plays for the money. He doesn’t seem to be particularly pumped about reaching career milestones, when he scores or the team wins. He’s a head case, so who really knows if cares or not.

    But if I’m Jagr, I just got paid $8mn for the 2007-2008 season and now I’m looking at a pay cut next year. From all his comments in the papers, he’s been reiterating that he can still play. So I’m hoping he’s viewing the playoffs as an audition for next year and tries to dominate.


  28. Tried MSG ticket exchange and there were plenty of paired seats available earlier today.

  29. Without expanding too much, he’s not just playing for an NHL contract. His performance over the next few weeks/months will impact more than his offers from 30 nhl teams.

  30. I don’t know who I hate more, The Dolans, Brodeur, or the inventor of 1 ply toilet paper.

  31. HA! I’m in for the 1-ply people.

    Last week it was like a burlap sack, this week it’s like EZ-Widers

  32. East

    Boston in 6
    Penguins in 7
    Capitals in 5
    Rangers in 6


    Detroit in 5
    Calgary in 6
    Colorado in 7
    Dallas in 7

    Hoping for the upsets ;)

  33. Montreal in 5
    Ottawa in 6
    Caps in 6
    Rangers in 6

    Detroit in 5
    San Jose in 5
    Colorado in 7
    Ducks in 5

  34. My Quarterfinals picks
    Detroit 7
    San Jose 4
    Colorado 6
    Dallas 7

    Montreal 7
    Pittsburgh 5
    Capitals 7
    My Final Pick
    Rangers 5

  35. Rangers in six
    montreal in five
    wasington in seven
    pittsburgh in six

    Detroit in five
    san Jose in seven
    Colorado in seven
    Ducks in six

  36. In with my predictions

    Eastern Conference:

    Pittsburgh over Ottawa in 6 games
    Montreal over Boston in 5 games
    Washington over Philadelphia in 7 games
    Ny Rangers over Nj Devils in 7 games

    Western Conference:

    Detroit over Nashville in 5 games
    Colorado over Minnesota in 7 games
    San Jose over Calgary in 7 games
    Anaheim over Dallas in 6 games

    Go Rangers!!!!

  37. Montreal in 5
    Pittsburgh in 4
    Wash in 4
    NYR in 5

    Det in 5
    Calg in 7
    Minn in 5
    Anaheim in 4

    short but sweet except for 1 series

  38. montreal in 5
    ottwa in 6
    philly in 6
    rangers in 5

    detroit in 6
    san jose in 5
    minnesota in 7
    anaheim in 5

  39. East:
    Bruins in 7
    Penguins in 4
    Flyers in 5
    Rangers in 5

    Red Wings in 6
    Flames in 6
    Avalanche in 4
    Stars in 7

  40. I’ll go with:
    Detroit in 5.
    San Jose 7.
    Minnesota in 6.
    Anaheim in 5.

    Montreal in 4.
    Pittsburgh in 6.
    Washington in 6.
    New York in 5.

  41. My picks are:
    Boston in 7
    Pittsburgh in 6
    Rangers in 4
    Philly in 6

    Detroit in 5
    San Jose in 4
    Minnesota in 6
    Dallas in 7

  42. West:
    Detroit/Nashville: Detroit in 5.
    San Jose/Calgary: San Jose in 6.
    Minnesota/Colorado: Minnesota in 7.
    Anaheim/Dallas: Anaheim in 6.

    Montreal/Boston: Montreal in 5.
    Pittsburgh/Ottawa: Pittsburgh in 6.
    Washington/Philadelphia: Washington in 6.
    New Jersey/New York: Rangers in 6.

  43. What the hay…

    Habs over Bruins in 6
    Sens over Pens in 6
    Caps over Flyers in 6
    Rangers over Devils in 5

    Wings over Preds in 5
    Sharks over Flames in 6
    Avs over Wild in 5
    Ducks over Stars in 6

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