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Hi all. It’s Carp again. Thanks for the comments. Glad some of you guys and ladies remember me from yesteryear. I spent a fair amount of time (about 22 years) with the Blueshirts in a previous life.

You’re right about Shanahan. They should have him on ice until Game 1.

Here are some more Renney answers from today’s Q and A:

About the day off: “Giving them a chance to regroup a little bit. We’ve gone eight days without a day off and it’s important to give them chance to take a deep breath and give themselves a chance to focus on their next opponent at their leisure, if you will, and also a chance to give the coaching staff a chance to put some things together to get them ready.”

He was asked if there could be any surprises since the two teams know each other so well.

“We’ve got lots of things up our sleeves,”  he smiled. Then he said,  “Zero.

“We’ve known each other well, let’s face it. We’ve played each other eight times, great games. Personally I like coaching against Brent. He keeps me on my toes. He makes me think my way through a game, which is always important for a coach. I like that. But, really, I don’t know that there will be too many surprises in this series.”

Asked if he could give an example of how Sutter keeps him on his toes, Renney smiled and answered, “No.”

On what having a hot Jaromir Jagr going into the playoffs means:

“Jaromir’s played well, for me anyway, the whole season. I think what it translates into for us under these circumstances is a guy that can really get us to where we need to go. He’s a huge leader on our team and a great, great player in this league, and he will be until he decides he doesn’t want to play anymore, an d the bottom line is he wants to play, and that’s exciting for All of us because he’s a guy we can feed off of.”

On whether Gomez is still affected by his late-season injury:

“He would suggest otherwise, but I would say there’s a little bit of an impact there. He’s not exactly where he wants to be as a player, but this is Scott Gomez at the most important time of the year and for him the most fun time of the year. I know we can count on Scotty Gomez to be a great player for us moving forward and he’ll play a significant role in where we end up.”

Renney also said he’s glad that Gomez gets booed every time he touches the puck at the Rock.

“I think it’s outstanding,” he said. “I love it and I think Scotty Gomez does, too. That’s the type of competitor he is. So I don’t think it will faze him one bit. I think it’ll just crank him up.”

His message to the team, especially the guys who haven’t been through the playoffs much:

“First of all enjoy it. You know, drink it up, and learn by it, no question about that. You’re in the lineup, you’re playing for a reason, don’t deviate from what you’ve offered up for us in the first place. Go play and do everything you can with it and what you’re all about to make a difference.”

That’s it for now. Check out my column tomorrow in The Journal News and

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  1. “I think it’s outstanding,” he said. “I love it and I think Scotty Gomez does, too. That’s the type of competitor he is. So I don’t think it will faze him one bit. I think it’ll just crank him up.”


    Yo I love Scotty so much, how he’s always smiling like: “This is so funny, I’m in the NHL and I’m good.” Nearly holding in laughter before taking his shootout against Marty and the lighting…man I wanted to win that so badly.

  2. inhankwetrust on

    any news on if renney will start malik in the series? He looked VERY flat footed the other night and slow as all hell….not taking the body very well considering his size, and fought in that little scrum behind the rangers net like a girl in a pillow fight… roszival and staal, tyutin and girardi, mara and backman i say….but who am i…any thoughts?

  3. Carp – I know what you mean about Shanny, but maybe they should keep him *off* ice? Haha, it could be confusing. Great update!

  4. inhankwetrust …… backman, mara AND malik scare me … if I am the Devils send 3 men deep and pound the Ranger D, like they did yesterday … I wish we could bring someone up from Hartford.

  5. Carp: I am trying to get my hands on your book about Messier ‘Dragon Slayer’?? … I think that is what it is called … Do you stick behind your statements in the book (I heard there was some critical comments, that very well be deserved, I am just curious if your thoughts have changed any.

  6. inhankwetrust on

    agreed they’re not exactly norris trophy winners, but backman has come a long way, and mara can atleast skate…malik by far scares me the most, as he’s slow and a big doofus…

  7. Carp, great to hear from you, I grew up with you as the Rangers writer and still have the article saved the day after they won the Cup that said something like “This is a world in which the New York Rangers are champions.” Great stuff, the triple threat of you, Sam W, and Josh is pretty lethal.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Great update Carp. Thanks.

    Shanahan should be on ice… thin ice.

    Scott Gomez is great. I used to hate his guts so much, but I love him now that he’s on our team. What can I say? All I can say is that he’s great.

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Backman has 7 pts in his last 8 games. He has been playing really well. Not exactly a defensive stud, but he moves the puck and isn’t afraid to pull the trigger.

    Malik was just awful in the last game. wow. Can’t wait to have Mara back.

  10. I am devastated. Did Renney REALLY end a sentence with a preposition? I think it must be a misquote! No, seriously… it HAS to be a misquote, doesn’t it?!

  11. Doodie Machetto on

    Patrice Bergeron is cleared to play for the Bruins. Therefore, they get my vote for largest upset in the East.

    In the west, I have to say Dallas over Anaheim.

  12. Hey, so my favorite question… which guys showed up anyway?? besides Shanny.

    So are the men of the board going to grow playoff beards along with our boys in blue??

    Jo and I (yes twin sisters) are making the video now, and lets just say Queen’s I Love My Car might be a part of it…

    I have to say we were at the home opener this year and a fellow was with his girl friend and the Rangers were winning it was awesome but she was just whining the whole time and then she walked out on him… I felt so bad for the fellow…

    PS I forget who it was that was suposed to take the trash out after half time ;) and then offered to take it out after we got the extra point, but did it ever get taken out then?

    will post the video when its done, and the pics will be on my myspace page when I upload them (wasn’t that helpful!!!)

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Agra, I was thinking that we should have a playoff beard growing contest. I’m ready to go, except that I need to shave on Sunday morning because I have to go to a memorial service.

    But other than that, I’ll be in full beard mode.

  14. HEy can anyone tell me where Colton Orr is in his recovery?? Also that is a good question on whether he will go with Hollwegg or prucha

  15. Doodie

    Bold upset picks in both conferences. If Boston does beat the Habs, my hat will be off to you. I think they could get swept, given Chara and Savard not being close to 100%.

  16. It’s Carp, not Sam.
    Koffy, I don’t know to which comments in the book you are referring. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t change my mind on any of my opinions from back then. The book is called “Messier, Hockey’s Dragonslayer” but I don’t know how many of them are still around collecting dust.
    As for tomorrow’s questions, I think Josh or somebody else will be handling that. I have to go to Mets’ home opener. Then back to hockey Wednesday for the rest of the week.

  17. hey guys, this is the link to my photo album on myspace, it has the pics of the car, but if you can wait for the video do so, it will be better then just looking at the pictures… I should have it done shortly (aka after dinner)

  18. Who Needs Lohan on

    Hey fellas, and Agravaine of course. Been busy at work all day, but read most of the posts from today. Pretty good conversation there for the most part. Not too much bickering, guess we are all on the same side now!!! I am going to Game 1. Was given tixx for free from a Devils fan (i SH!T you not) but they are in the nosebleeds. Oh well it will be fun either way. Anyone else when reading that interview with Renney think “oh geez, there he goes over thinking things again”? I sure as hell did. 46 hours til gametime……

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    WNL, what section? I’ll be in the nosebleeds also(although I had to pay for my tix)

  20. reginald dunlop on

    Hey Carpie, since Sam is a scratch how about replacing his mugshot with yours on the blog…..come on now …..

  21. this was posted on newsday blog 2nd most recent article. can it be. although they have this guy Bob that I think may really be Yenner.

    Posted by Yenner Mot | April 6, 2008 22:46 Tom Renney should win Jack Adams trophy. He is an amazing coach. Anybody who thinks otherwise doesn’t have a clue about hockey.


  22. Agravaine/Jorek – The Liberty logo on the back of the car looks like it is making a sour face. :) I really like the mask on the front. I’ll look out for you on the road on Friday, but I’m sure you’ll be watching the game. I’ll have to listen on the radio on the way to Vermont for one more weekend of skiing

  23. inhankwetrust on

    anyone going to the game wednesday night? i’ll be in section 119, come by we’ll have a beer…

  24. yeah, y’all will have to keep in mind Jo and I have very little actual artistic talent (photos and videos aside). Anyway youtube is undergoing maintenace so I can’t upload the video tonight, will do so sometime tomorrow. Cheers folks!

    Spider, you on Long Island too? How did I not realize that.

    Jo has a ticket to game one as well, 100’s section somewhere…

    Scent of a Woman on right now, gotta love Pacino when he is lecturing!!!

  25. hankwetrust, im gonna be in section 116…looking to “pre-game” in the parking lot…haha

  26. Hey Carp! glad we have you with us for a while. I was one of your loyal followers when you were the full time beat writer for the blue shirts.

    Bottom line- Jagr and Lundqvist are healthy this time around and adding Drury, Shanahan, Avery and Gomez to the mix should make this series all out war. Hopefully when the smoke clears we’ll be back in the semi-finals…

  27. Heard that Zach Parise got booed at Yankee Stadium tonight. Outstanding to know people care!

  28. Agravaine – No, Manhattan. But I don’t know where you’ll be traveling so I can still look for that crazy Rangers car, eh? I think the other painted car album is very good, which I guess is last year’s. The Liberty logo and the regular logo were pretty good in that one. I like how you wrote the letters mirrored in the front so people can read them in their rearview mirrors.

  29. Agra – Awesome job on the car! My only suggestion for you…..Have your sister video you taking a sledgehammer to the doors of the car while you say into the camera “I am making it look mean!” Then post it on youtube…that would be sweet

  30. Spider – I’ve had that email address long before BeerMe! was in exsistance. I know my role in this world! LOL.

    Salty – The “wait till they turn 9” remark. As disturbing as it is, that’s comedy right there.

    Surprised not to see any comments about the Pre-playoff show last night. I can only speak for directtv viewers that the ‘guide’ said ‘Elton John’s b-day’, but it was the ‘hockey-condo’ in full swing. Nothing new was said, the renney interview Carp quoted above was on it, an interview with Sutter, and a couple scattered players from both sides.

    There was an awesome commercial at the first break(only time played during show), that had a bunch of Rangers out on the street saying “I Am A Ranger” and a couple fans here and there. If you did see it, how funny was Avery?

    Doodie – That WOULD be a huge upset, what can I say, I don’t think it’ll happen. Dallas over Ana? What can you say, it could happen. What can you say about Marty Turco, he’s a great goalie. A lot of guys there have overacheived this year…what can you say? haha you get it.

  31. And NHL Network had a self-proclaimed Candaian-bias playoff breakdown. Along with the draft lottery, which Tampa won.

  32. why would the yankees even choose to have Parise to that countdown thing. im glad the fans were smart enough to boo him .

  33. Avery rules… bros and I will be in Sect 116 as well…Row 1.

    I can’t believe it’s just Tuesday. Drop the friekin puck!

  34. ONly 15min until MSG (north?) releases all 6 tickets that are available for the playoffs to the general public.

  35. I am all for the beard growing contest. I did something during the year where I didn’t shave until the rangers lost a game in regulation time. It was kind of fun and I ended up looking like I was one of the guys from ZZ top. Who is in?

  36. Guys, I don’t think it will happen, but I can totally see us sweeping this series, or definitely wrapping it up in 5.

  37. What I mean by that last post is that I think we take this in 5 games, but we could sweep.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m in section 259 tomorrow. Yeah, I know, high up there. But, I couldn’t afford more expensive seats.

  39. Doodie Machetto on

    To facilitate the beard contest, I’ve created a web shots page. I think the best way to do it would to have whomever wants to participate create their own album with their handle here as the title, and then update it every few days or so with progress photos. If you wish to participate, e-mail me at, and I’ll send you the member name and password.

  40. A mom of a student that I don’t even teach asked me to go to the game with her and her son on Friday night. The seats are right next to the rangers bench. Mrs. Nasty was not too happy when I told her that I was invited. If I had to do it over again I would have said the dad invited me. I had to turn them down anyway because I have my kids while she works late. On a Friday too, give me a break. I am sorry, and call me a prick, but when I am watching playoff hockey, let alone a series with the Devils, I don’t want my kids, as beautiful as they are and I love them so much, anywhere near me during the game!

  41. Doodie, would I have to shave now and start fresh again tomorrow? What are the rules of the contest?

  42. doodie – ticketmaster charge by phone starts at 10. internet starts at 12.

    No use though…I can’t get through.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    Nasty, yes, you must start fresh tomorrow since that is the actual beginning of the playoffs.

    And for all of those who wish to participate, the only required photograph is the before (clean shaven) photo. After that, feel free to update as much or as little as you want.

    Beer, ah, they’re probably all sold out already, for both rounds.

  44. yeah, I’m not even sure why I’m attempting it. The only good thing they’ve done with it though, is only making TWO tickets available to any person. That’s 2 tickets for any combination of the first 2 rounds. not 2 tix to each….2 tix total. could be 6/7 games.

  45. FYI – Just on Tickmaster plenty of seats have opened up for tomorrow.

    Have to fill it up with Ranger fans!!!

  46. The Dolans and everyone at Ticketmaster should fry in hell for this bogus playoff home game “ticket sale.”

  47. Hey Crap,
    Who do you think will get the start on defense in game 1? We know the basic five (roszival, tyutin, girardi, staal, backman). Heres hoping the 6th is Mara. Malik looked very slow (and im not a malik hater like most). Your thoughts?

  48. you can only by 2 tickets. pick your game.

    if you pick game 1, that’s it, you’re done.

    you can buy 1 ticket to game 1. and 1 ticket to game 2.

    then you’d hit your 2 ticket limit.

    But I agree that they should fry!

  49. rangerganda – if you want a question answered, you probably shouldn’t call him ‘crap’. I think he goes by ‘Carp’ these days. ;)

  50. This is the worst playoff ticket sales i have ever seen in my life. The Rangers website says 10am (nowhere does it say by phone) on the front page. Ticketmaster won’t sell them until 12pm, which again is ridiculous after the Rangers front page is saying 10am. Why does the phone get a 2 hour window? I could think of nothing more aggravating than sitting on the phone trying to buy tickets, I would rather be trying to buy them waiting outside the Garden. Whoever thought of this system should be shot. Dragged out on the street then shot again. Then hit by bus. They sell these tickets like they do the baseball playoffs. Everyone registers, names are drawn in a lottery and you win or lose the right to buy tickets on a game by game basis. I blame poor management.

  51. rangerganda – I feel that Rozsival and Malik are two of the worst defensemen I have ever seen on this team. Rozsival got a slide because of his offensive production in the beginning of the season. He was on pace for Souray-like numbers, and I didn’t mind his lapses when he was on pace for 25 goals… BUT… in the last.. I dunno… 45-50 games, he’s been AWFUL. Malik showed some improvement, but has still been inconsistent.

    Lots of people knock on Backman, but at least he’s been producing decent numbers (7p in the last 8g?). I hope that Rozsival actually shoots and maybe one will go in.. Malik, however, is completely useless. Play Mara!

  52. This isn’t even the worst part of the ticketing.

    Here’s the worst….TicketExchange.

    So you buy your season tickets. Ticketmaster takes their cut, msg takes there cut. Then you decide or something comes up that you can’t go to a game. So you sell your tickets back to msg. They resell them, take ANOTHER cut, and ticketmaster takes ANOTHER cut. That’s F’n pathetic.

  53. Tickets are on sale right now on for Amex card members and there are none available. I don’t get it. I have an AMEX. Are they releasing more at 12?

  54. nasty – I always try the amex thing too, and it never works.

    I don’t blam amex for that though

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    I just got tickets to MSG game 3 (game 5 of the series) in section 415. Shitty section, but it’s about being there more than anything else.

    Games 1 and 2 are only scattered single tickets.

    I didnt check about the semis because I can’t afford those, and because I won’t be available to go during that time.

  56. I wish I could do the beard growing thing this year guys… I did one last year (but from the time they got Avery or thereabouts) and damn near got fired. I have red hair so it I looked like I should be chopping down trees in a flanel shirt or somehthing.

    Maybe a Strudwick/Hollweg porn stache contest?

    As far as the d-men go… I say sit Malik. He’s been good when he’s played good but when he’s bad… whew! He stinks. I thought we played a really fun to watch, up tempo 1st period the other day. If not for Marek we would have won that game 2-1.

    Mara seems more steady and solid to me… go with him.

  57. I just hope Mara handles the playoffs pressure better than he did last year. I thought he was horrible last year in the playoffs. Was responsible for at least 2-3 goals in the Atlanta alone.

    Pumped to rip a playoff beard. Plan on shaving a week and a half worth of scruff tomorrow and then not shaving (including for the wedding i am in next wkend) untill the Rangers win the Cup or get knocked out!

    Going to games 1,3 and 4 – so freaking pumped! Have section 49 row A for first game at MSG! Oh baby!!


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