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Hi gang. This is Rick Carpiniello. I’m going to be covering, probably with others, for Sam for a while. You all know that Sam is at Augusta.

So I’ll be filling in during the first three games and in between, although tomorrow I’m going to the Mets home opener. Sam expects to be back for Game 4, and I hope to be with him for the whole journey thereafter.

Anyway, not much to report from Day 1 of the postseason. Tom Renney gave the team the day off, and according to him he had to convince some of the players to stay away, that it really is important they refresh and get off the ice and away from hockey for a day. Of course, some couldn’t. Long before Renney met the media at noon, Brendan Shanahan was on the ice by himself, working out for about half an hour. A few others showed up to get treatments or just to hang out.

I’m working on a column for The Journal News and tomorrow about how this Rangers team and this upcoming tournament kind or reminds me of the playoff setup for the Giants a few months ago. By finishing fifth and not getting home ice, the Rangers are sort of a wild card team, and they will probably start every series on the road the rest of the way. And they closed the season with a loss to a team they will have to beat in the postseason.

But more so, the Stanley Cup tourney has become in the last five or six years or so a wide-open, anybody-who’s-in-can-win-it event.

I’ll stop by later with some thoughts from Renney.

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  1. IMO Shanny should be one of the players resting off ice or coming in to get treatments…

  2. Carp, lot’s of quotes and lots of “who’s doing this, who’s doing that” please.


  3. Shanny should be living in a hyperbaric chamber til Wednesday AM breakfast….

  4. NY Rangers should pull a Han Solo on Shanny…..freeze him till Wednesday evening

  5. Jorek….you are lucky to have a sister like Avagraine who is such a die-hard Rangers fan…..When I was growing up, my sisters hated sports, and they used to force me to watch Brady Bunch and Love Boat re-runs….I am still in therapy over it….couldnt figure out if Alice the housekeeper played her twin sister when she came to town

  6. Carp- Can you ask Sam if I can borrow his press pass for Sunday since he won’t be in town…..I will get the scoop and report it back to here…thanx

  7. Those press passes are probably pretty easy to forge with a good printer/laminate…

    “The Fugitive” style cuttin’ photobooth pics and making nametags

    Hi, Armando Manuel Guitierrez, Credentialed Tri-State Area Hockey Coverage at your service… Hey is that Martang Brodeurs cheeseburger? Excuse me for just a moment….

  8. Oh…didn’t realize Jorek was a female also…thats kewl…2 Rangers chicks…..When I was a younger, I always wanted to marry a girl who was a die-hard Rangers fan….My wife is the complete opposite….she hates sports, and hates my addiction to them….Just yesterday, she says to me during the Rangers game, “When its half-time, could you please take the trash out?”….I cringed and told her as soon as the Rangers kick the extra point, I will. Oh well : (

  9. Sure ACW….meet me in front of MSG on Sunday@ 6pm…I will be wearing a Rangers jersey

  10. Well, I’m marrying one in about 5 weeks. It’s been good so far. Just hearing: “we should get an HDTV for the playoffs” should be all you need to hear.

  11. liquid – (from prev thread) Yes, it was “walk”. excuse my ignorance to thinking it was called something else. Seriously. I should probably change the name on my ipod. haha

    Is it Wednesday yet??

  12. What does everyone think … should Hollweg play the Devils instead of Sjostrom … I thought the Devils were making runs at everyone and Rangers did not answer back … I think if there is a team Hollweg should play against it is New Jersey ……… Will Orr be able to play Wednesday?

  13. Liquid,
    Sorry. Can’t get my hands on Sam’s press pass. Want mine? No, just kidding. I don’t think any of you guys could last two seconds in the pressbox where there is a serious, enforced “no cheering” policy. Imagine being there and not being able to cheer? Or taunt?

  14. Wow…alot of lady Rangers fans here…thats great…Since I did not marry a die-hard Rangers gal I figured when I did have kids I would have a boy who would one day become the physical defensemen that the Rangers always needed….Well, 2 lil’ girls later (4 years old/ and 4 month old) my Rangers tv watching experience at home consists of my 4 year old girl parading around the den with her Troy & Gabrielle High school musical dolls putting them in my face and saying, “Look daddy, its Ya-gerrr”…On the flip side, I think that my 4 month old girls first words are gonna be, “FUGGIN MALIK”….Guess what though, I wouldnt trade them 2 girls for the world! : )

  15. Salty – NINE!! Hey the worst is yet to come. I’ve been thru it with one that is now 25 and I’m going thru it again with a 12 yr old. What you need to have is a swimming pool in the backyard. That can bring out the best.
    Now back to the good stuff. Ranger PLAYOFF hockey. No way do I take out Sjostrom for Hollwegg. In fact I like Shanny on the 4th line for 1. a touch of scoring power there,2. keeping him fresh for PP & PK and you can always move him up as the game goes on and his minutes are down.

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