Tentative first round schedule


Game 1 Wednesday at Prudential Center

Game 2 Friday at Prudential Center

Game 3 Sunday at MSG

Game 4 Wednesday at MSG

Game 5 Friday at Prudential Center

Game 6 Sunday at MSG

Game 7 Tuesday at Prudential Center

First order of business when I get to Augusta tomorrow: finding a sports bar that will get any of these games. Looks like I’ll be missing three, but will be back a week from tomorrow. Like I said, not ideal, but it beats working for a living.

Sounds like Josh and Rick Carpiniello will be taking over the wheel in my absence. Go easy on them.

If you need me, meanwhile, here’s “where you can find me”:http://golf.lohudblogs.com/.

But don’t worry, I’ll be checking in here, too. There’s no way I can stay away….

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  1. Hey I posted this late in the other topic. won’t repeat it again cause I know its annoying I just was wondering if anyone knows where to wait at the Rock for autographs before and after the game (and for both the home and visiting teams) Thanks!

    Have fun in Georgia Sam.

  2. Malik’s um . . . . probably not. I have a jersey I want to get Shanny to sign and a bobble head of Brodeur I want to get signed. Those are the only must gets I have right now. I have MAlik on a puck if you want it. :-)

  3. lol Jo, I think they would want it to burn in effigy perhaps…

    the Staal penalty late really stunk, but now the boys need to get set for the playoffs. No excuses, like someone said, for not being prepared, and I do think tha maybe it helps the Rangers that the Devils won a game, so we don’t go into the Rock 8-0 and end up like the Pats (18-1) Not that I think the Rangers will lose the series, just that the pressure if we were undefeated, once the Devs won a postseason game the team could deflate

    I can’t wait, tomorrow Jo and I are going to paint Let’s Go Rangers and such all over our car, I m going to put pics or a video of it up on here for y’all to see, and any of you unfortunate enough to live on LI can keep your eyes out for us!!

  4. Still not anounced as far as I heard. People are guessing it will start at 5 and be part of a NBC double header. Hope its announced soon!

  5. inhankwetrust on

    ummm jorek i’ve gotten shanahan before but he has to be in a good mood to sign, and brodeur is near impossible, he’s a grumpy bastard sister in law f-er…but good luck!

  6. I have gotten Shanahan a few times at the Garden. He has always been great after games, before he is in a rush but still signs a bit.
    And yeah I have heard that about Brodeur. I figure I got less of a chance getting it signed since 1. I will be wearing a Ranger jersey and 2. Its kind of broken and missing his glove hand- he may not like that if he looked at it.

  7. On the devils website: games 1-4 are scheduled to start at 7PM game 5 at the rock 7:30 and games 6 and 7 are TBA.

  8. Great! If thats the case then I will be able to see all the games. I will be around the Garden for all those games! SInce I have no life and being a Ranger fan is my full time job! :-)

    Hmmm .. . on applications I might have to put part-time student as occupation until the playoffs end since I am certainly not doing that full time at the moment!

  9. ThisYearsModel on

    Waaaahhhh. I have to go to THE MASTERS again. Waaaahhhhh. Come on Sam, you are killing us here! Just get a car with XM radio and you’re good.

  10. Shanny has always been nice around the Garden, the jerks have been Avery (no surprise, what you see on the ice is the man) and surprisingly Girardi and Callahan… oh yea, and Gomez who thinks people limping is funny (really I’m kidding but still…)

    Drury is rushing as well but he has his reason (although Straka and Rozsival have the same reason but they stop…)

    the nicest guys have been Straka, Rozsival, Tyutin, Betts, Malik (I think he is just happy that someone likes him) and Jagr actually especially at the Island on Thurs…

    Lundquist is also nice. Dubinsky and Dawes were cool when leaving and Staal tries to avoid people, but when he meets up with them he stops (unlike two other young Rangers previously mentioned)

    hmmm… oh yea Strudwick and Valiquette are also really awesome and Hollweg will sign too! Jo saw Mara and Orr and they were nice as well I think… is that it? I think so… oh wait Sjostrem and Backman are pretty cool too, I have yet to see the elusive Petr Prucha, but Jo did… thats it for sure…

  11. Prucha signed for people. BAckman was holding a small child so no one bothered him.

    Mara was great so was Hollweg. And no I didn’t see Orr but I wish I did.

  12. SERIES D TIME #4 New Jersey vs. #5 NY Rangers Network
    Wed., April 9, 2008 7:00 PM NY Rangers at New Jersey TSN
    Fri., April 11, 2008 7:00 PM NY Rangers at New Jersey TSN
    Sun., April 13, 2008 7:00 PM New Jersey at NY Rangers VERSUS, TSN
    Wed., April 16, 2008 7:00 PM New Jersey at NY Rangers VERSUS, TSN
    Fri., April 18, 2008 7:30 PM NY Rangers at New Jersey TSN
    Sun., April 20, 2008 TBD New Jersey at NY Rangers VERSUS, TSN
    Tues., April 22, 2008 TBD NY Rangers at New Jersey TSN

    I’m not sure if the games on Versus are exclusive, but this comes from NHL.COM

  13. I saw Backman at the island and he was very nice, I forgot about the child at MSG thats right much nicer then Avery and his plate of pasta…

    thanks Mark, 7 on Sun thats great!!

  14. So wait are any of the playoffs gonna be on the NHL channel?

    Great on the 13th I am going to see Gypsy on Broadway so I will come out of that in time to get dinner and then watch the game at a local bar!!!

  15. NBC picked the Redwings for Saturday the 12th, and the Caps for Sunday the 13th.
    NBC also has picked the Redwings again for the Sunday the 20th, but that would be game 6 of that series and will probably be over so I guess we could wind up on NBC on the 20th if neccesary.

  16. I don’t now who is worse versus or NBC?
    No Milbury is nice I can’t stand that guy!
    I’m surprised they aren’t taking the Penguins and their boy Sidney?

  17. Yeah, I just saw those same times listed on _Mike’d Up_. I wonder why the first two games aren’t 7:30 starts, as well, since that’s when the Devils like them and they aren’t on Versus.

    Wow, good job by NBC taking the Capitals over the Penguins, but now that I think about it, I wouldn’t give them too much credit because their hand was probably forced to not take either Canadian team, since those get carried on a different channel up there and they will want two American teams to help their ratings. They needed to take a rising star, so they took Ovechkin over the Rangers against the Devils, plus they get the Flyers which are popular for them, as well.

    Last year was weird, if I remember correctly, because some Versus games were exclusive while others also had MSG broadcasts. I’m not certain on this because I wasn’t at home until the third round, I believe.

  18. I can’t believe the Capitals-Flyers series doesn’t start until Friday. I feel bad for those fans, and the Capitals who are on such a roll. If that series goes seven, they will have to play back-to-back nights for six and seven. Theoretically, if all series go seven, there will be seven games two weeks from Tuesday. :)

  19. Spiderpig- If you wuz the coach….give us the Rangers 4 lines for the the Debbies matchup

  20. NBC really hates the Devils. The NHL was forced to bury this series. What a disaster this team has been for the NHL. No fan base=no ratings.

  21. mojo – couldn’t be more right on that.

    Just want to say a quick thanks to everyone that added a little extra to a fun regular season. To those that doubted we’d make the playoffs at any point…shame on you!

    Not worried about yesterday’s game. Liked Shanny on the 4th line, his post game comments would lead me to believe this is what we might see. I think it’s terrific. I think you can roll all 4 lines without trouble.

    Sorry if I repeated anything. I saw 148 comments on the last thread and said ‘forget it’.

    I won my fantasy league…go “Peca Heads”!

  22. Props to Jagr for leading the team in points and tied for the lead in goals. I ragged on him most of the season, and he lead the team like he was supposed to. That said, I still don’t want him back next year.

  23. spider – (went back to skim posts). Glad you had the same thought process on the bathgate/renney thing. I was hoping it wasn’t just me.

    I think that way in general though. I don’t make predicitons, I don’t blame people for things they haven’t done yet, and I don’t say things that I can’t support with some kind of fact. The way I “feel” about something means absolute crap, and I know that. Everyone has the right to voice how they feel, but they do it in a way that they try to make it fact. And it’s just not.

  24. Rangers website has the times posted as follows: 7pm Sunday? UGH. Versus 3 times Double UGH

    Wed Apr 9, 2008 Rangers Devils 7:00 PM TSN
    Fri Apr 11, 2008 Rangers Devils 7:00 PM TSN
    Sun Apr 13, 2008 Devils Rangers 7:00 PM TSN,VERSUS
    Wed Apr 16, 2008 Devils Rangers 7:00 PM TSN,VERSUS
    Fri Apr 18, 2008 Rangers Devils 7:30 PM TSN
    Sun Apr 20, 2008 Devils Rangers TBD TSN,VERSUS
    Tue Apr 22, 2008 Rangers Devils TBD TSN

  25. And another thought- I don’t care if he was rusty or not, but Malik was AWFUL!!!! Other than that 3 game stretch right before the trade deadline, coincidence? he has been terrible! At least Backman is showing signs of improving, Malik has been regressing. I don’t want him anywhere near the ice, unless somehow we can put him in a Debbies jersey.

  26. LIQUID – Why me? People here hate line combos. I’ll just say I want them the way they were during most of the long *point streak* with Prucha in the place of Orr, since he is injured. I would definitely have Orr in if he were healthy.

    PJ Stock 28 – You’re a little late with that, eh? Mark posted the exact same thing last night. :)

    Beer Me! – Good job on your fantasy league. I bet that Price pick-up helped you really well. I can’t believe I traded him in my keeper league last season. Silly me. Would you like to be in next season’s version of the league I set up for this blog? I think Salty just came in first in his first try if I’ve got that correct. I was first in the regular season but finished fourth. No Yahoo virtual trophy for me. :(

    Congratulations, Salty!!

  27. I got an email today with the subject *Special Presale for Rangers Fans-Starts Today!* Guess what it was for…

    *Liberty tickets!* Like they need a *special* presale for that. How exciting!!!

  28. So do we know if the games carried by Versus are exclusive to VS, or is MSG going to show the games as well?? I hope it is the latter since VS is not in HD in NYC.

  29. Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I am foaming at the mouth. No, it’s not because of the rusty nail I stepped on, it is because the playoffs start Wednesday night! Man, I am so pumped up for this. I don’t like how we play Wed., Fri., Sun., and then have to wait all the way until Wed. again to play game 4. What is up with that? I have high expectations for us in the playoffs. I know everyone hates predictions and this and that, but I say we take this in 5, 6 tops. This series is not going to 7 games.

  30. A few things from yesterday:

    1) Totally pumped to see the Rangers come back aggressively from down 2-0. It is clear that in the last 35-40 mins, the Rangers were the better team.

    2) Malik got to play cuz Renney wanted to keep him sharp. But boy did he look pretty dull. He was on for both Devs goals and both times he tried stupid, wimpy poke checks. How the hell can let Madden have so many whacks at the puck?

    3) Hank played very well. I hate how he gives up like one soft goal a game on the doorstep that should be avoided.

    4) How psyched are we to have Shanny on our 4th line? How deep does that say our team is? Shanny still needs to be used in specific spots, not as a regular guy rolled through the lineup, however.

    5) Glad we gave one up to the Devs going into the playoffs. It’s no big deal. The game meant little. We came back and tied it and are so much deeper than them.

    6) Jagr looks determined.

    7) I am going to game one at the Pebble.


  31. This series is going to be incredibly intense. I just cannot wait. My gut tells me Rangers in 6…hope I’m right!

    Question for everyone out there and it’s apropos since Sam mentioned it in his blog post. Sports bars. Are there any in the city that are packed with Ranger fans on game nights? I’m looking for a place to watch the game on Wednesday night. I usually just head home during the week, but I’d probably miss the drop of the puck (very long commute) and I think game 1 of the playoffs is a pretty special occasion which warrants a weeknight out! Anyway, any suggestions? I know Stout and Local are near the Garden, but are they good when the Rangers are on the road? Someone help me out…thanks!

  32. Spig – thanks. I acutally missed out on Price cause my brother grabbed him a few minutes before I tried. HOWEVER…My main man Huet led me to my championship by winning all 6 games he played down the strech. Big time. Thank god, cause Gerber was a F’n joke. I’d def be interested in the league for next season.

    Malik played like he knew he wasn’t getting any playoff time. Could that have been the last you see Harry in a blueshirt???

    I like shanny on that 4th line a lot. Totally able to roll 4 lines comfortably and keep him somewhat fresh. Big-time depth.

  33. oh yeah….almost forgot. A couple of absolute gems by Hank yesterday. They looked awesome on the new HD in my living room.

    To all those that don’t have HD, and I know it’s a lot. There is no doubt in my mind that it’s worth every penny. Anyone with it will attest to it also. Unreal, what an experience.

  34. They just released more tickets for games at the Rock on Ticketmaster…all 4 games are now available.

  35. Also, I’ve been away for a couple of days…but has there been any speculation on the Dolan/Knicks thing? Does this translate to him becoming more/less involved on the Rangers side in any way? Sorry if it’s been discussed, at a glance I don’t see that it has though.

  36. I hope and pray that the Rangers are never EXCLUSIVELY on Versus. You don’t know how many times I had to catch myself from throwing my remote right thru the TV. How many times are they going to show a guy skating to the bench while the play is going up the ice? How many times will they show a graphic that covers the whole bottom of the screen while the play is going on? Is it not common sense to do that stuff in between face-offs? My blood boils ever time the Rangers are broadcast over that station. NBC is just as bad.

  37. Yeah, but the ESPN guy also thinks Gomez centers the top line. If he’s not with Jagr, then it’s not the top line on this team.

    Salty – I thought I determined earlier in the season that you were the team that kept changing names. Whoever that is won the league then, now under the name *Crosby Returns*. Congratulations, Rich!! (the Yahoo ID name, whoever you are)

  38. Salty – All I can add to that is that there was an article in the Post over the weekend that announced Dolan/Slats felt it was time to honor Andy Bathgate & Harry Howell. There will be a ceremony after Graves Night. It mentioned something along the lines of “Dolan & Sather felt it was time”. Pure BS, we know. But it’s the Post afterall.

    Something I wanted to mention about the game/series. It looked like(to me) that the Dmen were trying to force the outlet passes too much and causing completely unnecessary turnovers. Too many times the puck was going up the middle, then across BEFORE IT LEFT THE ZONE! That’s going to get us into a lot of trouble if it doesn’t change. Especially a team that has always used their transition game as their strong point.

  39. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    Beer Me!

    Yes, HD is worth every dollar. Watch out though.. You’ll end up watching way more tv than before, it’s hypnotic…. Hmmmm, Jack LaLane selling juicers….. in HD!!! Look at those tomatoes!

  40. bars at MSG

    I would be interested in the answer too, I know before the game MOlly Wee’s around the corner is packed but during I’m not sure. Jo has watched games at the TGIF in Penn Station and Trax had a decent crowd once, but not great. The sports cafe by the parking garage had an ok crowd to, but it was way to expensive, so if anyone has better suggestions, through them this way, it looks like I will be going to the Garden for all home games, and I will try and get cncellations but in reality there won’t be many (better not. the people who bought those tix had better be going!!)

    cheers, off to paint our car :^)

  41. Howell and Bathgate are going to be honored! Finally!

    I was gonna put my guess for line combos but since someone said everyone hates that I won’t :-)

    I think it will be Ranger in 6. ANd as for the ESPN guy he is like NBC and versus- they can’t stand JAgr so don’t want to say he is on the top line- hence giving the honor to Scotty Gomez.
    Yeah we have depth Drury as a third line center and Shanny our 4th line wing. The limited minutes will help him and his knee!

  42. The bar at Molly Wee’s was pretty full at the bar during the game but there was still plenty ofroom. Prices aren’t bad and the bartenders are nice- good crowd too. TGIF is expensive the want 8.50 for a bud light- and its not even a real beer.

  43. formerly – I’m already seeing that. Good timing for me that all the Star Wars were on in HD all weekend.

  44. YAY for Howell and Bathgate. It is time, and I am sure Sather and Dolan realised it because every fan kept saying hey come on now (I am sure some former Rangers (especially a certain Mr Graves) kept saying it to) Graves was asked about it at the meet and greet thing we got to go to and he deferred saying they should be honored, and that he was more of a in a lucky situation (with talented linemates) then actually causing the situation

    how did I miss that post before…

  45. A few observations on yesterdays game, and the Rangers moving forward…
    I think both teams came out flying, playing gritty back and forth hockey…fun stuff…
    Then a real bad call by the refs on Drury, Charging!? come on…
    Devils got 2 quick ones…
    I was nice to see the Rangers come out and score a quick one starting the 2nd…Drury…good stuff…
    If Jagr plays like this we could be pretty dangerous…He was awesome in the 1st and 3rd periods…though I think Renney should go back to the Avery, Dubinski, Jagr line.
    The penalty on Staal was pathetic…Broduer can join the Crosby, “I Am a Big Diving, Complaining, Whiner Club…The string hanging off Staals pants brushed Brodeur and he tumbled back…
    The devils second goal I thought was Goaltender interference on Clarkson…he hit Malik into Hank…

    I know I’m gonna take heat but…I continue to think Backman is emerging as a pretty decent D man…He is getting smarter with the puck and like Malik, makes good first passes out of the zone.
    So going forward I’m pumped…We have no real injuries to worry about… the team overall is healthy and playing good hockey overall.

  46. Beer Me

    Nice duplicate thanks to SpiderPig!

    Still amused by your post yesterday that it’s “irresponsible” to question Renney’s ability to out-coach Sutter. Or that anyone who speculates about the series is wrong……whereupon you yourself went ahead and speculated about the series. (“The refs might screw us, Hank might play bad…”) Keep the laughs coming.

  47. Or that anyone who speculates about the series is wrong……whereupon you yourself went ahead and speculated about the series. (“The refs might screw us, Hank might play bad…”) Keep the laughs coming.

    Bathgate, while I agree that Sutter is very likely to outcoach Renney in this series (win or lose), you clearly misunderstood Beer’s point.

    He’s saying that anything of those things *could happen*, the Rangers could win/lose for any number of reasons, and it’s wrong to blame Renney before anything even happens.

  48. bathgate – I said yesterday that I was not having that argument, once again. I also said I was not attacking you with that post. If you want to go down that road we can. But your original post is still highly speculative and extremely irresponsible. And anything I say moving forward will go back to that statement. As it was all I was trying to indicate in the 1st place.

  49. …and now your playing the schoolyard game. Just say you agree that it was the wrong way to say something and move on. Like I am.

  50. salty

    When a coach makes a mistake with his on-ice personnel at the most critical juncture of the season like Renney did last year —- twenty seconds, Game 5, Buffalo —– it is absolutely fair to consider his ability to manage his bench in an upcoming series against a competitive (ie. not Atlanta) team.

    That criticism is not pulled out of thin air —- it is based on fact.

  51. Beer

    Extremely irresponsible is driving drunk. It is not questioning a coach who has shown he can’t manage a game as an elite coach has to if he wants to win a Cup. To use a phrase like that invites ridicule.

  52. 20 seconds? That’s what this argument is about?

    What facts support Sutter’s ability to coach in the NHL postseason?

  53. “It is not questioning a coach who has shown he can’t manage a game as an elite coach has to if he wants to win a Cup. To use a phrase like that invites ridicule.”

    I don’t remember that being your original post. I’m not arguing anything but that original post.

    And yes, driving drunk is extremely irresponsible. Now that we’ve agreed on something, lets just end this and look forward to cheering on the team that we both support. You don’t like Renney…fine, you don’t have to.

  54. HAHA, I won…temporarily.

    Had a great time, Las Vegas is so much more than just the gambling…it’s really such a sensory overload. The food, the women, the hotels, the shows. I can’t wait to get back there, probably once the new City Center goes up… I can see how people get addicted to going out there. I can hardly imagine if I was into hookers and blow…..

    I also think an NHL franchise out there might be cool as long as its not “Las Vegas ROLLERS” or some cornball name.

    I also 100% truly believe Gretzky took the PHX job because of Vegas proximity.

  55. salty – I totally had you pegged for a hooker/blow type of guy. I’m not much of a gambler, so it’s good to know there’s something else there other than just that.

    bathgate – weak. Let’s just forget about it.

  56. When a coach makes a mistake with his on-ice personnel at the most critical juncture of the season like Renney did last year——twenty seconds, Game 5, Buffalo——- it is absolutely fair to consider his ability to manage his bench in an upcoming series against a competitive (ie. not Atlanta) team.


    Bathgate, you are preaching to the choir…. I think Renney has been “driving drunk” with this team all season. That said, you can’t say “if we lose it’s all Renney’s fault” at this point…. you don’t know if Gomez and Drury and Lundqvist all break their ankles in Game 1… would you blame Renney for that?

    Although i agree that Renney is the inferior coach (by far), it’s too soon to blame him for anything, nothing has happened yet… show me a flatfooted ranger team, same players making gaffe after gaffe and not being punished, much like we’ve seen all year…then we can maybe talk about Renney.

  57. Doodie Machetto on

    “4) How psyched are we to have Shanny on our 4th line? How deep does that say our team is? Shanny still needs to be used in specific spots, not as a regular guy rolled through the lineup, however.”

    I didn’t read anything, but this caught my eye. I was someone reall pushing for him to play on the 4th line. Now, I regret it. He made the fourth line completely ineffective. Our 4th line would skate hard, forecheck, and keep possession o the puck. Shanahan cannot keep the pace required to make the 4th line effective.

    I think it is time that he hangs them up. I know he already said he wants to come back, but the game is too fast for him now.

  58. Winning as a player doesn’t make you a winner as a coach. It’s a completely different dynamic. Right now, Tom Renney is the man with more playoff coaching experience.

    I think people are overthinking the sport when talking about “getting outcoached.” Hockey is 90% reactionary. Most people on here have played the sport. Other than off a draw, there are no real set plays. You send your guys out there, they work as hard as they can, then the next shift takes over and generally tries to do the same thing.

    Judging Renney on the last 20 seconds from Game 5 last year is entirely unfair. I don’t remember who was on the ice, but I don’t think it would have mattered. Drury made an unbelievable play and found a way to get the puck through 3 guys and into the net. It was reactionary. If the puck doesn’t come to him, the Rangers might win and it wouldn’t have mattered who was on the ice.

  59. Doodie Machetto on

    Chris, I don’t know how long to the rock, but it’s 15-20 mins to newark by public transportation.

  60. Hold on, how is Renney the inferior coach…?
    if I remember correctly…the Rangers have come on pretty strong(ly) towards the seasons end, and climbed in the standings…
    If I also remember correctly the Devils just a few weeks ago were seated at the top and have since fallen to 1 point ahead of the rangers.

    Don’t give me “Renney is inferior” Crap!

  61. Salty

    Obviously, given your bus-gets-bombed-in-the-Lincoln-Tunnel scenarios, Renney would not be culpable. I think the Rangers man for man are a significantly better team that the NJDs. My post presumed (so I thought!) that all things being equal, Renney’s PROVEN inability behind the bench as an in-game coach might negate that on-ice edge and could be decisive.

    Given Beer Me’s ruffled petticoats, you would have thought I had insulted Scotty Bowman or Toe Blake.

  62. Beer Me, Vegas is quite the spectacle. I was under the impression it was all just “sin and filth” too…and I mean thats all there in excess if you want it… but theres plenty to do and see otherwise… it can be done relatively cheap too…although I’d recommend splurging on a few meals. Some of the most outstanding food I’ve ever had, but some of those were *not cheap*.

  63. Rob C

    If you don’t think it matters who’s on the ice in the last minute of a pivotal 1-0 game in the playoffs, there’s nothing I can say.

  64. RobC & Staal Wart – agreed. Thanks for joining in. How many Playoff wins does Gretzky have as a coach? Oh yea. But he was THE greatest player. How many wins does Brent Sutter have in the playoffs? oh yea.

    It’s a ridiculous conversation, started with a ridiculous thought.

    Salty – I actually agree with you. And I did say a while back that if we missed the playoffs this year you’d seriously have to look for a replacement. But I think he’s locked up his spot for next year.

    Also, I know I posted it yesterday, but the Isles brass is meeting to see if Nolan is the right coach to rebuild a franchise. He can yell and scream all he wants, but that’s no way to teach a young team. Not so far off from the blueshirts situation.

    Oh yea… and it’s a good thing that Laviolette through a b-tch fit the other night. It seems to have helped his team focus, eh?

  65. Staal Wart

    Has it occurred to you that a really good coach would never have allowed his loaded roster to be in such crappy mid-season shape that they would need a desperate drive just to squeak into the playoffs??

    Talk about defining mediocrity down….

  66. “When a coach makes a mistake with his on-ice personnel at the most critical juncture of the season like Renney did last year——twenty seconds, Game 5, Buffalo——- it is absolutely fair to consider his ability to manage his bench in an upcoming series against a competitive (ie. not Atlanta) team.”

    I think some of you are too stupid to realize how smart Renney actually is…
    Lets see…who can list the players out there for that fateful 20 seconds last season…seriously…I forget…
    To be honest I can’t believe some of you haven’t moved on…
    Don’t you think Renney can learn from mistakes?

  67. salty – The price is what I always considered. At the right times, a $99 plane ticket is available. Hard to say ‘no’ now. Thanks a lot. lol

    Bathgate – All I can say in my closing arguments, is that Sutter has ZERO playoff experience. Showing that little faith in your own organization is pathetic. IN MY OPINION. I’m not saying I’m right or wrong, I’m saying I don’t agree with your ORIGINAL comment.

  68. BATHGATE, you just compared a player’s playoff success to a coach being able to be a successful in the playoffs. Now I have heard it all. Dumb and dumber.

    20 minutes on the train and a 5 minute walk to the pebble.

  69. “Has it occurred to you that a really good coach would never have allowed his loaded roster to be in such crappy mid-season shape that they would need a desperate drive just to squeak into the playoffs??”

    Just squeak in…Talk about defining “squeaking in” wrong(ly)

  70. Doodie…are you saying that Shanny should not see any ice time in the playoffs?

    Look, I think he is clearly slower. But he knows where to be and doesn’t make glaring defensive errors. As a result, he provides some spark in the offensive zone (if he can get there before the puck is cleared out) and believe it or not, he is still a pretty respectible tough guy if someone tries to muck it up.

    Plus, it gives us 4 legit lines to roll.

    And can someone please tell me how they feel about Straka over Avery playing with Jags? I don’t like it. Recently on the PP, Jags has been hot. But playing with Dubi and Straka, the line seems less productive.

  71. Yeah, that’s your preemo defensive unit. Unreal.

    Go back and read the articles on the game. Renney flamed himself for the gaffe, for chrissakes.

  72. Obviously, given your bus-gets-bombed-in-the-Lincoln-Tunnel scenarios, Renney would not be culpable. I think the Rangers man for man are a significantly better team that the NJDs. My post presumed (so I thought!) that all things being equal, Renney’s PROVEN inability behind the bench as an in-game coach might negate that on-ice edge and could be decisive.


    Hi, Welcome to the blog. Like I said, you are preaching to the choir. I almost loathe Renney, and I will blame him six ways from sunday for this regular season not being very impressive at all, but I’m not going to blame him for things that haven’t happened yet.

    We obviously have more talent on our team than NJ. Renney has not shown a great ability to harness it at all so far. Sutter has done more with less to work with. In my opinion, that makes him a better coach, to this point. We’ll see what happens. I have a feeling the Blueshirts might just show up to play some hockey. I want to see Shanny start doing his player/coach thing *now*, if he’s going to be here in 2009.

  73. STAAL, that is easy. Betts for one. Shanny for two and Prucha for three. Theyv are all better in the defensive zone, but you could keep Staka out there. Betts would have won the draw.

  74. Well Duh!
    But if Renney “flamed” himself for that, Don’t you think he’s learned from his mistake…Duh
    Making this argument well…Duh…and Really stupid…
    We all know who should have been out there. And once again he was angry at himself for that…
    then why the Hell are we discussing this…?
    Its a new playoffs…a new season…move on people
    I was just carrying forward the stupidity of this argument…

  75. Richard – “Betts would have won the draw.”

    Come on man. Don’t fall into that trap.

    Welcome back Salty. For the entire season up until about a month ago, I loathed your posts as much as you loath(ed) Renney. And I can honestly say that I don’t know if it’s me reading your posts in a different way, or your coming clean on something that you said that you identified was ‘off the mark’, makes me at least understand where you’re coming from on stuff. You’re early criticisms were usually unfair(IMO), but lately at least they’re supported.

  76. If Renney flamed himself after the game for having the wrong guys out there, I think it’s safe to say he’ll learn from the mistake. That’s the backbone of the experience argument. And in terms of playoff coaching experience, Renney has more. End of discussion.

    Please don’t insult my hockey acumen either, by the way. My point was that even if you had 5 Hall of Fame defensive players out there, the puck still could have hit a skate and ricocheted into the net somehow. THAT’S HOCKEY. It’s a reactionary sport. There are so many factors that make it so difficult to coach. It’s too fluid a game to overanalyze. In my opinion, you put your best faceoff guy out there and that’s about all you can do. And if he loses the draw, you just have to hold on for dear life.

  77. My question is why does Sutter still have a job…
    The Devils fell down in the standings…and Sutter should have lost his job with 5 games remaining…
    Also based on last season…since we are discussing the past.

  78. “We all know who should have been out there…”

    Um, forgive me Staal Wart. But four minutes ago you proved you had no idea who should have been out there.

  79. Bathgate….tell me you didn’t just say Sutter has an edge on Renney because he won 3 Cups as a PLAYER with the Isles? Did you really say that?

    Playing and coaching are so similar. By that logic, $hit, let’s bring back Bryan Trottier behind the bench. He has SOOOO much Cup experience.

    I agree with Richard.

    Also, what is your point? Renney might not be the best coach? Glad you are shedding light on this after an 82 game season. Where you been?

    The Blueshirts have a stellar, stingy D and a solid GAA. We are going into the playoffs with positive momentum. We can play with anyone. That is what I am focused on.

    I am not wondering if Sutter’s years of experience as a player with the Isles means he will outcoach Renney. That just doesn’t seem to be a factor in my thoughts. Neither does it seem to be a thought in practically anyone else’s thoughts…except yours.

  80. BTW, that fantastic Sutter…..his team hasn’t won in regulation since March 15th.

  81. Renney has had many a brain fart as coach of the NYR, but he can also make good decisions too. Not every decision made be any coach is going to be a good one. Sutter has never coached in the postseason. Renney has. I think either way you look at it is is going to be a good series. I do think that I would rather have Renney behind my bench in the playoffs than Sutter. You have to gain experience and Sutter has none. I would rather go with a coach that has been there before.

  82. Doodie Machetto on

    “Doodie…are you saying that Shanny should not see any ice time in the playoffs?

    Look, I think he is clearly slower. But he knows where to be and doesn’t make glaring defensive errors. As a result, he provides some spark in the offensive zone (if he can get there before the puck is cleared out) and believe it or not, he is still a pretty respectible tough guy if someone tries to muck it up.

    Plus, it gives us 4 legit lines to roll.

    And can someone please tell me how they feel about Straka over Avery playing with Jags? I don’t like it. Recently on the PP, Jags has been hot. But playing with Dubi and Straka, the line seems less productive.”

    No, obviously you’ve gotta give Shanny some ice time in the playoffs. But the truth is, I wouldn’t hesitate to drop him if he doesn’t bring it. Also, he is most definitely becoming a defensive liability. The 3 on 5 goal by Park? Shanahan barely crossed the red line by the time Park was in.

    In anticipation of an attack on Jagr on the same play: Jagr skated hard and got close, but his positioning was wrong, which I’m willing to overlook because he isn’t a defenseman, and he didn’t know how to adjust his position to the pressure of Park.

    I no longer think Shanahan provides much offensive spark either. how many shots did he take in Long Island, 15? did he ever look like scoring? No.

    What does he provide? grit and leadership. But if we need speed or energy, I’m all for scratching him.

    I also like Straka playing with Jagr and Dubinsky Ididn’t at first, but they’ve been really good for the past 5 games. Yes, Jagr has picked it up on the PP, but the 3 of them have been really good together at ES too.

  83. No Bath I was getting you to state the obvious, thus proving my point that Renney, if faced with the same situation this year or next year…would change the way he did things…thus learning from his mistake…please move on…
    We all know Betts should have been out there…I would also have had Ortmeyer out there, but I don’t know who should have been out there…

  84. Newman

    Given Sutter’s coaching record before he got to the NHL, I think it’s fair to assume he has passed the Brian Trottier test. But of course I agree that just being on a team that wins Cups means nothing as a coach.

  85. Doodie Machetto on

    Pavel, those are the national broadcasts. TSN is the ESPN of Canada. Those games are nationally broadcasted in Canada.

    MSG will have every game not on Versus.

  86. Pavel – TSN is the canadian version of ESPN, I say that lightly. Since TSN does not broadcast in the U.S. it becomes a non-factor. There’s lots of times that U.S. teams will face candian teams on HNIC, a nationally broadcasted game. It has occurred in the past that ESPN(u.s.) and TSN or CBC have carried the same games. The border changes the rules. I hope I explained that in a somewhat understandable way. I’m not so sure I did!

    Newman – awesome stat. I love a good one! haha

  87. I just have one thing to say about yesterday’s game. I come on here and read “MALIK MALIK MALIK” for the 1st goal when I don’t blame him for that. He actually played well minus the one penalty where he was going to pinch then got caught. The first goal (I know because it happened right in front of me) was Avery’s fault for overskating and not playing the puck out, then not skating back. Henke not being tight on the post didn’t help either, but overall it was just a bad play by that line starting with Avery not getting the puck out. The 2nd goal was rather weak too, but Henke picked up his game after that and I was very glad to see it. I think sometimes, well no all the time, people love to come on here and just immediately blame one person for a goal when in reality its multiple people not doing their jobs that screw it up. You guys can blame Malik if you want to, but my personal opinion is that he played pretty well yesterday minus that one penalty.

    What was funny at the game was that many of the Devils fans around me just kept saying how amazing Henke was which, as a Rangers fan, made me feel pretty good. His save on Parise sent the place into a frenzy.

  88. Newman

    I’ve been around. Doodie and I mixed it up here a couple months ago. So spare me the “where have you been” BS.

  89. pavel – read doodie’s response, not mine! LOL (though they say the same)

    and doodie – I’m surprised you would say you have no problem seeing the guy with THE most playoff experience scratched. Do you really mean that? I think we’ve agreed in the past on shanny. But he has to be in the lineup.

  90. BEER ME!!, I was thnking about that line as I wrote it. I could have left it out but what would the fun be in that? More to discuss.

  91. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer, I would have a problem with it if it was last year’s team. This year, we added 2 guys with a lot of experience, not to mention that our returning players have the extra year of experience.

    Bottom line, if Shanny isn’t cutting it, I’d cut him.

  92. richard – I gotcha dude. I didn’t think you’d just throw that out there like that.

    OK…I’m going to try to attempt to change the conversation here.


    Let’s just throw out the goaltending. There’s not a hell of a lot to discuss there.

    The one thing I want to see improved on our end is our breakout. Something that has been discussed here before. NO MORE passes up the middle, NO MORE than 1 pass out of the zone, NO cross ice passes…period. Those 3 things burn us every…single…time. If we can eliminate the turnovers, especially in our own zone, I think the scoring will take care of itself, and you won’t put Hank in a bad position.

    What else?

  93. really doodie? ok. I’m not one to tell you right or wrong, just seems like an extreme to me.

  94. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer, it’s a crazy sentiment. While typing it, I was trying toand think of ways to keep him in. But, if he continues to be a liability, what can his leadership bring on the ice? I don’t think he has it anymore. I really hope I’m wrong.

    As for the keys to the series: turnovers. If the Rangers don’t make too many turnovers, they win.

  95. Beer Me

    I think a big key is pounding White and Martin and Oduya physically all over the ice.

  96. Beer,
    I think one of the keys to the series is going to be the Drury, Callahan, Dawes line…they look great…they hit, play with grit and heart…they are smaller players that play huge…
    Jagr is also a key…if he continues to play like he has we are gonna be dangerous, this coming from a guy who sits the fence with Jagr…

  97. I think containing players like the Brylin and Rupp. That might sound funny, but they are good enough players to get points when we are focusing too much energy on the Parise, Madden, and Elias.

  98. Bathgate….did not mean to say, “Never seen your name here before.” I meant that this was one of the first times I heard some Renney bashing from you. Though, in fairness, that chatter died down a while back as the Rangers went on their playoff push, so I might just not remember.

    But also, I was Renney bashing back then too. Still don’t think he presses all the right buttons. But aside from a select few in the NHL, who really does?

  99. Also for us, I like Tyutin and Girardi really need to step it up in the playoffs. They just seem to be a step behind from where they were as a unit last year. I am also concerned with our scoring from the blueline. I want to see Mara and Wally Backman firing some bombs from the blueline. They both have pretty hard shots, and hell Roszival too. Even Girardi was scoring some goals for us in the beginning of the year. There is nothing wrong with shooting some shots through traffic and seeing what happens if there is no other play available and as long as it doesn’t go around the boards and catch our team up ice. I think we are going to see some ugly goals decide the games in this series.

  100. I think a key to the series is Avery getting under Brodeurs skin. If he can knock Brodeur off his game that has to give the advantage to us.

  101. nasty – good point about toots/girardi. And I also think that Mara/Backman would be a solid PP pair on the blueline. I don’t think it’s so much of having a “PP QB”, but someone back there that’s not afraid to take a shot. AND…next to that dman, the other has to identify when the shot is coming and his first step needs to be a defensive one to gaurd against a block. Sounds simple huh?

  102. Avery made that nice little pass from behind the net to feed Jagr yesterday. I don’t know who I would rather have on that first line with Dubi and Jagr. Straka or Avery? Straka seems to have a fire lit under his ass the last few games. Any thoughts?

  103. Other than that pass Avery has been pretty quiet.
    Actually since the hooker news hit the wires he’s been quiet…maybe no starlets want him anymore…he’s dirty…LOL

  104. yes nasty – he did. I don’t know if I’m willing to give him a ‘pass’ for average play on one play.

    I’m not saying he hasn’t gotten on the scoresheet. But it’s been a while since the Avery-factor has been … a factor.

    damn, twice in one post. sorry.

  105. I hear you on the whole Avery factor thing. It seemed to have Madden going on the bench at the end of the game yesterday. I am thinking players have been warned by their coaches now to just stay away from him. I am sure Sutter has threatened the lives of his players and their families of they fall for Avery’s BS. Ha. I don’t know, I think he will be good for us in this “series.”

  106. I also think Avery was more noticeable when playing with Jagr and Dubi. I mean, that isn’t always a good thing when a player is only putting up points when playing with certain other players, but that line was beast when they were together. The only reason they were taken apart was when Gomez was hurt.

  107. “that isn’t always a good thing when a player is only putting up points when playing with certain other players”

    No doubt.

    But Jagr’s been ‘lighting the lamp’ a hell of a lot more now. 7 goals in the last 8 games. When did Avery come off that line. I don’t remember.

  108. Plenty o' tickets available... on

    For Games 1 & 2 at the Pebble.
    Let’s see if we can tip the balance and get more Rangers fans there then Debbies fans.

    Check out Craigslist.org for some decent deals

  109. I just looked at ticketmaster. Buy’em up guys!

    Personally, I’m waiting for the ECF ;)

    Anyone have a link to a good, printable, playoff schedule.

  110. I am not sure. The second game against Philly wasn’t it? Did it happen in NY when Gomez got hurt or in Philly?

  111. Gotta say i loved watching Avery starting up the shananigans in the third period of the last game. He was at the end of the bench barking at anyone on the devils bench that would listen. And surprisingly it looked like a few bit. Would have to doubt the Devs fall for that cr@p come playoff time but I guess you never know.

    Would agree with Beer though – he (avery) has been a total no-show of late. Hope that changes soon.

    And I too like Straka with Jags and Dubi… at least for now. If they go cold then send in Avery for Straka to mix things up a bit.

    The two things I think I am most psyched about coming into this 7 game series vs the Devils is 1. Hank is looking sweet! Couple of those saves he had in the third period of the last game were just insane. Had no business stopping some of those shots.

    And 2. we have Mr Clutch this year. Not saying he is gonna score 20 goals and single handedly win the stanley cup for us – just saying he is one heck of a wild card and I’m so glad to have him on our team this year!

    Oh and going to the Rock for the game wednesday. Will be nice to see a Rangers Devs playoffs game my first time at the Rock. Will be nicer to see the Rangers take back home ice advantage!

  112. Nobody take that the wrong way though…I WANT Avery to bring his game.

    nasty – like I said, I don’t remember, but that’s awfully close to the time Jagr caught fire.

  113. Jagr pulled this last year too remember. He was pretty cold all year and then was beast down the stretch and in the playoffs.

  114. As if you thought it wasn’t coming…

    That pass to Jags was Avery’s FIRST POINT since March 18th. Jags has 7 goals in his last 8 without Avery on the other wing. Avery has been a -4 in those 9 games since 3/18. Never being a + in any of them.

    You can bend that a million ways. But it won’t change it.

  115. Staal Wart – The weird thing about the goaltender interference was that Brodeur fell *forward* when Staal skated in front of him. If he actually hit him, it would have been a decent call, but I didn’t see that. I think the Devils’ goal was not interference because the puck was already going in, and Malik didn’t help himself by skating into the crease, though he was trying to do the right thing by taking out the forward. I definitely agree with you on Backman. He has become more confident on defense, too, I think, as I haven’t noticed him, so that’s a good thing, like Girardi at the end of last season.

    I wonder if now that Betts is back if Renney will put Strudwick on the fourth line to take Orr’s place, but I think Renney knows that Strudwick can’t play defense too well if he is playing forward.

  116. Jagr was coming off surgery though, thats the only difference. IMO Clarkson was doing a better job being a pest than Avery last game. And I really don’t think Avery getting under Marty’s skin will knock him off his game. He’s been a world class goalie for almost 15 years and in the playoffs I’m sure he’ll find a way to be focused. We can’t just hope and rely on the “Avery Factor” to win a series. He hasn’t been that kinda pest much this year, especially down the stretch, and in the playoffs that stuff doesn’t work anyway (i.e. last year against Buffalo). This team has to outwork its opponents for all 60 minutes. None of that showing up for one or two periods BS that they’ve shown all this year. Personally, I love this team to death, but I haven’t seen anything from them or the Devils to prove to me that either is a real cup contending team. I think the winner of this series drops in the 2nd round anyway. I hope we beat them for bragging sake, but they really need to transform their game in the playoffs if they expect to go far. I’m not trying to sound too much like Salty, but its the truth. haha.

    For my analysis of this Devils series, all I can say is get odd angle shots on Marty. Its hard to beat him on a shot right in front of him, but he always lets in soft goals. Drury picked up on it earlier this year and scored his goal yesterday by shooting from an awful angle and getting him out of position then following it up and putting it home. Marty admits hes bad on those kinda shots and if you look back at his career, when he gets beat in big games, its usually wraparounds or weak shots from around the goal line.

  117. “but I haven’t seen anything from them or the Devils to prove to me that either is a real cup contending team.”

    I agree. But not a single team in the east looks like one.


    Pitt – suspect in goal
    MTL – same
    Boston – they dont even look like a plyoff team.
    Wash – are they that good, or just hot?
    Ott – if the season was any longer they’d be out
    Philly – same

    That’s my take, and it’s anyone’s conference.

  118. I agree with Beer – if we beat the Devs and fat-mouth Marty then the boys are gonna be coming out of that series with a lot of confidence.

  119. Did anyone see that Luongo playoff commercial?

    I don’t think he found it as amusing as I did.

  120. This team has to outwork its opponents for all 60 minutes. None of that showing up for one or two periods BS that they’ve shown all this year. *Personally, I love this team to death, but I haven’t seen anything from them or the Devils to prove to me that either is a real cup contending team. I think the winner of this series drops in the 2nd round anyway. I hope we beat them for bragging sake, but they really need to transform their game in the playoffs if they expect to go far.* I’m not trying to sound too much like Salty, but its the truth. haha.


    That’s funny, I’m reading that saying to myself “exactly, exactly” and I was going to respond to it and then I see my name in there at the end.

    I think this series in itself is probably going to come down to work ethic and elbow grease and I think that the Devils as a club are a little more used to “earning it”. The Rangers will probably need to dig really deep to beat the devils, and then anything after that I think would take an act of god.

  121. Beer Me I agree, but teams like Pittsburgh, Montreal, and Washington have shown me that they have the ability to dominate teams and control play when they want to. Thats what I haven’t seen from the Devils or Rangers. It might be because of their systems, but Montreal scores in spurts and just owns the other team when they get hot, which is guarenteed to happen at least once a game. Pittsburgh is kinda the same, and I don’t really think they are suspect in goal.

    It may not look like it, but Fleury and Conks have played exceptionally well this year. Maybe this is the year Fleury really breaks out?

    The Caps have an explosive offense with D-men that are pretty solid all around. Guys like Green and even Poti have proven the ability to get involved on both sides of the ice. And their no-namers like Erskine, Jurcina, and the other guys are big and love to hit.

    Plus one thing all three teams have that the Rangers don’t play well against is big checking defensemen. The Rangers are a relatively soft team and don’t take the body that much. In a seven game series, our forwards will be worn down playing against that all the time while the other teams forwards will be much fresher since our D-men rarely hit.

    The Bruins and Flyers don’t really scare me too much because while they are physical, they aren’t the best scoring teams and Ottawa is just ice cold. They can probably turn it on, but I just don’t see it happening with Fisher and Alfie out. Its just my opinion, but I don’t see either NJ or NYR with a chance against the top 3 seeds and we’ll have to hope the lower seeds pull off upsets to have a chance for a full cup run.

  122. And for the record, I am a diehard Rangers fan who loves this team. I’ve been a season ticket holder for the last couple of years and have watched just about every game since the 91-92 season when I just started getting into and playing hockey at age 6. I want this team to succeed and win the cup, but what I want and what I see as reality are two different things this year.

  123. Got an email from the Rangers today and here is a repost of the playoff schedule with some good news on the tv schedule.

    Series Ticket Date Location Time TV
    Game 1 Wednesday, April 9 @ NJ 7:00 p.m MSG
    Game 2 Friday, April 11 @ NJ 7:00 p.m. MSG
    Game 3 Home Game 1 Sunday, April 13 The Garden 7:00 p.m. MSG
    Game 4 Home Game 2 Wednesday, April 16 The Garden 7:00 p.m. MSG
    *Game 5 Friday, April 18 @ NJ 7:30 p.m. MSG
    *Game 6 Home Game 3 Sunday, April 20 The Garden TBD MSG
    *Game 7 Tuesday, April 22 @ NJ TBD MSG

  124. Sportsnet.ca is saying Rangers in 7. It is always funny to me when Canadian sites give the Rangers props at all. They always dump all over us.

  125. I like that our first home game is at night. I don’t like us that much in afternoon games.

  126. johnny – I say pitt is suspect in goal based on playoff history. Regular season, they hung in there. But I don’t think either of them could win them a game, or a series. But they were built to dominate offensively, so we’ll see how that pays off for them. Who knows. I think they’re the only team that’s a real threat.

    And if MTL can’t beat BOS, there’s gonna be trouble in MTL.

    Salty – I haven’t found anything yet.

  127. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ll be at game 1 at the pebble! I’m so glad my gamble worked out.

    PS, interesting stat: Backman has 7pts in his last 8 games.

  128. Here it is if you couldn’t find it.

    No. 4 New Jersey vs. No. 5 N.Y. Rangers — The Devils finally beat the Rangers in Sunday’s regular-season finale to finish their season series 1-4-3 against their rivals. Of course, Rangers fans prefer to say they’re 7-0-1 against the Devils this season!

    It’s misleading to suggest the Rangers have dominated their neighbours because they won seven of eight. Four of those went to extra time. Every game was close.

    Devils superstar goalie Martin Brodeur is more often than not the difference come playoff time but that is somewhat mitigated with Henrik Lundqvist in the other net.

    The Devils get props for their defensive game, as they should, but the Rangers are right there with them. New York ranked fourth in goals against and New Jersey fifth.

    A toss-up, but we can’t pick a team that was shut out 11 times this season.
    Prediction — Rangers in seven.

  129. I know this is pretty obscure…but, did anyone else notice (after they finshed screaming) that after Hanks big save late in the game the arena played Pantera – Respect ?

  130. I didn’t notice that because I was too busy hearing from Devils fans how amazing Henke was. I was just saying “eh hes like marty, sometimes he makes the most amazing save but he’ll let the odd soft goal go in”. Seems like Devils fans have the same level of respect for Henke as we do for Marty. Minus the sister-in-law incident, we all boo him and try to rip on Marty, but when asked, despite it being tough, we can admit hes one of, if not the, best ever.

  131. Salty – It’s kind of stupid to have a hard braket like that with the lines from the first to second round because the teams that win the series on the top and bottom won’t necessarily face each other in the second round. But it’s probably the best there is anyway.

    Beer Me! – Email me on the Yahoo address that is at the bottom of the link in my name so I have your email to invite you to next year’s fantasy league. Half of the league became inactive this season, and I don’t want a repeat of that.

    Montreal is my pick (if it’s not the Rangers) to come out of the East. Despite Price being a rookie, the rest of the team is very strong and reliable, I would say, and their home ice advantage will be a great thing for them. My second choice would be the Capitals, since their new players have meshed well with what they already had, and I think they’re gonna walk all over the Flyers in the first round. My guess is that Niittymaki will have to start the second game. Again, I’m not ranking our chances because I’m obviously biased and want us to win!

    Is it really true that all of these games will be on MSG even if they are on Versus? That would be delightful, even though I will be at college and probably watching Versus anyway for the clearer picture. I remember one of the games last year that wasn’t on Versus was available on Comcast.net for some reason, so look out for that this time around.

  132. mark – I think I remember hearing shanny say: “we’ll show up on monday to start practicing for the playoffs”. Or something like that. That’s all I got! haha

  133. Doodie Machetto on

    SP, you can just reseed the numbers on the bracket. There is no other way to make a bracket.

    I am rooting for the Caps, Pens, and Habs. This is purely so we don’t have to play the Caps or Pens, and because I would love to see those two teams play each other in the playoffs. It would be the highlight of the playoffs this year, for sure.

    I also think we can get to Carey Price, and that Huet was the only reason why we didn’t beat them 8-0 the time they came back from 5-0.

  134. Doodie – Good point. We did rough up Price a bit, and I would love to watch Malkin vs. Ovechkin. The referees’ heads might explode trying to figure out who to benefit with their calls, haha. On the bracket, I just think it would look better aesthetically if the first and second rounds weren’t connected.

  135. I think Huet’s performance so far in Washington says a lot about where MTL is right now. Not that Price doesn’t deserve some credit.

    I still think the trade is a little unusual from the MTL perspective, and looks like a good one for Wash if they can resign him.

  136. Beer Me- Is that Pantera song you referring to called “Walk” ? I think Robb Vann Damm used to come out to that song back in the ECW

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