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Marek Malik makes his return to the lineup for the season finale in place of Paul Mara. Malik will presumably skate alongside Michal Rozsival while Marc Staal goes back to playing with Christian Backman.

“It’s to get him some time,” Tom Renney said of putting Malik back in.. “I may have waited a little too long for that.

Blair Betts also returns a little more than two weeks after having foot surgery, with Ryan Hollweg the likely scratch.

As for the match-up against the Devils, and specifically whether a Rangers sweep would provide the team any psychological advantage heading into the first round against them, Renney wasn’t about to provide his opponent any bulletin board fodder.

“It’s probably the question going through everybody’s mind,” the coach. “I would think not.”

Thanks to Brian Heyman for checking in with these updates and covering the game today while I make the transition to golf. I’ll be watching and checking in as the game goes on.

As for next week, the blog is in good hands now that the Rangers have secured the Devils as an opponent. I’m not sure what the plan will be exactly, but you should expect regular updates, and you can expect to hear from me chiming in from Dixie.

A quick heads-up about the schedule: That will be finalized later today. But bear in mind if the Rangers do lock up home-ice the series would have to start Thursday since the Knicks have a home game Wednesday night.

Unless they can get they just move that game to one of the courts at Chelsea Piers….

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  1. Bathgate – Everything you stated was speculative. None of it facts. I’m not looking for that argument. I thought your original post was irresponsible, and I’m sure if you read it you’d see too. If not, you’re not alone in your battle is all I can tell you. But I CAN tell you that Renney will be our coach next season.

    I can’t say the same for Nolan out on the Island. I fine in-game coach, but not the right one for a group of youngsters. They’re debating whether to buy him out of his last year and look for someone to help build a team, not scream at his players.

    So pumped for this game today! Let’s do it!

  2. I’ll be at the game cheering on the blueshirts. One of my buddies who I gave tickets to earlier this year is hooking me up with lower level seats at the pru. Let’s hope they pull it off and get home ice.

  3. Come on boys!
    winning this game ensures we have home ice for the entire series vs the devs LOL

  4. Chris playoffs in general start Wednesday but not for all series. if we have home ice it will be thursday since Knicks play at home wed and fri (and next mon too). versus will have games starting wed. pregame on msg is saying if we start at the Rock it will be Wednesday.

    nbc will have games at 2:00 pm on sat and sun per their promos – Dellapina thinks those games will be Pens as NBC really wants to show them.

    bottom line series will start either wed or thurs not fri

  5. LI, Thanks. So, if NBC picks pens, does that mean the Rangers will be playing nights on the weekend? Or just won’t be aired on NBC?

  6. SeamusORIley on

    I just knew Renney would find a way to sabotage us and put Malik back in. Just when I was starting to feel pretty good about the way Mara was hitting and that he would be hitting some devils, renney puts in this large oversized wus.

  7. I saw on NBC during today’s game that Saturday’s game will be the Red Wings against Predators, game two. If Philadelphia matches up against Pittsburgh, I’m certain NBC will show that one, even though that means they will end up with two 1 vs. 8 series. Sam & Joe just said that we will start on Wednesday if it’s at The Rock. I’m pretty sure that means a Sunday game is upcoming, but it may not be on NBC. Apparently, the full schedule is supposed to come out tonight. Isn’t it great to have the two games involving playoff teams actually mean something? It’s funny that they could also end up being two playoff matches if Pittsburgh beats Philly? As long as Pitt. wins, OT even, they will play Philly in the first round. What fun!

    Sam, will you be able to watch the games from Georgia if they are on MSG?

    It’s a good thing we’re facing the Devils in the first round since we’re missing Orr. They haven’t been very physical with us this season besides the action that Avery starts.

  8. I think Malik is only in to get some playing time. Mara will probably be back in the playoffs, since Malik has been a healthy scratch.

    Wow, good to see Prucha on the second line, Shanahan on the fourth line, but I was hoping hte left wings would go back to their prior lines, in the order of Avery, Dawes, Straka instead of Straka, Avery, Dawes.

  9. Oh, I forgot – let’s get that check for charity from Hummer today! A win would vault the Rangers into first place over the Islanders in the *Hummer Metro Ice Challenge. I’m sure the players are really playing for that important award, more than home ice. ;-)

  10. yea good to see Prucha on the second line again and Shanny getting fewer minutes, he should be strong for special teams then hopefully!!

  11. Beer Me! – Nice response to Bathgate earlier. I was thinking pretty much the exact same thing as your first post, but knew you would be around to say it, so I didn’t need to waste my time trying to put my thoughts into words.

  12. Beer Me

    Irresponsible? When Renney has already showed his in-game ineptitude at the most critical point in the season last May? It would be irresponsible not to point out that if he screws up again, it could be catastrophic.

    Speculative? All you did in your own post was speculate! (Refs screwing us maybe, Hank not playing well maybe, etc.)

  13. I think Drury also got his elbow up on that “charging” penalty.

    On the goal, the puck hopped around Avery’s stick; not much you can do on that one except get unlucky.

  14. I don’t get Renney… he’s putting Malik instead of Mara in very important game just to give him some time??? Sit this guy until we need him.

  15. SeamusORIley on

    the Devil fans are cheering Malik!

    With one movement, he knocks out Lundqvst!

    Imagine if he had seriously injured Lundqvst with the finest hit he has done all season?

    He would have to go into Witness Protection.

  16. captain Pout on

    effin Malik is a piece of crap. he’s already minus 2, and is hurting us in every way.

    effin renney putting him back in.

  17. Hi guys,
    Serious question:

    Did the rangers seriously wait until the last game of the reg season to start trying/playing a different style? I don’t believe this.

  18. SeamusORIley on

    This game mattered. (“it’s not over yet!”).

    What was the point with Malik? He is so godawful that anyone is better–Pock would have been better—–my dead grandmother, rest her soul, with a hockey stick taped to her decaying arms would have been better.


    I really had a bad feeling that not only would NJ give us hell in order to get some momentum and home ice, but also that Renney would sabatoge the game by pulling Mara out.

    Mara has played his best hockey as a Ranger.

    He must be sooooooo ticked off.

    If Lundqvst is injured, and says nothing but we get swept out because he cannot play at 100%, Malikenstein and Renney should both go into the Witness Protection program.

    I am just sick to my stomach watching this. Just no reason for it; especially with Jags finally setting sail and flying…

    Renney is the same man who, 2 years ago, put in Jagr in a no win end of game situation against the Devils, injured. He is the same man who, even though 2 points meant a whole lot,

    but in Rosival in a shootout over his offensive players.

  19. well, if the blueshirts do manage to come back, they’ll REALLY be in the debbies’ heads.

  20. SeamusORIley on

    we are where we are inspite of renney’s bonehead coaching. Lundqvst, again, got hot. Jags got hit. Others stepped up.

    Dawes played in spite of renney.

    Does anyone know if something personal really happened between renney and prucha that got prucha’s career derailed? was there truth to the story that he misunderstood renney’s english, or american culture, or something of that nature??

    he was once a flying lightweight 30 goal scorer who excelled on the power play. I am not a prucha worshipper like the Hockey Rodent, but the Rodent makes some good points about Prucha’s misuse by renney.

  21. Be careful, now fellow posters. Any criticism of Renney is “irresponsible.”


  22. Chris F. – That’s probably part of Renney’s plan. Hopefully be losing by two or three after the first period, only to save all of that energy for hte next two, coming back to win by two.

    Seamus – I doubt there was a riff between Prucha and Renney. I obviously don’t know, but he seems to be a much more genial guy than others, like Malik, who did get in the *chateau bow wow*.

  23. what better way to bring a team down than to insert that big dumb clumsy oaf into the lineup, and turn all the momentum around toward the debbies.

    renney and malik and malik’s sponsor, jagr, are responsible for this.

  24. Guess the schedule will look something like this (no source):

    Game 1 @ NJ, Wed, 4/9
    Game 2 @ NJ, Fri, 4/11
    Game 3 @ NYR, Sun, 4/13 (maybe NBC)
    Game 4 @ NYR, Tues, 4/15
    *Game 5 @ NJ, Thurs or Fri, 4/17 or 4/18
    *Game 6 @ NYR, Sun, 4/20 (NBC)
    *Game 7 @ NJ, Tues, 4/22

    *if necessary

    Pretty weak period if you ask me – any point in trying to get 3 goals in the last 40 minutes? If the Devils extend their lead in the 2nd, look for Valliquette to come in.. no sense in keeping Henrik in there with his own d-men barreling into him. I usually back Malik, but I’ll be the first to say that he was pretty brutal at -2, almost -3 with that late chance.

  25. SeamusORIley on

    I think much to blame is with Prucha himself. He did not show up in camp with 10lbs of muscle, as I really thought he was going to.
    He gets thrown around a lot and I am surprised that he has not had concussions. But I do see Hockey Rodent’s point about NOT using him on the power play as he had such success on it 2 years ago…

    oh well.

    It is hard watching this game. I was soo looking forward to it, and then I opened Sam’s blog and saw that Malik was back in and just lost enthusiasm for it. Then to watch that big dope crash into Lundqvst. I just wonder what goes through Lundqvst’ mind, sometimes.

    I know Renney is supposed to be the ultimate nice guy/ and I do hate the rotating coach game in professional sports, but man…..I just do not understand.

  26. Someone on another board said NBC was taking Detroit Saturday and Pittsburgh Sunday.

  27. I knew it would be dumb to put in Malik over Mara. My question is, why wasn’t there a fuggin penalty when Malik was pushed into Hank. Thats fuggin interference, and ive noticed three times now Clarkson is interfering with Hank. If Renney has any brains he would have put Hollweg in the lineup and told him to hit, but nooo, he takes Mara out who has been great, and leaves Rozi in there who’s been shit. Malik fugged up on the first goal, and Malik fugged up on the second.

    I cant wait till next season, hopefully our D has nobody named Malik, and Roszival.

    The games over, even if we manage to come back, were taking it to OT. Home ice is as good as gone. Cause these morons decide to play a different style against a team we beat 7 god damn times. Great coaching, great playing. If this is a sign of things to come in the playoffs, then im gonna throw up. This better just be a little bump in the road before the playoffs.

    Shots 10-2 ? Pathetic. Start fuggin hitting, and start hurting Broduer, if there gonna mess with Hank we better mess with them.

  28. onecupin67years on

    Its great to see how Renney has the the rangers in the playoff mode,play malik,take the last two games of the season off and we’ll get to the cup. Typical Rangers loser mentality.
    They look like like they don’t want to be on the ice.
    Please dear God, let it be over by next weekend!

  29. Craig The Weatherman on

    well, lets hope SOMEONE lit a fire under their asses in the locker room.

  30. one cup – clearly you’re a fishstick fan. well your team has not won a series since 93;. your seasons over. now get lost.

    and BTW Drury is a hockey God

  31. Ante – Usually the two days off come after the weekend, so game four would probably be on Tuesday.

    How was Drury’s goal? I’m *suffering* through the end of this Mets game. They better come back to make it worth it.

    onecup – Clearly it will be over by next weekend, after they play two or three games. DOY!

  32. Maybe you were right about Prucha, Seamus. I love how Rosen says that Prucha was knocked down in the first period, like that’s some sort of revelation. I like the guy, but he always gets knocked down, even if he is throwing the hit.

  33. sjostrom is playing his heart out-
    malik and rozsival paried up are terrible-
    im really liking jagrs intensity now-
    this powerplay better be good-

  34. I can’t wait to get rid of these czech’s next year…

    As for Tyutin, he’s regressed for the same reason Girardi and Staal have, the horrible coaching staff.

  35. so did anyone else notice this:

    strake gets pulled down by white
    –> the commentators say that theres a penalty coming up

    5 seconds later ..

    jagr gets hooked on his shot by clarkson
    –> clarkson only gets to sit

    did the refs change their minds about whites penalty??

  36. mbp09 – True, the slash on Jagr happened after the hook when Sam said there was a penalty upcoming, and you could see the ref with his arm up in one of the replays. Maybe it should have been a 5 on 3.

  37. SPIDERPID- i think that a 5-4 better suited us, i dont think we would want to give up another shorthanded 5-3 goal. but seriously, that should have been a 5-3.

  38. Only one *what can you say* from Gomez during the intermission. I wish we could have seen the towel on Giannone’s face! haha

    I think that’s something that’s really overlooked, that home ice is most important in hockey because of the ability to have the last change. But with the Rangers 7-0 so far against the Devils this season, it’s not as big of a deal for these two teams.

  39. Rozi sucks, Malik sucks, hopefully we bring in Campbell next season to replace the useless Rozi. Just bring up Baranka, or Hutchinson next season to replace Malik.

    Dru is the man, he has so much heart and he is a leader despite what people here say.

    Straka sucks, he should be on the 4th line, not Shanny. Like ive said all season long against the Devs, Straka is useless against the Devils, he provides nothing offensively, he cant score on Broduer for his life.

    Im not looking forward to the 3rd, we will not get home ice. Devs wont give up 2 goals in that period. It wont happen.

  40. onecupin67years on

    Li Joe: you can Kiss my ass in Macy’s window for all I care,you don’t know jack shit . This team is built to make the playoffs,thats all.Anything beyond the first round is gravy. Wake up.

  41. Who Needs Lohan on

    Jagr will score either to tie it up or take the lead. He looks good today. Even threw a hit….

  42. Who Needs Lohan on

    Oh and sorry BeerMe, but Renney MAY be the worst coach in this league. His decision before and after the game are just horendous. Sorry, you “supporters” can say what you want, but he is garbage.

  43. Agreed, they don’t have what it takes to be a real contender. Hank can take him through a round, MAYBE two, but the soft serve Rangers are not built to make it through the playoffs.

  44. 1 cup – what pleasure do you have coming on a Ranger board as an Islander fan. does it give you sick thrills. your team is toast so cry about it somewhere else with your fellow Isles fans

  45. Anyone noticed that Avery is not worth 3 mils now when he’s not playing with Jags line?

  46. “Im not looking forward to the 3rd, we will not get home ice. Devs wont give up 2 goals in that period. It wont happen”

    Colton Timberlake – so turn off your tv. And Devils won’t lose 7 games in single season against Rangers? ha?

    2-2 Jagr, there you go!

  47. Good call, *Who Needs Lohan*!

    I’m disappointed Gomez only has one goal against the Devils this season, but he does have six assists, for a point per game before this one.

  48. Is it possible that Jagr actually tried not to score enough to become a Ranger next season? No, right?

  49. Craig The Weatherman on

    well that was a nice little scrum…. Welcome to the unofficial start to the playoffs.

  50. Who Needs Lohan on

    Here’s me taking a bow!!!
    He even got into a fight. He will lead this team now. I think he may get the go ahead as well

  51. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    Jagr scores, gets in a scrum.

    Malik drops his gloves (or they are pulled off)

    Holy cow. I can’t wait till the playoffs.

    Haha Jagr took Clarkson’s stick right out of his hand.

    Nice scrum.

  52. Malik’s slowness cost him on that one. It was probably a good penalty, though, to stop a breakaway, as Rozsival wasn’t going to get back there.

  53. Who Needs Lohan on

    I wont be right cause Malik sucks balls and Renney looks like he has them playing for a point.

  54. Who Needs Lohan on

    Yeah that was more Rozi’s fault than Malik. I was kinda hoping he was injured (is that bad)? And Colin White can kiss my white ass! Isnt there a penalty for attempting to injure?

  55. At least we’ve still got a good chance to go 8-0 against the Devils if we don’t score in regulation because the power play will carry over into overtime. And Joe says it as I’m typing, stealing my thunder!

  56. What the last 2 periods prove is that if the Rangers play their game, home ice really won’t mean a darn thing. And as a I type this, what a BS penalty call on Staal. Lol!

  57. I tried to watch the OT, but when Brodeur shoves Staal and Staal gets a penalty, that’s where I draw the line.

  58. It still shows that the Devs cannot beat the Rangers in 60 minutes. It will be in the back of Marty’s head the whole series

  59. Exact times TBD tonight. My guess is Sunday is a 6 or 7pm game on Versus.

    Game 1 @ NJ, Wed, 4/9
    Game 2 @ NJ, Fri, 4/11
    Game 3 @ NYR, Sun, 4/13 (VS)
    Game 4 @ NYR, Wed, 4/16
    Game 5 @ NJ, Fri, 4/18
    Game 6 @ NYR, Sun, 4/20 (NBC)
    Game 7 @ NJ, Tues, 4/22

  60. I can’t believe the Rangers had 17 shootouts this year (well, maybe I can with Renney, haha), and they were only 8-9.

    Ante – NBC is a good guess for next Sunday if whatever series they have this Sunday is finished by then. I like your schedule. How do you figure it will be Versus on Sunday?

    How does MSG figure that the Rangers win the Hummer Challenge when they have the same number of points as the Islanders but one less win? Maybe their first tiebreaker was who finishes higher in the real standings.

  61. Who Needs Lohan on

    Home ice only matters if it goes 7. It wont. Rangers will get the home game when they need it most….in the Game 6 clincher.

  62. I’m glad we lost actually (after we couldn’t get home ice)… now we’ve gotten that goose egg off there. I thought it would have been a daunting task, to say the least, to beat those guys 12 times in one season.

    Wednesday night there’s no excuse for not being “prepared” or having your “A game” or getting “up” etc. etc.

    This team all year has been about motivation. We’ll see if they can turn it on at will as they would have us believe.

    LET’S GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. home ice matters because Sutter gets to match lines much easier at home. he will probably go back to the shadowing tactics

  64. Figuring game 6 is on VS or NBC because any weekend game will be on those channels. And if they want to showcase Cindy and Malkin on Sunday afternoon, say 2 or 3pm, then the Ranger game would follow in the early evening. We should all know exact times in the next few hours.

  65. onecupin67years on

    LI Joe…see its over by next weekend..and speaking of islander fans I’ll bet your house in Bayshore has a few islander goodies hanging up!

  66. reginald dunlop on

    this league is a joke………..officiating is more consistent and better at the high school level and it just plain sucks there…….malik should grab pine for the rest of the playoffs……and someone wake up avery…..

  67. STF

    Hate to say i told you so.

    Im glad they lost in the shootout, now we know that the Devs couldn’t beat us in regulation or OT this season, not once. Also if we won the shootout, then it would be a slap in the face since we lost the last shootout. It would suck to be tied with them, and still end up in 5th.

    The PP failed again, Shanny didn’t look good, he was embarrassing, on a two on fuggin one he couldn’t hit the net with a shot. I hope he is just calming hs game down, and ready to shred in the playoffs.

    Jagr is looking great. But as far as re signing him goes, im still on the fence and falling off. I can care less about that right now though.

    The only good thing to come out of today is the fact that we get to see the playoffs this Wednesday, instead of Thursday.

    With Philly winning, now we have 4 awesome playoff series. Im looking forward to it, big time.

  68. onecupin67years on

    The Rangers missed Orr,the ref’s missed everything else,they’re (ref’s)just getting into playoff form.
    Awful 2nd goal by Lundqvist he isn’t consistent enough to be considered an elite goalie .He should have stolen the game if he was.

  69. I like seeing that 5 games will be on MSG. Much better then listening to a “neutral” announcer Doc Emerick on Versus or NBC.

  70. reginald dunlop on

    hey sam……… about maybe a little emotion and a hit thrown in every once in a while……maybe he can only play with jagr….dip

  71. Actually the Sunday game on NBC is slated for 2pm, so unless they decide to simulcast PIT-OTT and NYR-NJ, then the Rangers game will start no earlier than 5pm.

  72. onecupin67years on

    I would pass on Jagr,the garden won’t .
    The Rangers will have a tough time with the devils , a game ending in regulation will favor NJ.You can’t beat a team all year long and into the playoffs …just remember ’94 when the Rangers dominated the regular season and squeaked by in 7.

  73. onecupin67years on

    Sunday afternoon games work in the fall for the NFL,are miserable in the spring for the NHL,wake up Gary Betboy.

  74. nice call on the Staal goalie interference!!!!!Brodeur has been doing that crap for 15 yrs. /Malik does need to sit over 1 penalty a game Mara, Malik is just to damn slow, now that Backman is playing better(still a woosie in his own zone with the puck) Malik needs to be the odd man out.

    rangers will beat NJ in 5 or 6…

  75. Thank God there is no shoot-out in the play-offs for as great as Henrik plays down low he has lots of trouble on his glove side high. Word has been out. Don’t get me wrong Lunquist was fantastic at the end of the 3rd saving at least (3) goals. Peter Puck is ancient history. He was replaced all afternoon and when he played he was non-existant and usually out of position. A lot of players on the depth chart may pass him next year. In case the Devils get gritty in the opening round I think we need Hollweg in there on the 4th line with Betts and Shanahan. I’d move shoe-string up to the 2nd line with Gomez & Avery. Man is he fast. All in all a great season. Really looking forward to the 1st round.

  76. someone asking for Hllweg obviously they are new to hockey.

    he stinks, he is not good with the puck ever especially in his own zone and sjustrom and pruha are much much better. if they play philly or another really tough team he may see the ice.

    Rachunek looks good for NJ!!!!!!Niice pickup Lou……

  77. onecupin67years on

    Stuart ,was today’s game important for the rangers?
    Why the f–k would you play Malik?Renney is clueless.

  78. I will go back on record as saying I was WRONG about Drury’s playing. He displayed “that other side” of himself tonight. I am really, really excited to see him in our uniform for the playoffs.

  79. Malik should not see a second of playoff hockey. besides that ready for weds, wonder what you do with shanny he looked pretty bad on the pp there at the end. i liked him on the fourth line tho

  80. effin Renney. home ice was important enough that he pulled his goalie while tied, and double shifted jagr.

    then why the eff did he dress that useless pylon Malik? to pander to jagr I believe

  81. Shanahan’s role/status gives more insight into Renney’s Achilles heel as a coach —- his weakness/fear/lack of killer instinct. Because does anyone really think Renney would have the stones to sit Shanahan if his play slips even further?

  82. Hollweg can play fine, but please shave your stupid mustache. Give me a break already.

    The refs cost the Rangers this game, again. The Devils were allowed to slash, hook and hold all game and they call a penalty on Staal in OT?

    Shanahan is d-o-n-e it seems. The guy can’t even move out there. I would play Hollweg with Betts and Freddy till Orr gets back, if he ever does.

    Neither team is really any good. Pittsburgh, Philly, Washington, Montreal and Sens are better than both the Devils and the Rangers.

    Rangers should win the first round, but thats all.

  83. Ya know, I’ll tell you this:

    As much as I am impressed by Alex Ovechkin, I can really do without all the oversold enthusiam when he scores. I think it’s fabricated and it’s now gotten annoying.

    1st goal? 50 goals in a season? Overtime goal? Fine, great have fun and celebrate, but every frieken goal? Now you’re rubbing it in the other teams face. I recognize the Caps had a great accomplishment this season, but enough already. I hope Philly knocks em off.

    That being said, how happy am I that Sidney “NHL poster boy” Crosby is getting overlooked and now his team doesn’t get the top spot. Tough Sidney, it’s called karma you diving baby boy.

  84. vogs

    You hope because OV likes to celebrate excessively that Philly beats Washington? And you’re a Rangers fan? Philly??What up with that?

  85. If i was in the NHL and i scored goals, id be rubbing it in as well. Id do wind mills like you wouldn’t believe !


    Your a true Ranger fan. Lol pathetic.

    I believe this team can win the cup, maybe you dont, which i think is pretty dumb. When Shanny says the team needs the fans more then you think, that doesn’t mean he needs them to go against them.

    That moron Butch was right for once. Maybe home ice is not good for Nyr cause the dumb Nyr fans will boo them after everything they do. Nyr fans sure do bash Flyer fans, Dev fans, Isles fans, but in that list of pathetic fans, where do we fall ?

    You people make me sick !! Except some of you, the cool ones who have been in here for a while, like Spiderpig, and a few others….Spider is the only one that comes to mind, give me time to finish dinner then some more will come to mind…..anyway….

  86. Hey guys anyone know where to wait around the Rock for autographs (before and after the game) I’m going to game one, anyone else?
    Hmm . . might be a little to late for this no one seems to be posting.
    And yeah the missed call of the puck off the bench and the great acting job by Brodeur to give Stall a penalty . . the refs are ready for the playoffs!
    Let’s go RANGERS!!

  87. Emm Colton timberlake. . I’m knew here but my sister posts here and her name is Agravaine and I can assure you she doesn’t boo the team. She lives and dies for the Rangers!

  88. Bathgate:

    What up with what? I live in DC, and could do without the Cap fans chirping in my ear all summer long. :-)

    And I would watch out for Philly, they’re playing good hockey with all their players healthy, minus Gagne.


    I just don’t think this team has that “it” quality. I’ll cheer for them and I’ll hope like heck they win. But I can also speak honestly can’t I? Or is that forbidden in Ranger land?

    0-8 on the PP the other night against Wayne “AHL” Dubliewitz and the AHL roster Isles? And 0-2 on two 5 on 3’s when we’re trying to get home ice advantage? And we still get beat by Richard Park?

    I’m tired of excuses with this team. Cup teams don’t make excuses.

  89. pardon me, but…

    here is how it goes down:

    Rangers in 5 UNLESS

    Coach Turd Renney plays Malik
    then it is Devils in 7.

    you decide, Tom.

  90. Colton….All i know is that if Renney gives Malik any significant time in the playoffs, I will not give this Rangers a penny of my fuggin hard earned money ever again as long as he is coach…..I have so much angst towards Malik, especially after todays game….This fukktard watches the Rangers leader and captain and his fellow country mate getting grabbed and jabbed by the devils in a scrum and just sits there like a flaming a-hole? Malik shoulda went apeshitt and just start swinging but that POS just sat there….Makes me sick !!! btw- Let’s Go Rangers !!

  91. reginald dunlop on

    how did rupp escape with no calls against him in that scrum?????? pander to uncle lou and his buddy gary i presume

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