From the Garden: Approaching the finish line


A couple of thoughts before what could be an inspired effort from the Rangers, or the ultimate hangover game. I could see this game going in either direction:

<li>Just overheard this stat: the Islanders are 5-0 in season-ending games against the Rangers. No word on what their record is in season-ending games featuring 15 members of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

<li>The good news: playoff tickets will indeed go on sale via Ticketmaster on Tuesday at 10 a.m. The bad news: there are about four available. The word from the Rangers is fans’ best bet would be to go to the box office standby line on the day of games for any tickets that are sent back.

<li>Stealing a page from the Paris Hilton book of scandals (true or otherwise) not always hurting your image, Sean Avery will be the recipient tonight of the Frank Boucher Award for the Rangers most popular player.

<li>Speaking of awards, I’ve been taking an informal poll of players and coaches for some of the end-of-season honors I get to vote on. So far, the Marcel Hossa for Hart Trophy campaign is only in its conceptual stages.

More in a bit…

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  1. I see a hangover game, 3-2 loss in a shootout. Sorry guys!

    The Hart Trophy has to go to Ovechkin, in the playoffs or not. The best rookie goaltender is Price, for your All-Rookie Team. Maybe a shot at the Calder.

  2. Tony from AZ on

    I see a 4-1 win
    Sorry Spiderpig – Rangers roll over Mrs Paul’s Fishsticks !!

  3. How about resting some guys for the playoffs and gamble a little bit in order to avoid the Devils ! As much I want to see the Rangers kill them in the playoffs, I have a bad feeling….

    Why not playing Washington or Carolina the southeast Champ in order to warm up for a potential matchup with…

    Or why not playing the Sens first without Fisher and Alfredsson ????

  4. “The word from the Rangers is fans’ best bet would be to go to the box office standby line on the day of games for any tickets that are sent back.”

    Actually, my bet was to roll the dice and get tix at The Rock. Newark Games 2 and 3 are mine. Here’s hoping I don’t need to go to StubHub to get rid of them if they don’t finish 4/5.

  5. We can’t play the sens…the only way for that to happen is if we win the division, which is impossible. Aside from that, I’d rather rest Shanny and get Betts in to help him get into game shape. I think its better to play him now to get in shape then wait for the playoffs to get him into a game.

  6. Tony from AZ on

    We need a arena with more seats.
    I’m never going to get tickets (without going to the bank for a loan)

  7. Everybody at the game tonight? Let’s go Rangers! Beat the snot out of them (even though I don’t think you will tonight)!

  8. Yeah! Good job by my first-namesake Dubinsky! Hopefully, the first of many awards.

    Great to hear the Anthem on TV also. It can really fire me up sometimes!

  9. Nothing against John Amirante but yesterday I heard a lady singing the national anthem at the mausoleum, that was wow…….

  10. 1-0 Philadelphia already! I hope they win tonight and lose on Sunday so we have a chance at fourth and the Capitals have a chance at eighth.

  11. Ew, Deb *Kaufman* is now Deb *Placey*. I can’t believe anybody would marry her. Eh, it’s alright. But why is she on our broadcast?!

  12. According to the Philadelphia announcers, Weekes said this season has been “the fewest amount of minutes he’s played since he was six years old.” It’s his birthday today along with Luongo!

  13. Wow, I think that’s the first time I’ve actually seen a linesman drop the puck without a center there, but it just happened to Richards on the Flyers, then he takes a stupid interference penalty as the Flyers try to give away their 1-0 lead, then taking another penalty to turn their 5 on 3 into a Devils 5 on 3.

    A couple nice boardings by the Islanders today, eh? Although I think Dubinsky embellished that first one.

  14. Beauty goal by Scottie Upshall on a feed from Jeff Carter to put the game to 2-0 Flyers. How wild would it be if the Senators get knocked out while on their couches over the weekend?

  15. That’s all we needed was at least a point, Devils losing 3-1, sets up a final game for home ice.

  16. Stupid Panthers loss and Flyers win eliminates any possibility of a Penguins-Capitals series. Oh, poopie. :( Now the Capitals can be 9th or 3rd only.

  17. Now we have to beat NJ *in regulation* to take game one into MSG. I almost predicted tonight’s game correctly, just a little more scoring than I expected. I think we should be able to win again against the Devils, but I don’t know if we can do it in regulation again.

  18. onecupin67years on

    Typical Ranger letdown..they made it into the playoffs…the rest is gravy.

  19. Don’t look now, but once Boston finishes off Ottawa tonight, if they then go on to beat Buffalo tomorrow, and the Rangers lose to NJ in regulation on Sunday, and if Washington beats Florida tomorrow (all very real possibilities), the Rangers will end up in sixth playing the Caps in round one.

    A Rangers-Devils series isn’t a sure thing yet. And personally, I don’t want Overchin and the Caps.

  20. Are they guaranteed the 5 spot even with a loss on Sunday? If Boston beats Buffalo on Saturday, they tie the Rangers in points… and wins. The next tiebreaker is head to head? Or is it conf record?

  21. Let´s assume the Rangers lose the last game against the Devils and the Bruins will win both remaining games they are both with 96 Points with the same amount of victories…

    Which teams is fifth ????

    Rangers win they are fourth, lose in overtime they are fifth and when they lose and Boston win both they are sixth ???

  22. I’m on the train right now back to the island and all I can shout is shoot the damn puck. God ///_ we can’t beat the soundtigers?

  23. NYRBleedBlue on

    Sam can you find out what happened before the shootout that the Rangers weren’t allowed to shoot first? Renney was irate yelling at the ref. Just wondering what happened. Thanks!

  24. I have a feeling that the Rangers will play the Washington Capitals in the first round….

  25. Giacomo,
    I was just looking at the bruins situation and if the bruins win and the rangers lose to the devils in regulation than i think the bruins would get the 5th spot because they beat the rangers 2-1 in games during the season.

  26. The good news is that every team has clinched except for the Southeast division winner. What a joke that is, to have the division champion be the last team to clinch a playoff berth.

    The Bruins win the tiebreaker with us based on winning the season series. I think they’ll lose to Buffalo tomorrow, however.

  27. I’ve never been so disgusted. A “Ranger Fan” sticking up 4 an isle fan?! f,n pathetic dude. Makes me sick. More from me 2Morrow.

  28. hopefully buffalo has one more win in there game to win against the bruins. The rangers do not want to play the caps. They are playing the best hockey right now and it would be a nightmare match for the rangers.

  29. I hope u r right about Buff beating Bruins Spider because Kaspar fears Oveckinski and capzzz

    You dont think FLA can pull that one out do you??

  30. Around 6pm on Sunday we will find out about all matchups…

    Can´t wait to get action started either Wednesday or Thursday night…!!!!!!!!



  31. As great as Lunquist is he was due for a real stinker. If we switched goalies just for the nite we probably would have won 13-0. Dubie always has great games against us. Henrik didn’t at all look confident in the shootout appearing to far out. Nifty move by Sjostrom in the shootout. Dawes also. I hope this point lost is not that meaningful in the long run. Lunquist should come out strong on sunday afternoon.

  32. To make a positive out of a negative; ok, tonight was meh. At least they got a point, I gotta hope my fantasy boy Ryan Miller can get me a W tomorrow, but in any event, look, both mathcups are gonna be tough; Devils have Brodeur, and the Caps have Ovechkin. The Caps don’t have any playoff experience and Huet has never really been tested in the post season, so you never know.

  33. MSG is wrong then.

    Boy, the Capitals did have everything set up well for them, playing teams who had back-to-back games on the road, a day after they played in Carolina. A bit of favorable scheduling there. I bet Hurricanes fans are pretty upset about that, but Carolina had their own chance to put the Capitals away but didn’t do it, so it didn’t have to necessarily come down to this.

  34. “I hope this point lost is not that meaningful in the long run.”

    Do you realize how many ‘lost points’ there have been? How about the extra point they lost when they blew the 5-0 lead at Montreal. How about the wasted trip to Florida in mid-March when 4 points were on the table and they came out with 0. You start adding that stuff up…. and they’d be damn close to conference champions. In short, it is what it is right now. They need at least a point on Sunday to avoid the Caps in Round 1.

  35. How about all of the gained points that we don’t remember because they weren’t outrageously bad like lost points. You could start with the first game, which we started down 2-0. There’s no point discussing this now. We’re in the playoffs and have a good shot at home ice. Just leave it be.

  36. of course they lost points all teams do. the kings at home, phx, at home, tampa at ahome, the florida trip, montreal, that is why the rangers are good not great..

    is this a epiphany that the rangers have lost points this yr.??????


  37. Against Boston NYR are 1-1-2
    Boston is 3-1 vs NYR
    Remember that home/home disaster?
    If we lose Sun and Boston beats a defeated Buffalo team we get Washington, the worse case.
    We need OT or a victory on Sunday to avoid the hottest team.
    I hope I’m wrong and I hope these guys show NJ what’s in store for them.
    What a choke by Carolina.

  38. Fugg washington…..AO has BO and listens to ronnie james dio, as predicted by madame cleo….tonite , henrik looked like eddie mio, so dont blame it on rio, or some schmuckk named leo, does any one here remember rick kehoe?

  39. Spider- LeNevue got the loss tonite for Hartford…4-3 in SO versus Providence….Interesting enough, Bobby Sangs was +1 with 2 shots on goal…even Mitch Fritz played

  40. BTW there are no TV’s in the restaurant areas of the Chart House…Bunk!
    and 2 at the Bar, Both Baseball, Also…BUNK!
    who knew it was Baseball season already…

  41. The rangers need to get at least 1 point in there next game, they do not want to face the caps, that is not a good match up for the rangers.

  42. why did they announce last night at the game that the islanders chose to shoot first. it should have been the rangers choice.

    also why were people chanting shoot the puck did they not see the amount of shots the rangers took last night. sometimes i think ranger fans get bored and just yell stupid shit

  43. Tony from AZ on

    1 point was as good as 2 points.
    We still have to win on Sunday.
    From Blueshirts blog :

    In case you were wondering – and who wasn’t? – here is what caused the Rangers to shoot second against their wishes in tonight’s shootout according to Tom Renney:

    “The referee (Rob Martell) asked me what order I wanted to shoot and I put my finger up and told him to give me a second. Shanny had just finished playing his four-on-four shift and I wanted to make sure while they were finishing cleaning the ice he would be ready to shoot first. That is pretty much what we’ve done this year.

    “I looked up and the referee was gone. He came back and said, ‘You’re going to shoot second.’ I said, ‘I don’t want to shoot second.’ He said, ‘You told me that.’ I said, ‘No. I said, “Give me a second.” I wanted to talk to my player.’ He decided that I couldn’t change my mind or he wouldn’t change his.”

  44. Next season I’d love to see a revision in the point system. Mark over at Proboards suggest 2 points for a regulation or overtime win and 1 point for a shootout win. No points for OTL’s or SHL’s. A loss is a loss, no points.

    My original idea was like baseball, wins and losses only, but Mark’s system makes more sense. You won’t see teams who do well in shootouts just sitting back in overtime to get to the shootout since with this system, they can only get one point in shootouts. You’ll see teams going for the win in OT so they can get 2 points which will make the games more exciting.

    Hope it’s brought up at a league meeting and changed. Anybody else think it’s a good idea??

    Glad the Rangers made the playoffs, going to be fun watching them.

  45. tony thanks for clearing that up it was driving me crazy.

    people might not agree but when u go in the shootout makes a huge difference

  46. lennynyr – It’s probably a good idea, but will confuse people even further in the way the standings are written. If the NHL had enough fans they could rely on, they would probably change it, but that’s the reason the shootout was added in the first place. A better way to try and prevent the shootout would be to use a ten-minute overtime. The NBA overtime is almost half the length of a regular period, the NFL is the full length, and soccer’s can go 30 minutes, I believe, so the NHL should probably have a longer one based on that. I would like to see no points for an OT loss but keep the one point for a SO loss, but then I fear teams will barely play offense in overtime, waiting to get that guaranteed point.

  47. That’s the thing about play-offs… you still have to win the games… no matter who you play. I’m not sure why everyone on here thinks that facing Brodeur in the play-offs is a good idea (Not saying facing the Caps is better).

    The guy’s given us fits for years now and LOVES beating us. Sure we’ve had some luck against him this season… but do you expect that to keep up?

    Let’s say we do win tomorrow… how do you feel about winning four more times against those guys?

    Think we can beat the Devils 12 times in one season?

    I’m not saying we can’t but… seriously… that would be agaist the odds.

    How sweet it would be if we did though!!!

  48. I’m betting on the Rangers getting the 4 or 5 seed and playing the Devils. I just bought tix for one of the playoff games at Prudential. Still available on ticketmaster and not yet sold out, btw. New building and they still can’t sell out a playoff game!
    Obviously since I purchased the tix already, the Rangers will be playing the Caps though. Still Amtrak + Verizon Center tix will be cheaper than anything at MSG : )

  49. Tony from AZ on

    I’d rather face Brodeur then Ovie.
    I don’t see a swipe against the Devils – but how sweet would that be !!
    No matter who we play – LET’S GO RANGERS !!

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