But where will the lavish media spa be?


If you haven’t heard of the new plans for the Garden unveiled yesterday, you can “read about it here”:http://www.iht.com/articles/ap/2008/04/04/sports/Madison-Square-Garden-Renovation.php.


By the sound, and look of things, there will a lot more open space and glass enclosed areas — which is great, except if Fedor Tyutin and his erratic slapshot are part of the Rangers long-term future, you wonder if this will be entirely safe.

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  1. Good one Sam.

    MSG,NY had a bit about this last night. Sorry, I can’t look for a link, but there may be one out there to watch the segment.

    So happy we don’t have to play at Brenden Byrne Arena.

  2. Msg Ny is awful. They have an idiot Wrestling announcer hosting it or that clown Scott Lasky. Ahh how I miss when Bob Page was hosting Sportsdesk and not pulling any punches because the Dolans owned the team.

  3. I sure hope seating for disabled people will be included. I am sick of spending money to sit in the aisle only to have my wheelchair be bumped into a dozens times a game. Like all those that walk in the door I would like to be able to have some choice in where I sit.

  4. I miss Bill Daughtry. Nice guy. I took the train home from a game one night and he happened to be on the same one. We spoke for a few minutes and he was just a really nice guy and very approachable. Where the hell is he now?

  5. Where’d everyone go? Everyone’s nervously awaiting the drop of the puck tonight?

    This day will never end.

  6. REPOST:

    On Avery, if he wants 4 million now, he’ll get it. The cap is going up to $56 million. when you look at it from that perspective, 4 million is about the same as him getting 3 mil with this cap. i’ve been saying all year not to overpay him, but with the new cap figure that high, I say pay him.

  7. Just got off the phone with my brother who offered me free yankee tickets right down the first base line. I said no thank you bro, baseball season has not officially started for this Ranger fan yet. He understood. Let’s Go Rangers!

  8. Tony from AZ on

    Fishsticks tonight & Devils next !
    Damn, life is good !
    We get the game at 4:00 in AZ, I work until 5:30
    Thank God for TIVO.
    LET’S GO RANGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. That’s right! Don’t get me wrong, I like baseball and my team is definitely the Yankees, but F baseball right now until we win the cup or are out of the playoffs!

  10. nyrangers.com

    New York Rangers 2008 Stanley Cup Playoff Tickets go On-Sale Tuesday, April 8, beginning at 10:00 a.m., exclusively via Ticketmaster.

  11. Tony from AZ on

    Thanks Beer me, I’m looking to fly in for a playoff game.
    Thanks for the info.
    God, I’m so excited – my wife thinks I’m nuts !

  12. Nasty I had the same sinario…
    Nastily speaking I hope that is the only similarity…
    Cincinatti office bomb ring a bell…

  13. so how funny is this. I went to a workshop for work today and while I am there my blackberry goes off and I notice it is my work email from the tone coming out of it, it is Quagmire from the Family Guy going “Alright!” My principal says she wants to fly me out to some big workshop on school leadership this summer all expenses paid. It is for 4 days I think it said. “But Nasty 1, where is this workshop?” Oh silly me, it is in Cincinnati. Wow! Weird.

  14. you bet tony.

    ok fella’s. enjoy the game. I’m off to catch a train. Maybe I’ll hit ya with some in-game blogging. We’ll see. I don’t even know what section I’m in tonight. tix from ebay. I think it’s 339, but I don’t remember.

  15. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    oh crap, Nasty1’s a teacher!!!

    corrupting our yutes!!!

  16. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    anyone else see Sather lurking in the background after yesterday’s game?

    This from The Hockey News’s GM Rankings:

    17. Glen Sather, New York Rangers

    What to make of Sather? He had a Hall of Fame career followed by a hall of shame career during his tenure with the Edmonton Oilers. When he got the unlimited budget with the Rangers he had been craving, he very nearly ran the team into the ground. Now that he has to work within the confines of a salary cap, Sather has built a good roster largely from within and has still managed to sign big-time players in Gomez and Chris Drury without getting into cap trouble. He has also exhibited the patience and acumen for player development he had in his early days with the Oilers. Getting Christian Backman from the Blues on deadline day was a very underrated deal.

    CAREER 1,011-850-276 (.538)
    CUPS 5
    PLAYOFFS 32-13 series record

  17. Seriously, does the Chart House have TV’s? I need to know…I don’t want to miss the game…

  18. Jonny D – Yeah, because 3/50 = 4/56. Uh, I don’t think so. $3 million in this year’s cap would be more like $3.5 million in a $56 million cap. That’s a big difference as we can notice from this year.

    I thought I heard Bill Daughtry on ESPN Radio, but it may have just been somebody who sound like him. He did a good job on MSG. He may actually be the pre- and post-game host for Jets games on the radio, or he used to be.

    Eff the Yankees!

  19. Sam,
    That might be the funniest thing you’ve written! That’s great!
    Tyutin has been driving me mad. As Bill the Whistle used to say..”He couldn’t put the puck in the ocean, standing on the pier…!!”

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