Cancel those tee-times. The Rangers have more hockey to play…


Remember that story from earlier today about “how the Rangers’ old guys can’t score?”:

Two goals from Jaromir Jagr and a goal from Martin Straka later, maybe the Rangers can convince the New York Times to write more stories just like it.

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  1. onecupin67years on

    Wow ! They can barely beat a depleted Islander team,but they’ll cruise right through the playoffs to the Cup.
    I wonder what excuse they’ll use this year?

  2. “Barely beat a depleted Islander team” -onecupin67years

    Oh yeah. Winning 3-0 is really BARELY.
    Your just pissed that your team lost in a shutout to the Rangers who just clinched a playoff birth while your pathetic team is getting ready to play golf in Florida.

  3. Broadway Roe on

    I’m glad that the Islander fans are back to doing what they do best – hating!

    It wasn’t even that much fun tonight. They didn’t even put up a fight!

  4. Maybe if your $65 million \ 15 year goalie didn’t finish every season on the DL you would have made the playoffs. Wang is kicking himself in the Wang right about now.

    DP Sucks

    GO HANK!!!!!!!!

  5. I think a truth about Jagr’s season is that the guys he plays with are just not good enough, including Gomez and Drury. If he real marksmen with him, they’d annihilate teams.

    Not that he isn’t older, and isn’t sometimes lazy on defense, but he is still a force and does have the ability to put in a tremendous effort and make sick passes.

  6. onecupin67years on

    CML get real..with 3 straight playoff appearances I think MSG should consider hoisting Renney’s name to the rafters.
    What game were you watching ? A healthy rangers team barely beat the isles tonite,you’ll see in the first round.

  7. NoCupsin24Years on

    Hey onecup which game were you watching pal? I think 7 yr olds are usually in bed by now, go dream about having a good team.

    How did you like getting shutout in your own building?

    Barely?!!?!?!?!?! What a moron LOL!

  8. NYR-Domination on

    barely beat you? Please get a life. We stepped right on your back on our way to the playoffs.

    the islanders are biggest joke in the NHL. YOur franchise goalie is a cripple for the second season. You’re the lowest scoring team in hockey, no prospects…

    we had our years in the dumps, and now it’s your turn…

    15 yrs with DP and wing wang.

  9. Onecupin67years, I take it since your little rotten Fishsticks didn’t make the playoffs, you’ll now be spending all your time trying to get a rise out of fans of the real NYC hockey team? Boy do you really need to kill yourself. What kind of pathetic individual are you? Are you really this pitiful, that you have nothing better to do with your time? What a sad, sad little man you are, I feel bad for you.

  10. onecupin67years crylander fan…. Whaaaa whaaaa!!! Should I call you a whaaaambulance??? What a shock??? A little whiney B like the lot of icelander tools. At least you had a full house tonight. That never happens unless the Rags are in town. One more question… What is an Islander???

  11. So wait crybaby Isles fan, a 3-0 shutout is “barely beating a team” now? Really? Cause you know, I thought barely beating a team would be winning in a shoot-out. Which is how the Isles got their last win against the Rangers. Rangers, meanwhile, have now gone into Nassau and won in regulation two straight times.

    But hey, you’ll always have that dynasty from the 80s that probably happened before you were born. I’m sure that’s very consoling everytime you think about how the Islanders haven’t won a playoff series in a decade-and-a-half.

  12. NoCupsin24Years on

    If we are all Islanders, does that mean We are all going to play golf?…….Interesting

  13. “A healthy rangers team barely beat the isles tonite,you’ll see in the first round.”

    What “first round” are you talking about? The one the Icelanders will be playing next week at the country club? The Rangers can’t make it, they’ll be busy playing hockey.

    Seriously, though, it’s a sad sign for the team when a fan is bragging that they barely lost…by 3 goals!

  14. ha! I love how pissed off we all get after one remark from an isles fan.

    Rangers are in…bottom line…and it feels damn good.

    New season begins in just a few days time.

  15. 1. 3-0 loss to a fishstick fan is being barely beat. they expect to lose by 7.

    2. Happy Silver Anniversary – 25 years without a Cup!

    3. We have won a Stanley Cup more recently than you have won a playoff series.

    What a pathetic, whiney, losing franchise, with jealous, clueless fans (all 4 of them)

  16. Guys and gals, who cares about the Isles and their fans! We’re Rangers fans; the most loyal and passionate fans in the US, we rival European futbol fans. Let’s turn the other cheek, try to get 4th place, and worry about tomorrow!

  17. 15yearsandcounting on

    Onecup — I heard that John Tonelli and Kelly Hrudey will be signing autographs at the Broadway Mall food court next Sunday. While your there pulling on your pud, be sure to let them know you really gave it to Ranger fans with your “barely” beat the depleted Islanders post. How depressing must it be for Islander fans to roll up to the colliseum and be dominated by the Rangers AND their fans while in their own building. The Islanders are the only team in all of professional sports that lose home “ice” advantage when an opposing team comes into their building. Back in the 80s, at least the fans were grizzled blue collar guys from Wantagh and Levittown . Now 75% of the fanbase is made up of whiny little bitches like onecup, that get all intimidated when Ranger fans overrun their building. What a shitbag franchise they’ve become.

  18. Magic numbers for clinching fifth place and a first-round matchup with the Devils, for those of you purchasing tickets and others who just want this matchup over others (like me):
    *two points with Ottawa
    *one point with Boston

    Additionally, the Devils just need one more point to secure fourth place.

    For a fun Penguins-Capitals series, there are too many scenarios right now, but it would happen if the standings remain the same as they are right now. It would be guaranteed if Carolina and Boston win out and Philadelphia loses out, and the Capitals get one or zero points, since Capitals win the tiebreaker with Ottawa by winning the season series.

  19. Jimmy Tide '08 on

    Wow…mostly positive comments tonight, good to see. So that’s what it takes – a douchy isles fan.

  20. Well, not just that Timmy but I think most of us are going to be a good mood tonight. The Rangers clinch the playoffs for the third straight year, and they do it by beating one of their most hated rivals. That, to me, is worth getting in a good mood about, especially after they looked so bad for so long earlier in the season.

    Here’s hoping we can beat them again tonight (I’ll be there, can’t wait!) and the Devils lose to Philly, meaning that the Rangers-Devils game on Sunday will be for home ice in their playoff round. How exciting would THAT be? I bet NBC would be kicking themselves over passing up that game for the utterly meaningless Red Wings-Blackhawks game.

  21. Jimmy Tide '08 on

    Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic. It was just annoying coming to this blog after wins from time to time and still seeing a ton of people bitching about the team, Jagr, Renney, etc.

  22. Another great day to be a Ranger Fan. I’m not even worried about the weather today…let it rain, I don’t care.

    We came out running around and Hank kept it 0-0 in the first 10min of the game or so. No better time to get great goaltending.

    Guys, guys, guys….do NOT stoop to a fishsticks fans level, please.

    The only beef I have with anything above is…

    “I think a truth about Jagr’s season is that the guys he plays with are just not good enough, including Gomez and Drury.”

    It was around 9pm when you posted that ChrisF. I can only hope you had a few beers in you or maybe you were tripping on acid or something. I don’t even know where to begin with that.


  23. Sam Jagr made some good points in that article. The system has affected the O #’s of everyone. It’s made the old guys look older. But those are the guys the NYR have to count on & need to go deep.

  24. Jagr WTF?

    Wrist shot – Yes
    Slap Shot – Yes
    Moving around on the Powerplay – Yes

    Where was this all year?

    Is he just playing with us?

  25. dbmustard – IT WAS AN IMPOSTER!!

    The PP is looking better just at the right time.

    On another note…

    I’m SO happy that they’re renovating the Garden instead of moving across the street. I love MSG just the way it is really. I’ve seen newer areans (not newark yet), and I still love MSG. It feels like a second home.

  26. Broadway ROe- The Icelanders fans are back to doing what they do best- NOT SHOW UP!!!

    Absolutely pathetic that Ranger fans outnumbered them in their old building. I called a buddy of mine this morning to gloat a little and he said “what game last night”?? Most Pig fans didn’t care at all. As the UnderArmour commercial says Protect This House. Fans of a team need to show up and defend their home arena.

  27. I love that Isles fans make fun of us retiring jerseys of 4 members of our cup team when the retired the numbers of practically their entire cup team and “the architect” GM…GAY

  28. SeamusORiley on

    What does everyone think about the Playoff Lineup…?

    Who is a healthy scratch and who is in?

    Is Malik in?

    Did Petr Prucha play himself back out of the line up and into Renney’s chateu bow-wow?

    Is Mara really hitting like it seems?

    solid win v Islanders. Dublinski seems to elevate his game v Rangers. Unfortunately, they can only carry around a hummer trophy in the parking lot this spring. They did not even make a good run for a draft pick!


    Malik in?
    Hollweg dressing?

    (assuming we play the Devils)….does Renney look for more physical play?

    (too many responses to the juvenile post about a 3-0 win being “barely” a win)

  29. 1983 Last Cup You'll Ever See on

    A little song for everyone this morning:

    Potvin takes it up the @SS
    Doo Dah Doo Dah
    Milbury takes it twice as fast
    All effin day

  30. Seamus- I think even before his injury orr was going to be replaced by Prucha. I see the 4th line as Betts/Pru/Shoey

    I don’t think there is anyway Hollweg sees playoff icetime unless there are a few injuries. Maybe Orr plays once or twice.

    As for the D, i think Renney really likes Wally backman, and it can not be discounted that the PP has been much better since he was moved to the point on the 1st unit. maybe it is just coincidence maybe not, I don’t know. But it seems like Malik is odd man out.

  31. “But it seems like Malik is odd man out.”

    I agree, and I think it has a lot to do with Mara playing like he wants to stay in the lineup. Maybe even with the team past this run.

    I think hollweg is just there incase of injury. I think Orr would be situational. As if, someone took a run at Gomer or someone. The next game you’d see Orr in there.

    Wally’s been playing well. Progression is always a good thing. He’s played himself into my favor after a somewhat rocky start. But we’ve had players play much worse than even his worst games as a Ranger so far.

    Who knows what the lineup will look like tonight. No doubt it will look different though. Shanny could be back, betts could be back, gonna change things. But just a little.

    last cup – I miss the old days when the crowd really cared and everyone wasn’t so uptight. It used to be more fun. We want the cheif!

  32. First thing to say….simple recipe for the PP…ummm, shoot the f-ing puck Barry! KISS method. Park someone in front. Shoot the damn puck. How hard is that? The Euro influence is finally seeing the light of putting traffic in front and shooting the puck. Whew!

    Hank was solid all night. A few times we left him out to dry (defense still a touch sloppy) but glad we have Hank back there.

    Cally, Dawes, Dubi, Prucha all playing very solid. P27 where the F are you to take your props?

    I think when Shanny and Betts are back, the 4th line will be Betts-Shoe-Pru.

    My bros and I just picked up tix to game 1 at the Newark Pebble.

    On the topic of all the Isle fans chiming in…a few things:

    1) Everyone remember that all Islander fans were at one time Ranger fans. At least the older ones. Before 1970something (1973 I think) the Rangers were the only hockey team here.

    2) Most Islander fans only became Islander fans after they won the Cup. None of them go to games now that they suck, as evidenced by the “Season’s Over” chants going on there last night. In fact, did I hear a “Potvin Sucks” chant go on there?

    3) The Islanders are playing golf on Monday.

    4) The Islanders suck.


  33. Beer Me- Right on about Mara but do you think we have room under the cap for Mara now that Wally is here??

  34. David – I like that passion brotha. But we’re rooting FOR philthy tonight. Only chance for us to win home ice over the devils is for philthy to beat them tonight.

  35. PJ – I do. And I say that b/c I think Mara really wants to stay. I spoke to him @ last years Casino Night. He’d only been with us for 10 days or so. But he was tellin me that he loved having family members he hadn’t seen for years be able to come to games. I think if there’s one player on the whole roster that would take the ‘home-town discount’ next season, it’s him. I’d sign him for 2.5 or so.

    It all depends on Rozy though. I think the look of our D for next year all depends on Rozy’s $$.

  36. “dbmustard – IT WAS AN IMPOSTER!!

    The PP is looking better just at the right time.

    On another note…

    I’m SO happy that they’re renovating the Garden instead of moving across the street. I love MSG just the way it is really. I’ve seen newer areans (not newark yet), and I still love MSG. It feels like a second home.”

    Sometimes I swear Jagr has a twin, especially last year when it seemed he’d do the jersey tuck every other game and he’d play great, and then he’d leave the jersey out the next game and play like shit. haha. As for the Garden, I feel like if they moved to a brand new state of the art arena (none of those stupid cookie cutter arena’s that say they are new when they are behind in technology), I’d be happier with that. And for your info, the Newark arena is very nice, but the pricing of the seats is the dumbest I’ve ever seen.

    “Beer Me- Right on about Mara but do you think we have room under the cap for Mara now that Wally is here??”

    Cap goes up to a little over $56 mil next year and it looks like we’ll be dropping at least 15 mil off the payroll, at least hopefully. I’d like to cut ties with all the older guys and lose around $25 mil to spend on FAs for about 3-4 spots, but that won’t happen.

  37. Agreed, I like him as a 3rd pair Dman with some PP time. He has a great shot. I met him after the sweep of Atlanta and he said the same thing, then again so did Cullen.

    If the D is something like Staal, Toots, Girardi, Mara, Backman and XXXXX I’m ok with that. But the salary cap numbers are something like rookie contract, $3mill, $1.5mill, ~$2.5mill, $2.3mill and XXXX. Depenidng on who up front we have to replace that might hurt some. It also doesn’t leave a spot open for a Sauer/Liffiton, etc type to come in and compete for the 6th spot, because that open spot needs to be a top 4 IMO.

  38. PJ – the only thing I could say is that Cullen was dealt whereas Mara’s a FA, but I totally know what you’re saying. What are they supposed to say, right? oh well…we’ll just have to wait and see.

    johnny – I never really watch MSG,NY. But I checked it out last night to see the coverage from the afternoon when they had all the ‘officials’ that are planning the project, and they claim that they can deliver as good or a better product than the brand new arena’s out there. We can only take their word I guess. But to be perfectly honest…I love it just the way it is :)

    There could be holes in the walls and people would still come. I think they realize that, and see that it’s not worth the political BS to pursue the move.

  39. PJ – also…Slats would have to be more careful with the length of a contract for Mara than anything. Staal is going to be due $ soon. As well as Dubi, cally, and others after next season. I don’t think Mara would sign a 1 yr deal though. And he shouldn’t.

  40. SeamusORiley on

    Mara is playing like he wants to make a statement.

    what kind of money is bachmanturnit over getting?

    I go back to the comments where he was called “malik light”. It was not just jitters….he won’t be back next year…..We have maybe a year of Sanguenetti at Hartford, and maybe Anismov is ready next year for the Garden Ice.

    Mara has been hitting. Last night he kept it up.

    I think the future is bright for the Rangers….for the next 5 years.

  41. K just catchin up…and it seems we are all “united, speaking with a common voice” (at least till Salty and P27 come back)
    So now that the little Fishstick fan has been dealt with, I thought the Rangers played pretty well. Its nice to see the PP coming around as well as Jagr…
    Also Hank playing like an Iron Curtain…Sweet.
    What did anyone see DP last night…I didn’t…oh yeah he’s making his money once again on the DL…LOL

    I also want to make a point on Mara and Backman…I might take heat but what the hell…
    The both look good…
    Backman def. has a nice offensive upside to his game and looks more comfortable than he did on his arrival.
    Mara is also looking good…
    Dawes, Dubinski, Prucha and Callahan are really making me proud…its OUR youth!! and they play with heart and attitude…and its just so refreshing to see!

  42. SeamusORiley on

    I think that we look a lot different next year; including Avery being gone. I think it is a shame.

    the Islanders were pretty much able to do anything they wanted to him with very few calls.

    I despise the commerical on the NHL network showing clips of Cindy and TGO back and forth. No comparison. I’d rather have clips of Cindy and Avery.

    Too bad Sather didn’t sign him when he had the chance. He plays with grit.
    I like ShoeStrum on the 4th line. He is young and may end up being one of these late bloomers, rather than a high pick bust.

  43. SeamusORiley on


    bachman has not been as horrid as he has been, but I am not sure about the defensive liabilty he presents. i agree about the offense.

    Mara has looked good. He is playing with purpose. He looks like he has a new “what the hell” attitude and is out there hitting and playing hard. I like that.

  44. Slats needs to be very careful this off season indeed. There are a few guys, Dawes, Cally, Dubi, Staal, and even Prucha that will need new deals soon. He will need to have a slot for some young guys on D

  45. bklynblue – Actually, like I said yesterday, the article says nobody else’s scoring has been affected (overall) because the whole rest of the team outside of *the big three* is scoring the same amount, *1.77 per game*.

    Beer Me! – I’m glad some people are coming around on Mara. I said this about a month ago and I don’t think anybody agreed. I don’t think $2.5 million would be a discount, thiough. I think that’s the highest offer he would get per sesaon probably. I also think a two-year deal could be worked out, maybe for $4.5-5 million.

    Xian – NBC had no choice but to pick that game. No more Penguins or Rangers could be shown.

    SeamusORiley – It will probably be the same lineup from before, maybe with the left wings back in place, meaning Avery on the first line. Prucha, Malik, Hollweg, Strudwick sitting out.

  46. Who Needs Lohan on

    Very very sloppy start last night. Thought Renney should have called a TO. Penalty kill seemed to wake us up though. Again, I am a big Mara fan. I think he is a lot better than he gets credit for.

    And on Backman, I do believe he is one of the main reason’s for the PP’s success of late (we know it sure isnt Rozi No Shot). He really believes in that KISS method. Doesnt do any fancy passing, either moves it quickly or shoots. I like his simplicity although sometimes it looks like his skates are too sharp and he gets stuck in the ice (some call it flat-footed).

    All in all was happy with the performance. I think we are finally peaking at the right time. The biggest problems we have had is scoring in general, consistent goaltending, and maintaining line combos that work. We are pretty much at the peak in those three areas right now. Anyone agree? Disagree?

  47. seamus – I don’t think Avery will be back either. He hasn’t played “his game” in quite a while. I know that’s partially a good thing. But that’s where 1/2 his value was…Getting the oppositions best players off their games. Maybe we’ll see that come out again next week. And if that’s the case, perhaps my opinion would change.

  48. SeamusORiley on

    Beer Me,

    just for the way that Marty hates Avery makes him of value! He gets under Brodeur’s skin bigtime.

    I think if we advance and meet Pittsburg, we need to play a physical game against them. the whole HOCKEY world will be watching the refs and Cindy, so he might not get the passes he gets now. Avery could be of value.

    I wasn’t a big fan when we first got him. Obviously, he helped turn things around last year. I wondr if Sather thinks that he is a detriment off the ice and a bad influence upon some real valuable kids we have…

    just a thought.

  49. It’s my bday today and I am going to the game tonight and can’t frigging wait! I hope we shut the snot out of them again tonight and end there season with two straight shut outs to their arch rivals!

    First Ranger goalie with 10 shutouts in a year since 1928 man! Nice job Hank! Long live the King!!!

  50. Pig – I wish we woulda signed Mara when he was an UFA before he signed with Boston(from phx). 2.5 sounds fair to me.

    Lohan – I agree with that last part. And I think a little extra credit is due to all the players that have changed linemates due to some of the injuries that we’ve faced of late.

    Any thoughts on Vally tonight? What about if the Devils win tonight and clinch home-ice? Start Vally on Sunday since the game is meaningless?

  51. seamus – I hear ya. On all of that.

    parros – happy bday. going to game also.

  52. Who Needs Lohan on

    Hey, anyone know who you have to blow to be selected for “shirt of my back” night?

  53. NYR56
    Isles still have a shot for hummer cup!

    Not if we beat them again tonight! We’ll take that, too.

  54. Parros Happy B Day. My dad’s 70th BDay today as well. Thing going on tonight, else we’d be at the game.

    10th SO for Hank nice. Who was saying Hank sucks? Oh right, that was Salty for a change.

  55. I would start Valiquette tonight because Henrik loves to play against the Devils and it will be a pregame to the likely series we’re having with them. But I doubt Valiquette is starting because of the fact that we could still fall below (and a small chance to go above) 5th.

  56. At the game last night. There were more fights in the stands than I’ve ever seen. In fact at the end of the game a huge brawl broke out 10 rows behind me where it took 8-10 security
    personnel to break it up, maybe it had to do with the chant “your playing golf”, truth really hurts. It was great to see the rangers shutout the fishsticks on there home ice to clinch a playoff spot.

  57. SeamusORiley on

    comments on the following playoff thoughts:

    1. Rangers v Devils Rangers in 6 very low scoring 2 shutouts by Lundqvst. Marty meltdown over Avery. Avery warned by league to stop talking to marty. Marty blames the offense.

    2. Rangers v Carolina Rangers in 5
    3. Pittsburg v Washington Washinton in 7

    I would rather see Phlly in than Washington. They are hot.


  58. SeamusORiley on


    Parros: Happy Birthday!

    I was having a very rough day, once upon a time. Overworked, tired, burnt out…A friend calls me and says, “I am picking you up at 5. Dress nice. No questions”.

    He had tickets to the 97 playoffs. The Great One scores a hatrick. It was a special night.

    Parros: I hope it is a special night for ya!

  59. “Hey, anyone know who you have to blow to be selected for “shirt of my back” night?”

    That whole thing is really cool, but at the same time….I’m with you on that one.

    Pig – tough choice on the goalies I think. But I think Renney’s goin with Hank too.

    And you know what else? That kinda contradicts the point(which was sometimes valid) that Renney likes to play for a point in games instead of winning in regulation. He really looks like he’s trying to tell this team that we’re not done yet. And I think starting Hank proves that more than any words could. But..we don’t know who’s starting yet!

  60. SeamusORiley on


    were the fights in the stands reported on the game, or in the news? My wife and I watched most of the game with the sound off…..(it has gotten to be a habit since JD left)_

  61. I doubt it was reported on the game or the news but the funny thing is this guy sitting behind my nephew and I actually called the police on his cell phone all emotional, me and my nephew looked at each other and started laughing.

  62. Thanks New Newman and SeamusORiley! 70th bday is huge! Hope I make it there too – and hope when I do I can look back at a few more Ranger Stanley Cup wins then your pop got to see!

    And SeamusO – that is a great story. A hatty from the best ever. You know what – I was at a game when the great one scored a hatty as well. I think it was vs toronto and not sure what year it was but they were losing and he scored a hatty to come from behind and beat them. It was insane! A special night indeed… Here’s hoping we see something special tonight…

    Reminds me heard a stat last night watching the game that no Ranger has a hat trick this year. Sounds lame but i think it sounds pretty good too. They have a much more balanced team this year that is scoring and getting help from all four lines – they are deeper and will go deeper!


  63. SeamusORiley,
    by the way i also was at that game and had seats 15 rows up exactly behind the net where Gretzky score all three of his goals. I will never forget that game. It was unbelievable.

  64. dude holy shite i am not kidding but that is exactly where i was sitting. crazy. when was that 96/97?

  65. yea 1997, my friend and I actually scalp the tickets, it was worth it. It was against the panthers.

  66. i can recall each one of those goals like they were yday. the sickie little Gretzky circle followed by the slapper in the back of the net.

    funny how when Avery tries the same move it doesn’t seem to work as well!! No offense Sean!

  67. Just to further comment on Avery…
    I agree he hasn’t played his game since he was back with JJ, and Dubi…
    I also think that Callahan brings some of the same things to the table…I love the stinky palm to the face…
    I feel bad for Avery thinking he’s worth so much…He does bring intangibles to the table but just like the team seems to need him…he needs the New York Rangers…
    And I agree with Mara…he really is starting to play well…

    Seamus…I’m not sure I understand Backman’s liability…I think defensively he has also started to step up…last night he stood up a few rushes at the blue line (unless that was someone else)…
    Don’t forget he is young and it takes Defensemen a little time, Staal is the exception, not the rule…though he has made some Rookie mistakes.
    Night in and night out Staal just does his job and he does it with smart play…I venture to say he is the best Staal out of the mix, (taking into account his position, of course) but I think he brings more to the table than his brothers and its only his rookie season, he’s only gonna get better!

  68. SeamusORiley on

    do we know the dates of the first round yet?

    I have a work schedule to manipulate!!

  69. SeamusORiley on

    well, hopefully, Staalwart, he is playing a more conservative defensive game and I have just not noticed it as much…which is kind of the way it is with good defensemen. When In the beginning of his career, I barely noticed Girardi until it dawned on me that I had barely noticed Girardi, which was a good thing. I watch most games with the sound down or off, too, so if they are talking about a good play Bachman made, I miss it.

    Back to 1997: I had seats rather high up for the Gretz hattrick. My friend and I literally could not speak to each other, though in each other’s face. The Garden was THAT loud. It was just incredible.

    I was at a preseason game where he and his daughter sat near me and my daughter. We said nothing. The Garden vision, after 1 period, showed him, and he spent an entire period signing autographs. He caught my daughter’s eye (she was 6) and she waved and he waved. That night, she sent a letter to him saying that she felt badly that he could not enjoy the game with his daughter. About 1 month later, we get a signed card, from his address in California and a nice note.

    class act.

    A guy who never took choreographic lessons like Cindy!

  70. On Avery, if he wants 4 million now, he’ll get it. The cap is going up to $56 million. when you look at it from that perspective, 4 million is about the same as him getting 3 mil with this cap. i’ve been saying all year not to overpay him, but with the new cap figure that high, I say pay him.

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