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Barring a miraculous third period comeback in which the Tampa Bay Lightning forget that they’re, well, the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Rangers will have to wait for tomorrow against the Islanders for their next chance to clinch a playoff spot.

And let’s be honest: if the Rangers can’t beat the Islanders in at least one of these next two games, they’d probably be better off dusting off their 5-irons anyway (and speaking of  5-iron we’ll have more on that curious scheduling conflict at the appropriate time. But in the words of George Costanza, “Worlds are colliding!”).

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  1. Anyone going to the game Sunday? The boyfriend and I just got tix on ticketmaster in section 128


  3. It’s kinda looking like the Sunday game will be meaningless for Jersey. I think home ice for Round 1 is a distant target that’s disappearing. Maybe it pays to rest a few guys on Friday.

  4. If the Devils pick up a point vs the Flyers the Rangers would have to win all 3 games and beat the Devils in regulation to get the 4 seed.

    If the Devils pick up 0 points vs the Flyers the Rangers would have to win all 3 games, but could beat the Devils in ot to get the 4 seed.

    I think these are correct, if not someone can correct me.

  5. Aaarggh…..nothing comes easy to the Rangers. Ever! (Except for that playoff series in 94 vs. the Isles). Well, I guess Worf from ST:TNG would agree that there’s more honor in winning your way into the playoffs than backing in.

    They ABSOLUTELY can’t take the Isles for granted tomorrow, no matter what they say now, and look out for that Okposo-Park-Comeau line, they’re sneaky.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Worst possible result in the NJ game! NJ in a shootout! Now they pull almost impossibly far away to catch for home ice, AND Boston got a point, making it still possible for my ticket purchase to be ruined.

    TB didn’t do us any clinching favors. I didn’t expect them to though, as they are clearly trying to get as many balls in the machine as possible.

    On the bright side, Pittsburgh won, thus making it near impossible for the Flyers to dislodge a Devils-Rangers series, thus protecting my ticket purchase.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    I bought tickets to the Devils first playoff home game. i’m worried about the matchup.

    There’s no way the Rangers miss the playoffs. Guaranteed.

  8. If the Devils beat Philly next game the ranger game means nothing NJ has hone ice.

    I think Philly may miss out and Washington make it as the 8th seed.

    the rangers need to swarm the fishies Thursday and end things….

    The odds are the devs and rangers play in the 1st round….

  9. If the Rangers sweep the Isles, they clinch at least 5th.

    New Jersey can finish no worse than 5th.

    If the Rangers win both against the Isles and Jersey drops a point to Philthy, Sunday;s game is for home ice. If Jersey beats Philly they’re the 4 seed and Sundays game is only meaningful if the Rangers fail to take 2 points, whether they be by one win or two OT losses, from the lsles, because of the remote possibility that all the other stars align in such a way that the Rangers need to win to get in.

    I want Jersey. Those guys have no offense and it will kill them in the playoffs. Washington, if they get the 3 seed, could be real tough and Cam Ward can steal one for the Canes.

    The Rangers will definitely not be playing Ottawa in round one. It’s Jersey, the Habs, Pens or Canes.

    Those of you who bought Jersey playoff tickets – I really like those odds. I think the Rangers will take 4 points out of these 3 games and will therefore end up fifth. And even if they don’t, they still may wind up fifth.

  10. I agree…Rangers vs Devils in 1st round..Doodie , you are a lock on your ticket purchase bet….One other interesting scenario, even though not Rangers related, but could happen….I am going to go out on a limb and say that both Philly and Boston do not make the playoffs and the caps and the sabres make it…..The Sabres and the B’s both have 2 games left….Sabres vs (Montreal,Boston)…Boston vs(Ottawa, Buffalo)…The Caps will go 2-0 vs TB/Fla. Philly will go 0-2 vs the Devils/Penguins….Sabres will go 2-0 and Boston will go 0-2…..Boston and Sabres will end up with 92 points and tied for 92 points and it will come down to the 4th tiebreaker which is the following ~ 4. The greater differential between goals for and against for the entire regular season…..There you have it folks…..Pitt vs Buffalo,,Montreal vs Washington, Carolina vs Ottawa, Rangers vs Devils

  11. Liquid you may be right..

    The problem is if Pitt. hs clinched 1st by Sunday how do they show up against Philthy???

  12. Doodie –

    I have Ranger season tickets, so I’m going. If I didn’t have them I would. But I cant go to all the games, unfortunately.

  13. good point stuart….I think its Philthy who will choke on a big cheese steak and Pitt just happens to be on the ice with them at the same time getting the win

  14. I was just thinking the same thing liquid. Except I think NJ looks crappy right now and Philthy beats them, and I think it will be tough for Buffalo to beat Boston in regulation, which they’ll have to do to get in.

    I really think that once again the Rangers fate is in their own hands. I think the 4 seed is there for them, Once again, though, can this team take it to the next level or will they choke against the Isles?

  15. Any one care to take a stab at when the Eastern Conference playoffs will begin next week? I think the season ends for everyone this Sunday….so maybe Thursday or Friday so they can get a game on NBC for the weekend? I have no clue myself

  16. Peter, havent the Debbies won 3 in a row? (Philthy, Piles, B’s)…They still suck and I would love the Rangers to steamroll them in Round 1 so during the handshake, Marty skates up to King Henrik and the king spits in his hand prior to this like we used to do when we were 10 years old playing intramural soccer…hehe

  17. The playoffs start April 9th on Versus. I think I’ve been brainwashed. If the Rangers somehow get 4th, they will clearly start on the 10th because of the Knicks’ schedule. Otherwise, it’s up in the air. NBC carries one game on each weekend day, and you can be fairly certain one of them will be the Rangers vs. Devils, if it ends up as a matchup, probably so Doc doesn’t miss a broadcast.

    What I don’t like about the new format is the small font, and I can’t figure out why it is smaller than the Mets blog, but I can resize it easily, so it’s no a big deal.

  18. Spiderpig- THanx….So lets say for whatever reason….Rangers vs Devils…and the Devils have 4th seed and home ice….Game 1 would be Wednesday April 10th, Game 2 Friday April 12, and then back to MSG on Sunday which you mention would be likely a NBC game….If Sunday @ MSG is on NBC does that mean its a dreaded afternoon game or any possibility for a night game? I gotta guess a day game.

  19. Actually scratch my last post….April 10th is next thursday, …a week from today…so we are looking at Game 2 at the Rock on Saturday on NBC (most likely afternoon)….that sux ballz

  20. Or they start on Wednesday , April 9th @ the rock…then friday game #2….and back home to MSG on Sunday, April 13….I guess that would work for me….sorry its late, my mind is mush…hehe

  21. if the devils get the fourth seed i believe the games would start on the 9th then cause there would be no problem with the knicks losing at the garden that day…well besides the obvious problem with that.

  22. Thank you fellow fans for all the possible senarios. A question for you brainiacs. When is the first possible chance we could find out the matchup? Regardless of who has home ice.

    I don’t trust ticketmaster’s “insurance policy”.

  23. You know what? For ticket purchasing purposes, I don’t even care. I’m saving my $ for the 2nd round.

    You heard me.

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