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In fairness to Scott Gomez, I should also pass along this dig he took at me today.

The question was about playing a team tomorrow that is already out of playoff contention.

“Tomorrow’s a must-win on the road against a team that has nothing to lose. There’s a lot of guys over there with a lot of pride. When you’re out, hearing it from other guys, you want to make an impression before you head home. They are professionals. No one’s going to bag it in. It’s not like you with some of your articles.”

Ouch. I’m rescinding my vote for team MVP…

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  1. I’m so glad Gomez and Drury are both here, but you have to admit, Gomez is a much better interview!

  2. From the previous thread, in reference to COLTON’S question about who we should draft. I say we should draft SALTY. He sure sounds like he plays an awsome game and knows exactly what it takes to be a winner in the NHL. I want him on my team over Drury. We could pay him $8MM per/year.

  3. First Gomez with a real shot across the bow of Sammy.

    Then Richard fires off one of his own. Nice one!

    Two very good bits of laughter from this most recent page of posts.

  4. Hey Sam –

    Do those guys read all the articles like us lunatics do?

    Do they read the blogs, too? Really, you must have some idea?

    DO they ever post?

    And everyone knows what the next question is….is(was) Prucha27 actually Petr Prucha?

    I’m actually serious about all those questions….

  5. IF I were on the rangers i would read and post here…

    maybe gomez has a name on here?

    BTW ever since you posted that site with the percentage of making the playoffs.. im an addict.
    if we lose out with 0 points we have 93.1% chance of making it

  6. Willie O' Wee on

    “we”. puh-leeze

    you are not on the team. you are not part of the team. it is “they”, not “we”

  7. Who Needs Lohan on

    Think about Game 1 or Game 3, just cant do a weekend game. Did anyone figure the probability yet that we face the devils? I still feel like it is less than 50%. I will wait until 930 tomorrow night unless someone can convince me otherwise.

  8. No, I am not really Tom Renney. LOL

    It would have been even better, if after Gomer said that he slapped your recorder out of your hand.

  9. hey willie, with the amount of money many of us have given to that ass dolan and the amount of time spent watching them over the years i think using the term we is legit

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Did you have to make him a sandwich afterwards too?

    Beer, I got tickets to their first home game, which will be either game 1 or game 3 of the series.

  11. Off topic…

    not sure if anyone cares but Marcel Hossa avgs 11mins/game ,has 0 points in 14 games, and is a minus 6…

    Just thought I’d pass that along sa I came across it

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    So, I want the Rangers to get home ice, which has me rooting for Boston tonight.

    However, I don’t want those tickets I have to go to waste, which has me rooting for New Jersey.

    Boston’s last 2 games are against Ottawa and Montreal. A win against either of those teams, coupled with a win against NJ puts a lot of pressure on the Rangers to keep their 4-5 position, and thus my tickets’ value.

    NJ’s last two games are against the Flyers and us. A win tonight and against Philly would mean that the Rangers would have no chance at home ice.

    One thing is for certain, I want it to end in regulation.

    Who do I root for?

  13. Since players come and go I think we fans who Bleed Blue for Life can use the term “we” when referring to OUR boys!!

    Gomez is a jerk… but still a heck of a hockey player, Im just kidding he could have been in a weird mood when I met up with him before…

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    Looks like TB isn’t doing us any favors.

    Clinch tomorrow in the Masoleum.

  15. ThisYearsModel on


    maybe he was referring to the AP stories running in the paper in place of your reports ;)

  16. “Off topic…

    not sure if anyone cares but Marcel Hossa avgs 11mins/game ,has 0 points in 14 games, and is a minus 6…”

    Alex, thanks for the info. Maybe this will show why some of us were so adamant about ditching the guy.

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Worst possible result in the NJ game! NJ in a shootout! Now they pull almost impossibly far away to catch for home ice, AND Boston got a point, making it still possible for my ticket purchase to be ruined.

    TB didn’t do us any clinching favors. I didn’t expect them to though, as they are clearly trying to get as many balls in the machine as possible.

    On the bright side, Pittsburgh won, thus making it near impossible for the Flyers to dislodge a Devils-Rangers series, thus protecting my ticket purchase.

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