Move over, Yogi


This was Scott Gomez a moment ago when talking about his sore ribs, and the Rangers health in general:

“If you’re 100 percent at this time of year, there’s something wrong with you.”

The line immediately elicited laughter from a handful of us around Gomez’s locker, and when we repeated it back to him, an amused Gomez immediately sought to clarify.

“I meant physically,” he said. “Make sure you put that in there.”

So there you go. Later, Gomez repeated something he told me a couple of days ago, which was he doesn’t like to watch hockey on TV “because it looks too hard.”

I actually think it’s the other way around since only hockey in person gives you an appreciation for the frenetic speed of the game, while the TV makes it seem fairly manageable.

But Gomez is a different animal. I’ve long said how I would love to skate like him once in my life — just as long as I don’t have to apply his twisted logic afterward.


Both Blair Betts and Brendan Shanahan will be game day decisions tomorrow. Both skated in practiced, and even stayed on for more conditioning after most of the team left the ice. With Betts, it’s simply a matter of meeting the team’s conditioning standards.

Shanahan, meanwhile, said he felt pretty good but there’s still a question of how his undisclosed lower body injury feels tomorrow.

Either way, it doesn’t sound like the Rangers have ruled out resting some players should they clinch tonight or tomorrow, even with home-ice advantage still on the line. Not that anyone wants to look far ahead.

“We’re assured nothing,” Tom Renney said.

More later…

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  1. What’s the waiver situation at this time in the season? The Piles called up Brennan (dirty fighter) and two more very physical players… can we call up Fritz and Gratton?

  2. Shanny should rest…
    he will be fresher for the playoffs if he’s not hurt…
    nothing like stating the obvious

  3. Shanahan and Prucha should switch spots tomorrow. Give Shanny Prucha’s 4th line minutes. Shanny could play sparingly and be available should there be a shootout.

  4. RobL – A good thought for sure. But the little chemsitry the guys have developed should be gaurded, no? I would make as few changes as humanly possible at this point.

    Newman – from prev thread….Zipay mentions that using the Knicks remaining home games can narrow down what dates we would play at the garden anyway. check out his blog for those dates.

  5. Instead, I’d remove Shanny from the PP & PK. Limiting the minutes played that way.

  6. why are devils tickets so expensive i better not get stuck with these freaking things

  7. “Please don’t place any bets on our boys though!”

    Haha… I’m not a big gambler, but do you think I would ever do that!??!?

    If *anything* I’ve thought about betting *against* the Rangers… so if they win, at least they won and I’ll feel better about losing my money … and if they lose, at least I have a little bit more money.

    they’re so unpredictable this year that they really are a “gamble” any way you slice it.

  8. Sam, were the line combos still the same as the last few games?

    Any word on why Renney won’t put Avery back up top with Dubi-Jagr, and move Straka back down to where he worked so well with Drury on the 3rd line, and move Dawes back up on the 2nd line? Why won’t he do it? Has he noticed we haven’t had an even strength goal in the last two games? Why fix what wasn’t broken?

    Also, any word on when Malik will be getting back in the lineup, and when he does, who is likely to sit?

  9. Newman, Gratton won’t clear waivers, so he’s really not an option, or so I would think.

  10. Oh I was thinking Shanny PP for playoffs, I wasn’t thinking last 3 games really… tough question…I do suppose you should still keep him there in hopes something does develop in the nick of time.

  11. I played an April Fool’s joke on my class and told them that next Friday would be my last day at the school because my wife got a Principal’s job in Ohio. Some of them got so upset that they started to cry. So I let it go another period or two and told them the truth. It was so hilarious. I am the Nasty 1.

  12. I would have given them all a stinky tuna sanchez and said “some day, many many years from now, that putrid smell will be the only thing that turns you on anymore”

  13. So is HNIC defintely going to broadcast in America?? On Versus or on the NHL network? becuase I don’t think the regular channels (ABC, CBS, FOX) would go fot it since NBC already has hockey on Sun afternoons…

    I don’t know how much Don Cherry I could take but anythign that will help hockey is good by me…

  14. Everyone things rangers are unpredictable…but in reality they are too predictable…2-1,1-0 are the scores at some point of 3rd period…..

    on the bright side 19W 6L 5OTL since that weekend disaster against Jan 20th ( or so)….not to play jinx but they are actaully a good bet…..

    Don’t hate me because I play in St Pete

  15. False alarm on the Josh Gratton-thing. I coulda sworn I read somewhere that with Colton Orr’s broken toe that Gratton was called up.

    Looks like I picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

  16. Beer,
    good link, and I think its a great idea…the “leaders”/”experts” leading our game are pathetic…
    They also have to work out actual kinks in the game…
    like the shootout, and officiating
    I hate the shootout…even when the Rangers win…sure its exciting but all that work boils down to a one on one with the goaltender

    and the officiating…we’ll not explaination needed there.

  17. That headline is funny. For some reason, a couple of us at Section 327 have taken a liking to call Gomez by the nickname “Yogi”. I am not sure how or why it started, but I guess after today, it sticks.

  18. Salty – yea, I only meant to rest him for the playoffs, not take him off all together.

    agravaine – It was just a proposal/thought in that article. It’s so far-fetched for Bettman to go for, it wasn’t even worth the guy’s time to write it.

    HNIC is awesome if you don’t mind the Canadian-bias. But it’s real clear. There were some notes I found in that comments section that I thought were interesting. I don’t remember exact #’s, but I think there are something like 90 officials(refs/linesmen), and only 6 of them are Americans, and no Europeans. That, in a league where the leading scorers are from Europe. Make of it what you will.

    And the other thing I thought was a great point, is that Canada thrives on being the “home of hockey”(my words), but of the 6 Original teams, just 2 of them are in Canada. Sure, maybe 99% of the players on the Orig 6 were Canadian, but hey, 2 of the 6? You might make a case that the NHL succeded because of the American Markets.

  19. Doodie….did you write something above or in previous post about buying Devs playoff tix and being able to buy insurance against not using them?

  20. UpstateRanger on

    “why are devils tickets so expensive i better not get stuck with these freaking things”

    They’ve got to pay for the Pebble somehow.
    The Debs spoke with a relative of mine about a corporate box or some such thing for the season…they wanted $200-$250K.

  21. Timberlake, I’m REALLY hoping teams are afraid to draft a Russian and Filatov falls down to us like Cherepanov did last season.

    Imagine this line:

    Filatov (LW) – Anisimov (C) – Cherepanov (RW)

    It’d be absolutely perfect.

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