Hey, what’s going on here?


I’m not sure what happened to the look of this blog, although given the problems we had earlier in the season, this isn’t even worth complaining about.

Meanwhile, it’s Caps 2, Canes 1 in the second period, so the clinch watch is ongoing.

As a Rangers fan, you obviously want your team to clinch as soon as possible. But as a hockey fan, how could you not want to see Alex Ovechkin in the playoffs?

Unless, of course, he’s up against the Rangers, because then it’s white-knuckle time.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, why complain? I think this looks blows the old one out of the water

  2. It’s probably another Rangers’ blog April Fool’s Day joke (i.e., Hockey Rodent, Rangerland.net).

  3. I know they have Brodeur, and I know a playoff series would not be the lop-sided affair the reg season was. But I am watching them play the Isles tonight —- and they are brutal. They are slower than I have ever seen them, and they can’t put the puck in the ocean. If the Rangers draw them and do not win, it would be a disgrace.

    PS Ottawa is horrid too.

  4. Outstanding tantrum tonight by Laviolette in DC tonight. Worth a look. If you’re a ‘Cane fan, be afraid, be very afraid.

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