Sanguinetti to Hartford


His junior season now over, Bobby Sanguinetti is headed to Hartford for the remainder of the Wolf Pack season.

It’s the second stint in Hartford for the Rangers No. 1 draft pick from 2006. He had three assist in five regular season games and one assist in  a playoff game last year.

It’ll be interesting to see how he fares this time around, and whether he looks like he can make the Rangers out of training camp next fall.

I would imagine how he looks will have some sort of say in what the team does with its host of unrestricted free agent defensemen at season’s end. Between Michal Rozsival, Marek Malik, Paul Mara, and Jason Strudwick, it’s doubtful the Rangers are going to keep all four. And if Sanguinetti looks like he can contend for a job next year, the team might pare that list down even more.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Good luck to Bobby. I am really hoping he impresses, and if nothing else, just really focuses on his defensive play.

    Repost from last thread:

    I’ve got a fun idea to pass time until the game. Awards. Hart, Norris, Vezina, Calder, Jack Adams, and Selke.

    Hart: Ovechkin. The official description is the player who is most valuable to his team, not the league’s most valuable player. There can be no doubt that Ovechkin is the most valuable to his team. Say what you will if they don’t make the playoffs, there can be no doubt.

    Norris: Lidstrom by a landslide.

    Calder: while I’m certain it will go to someone in Chicago, my vote is for Tobias Engstrom in ATL. My runner up isn’t in Chicago either. I would pick Mueller in Phoenix.

    Vezina: Nabokov gets his first.

    Jack Adams: Gotta be Bruce Boudreau. The Caps are 34-17-7 since he took over. Ted Nolan close second, even though they are missing the playoffs. The guy was given a pick up team and kept them competitive for half of the season. That’s impressive.

    Selke: Marion Hossa. Fedorov light.

  2. Depending on the next 4 games I’d keep Rozi and Mara if he takes a big pay cut. Honestly though, if this team pulls an 07 Mets, then all 4 of these dudes should be handed pink slips and the Rangers can go after one or two of Campbell/Hainnsey/Commodore

  3. Like I said before Mara got hurt, he has been playing a pretty good defensive game recently, throwing hits and taking the body on rushes, like yesterday when the announcers pointed it out. He would be more desirable than Rozsival for me because Rozsival has not looked too sharp defensively and will command a higher salary for his offensive statistics. We need some sort of veteran that plays (I bet Strudwick will be back as the 7th defenseman), and I don’t think Tyutin can be that leader, so we’ve got one spot to fill along with Pöck, Staal, Tyutin, Girardi, and Backman. And if Sanguinetti beats Pöck for a spot, hopefully Pöck is traded some place where he will get a chance to play in the NHL. I don’t even want to begin to think about the pairings.

  4. OK, let’s talk about the game tonight. Announcing, I present to you…the same pair from yesterday!! Oh goody! I actually think Emrick is better on Versus because he has a little more leeway for free thought. You guys who hate Emrick (Beer Me!) are lucky that you can go to the game tonight.

  5. foster hewitt on

    emrick sucks. that high, whiny voice and his overly wordy style is like a nerd reading a phone book

  6. I’d keep Rozsival for three milion tops base salary (maybe incentives to but set em high) MAra would need a pay cut from 2.7-3 (which would not be a cut but is not a raise and maybe give him incentives too) Malik I say let go because he is solid at times but will never be able to get a fair shake in NY. Strudwick’s slot I would rahter see go to a kid at the same salary.

    who is in net?

  7. Pavel – I seem to remember the fourth line being on the ice last night with around four minutes left in the game, granted being 2/3 injured, getting some offensive pressure and drawing a penalty. So *WTF* are you talking about?

  8. Rosi wants 5 mill per? bye bye.

    malik and malik light, both have to go, regardless. They could sign for the league minimum and they would have no value.

    Gotta give Bobby a chance at Hartford to learn and play through mistakes.

    By the way, Direct TV is down up here…mabye due to the snow storm.

    Any well choreographed dances by Cindy yet?

  9. SeamusO – If you mean Backman by *Malik light*, he is already signed for next season. And if you mean Mara, well that’s just wrong. Maybe the Rangers will just wiave Backman if he doesn’t improve.

  10. I don’t think Malone would take $666,666 per year. ;-) But seriously, I don’t think he should get paid more than $3 million per season. He only makes $1,450,000 this season.

  11. Actually, that might be a good value over six years if Malone continues at this pace. $3 million will likelly only be a two-year contract.

  12. foster hewitt on

    pens would be a better team if they shot more, but they try the fancy stuff too much, over pass too much. very little shoot and rebound. lots of fancy dans

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    So? The guy is going to be a 30 goal scorer. 4 million is a bargain. Not to mention he has size, something we lack on the wings once Jagr and shanny go (not like they use their size anymore now).

    Avery wants over 4 million and the guy has never had 20. Malone has done it twice. I’m telling you, 4 million, 6 years. by the end of the deal, he’ll be worth 5-5.5 (depending on how the cap rises and pay scale changes).

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    SP, I like your second post better. I didn’t see it until I finished mine.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    “pens would be a better team if they shot more, but they try the fancy stuff too much, over pass too much. very little shoot and rebound. lots of fancy dans”

    Are you talking about them or us?

  16. What the hell is that numnut Keith Jones talking about, “The Rangers are 5-1-2 against the Islanders.” I didn’t realize we played ten games against them this season. I knew I should have turned off the intermission show. What is our real record against them? I think both teams have three wins or the Isles are better.

  17. Doodie – Yeah, I didn’t realize that Malone had scored quite that many goals already. After I looked it up, I doubt he will accept $3 million per season unless it is from the Pens and for a short time. Avery, on the other hand, is a headcase, so it doesn’t really matter what he wants. I don’t think he will be paid over $3 million per season, especially as teams see how he has played in these last few games off of Jagr’s line.

  18. foster hewitt on

    the pens do it even more than the rangers do. the pens have been outshot by 10 shots in numerous games this year, I read today. it is boring for the fans to watch keep away hockey rather than north south shoot and rebound action at the net.

  19. “nerd reading the phonebook”…that’s waaaay better than my dumpster comment from this aftenoon.

    Sitting in 400’s. Crosby sucks

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    iphone blogging at the game? That’s pretty hardcore blogging.

    Do me a favor, ruin some kid’s night.

  21. “Spider, maybe Sather insisted that Renney move Avery so that his asking price would come down…”
    I thought the same ;)
    Cindy Crosby SUCKS big time.

  22. That’s funny, and I wouldn’t put it past Sather to be pulling the strings. He must have thought that we were a lock to make the playoffs. Hopefully Avery is back up there when the playoffs begin, if we can survive without him there.

  23. Looks like the first and third defensive pairings were changed tonight, eh Sam? Staal & Rozsival, Mara & Backman. Weren’t they the opposite since Mara came back?

    Nice tussle on top of Sydor. I can’t believe the referee didn’t blow the whistle earlier, since I’m sure he “lost sight of the puck.” Well, he probably knew it was under Sydor and wanted it to be moved, but Sydor clearly didn’t know where the puck was, as player poked at him. Scrambling at both ends of the ice!

  24. SPider,

    yea I was trying to figure it out. Rozi and Staal astarted then I never saw Tyutin, I kept seeing Rozi with Staal and then Rozi with Girardi or Girardi with Backman, I guess I just kept catching them in mid change… I like it better this way…

  25. Doodie Machetto on


  26. Its in, blows the whislte here but not on our end, they didn’t blow it for Hank yesterday…

    no I don’t want to start blaming the refs… I really don’t…

  27. I have to agree with the “no whistle” yesterday on Pittsburgh’s third goal, but of course Versus doesn’t show a replay, so I can’t see this one. At least we somehow got a 5 on 3.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Could our 5 on 3 be more predictbale? Feed it to Shanny for the one timer. If I were Fleury I wouldn’t even move. Just stand square to Shanny.

  29. That was so clearly a high stick by Gomez. Jeez, at least he tried. OH WAIT! It went off that guy’s glove instead!! Goal! (please)

  30. An actual good job of replays by Versus. Hopefully the boys in Toronto are looking at this. It’s not like they have much else going on tonight.

  31. Good job by Doc *totally ignoring* the Rangers on that faceoff, even though Dubinsky won it. It’s so disgusting. I expected him at least to say who Crosby was taking the faceoff against.

  32. I love how Lundqvist always seems to come up with a loose strap on his goalie pad when his guys are tied out thee after an icing, *SHHH*

  33. Doodie Machetto on

    It looks like Gomez missed it, but “clear and convincing?”

    Either way, I’ll take it.

    PS, that’s PPGs in 3 straight games, and they are 4 for their last 10.

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer Me, I want you to take a picture of a kid you made cry.

    If not, I’ll be disappointed.

  35. Thank you, Doodie. I guess that makes sense, since he is French-Canadian, and *delicate*. :)

    Please tell us waht exactly you mean by a *firewagon*, Doc. Jeez, he has come up with some weird things tonight,

  36. foster hewitt on

    fleury’s puckhandling and rebounds have been atrocious in the 3rd period, just awful

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