Lower body injury for Shanahan


Brendan Shanahan tweaked something at the end of the second period and won’t return.

It looks like Petr Prucha will jump into his spot.

More when I have it…

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  1. Of course, Prucha doesn’t take Shanahan’s spot on the power play. That goes to Avery, doy! He has only been good on the power play with Dubinsky and Jagr, I think. Why not Dawes on the power play either?!

  2. Rozsival screws up again, get rid of the the sonoffabitch. Don’t sign him for next season.

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Time to hand the game to the Penguins.

    How dare the Rangers think that they can beat Cindy Crotchby on national television!

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Not that Renney’s coaching decisions help the issue. It’s the National Hockey League, no the No Huevos League.

  5. Thank you for the update because lord knows the miserable hacks on Verses couldn’t tell us. It would also be nice to know what Pittsburgh got called for when the Rangers were given a 5-3 but Emrick was too busy talking about J.P. Doumont who lsat time I checked didn’t play for either Pittsburgh or New York.

  6. Where did Rozsival screw up exactly? It was a 2 on 1 forced by Dubinsky being out of position, which forced Staal to go out of position. I couldn’t tell if it was offside.

    Stupid circus ice stops a shorthanded 2 on 1.

    It took them until about 7:10 left to tell us about Shanny’s injury, while Sam had it within a few minutes of the second period starting. Hmph.

  7. I think there’s *a lot* more penalties that the refs could have caleld tonight, and they have done a *great* job. It looks like a vintage game out there that feels like more than two goals have been scored.

  8. The Rangers play like they are an old, old team. They show no life at the end of a game. They look beat. They seem like they are always holding on for dear life .

  9. colie campbell on

    rangers get their goals on a 2 man advantage, and a PP in OT

    and yet some morons will bitch about the refs and league conspiracy. what effin dopes.


    Jagr gets killed game in and game out and get’s almost no calls…

  11. Colie, they took last game away from us but they gave us this one, it’s called BALANCE… ;)

  12. I am lobbying the NHL to go to a 3 points for a win system in regulation and 1 point for a regulation tie. 1 more point for an OT win. This overtime bull is killing this game. I can turn on any NHL game in the OT minutes , just like the last 2 minutes of an NBA game , and see the best part. The regulation part of an NHL game is becoming less less exciting. Because both teams know they can get at least one point by tying.

  13. Not to be overlooked, the refs called *a great game*.

    I guess Chris Simpson doesn’t have the same information as the rest of the Versus people. *4th or 5th overtime goal for Drury?*

    Shanahan returned to the bench at the start of that last power play.

    I wonder if Keith Jones has yet figured out what the Rangers record against the Islanders is.

  14. Jagr; Goal, assist and drew penalty for game winner….great game by Jags….you have to just say it sometimes…rangers got 5 on 3 because they lost yesterday due to 5 on 3 ( and crybaby crosby)…referees need overhaul….if I watch one more game where guys get bent into two by taking four straight cross-checks without a call; then minutes later a simple slash that couldn’t break an egg gets called I will strangle new pet cat…..

  15. Richtersgirl on

    Shanny came back to the bench i bet in case it went to Shootout so he can be eligible on the bench and shoot in it

  16. I watched the reaply of the Penguins goal during the postgame, and I couldn’t see that it was offside. It was so close anyway that it looked fine.

  17. henrik stopped a few tough close-in shots late in the 3rd when the Pens were dominating on the forecheck. that prevented a loss in reg.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    “I am lobbying the NHL to go to a 3 points for a win system in regulation and 1 point for a regulation tie. 1 more point for an OT win”

    I am all for that system. I’ve advocated it for a long time.

    But that point allocation wouldn’t have changed it for tonight.

  19. Sidney Crosby is a diving, head-snapping back, crying little biotch.

    Gimme Alex OV any day of the week!

  20. Oh where, oh where has my Salty friend gone? How you like them Drury apples now you little biyatch?

    Rangers outplayed them this game for about 48 mins.

    BTW, Rangers a much faster, energetic team without Shanny. They should rest Shanny for the rest of the season. Play him on man-down and PP maybe only in postseason. Seriously!

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    I just heard Sammy on MSGNY! Way to grill Renney!

    And thanks for the Shanny update.

  22. they don’t do it because then you would have conference races that would be not as close, and interest would be hard to gin up late in the season. you could have a lot more meaningless games.

  23. Huge one. It did not look like they gonna make it last couple of minutes. Henrik is The King.

  24. wtf are you talkin about. the rangers stunk in the 3rd w/o Shanny. that is when the Pens took control. the rangers were hemmed in their own end for long stretches. so, wtf are you talkin about

  25. Richtersgirl on

    doug – i seriously doubt that had anything to do with Shanahan not being there….he hasnt been one of the best players the past couple weeks especially

  26. the rangers were stinking it up in the 3d because renney was playing for the point from about 14 mins left in the 3d. did you see the powerplay where the rangers used it as a 2 min time kill, not to mount an offense?

    w/o shanny the rangers were all finishing their checks, had much better team speed, and energy. shanny’s best play all night were his clears from the defensive zone where he gets it out without icing it. he has that play mastered!

    don’t get me wrong, i have loved shanny from the minute he got here. but for the whole team’s sake, he should be playing 4th line time, killing penalties, and MAYBE be used on the PP.

    his time is up. sorry.

  27. doug the rangers were better w/o shanny. The 3rd period was just the pens stepping up their game. The difference between today and yesterday is that the team skated. Jagr drew penalties because he was moving his feet. It took a cheap hit by orpik and another clean one to wake him up and get him pissed. Then jagr took over. He was throwing the body and went back after orpik when he got hit. As my brother said, they should be skating hard since they had a day off yesterday.

  28. nice lies. they STUNK in the 3rd period compared to how they played in the first 2. period.

  29. Richtersgirl on

    how does that mean it is Shanahan that was the difference?? Shanahan has become someone who sometimes clears the puck, if he doesnt have to exert too much energy to do it, and blocks some shots (but not even as much as he used to) and if he gets set up PERFECTLY he takes a great shot. If i had to pick between him and Jagr to resign next year, it would be Jagr 100%!
    Shanahan is done and i hope he realizes that and goes out with some dignity. We dont need Messier part two

  30. russian league yogger on

    don’t try to bs people. he still has more goals than that piece of washed up shit jagr. and he is not meeting with reps from other leagues to walk away for more money. he is a LEADER, not a pouting pussy chin perimeter pansy

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Gomez and Giannone are going at each other on MSGNY. Funny stuff.

    I think it’s Beer Me that likes to count the “what can you say”s. The count was 3.

  32. Richtersgirl on

    yeah, Messier was a leader when he was washed up to but he didnt do anything to help the team. I love Shanahan but he needs to retire.

  33. Oh where, oh where has my Salty friend gone?


    (You say that like I’d ever leave…)

    I’ve never hid from taking my lumps here, ever. And, I also absolutely stand by what I said and how I explained it the other day after the Devils game…if you have a working brain… you’d understand what was said and not take it like I think “Drury Sucks”.

    Drury was *huge* for us tonight, I don’t think there’s any question there. Unfortunately, we’re in the position we are
    where we needed him to be. Aside from that, I’m not quite sure what to make of the game tonight

  34. Who Needs Lohan on

    Not sure if anyone noticed but your piece of sh!t Jagr actually threw 2 or 3 hits. I was impressed and surprised!!!

  35. russian league yogger on

    Shanny is too much a of a team leader, but I wish he would have let Brashear pound the shit out of jagr that time. but no, jagr hides behind Shanny, and says please defend me Shanny, cause I am a big pussy, I can’t stand up for myself, I can’t fight.

    so, Shanny had to step in against one of the biggest goons in the league, to save baby pansy yogger from getting the crap beat out of him.

    I am glad Orpik knocked that piece of shit on his ass tonight

  36. how do people on this site say bad things about shanny HE SHOULD BE WEARING THE C. 39 years old with an injury he found the strength to get his ass back to the bench for overtime. he does what he can do and i believe he is a big part of the TEAM…

    big win tonight

  37. When Jagr took that hit I winced as if I just saw an iPod thrown against a sidewalk…. i’d be surprised if Jagr’s not pretty banged up from that, never seen “the big fella” take a hit like that before…. ive grown to assume he’s pretty fragile despite the size

  38. Same old story from Salty – “I meant this”, “I mean that” – always negative when forced to eat crow. Guess what champ, in the age of salary cap you’re rarely ever going to have a team run at the front wire to wire. And if you do, its probably going to be luck (like two late draft picks wind up being studs and a guy you signed for $2 mil plays like he’s worth $6 mil). You want the dream season but its not reality.

    Get over the $s in front of player’s names and look at the play (total package, not just offensive points). We have the same amount of money as every other team to spend and look where we stand, near the top with three games left. I would say we’re getting fair value out of this team, some player more than others but hey thats life. Only one team wins the Cup every year and we’ve got a competitive team.

    So why don’t you stop being negative about everything and get with the program?

  39. Eh, the Gomez line was much faster and got much better opportunities by far with Prucha on the wing than Shanny. I don’t think Shanny should be put down so to speak but Jagr was a beast tonight -1 goal, draws the penalty in OT, then makes the play that winds up on Drury’s stick for the winner. Jagr was the man tonight along with Drury.

  40. When Jagr took that hit I winced as if I just saw an iPod thrown against a sidewalk…. i’d be surprised if Jagr’s not pretty banged up from that, never seen “the big fella” take a hit like that before…. ive grown to assume he’s pretty fragile despite the size

    Why do you grown to assume so.
    Did you see him miss a game in 3 seasons. Forget the game how about missing a shift?
    Even with his teeth knocked out he did not miss a shift.
    He is as tough as it gets.
    Too bad rangers “fans” do not see it.

  41. russian league yogger on

    jagr is a big pansy, and a stupid one at that. like in the playoffs, when he hurt his shoulder by trying to stiff arm gomez for no logical reason. or on the road, as soon as they boo him he goes into a pout, and a shell, and quits on his teammates.

    good riddance, pussy-chin. have fun in siberia next year, and take your shitty pals like malik with you

  42. hey russian, you need to chill out
    what you’re saying doesnt even make sense.
    Jagr was awesome tonight, why all the hate for him?

    oh and joe joe – Shanahan only came back to the bench in OT to shoot in the shootout if it came to it. He wasnt going to play in overtime at all. I am not putting down Shanahan at all becuase he is great but cant you agree his time is near? He is just going to go downhill.

  43. Shanny is on the downside for sure but the guy still has 23 goals and may be our best forward PK, guy…………

  44. “near the top with three games left”

    haha, k there “champ”.

    I’d almost take offense, if you didn’t make it so clear you’re one of those cheerleaders who’s actually fully content with this season …. tells me all I need to know at this point. ALL I need to know.

    night kidzz, catch ya on the grind

  45. Why do you grown to assume so.
    Did you see him miss a game in 3 seasons. Forget the game how about missing a shift?
    Even with his teeth knocked out he did not miss a shift.
    He is as tough as it gets.


    FACT: Jagr avoids direct contact as if he was made of porcelain. At his size, it’s nearly unacceptable.

  46. Salty- Rangers are 2nd in East in Goals against (#1 devils played one less game)….Rangers have the BESt PK in the East right now. Rangers have the MOST Home wins in the east right now (tied with Pitt @ 25), Rangers have the best intra-division record in the atlantic….Rangers have 40+ wins for the last 3 years….Rangers have beat the Debbies 7 times this year…..Henrik leads league with 9 Shutouts this year….Rangers have youngsters like Dubi, Dawes, and Cally playing like u always wanted a young Rangers to be – hitting, tons of heart, and proud to wear the sweater…..and you got me breakinn ur burlz at 1am …. LIFE IS GOOD !!!!

  47. Guys I am down about Jagr’s production this year…but he is no sissy pants like Crosby.
    Russian League Yogger…your a dope…did you even watch the game tonight. Jagr was working and he is anything but a pansy…Here is a player who NEVER takes a dive, NEVER over reacts to embellish a call NEVER misses a shift and NEVER misses a game, like that real pansy Crosby…its disgusting…I mean the league is all freaking goo goo over this guy and he dives, acts and over-reacts if he’s touched…I thought Avery would get a penalty because he breathed the air that was rightfully Cindy’s…

    Tonight was a real good win…for a number of reasons…
    1. Yesterday’s loss was a little deflating but they got back on the horse and played pretty well…I too thought the the team was energized somehow after Shanny left…
    2. They beat a real good team tonight, even if Jagrs goal was somewhat fluky… But Drury buried that shot…with authority…good stuff!
    3. The Islanders aren’t gonna just role over and will come ready to play as will the Devils next Sunday…so tonights two points were important…

    Looking forward with much anticipation to Thursday…
    Lets go Boys…Keep on Keepin on.

  48. jagr is a big pansy, and a stupid one at that. like in the playoffs, when he hurt his shoulder by trying to stiff arm gomez for no logical reason.

    Hey Russian was this the last game you watched?

  49. Terible 3rd period. The way we’ve played the last (3) games we’re really lucky we salvaged (4) points. Avery still has to be put back on the Jagr line. “Capt. Clutch,” Chris Drury comes through again. We must not let up in the Home and home series with the mighty Icelanders. This is their Stanley Cup.

  50. Salty:
    FACT: Jagr avoids direct contact as if he was made of porcelain. At his size, it’s nearly unacceptable.

    You do not see him in the corners and on the boards fighting for the puck? You do not see him get hit?
    Anyway tell me then who is your fav. player?
    What would your rangers team look like?

  51. Jimmy Tide '08 on

    Salty – Yeah, seriously – what’s up with power forward/pugilist Jagr not throwing any hits out there? Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Lundqvist score a single goal all season long. By god, he’s useless!!!

  52. Doodie – thanks for the “what can you say” count. It’s a 3 “what can you say” minimum with Gomer. It amuses me.

    I have a great story from the game last night. Well, actually after the game. I took the train into the game, but met some buddies that had parked across the street, so I decided to catch a ride home with them. That’s not the great part. We grabbed a few beers at a bar, but I don’t remember the name. So as we’re walking out, in is walking shanny on a pair of crutches. He said he was just grabbing a quick bite to eat, but invited us to sit down for a few. Of course we accepted the invite and sat down. I had to ask him about Renney, since it’s a burning topic these days. He went on to say quite a bit including something to the effect of: April Fools.

    I just got you all.

  53. Thank you Captain Clutch.

    I realize that the first 50-60 games or so are your ‘training camp’. And that your season is just beginning.

  54. Beer,
    I think Drury’s first 50+ games were him getting used to the team and surroundings, I think next year will be different…he still did put up the same kind of numbers…

    Did anyone else see the stupid towel with the VS logo perfectly placed as Ms. Simpson was interviewing our hero oth the night, Drury…just bad…plain bad…and as he turned after it was over, it looked like he ripped it off his shoulder…so lame…
    I just can’t get over stuff like that…I mean we all know we were watching VS. Its such a cut below…

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Gomez said that the shot hit his knee on MSGNY. Technically, that should be his goal.

    I don’t think he’s gonna call Toronto to have it changed though. He kinda mentioned it in passing when describing Drury’s reaction to it. Drury asked if it hit his knee, and Gomez said yes.

    Beer, he got those 3 “what can you say”s out pretty quickly, and then he switched to “all I can say,” although it didn’t hit me until after he had done it a couple of times, so I don’t have an official count for that.

  56. I think Colton Orr’s broken toe is the best thing that could have happened to the 4th line.

  57. staal – I wasn’t saying it in a bad way. And I agree with that.

    Doodie – Thanks for the update on Gomez’s vocab. lol

  58. John M it should be like the playoffs win or lose, but not with buttman who can’t even remember what they do in basketball and baseball. He might go for your compromise, but it’s the owners that have to want it changed or the same garbage continues. It affects how a game is played and coached.

  59. Who Needs Lohan on

    Seriously guys, did anyone else notice Jagr threw 2 big(ish) hits? Good stuff!

  60. So we knew all season that this last 10-game stretch could make us or break us. We’re 4-1-2 so far with the only non-playoff team up in the next 2 games. It is unfortunate that we’ve given out some points in the process, but we have to worry about ourselves first, and let the others do their thing.

    Do we see vally on thursday? Last chance to give Hank a breather before the playoffs?

  61. Does anyone know if Jagr has ever gotten in a fight in his career? I actually thought that he was pissed enough at Orpik to throw down last night.

    For the first time ever I was happy to see Jagr break a stick on a shot. Thank god. That was going to be a clean break away if Jagr wasn’t back at the bench getting a new stick in OT.

  62. Yeah Beer, I know you didn’t mean it in a bad way…
    this is Drury time of year and i’m happy we have him
    Client 23 Disclaimer:
    the above stated party, we’ll call him “Mr. Drury” could be a great player who might be overpaid. He also might be a good player not a great player, who is overpaid; or he might be a fair player who is overpaid, or might be an adequate player the Rangers have needed for a long time and is overpaid. Drury results may vary…

  63. I have a new name for the referee at last night’s game
    “Crosby Police”. Nice diving last night Cindy.

    Oh I just got word that Sather is steeping down and Messier will take over as GM, April Fool’s !

  64. First to Prucha27….nice game by your boy last night. He was hustling his ass off. He was trying to hit people. He was creative in the corners. The injury to Orr gets Prucha some more ice time. Would actually love to see Betts back in there soon and have Pru-Shoe-Betts as our 4th line.

    Props to Avery for taking on Malone and winning the split decision. Don’t you love how Aves wants his helmet off and gets the other guy to do so too? A direct result of Aves historically hurting his hands on people’s helmets.

    Shanny needs to realize his role and accept it.

    Backman continues to play generally pretty well. Staal played well. Mara looked shaky.

    Hank played excellent.

    Kill the Fishsticks. LGR!

  65. Who Needs Lohan on

    I actually didnt think Mara looks that bad Newman. I kinda like him…..

  66. I love all the ‘refs called a great game tonight’. Because they actually called penalties when penalties were committed, for the most part (minus the hooks, slashes, and holds of Jagr in regulation) doesnt mean they should get credit. If they treated us fairly all the time, we could be serious contenders for the Cup if we aren’t now. And if they called every pen. committed against Jags, then he wouldnt be a p*ssy perimeter as many have called him.

  67. I was at the game last night. Good stuff from our boys. Holding the Penguins to 1 shot in about 25-30 minutes of hockey is a really good thing that shouldn’t be overlooked. They are a dynamic offensive hockey team and the Rangers were able to shut them down. Even their goal was arguably offside…I haven’t seen a good replay, so I can’t comment, but it looked offside when it happened.

    I thought one of the unsung Rangers last night was Petr Prucha. It was nice to see Renney reward him for his hard work by moving him up to Shanny’s line when he went out. Prucha had a couple of good scoring chances and I think he’ll get a goal or two in the final three games here.

    So close to clinching now. I guess they might already be in by Thursday if Washington loses, but how nice would it be to clinch at the Mausoleum!

  68. Couple of notes:

    -Saw the Jagr hits, but the hit on Jagr was massive, holy hell I seriously am surprised how he took that.

    -Good call on him breaking his stick though.

    -LIQUID thats an impressive collection of stats but I don’t really think they equate to the team being impressive.

    -Hahahahahaha to alllll you clowns who thought “Drury” scored the goal. I knew it was my brown buddy Scotty Gomez all along who directed it in off Drury’s weak errant pass attemmpt… suckers. $7M dollar pass!

    -Beer Me got me with the Shanny story.

    -And now *I got all you*… Of course I know thats Drury’s OT goal, whether it touched Gomez or not…

    April Foolz kidzz

  69. Does anyone know exactly what needs to happen (besides another win on thurs) for the rangers to clinch? The post mentioned that Washington losing a game would do it, but I was trying to figure it out and it didn’t seem to make sense. Caps play carolina tonight.. Is it just too early? am i stupid for not seeing this more clearly?

  70. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Caps Max out at 94 points if they winn all of their remaining games. So either a Caps loss or a Rangers win clinches the playoff berth for the Rangers.

  71. Caps Max out at 94 points if they winn all of their remaining games. So either a Caps loss or a Rangers win clinches the playoff berth for the Rangers.


    So it’s one or the other, or could they both make it in still?

  72. They both could still make the playoffs. The Caps need to win tonight and help from Bos and Philly. Help = losses

  73. Basically, 95 is the magic number this season, as far as I understand it. When Pitt and Montreal hit 95, they had clinched. But if the Caps lose and Carolina wins, the best the Caps could do would be tie Carolina at 92, but couldn’t catch the Rangers at 93. So, depending on what the Caps do tonight, the Rangers may have already clinched by Thursday. If they win, the Rangers will need to win. If they lose, I’m pretty sure the Rangers are in.

  74. Salty, you gotta admit that was BLAST off of Drury’s stick…He knew he was gonna win the game before the shot left his stick.

  75. Shanahan is terrible..he should be on 4th line, period! Does anyone get from one blue line to the other slower? The entire line has to wait for him to get up the ice. Is he smart? yes. Does he play hard? yes. Will he play hurt? yes. Does he take good angles? yes.

    That doesn’t make a for a second-line player. Prucha is so much better than him that it’s laughable to even make a comparison. This team will have trouble if he remains on the second line and renders them useless…

  76. What happened to PRUCHA27…. your boy has come back juiced and ready to go and you are no where to be found. Still has no scoring touch to speak of but he has the fire and that is what the Rangers need. And he certainly has more scoring touch than Hollweg or Orr. Nice to see him back in the lineup and playing well.

  77. Salty, this is a serious question.

    Why do you always have to put the Rangers down like that? Why do they always have to be the brunt of your points?

    It would have been enough for you to say: “I hope the Caps make the playoffs, they really deserve it.”. Or: “The Caps deserve to be in the playoffs as much as the rest of the top 8”.

    So hard?

  78. Does anyone realize that our only “spare” forward right now is Struds. There is no way I want to see Shanny playing if we have clinched a playoff spot before the game against the Pigs Thursday. I can see Renney/Sather not calling anyone up form HFD as they don’t want to take a player away from their playoff run.

  79. LOL I can’t believe you’re taking it to heart, come on. It was a joke. They do deserve it, I said it cause I thought it would drive the monkeys crazy…didn’t think you’d bite it though.

  80. First of all, I take serious issue with Salty here becuase I know that you know hockey, dude. I KNOW it. And yet, you have the gall to say that the Washington (Without Ovechkin we’d be in DEAD LAST) Capitals are better than the Rangers?!!?! That they deserve the playoff spot more? That’s appalling, it really, really is. These are the things that make people question your fanhood.

    Just look at the teams. LOOK MAN! Without Ovechkin, how do the Caps win even 25 games in this league? Answer: THEY DON’T! The Rangers were able to put together a decent season without key guys like Avery, Straka and Shanahan injured at different times this year. They’re in 5th place in a year where Jaromir Jagr, one of the greatest players and scorers of all time (regardless of your opinion, the guy is going to the HOF, no questions asked), has completely lost his scoring touch.

    I know you’re frustrated with the season. You expected a dominant Rangers team. I did too…it’s disappointing. But your problem is that you can’t get past it. This season didn’t turn out the way you wanted, but please, for the sake of everyone here, get over it man. You have to learn to take this team and this sport on a day-by-day basis now. They won last night. OT/Power Play/Cheap Call/Shootout/Puck Kicked in. WHO CARES. RANGERS WIN. 2 POINTS. CLOSER TO THE PLAYOFFS. Please realize these things. And when the playoffs start. A win means they’re one game closer to winning the Stanley Cup.

  81. Well had I known you were joking Salty, I wouldn’t have gone on that rant. I apologize.

    But in a civil way, I think with 3 games remaining, what I said holds true. You can’t change 07-08 and with the playoffs looming it’s too early to look ahead to 08-09. My opinion, and the way I’ve always followed all of my teams across all sports, is that when you’re in the playoffs, you take the team you’ve got and you root for it, evaluate and critique on a day-by-day basis. There are no wholesale changes to be made. This is the squad we have, take it or leave it.

    If we were bad like the Isles, I’d look to next year. I’d probably agre with you on most of the Rangers’ problems as well. but those problems can’t be fixed this year, and the fact remains that the current team can win with Cup. That’s what I want and that’s what I’ll root for. What anyone else wants to do is their prerogative.

  82. Okay Rob C! That was the reaction we were looking for, thanks.

    haha, listen I’m not going to argue, I really was just causing trouble with the Caps thing. No need to really start a holy war on here (not today at least).

    Capitals have rallied around their guy though, he makes them all better. And what happened to Nylander, BTW? Out for season? Even if it was “all Ovechkin”… I think it makes the surge even more impressive….although I’m sure the coaching change had something to do with it as well.

    “Points are points” as they say and I suppose the teams that make it in did “deserve” it the most. I think a lot of us are capable of looking deeper into it all though if it ever came up.

  83. ROB C, although you did not like to call out Salty in your rant after finding out it was joke, you were dead on.

  84. nylander had shoulder surgery back around january.

    Glad we didn’t sign a 35 y.o. to a 4-year deal, eh?

    I also think if you take AO off that team, I think even the Isles could probably whoop up on them in a big way. They’re an up and coming squad, but AO is the ‘make or break’ down in Wash.

  85. I disagree with you Rob C. I don’t think Salty knows much about hockey at all. According to him, unless you dominate for an entire season your team isn’t successful. Stats mean nothing to Salty, its all about attitude/heart – which is impossible to judge since none of us sit on the bench, practice with the team or hang out in the locker room. I for one am happy with the competitive, balanced team that can win against any given team.

  86. Oh, it’s huge. But that’s the thing. Let’s just say there was some truth to your comment about being ‘deserving’. (which I think there was).

    AO carries that team. Take him away and you have just another cellar dweller. That doesn’t equate to a very ‘deserving’ team if you ask me.

    But it surely shows what a team is capable of when you expect your goal-scorer to score goals…and he does.

  87. I think first and foremost JAgr and Hank played a fantastic game.
    I can’t remember the last time I saw Jagr finishing checks, getting back in the D zone, and being so dominant on the puck in a long time. Not to mention he got a goal and an assist, drew a penalty. If he decided to play like htis the rest of the season and the playoffs our outlook is good.
    Hank was superb last night oo. hardly a shot in the first but by the time the 3rd rolled around, he was great.

    How can any of you call Jagr a pussy? he doesnt dive, plays hurt, is dominant on the puck. Sid the VAggy had NOTHING last night, as did Malkin. PLus whens the last time any of you Jagr haters took a puck in the mouth and then went right back to work? all of those who say jagr sucks are a bunch of idiots. That mEans you RUSSIAN!

  88. Jagr gets maligned for alot of things but unlike Crosby he respects the game and doesn’t dive or throw his head back when someone gets near him. In fact many times he gets hooked and held but doesn’t draw penalties cause he stays on his feet. That plus the refs show him no respect.

  89. The Caps situation also proves that hockey is the consummate team sport. Even one player absolutely dominating like Ovechkin can’t propel his team into the playoffs. He can singlehandedly win them some games, but you need the supporting cast in the long haul. Even if they managed to squeak in, I don’t think they have the make-up of a playoff team. Sure they can throw around the “we’ve been playing playoff games for the past 6 weeks” line, but it’s not the same.

    To bring this back to the Rangers, I think one of the things that gives me some satisfaction about this season has been the role of supporting cast players, particularly the young ones…Dubinsky, Staal, Dawes, Callahan. These guys have given the team energy, each of them has at least scored or contributed directly to a huge goal at some point, and they’ve stepped up as the aging stars (Jags and Shanny) have trudged through the season. Without the young guys, the Rangers would be dead.

  90. I for one am happy with the competitive, balanced team that can win against any given team.


    “Can win”. Any team “can win” against any team. What about teams that *should win* and don’t?

    So lucky you … You don’t have to pay attention to those pesky details, nuances, giveaways, bad plays, let downs, 5-0 chokes, “holiday weekends in florida”, etc, etc, etc.
    In fact, you don’t really need to do much thinking at all, do ya?

    Must be easy to keep you happy… I bet women line up for a guy that is always happy with what he’s given and is generally non-selective as well.

    Sweet qualities, I do wish it took less to please me. Really I do. Unfortunately, I’m just not that simple.

    You’ll *never, ever* win a Championship with a team that “can win” any night.

    You *might* win a Championship with a team that “plays to win” every night.

  91. Wowee Wow Wow!

    I am home sick for 2 days with a sinus, upper respiratory, and ear infection, but last night was just what the Dr. ordered. My balance is even off a bit because of the ear infection and when Drury scored in OT I leaped off the couch and almost fell over. My wife just picked up my son and shook her head walked upstairs.

  92. Jagr played a tremendous game last night. He played that bull like drive to the net game which is the only way he can be effective this stage of his career. He was hooked up in a battle with Orpik and took some hard hits threw his own and continued to battle. The result hasn’t been there most of the year but no question the effort was. Yesterday he was rewarded with a fluky goal and an assist on Drury’s goal. I don’t say enough good things about the game Dawes and Cally played. There wasn’t a one on one battle they didn’t win and there wasn’t a time they didn’t drive hard to the net. They out worked the Pens in every way the first two periods. Lundqvist did not have much worked most of the game(none the first half of the game) but he was tremendous in the late second and throughout the third period. Kudos to Avery for taking on Malone it set a gritty tone early. What can be left to say about Drury in a big spot? At this point your shocked when he doesn’t come up big late.

  93. I though Duby played a good game but make a mistake getting ourt of position to get at Orpik. It was one of those situation where it was the right thing but at the wrong time.

  94. So lucky you … You don’t have to pay attention to those pesky details, nuances, giveaways, bad plays, let downs, 5-0 chokes, “holiday weekends in florida”, etc, etc, etc.
    In fact, you don’t really need to do much thinking at all, do ya?

    Salty – Name me an NHL team that hasn’t been guilty of all of these things at some point this year. There have been blown leads. Detroit: mighty, invincible, standard-bearer, all-world hockey team Detroit, went through a bad stretch…an extended “vacation” if you will. San Jose…they’re awesome too…must have taken the afternoon off when our Boys in Blue beat them a couple of months back, right?

    It’s sports, dude. You play some good ones, you play some bad ones. If there are more good ones, you make the playoffs and you go from there. That’s when you want to play your best hockey.

    Belichick’s cheating Pats couldn’t complete a perfect season, so I’d venture to say that in this era, and especially in a SALARY CAP LEAGUE, every team is imperfect and the type of team you expect is damn near impossible to create.

    Look at Ottawa! What a collapse…the mediocre (according to you) Blueshirts are ahead of them now!

  95. Salty – get a life. Are you like 15 yrs old and know everything about everything? No team is perfect. Last I checked every team had given up a short handed goal, breakaways, odd man rushes, committed slopply play etc. It doesn’t mean they don’t want to win.

    Here’s what you seem to fail to grasp. Our team can win with the players assembled. It indisputable, look at the record. Our team can win games with our roster and teams like Atlanta & Tampa Bay can’t. Sure, some players could be playing better. But on a whole, the Rangers have a team capable of winning.

    Only one team in the league will have a completely successful season this year – the one that brings home the Cup. Everyone else is in second place. I think our team has a chance to be that one team, if we don’t get there I’m not going to sit there and say the team was an utter failure.

    I’d love to know what you, the ultimate play to win guy do in real life. If you weren’t the valedectorian of your high school, you’re obviously a failure. Didn’t go to an Ivy League college, failure. Not the CEO of your company, failure. Not the richest guy in the U.S., failure. Oops don’t have a supermodel wife, failure. Lighten up and grow up.

  96. Hank has been playing world class of late, & this team can go far with a hot goalie AND and a PP that actually is working.He’s been big at the end of games when the pressure’s been put on.

    Callahan & Dawes are playing great. They both deserve a few more goals for their efforts. Back to back post & crossbar seconds apart was a first for me.

  97. I suppose you’ve made some of the best arguement Rob C, although I know I’m not crazy, and I know that the Rangers have underachieved greatly. I’ve watched it live with my own eyes.

    I suppose it just flat out comes down to me not being a believer in this squad and this coach. I believe that with the team firing on all cylinders we could absolutely be a very good contender for a championship.
    However, I don’t think we’ve seen that even one full game this season, and I don’t really expect to at this point.

    I’d like to see it though.

    AND I just resfreshed to see if I missed anything important while writing that out. JJP, I’m *giving you the benefit of the doubt* that you are a newer poster, and essentially ignorant to my beliefs of this team. Bottom line, I have been saying all along that the team *has* the right parts, more so than we might ever see for a very long time, and yet we have *underachieved* for whatever reasons, coaching/motivation/chemistry/whatever…the whole season. Great players. Great potential. Underachieved for about 79 games of the year.

    I know we “can” win big with this group, but I’d never bet on them. Again, I’m *giving you the benefit of the doubt* before going for the throat, because your post just seems way too uninformed… unless you’re just another typical dipsh1t to come after me “telling me” what I believe without actually reading what I’ve said, is that the case? I really don’t know.

  98. Doodie Machetto on

    Rangers are in if the Caps lose in regulation. If they lose in OT, then the Rangers would only need one point, or for the Caps to drop a point.

    Of course, this also assumes that Philly, Boston, and Ottawa don’t drop out of contention either.

    Man, who would have thought at the beginning of the season that Ottawa would have to worry about *making* the playoffs.

  99. No, no. I read what you say, and I agree that as a fan everyone is entitled to their views of the team. We all had expectations. I say this ad nauseum on almost every post, but I SHARED YOUR EXPECTATIONS COMING INTO THIS SEASON. I saw the additions, the goaltender, a promising rookie on defense, and thought, “big potential, well over 100 points, home ice in the playoffs…let’s go.” It hasn’t happened and I guess every fan deals with it in his or her own way.

    You’re cleraly not a Renney supporter, and that’s your right. You seem to favor a coach with a more disiplinarian style (am I right here? Correct me if I’m wrong). I happen to like Renney, which is my opinion and right, and I shouldn’t get flamed for it. I think he deals well in a difficult atmosphere (New York, star players, that whole thing). He has the respect of his players without being a Machiavellian coach, and that’s important.

    I just wish you’d tone down your commentary on ther other posters on this site. Calling people “typical dipsh1ts” doesn’t promote good, thought-provoking discussion about the team. If you didn’t use phrases like that, I’d bet less people would ‘come after you,’ as you put it. I’m not like that…I like our arguments. I think Beer Me! would agree. But let’s keep them intelligent and on the subject of hockey, eh?

  100. I wouldn’t have thought it.

    The only team that everyone expected to be good (in the East) and is, is Pitt. I guess this is exactly what the league wanted with this point system.

    I guess from the league’s perspective, they’ve succeeded. I like that the race is so close, it makes for better games. But I still don’t like giving the losing team a point. Just don’t dig it.

  101. Doodie Machetto on

    What’s important tonight is to hope for wins by Carolina, Fishies, and Montreal. Most importantly, in regulation.

  102. Rob C, I was responding to you and saying I liked your argument, and then hastily to DDJ who insisted on “telling me” what I fail to grasp, which would have been fine if his version of “what I fail to grasp” wasn’t the exact same thing I’ve been saying since November.

    I can’t get over the comedy of this:

    “Here’s what you seem to fail to grasp. Our team can win with the players assembled. It indisputable, look at the record. Our team can win games with our roster and teams like Atlanta & Tampa Bay can’t. Sure, some players could be playing better. But on a whole, the Rangers have a team capable of winning.”

    Is that what I “fail to grasp”? Really? LOL

  103. Gotcha, okay.

    At this point, I’m just waiting for Sam’s next post. Is the team off today? I would imagine they are.

  104. Doodie Machetto on

    I didn’t think the Pens would be as good as they are. And they wouldn’t have been if Fleury hadn’t gotten hurt. Conklin carried that team while it got it’s act together. Fleury has been much better since his return than before he was hurt. The way he was playing, they would be fighting for a playoff spot now, if not eliminated.

  105. I’ve read what you said. Sorry, I don’t have the same observations and I think your posts are for the most part ridiculous. I would argue that I’m not uninformed, I’m basing my opinions on the 20+ games I’ve attended in person this year and lets say 90% of the remaining games I’ve watched on TV.

    Its pretty easy to be an internet tough guy. So please enlighten me, go for my “throat”. Just do me one favor, qualify your opinions with your expertise.

    When you say things like Jagr plays like he’s made of porcelain – in the context of last nights game that is a dumb statement. Generally, I would agree with you, Jagr isn’t physical but that’s not his game and if he had 40 goals you wouldn’t bitch about it at all. However, last night he actually finished some checks and managed not to take any penalties. Probably one of his most physical games in five years. So your statement is kind of silly.

  106. Doodie – I thought that Pitt was going to be as good as they are. The path they took to (almost) winning the East, wasn’t exactly how I thought it’d play out though. And I knew their goaltending was suspect, but they’re all firepower. Especially after adding Hossa. I think that Conklin and Malkin carried the load pretty equally while Fleury & Crosby missed time.

    To me, they see to be built that way intentionally. We’ll see just how that plays out for them in a few weeks. Us on the other hand, were built more for the springtime than a pres trophy candidate. At least I sure as hell hope so.

  107. the team is going to be at Local (the bar across from the garden) watching the washington game…

  108. Doodie – I just went back and read the posts from the “in-game” session. HAHA, what’s the fixation with making a kid cry? LOL!

    I was just playing with my Blackberry. Trying to justify an extra $30/month. I love this blog and all, but it’s not worth $30/month to access it from anywhere. And anyone who thinks it is needs their head examined.

  109. oh yeah. Mr. $$ over here.

    It’s not $30/month is a lot of dough. I usually don’t have a craving for instant gratification. It’s cool that as I was sitting at the Blarney waiting for my burger I bought tix for friday’s game on ebay. It’s cool that doodie was able to ask me to ‘ruin a kids night’. LOL

    But its an internal battle for me to decide if that’s really something I NEED. $30/month can be spent in better ways. So I have another week to decide if I want to keep it, or bring it back. And I’m thinking the off-seasons will render it useless.

  110. I think Jagr is bummed out by the way he is treated by the media and the fans…I did a frame-by-frame slo-mo from last nights game winner by Drury (or Gomer’s knee)….and right after Drury scored you see him skate right by Jagr like he didnt exist to hug Gomez….Jagr is like the Rodney Dangerfield of the NHL, “Hey….I tell ya..Noooo Respect!”

  111. Jagr is on fire, leave hm alone. He has 3 fluke goals, and 2 assists in his last 4 games. Keep it going !

    Jagr got nailed by Orpik, but he’s been cheap shotted worse by Hatcher, two times with an elbow. He had a decent game though.

    I thought the goal was offsides but eh, it was close. It was a nice play by the Pens., and Lacrackhead.

    I love how Dubi wanted to fight Orpik, he might be the only person on the Rangers who will actually stick up for his captain. I love that friggin kid, its scary.

    The refs sucked big balls as usual, i mean they did screw the Pens. That 5 on 3, lol where the fugg did that come from? Hooking and Roughing calls with nothing against us., Hey i wont complain, thank god it happened for us and not against.

    Hopefully the Fishsticks beat up the Devs, and i want the Caps to win, so they replace the Sens. Habs need to beat the Sens!! If Sens lose, they might be done.

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