Fractured toe for Orr


Turns out the boot on Colton Orr’s foot I spied this morning was not the Rangers enforcer heading off to the ski slopes. Instead it was evidence of a fractured toe that is going to knock the right wing out of the lineup indefinitely.

Strangely enough, Orr first injured the toe when he blocked a shot a few games back, but it was after walking on it that the bone randomly fractured.

Naturally this means Orr will be out tonight and probably both games against the Islanders, although Tom Renney said he still had aspirations of having him for the start of the playoffs (if there are playoffs). In the meantime you’ll see more of Petr Prucha,
who while not necessarily a candidate to overpower George Laraque, at least makes that fourth line more of a scoring threat.

It also means that Tom Renney would have the option of using Prucha on the power play, although that doesn’t sound like the plan for now.

For the record, there are no plans to call up Josh Gratton from Hartford.

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  1. Repost from Prev. thread…
    “But he’s got no concoction to show for himself yet. And he had a LOT more ingredients than most others.”

    Salty, that could be the problem…too many ingredients doesn’t always make a great dish…
    Sometimes the basics work just fine…forget all the spice…

  2. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Of course Renney wouldn’t use Prucha on the power play. Why tinker with something that has been so magical?

  3. I was at that debacle in Pittsburgh yesterday. I’ve wanted Renney fired since day 1, and I scream it every time we’re losing late in the third and the F’N FOURTH LINE IS ON!

  4. Richtersgirl35 on

    Pavel – I really dont think Renney should be fired. He has built this team much better than any coach since before i can even rememeber. If my memory serves, I believe the 4th line was barely on at all in the third yesterday. I agree with you on that but i really dont think Renney was guilty of it yesterday.

  5. I was looking up at the scoreboard and there was about 6 minutes left and they were on.. UNACCEPTABLE!

  6. REPOST:

    I just think even he’s not really sure what he want’s his guys to do/ and probably speaks to them in technical SAT words giving them a different ambiguous message everynight that they just stand there and nod along with, not having a complete idea what Tom Dictiona-Renney is actually saying…too afraid to ask him… then they either go to Jags or Shanny to find out, you get those two guys spinning their interpretation/motives/styles of the message into the mix, and thats where you get a team not playing in the same page, never finding the chemistry. It starts from the coach.

    The players are the chemicals. It’s up the scientist genius coach to find the right recipe for success. He had some very potent ingredients this year, some more than others, some going a little stale. But he’s got no concoction to show for himself yet. And he had a LOT more ingredients than most others.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve got a fun idea to pass time until the game. Awards. Hart, Norris, Vezina, Calder, Jack Adams, and Selke.

    Hart: Ovechkin. The official description is the player who is most valuable to his team, not the league’s most valuable player. There can be no doubt that Ovechkin is the most valuable to his team. Say what you will if they don’t make the playoffs, there can be no doubt.

    Norris: Lidstrom by a landslide.

    Calder: while I’m certain it will go to someone in Chicago, my vote is for Tobias Engstrom in ATL. My runner up isn’t in Chicago either. I would pick Mueller in Phoenix.

    Vezina: Nabokov gets his first.

    Jack Adams: Gotta be Bruce Boudreau. The Caps are 34-17-7 since he took over. Ted Nolan close second, even though they are missing the playoffs. The guy was given a pick up team and kept them competitive for half of the season. That’s impressive.

    Selke: Marion Hossa. Fedorov light.

  8. then someone said :

    Salty, that could be the problem…too many ingredients doesn’t always make a great dish…
    Sometimes the basics work just fine…forget all the spice…


    And then Salty responded:
    That’s *all anyone has been asking for*, A simplified game… but Rhodes Scholar Renney is apparently “smarter” than than and has a “system” in the works.

  9. If for whatever reason we don’t get into the P/O’s, Renney has to be gone. This is not like the Mets failing to get to the post season last year. This is just a straight out refusal to try anything and everything to win. That has been the most frustrating thing about this year. Isn’t his mandate to win? Or just to make jags and shanny feel better about themselves. It would be the worst thing to befall this team since the Messier days.

    On the other hand, if it does happen, and i hope to whoever it doesn’t, I can see a Messier return to us, this time behind the bench. Just a hunch.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    “If for whatever reason we don’t get into the P/O’s, Renney has to be gone.”

    Sorry, but you need several years of failure to be removed from this organization. Slats couldn’t make the playoffs for the better half of a decade and is still around.

    Hell, look at Isiah Thomas with the Knicks. Three or 4 disastrous seasons coaching is what you need for Dolan to get rid of you. And he STILL is against the idea, but will let the new team president decide.

  11. what a freakin moron. why not just hand all the awards to the shitty team from atl that gives up more goals than anyone

    picking 2 guys from that miserable team to win awards is a joke, plain and simple. but what should I expect from moron poopie pants.

    stick Hossa up your jagr

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    New Post.

    But to respond to “anti-poopie”, I forgot. If your team sucks, that means there couldn’t possibly be anybody good on it!

    All of the Calder candidates are on non-playoff teams.

    As for Hossa, yup, he certainly couldn’t be any good if he was on Atlanta. That’s why he won’t make over 8 million a year this summer. He played on Atlanta, he must be terrible.

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