Suddenly finishing higher than seventh seems awfully important


Maybe the Rangers have a winning record against Pittsburgh this season. But the first period today illuminated why they would be better served avoiding a first round match-up against the Penguins.

There’s just too much firepower there to contend with, and it obviously has the potential to pull the Rangers off their games.

Of course the other side to consider is the Rangers would have to deal with the Penguins at some point. And maybe they’d be better off against Pittsburgh before Sidney Crosby and Marian Hossa REALLY learn to play together…

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, don’t sell the team short. Pitt took the game over being physical, which is easy when our team had to swap Prucha for Orr. Add to that the gift 5 on 3 (should have been 4 on 4), and it’s a different hockeygame.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    I usually don’t like McGuire, but he’s been pretty good today (I didn’t watch the intermission report). What he has said about the PP is dead on. Maybe he should replace Perry “look at my tie” Pearn. Or Mike “what’s my job again?” Pelino.

  3. The fans should be booing the refs for not blowing the whistle when Pittsburgh had possession in the Rangers zone right after Malkin looked hurt.

    Maybe the Rangers regret not swapping Strudwick for Orr, though that would probably hurt the fourth line’s defensive game too much.

  4. 4 straight crosschecks by Crosby and nothing!!!! He is a whiney complainer. He is just angry because Ovechkin is the best player in the league

  5. Crosby crosschecking Backman right in front of the ref, who would rather look to the other side of the rink to get a hooking call on Jagr. Lovely.

  6. This officiating is garbage. I usually don’t say much about it. But this game is being nationally televised in u.s. & can. You’d think it’d be better.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    I repeat the officiating is a joke. A 50-50 battle for the puck, Staal takes a dive, penalty to Rozsival.

  8. BTW, in case you didn’t realize (like I didn’t) Staal and Letang each got 5 for fighting…

  9. Doodie – I wouldn’t say it was a dive. It looked pretty legit, but both players had their arm in the other, and both went down. Why should they call a penalty? If anything, get both for holding.

  10. how many cross checks does mr hockey (crosby) need to initiate before the guy gets a penalty?

    the Rangers have played well today. the problem is with the firepower the penguins have they win games when they do not even play well, one mistake and boom…

    crosby gets away with everything, no let’s talk about the missed icing for a 1/2 an hour.

  11. Who Needs Lohan on

    Yeah, everyone knows that if that was Backman on Crosby there would have only been one of those x-checks to get the refs arm up. What a mockery this game is becomming. Cater to the stars to gain support for the sport. By the way, that was the most blatant example of Shanny being DONE. He avoids contact, last few seconds of the period he had Whitney (who had just pissed him of) line up for a shot that could have crushed him and he backed away. WOW! He may go running after players after whistles with a glove to the face or a cheap slash away from the puck but he really has lost it. And this intermission show is making me feel like im gonna puke.

  12. Before we worry about what playoff seed the rangers get how about securing a playoff spot first. They’re only 3 points clear of 9th now.

  13. Who Needs Lohan on

    Anyone catch Renney’s interview? Did that mean he would use the 4th line more in this game or tomorrow?

  14. I’d love to see someone on the rangers give Crosby a cheapshot, maybe a slash to his bad ankle set him back a few weeks in his recovery. It’s ridiculous how much he gets favored by the refs and he just skates around crosschecking anyone he sees in the lower back. Come on Hollweg get out there and start chopping some lumber

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    “Crosby crosschecking Backman right in front of the ref, who would rather look to the other side of the rink to get a hooking call on Jagr. Lovely.”

    SP: You’ve got it a little incorrect. That shouls say:

    While looking the other way on Crosby crosschecking Backman, he happened to catch Jagr hooking out of the corner of his eye.

    PS, is that Staal’s first fight?

  16. 2nd fight Doodie. He had another one earlier in the year. If I remember correctly it also involved 0 punches being thrown.

  17. Worst call so far today has gone in our favor though. That Hossa ‘hooking’ was bad.

    Milbury sucks.

    Does “cancelling” someone out mean ‘killing them’? I hope Emerick gives Milbury a ride back to his home in “I’m an a$$hole land” and they just so happen to run into the side of a tanker full of acid and watch each others skin bubble until there is no more Milbury & Emerick.

    ahhh…felt good to get that out of my system. oh my god! I didn’t realize it was Sangria ‘clock already!

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Why are the lines still different? Why isn’t Avery on Jagr’s line, Straka with Drury, and Dawes with Gomez? I don’t understand.

  19. Doodie Machetto on


    The head snap is the high sign to the refs that it’s time to call a penalty.

  20. crosby is a joke.. can’t they just give him the game!!!!!!!!

    Sam how about an inquiry to these joke pro crosby calls?????????????????????????????

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    Yes, the mouthguard kept him from getting cut. the stick wouldn’t cut your lips or anything. Only the teeth. Sure thing.

  22. I’m surprised Renney hasn’t tried Avery with Jagr in this game. It seems like the other two are passing to Jagr too much today, like Straka just now when he was rushing up the middle and dumped it off for no play.

  23. These ref’s need to be looked at. This game is getting out of control with the penalties. I guess the Rangers are going to have to get one short handed.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Nevermind the phantom call on Straka, how about the penalty against him 10 seconds earlier.Interference anyone? Why are they are even playing the rest of this game? The refs seem intent on giving the game to the Penguins. Even if the Rangers tie it, I guarantee they will be down on a 5 on 3 within a minute. GUARANTEED.

  25. Great work by the fourth line to draw a penalty, especially Prucha taking it away from Fleury for a good shot by Sjostrom. I didn’t even notice Hollweg, though, haha. This is our chance! Put Prucha on the power play!!!

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    And why the hell has Renney coached this game back assward. don’t use the 4th line all game, but then use them a lot with less than 10 to go and trailing by 1.

  27. The rangers have the biggest joke of a power play as there is in the nhl. They can’t even set up in the zone and when they dump it in NO ONE chases it they just expect someone else to grab it. They’re going nowhere with this pp and its really frustrating to watch

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    I tell you something I like a lot about Backman, he definitely isn’t timid when it comes to getting the puck to the net.

  29. Renney’s “system” is the mighty mite system. all 5 guys collapse in front of the net.

    renney’s boring friggin passive hockey.

    it’s hard to score when your guys are always 170 feet from the opp net.

  30. fans might not have to worry about the power play in the playoffs because if the rangers lose anymore games in regulation there is a possibility they won’t make the playoffs.

  31. hank was good until the botched 3rd goal. the rangers did enough to win but there last PP was beyond bad.

    Greg, the rangers need 4 points in 4 games if everyone else wins out.

    they play the fishies twice, nj, and Pitt manana, do you think they can get 4 pts.?????

    Regardless of if that high stick actually hit Crosby’s mouth he gets away with murder and expect more of the Pitt. lovefest tommorrow on Versus…..

  32. Chill out. Like Beer Me! said at the beginning of the week, other teams played more games than us recently, so we still have a game in hand on Washington and Philly

  33. craptain good riddance on

    jagr is more interested in how the Omsk team is doing than the Rangers. more interested in his meeting for russian money than the rangers playoff hopes.

  34. greg and Tomg classic whiner fans, OH my GOD>>>>>>>>>>>>

    You think the Rangers would win out??????????

    IF Boston loses tonight it only helps the rangers..BUffalo cannot catch the rngers…..

    Rangers need win Monday and all is well……..

  35. Jagr is a has-been… just painful watching him today… coughing up the puck and two steps behind his linemates all game…

  36. The Rozsival penalty was two minutes for playing hockey, there was a point where Straka was pulled off which was interference no call, and the announcers point out that Scrosby cross checked five times, and then act lie it shouldn’t have been a penalty even once. ANd they also called a hit from behind but no mention of hw it should have been a penalty…

  37. F**K Them and Their firepower….Hows that?

    Backman gets cross-checked 3 times and The refs are watching Jagr across the ice.

    Sam you should write a story how the Pens are babied by the NHL.

  38. stuart,
    if anybody sounds like a whiner dude it’s you not me. I am just stating a fact that it is a possibility, didn’t say it would happen so take a chill pill dude, please, your rants are getting old.

  39. I hate Mike Milberry, listening to him makes me want to vomit. Jagr hating, Rangers hating weasel!

  40. Colie Campbell on

    stu-pid, whining about the refs, the pens, you name it. the biggest whiner on here today is little beef Stu

  41. Stuart, no I didn’t expect them to win out, I’m just saying its getting interesting everybody thought it was a given they were gonna make the playoffs and now they’re only 3 points out of 9th being chased by a team who’s won 8 out of 10. Believe me I am rarely negative but the Rangers can’t afford to lose too many more games due to their horrendous powerplay because they play some good teams to finish the season and don’t have much of a cushion anymore in points. Thats all

  42. Agravaine – The announcers did mention that it should have been a penalty, the second time they talked about it.

    LI Joe – From the last thread, the “at” key makes things @small@ if you bookend with it. Just like the – makes strikethru and * makes bold.

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    It was a disgrace to watch. The NHL should be embarassed. If Renney doesn’t cry bloody murder in the post game, I’ll be pissed.

    After the third goal they made a holing call on Mara, just to make certain the Rangers had no chance of coming back.

    Shanahan was terrible away from the PK. Jagr disappeared after the first period. The whole team was completely listless.

    Tomorrow must be better.

  44. RANGER 6830 — I agree w/ you re: Mike Milberry, worse yet he talks all over everyone else. Anyone else notice how MM started to mention the Avery flap and then nixxed it? Went on to talk about Omsk? Interesting…..

  45. the reason the rangers dont want to matchup with the pens is because pitt is NOT ALLOWED to lose on national tv.. where you can bet their playoff games will be. NOT ALLOWED as per mr. bettman.

  46. 3 guys who coached in the league all said the same thing. Renney has the Rangers playing too defensively, too passive, too much hanging back. he is trying to be-Devil the opponents

    it is crap hockey, especially when you have some of the biggest offensive weapons in the east.

  47. Agravaine – The hit from behind on Gomez; sorry I wasn’t clearer on that one. I forgot you talked about four different things! :)

    Doodie – But Renney cant even go apeshit about it because he knows he has to play the same team tomorrow and doesn’t want to lose any of the possible breaks he will get for being the home team. I can’t fault if if he doesn’t act too upset because you could tell he was pissed during the game.

  48. Mark my words – Tom Renney’s conservatism will be this team’s undoing this season. Whether or not they win a playoff round depends entirely on their match up. The only teams they match up well against right now are the Devils and Bruins because their offenses are even more comatose than New York’s.

  49. colie campbell on

    the x files conspiracy theory nut case ranting is so embarrassing. supposedly sophisticated big city fans acting like childish paranoid jerks.

    yeah, sure. the league made sure that the Pens win, like last year vs Ott. oh, that’s right, they lost to Ott, thus giving the lowest rated final in history. so, I guess that throws that bs theory out the window.

  50. well colie as far as the Pens v Ottawa, I don’t know about anyone here, but everyone I talked to figured the league would not pul their crud of favoring Crosby agains thte Candian teams, just the American ones..

  51. Yeah, the Rangers offense is comatose, even though they scored three goals against the Devils, the second best GAA team in the conference behind the Rangers.

  52. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Crosby rules in full effect today. Although, as atrocious as the reffing was, and as obvious as the Crosby bias was, the Rangers did not play well enough to deserve the win. Once again we score early and try and sit on the 1-0 lead. Thanks Tom “Nancy” Renney.

  53. roger neilson renney. he makes lemaire look downright wide-open offense. the 0-0 game with boston when chara was out was just another pathetic example of it too.

  54. Thanks Spider,

    yea our offense shut down adnt hey can’t do that, but it doesnt help when they are afraid to even touch the other players… I mean more than normal…

  55. I don’t know where you guys come up with this stuff that we sat on the lead and the offense shut down, especially since we were losing at the end of the first period. What I saw was penalties that killed our momentum and ill-advised passes to Jagr to break up good rushes.

  56. What a pathetic excuse for a game that was.

    The league should be embarrassed, but so should the Rangers. Great effort, bunch of douche-nozzles.

  57. only 2 teams in the east, the debbies and fishies, and only 5 teams in the entire league, have scored fewer goals than the Rangers. and 3 of those 5 teams are out of the playoffs

  58. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    I don’t know why you guys are suprised, we have been sitting on 1 goal leads all season, no matter how early we go up 1-0. Either Renney is coaching them to do that or he’s not but the players aren’t listening. Neither reflects well on Renney’s coaching ability.

  59. “It was a disgrace to watch. The NHL should be embarassed. If Renney doesn’t cry bloody murder in the post game, I’ll be pissed.”

    doodie – I understand the frustration. But the last thing you want to do is stir the pot right before the playoffs start.

    “Maybe Renney would like to go into lockdown shutdown mode but he doesn’t have the necessary defensive talent to do so.”
    ‘Talent’ = players. Right?

  60. only 4 teams in the league have allowed fewer goals than the Rangers. their problem is not preventing goals, they are doing that. their problem is scoring goals, they are not doing that.

    and it stems from renney’s sag back system, that does not create quick transition goals on turnovers.

  61. Enough about the refs and the league and whiny Sid. Enough excuses. The Rangers looked mediocre and overmatched. They simply need to be better, and find ways to score.

  62. Canadiens losing players: Koivu, Streit, Komisarek are all injured. Maybe lucky for whoever faces them in the first round, but the latter two should be back.

  63. How many hum jobs did Sid the diver Crosby give the refs before the game today? Watching Crosby play makes my blood boil. He dives all over the place and tosses his head back every time anyone gets near him. He is a disgrace Ovechkin ould never pull bullcrap like that. Speaking of disgraceful ho bout those refs? They were so bad at times it seemed like they had money on the Pens. How the hell did Staal and Letang get 5 minutes majors for rolling around the ice(maybe the refs wanted to do the Pens a favor getting their worst dman off the ice while taking the Rangers best dman off too) That Sjostrom penalty call easily was the worst I’ve ever seen.

  64. Beer Me! – I think you look too closely for people blaming the coach. Take it down a couple notches. In other words, the answer to your question is *YES*.

  65. colie campbell on

    yeah, I guess 1940 and 1994 are the only years that the league had good refs.


  66. While the Ranger didn’t play great the did outplay and out work the Pens thru two. The pp once again struggled. Once again they tried to finesse and overpass the puck into the net. Fleury is the rebound king but they weren’t in position to get to the rebounds alot of the time. Where was Avery today? Hanging out with Audrey Dupree and Spitzer he was non existant. Drury had a real quiet game as did Gomez. Shanny had some good chances in the second and show some life. Jagr wasn’t strong enough on the puck and was looking to pass too much at time. He did though create most of the chances. In the third other than the 4th line they had issues getting into the Pens zone and creating anything. Prucha and Sjostrom looked real good in the limited time they got. Lundqvist as really good but that third goal was ugly. It seems like Hank’s glove hand(he doesn’t catch the puck he swats it) is one of the weak part of his game along with stickhandling. Huge game tomorrow with the Rangers luck it ill be the same officating crew.

  67. Who Needs Lohan on

    “3 guys who coached in the league all said the same thing. Renney has the Rangers playing too defensively, too passive, too much hanging back. he is trying to be-Devil the opponents

    it is crap hockey, especially when you have some of the biggest offensive weapons in the east.”

    Agreed. Positive ones, dont tell me that Im only agreeing cause we lost, you guys know I feel this way all year long. I truly feel that this team is worse with Renney as their coach. Agreed they wouldnt be near the top in GAA without him, but they wouldnt be near the bottom in Goals For without him either. Score a goal, sit back, 5 guys collapse, if we get the puck dump it, line change and repeat. Just too conservative, and we dont have the personnel to achieve that style and win 1-0 every game. I seriously think I am taking tomorrow night off from watching. Between the conservative play and the constant verbal fellatio for pretty boy Crosby i may get seriously ill. Top that off with 1 sided officiating and its just unbearable.

  68. Coolie you stfu your namesake is nearly the joke Gary Buttman is. The Pens will get to the Cup finals because the refs and the league will do anything and everything to help those figure skating pansies.

  69. Lohan, agreed about system. And what’s worse, it’s boring to watch a lot of the time.

  70. Who Needs Lohan on

    I just dont think we have the right personnel for the system he is playing, have said it all along. Dont utilize our speed, or our offensive talent.

  71. pens 352 pp’s this season. rangers 344, about the same

    canes 401.

    I doubt the league favors the canes and their small market ratings, eh.

  72. Croby should be called for 3-4 diving penalties a game along with getting one misconduct for the 60 minutes of whining to the refs he does. The Sjostrom call was far worse than the Hossa call imo.

  73. “Be fair. The Hossa hooking call was the worst in the game by far.”

    Absolutly. Anyone who’s gonna say different is missing … lots.

    pig – 3 posts after you told me I look too closely for it, proves my point.

  74. Doodie Machetto on

    “Be fair. The Hossa hooking call was the worst in the game by far.”

    Yes, but it was clearly a make up call for the non clal on his blatant hold of Callahan, which then turned into a 5 on 3 that led to the GWG. CLEARLY a make up call. In other words, had they not blown the first call on Hossa, they wouldn’t have had to make up for it with that lousy call later.

  75. Doodie Machetto on

    I actually thought that the Sjostrom call was acceptable. It was a two handed chop down onto the stick, hard enough that you could hear the thwack. But the thing is, if they don’ blow the Hossa call, that call never happens.

  76. reginald dunlop on

    yeah have a set of stones sam and write about how the penguins especially cindy crosby are babied by the referees…all these announcers and writers afraid that the nhl will shut them out if they criticize the almighty ones……heck at least brooks has the nuts to say what he thinks….. throw emrick out, league stooge……maguire is a shill for penguins…….who can take milbury serious??? he traded for yashin and made him captain—–end of credibility……league needs to go back to one referee system because its painfully obvious that two just screw things up twice as much….plus leads to the inconsistent refereeing we see every night….not enough talent in referee pool today…….where is Mike Greaney when you need him????

  77. I keep having recurring nightmares … Rangers will choke like the Mets choke …. Backman is Mota … Renney is Randolph ….

    Why is Mara playing again? Mara has one goal … ONE … play Malik, sit Mara — since Backman can’t do anything to be benched …. and play Staal on the powerplay ….

    Recurring nightmare … Mets-Rangers.

  78. But Mara played some pretty sweet defensive plays today…goals don’t make the man all the time.

    & seriously, boston better lose tonight in REGULATION!

  79. Who Needs Lohan on

    So Buf beat Bost in OT (of course) so they now have an identical record to Philly with all having 91 points. We also have 91 but have a game in hand vs each of them. SO…..if we lose outright tomorrow night (not being negative, just saying if) we will all have identical records. I think we would still have the edge with our conference record(is that right?) or is it headto head vs opponent (boston would have edge over us, then us over philly?). I think it would all be a lot easier if Renney let us play to win not to not lose.

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