Let’s be realistic here


No, really, I love the suggestion the reason I haven’t criticized Sidney Crosby is out of fear of repercussions.

What exactly do you think happens — one cross word on No. 87 and Gary Bettman himself comes to confiscate your laptop?

Look, I’m in agreement that Sid the Kid has, shall we say, a flair for the dramatic, and I’ll even concede that may have had an outcome on the game today (that said, if any of you for a second wouldn’t want Crosby on your team, you are Chris Simon-crazy). But I also stand by my original premise that Pittsburgh’s impressive arsenal of skill players is problematic for a Rangers defensive corps that can occasionally be caught flat-footed
Do I think the Rangers could beat the Penguins in a seven-game series? Absolutely. But I also think one of the Rangers’ great strengths this season has been their ability to manage the tempo of games. With the Penguins, and especially with Sir Laurence Olivier at center, that isn’t always the case.

But let’s see if tomorrow is a different story….

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  1. At the game tomorrow night, every Ranger fan should boo Cindy Crosby every time she touches the puck and every Ranger player should hammer her at every opportunity.

    What the hell, it’s a Versus game. The Zebrae will very likely blow torrow night’s game in favor of “The Next One” and Co. same as for NBC games.

    Instead of giving Crosby a “Star of the Game” she should be given a Tony Award, Best Actress in a Drama.

  2. Who Needs Lohan on

    Sam wrote “But I also think one of the Rangers’ great strengths this season has been their ability to manage the tempo of any game”

    I just dont get how you can say that…By manage the tempo do you mean get a 1-0 lead than collapse in front of their net, regain possession, dump, not chase, and change lines, then repeat? Yes, they manage the tempo in beginnings of games, but not games Sam. They may have played 5 or so “complete games” all year where they set the tempo, and maintained the tempo. Today was all too common for me. Get the early lead then rinse, lather, repeat. Too conservative. They dont set tempo, the tempo is dictated by the way the other team reacts to us sitting on the lead. The forecheck is weak and inconsistent, their is no transition cause we are all flat footed (or skated in this case) and too far back in our zone. I mean have we have 10 goals this year on odd man rushes? It doesnt feel like it, I know that.

    Im sure some will disagree with me and say we played well enough to win. Others will blame the officiating. I just wish we had more of a killer instict. Too passive. Blame the coaches, blame the players, blame whoever you want, they just dont have the killer instict that some teams do (pitt and montreal come to mind)

  3. While I believe that Cindy is a great player, only the most ardent Ice Chicken supporter could say that he doesn’t get the benefit of the calls. That is not why we lost today. We lost because we don’t finish our checks, and you guessed it…wait for it…we have an ass-tastic PP. Sure they scored today, but with the talent we have we should have 2-3 per game! Until this team goes to the net and blasts shots from the point, noone will respect our PP. Stop with the Euros and put thee kids out there that will dig and do the grimy work!

  4. Until Renney puts *anyone* else on the PP we just have to be resigned to the fact that we won’t get any PP goals…sigh. Maybe he could *try* to be a bench coach, for a change, and actually use home ice advantage to match lines tomorrow night.

  5. Who Needs Lohan- I agree that the NY Rangers played maybe 4-5 complete games this season….They did have 2 in Decemeber, one on the 1st for Ottawa where they won 4-1 , and then on the 18th the Rangers played a great game vs the Pens and shut them out 4-0. If I recall, the 4th line (HBO) were excellent playing against the Pens top line. Even Struds played well that night…..The other 2 games were probably the 4-0 shutout of Philly on Jan 31st and 5-0 win over Florida at the end of February…Maybe you can find one of the 7 games vs the Debbies where we were great from start to finish…I dunno

  6. It would be pretty cool if the media would recognize
    AO and Malkin like they do Crosby…

  7. peacock network on

    they are not televising the games to Russia, diphead. they are trying to get the highest ratings they can in the USA. get it?

    so, they feature the player who can speak on camera and promote the game and the telecast. that is the extent of it, period.

    they are in business to make profits, not affirmative action sports coverage.

  8. Referees sucked as usual. Straka has to be placed back with Drury & Callahan. They worked well together. Also, Avery needs to be with Jagr & Dubinsky. With Avery this line plays North-South hockey and drives to the net whereas with Straka on the left side the line reverts to East-West perimeter hockey where Jagr takes the last shot. Dam, I just wish Rozsival would shoot the freeken puck more instead of passing to Jagr. If we’re not careful we could blow the remaining games. Pittsburgh has a terrible defense which we didn’t take advantage of. In short, we need to set the tempo of each remaining game. When we do we win.

  9. I agree with the previous comment. I can’t understand why Avery was taken off the top line. When he was there the Rangers had their best stretch of the season. Another comment about Cindy: Who else would get away with that much cross-checking??? Makes me sick to see a player who’s only 20 be the team captain. I’m already tired of Crosby, and it looks like he’ll be annoying me for a long time.

  10. eh whatever. Crosby and the refs aren’t the reason the team lost. The pens got too many chances when pucks weren’t cleared out and the offense wasn’t hitting or crashing the net. Simple as that.

  11. This useless banter is getting on my nerves. I’m going to the game tonight and intend on booing cindy every chance I get.

    Seriously…some of the comments here the last few days have been completely ridiculous. I read that someone was claming a PP with 4min left was the reason we lost. Did you watch the first 54min of the game??

    We lost yesterday to the team who’s gonna win the east. They made the moves they had to to go out and win it this year. We didn’t.

  12. I cant wait to bash crosby during warm-up at the garden…..THat P-O-S gets every call…..what a H*mo……..H*mo Crosby rather than H*mo Larry at the garden tonight……..i wouldnt be surprised if i get kicked out of the arena before puck drop…..Im gonna chuck my beer at that tart skating with the number 87 on his back…..he is such a flamer…lol

  13. kris – there’s no need to waste a beer like that. It’s an insult to me! Try throwing a shoe!

  14. How bout a hockey puck!? Then it’ll really give him something to cry about….that pansy a*s

  15. sid the kid…

    ahhh…. another game of his crying and acting like 87 says “GOD”

    Ove takes him any day of the week. All we’re gunna hear about this off-season when the awards get given out to Ovechkin is how “Sidney would have won if ONLY he didnt get hurt…”

    I hope Sid’s injury doesn’t have any long term effects for 1 reason only – because for the next 20 seasons i dont want to hear how “he would have been the next Gretzky if he didnt get hurt…”

    HA! The next one…. the year Crosby scores 215 pts or 93 goals is the day i take over behind the bench for the Rangers

  16. Actually now that i think about it… you never know if i’ll end up as coach – look how the Knicks franchise collapsed you never know i could be coach…

    so i rephrase: “The year crosby scores 215 pts or 93 goals is the day Eric Lindros is president

  17. Agree with RangerRick (and Larry Brooks mentioned it this AM too) that Avery has to be back with Dubi and Jagr. And then Dubi and Avery need to stop trying to make the highlight reel play if it is not there. Chip the puck deep if you cannot make the pass to someone’s stick with certainty.

    The Rangers beat themselves yesterday. Yes, the calls sucked. Yes, Crosby might as well have two handed tomohawked Backman in front of the net, the refs weren’t calling it. But A LOT of the penalties we got called for, while questionable to some degree, came about because we were lazy and didn’t want to make the extra effort to get the play done.

    The stick is an extension of the body. It is a lot easier to use the stick to poke, hook, slash than it is to use your shoulder or your hip. Anytime I see someone using the stick to get in the way of a player, I often wonder what was the amount of effort saved (or not used) to make the play? Could the body have been substituted in there? I mean there are times where a poke check works perfectly. There are also times where you’d much prefer a big shoulder or a hip in there instead of having to hook or slash.

    The Rangers play best when shoulders, hips, and bodies are leading the contact, not the sticks. When we get clutchy, grabby, and hook-y, we start to lose. The problem is that Jags, Straka, Gomer, Drury, and Shanny are not going to throw the body around. Callahan, Dawes (lately), Dubi, Avery, the 4th line, and the defensemen need to be the bangers. When they stop skating and stop hitting, our success rate plummets (and our penalty rate skyrockets.)

    We can play with Pitt. We can play with anyone. But we cannot play with them if we don’t skate hard from the get go. If we start to coast, we are done. I can’t count the number of rink turns I saw when we attacked their breaking out defensemen and then pulled a 180 rink turn once we got close. Why don’t they just lay into the friggin guy coming up with the puck in the 5 on 5 situations? That is so frustrating.

    The other team’s D-man is skating the puck out, pop the dude. Period. The next time he is in the same position he will remember it. It makes me sick to see a Ranger forecheck, get to the opposing d-man carrying the puck, and then see him peel off and rink turn to retreat to the neutral zone. So f-ing stupid. When I see these plays, I know we are more likely to give up the next goal than score it.

    4g left…we neeed 3 points. But 6 pts would be a lot better. A game in hand vs Boston and Philly and Ottawa, we need a point tonight. Two points would be so much nicer.

  18. Who needs lohan,

    Im guessing it’s pretty tough to have killer instinct when just about every time you enter the offensive zone, you get penalties committed against you that go uncalled. That sure would take a toll on me mentally. Just watching it takes its toll.

  19. Jonny D,

    Did you forget how they got their two goals. On the first, it’s because a puck got deflected off one of our guys right to their guy in the slot. On the other, the referees called a cheap tickytac penalty to make it a 5 on 3. Unacceptable considering, one can practically undress any Ranger and rape them without any calls, most certainly not to give us a 5 on 3.

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    I mentioned the Avery thing in game yesterday, but instead of fellating Avery (as per Larry Brooks), I was thinking more along the line of getting Dawes with Gomez since Dawes can actually keep up with him. I also wanted to get Straka AWAY from Jagr. The whole reason we split up the lines was because we were missing Gomez. Well, we’re not missing him now. Therefore, shouldn’t we go back to what was working?

    Sjostrom-Hollweg(Betts upon return)-Prucha(Orr upon return)

    “Until Renney puts anyone else on the PP we just have to be resigned to the fact that we won’t get any PP goals…sigh. ”

    Didn’t we get one yesterday? Didn’t we have 2 in the game before that? Aren’t they 3 for their last 7? Yes, one or two of the PPs yetsreday were embarassing, but if they are scoring 1 for 4 on the PP, I won’t complain for the other 3 chances even if they never gain the zone.

  21. Doodie results aside, the power play is still far too stationary to have any long term success. You need to have a lot more movement down low to bring the top penalty killers down and open up the points for shots.

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    tim, I agree. It doesn’t look like they have turned a corner or anything.

    But, we have only 2 games to judge it by. You never know. They might have one good PP every 4 chances. Stranger things have happened.

  23. doodie – That’s a huge improvement to where we were just 3 games ago. It may not be impressive, but at least the pp is headed in the right direction.

    newman – that post was like a breath of fresh air for me today. Finally something supported.

    I’m not worried about trying to beat pitt in regulation. I just want 2 points to keep pace to stay in the top 6 at this point. Pitt has the atlantic just about wrapped up.

    Agreed that avery needs to go back up front. (did I just say that?) And I really love shanny, but he slows down his line so much it’s not even funny. Dawes can probably outskate shanny backwards. Hell, I think I can too.

  24. Like I’ve said in more then 5 posts now “FIRE RENNEY”he’s gonna get fired after the season anyway (unless we go pretty deep in the playoffs)So why f–k around com’on Sather take one for the team.
    Tom if you read these please change up the pp lines,drop someguys to the 2nd line if not all the way off the pp all together.Get traffic in front of the net,take shots,shots and more shots….Its not that hard.But this is something that you’ve heared all year now.

  25. I would have to agree with about 97% of what has been said above me so far.

    Also, I do think AO is starting to get the media attention. I think the guy should be encouraged to get some new teeth and possibly lose the tinted visor for next season. His game is pretty much impossible to ignore. The caps are looking good, and they have some pretty fresh uniforms as well. AO can just keep doing his thing and playing it cool, Let Crosby take the attention for now and let him become the next “Lindros whiner”. OA will not go unnoticed much longer… I’ve personally never really seen a player like him before… he is unbelievable, a human highlight reel.

  26. doodie – it’s sad. Shanny’s awesome. And I love that he finally got to play for the Rangers, and isn’t just here to exploit deep pockets. He really wants to win again, but his body just can’t keep up with his mind.

  27. yeah salty – AO is the real deal. The smartest thing Leonsis/McPhee could have done was lock him up for 12 years, or whatever his deal was.

    This may be a shock to read from one of my posts, but I just don’t have a good feeling about tonight. I think this game is a lot bigger than it will be made out to be. Those games vs the isles we have left are not gimmes. Baldy in net over there always shows up against us. And the 2 vs the devils make me nervous too, based on the law of averages.

  28. Salty – A.O. is trying to show the world that hockey players’ reputation still hasnt changed – NO TEETH!!!

    I mean Shanny didnt get his fixed ASAP because it was right before playoff time and because of his concussion he couldn’t go through surgery….

    …But Ove has had a gap there for almost a year – he has no excuse lol

  29. Yeah, it looks like AO crawls out of a dumpster throws his gear on and hits the ice. Cindy onthe other hand, looks like he spends an hour getting his makeup done so his closeups come out ok. It’s not easy to make those huge lips look that rosy.

    I decided to join the 20th century and bought a 40″ HDTV over the weekend. Now I can get a good look at Jagr’s ‘landing strip’: Chin edition.

  30. “This may be a shock to read from one of my posts, but I just don’t have a good feeling about tonight. I think this game is a lot bigger than it will be made out to be. Those games vs the isles we have left are not gimmes. Baldy in net over there always shows up against us. And the 2 vs the devils make me nervous too, based on the law of averages.”

    Beer, *Shock you say*, now *that’s* an understatement!

  31. I seriously think that’s unfortunately one of the things keeping AO out of the media just a little more…. that jackolantern smile.

    Otherwise, he’s a media dream. He’s a fresh kid, he goes for flash and style and finesse…yet he’s tough as nails. Total rockstar… In a way, part of me is happy he’s not in NY… I feel like it would only taint/ruin how real he is… just a remarkable with an absolute *lust* for hockey. He’s going to be very, very, special and in Wash, he will be able to come into his own, on his own, un-chaperoned.

  32. Yeah, it looks like AO crawls out of a dumpster throws his gear on and hits the ice. Cindy onthe other hand, looks like he spends an hour getting his makeup done so his closeups come out ok. It’s not easy to make those huge lips look that rosy.

    I decided to join the 20th century and bought a 40” HDTV over the weekend. Now I can get a good look at Jagr’s ‘landing strip’: Chin edition.


    possible funniest thing i’ve seen you write…

    haha “crawls out of a dumpster”

  33. Salty, your’e right…Renney would probably have OV playing on the penalty kill and the checking line.

  34. I think i figured out what makes Crosby so annoying….its that freakin’ beaver’esque overbite that he has working for him….Him and AO should both go to the dentist

  35. leapin lou – Did I miss a name change or something? Just curious how you know that that’s an understatement(which it may very well be).

    Salty – It only took all season, but I can come up with a good one once in a while. But that one was the truth.

  36. Beer – the image is just accurate and priceless

    Lou – I was more refering to the NY media, and the MSG/Disney world of “Spinning” things/players. In Washington… He really will have to work his ass off in the ice to contine to get attention and give the caps their name and place in the NHL… In NYR, there seem to be a lot of other priorities and distractions aside from th eactual hockey, and basically we’d still be calling him “the guy” if it made sense to on paper, regardless of his work on the ice. NYR = Disney atmosphere. The focus is NOT on the game, and I think Ovie would see that pretty quickly and either fall victim to it, or grow upset with the atmosphere.

    In Wash, he’s getting paid, and he’s got a pretty clean slate to work with. Just so much more comes with the territory in NY… OV likes the spotlight and stuff but NY, real NY, is a different animal.

  37. Avery-Dubinsky-Jagr

    Agree with Posts above about reverting back to the lines that showed the most scoring prowess.

    LAst night wasn’t the fault of the Ref’s, it was our boys in blue.
    THOUGH, the ref’s did go easy on the PEns. Anyone see Crosby Crosschecking backman like 7 times in a row right in front of the ref and=NO CALL, whatever they baby Sid the douche and they always will.

    Dawes and Cally though, I’d say were the ONLY two yesterday to finish each and every check. GOt to Love Cally’s work ethic. For a little guy he sure does hit everything and everything. Hollwegg showed yesterday that his hands are in fact truly made of stone.

    I wish Shanny would have been able to fight the pen who ripped his helmet off, or Stall would have been able to complete his fight. EIther one I think would have given us a little bit more grit during the game, but sa la vie!

    We need a serious do or die attitude tonight.
    HAnk was very good yesterday, and we need another strong outing from him tonight. A loss will really leave this season’s playoff aspirations hanging by a thread

  38. Peacock Ovechkin speaks good English and is electrifying and has plenty of personality. While Crosby is a pole smoking drama queen and a diver.He also has as much personality as a stop sign does. Marketing him over the great Ovechkin is another reason why the Nhl ratings is where it is. Btw the Nhl had no probably in poularity and the rating were growing in the early 90’s when guys like Bure, Fedorov and Mogilny came in and dominated(Sure their was Gretz, and Mess and Mario and Lindros) there was also Jagr who was about as dominate as you can be.

  39. I think you guys are forgetting Malkin. I actually think he’s better than Cindy. I’d put him behind AO and ahead of that big whinner.

  40. “Hollwegg showed yesterday that his hands are in fact truly made of stone.”

    And now those that said losing Betts wasn’t as big of a deal as some were making it out to be, can stand corrected. I know there were only a few, but as far as 4th line centers go, Betts looks like an all-star compared to Hollweg. Granted, holly hasn’t played center in some time, but it doesn’t make up for the fact that he has no play-making skills to speak of.

  41. Hollweg’s only good at one thing on the ice, and that’s rocking a porno moustache. While he’s no Parros, that thing has Boogie Nights written all over it.

  42. Graves9, you mean that selfish baby yommy yogger who’d rather pass to a teammate than take a wide open shot. ;)

  43. Hollwegs ‘stache makes me want to throw up. I thought he looked like enough of a scumbag before. Now he just looks like a fool.

  44. Beer Me,

    I know it seems hard to fathom, but Hollweg actually thinks he’s good and has value, rather than understanding that he wouldn’t be on any other NHL team. Thats why he sports the stache, to be cool.

  45. “I know it seems hard to fathom, but Hollweg actually thinks he’s good and has value..”

    sam – I wouldn’t believe that even if he stood in front of me and told me that to my face! LOL! Thank god he’s locked up for next year huh? Thanks slats.

  46. Malkin, has pretty much no marketability IMO. He’s got the skills for sure, but I do not imagine him ever becoming one of the “faces of the NHL”. He is ugly as sin, his helmet/visor combo looks like its from 1991, and he’s got the personality of a bag of spuds as far as I can tell. He’s just one of those hockey ogres… totally sick, but a total spud. I also don’t know that he’s “better” than Crosby… I would love that though.

  47. I think thats why I like him so much…he’s not a pretty boy or a whiner.
    As far as the face of the NHL I could care less…
    Instead, why not market the game itself
    Crosby would be a better face for girls fieldhockey…
    that smooth skin and full lips…uh I’m grossing myself out…
    but I digress…
    what I’m saying is I think I’d rather have Malkin on my team than Crosby…

  48. RE: Hollweg

    I think he knows damn well he’s not going to have a very prolific NHL career… I think he’s living it up, playing the jester, having fun, getting attention any way he can… same with Strudz… he knows he’s just a “Super Senior”.

    Let em have their fun, I think we all know Hollweg is running out of value on our bench… Another guy who would not be in the NHL if we contracted by about 5-6 teams.

  49. Hollweg is very well liked by his team mates. He threw a party that everyone other than Orr attended afte rthe 3/25 Philthy game. I can totally see why Orr didn’t attend as he had 4 HOT chicks with him- Orr came over to me and my 3 friends said “i’m sorry I didn’t fight tonight” and gave us all autographs. he then said don’t bother waiting around as Hollywood (Orr called him that) is throwing a party and everyone is going.

    I bet it was one heck of a Rock Band party.

  50. Doodie Machetto on

    We need to get Kaspar in to negotiate the Cherepanov transfer between Slats and Bardin.

  51. As far as the face of the NHL I could care less…
    Instead, why not market the game itself


    Sorry man, I think they go hand in hand. People *start* watching to watch a player do “their thing”.

    As far as who I’d rather have… Malkin/Crosby…tough question at this point. You have to assume a 27 year old Crosby is way different than 18, 19, 20 year old Crosby. Also depends on the type of team you’re trying to build. Player to add to our team, right now before playoffs? Malkin without a doubt, no nonsense, no voice, just a great player. Crosby, you get his whole package on top of our 6 “big names”… it would never work out. Shanahan would bitchslap him so badly.

    But Crosby in a few years, a grown man who has learned the ropes… look out…youd have to be crazy to not see what this guy is going to become.

  52. Doodie Machetto on

    Ovechkin is the most marketable player based on playing style, but Crosby has the face and language ability which make him more marketable.

  53. hollweg/struds…

    I think that struds knows he’s more valuable off-ice than on. I don’t know if holly realizes that yet though. And the off-ice value holly has is to ‘be a goof’ and throw parties? Is that right? (I think it is). At least with struds, he brings some of that, but also a bit of vet leadership to the young guys. At least it looked that way early on with staal & dubi. I think he knows more of what his role is that holly does. Thus, I’d rather pay Struds 500k than holly. Just my opinion.

    And struds ‘stache is way better than holly’s anyway.

  54. “Yeah, it looks like AO crawls out of a dumpster throws his gear on and hits the ice.”

    beer, that is, as someone else noted, absolutely hilarious. dead on. AO is simply the most badass guy playing the game. so good.

    but let’s not kid ourselves. sidney crosby is an amazing hockey player. even if he’s a wee bit of a p…..

    But whomever said the Rangers lost because they couldn’t clear the zone and crash the net, you’re right.

    Sam, way to stick up for yourself — though they’re have been way too many instances of the Rangers not controlling tempo and subsequently losing, because when they control the tempo, they turn it into a tight, live by a goal, die by a goal affair.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  55. Does anyone remember the Malik shootout game in which the announcers kept saying how good Hollweg was offensively. I have still yet to see any offensive skills- it’s too bad he has hands of stone, as he could be that Chris Neil/Steve Ott type of player that I would love to have on my team. Problem is I think Hollweg is losing his place on the depth chart to Byers next year.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    Hollweg sucks. They could have kept either Hollweg or Ortmeyer and they chose Hollweg.

    Way to go Slats. At least Orty killed penalties, blocked shots, and didn’t look like someone who would end up on America’s Most Wanted for child abductions. Not to mention, he actually can score a goal here and there!

  57. Guys, I missed most of the game yesterday, how did Jagr do?
    I did see the 3rd period, and he seemed pass instead of shoot on 2 occasions. How was he the first 2 periods?

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    “Problem is I think Hollweg is losing his place on the depth chart to Byers next year.


    HA! That is the perfect comment. That perfectly expresses how I feel, and so I’m leaving the topic.

  59. haha…yeah, problem for hollweg.

    I really hope that Byers has a good playoffs in htfd, and a good camp next year. He’s exactly the kind of player that fits what this team should be doing. I just hope his ability develops into what we’re hoping.

    More of a crash the net, ‘in your face’ player. I’m confident that this team is headed in the right direction with the personel being drafted/brought in. The only thing we don’t know is if they’re good enough. But only time will tell.

  60. Problem in his mind.

    That type of player is needed on a team, as we saw yesterday we were out hit and he was in the lineup. A guy who can just go out there and play his ping pong ball style, doesn’t take stupid penalties and has some offensive potential is a perfect 4th line guy. Hollweg was given his chance and did not take advantage of it.

  61. doodie – I said the exact same thing the other day! Eventhough Orty was a healthy scratch at points this season, I’d rather have him on the roster than hollweg. I think what may have been part of that decision was not knowing if Orr could keep up(skating). Have to credit Orr for knowing that if he wanted to stay in the lineup, he’d have to improve his skating. And I think that process continues this offseason as well.

  62. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree, I am considering giving Orr my vote for extra effort. It’s between him and Dawes. Any thoughts?

  63. “A guy who can just go out there and play his ping pong ball style, doesn’t take stupid penalties and has some offensive potential is a perfect 4th line guy”

    Sjostrom is I think one of those gritty in your face type of players, who can also score a little, but is he a 4th liner or a 3rd? I’m not sure he’s a 4th liner though, he seems alot more talented than Hollywood, Orr, and even Betts for that matter

  64. Doodie, I like your two choices but have to throw, Callahan and Dubi into the mix…
    Callahan since coming back from his stint in Hfd. has on most nights been the most hardhitting and hardworking player.
    And Dubi…we thought he’d be a great 3rd line center but has really grown…I never saw him in his current role at the beginning of the season. He has made huge strides this year along with Orr, Dawes, Cally and Staal…

  65. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve only voted in the past 3, but my votes were Ortmeyer, Weekes, and Ortmeyer.

    I voted for Weekes coming out of the lockout because he had done a TON of charity work, particularly in minority and lower income communities, trying to pump good outlets for children through hockey. It had nothing to do with his play, which was so bad that I almost didn’t vote for him.

    As far as last year was concerned, they shouldn’t have even had voting. Ortmeyer’s pulmonary condition was clearly the feel good story of the year last season.

  66. When the voting began, I gave my vote to Betts. Never any fireworks with this guy, seldom in the box, the way he blocks shots every single night is impressive to me. I only wish that he countributed in the o-zone a little. But I think if he had time to play with Sjo on his wing, he’d get on the scoresheet a bit more.

    I think Dawes is a great vote too. Works hard, plays the way he is expected too. The only reason I’d vote for anyone else is that is b/c Dawes has stretches that he turns into a ghost(less and less though). But, as far as most improved goes, I think it’s Dawes for sure. He came up as a 100% 1-dimensional player. He responded exactly how you would hope a guy would to being sent to the A to help find/round out his game. And anyone who can beat “The Whiner” that consistently should get votes for anything he’s eligible for!

  67. “Extra Effort” is the key here though. Who’s gone ABOVE AND BEYOND? It’s not “who’s played to their role the best”.

    So maybe my vote for Betts was a result of his play at the time.

    Is that awarded tonight or on Friday?

  68. Obviously Crosby is one of the 3 best players in the game that is not the point. The point is the league does not ref him fairly. there should not be a standard of officiating for him and adifferent one for sean avery.

    I literally saw Crosby crosscheck rangers numerous times right in front of the officials with no call.

    that is the point, not Crosby’s greatnesss as a player.

  69. Doodie Machetto on

    I wouldn’t vote for Cally because he played like crap for the first half of the season.

    Dubinsky is a good vote, but I think he is edged by Dawes because Dawes had to keep his spirits and raise his game level to make it back onto the team.

    Same deal for Orr. Orr made himself invaluable to the team by really lifting his game, both on skates and with the fists. It’s a close call for me.

  70. i actually thought our fourth line looked the best out there last nite. with an actual center, i wouldnt mind having prucha and sjostrom together in the playoffs. i like orr but i just dont’ see him as that essential in the playoffs. dawes and cally are definitely outworking almost everyone else and i like that they throw around the body, but I am not sold on them ever being more than third line players. Dawes has more offensive upside but Cally I think will remain a good thirdliner who will provide occasional offense.

    jagr’s pp line scored yesterday b/c jagr shot the puck and dubi followed up the rebound. if they did that simple act more often they would get more goals. i like straka’s effort but on the pp i want someone who is going to finish and last couple games straka has missed some gimmies, id give dawes or prucha a chance with that group

  71. Points 92 and 93 will be won by us tonight. We are going to win 4-2. You heard it here first. Sean Avery will score a goal.

  72. Did anybody see Willy O’Ree and Kevin Weekes on everybody hates chris last night? hilarious

  73. bs. the pk has been excellent. it has not missed betts one bit. a lot of the pks in the last few games, the opp team did not even get a shot, or even get set up in the zone. the pk missed betts not one bit.

  74. PENS-sylvania on

    Fleury is the biggest jerk on the Pens. if you have ever seen the local car dealer comm’l that has some of the pens in it, Fleury acts like a wise ass punk in it.

    Gonchar is embarrassing trying to act, and malkin just stands there with the deer in the headlights look, as he can’t figure out what anyone is saying.

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