Sean Avery says he doesn’t need to pay for it


Perhaps it’s fitting that the song playing on my way to the rink today was Warren Zevon’s “Excitable Boy.”

That would likely be the best way to describe Sean Avery, although until recently, I always thought it was for relatively mundane reasons such as trash-talking and dating the occasional Hollywood starlet.

But then came today’s Daily News, which says Avery is “one of 2,000 names on a client list of a Manhattan madam”:  Of course, you should know Avery vehemently denies this, and given his demeanor at practice today, it doesn’t seem to be bothering him too much.

“I certainly have a lot of enemies, I know that,” Avery said when asked how his name ended up on the madam’s computer spreadsheet. “But I do know if I was ever to venture into one of these establishments, I wouldn’t use my own name. I think that would probably be stating the obvious.”

Whether it’s true or not, the Avery issue does have the potential to be a distraction to the Rangers as they seek to lock down a playoff spot — not to mention perfect fodder for fans in opposing arenas. But Avery said it was only worth a laugh with his teammates, and that no one from the coaching staff or the team’s upper management has even approached him about it (although Glen Sather did make a rare appearance in the dressing room after practice).

“It certainly could be a tri-state player that maybe started this whole conspiracy theory,” Avery said.

Like I said before, never a dull moment…..


Blair Betts rode the bike hard at practice today wearing a pair of Crocs, and according to Tom Renney, is showing enough progress to possibly resume skating as early as Monday.

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  1. honestly, who cares whethered he did or didnt. Does it really matter. Are there any legal ramafications that can come of this?

  2. If I had his money, I’d be banging em 3 at a time.
    I hope he can score like that on the ice !

  3. Jagr doesn’t need that here, he has Goldfinger’s in Prague. :)P

    This is stupid. Who cares? Oh that Lebron James thing was REALLY offensive too (insert sarcasm).

  4. If these allegations are true Dolan will give Avery a long term contract like he did with Isiah.

  5. If the guy who pretended to be Avery asked for a girl and her sister then we know who it was ;/

  6. If it was him, why only go for the $500 one? He’s got money, he could shell out for the more expensive ones, probably is a joke or a different guy named Sean Avery.

  7. This story must be fabricated. Sean is a hard working hockey player. He’s a very strong man and his moral character is beyond reproach. Certainly this kind of thing comes with the territory and we’ll address that with Sean at the appropriate time.

  8. Prucha in, Jagr out on

    the real whore is jagr, who is meeting with the guy from Russia to sell his services and pussy-chin to the highest bidder.

    good riddance yogger.

    and that is “Putin” it mildly

  9. Thanks four eyes, whom i call coach.

    I dont need to pay for the puss, i can get some. Just be glad i dont resort to rape like Rikki Rocket, the drummer of Poison

  10. Anyway….

    The Bruins beat the Sens 4 – 0 today.

    Jeremy Reich left the game in the first due to a head injury. Chris Neil threw his shoulder at his head, like the cheap shot artist he is. Then Thornton and Neil fought.

    I hate Neil, he’s one of my most hated players in the NHL, only because he parades as a tough guy but rarely fights people who are actually tough. When he does, he gets the shit kicked out of him.

    I still wish Tootoo was a Ranger though.

    Lets go Isles tonight (barf)

  11. Oldest profession in the world…Fully support it’s existance. Vegas wouldn’t be as fun without it!

  12. Jeez

    The Stars with 5 unanswered goals against the Kings…

    Guess what??? The Kings have a new goaltender in net, some kid named Taylor. Wow, they have the 3 shitty vets, the swedish kid, the canadian kid, the finnish kid, the japanese kid, now him. Lol three times a charm definitely went out the window over two years ago for them. Maybe they’ll hit the jackpot eventually.

  13. Tom Renney
    March 29th, 2008 at 3:18 pm
    This story must be fabricated. Sean is a hard working hockey player. He’s a very strong man and his moral character is beyond reproach. Certainly this kind of thing comes with the territory and we’ll address that with Sean at the appropriate time.

    Brilliant…just Brilliant! LOL

  14. Wow… it’s ORR who does the “Tom Renney” character??
    I’m impressed…didn’t see that one coming

    I seriously would’t worry about Aves and teh wh00res … as long as he steers clear from the n0se c4ndy…

  15. games remaaining for other teams

    Mtl – @ Ott; Buff; Tor
    Pitt – NYR; @ NYR; Philly; @ Philly
    Car – @ Wash; TB; Fla
    NJ – @ NYI; Bost; @ Philly; NYR
    Ott – Mtl; @ Tor; Bost
    Philly – @ Pitt; NJ; Pitt
    Bost – @ Buff; @ NJ; @ Ott; Buff
    Wash – Car; TB; Fla
    Buff – Bost; @ Tor; @ Mtl; @ Bost

  16. correction

    Mtl – @ Ott; Buff; Tor
    Pitt – NYR; @ NYR; Philly; @ Philly
    Car – @ Wash; TB; Fla
    NJ – @ NYI; Bost; @ Philly; NYR
    Ott – Mtl; @ Tor; Bost
    Philly – @ Pitt; NJ; Pitt
    Bost – @ Buff; @ NJ; @ Ott; Buff
    Wash – Car; TB; Fla
    Buff – Bost; @ Tor; @ Mtl; @ Bost

  17. NJ is @ Isles and @ Philly
    Pitt 2nd game is @ NYR and last game @ Philly
    Bost – 1st 3 games are on road
    Buff – last 3 games are on road – edits did not take will try 1 more time

    Mtl – at Ott; Buff; Tor
    Pitt – NYR; at NYR; Philly; at Philly
    Car – at Wash; TB; Fla
    NJ – at NYI; Bost; at Philly; NYR
    Ott – Mtl; at Tor; Bost
    Philly – at Pitt; NJ; Pitt
    Bost – at Buff; at NJ; at Ott; Buff
    Wash – Car; TB; Fla
    Buff – Bost; at Tor; at Mtl; at Bost

  18. NJ is @ Isles and @ Philly
    Pitt 2nd game is @ NYR and last game @ Philly
    Bost – 1st 3 games are on road
    Buff – last 3 games are on road – edits did not take will try 1 more time

    I’m getting duplicate message so this is best I can do for now

  19. the 9:42 post is good for each team. the at key doesn’t seem to work most of the time here. sorry for the multiple posts.

  20. rangers need 4 pts in 5 games to make the playoffs if all the other opponents win out..

    Philly has Pitt twice and NJ..

    Boston has a tough schedule also.

    Ottowa looks terrible….They are a total 1 line team, blow that team up… Neil threw a elbow it was definitely cheap… Philly finds a way to win these games, Nittymaki stinks…..there goaltending is 2nd tier, if they had a goalie they could be real good.

    Capitals Carolina on Tuesday if Wash win they will make the playoffs!!!!!!

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    It’s definitely going to be an exciting finish.

    I just want to say hat I was actually impressed with how everyone took my Drury/Jagr post on the last thread. No one was name calling or making personal attacks. It was just a civil and intelligent discussion. It was pretty refreshing!

    Why can’t we all just.. get along?

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  22. Magic number at 4 – with Washington not playing until Tuesday, let’s just sweep Pittsburgh and clinch tomorrow night at the Garden. 3 points would be good too in this home-and-home, and then the Rangers can clinch in Uniondale on Thursday, even better. With the only other game affecting the playoff race in the East being the BOS-BUF game tonight, it’s time for the Blueshirts to jump ahead of the pack. It’s definitely going to be tough vs. Crosby, Malkin & co., but Pitt plays an open style that leaves them susceptible to the counter-attack.
    In other news, go Wildcats (Davidson)! – my wife graduated class of 2003. A nice day full of sports starting at 12:30pm.. a Sunday doesn’t get any better than this.

  23. JJP and Nick were discussing salary cap of the dmen.

    Mara is making 3 mil this season UFA for next
    Malik is making 2.5 ” ” ”
    Rozi is making 2.3 but is a cap hit of 1.9 and UFA for next
    Srud is making .5 and is a UFA

    Backman wil make 3.4 next year but wil only be a cap hit of 2.3
    Tyutin is making 1.025 and is a cap hit of .98 but next year start his new deal where he will be a cap hit of almost 3
    Staal is a cap hit of .827 and will have a bonus paid out next year of .1 (I think I am not sure how the bonuses go..)
    Girardi is a cap hit of .750 but next year wil start the contract and he wil be a cap hit of about 1.5 plus he has bonuses.

    I think Renney is playing Backman and Staal together because they will definetly be here next year and while he and the team want to make the playoffs and win the CUp they are still in a rebuilding mindset while our young forwards and d men grow into roles and kids are still coming up… thats just waht I think is going on. I want Rozsival to come back (and its not because I think he is hot (I don’t know why a girl liking an athlete automatically means she has to think he is hot, I don’t recall if I was acused of that here or somewhere else…)

    I want him back because I don’t think any of the kids are ready to step into 25 minutes (he averages 24 and change now, but early in the season Renney played the defense more evenly so I think he is actually averaging more like 25 now and was at 20 for a while) and all the pk time he takes. So I hpe they resign him for three years at about 2.5-3 mil (what Mara (who is only a year younger then Rozi) makes now). Next year I would pair him with Staal on the top line. Depending on how things go the year after it would either still be Staal/Rozi number one and then Girardi Tyutin or Girardi and Tyutin could take over right away, I am saying performance based. But I really don’t think the others are ready for the ice time and responisbility… Anyway after the third (or second) year Staal will have been in the league long enough that he could take a rookie partner and be the veteran on the line. I think Tyutin was still to fresh to be the veteran on his line with Girardi, I think Fedor could have used a veteran beside him for a little longer.

    I think if the Rangers sign a number one d man (if there is one available) they would have to overpay him and then he would just be in the way of the kids coming up and taking over more (kind of like some aging forwards might be takig spots some younger fellows would have now) If the Rangers keep Rozsival who (according to Adam Graves) is still in the early part of his hockey prime, then there is the freedom to move the kids around and over his slot in the roster or depth chart when it happens.

    But, as I’ve said before (the same place I got accused of liking Rozsival based on his looks so I don’t remember if it was here or not) If the Rangers don’t resign Rozsival I don’t care as long as they sign a hitting defenseman, I mean a solid bruiser like Kapspar was, but if they replace him with an offensive d man that is what will bother me, because they will invariably pay much more. If he goes to another team I will just follow his stats and season there, he won’t be the first player I do so for and he won’t be the last in days when there is no such thing as loyalty to team or player…

    I thought Drury would be the number one star form the other game and was surprised when he wasn’t, but I understand why Gomez was. With Jagr we can only wait and see.

  24. The problem with Rozival is that his point totals this year are largely based an a brief period earlier this season during which none of the forwards could buy a goal. There was a stretch of about 10 games where 60% of our goals came from Girardi, Tyutin, and Rozival. And Rozie’s deference to Jagr on the PP makes him completely useless there. He never shoots. And frankly, this year, he’s been awful in the defensive zone all year – he’s repeatedly hammered, knocked of the puck fairly easily. I think if the Rangers pay up for an offensive defenseman (Campbell, anyone) who is truly a real threat from both the point and off the rush, it would be a huge upgrade over Rozival. And Rozie may not get Campbell numbers (Brian is probably looking at $6 million per minimum), but he’ll still be looking at offers of $5 million from multiple places. I’d be surprised if he wasn’t.

    Yeah, we still need a clear-the-crease stay at home guy like Orpik. But at the same time, if the best we can do is paying Rozival $5 million, that’s just stupid. Better off bringing in Sanguinetti or even giving some of those minutes to Mara, who I think is a better all around defenseman anyway.

  25. Mara will not be back next yr at $3 mill and Roszival is a much better player no comparison.

    Mara is good for 1 bd penalty every game….

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Forget spending any big bucks on the Offensive D-man. Just go after the big body, like Orpik, Smith, Mezei, or Hainsey.

    Or, you could always pitch an offer sheet to some top-tier talent like Shea Weber.

    But I think the offensive defenseman role needs to be filled from within. No need to pitch someone a big contract when we have Sanguinetti a year or two away. The problem is we definitely don’t have a shutdown defenseman anywhere in the system.

    I can’t wait for the game today. It’s gonna be great!

  27. Nesflash I agree with Doodie.. The shut down guy more important, Staal will be that guy in 2 or 3 more yrs..

    Leeth’s are hard to find..

    We need a D man that makes top forwards look over there shoulder and are leery the yare going to get rocked………

    Hopefully the 4th line looks differently today……

  28. Wow, just watched the highlights of the last game; that was a terrible giveaway by Backman. I don’t even care who he was trying to pass to. I loved the shift where Dawes and Callahan combined for about five hits in 10-15 seconds while forechecking.

    Good start so far; that was a hell of a shot by Dubinsky to slip it in betweeen Fleury’s arms. And the hitting has continued by Dawes and Cally.

    Is anybody watching the iso-cams? I’ll check them out sometime.

  29. You’ve gotta love this game so far. The Rangers have about 15 hits and are playing like they are possessed, in a good way! I hope Prucha gets some ice time, even though he is on the fourth line.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Has anyone else noticed that ever since we got rid of Pascal Dupuis that he has just been fantastic against us?

  31. It’s now 2-1 Pens. The Rangers do not look good at all. No urgency. I hope it gets better, because this is going to be a long game.

  32. That was definitely a bad penalty to take by Sjostrom. These penalties have taken our momentum away, so hopefully the second will start just like the first for us.

  33. Billynj1 – Were you even watching the game before the Rangers started taking penalties? They looked pretty good then, throwing a lot of hits, carrying the puck up ice cleanly.

  34. Spiderpig-

    They looked ok for the First few minutes, but they followed that right up with 1 shot over the final 12 minutes. If we start like that they need to maintain. We didn’t. Let’s hope we come out hungry next period.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Just before the slash on Sjostrom, Hossa literally had his arm wrapped around Callahan (I think) and there was no call at all. But as soon as someone touches Sidney Crosby, PENALTY! I’m surprised they didn’t give him a major to make up for the icing call that went against him. That linesman is going to get disciplined for not giving Crosby that call, for sure.

    I “fudging” can’t stand Sidney Crosby.

  36. Doodie – hahaha, I love it. It’s so true, too. Even though he should have been given that icing non-call, he’s such a whining baby regularly.

    Wow, I can’t believe Nashville is still in the playoff picture.

  37. doodie – the interference/hold on callahan was really bad…even renney mentioned it to the ref before the giftwrapped a 5v3 for the pens

  38. yeah the outrage over that blown icing call is comical… Watch how many bad calls the rangers get today.

    Milbury and his hate of Jagr is classic.

    the rangers played fine in the first period Pitt. had 6 shots, penalties…………..

    You cannot go down 2 men against the Penguins….

  39. Who Needs Lohan on

    The NBC should absolutely be ashamed of themselves for that 1st period telecast. Between the ranting and raving on the bad yet meaningless icing call, to talking not stop about Malkin, Crosby, Gonchar, and Hossa, to practically ignoring the fact that the Penguins actually have an opponent today, to Millbury accusing Jagr of doing something that was totally false, to Maguire practically telling Rozi to wipe the smile off his face….That was just awful and a disgrace to the league.

    One time Eddie O’shit said “this team needs to get better at faceoffs” and Doc says “which one” and E.O. was like “the Penguins”, in a way he might as well have said “wait, is there someone else playing”? That was just a mockery and they really should think about how they put the promotion of the sport and its top players ahead of the integrity of the league. Eff them right in Mike Milbury’s ear!

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    The penguins have the ratings. They have the Superstars. The league wants them to win because of what it means in terms of marketing Sidney Crosby.

  41. The fans should be booing the refs for not blowing the whistle when Pittsburgh had possession in the Rangers zone right after Malkin looked hurt.

  42. so crosby gets to xcheck whoeverhe wants and jaga get a holding call????
    yae its a fair game

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