Oh yeah, he’s pretty good, too


The consensus is that Scott Gomez was the star of last night’s win, and rightfully so: not only did the Rangers’ leading scorer set up both goals on the power play, he was buzzing around all night, and did it all with while gritting his teeth through the pain of bruised ribs.


And yet if you want a window into the personality of another vital contributor to last night, consider the scene around Chris Drury’s locker after the game.

For several minutes Drury was asked about Gomez, about Nigel Dawes, about the importance of the win. I was one of those people who asked Drury what the team drew from Gomez’s performance, and yet never once did anyone suggest — and of course, never once did Drury himself think to mention — that he may have had an even bigger game with three assists and a typical array of clutch defensive plays (and let’s not forget that Drury would have had a fourth assist if not for Marty Brodeur’s glove save on Ryan Callahan’s breakaway).

The hockey player’s code is that you don’t pat yourself on the back, and to Gomez’s credit, he, too, tried to downplay the importance of his effort last night. But no one takes that to a greater extreme than Drury, who seems like he’d rather pull his fingernails out than talk about all that he does well pretty much every night. In fact, the only time that I can even think about Drury wanting to elaborate on his own play was when he was struggling earlier in the season, and he felt the need to stress he wasn’t doing enough.

Point is, if you want to question whether Drury is worth $7 million a season, that’s fair. That’s an obscene amount of money for someone who’s not quite a superstar.

But other than Henrik Lundqvist, there might not be a player the Rangers will rely on more than they will with Drury this spring. And there definitely isn’t a player who better embodies what this team wants to be about.


Apologies to the web people at my place. I was wrong when I said my story didn’t run online today, because “here it is”:http://www.lohud.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080328/SPORTS01/803280397/-1/SPORTS.

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  1. Sam, you were right this a.m. Your story was NOT there as of 8:00 a.m. when I looked for it.

  2. Jagr sucks bigtime on

    right, Sam. you are talking about 2 players who are REAL leaders, not the selfish pouting garbage like baby Jagr

  3. I doubt Dru would have gotten a 4th assist if Cally scored on that breakaway. It owuld be his 3rd, but who knows what would have happened.

    The best part is, the Devs should have been called for two many men on the ice, but they didnt get called and then Dawes scores. Lol, thats what happens when the refs are dumb and blind.

    The PK was awesome last night. So much for Betts, lol, with the way Nyr fans were crying about his injury, you’d think we would have the worst PK.

  4. Salty…I think Drury sucks now too. I agree with you. Me and you are the only two who think so. But I am with you. I swear I am.


    this Sham is a total fool. he blames Sam Weinman, the refs, the alignment of the planets, and you name it, but do you notice, he NEVER puts any responsibility on the crapweasel himself. Jagr is a victim, according to Sham.

    no, the only real victims here are the NYR fans who are forced to watch a selfish traitor go thru the motions for the rest of this season.

    You are a piece of work buddy. The victims are NYR fans as well as every other New York teams fans because we’re the NY teams are the constant victims of the Bill McRearys, Tim McClellands, Joe Bucks, Chris Bermans, Jim Nantzs, and every ESPN anchor.

  6. For all you Jagr bashers out there … Jagr is 3rd in cap hit on the Rangers … but second in scoring and first in +/- …. hard to be first in +/- if you are not producing …

    Jagr is playing with a center that had ZERO career goals coming into the season … and Avery, who is an asset but not a first line winger, who had only 50 goals in 320 games ..and only 80 assists … not exactly Ovechkinesque.

  7. Good thoughts Sam…
    The amount of money Drury is making is obviously a “controversial” subject…but without saying much this guy as a leader. Not only did MOST of us witness a Drury leave it all on the ice last, but Dawes, Dubinski, Staal, Callahan, Girardi, Tyuts, and Prucha from the Press box and other young guys also got to see him who lead by example on the ice…priceless in my opinion. Drury’s value is ultimately going to show in the playoffs for years to come. He shows up at the right time and in the right place…I can’t wait to watch him over the next handful of years.

  8. “hard to be first in +/- if you are not producing …”

    No its not. Malik won the g-damn Bud Light +/- award 2 years ago. +/- has less to do with your production and more to do with the other 4 guys you’re playing with.

    Malik was a +32 and had 2 goals in ’05-’06.

  9. Tony from AZ: No we don’t, An IDIOT named SALTY thinks Drury Sucks

    Thats why were all saying it.

    Hey Salty, I guess Sam is an “Invalid” as well huh?

    Look at Druy, in the locker room, telling all the reporters how great he is, how HE is the NY Rangers, how he could have had an extra assist if it wasnt for cally, and gomex playing so poorly
    Your right Salty he is terrible. HA HA HA

    Now go post on the Islander boards

  10. The arguement that Drury sucks is just plain stupid. He’s a solid multifaceted player who can play in any situation. Stop whining that he sucks, he’s going to be on your team for the next four years, get over it.

  11. Who Needs Lohan on

    We’ve got some real winners posting here today. I almost think I like the conversations and the people who blog here better when we lose. I think I feel more stupider now.

  12. Koffy
    I honestly can’t believe that you think JJ is producing.
    Why is Jagr with a Center who had zero goals and Avery?
    because he couldn’t play with anyone else either. Don’t forget this team was build around JJ and this year he’s not producing
    spin it any way you want…I don’t hate the guy but I have to call it like I see it…and if a team is built around a certain player that player has to step up.

  13. and it was rozy that won the award. My apoligies. It’s friday and I’m trying to get outta here(work). But the point still stands.

    Later all!!

  14. JJP:

    its only one person saying Drury sux, and thats Salty
    Thats why so many posts are toward his idiocracy today

  15. Well said Sam. He isn’t a superstar but he easily your most important player on the ice every night (excluding Hank). He does everything and runs from the spotlight. A real throwback hockey player. He has gotten better as the season has gone on, yet in Chris Drury’s hockey world and season, the best is yet to come.

  16. “We’ve got some real winners posting here today. I almost think I like the conversations and the people who blog here better when we lose. I think I feel more stupider now.”

    haha someone had to say it. thank you for telling it like it is.

  17. Guys you know I was being sarcastic in my first post above?

    Geez….need to hit the “sarcasm” button before I send that next time.

    Need to get a point on Sunday.

    Good wkend all. Salty, have a few drinks, smoke some dope, punch the midget, do something!

  18. Jagr sucks bigtime on

    I honestly can’t believe that you think JJ is producing.
    Why is Jagr with a Center who had zero goals and Avery?
    because he couldn’t play with anyone else either. ”

    yeah, no kidding. Jagr played with Gomez and that did not work, he played with Drury, he played with his buddy straka, and still does, but guess what, nothing works because the problem is the piece of sh-t himself, yommy yogger

    methinks a new pot of koffy is in order. grounds for divorce.

  19. good riddance Jagr on

    jagr sucks has it right. jagr sucks is my opinion too. to sum it up, jagr sucks

  20. Who Needs Lohan on

    Jagr sucks bigtime, you may have officially become the most annoying person to post on this blog.

  21. Sam, do you have any updates on Betts condition? There were conflicting reports in this regard.

  22. Jagr sucks bigtime on

    who needs jagr, thanks for the vote of confidence. coming from you, an expert on being annoying, it means a lot.

  23. McDrury for President on

    Finally! I was getting sick of hearing how wonderful Scotty played last night. I didn’t think his game was all that stellar and couldn’t figure out why no one recognized the fact that Drury was the real star of the game!

  24. Drury was the best player on the ice last night – that much should be plain to anyone who watched the game and knows their hockey. I understand shining the spotlight on Gomez giving his return from injury, but there’s no question in my mind that Dru was the no.1 star last night, and in truth, has probably been the team’s mvp since the all-star break.

  25. Prucha in, Jagr out on

    why wait until the selfish traitor walks, let’s get on with the new team now.

    Prucha at RW to replace Jagr on the Dubi line, and on the PP too.

    let’s go Omsk, no.

    let’s go Rangers. yes.

  26. I love how me, refusing to suck Drury off, equates to me thinking he “sucks” for all you invalids with soft, open jaws and closed minds.

    Almost as much as you will dig and dig for ways to tell yourselves that Drury is worth $7M/per of our cap space, you will also dig and dig for ways to put words into my mouth about the guy.

    RECAP: Someone asked me “if my opinion of Drury changed after last night”…. maybe I need to clear something else up for you ladies:

    1. I don’t think last night was an “abnormal” game for Drury. He did the SOLID things he does, BUT he’s *been* doing them consistently lately … *in other words* I didn’t think Drury’s game was too much better *or worse* than other recent games. Great game, no need to suck the guy off today though, it was Gomez who shined and maybe had a better game than usual, despite harrowing injury.

    *People were trying to make it out like Drury had some spectacular night where he scored a hat trick in the final minutes of the game to force OT or something, when that simply was NOT the case.* Chris Drury was Chris Drury. A $5M dollar player.

    The guy had a *really good* game on both sides of the puck, I do not understand the utter fascination with getting this guys baby batch down your open invalid mouths though. Oh wait, I do… you have to make yourself believe he’s worth the extra $2M/per year that someone else should probably get. Hey, honestly, it’s understandable…no one ever wants to feel ripped off or anything. But you asked me personally, and I’m telling you. My opinion of Drury did not *change* a bit last night, he played like I expected.

    2. As if 1 game should change someones mind either way? Maybe a simple, invalid mind, who all it takes is one good game to convince something. Shame on you for thinking in such a way. It takes more than 1 game to convince me of anything/anyone…thats why I can say that Drury obviously doesn’t suck. I watch him. He’s good. About $5M/per year good. *That’s pretty friggin good!*

    Bottom line, A guy like Straka has had lots of games like Drury had last night, and I’ve never seen this board line up around the corner for their chance to get on their knees in front of him…. holy smokes.

    Accept it, even Sam W. flat out admits it… the guy is a really good player, but he’s NOT $7M good. It’s so obvious that so many people have such a complex about Drury and have to keep “reminding themselves” that he’s worth the money … typical Rangers fans.

    And translation for all you dumb fux, it’s *not a rip on Drury*, it’s a rip on you and your Drury complex.

    Newman, would it have made you feel better about Drury if I had “agreed” with you and said “WOW DRURY REALLY WAS UNREAL LAST NIGHT!” … would that have helped you believe in what you tell yourself about the guy at night? I’ll admit, it feels good and helps to have people agree with you on things. I’ll assume thats what you were looking for, I’m sorry I just couldn’t agree with you.

    Notice how rare it is that we talk about how great Gomez is. You know why? It’s because it goes without saying. Apparently, not the case with Chris Drury…seems we have to keep *reminding* ourselves how great he is.

    Final word on it and then I’m done until playoffs: Drury is very good, but *I’m not convinced he’s WORTH it*…YET… and if you can’t understand why someone would say that, I think you’re just a Chris Drury fanboy whos been fed by the media. Sorry, truth. I cheer for the guy. I want him to be incredibly successful here…but I will not try to fool myself into thinking anything. Drury is Drury. A $5M guy who plays both sides of the puck. I’m glad he had a good game. I think Gomez is making a better campaign for a C on his uniform though.

  27. Who Needs Lohan on

    “who needs jagr, thanks for the vote of confidence. coming from you, an expert on being annoying, it means a lot.”

    you’re pretty smart man….very coherent

  28. Tony from AZ on

    Hey Salty, It ain’t my money, I don’t give a crap how much they pay Drury or Gomez.
    All I care about is winning & beating the Debbies 8 straight !!

  29. was at the game last night then came home and watched it on Rewind. My wife thinks this is pretty excessive but I figured I would get sympathy from this crowd. Before Backman made the errant pass and the subsequent goal, I thought he was the best d-man on the ice. With a little electroshock he might make a good second line d-man. Girard was blowing coverage all night. Gomer was flying out there and was such a pleasure to watch. When he fell on his back I thought he winced a bit, but he got up and played well. He’s a trooper and last night was a testimony to his spirit. His goofiness is just a cover. I’d pay Drury anything he wants. He inspires the 600G players around him and that is priceless.

  30. reginald dunlop on

    where are all those posters who said Drury was a waste of money???? ha ha ha…….if you watch earlier games you will see he was doing all of what he is doing now on the defensive end and in the neutral zone….and now he is scoring when it is big time………just like his rep…..where are all of you ???????????

  31. Drury is worth every dollar in my opinion- And I want everyone to gauge his value 2-3 yrs into his contract(and at least one cup later)You might find that he is actually a bargain!

  32. Jagr played with Drury for 3 games beginning of the year … then about a month ago for 2 games … did you see those 2 games ?? Jagr had 3 goals … drury 1g 2a … They need to be put together …

    Is it Salty or Beer Me … can’t remember … you cannot have it both ways – You say Malik was a huge plus because of Jagr … now you are saying the Jagr is a plus because of ???? Malik’s 2 goals ??? I don’t understand …

    Staal Mart … there is no spinning – Jagr is second in points and first in +/- …what spin is there …

    Alot of you posters bash Jagr but was/are in love with the trade acquisitions of Sjostrom and your boy Backman …

    I am glad you are not running the Rangers!

    P.S. To say Drury sucks is also incredibly stupid …

    Go Backman !!!

  33. “Final word on it and then I’m done until playoffs:” you promise Salty we will not hear from you until the playoffs.

    We hope so.

  34. Koffy are you a Malik fan too cause his +/- is also great in fact his career +/- rating is 138…
    and Jagrs is 276

    Jagr should be first in points remember overall he is making over 8.3 mil…bottom line he should be scoring more remember what “intangibles” does Jagr bring to the table…
    I’m not a Jagr basher by nature, I like the guy alot and greatly respect his careet and what he has done…but I have to call it like I see it.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    This is a repost from the last thread, and given this thread and the discussion, I think it bears repeating:

    There’s a difference to Drury and Jagr. Drury is overpaid, while Jagr is underperforming. What I mean is that there was no way that Drury deserved 7 million. He has never had the kind of production that would warrant 7 million, nor was there any reason to believe that he would. But the question is a matter of expectations. He has done everything we have expected of him, which if you add in intagibles and the open market, is worth 5.5 million in my book. In other words, no one expected him to produce like a 7 million player, but rather just like he always has. And he has lived up to those expectations. However, the fact remains that his level of play is not worth 7 million.

    Jagr, on the otherhand, is paid more, and the offense is built around him. But, if he played up to his expectations, both of those things would be fine. And going into the season, we had no reason not to think he wouldn’t. But call it age or whatever it may be, he lost it very quickly. He is underperfoming. We expected more of him and he is not producing what we expected.

    It’s a subtle distinction, but an important one.

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    And Sam, in the wake of UNH’s crushing defeat to Notre Dame, I feel it is important to remind you that you have a wife and two children, and a job that pretty much all of us would kill to have. THERE IS STILL PLENTY FOR YOU TO LIVE FOR!

  37. It falls on deaf ears Doodie… I dont think most of these people fully understand the “salary cap” at all…. valliant effort though, i admire your ability to word things calmly among the people on this board… i lose my friggin mind at work reading some of these peoples writing, *regardless* of the content….

    and let me re post this absloute *GEM* from this afternoon:

    “Oh and BTW since you are questioning my *intellegence*…
    I have a B.S. and a Doctorate…thanks for coming… ”
    -Staal Wart


    Hey, truth is…Rangers are not looking too bad though.

  38. Looks like Avery pulled a Spitzer… Just checkout the front page of the Post… I really hope its not true, and with the Post you can never know, its more of a tabloid than anything…

  39. “Final word on it and then I’m done until playoffs”

    guess this dream didn’t come true


    Good boy Avery u got the rangers on the front page FINALLY not even the sports section the actual front page.

    my opinion big deal its legal in canada…

  41. avery is on ny daily news not the post – his response to the allegations was that someone is playing an april fool’s joke on him. timing to release this sucks and i hope it’s not true…but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was true b/c it’s avery.

  42. Salty you have BS? I think you are a master of BS to be honest.

    But OK, I get it. You think Drury is worth $5mm not $7mm. OK. I see what you’re saying. Among friends, what’s a mil here or a mil there? Really?

    He might be overpaid. But he is a very good hockey player. He doesn’t score as many goals as Ovechkin. He doesn’t have as many assists as Thornton. But he is an extremely valuable player in so many ways. He does a lot of things. PK, PP, leadership, faceoffs, blocking shots, 2 way hockey, etc etc.

    You say we are fellating Drury and I find that to be a little over the top. We are just saying he is an invaluable part of the team here. You basically say he is a waste of a roster spot and cap space. Your BS and Doctorate are definitely not in understanding how to build a potential Stanley Cup team. That much I can say.

    No more on the Drury discussion, it’s clear Salty thinks he is overpaid by a mil or 2. Fine.

    I love how Salty has BS associated with is name. Classic!

  43. Doodie,
    I would agree that 7mil is perhaps too much fishnagels to pay a player like Drury. I agree that it’s “sniper money” or Crosby money. But he was one of 2 or 3 quality centers available, and coveted by numerous teams in July. He’s not flashy, until he scores “that big goal”, but he is a guy you build a team around, he’s the next guy to wear the “C” in my opinion. You hear that it’s a puck possesion game now, and he is a huge part of that, winning faceoffs, picking off neutral zone passes, back checking a guy off the puck, blocking shots. He leaves it on the ice. The influence he will have on the young guys he plays with is immeasureable.
    The Rangers needed him and I’m glad Slats gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse. I do not particularly wish to sip from his pool of “baby Batter”, but he did, after considerable deliberation, receive my Stephen McDonald Award vote.
    Let’s Go Rangers!

  44. Just for the record Newman, I don’t know Salty’s educational status, however, I have the B.S. and Doctorate, not Salty.
    He was questioning my “credentials” to post on this sight with his typical BS so I responded accordingly…
    and for the Record I am changing my name to Peppery…
    Its a Yin and Yang thing…

  45. While I respect much of what Doodie contributes here, I must disagree regarding Drury’s salary:

    While I originally thought his contract was outlandish, I didn’t have enough data to truly understand what he was about.

    It isn’t about production, or numbers. It’s about what it takes to win. Based on that criteria, he provides more than anyone else on the Team. Important Draw: Drury…Important Penalty Kill: Drury…Clutch Goal: Drury… Poise, Sacrifice, whatever…Drury.

    He is not overpaid. He is the type of player you build around. Finding someone to put up numbers is easier than finding someone like him (think Walt Poddubny)…

    He is next years Captain, and the glue for the next several seasons.

  46. What’s up with Avery & the Post ?
    I can’t find it on line, any links ?
    I don’t get the NY Post in AZ !

  47. I don’t know why many of you even bother with Salty. He clearly knows very little about the game of hockey or life in gen’l. I’d trust the opinion of almost any other regular here and there are several good ones Beer me, Spider, nasty, Newman, Staal, Jonny to name a few. Drury is very very solid and we’re lucky to have him.

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