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No one likes excuses. For instance, I could tell you that I’ve averaged about four hours of sleep over the past week (bad combination: 2-month-old baby, wife back at work, late-ending games), but I doubt anyone’s going to muster much sympathy.

And along the same lines, I’m fairly certain the Devils aren’t too broken up over the Rangers being without Scott Gomez tonight. Because just when you think your team is in a bad way, the Devils have mustered just three goals in four games, and have only a tenuous hold on home-ice advantage with the season drawing to a close.

And now we have this “new twist by way of Larry Brooks at the Post”:http://www.nypost.com/seven/03272008/sports/rangers/goalie_rivalry_gets_weird_103687.htm — a growing rivalry between Henrik Lundqvist and Martin Brodeur. The rivalry itself has been in place ever since Lundqvist emerged as a star in net two seasons ago, but it’s taken on an added layer thanks to Brodeur’s comments about his counterpart a couple of months back in Sports Illustrated.

“The way he plays is not something I like too much,” Brodeur said back then. “Lundqvist is weird.”

It’s all so very eighth grade, which is exactly what makes it so entertaining. But given where we are in the season, it’s not like this game tonight needs any more drama than it already has.


Today is an optional skate for the Rangers, so I’m not expecting much in the way of news. But I’ll check in later regardless.

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  1. Who Needs Lohan on

    Repost for the new post…

    March 27th, 2008 at 8:46 am
    Oh boy, here we go. Lets change the conversation here, ill tell you guys a funny conversation I had with my wife the other night during the Rangers/Phuckers game.

    Ill preface by saying that I had been left alone for two hours on my chair in my bedroom watching the game and the Phuckers had just tied up the game so maybe I was a bit pissed.

    WIfe walks in…..

    Me: Hey
    Her: When are you going to get the dry cleaning ready?
    Me: Soon
    Her: We need to talk about the taxes Dan
    Me: Yeah, I know, we will.
    Her: You know you’ve been sitting there all night watching that crap, pay attention to me.
    Me: I am
    Her: (walking our of the room) Sometimes I think you love the Rangers more than you love me….
    Me: (silence)

  2. Brodeur is a BABY on

    I had a ton of respect for Marty until reading the Post today. Common man, get over yourself.

  3. Oh man. Who do I hate more?
    The Devils or the Flyers……

    I hate whiner Brodeur… but I think I hate the Flyers way more as a whole….

    The Debbies better not score more than 2 goals today.

  4. Tonights game is more important than worrying about what Marty has to say. Hank should just let his play do the talking for him.

  5. I hate the flyers team more than the devils team. But I hate devil fans more than flyers fans.

    Sam – need to catch some zzzz’s?? Take a quick nap during Ranger PP’s. You won’t miss anything!

  6. My buddy just called me, and he is the guy I always go to Ranger games with. I am teaching right now, but I answered anyway in hopes he had tickets for tonight’s game. Well sure as shiz he does. Sometimes the kids just have to be put on hold. Ha. Anyone else going?

  7. not going tonight, monday though.

    I really want to go to the last game of the reg season. I found a single tick on ticketmaster for $200 ON THE GLASS. A pair 19 rows off the ice for $115 each. They claim it’s ‘sold out’ though.

    If anyone has a pair for the game on the 4th, I’d be interested for sure.

  8. Yeah, one of the parents here told me they were trying to get tickets from the husband’s boss. If they get a box they want to take me. They are Devils fans. Yuck! But I would definitely go. But I will have to be the Nice 1 that day.

  9. Yeah I’ll be there like always. Although it seemed like I hadn’t been to MSG in like 3 weeks because I sold my tickets to two home games. I just pray that the fans in my section tonight aren’t as stupid and annoying as they were for the Flyers game. It was so sad when Rangers and Flyers fans both wanted to kick the same guys ass.

  10. My wife wanted to buy me a jersey that says Nasty 1 on the back. And I told her to please not do that, because I don’t like jerseys that have stupid names on them. Man, she was close to getting it.

  11. Now, I have another reason to hate Brodeur. That jerk could
    break all the records he wants, but there is something we still have and will haunt him for the rest of his life “Matteau swoops to intercept, swings it in front, HE SCORES, MATTEAU, MATTEAU, MATTEAU,
    STEPHANIE MATTEAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I won’t be there but I will be at the season closer. When tickets went on sale my sister and I made sure to buy the opener and closer.

  13. Brodeur is such a whiner. I hate whiners. He’s put up a few real stinkers this year so far. I’d love to witness that against the Rangers.

    Hope Avery gets to him early.

  14. Marty the guy who yapped and yapped about how good the Debbies were when he went 23 straight without a loss, yet now that they haven’t beaten us this year he says it’s no big deal. I hate hypocrites!!! Now he calls Lundqvist weird- like doing your sister in law isn’t weird??? Pot, Kettle, Black my friends

  15. We are 6th in the playoff standings (5th in the conference as we have a point more than Carolina) – his team have achieved this despite an underperforming superstar, no recognisable top D pair and (doing what we all asked of him) by playing multiple youngsters.


    Exactly. Can you just IMAGINE where we could be if he were the kind of coach who actually knew how to light a fire under his team? Here we are, basically praising a coach for getting into 5th place by having his team do a halfass job, NO?

  16. agravaine – I originally HAD tickets to the closer. But then my brother decided to plan a wedding for the next day, making his rehersal dinner THAT night. tsk tsk tsk. So now I’m without the tickets, and he changed the date. Bastard. But at least I saw my 7th consecutive opener this year.

    Nasty – I’ve never bought a jersey with a name on it until Leetch retired. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, but player movement is so frequent these days, it just seems like a waste of $.

  17. I assume Marty was talking about how Hank plays butterfly since Marty still plays an old school stand up style… but there are literally only TWO goalies left in the NHL doing a full standup style, Marty and Hasek… I think that would make THEM the ones who play “weird” now… Hank is a pretty orthodox buttefly player, the only “weird” thing he does is whatever the hell it is he is doing when he tries to play the puck…

  18. like doing your sister in law isn’t weird???


    I’ve said this before… I don’t like Marty one bit, but banging out your wife’s sister… (I’m sure they were both smokin’)… that’s straight up *Alpha*.

  19. I think just getting a team to the playoffs with those dmen is an acheivement in and of itself.

    It’s such a gap between 3 repectable fwd lines and a high quality gltndr (yet inconsistent to date) it’s not even funny.

    The only thing that can help us with our D is TIME. Come July 1st, we can dump a little dead weight. Come opening night ’08, some of the younger dmen will have that much more experience. Just gonna take time for those guys.

    Just imagine what it would be like if we had that one shutdown #1/2 dman. Briere doesn’t make that pass, Richards doesn’t score that OT winner. Rangers are 4 points ahead of 7th, and tied for 5th. With a back to back coming up against a team that’s 5 points ahead in the div lead (pitt).

    We can pick out a ton of things that could’ve changed our fate. But I’ve wasted as much time as others looking back.

    Devils healthy except for Paul Martin??

  20. I gues sit’s better than the IcePigs coach doing his player’s wife.

    I’m scared about tonight only because of the law of averages. if someone told anyone of us that we would win 6 and lose 2 against the debbies in the seaosn series every one of us would take that. Well we have those 6 wins. The Debbies are struggling we need ot take advantage of them early and crush their psyche.

    Here’s a PP idea- why not switch the D pairings?? Put Mara and Girardi with Jagr’s unit, this way Rozy can’t defer to Jagr. Short of that next time we should just decline the PP

  21. Who Needs Lohan on

    im assuming some minor league coach banged his player’s wife. Again if she is willing to crack ya, what can ya do?

  22. It was referring to Ted Nolan and the reason that he was run out of coaching for 10 years. Him and Hasek’s wife

  23. Brodeur is a BABY on

    In a 2003 second round playoff matchup against the Tampa Bay Lightning, a notable sign held up read “Tickets to a Stanley Cup playoff game: $95. Alimony demanded from your wife: $9 million. Sex with your sister-in-law: Priceless” in the context of the MasterCard hockey commercials.[39][40]

  24. central park Yogger on

    Jagr has ZERO PP goals in the last 31 games

    that’s right folks. ZERO in 31 games.

    so, if anybody tries to defend this flop and say they want him back, you can go to hell.

    he gets more PP ice time than any forward, he controls the PP from the right half boards, he tells them what style they are going to use when he is out there, and yet he has not scored one single PP goal in 31 games. that is beyond pathetic.

    he is the flop of ’08

    good riddance after this season is over, and screw Sather if he brings back this washed up joke.

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