Two sides of the argument


In watching, and then later inquiring about the Rangers power play struggles of late, there seems to be two problems that pretty much completely contradict one other.

First, there’s….

The coaching staff is too inflexible with personnel. By this I mean the coaches have been adamant about using certain players and not using others, even if the results suggest otherwise. How else to explain Fedor Tyutin at the point for most of the year? Or Petr Prucha and Ryan Callahan watching the power play from the bench (or worse, the press box)? All season long observers have been clamoring for different changes to the power play, but for reasons that are not always apparent, Tom Renney and Co. have maddeningly stayed pat.

That, at least, is one way to look at it. The other side to consider is….

The coaching staff is too impatient with personnel. It was Brendan Shanahan who made the point today that the power play units have been switched up so often this season, those units haven’t been afforded the opportunity to develop chemistry.

“If you’re not scoring, they’re going to change the power play up and you lose a little bit of continuity there,” Shanahan said. “What you want is a power play that works early and that you play all season long with so you know where people are and power play passes are instinctive. But we haven’t done anything to earn that sort of power play where they don’t change it because we haven’t got enough pucks to the net.”

So which one is it? Actually, it’s probably been a little bit of both. Fact is, there have been some moves that seem obvious to outsiders that the coaches have bypassed all season long — perhaps because they don’t see it, perhaps because they don’t want to.

But there have also been times when a combination has shown signs of promise but is quickly abandoned.

Of course, let’s not place all the blame on the coaches. It is the players who have often bypassed clear shots in the interest of something more inviting; and it is the players who even when they do shoot, have hit posts, missed nets, and sent shots right into a goalie’s midsection.

The power play comes and goes. I still believe that. With the Rangers, however, it’s been gone for a while now.

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  1. come on Sam. anyone can see that Rosival is so whipped by jagr that he will not shoot when the shot is open, and that is why they should never be on the same unit together.

    also, jagr is a big flop on the half boards controlling the PP, trying to make the fancy play instead of what the coahes want, which is pucks on net, rebounds and tips and screens.

    why are you not making that argument, which is so obvious and correct and a big reason for the PP flop.

  2. Writing about how terrible the PP is probably isn’t helping…. Can we look at it as 2 minutes where the opponent is much less likely to score? If a team is strong at even strength and strong on the penalty kill…. I’m not too worried about the power play.

  3. Yesterday’s game was a disgrace … Boring, boring, boring … I am glad I did not pay any money to watch that crap … It was like watching paint dry … Shoot and retreat, shoot and retreat … Did the Rangers have any second chance opportunities? … I don’t think so … Renney was playing for one point from the beginning … the game was so boring …zzzzzzzzzzzz

    On another note … Avery is worth 4.5 million … that is how many games he costs us with his give aways .. 4.5 games a year … He thinks he is better than he is …

    Malik sits and Backman plays – Renney REALLY wants the 6 or 7th or 8th seed doesn’t he … If he does not watch out the Rangers may pull a Mets and be out of the playoffs altogether.

  4. On the last post, it seems like the Avery line will be the “third line” next game. I don’t understand why Malik is coming out instead of Backman. Since Backman got here, Malik has been the better player of the two overall. Now onto everything else…

    Something just struck me: Is it possible that Jagr was conserving energy early in the season so he could come on stronger now when it counts, while Shanahan on the other hand expended too much energy earlier thinking he could keep up that level of play for the entire season? It’s an interesting thing to think about.

    -I don’t know how-, well actually I do know how, you can choose Jon Ahlers over Emrick after that disastrous announcing last night. I just had to start ignoring him at some point.

    Beer Me! – Would you say that the Rangers played “the Flyers’ game” too much last night? I would, because there was a lot of hitting and less crisp passing.

    At this point, I would prefer Strudwick over Hollweg because the fourth line would get a little more time, but I don’t know who would play center then in that situation, so maybe not.

    Staal Wart – I really enjoy your posts recently.

    Now, for the dreaded line combinations:
    Avery – Dubinsky – Jagr
    Dawes – Drury – Prucha
    Callahan – Straka – Shanahan
    Sjostrom – *somebody from Hartford please* – Orr

    Prucha – Dubinsky – Jagr – Mara – Girardi
    Dawes – Drury – Shanahan – Rozsival – Staal

    Don’t those power play lines seem somewhat sensible, especially because Jagr and Shanahan are split up? I’m not putting Prucha with Jagr at even strength because it is clear that Avery is most effective on the first line. I also want to see Prucha back at RW, and since Callahan is being moved to LW anyway, you might as well. I would have Malik and Tyutin as my other two defensemen in the game.

  5. oh that’s brilliant. the PP is a timekiller D tactic. oh, that’s PR spin to the extreme. don’t write about it? don’t worry about it? what, are you junior Dolan’s butler?

  6. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    I’m wondering if Dubinsky will be benched for trying to win the game in regulation last night, since that doesn’t jibe with Renney’s “system”.

  7. My Ahlers/Emrick paragraph did not come out as clearly as I had hoped. I’m trying to say that I would pick Emrick any time over Ahlers because Emrick calls the action about 3x more. Ahlers and Olczyk were having conversations over the game play most of the time. Ahlers sounded so dumb with some of the mistakes he was making, too.

  8. Who Needs Lohan on

    Dr O. You are so right on about Dubi trying to win the game. I was thinking at the time, uh oh, you better hurry back.

    Spider. Yeah Koffy may be boring too but he is right. They are playing not to lose. You saw the Mets get tight and lose it in the end so it can happen. He is going into each game thinking we need a pt. Not, we need to slice these guys throats with our skates (ok a bit drastic, but I didnt want to be called boring too)!

  9. REPOST:
    ”’Defensively, the team would be better replacing Rozy AND Malik with better DEFENSMAN” And we can get this defenseman where? I agree with you, but we can’t bench them since we have nobody better than them to fill the spots. Next year sure if we can sign a guy or two, but this year there is nobody that can fill in because the other options will do the same thing.

    “you, wart boy, are one of the clueless malik defenders, and that is why you are so p.o’d that the coach (yes, I am a ranger fan, but do not worship Renney like some of you tools do) has kicked you in the posting ass by demoting the czech pylon for crappy play last night after you pretended he played fine.”

    so it’s maliks fault that we lost is what you are saying? i forgot that one player makes or breaks a game for us when he didn’t even make the mistake.

    “and im a little bit terrified by the thought of Jagr, Shanny and Straka being on this team next year.”

    I can deal with Jagr. I’m not saying I want him back, but if he came back I’d be fine with it since hes committed to playing solid defense for the first time in his career. Plus he’s still dangerous with the puck even when hes not scoring since he can set people up. He does try on most shifts but his performance is largely based on who is up against him. I mean hes 36 so its kinda unrealistic to expect him to dominate every D-man like he used to do when he was younger, especially because now that we’re 3 years post lockout, a lot of defenseman have adjusted to the style of play and can play tough without taking holding or hooking penalties.

    Straka has completely lost whatever stickhandling ability he had and Shanny needs to lace them up just because other than his great shot, hes just taking up room on the ice due to the fact that he can’t do simple things like catching passes.

    to clarify what I mean about the powerplay, I’m saying its too late because they only have 2 weeks to try something new and thats not enough time to teach a new system to these guys and hope it works. I know people say “well it can’t get any worse” which is true, but this is the same system they had all season and it has worked at points so I’m guessing Renney is hoping that it will go back on a hot streak, if you can call it that.

    I don’t think hes the smartest coach in the league, but he knows more about the team and the game than any of us do. Being an NHL coach isn’t as easy as just saying “well the PP doesn’t work so lets throw Dubi, Dawes, and Cally out there and see what they can do”. He has to be fair while also doing whats best for the players and the organization and doesn’t want to stunt the growth of the young guys. Maybe he feels its best for them to stay 5 on 5 instead of getting regular power play time so they don’t get any bad habits. It might not seem like it, but just because we might want him do put a player out there or something like that, there is a reason behind what he does and I’m sure its in the best intentions of the team.

  10. the Ranger system is to overpay for UFAs and big name scorers, and then to have Renney tell them all to be little betts clones, and keep the score down, keep the games close, play for the OT points, and have their leading scorer have trouble reaching even 25 goals.

    in that respect, the criticism is correct. the system does not match the personnel. it better matches the Columbus personnel.

  11. Haha, but I wouldn’t say that after the Zednik incident. I just say his posts are boring because I don’t like them and wanted to make a funny. The Rangers are strange though. Sometimes they actually do look like they are “playing to win,” and I think that was a big part of the long point streak, but then they started to get away from it a bit. Obviously they were “playing to win” against New Jersey last week, so they’ve shown they can do that. I just think Renney picks his spots when they are ahead, but we only point out the times when it fails, obviously.

  12. It is not about Chemistry..It is about theory and combinations. FOr the better part of this most recent drought, Renney has had Dubinsky with Jagr and Shanahan on one unit, and Dawes with Drury and Gomez on another.

    With Dubinsky’s unit, he’s the only one willing to fight for possession, and with Gomez’s unit, everyone is too SMALL to win possession. Other than that, they stand still too much….

    Special Teams is Coaching…it’s that simple..

  13. “I don’t think hes the smartest coach in the league, but he knows more about the team and the game than any of us do. ”

    you can’t have it both ways dummy. RENNEY is the one who blamed malik, and rightfully so. we posters did not bench him. the guy you said knows more than we do did it pal

  14. Who Needs Lohan on

    Yeah spider, just looking for a rise outta ya!!! I mean of course they “play to win”, just arent aggressive enough at times

  15. “the Ranger system is to overpay for UFAs and big name scorers, and then to have Renney tell them all to be little betts clones, and keep the score down, keep the games close, play for the OT points, and have their leading scorer have trouble reaching even 25 goals.”

    I am in no way defending Renney at all, but name the last time when a strictly offensive powerhouse won the cup? Ottawa had that last year and got destroyed in the cup finals by a strong defensive Anaheim team. Buffalo who was all offense and no defense got knocked out early last year and the year before. I’d much rather have a team that is better defensively than an offensive dynamo. Sure its more exciting, but if you want to win, then you have to be very solid on the defensive end or else you stand no chance.

  16. Jonny D – I love the last paragraph of your post. I hadn’t thought about the fact that players might develop bad habits on the power play because they will think they don’t have to play any defense or be positioned properly. But it could get worse – the Rangers could be giving up shorthanded goals as much as the Islanders are.

    I just really like that post overall!

  17. Who Needs Lohan – That’s why I was using the quotation marks. Obviously, they want to win, but “playing to win” as we use it here means keeping the pressure on your opponents.

    Jonny D – I was referring to your longer post, but that other one is good, as well.

  18. “you can’t have it both ways dummy. RENNEY is the one who blamed malik, and rightfully so. we posters did not bench him. the guy you said knows more than we do did it pal”

    who said he blamed him for that goal? just because hes not playing doesn’t mean he was benched for that play. personally I think it has to do with the fact that Rozsival is ready to play and he wants to get Mara time before the playoffs since hes back too. Unless you can find me a quote where Renney says something along the lines of “Malik didn’t do his job” or “Malik made a bad play” then I’m not going to believe that hes benched for making one bad play in which I still say hes just as accountable as Avery if not less.

  19. Who Needs Lohan on

    btw spider, just cause someone had there throat sliced are we not allowed to use the term “cutthroat”? you sound like the guy who got offended and started crying when someone referred to Avery as a cancer in the clubhouse cause he had a great aunt who died of cancer. Or the homosexuals that wont go to the ranger games anymore til that “homolarry” stops dancing! Life sucks, buy a helmet people!

    BTW spider, im effin with ya.

  20. I hate to break the news to you pal, but the TB and Canes teams that won the Cup recently both had pedestrian D corps like Wallin, aaron ward, Sarich, etc

    no, of course you don’t go STRICTLY OFFENSIVE. but you do need a better balance.

    and the Ranger cup team of ’94 had Graves scoring over 50 goals. and they scored 299 goals. this years team will get about 215

  21. Lohan:

    I agree with you … Players play to win … but Renney coaches not to lose … BIG Difference … we could do worse … but we could also do better than Renney … don’t look for a long playoff run if he coaches like he has been ..

  22. you are a friggin PR spinmeister. oh sure, Renney benched Malik just to give ice time to mara while a playoff spot has not even been clinched yet. you are kidding yourself, but no one else.

    he is playing who he thinks will get him a playoff spot, and that apparently ain’t your boy malik

  23. Tony from AZ on

    How come we never have someone planted in front of the net on our PP.
    I’ve seen the Bruins have Chara’s fat ass in front screening the goalie on the PP.
    How about Orr in front ?
    Just a thought .

  24. “I hate to break the news to you pal, but the TB and Canes teams that won the Cup recently both had pedestrian D corps like Wallin, aaron ward, Sarich, etc

    no, of course you don’t go STRICTLY OFFENSIVE. but you do need a better balance.

    and the Ranger cup team of ‘94 had Graves scoring over 50 goals. and they scored 299 goals. this years team will get about 215”

    Once again, its not so much about your d-pairings as it is your system for defense. Those teams had good solid team defense from the forwards back to the goalie. And you can’t compare 94 to now since the game and the goalies skill/style are drastically different. I DO think we should have a better offensive game, but the way this team is built, if we try to open it up, we’ll give up 4-5 goals a game as we saw already when they did that mid season.

    A lot of you are looking at how you want this team play rather than what this team was made to play like. We’d all love a team with a solid defense and guys who can hit at laest 40 goals. But in reality, this isn’t a team that can do both. Renney coaches more defensively because he knows that. As soon as this team starts to try to open the game up, they are still in a close game but its high scoring.

    If you can’t have the best of both worlds its better to control opponents scoring and keeping it low with a solid defensive game instead of trying to have a shootout and seeing if you can try to score more goals than the other team. Relying strictly on our defenseman to hold the fort will just cause this team to crumble and they’ll lose a hell of a lot more than they win just because of the structure of the team. Its really not worth complaining about, but just realize that this team just can’t become and offensive minded team and be ok defensively. Its really not that easy.

  25. Spiderpigbunny,
    Thanks for liking my posts…I seem to like most posts here also cept for the dumba$$’s that seem to come out of the woodwork at times…thankfully they are the most fun to respond to…More fun than bashing Malik or Renney.

  26. I think the coaching staff is expecting too much from Jagr, as well as his teammates. He can barely breathe when he crosses the blue line because his team struggles to get him the puck, where he’s in no position to shoot.. he then passes it to an open player, but they take too long to shoot and the puck goes back to Jagr and he has no shot.. it’s so frustrating!

    Don’t put Jagr out for a few PP’s and let the kids crash the net!

  27. Seamus O Riley on

    Although I love seeing Marek Malik out there with minutes during the FAST 4 on 4 overtime, I am sure that Renney can find more for BachmanTurnitover Drive WITHOUT taking any from Malik!

    Did Malik get 2 assists for Philly last night?

  28. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Seamus, that was Avery picking up the 2 assists on the Philly goals.

  29. Who Needs Lohan (so Scarey) on

    Tony from AZ, ive been on the Orr in front on the pp bandwagon (kind of a lonely one) for months now. I just dont get why they dont try it.

  30. Tony from AZ on

    I just think we need some one in front of the net screening the goalie.
    It seams all our shots are easily saved. The goalie has a good view of every shot.
    We need to try something, think of how many more games we could have won if our PP was working.
    Anyway, let’s hope for a good finish to the season going into the playoffs.
    God I love our Rangers – I really think it’s a disease !

  31. They should watch footage of the early 90s Rangers Power Play and take some notes. Yeah, in life, girls come and go and we eventully learn to get over them (or guys LOL) but I am still not over Sergei Zubov. I miss him every day :)P

    As far as the PP..why’d they take Dawes off the PP. Dude goes to the net and has a wicked shot in the slot. He’s scored like 5 goals on Brodeur this year.

    Also, Cally played PP in Hartford and I’ve said this since last season, have him go directly to the net and get dirty rebounds. He could be the new Graves. Please see Atlanta game 3 for evidence.

    Renney should have a third PP unit as an alternate in case the Jagr unit (which stinks) is passing, passing, passing. I almost brought a sign to MSG a few months ago that says “This unit stinks” for them.

    Dubi’s not getting benched….they only have two centers.

  32. We have a Goalie. We have offensive players. We do not have a SHUTDOWN DEFENSE. We do not have a sound offensive strategy to try to build a 1 goal advantage to a 2 goal advantage etc. It was painfully obvious to me that the coach turned his line loose for exactly 7 minutes of the 3d period after Philly scored. When it got to the 16 minute mark of the 3d, the faucet was turned off by the coach. Why was the game turned into a chess match after the Rangers scored first? Why are the management of this Ranger team afraid to take it to the opponents in OUR OWN BUILDING? We consistently play road hockey at home. DESPICABLE . I feel cheated as a fan. I want to see multiple goal games. I want the Ranger management to restore the what I call, the ooh and ahh factor of a 40 to 35 shots on goal event. Stop this sleepy trend at MSG. And for all Defense first fans. Who only want to win at whatever cost. Even if it means never entering the offensive zone with more than 2 forwards.No disrespect . But. I suggest chess or ping pong as a pastime rather than hockey.. I feel cheated. P S … Go Patrick Roy and son!

  33. “I want the Ranger management to restore the what I call, the ooh and ahh factor of a 40 to 35 shots on goal event.”

    Do you watch the games and look at the stats? Just wondering because if you do, you’ll notice they get 35-40 shots on goal a lot. Those games are the ones where they usually score one goal. Its not about the quantity when the quality of shot selection is garbage. I’d rather see 20 quality shots from the slot than 40 garbage shots with no traffic in front.

    And I’d like to see what Cally has on the PP too, but as I said, him and Dawes have struggled at times this year on their overall game and I think Renney wants them to focus on that part rather than play the PP and develop bad habits since you are less accountable on the defensive side. He wants to turn these guys into complete players that can score and also play tough defense. You can’t just say “throw these guys in there” because it could slow their development a lot more than you might think.

  34. The Ooooh and Aaaaah days of 40-35 shots on goal in a 7-4 game are long gone because since 1995 the league has changed from an offensively oriented game to a defensively oriented one. Used to be the two wings basically sat out at the half boards waiting for outlet passes while the center helped out the defensemen a little in the defensive zone. Now all 5 forwards crowd in between the circles and clog up all the passing and shooting lanes.

  35. Some of y’all are right: we don’t have a good enough defensive corps. so the whole “system” needs to be defense-oriented. We can’t unleash our offensive talent because we can’t afford to not have them picking up the slack on D. Hopefully that will change as our young guys get truly badass and we add a couple vets who aren’t journeymen like Mara, Malik, Struds, etc.

  36. I never want to see the line combo of Straka-Dubinsky-Jagr again in my life. Never have I seen 3 guys who play the identical game. Not one of them has the nerve to park his backside in front and jam home a rebound. If one of them bunkered down in front there were numerous juicy rebounds and chances waiting for them. Instead they float past it or camp out behind the net or on the near boards.

  37. rmant – Your last comment made me think…When Dubi came up he was full of piss and vinegar. He was fighting, he was going into the dirty areas of the ice to get the job done. Then he started spending more time with Jags on the ice. And it all changed. Coincidence? Or Jagr’s infuence?

    spider – I almost wasn’t going to respond to your statement about Ahler vs Emrick, b/c you posted line combos. My kryptonite. No offense, b/c I like your posts, but line combos are about the lamest thing anyone can post. But I digress. Anyway, I’d rather listen to a Ryan Hollweg/Jason Strudwick duet of God Bless America through a megaphone, directly into my ear canal than listen to that phalic-shape headed ‘Doc’ anyday. Hope that finally puts an end to my opinion on Emrick. I don’t need to hear the game called. I can see it for myself. The only thing I need from the commentators is injury updates or if someone has left the bench. Which unless watching the Rangers broadcast, you’ll never get anyway.

    MikeA – amen on the Zubov thing. With the right personel, any PP is leathal. But we didn’t fill our roster with PP personel.

    JohnnyD – I like your posts about past cup winners and such. Well defended in my opinion.

  38. spider – also, I don’t think that we played ‘their’ game at all. I don’t know where you saw all this hitting. That was ‘our’ game all the way. safe.

  39. Haha, you made me laugh, Beer Me! I knew the line combos would get to people, that’s why I was thinking, “here we go.” I guess we just have differing opinions on announcing overall.

    If we did play our game, I guess we didn’t play it very well, but I think there was more hitting than in most recent games.

  40. Who Needs Lohan on

    So Dubi has been Jagrfied huh??? Ive been seeing his progress go downhill from about the week before the dreaded Florida trip.

    Speaking of that, this team (blame coaches, blame the players, blame God, blame Homo Larry if you want) is psychologically challenged. If you think about it they let things affect them too much. Its all about self-fulfilling prophecies. After a real strong stretch they play LA at home. EVeryone acknowledges that it is a “trap” game or a “let down” game and what do they do? They stink up the joint (as did I, that was the dreaded chicken finger night as some of you may remember). Then we hear about how they cant play in Florida. So they go down there and play the two worst games of the calendar year (close to it). Power play is an issue now. And guess what guys, the longer they struggle the longer it will not find the back of the net. For all you that think you dont need a PP, think again. If they go 1-14 in Round 1 (if there is one)…. book your tee times fellas

  41. Just keep in mind that last year their power play surged in the playoffs, granted they had a much better regular season power play but the playoffs are an entirely different animal and we will all but forget what occurred in the regular season come early April.

  42. Rangers PP was 8th last year in the reg season. And #1 in the playoffs. WTF happend?

    spider – yeah, I didn’t want to sound like a a-hole with the line combo thing. You’re entitled if you’d like. I just find it a waste of time, that’s all. Same goes with the announcers. Believe me, I’m not going to track down Ahler for a f’n autograph, but I would consider pushing Emerick down an escalator given the opportunity! haha
    To each his own.

    I thought that’s what you may have been implying with the hitting. ‘more than recent games’. And that’s true. To my recollection, the last time we played a physical game was that last one before the fla trip. Vs Buffalo. I think that was the game that Avery wrecked Peatsch(or however you f’n spell that). Dubi had a ton of hits in that game too. As well as others.

    I’m not saying that Dubi has been totally ‘Jagrfied’. Since that would be a huge compliment to SOME. But I don’t think, nor do I think anyone else does either, that Dubi’s game was ever expected to be anything like Jagr’s game(career-wise). But it looks to me that Jagr’s having an effect on the Dubi that we saw early on.

  43. haha – newman. That’s one thing my fiance’s not worried about. I call her sisters Patty & Selma. Funny thing is she has to aunts like that too!! ewwww

  44. Who Needs Lohan on

    The Rangers have won only once in regulation over their last 11 games. Now that is troublesome to me and quite reflective our Mr. Renney. Anyone else?

  45. What about the devils 4 straight losses scoring just 4 goals was it? Reflective of Sutter too? One of the coaches people want Renney to coach like. I saw Sutter banging a stick like a maniac a few nights ago. Guess what, they lost the game…and the 2 before it, and the one after it.

    1 regulation win in the last 11 is bad. no doubt about it. But it’s not attributable to one person. Not in a million years.

  46. We should have a PP unit of:

    Prucha Dubinsky Callahan
    Roszival Drury

    Dawes Gomez Jagr
    Mara Shanahan

    Drury and Shanahan both have accurate shots and are responsible on D. I don’t see any problem trying these combos.

    The line of Prucha Dubinsky Callahan was a beast for a while before Prucha got hurt.

  47. Who Needs Lohan on

    BeerMe I dont do it often but I disagree with you. You dont think that is reflective of Renney? Do you think the players decided to crawl into a shell with 4 or 5 minutes left and play for a point? The same thing they do every night when they are tied or up in the second half of the game??? That is the coaching staff having their players play with about as much aggression as my wife has in bed these. NONE!!!

  48. Who Needs Lohan on

    bed these days. I was so fired up about that point I couldnt even get it all out. Now thats a whole another story!!!!!

  49. Yikes! I hope she doesn’t read this blog. Ha. You might be in the dog house tonight. Or she is going to kick down the door with a whip and a gimp ball and unleash her fury on your ass. Which could be a great time if you are in to that kind of thing. Ha.

  50. I didn’t say it wasn’t reflective of Renney. I said it’s ‘not attributable to one person’. It’s attributable to everyone on the bench & behind the bench. It drives me nuts when people look for scapegoats. Is it Renney’s fault that Avery made one of the worst passes of the season and the worst possible time of a game, at the worst possible time of the season? There’s been plenty of mistakes that have led to just 1 regulation win in 11. Not just the coach. That’s BS.

  51. Who Needs Lohan on

    Regardless Beer, Id like them to play with a bit more fire than they are and Im sure you would agree with that.

    Nasty, there is a better chance of a power play goal than any whips and chains coming out tonight!

  52. I’m regretting even commenting on that now. I know people will voice their opinions after this topic came up (thanks a lot Lohan). But I’ve said my peace over and over and over. I’m SO done debating it. People can blame the coach when we lose and praise the players when we win. Be my guest. It won’t change my opinion.

  53. Who Needs Lohan on

    just a reaction to that and then I am done as well. I dont blame him when we lose, I do believe that he does not have the killer instinct that I like in a coach, that is all.

  54. I think we’ve already done the damage lohan. If Sam doesn’t post anything new soon, this day may turn into ‘one of those days’. haha

    (I also didn’t mean to direct that totally your way)

    I heard Mayor Bloomberg announced that if the Rangers score a PP goal tonight, there’s a parade on Saturday!!!

  55. At the end of the day, the moment we stop skating hard, hitting, and forechecking, I know we are going to tie or lose the game.

    What I really don’t get is that at times when the other team’s defender is skating out of the zone with the puck and one of our forecheckers comes up to him and then does a Sonja Henne rink turn and heads back towards the red line. The defender stops, let’s the Ranger back off, and then either continues forward or makes a pass. Why doesn’t that forward forget about the puck and just go deck the guy carrying it? I saw this countless times against the Flyers. It’s like the Ranger forwards don’t want to hit unless they really have to.

    To me, this is the coach not getting on the guys to throw the body more. Anytime another team’s player is in their own zone carrying the puck he should be hit. Period. End of story.

    Why we end up making rink turns and peeling off to allow the guy to make his play unobstructed is beyond me. I understand in a PK situation or 5 on 5 with the guy behind his own net, but other times, at even strength in open ice when we have a chance to hit the guy with the puck, that hit should be made every time.

    This kind of nonchalance when defending is a fault in the system and when we play positional instead of playing the body, we are on our heels and bound to be on the losing end.

    Just one guy’s view, but I can’t see how Renney doesn’t realize this as the biggest glaring weakness in our style. And quite frankly, I don’t see it as a fault in our system but more a fault of Renney’s for not riding his guys for making more hits!!

    Remember against the Pens a few weeks ago. This kind of thing happened where we went up 2-0, they tied it 2-2, we called a T.O. Then Renney lambasted the team for not hitting and forechecking. The next shift Shoe scored the goal after Betts and Orr threw the body.

    Why we can’t see that type of effort every shift is so puzzling and frustrating.

  56. Renney gets no credit for wins, but when individual player mistakes cost us points then he is made scapegoat.
    You have to judge the coach on the season as a whole not a single game or on one aspect of the team play (ie power play). We are 6th in the playoff standings (5th in the conference as we have a point more than Carolina) – his team have achieved this despite an underperforming superstar, no recognisable top D pair and (doing what we all asked of him) by playing multiple youngsters.

  57. A few months after my daughter was born my wife was still all tired and hormones all messed up from being pregnant. I called her out on it and told her I was going elsewhere if she didn’t give it up. And I told her I was telling her that because if she caught me, at least I told her. Well let me tell you I was bruised and battered and bloodied after that night. And it wasn’t because she beat me up. What an exciting evening.

  58. Who Needs Lohan on

    Oh boy, here we go. Lets change the conversation here, ill tell you guys a funny conversation I had with my wife the other night during the Rangers/Phuckers game.

    Ill preface by saying that I had been left alone for two hours on my chair in my bedroom watching the game and the Phuckers had just tied up the game so maybe I was a bit pissed.

    WIfe walks in…..

    Me: Hey
    Her: When are you going to get the dry cleaning ready?
    Me: Soon
    Her: We need to talk about the taxes Dan
    Me: Yeah, I know, we will.
    Her: You know you’ve been sitting there all night watching that crap, pay attention to me.
    Me: I am
    Her: (walking our of the room) Sometimes I think you love the Rangers more than you love me….
    Me: (silence)

  59. nasty1 – you F’n rule dude.

    UK – I was just thinking about the thing with our ‘D’.

    I’d like to see how well Randy Carlyle would do if instead of Pronger, Neidermeyer & Schneider; Malik, Rozy & Strudwick showed up for practice today.

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