Word is the game will be broken into three periods


Thanks to a handful of alert readers for reminding me that tonight is indeed a 7:30 start, and it is on Versus.

That’s OK. I only cover the team. I don’t need to know when the games start.

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  1. Ah, a change of the title to get another joke in there. I thought in the last line you were actually going to say you don’t need to know what channel the games are on.

    Beer Me! – You don’t understand me correctly. I mean how do you feel about Mara coming back from all that off time to play power play along with penalty kill and even strength?

  2. but why not give the kid a chance to succeed where he has done well in the past and where the whole team has done horribly all year

    why the hell do you think? WAY too much room to make Renney look like an idiot if Prucha actually sparks the PP

    and it wouldn’t be the first time Prucha made Renney look like a complete jerk rag for not playing him, now would it?

    that said, i don’t anticipate prucha making too much of a splash tonight

  3. Doodie Machetto on

    Anyone else here besides me really worried that Tyutin will be our new “Malik” for the next few years?

  4. formerly formerly jagrforgovernor on

    haha Sam… your title is as funny as some of your post-game interview questions!!!

  5. I think that Mara is a better addition to the D than Prucha is to the O.

    Hey, I want to see Prucha get PP time. But I wouldn’t throw the guy out there for 20+min in his first game in 2 months either. And adjusting 5 on 5 time to ‘rest’ him for pp’s, isn’t the worst idea, but only b/c the lines that had formed chemistry over the last few weeks are separated due to injury. But it’s NOT a good idea, b/c what happens if philly take 3 penalties all game? You can’t sit a guy ‘just incase’.

    I also don’t see Mara getting 20+ min either.

    I don’t want to see the little depth that we do have get burned out…or hurt.

    Lohan – Yeah, he’s stubborn. And he other 29 coaches are no different on that front. Some of the greatest that ever coached were the most stubborn bastards that ever lived.


    Who would have thought there’d be so many people pining for Prucha?

    Honestly, If you don’t want Prucha out there too much, the smart play is to have him play exclusively on the PP and give some of his ES shifts to Sjostrom.

  7. Well Doodie if they resign Rozi he can be the new Malik and if they don’t I could see Backman steping in and doing a good job at being the new Malik. If not either of them hen yeah Tyutin could be the next Malik, easily. We gotta have one guy to blame everythign on after Poti left MAlik has filled in nicely . . . his replacement . . only next year will tell!

    By the way when ever you boo Malik just think of the fifteen round shoot out versus Kolzig! I will always have a soft spot in my heart for him after that!

  8. I hope that sitting will give Prucha the same spark it gave cally, dawes, avery, & malik. Whether due to injury or poor play, those guys came back from time off and brought the game that we thought they had.

    I know I mentioned it when we learned that there would be line changes when Gomer went down. But the last few times the lines have been adjusted, it’s seemed to spark them. Just like back when Toots and Girardi were split way back when and when reunited, they regained what they had. We can only hope to have the same results again.

  9. So do Mara and Malik become our first pairing for this game? Uh oh. I would hope its Tyutin and Girardi, but it’s not like they have been lighting it up either.

    Doodie – I’m not worried because Tyutin actually hits…sometimes.

    Beer Me! – I hate to disagree with you, but you make no sense. It’s Prucha’s first game in *a month and a half* and Mara’s first game in *a month*, but Prucha has had far more practice time, and you propose Prucha playing less time at a less demanding position than Mara? It will probably work out that way because Prucha is not on the power play, and he is a forward, but realistically, Mara should only get about 15 minutes at most because he has to play with a whole new shield, while Prucha should get around the same time, if he would be on the power play. Unfortunately, I think Prucha will only get about ten minutes, 12 most if he doesn’t play on the power play.

  10. The way that sounds isn’t the way I’m looking at it. I guess I’m just not doing a very good job of explaining it. But I would definitely not put it in those terms.

    DEFINITELY not the part about Mara’s time being limited due to wearing a cage. THAT makes no sense, and I’m sure when you read that you’ll agree.

    Here’s a poll: How long into Prucha’s 1st shift until he’s on his ass?

  11. First off, Malik is not that bad in the grand scheme of things – not a #2 but not #6 either. No way Tyutin is a bust. I mean seriously, the guy is 24 and will have three NHL seasons under his belt. I can’t remember if it was the Post or the News but one of them carried a story which had a quote from a scout saying he thought Tyutin could be a shutdown defenseman in the future. I don’t think that was the first time its been said about him either. The guy has a lot of upside, he’s young and he’s locked in for four years. Kudos to Glen Sather for that deal.

  12. Mara probably won’t see pk time and why do you guys act like prucha is the savior of the powerplay? Like he’s going to come in and we’ll be 30%. He’s one guy that isn’t going to help that much if any at all because of the shitty pp system. If the system sucks it doesn’t matter who’s out there. Also Moore isn’t coming up because he’s a wing while hollwegs natural position was center until he reached the AHL.

  13. Agravaine – If you don’t mind my asking, what is your occupation right now that would allow you to have the time to make such a video, and have those editing skills, as well?



    Hmmmm I missed this before my sister pointed it out. Umm well it doesn’t take to long to make those videos and the reason I have all that time and such is that a year and a half ago I was hit by a car, and when I finally got well enough to work again my place of employment (a Border’s bookstore) only has very limited hours available for someone who can’t stand and walk around the store and help customers for very long.

    I had been planning on opening a bakery, but well I wanted to be the baker and right now it doesn’t look lke my knee (which had the most damage done to it) will allow me to do that, so I am currently loking for a career change, anyone want to help me out?

    Seriously am goign to contact the Rangers public relations though… just waiting to paint my sister and I’s car for the playoffs (knock on wod that we make it)

    oh and Rozsival isn’t playing? I do hope that Girardi and Tyutin get the most minutes becasue the Malik Mara combination seems like it will as slow and frightening as the Backman Strudwick combo… Grrr… Here I am at MSG, to get autographs and I had something I was hoping to get Rozsival to sign, I wonder if he will still come with Tyutin even if he isn’t playing, or if he will wait and come later…

  14. and fans overrate tyutin a lot. I like him and think he’s pretty good, but I don’t see him matching the hype he had about being a future star defenseman all around. He’ll be good, but nothing special.

  15. spider – this may help explain where I’m coming from on it… Dmen (on league average) get more TOI due to the # of dmen to fill 60min opposed to the # of O-men; & the type of skating that is required by both. Also, and more important(to my point); is that 16/18min for a dman is similar to that of a winger’s 12-14min. Let’s see if I can explain that part…. 1) again, type of skating. I’ve played both positions and always felt less winded after a 90sec D shift than a 90sec shift on the wing. 2) again, ratio of dmen to o-men to fill 60min.

    If that doesn’t help, then I can’t get the words from my brain to my fingers!

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Backman is only for one year though. Tyutin is gonna be getting 3 mil for 4 years. That’s a long time, and if he keeps digressing as he has over the last half of the season, it’s gonna be a long 4 years, and an impossible contract to move.

    Slats is slowly committing cap suicide.

  17. “Slats is slowly committing cap suicide.”

    Anyone disagree??

    (not on the toots deal, but overall)

  18. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Aggravine, now I better understand why you were defending Rozsival the other day (in our agree to disagree discussion). I defend Malik beccause I think he’s better than 90% give him credit for, but I don’t have his jersey and I’m not lining up for his signature. It just puts a new spin on your comments about Rozy.

    Whoever said Defense was a MORE demanding position must have never played the game before. Defense requires much better skating ability but the fact that it is LESS demanding is evidenced in the ability of a player to have 26-30 minutes and a team to only have 3 pairs of defensman (compared to 4 forward lines). Offense is, by far, a much more demanding position if you play well.

  19. THANK YOU TRUE FANS!! That was exactly what I was trying to say. And the reason that Mara’s (possible) 20min is different from Prucha getting that much time.

  20. With Mara wearing a full face cage….I wonder if Riley Cote will try to rattle his grill….Should be a very interesting game tonite nonetheless

  21. Doodie Machetto on

    “Whoever said Defense was a MORE demanding position must have never played the game before. Defense requires much better skating ability but the fact that it is LESS demanding is evidenced in the ability of a player to have 26-30 minutes and a team to only have 3 pairs of defensman (compared to 4 forward lines). Offense is, by far, a much more demanding position if you play well.”

    It’s not that one is more or less demanding, it’s that one is more explosive than the other. As a forward, it is about explosive bursts, sprinting, etc. As a defender, it’s about controlling the pace, keeping things steady, using your muscles, but rarely will a defender have to sprint (unless he has made a mistake).

    Forwards need bursts of energy, so they see less ice time to be fresher for more bursts.

    It’s like comparing a sprinter to a distance runner. They both require you to have a lot of endurance, even though the distance runner runs longer.

  22. Oh shoot…I almost forgot to say it…

    We have to play OUR GAME tonight. Not that running around chasing goons game.

  23. spider – I hope truefans & doodies comments clear up where I stand. Now that it was said 4 different ways, I hope it clarifies my position.

  24. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Doodie, you being a man of numbers, would agree that on a per minute or moment expenditure, defense is less demanding. The only reason the total output may be about the same is because there are only 3 defensive units and 4 forward lines. If anyone here’s played hockey long enough you’ve had a game where a few too many people don’t show up and what do you do? You rotate 2 or 3 defensman and put 4 or 5 forwards on offense, letting them switch back to defense if they need a break.

    Thus, defense is less physically demanding compared with an equivalent amount of time of play exerted by a forward.

  25. Hey Truefans now thats a little unfair. I’m sre that just because Ag had something to get signed by him doesn’t mean her comments are any less meanigful. Whatever insight you got because she said she had something to get signed means absolutly nothing. SHe might have something to get signed by Tyutin and Girardi and Drury or any number of others. She just mentioned him because he may not be coming in early today. THe fact that she has something to get signed doesn’t mean taht she is incapable of watching a game and making comments.

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    “Thus, defense is less physically demanding compared with an equivalent amount of time of play exerted by a forward”

    That’s the thing though, it’s not. It just requires a different kind of exertion. Defense is more about endurance. Forward is more about exhastion. Think of it in an analogy for lifting. A forward shift is like lifting your max for 2 or 3 reps. A defenders shift is like lifting your regular 12 reps. In both situations, you’re lifting until your muscles fail and you will be tired when the workout is over, it’s just that you get there a different way.

  27. Can we stop with the Prucha debate for a moment and just consider this…..

    Do people on this blog think they are more hockey knowledgeable than Renney? I mean come on. Prucha didn’t sit on the pine for 16g because he is ready to be our savior. He couldn’t crack the lineup. Period.

    Renney is stubborn as most people with strong beliefs are, but saying that he should just throw Prucha out there on the first PP because he is ready to score goals is a bit of a pipe dream, no?

    I mean clearly Pru went from super rookie to mediocre lightweight in the past 3 yrs. Everyone now thinks that Pru should play in every key spot for us?

    I like the optimism but let’s not think we are getting a new and improved Pru just cuz he sat on the bench getting all fired up. His adrenalin will last 2 or 3 shifts tops.

    I’d love to see him break in and score 2g and make me look like a fool. But I am trying to keep it real.

    Chances are tonight’s game will be a tight checking game which will only weigh on Pru’s game.

    Glad Pru can help out, but I’d say he has less than 2 shots on goal tonight.

  28. newman – Barking up the wrong tree here. Wait till you see the comments that will follow that.

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jorek, I agree. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing – but it may be akin to when my friends hate on Avery for being a self-indulgent, small, hockey player who lacks a set of hands to finish. For the most part, they’re probably right, but I still defend him no matter what.

    Doodie, if you compare the momentary (instantaneous) output at any given point for a forward to a defensman, it’s higher (and physically more demanding) to be a forward, unless you’re Brendan Shanahan. That is on average of course. Your analogy of 2-3 reps vs. 12 reps is like comparing the number of minutes forwards and defensman play. Forwards use more instantaneous energy, and thus only able to play 16-18 minutes (high weight, low reps) where Defensmen expend less (per the same unit of time) and are able to play 24-27 minutes (low weight, high reps). If you analyze a one minute shift of a forward, they will have used more energy than a one minute shift of a defensman.

    The difference is that Defensman play longer shifts and more frequent shifts.

    In weight-lifting terms, Its like a bodybuilder who does heavy-weight for 10-12 sets vs. someone who’s trying to tone up and does lighter weights 14-18 sets (or more).

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Right, so instantaneously it is more exhausting, but shift by shift it is the same, it’s just that defenders take longer shifts.

  31. Although when speaking in terms of our PP, it doesn’t make a difference cause no one f’n skates anyway.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I agree with part of your position that the momentary energy use of a forward is higher than that of a defender, but I think what I’m trying to say is that at the end of the game, the defender has used just as much energy as the forward.

  33. Beer Me! you are right! At the end of the day, putting 5 guys on the perimeter passing around playing keep away while not moving their feet is NEVER going to create a goal.

    Two passes, a big shot, and crash the net would be better than the game of keep away that they play.

    A guy like Avery should park his ass right on the top of the goal crease. Enough of this, pass to the guy behind the goal line, everyone make a half speed attempt at going to the net, and then dump it back out to the half boards or to the point. It is so old.

    But what u gonna do?

    Drop the puck already….today has been the slowest day in months in this office and I cannot wait for the puck to drop.

    Tonight is my wife’s birthday and I am cooking dinner. Do you think she’ll go for eating in front of the TV? Might be a DVR night…..that’ll kill me.

  34. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer Me!, Brendan Shanahan and the PP are two anamolies which defy the laws of hockey. No one works and, therefore, the only one expending more energy than the rest is Henrik Lundqvist on shorthanded breakaways.

  35. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Doodie, I totally agree. Somehow the hockey Gods also recognized this and awarded forwards one extra line to help soak up the extra energy load. If there were 3 forward lines and 3 defensive pairings, being a forward would be more demanding than being a defensman.

  36. haha – that’s really not funny since we’re talking about OUR PP! but it’s true nonetheless.

    newman – directtv dvr? I friggin love it. Live by it.

  37. Doodie Machetto on

    “If there were 3 forward lines and 3 defensive pairings, being a forward would be more demanding than being a defensman.”

    I don’t think so. I think they would adjust and the game would be a lot slower and more methodical. Dump and chase would be eliminated.

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    That is definitely a good point and likely true. If the game didn’t change, being a forward would be more demanding without that extra line.

  39. “I mean clearly Pru went from super rookie to mediocre lightweight in the past 3 yrs. Everyone now thinks that Pru should play in every key spot for us?”

    if this is in fact the case, who is most to blame for this transformation?

    i dont expect prucha to be our saviour or to play in every key spot, but i am just saying he deserves a shot as much as any of the other wingers who have underperformed with far more ice time even strength and on the powerplay ie jagr and shanny. Our pp couldn’t get any worse. Renney may know about conditioning and coddling stars’ egos, but i have never been impressed with how he deploys his players during games, and not just in how he has dealth with prucha

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    I liked Tyutin when he was still a prospect. I projected him to a solid second pairing guy. Now he looks like he is closer to a shakey 3rd pair guy. Pretty terrible play for most of the season.

    So reward him with a 4 year, 12 million dollar contract!

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    “Does anybody think that Staal should be playing with Malik instead of Mara/Malik”

    Not sure what you’re saying there, but as far as pairing Staal and Malik, they’re both left side defenders, so I wouldn’t pair them together unless we had 4 left side guys. In actuality, we have 4 right side guys instead.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    That was my suggestion from earlier today, so yes.

    I’m tired. Long “fudging” week (starting last tuesday). Big Rangers win would make me feel a lot better.

  43. Prucha on the PP…Makes sense put someone who can’t handle the puck on the PP. Put Sjo there He played the PP in PHX. Glad to see Mara back.


  44. Expanation Point! on

    Hey, they were going with Strudwick at forward, before Prucha – that’s how “smart” Renney is.

  45. I am glad to see Rozy rested and Gomer not being pushed back out there. I think we have made the mistake in the past of rushing injured players when we have people waiting in the wings that could give them the time they need.

  46. Prucha on the PP…Makes sense put someone who can’t handle the puck on the PP.

    Hi, welcome to the blog.

    I “agree” with you. Put Prucha out there with the man advantage so he’ll have a second more before getting checked. That’s what worked in 2005, no?

  47. Beer Me! – I was trying to say most of what Doodie said, and I still disagree. Prucha can float around out there for a few shifts and it won’t affect the team too adversely, but Mara has to be consistently *on top of his game* or else the other team gets a good scoring chance, unless some forward happens to be covering for him. I don’t see you point about the mask either. Don’t you think that takes some getting used to? I know from the discussion on here a couple weeks ago that it does.

    Agravaine – Thanks for responding, and I’m sorry to hear that. I was thinking you may be currently unemployed since you talk about going to all of the games early. I’m glad you can still go! Good luck in the job effort.

    Rob L. – I’d rather see Mara and Staal, Backman and Malik, just to try the latter, maybe only a couple of times because I can see that being suicidal.

    Expanation Point! – not on the top three lines; and I think they only did that when Prucha was injured.

  48. Yeah, I shouldn’t have said Mara should get 15 minutes *because* of the shield, only that the shield could be part of the reason. The 15 minutes would be mostly because he needs to get his timing and conditioning down right.

  49. I dunno – Prucha on the PP would not be there to really carry the puck. He just needs to play cleanup around the sides of the net. Thats where a bunch of his season 1 & 2 PP goals came from.

    Just sayin.

  50. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If you try Prucha on the powerplay, can it actually get worse? The guy had 16 or 18 PP goals in 2005 when he got some powerplay time (which puts him around top-5 in PP goals). Something’s broken, now try and fix it! I’m sick of seeing the same 6-8 guys keep getting it wrong.

  51. But we have guys who do that already. Drury’s main goal is to stand in front and clean up the garbage and he can’t do it. I said it before, Prucha is not a savior of our PP. The system is majorly flawed, or if not flawed it at least sucks and no matter who we throw in front of the net, they aren’t gonna do anything when the outside guys aren’t skating/moving and passing to the other side for the one timer.

    If anything, it’ll be worse to put Prucha out there in front of the net because he’ll end up getting hurt again since he be taking crosschecks and slashes during that time. And I know most will laugh, but we’re better off putting Orr and Malik in front over Prucha since at least they screen the goalie much better due to their size. Thats about all they are there for since they aren’t getting the puck that much from the outside guys who don’t move around at all.

  52. Newman,
    I agree with your post on Prucha. However I would like to see the opposite, and actually have a good game. His rookie season was great, but he has been in steady decline since.

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Johnny D, Prucha doesn’t score from garbage goals. Most of his PP goals were about 10-15 feet from the crease where Jagr was hitting him for tap-ins or where Jagr isolated Prucha who went 1-on-1 with the goalie and he beat him with a quick snap shot (high).

    It just can’t get worse. And although one night (with 3-6 powerplays) may not prove Prucha’s answer, it may at least make the team try a new configuration and each of those 5 players doing something a little different might find them some success.

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