Petr Prucha lives!


With Scott Gomez not practicing and doubtful for tomorrow, Petr Prucha is practicing on a line with Chris Drury and Ryan Callahan.

Martin Straka would be with Jaromir Jagr and Brandon Dubinsky,

More in a bit…

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  1. Glad to see Prucha getting another chance. He’s always the hardest working Ranger on the ice. Maybe a fresh face on the powerplay is just what the doctor ordered.

  2. This is expected, and it’s the right move. Drury/Callahan/Prucha will be a good, harworking line.

    Also, put this man on the power play, on the doorstep and let him slam some pucks into the back of the net!

    I love Prucha…glad to see him back. He’s got a lot to prove to his coaches, so I expect a great effort and some goals.

  3. The keys to Prucha’s game right now, to try to stay in the lineup (per Beer Me!) …

    *Stay healthy. (keep your head up)

    *Don’t try to do too much. (it doesn’t have to be pretty)

    *Stay out of the box. (not that its ever been a problem)

    *Get on the scoresheet (any way you can, except by way of the sin bin)


    No more Hossas please.

    On Gary Roberts…anyone see that old man kick some serious ass this year in fights? Like 3x before he got injured he took on a few dudes….and whooped their butts. Not saying much other than, there are still a few older players who still can bring it. Shanny has done a respectable job this year but his energy is fading fast and hard into the final stretches. I say you rest him for Isles and Flyers games.

    Prucha27…..congratulations….your wish is granted. Man I hope your wish produces some points.

    The Devils have scored 3g total in their last 3g. I am really bummed.

  5. Yeah…the lines will be as such:

    Straka – Dubinsky – Jagr
    Dawes – Avery – Shanahan
    Prucha – Drury – Callahan
    Sjostrom – Hollweg – Orr

  6. Also, is it me or does anyone else think that once this team is healthy that Hollweg doesn’t have a job?


    Graves9 – If Malone couldn’t score 35 playing with Crosby and/or Malkin, what would make you think he could do it skating with Gomez? Not trying to rip you, just trying to see your logic.

  8. Hollweg at center on the 4th line? You guys know the farmhands more than me….we can’t do any better than stonehands Hollweg (who can’t even really fight) in the center position? Anisimov? Anyone?

  9. Doodie Machetto on

    Newman, you mean like last week, when it was healthy and Hollweg was in front of his xbox?

    Also, anyone notice Prucha27 isn’t around to celebrate? It’s because he is busy at practice. I’m certain that really was Prucha.

  10. Rob C. Prucha needs play more games and more minutes. He is versatile and I agree that his size is his worst enemy.

    At some point I’d like to see Prucha and Sjostrom on the same line. I know they both play LW but anyway…

  11. Prucha is a right-handed shot, though…he can skate on both wings I would imagine. One of his better goals last year was scored from the right wing…a blast of a slap shot to open the scoring against Montreal late last year…the game the Rangers clinched a playoff spot.

  12. Doodie…yes on the previous weeks, I was just saying the guy was invisible versus the Flyers. I mean like I could tell you some play that everyone made at one point or another (Orr, great goading Cote into a penalty, btw). But Hollweg…nada.

    Also, Backman had his best game as a Ranger! He now goes from D- to C+ to B- in my book.

  13. Rob C – That 2nd line scares the crap out of me. I can totally see them being -3 tomorrow with 4PIM. I really really hope I’m wrong, and I almost NEVER say stuff like that, but I don’t have a good feeling about it.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m worried. The guy hasn’t played in over a month. I hope he can keep up. The pace and physicality has picked up quite a bit since the playoffs are near, and I’m worried Prucha isn’t in proper game shape. Which is why I was saying for weeks he should’ve been sent to Hartford for conditioning.

  15. P27 your back…
    This is good that Prucha is getting another chance…However…
    I wouldn’t expect too much, he has been out of the lineup for a long time now…but I would like to be surprised!

  16. Beer Me – I can see why you’d think that…Dawes’ inexperience, Avery’s penchant for not doing anything wrong yet still getting called for penalties and Shanahan’s lack of speed.

    Still, I think there’s enough speed and creativity between Dawes and Avery to gain the zone and forecheck…they’re hardworking players, and Avery does a great job of making the right pass into open space (when he doesn’t turn it over in the neutral zone). At the risk of sounding like Renney, if this line keeps it simple and gets the puck deep, they should be fine. Shanahan always has the ability to find that split-second’s worth of space and snap one home.

  17. If they passed over Prucha to bring up Greg Moore, I’d say his fate was sealed.

    I’m hoping he gets some time on the #2 PP unit (the one that actually shoots) and can bang in a rebound or get some good shots off.

    HE responded really well in his rookie year after being sent down for a few games, hopefully he’ll hit the same gear now. A little more scoring never hurt anyone.

  18. Doodie: “The guy hasn’t played in over a month. I hope he can keep up.”

    Well, maybe he should play with shanny then. He’d keep up just fine! haha

  19. Rob C – yeah, you nailed what I was thinking. That line is going to have to stick to the ‘3rd man high’ concept without wavering. Dawes is too good along the walls to keep him up high. Shanny would be able to get the best shot off (of the 3) from high in the slot, but it does your D no good to have him as the high man. Avery could stay up top, but he’d be leaving all 5’9″ of Dawes down low to fend for himself. I can’t see that being a good thing. But, like always, we’ll see how it works out when the puck drops.

    The last few times Renney has adjusted the lines it’s worked in our favor. Now, it’s due to injury, so lets hope we get the same results.

  20. Prucha’s natural postion is right wing… thats what I though and I checked it on a depth chart. he moved to the left wing when we got SHanahan and now that he is with Callahan he plays left wing. When it was Prucha Dubi Dawes for a brief while and PRu started playing well and meshing he was back on the right side wasn’t he? I don’t think he is getting a fair chance until he gets the right side back…

    thats the depth chart, it lists him as a right wing…

  21. Yeah Beer,
    Maybe a little line shake-up wouldn’t be a bad thing…If you think about it with the amount of line changes we’ve endured this year. These players are more than likely familiar with each other.

  22. Can someone please explain what value Hollweg added on Friday? Once Gomez went down, he saw how many minutes of ice? Not much. Part of that is Renney, but I don’t blame the coach on this one. If you want to roll all four lines, get a real center in here, not someone who plays guitar hero and grows terrible mustaches in the press box. Anybody from Hartford, even Moore, can surely fill the void better than Hollweg. He used to be such a crowd favorite because of his fighting “skill”, now it seems like he’s afraid of dropping the gloves. If you can’t score, pass or fight, and you take silly penalties, you don’t belong in the NHL. Personally, I’ve seen enough of #44. Blair Betts, get well soon!

  23. BEER ME!! with the jokes today. HAHA

    P27…I hope you have a good game tomorrow. Was practice good?? Anything to report? I hope Prucha rocks it after sitting out for a while.

    All jokes aside. The Isles are officailly out of the playoff hunt. DP is god…haha

  24. Isn’t it funny how Jagr gets 2 points last game after Straka and he were re-united?

  25. YEAH, PRUUUUUUUUU! Very disappointing that Renney has been failing to use Petr properly over the last 16 games, actually the entire season.

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