Brendan Shanahan knows he’s not exactly Pavel Bure


Rich Chere in The Star-Ledger had an interesting note about Brendan Shanahan today. For one, Shanahan said he is well aware of comments saying he’s lost a step. For another, he said it’s his plan to come back and play next season, when he turns 40.

“Throughout my whole career, I think my skating has been criticized. It happened before I was 39, so I’m not surprised it happens when I’m 39,” Shanahan told Chere. “It doesn’t take a genius to go in that direction. It was something that was talked about before I even made it to junior hockey or to the NHL. There was a question about my skating. Since I was 16 years old, my answer has always been it’s about production with me.”

The point isn’t that Shanahan was ever considered a swift skater and now he isn’t. The point is that he’s having trouble getting to pucks that he was getting to last season, and even at the start of this one.

But even with all that, Shanahan is such a smart player that he remains arguably the Rangers’ best penalty killer, and can still be dangerous on the power play (this, of course, is contingent on the Rangers power play as a whole ever getting back on track — a big “if”, I know). That, along with his leadership, makes him invaluable to the Rangers at this time of year. But at even strength it might make sense to limit his ice time.

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  1. I totally agree….. I don’t see why Renney wouldnt use Prucha in a few games here and there down the stretch to give shanny some rest time for the playoffs…… PLAYOFFS!?! Talking about PLAYOFFS!!?! U kidding me ??!? LETS GO RANGERS!!!

  2. Enough of the Jim Mora talk, Kris. This team is making the playoffs, it’s just a matter of settling for the 6th seed or trying to get home ice and grab the 4th seed from the slumping Devils and Sens.

  3. Sure, Shanny would be great for next season if he would play on the fourth line, but on the Rangers that might be bad because we already have Orr there and don’t need another slowpoke on our “defensive” line. I could see him fitting in here if Jagr and Straka leave, but I think Jagr is coming back, so I can’t see Shanny working out well here, based on where our coach will play him, meaning too much. If they do take him back for the fourth line, he actually is probably smart enough to play good defense thee, and we would still have an SOB line! The problem is that Hollweg is signed for next season; hopefully he is gone somehow.

  4. If Shanny does play next year, it better be in NY. 40 year old Shanny over 36 year old Jagr ANY DAY OF THE WEEK in 2008-2009.

  5. How about Shanny and Jagr do what Niedermayer and Selanne did? Let them rest half a season, they get their money, we don’t get the full cap hit.

  6. Arguably the best penalty killer? By who? I’d like to see someone try to make that argument. He does a nice job there for the most part, but there are a couple guys who bring far more to the table there.

  7. Dr. Ogrodnick bows to Leetch on

    Sure, if he plays for cheap, no longer kills penalties, and joins the team in December.

  8. I’d like him back because he still has a knack for putting the puck in the net, and he also seems to have a calming influence on the rest of the team. He keeps a level head no matter if the team is playing well or poorly. I think he loves New York and loves being a Ranger, and it’s important to have guys like that.

    All that said, he does look painfully slow at times. He’s not winning battles, and also because he’s not as effective a skater, he’s making some strange/lazy plays with the puck.

    Still, as long as he’s willing to come back for cheap, I’d welcome him on the team next season.

  9. I for one would like Shanny back… agreed tho at a reduced cost.

    He’s already taking some cap space next season because of insentives from this yr.

    But does add stability, leadership, classiness, and a heck of a shot!!!

  10. The problem is that Renney will never NOT play him too much. Almost 22 minutes in the last game. Renney is blinded by the name on the back of the jersey. Shanahan needs to retire, I DO NOT want him back next year. This team is still in a rebuilding stage, they are not winners right now and they have a couple years to go before they can be legit contenders. They are comprised of guys who are too old or too young, excluding a couple of guys of course.

    Quite frankly, I’d prefer somebody who could lead by example on the ice, not a guy who is “Good in the clubhouse” because that is a bunch of garbage. If there is good chemistry, which there seems to be, players will push each other to become winners.

  11. I think this Ranger management is strong enough to let Shanahan know that he’s lost it, as with Kasparaitis, when that day comes and he’s too classy a guy to try and hang on. LeClair was run out of Pittsburgh and Recchi is still trying to hang on. Gary Roberts is still contributing at Shanahan’s age. The Lightning told Andrychuk when it was time to go and he accepted it. Fedorov has lost his scoring ability but he’s still one of the best defensive forwards in the league, smart on setups, and deadly on faceoffs. If Shanahan wants to come back and plays as well as this year, I see no problem.

  12. In pre-season when the guys went through the conditioning tests, guess who did the most amount of timed push-ups? Shanny. He beat everyone. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I will take him on my team any day.

  13. Shanahan and Drury have 20+ goals each, and Jagr has 19. One cannot assume that the young guys are all of a sudden going to go on big scoring sprees all by themselves. Of course we still need Shanahan and Jagr. No one ever wins playoffs without solid veterans.

  14. In this world of shootouts every game, Shanny’s probably still worth his salt. But, man, would it be nice for his legs to regain even a little of their legs.

  15. The Ranagers would be crazy not to sign Shanny next year. He is the best penalty killer, has the best shot on the team and is a leader on and off the ice. (also has the most goals along side Drury and he was out for some time with injuries) So he’s not the fastest guy on the team – he doesn’t need to be – that’s what the young guys are for. He’s not greedy and he’s needed – again, if he’s not here next season – the Rangers are in trouble
    Oh and a note to spiderpig – Shanny may be slow but don’t ever put him in the same category as Holwig – pleeeease!!! At least he can score and he’s very smart!!!!!!!!!

  16. KAR – Just because I mentioned Hollweg in the same post as I talked about Shanahan doesn’t mean I put them on the same level. Try reading the post! I want Shanahan to take Hollweg’s place on the fourth line because Shanahan is more talented on defense and offense.

  17. Happy Easter all who celebrate it, Happy early Passover for those who celebrate that, and for anyone else I hope you had a nice March 23!!!

    I don’t think anyway is equating Hollweg and Shanny, what a bunch of us want is for Shanny to be a pp pk specialist and get about the fourth line minutes. That way he can rest, he came back so much better after that week off.

    And if anyone has some time, this is a video I made for Mike Richter to the Foo Fighters “My Hero”
    consider it an Easter gift!!

  18. Sam, don’t know if this was already discussed, but is there a reason why the Rangers are the only team to have not nominated a player for the Masterton Trophy?

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks to those who gave me their congratulations.

    I watched the highlights from the Debbies last night, pretty brutal. Although, the Gionta goal is probably the best goal I’ve seen all year. Check it out if you can.

    I was thinking about Hossa and who he reminded me of, and I figured it out. He is a great two way player. He has good offensive skills, and is very solid defensively. Then it came to me. He’s like a prime Fedorov, except a smidge better offensively, but no where near as good defensively (he won two Selkes). Anyone remember Fedorov in his prime? The guy was amazing.

    Also, Fedorov was always excellent in the playoffs. Hossa has yet to really prove himself.

  20. Agravaine – That was a good video. How long did it take you, and how did you acquire all of those images?!

    Doodie – When will you tell us of your heritage? Congrats to you and future Mrs. Doodie! :)

  21. Spider, thank you! most of the images came from a search of the internet.. ;^P I’ve gotten rather good at that. I like making videos and only have so many pictures I actually took myself, only two of my videos are all my photos.

    Umm it porobably took me two to three hours all together, but that is what I do when I haven’t a hockey game to watch…

    Doodie, congrats, I don’t know how I missed that, really best wishes for your future!!

  22. Oh dear god no. On the bright side his line will be the cleanest one in the NHL because he is so washed up. At this point his only use is in the shootout, like the rest of the team he has done zilch on the powerplay. If he wants to play next year I can think of 29 good places for him. None of them are MSG.

  23. Kyle, the hope is that with fewer minutes he would be able to better perform. I’m not sure either way but it deserves a chance, at a reduced rate at least.

  24. Doodie – Aw, you have built me up and disappointed me. What if we guess it still?

    Agravaine – I bet that last scene was something of yours because it looked like you were doing some camerawork on something real there. Like I posted on YouTube (but I don’t think it ever went through), it brings back some good memories.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks Agravaine.

    SP, you can still guess away.

    I have to say, I’m against Shanny returning for another go round. I was against his return last summer too. Make the room for Prucha, and throw the money that Shanny would make at Ryan Malone. I covet him so badly.

  26. I see Sather has plenty of company when it comes to not knowing when to promote kids, and not knowing when to cut bait on yesterday’s smelly old fish veterans.

  27. I think the results following this year’s playoffs will help determine who’s back and who’s not, as far as FA’s go, natrually.

    I also think that we would be best suited bring back Jags OR Shanny. The veteren presence is something that is not easily replaced. Especially when you’re talking about 2 HOF’ers with 600+ goals. That said, you can’t throw much $ at them, nor ice time. The thing that worries me is the same thing that we saw when Mess got older, and the same for many aging vets…they start waterskiing. And with the rules today, those hooks and holds are more clostly than they were yesteryear.

    Losing those 2 RW’s would require us to go out and sign a FA to fill the void. Sure, there’s youth available, but not to replace either of those guys. Do we have a potential HOF RW in the system?

    Like I said, I’d like one or the other, but not sure which one I’d like to see back.

  28. Did anyone catch the conversation re: the “homo Larry” thing this a.m. on WFAN??

    I missed it due to stupid work.

  29. If Chelios & Roenick can still carry the torch for they’re team, well so can Shanny and I am looking forward to seeing him next season with us again.

  30. Shanny is staying -one year contract + incentives at a reduced price (prob around 1.5)
    JAgr is Staying – one year contract + incentives prob around 2-4mil)
    Straka is not – retiring or going to a new team

    that’s what going to happen

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I think the ONLY way Jagr stays is if the Rangers make the finals, and if he does stay he won’t stay for 2-4million.

    If Jagr were to stay for about $5million, I would be OK with it but I think the Rangers need to search the UFA’s and find him a better center. Gomez and he clash because the North-South thing just puts Jagr way too far behind the play. If he doesn’t come back, I’ll be dissapointed because it’s a hole that must be filled, and I’m not sure with whom (either rookies or UFAs).

    Shanahan has contributed alot as a Ranger, on and off the ice. I remember the Brashear fight and how great that was for the team – he took one for the team, and it seemed to spark them. Well, I hate to say it, but Shanahan’s gotta take another one for the team and either NOT come back next year or pull the Clemens/Niedermayer/Selanne and only come back for 40 games. His play, since being knocked out by Knuble, has dropped dramatically. He doesn’t have the stamina or endurance to even help the PP right now. It’s sad, but it happens, and I just don’t want to see him wasting away and getting *EVEN WORSE* than he is now for another 82 games.

  32. HA! Salty, I thought the same thing.

    Trufans – That’s the complete wrong direction. We have to stop molding the team around jagr. Briging in a new center? Unless that center is in htfd, and jagr’s ok playing on the 3rd line, then it’ll work. But NOTHING should be done to cater to Jagr.

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Beer, I wouldn’t mind BOTH Jagr and Shanny leaving also (please re-read my previous post)…it just means, as you also said, we have to find at least one good scoring UFA winger then to replace their spots and re-insert/re-vitalize Prucha.

  34. And then likewise Beer, I agree with you that nothing should be done to cater to Jagr…

    BETTER center for this guy? We bring in TWO premium centers and HE can’t play up to their level… problem is him, Not Gomez or Drury.

    I really don’t understand… Shanny is taking major heat lately, what about Jaromir? He has like 5 point sin the last 25 games.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    “If Chelios & Roenick can still carry the torch for they’re team, well so can Shanny and I am looking forward to seeing him next season with us again.”

    Chelios is a freak of nature. Roenick is hardly carrying a torch. It’s more like a Bic lighter.

    Heave Ho, Shanny’s gotta go.

    Bring in Ryan Malone!

  36. Without reading all the posts here, I’d just like to say that, in order, Betts, Drury, Straka and Avery all kill penalties better or as well as Shanahan.

    Shanny does bring a certain amount of vetern leadership to the table, but unless he’s willing to fill a “Gary Roberts” type role (4th line, marginal 3rd line), then I can’t see any reason to bring him back next year, especially is Jagr comes back.

    How many 35+, top 6 wingers can one team have (if you aren’t the Maple Leafs)?

  37. Salty, you’ll be happy to know that I retract my side of the conversation we had the other day, after watching the last few games, I no longer want Jagr back next year

  38. doodie – that was an awesome post. Humor and facts at the same time are tough to deliver.

    Chelios IS a freak of nature. The fella carrying the BIC lighter has 9 GWG’s to lead the NHL, plus 3 more(GW’s) in the shootout. For a total of 12 GWG’s. Just sayin.

    Trufans – I agree that I wouldn’t mind seeing both of them walk. But wouldn’t be heartbroken to see them both stay either. I just don’t want to overpay (which is inevitable), OR see the lineup changed to accomodate 2 aging underperforming players.

    And I think if Jags stays, straka comes back too. HE’s the guy most likely to accept a paycut to stay on. Which again may leave Prucha as the odd-man out. Sept will be about 4-5 wingers fighting for 2-3 spots.

  39. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Salty, I’m not sure I call Gomez OR Drury a “premium” or premeire NHL center. They are second-line centers, Drury perhaps even closer to a third-line center who brings excellent offensive ability. Gomez is a career average 68point scorer (per 82 games) and Drury is only an average 60point scorer.

    I’m 99% confident Jagr’s leaving, afterall, who says “i’ve decided what I’m going to do next year but I don’t want to distract the team” unless you’re going to leave? But, there is a small chance he and Sather workout a deal for $5milion or so and IF THAT HAPPENS (a la Drury’s $7million), it would be out of our control. And, in that case, I think the Rangers need to consider how to get Jagr better on-ice chemistry.

    Jagr is aging, no doubt about it, but having very good chemistry with Nylander and a guy who could absorb some of the opposing team’s defensive coverage obviously benefitted Jagr immensely. Perhaps Dubi can do it, but the top line’s missing a piece because Avery can’t and Straka’s also starting to show his age.

  40. Doodie Machetto on

    And the other thing about Jagr is, sure, he is having the worst season of his career, but he is still having a better season than 90% of our roster. He is 2nd in points with 62. That’s a bad season for Jagr, a terrible one in fact. But the fact is, that still makes him tied for 44th in league scoring, with guys like Parise and Hossa. We’re just so used to his HOF performance that as less than a PPG player, he seems like a spent force. Truth is, I think next season he is good for another 60 pts, and possibly more, now that he understands he isn’t the unstoppable force that he used to be, and more of a team player. And lest we not forget the space he creates for others by the constant double and triple coverage. The problem is he needs to be compensated as a depth scorer, not an elite scorer. The question is whether he would accept such an offer.

    Shanahan’s 44 pts, by contrast, put him in a tie for 112. To his defense, his 22 goals put him at a tie at 65, while Jagr’s 19 have him at a tie at 93. And unlike Jagr, whose play and production have gone up as the season has progressed, leaving hope that he can right his own ship, Shanahan has looked worse and worse.

    I think only one of the two needs to go, and my vote is Shanahan, provided Jagr accepts a contract that reflects his role as a depth player. Otherwise, I’d like to see them both gone.

  41. TrueFans… Both Gomez & Drury were considered “#1” Centers before coming to this bizaare Disney-like organization, where if you can’t cater to the current “Mickey Mouse”…you pay the price. I don’t think anyone really ever considered Nylander a #1 Center until he “clicked” with Jagr. That doesn’t make him a #1, that makes him good with Jagr, the saem as not being good with Jagr doesn’t mean you are NOT a #1…follow?

    Gomez is as ridiculous of a puck carrier as you’re ever going to see at this level. The absolute TOP priority of the New York Rangers needs to be “find GOMEZ a wing”.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Beer, noted on Roenick’s GWG stat, but a few things about it:

    1) the 9 GWGs already count his shootout winners. I don’t like those though. A lot depends on where you shoot, and how your goaltender does. So I would pretty much disregard that, because it a lot depends on how your goaltender is playing. So that lowers him to 6

    2) GWGs themselves are suspect. If you score 5 times in the first period, and the other team comes back to score 4 in the 3rd, the 5th guy gets the GWG, even though at the time it was meaningless. Meaningful GWGs are the ones that break deadlocks later in a game. Of those 6, only 1 or 2 were after the 2nd period. At least 3 were in the first period. So from far away it looks like a torch, but up close, it’s still a Bic.

  43. salty – I think that’s the right way to look at it. ‘Find gomer a wing’. They’re out there this summer too. Marion Hossa, Chuck Kobasew, Marek Svatos, Radim Vrbata are probably the best available through FA. Kobasew & Svatos are the youngest @ 25. And also the most likely to resign with their respective teams.

    There are options out there if Jags/Shanny don’t return. But just judging from their statements on their futures, I see shanny back and Jags gone. And with Jags gone, brings Straka with him I think. Opening Prucha’s spot again. And either room for a FA or you never know who has a good camp…Cherapanov maybe?? Who knows.

    Blueshirtbulletin points out that we play just a few games this week and will have 2 games in hand on some divisional teams by the weekend. So please, no one freak out if we fall a bit behind.

  44. doodie – understood about gwg’s. But I watched the end of the SJ game over the weekend and the stat they provided on-air was that it was 9 + the 3 in the shootout. Perhaps they were wrong. I was going by the broadcast.

  45. So please, no one freak out if we fall a bit behind.


    But what if they play like a minor league team again or blow a massive lead? I don’t mind falling behind as much as I would mind looking uncompetetive…

  46. The “wing” that Gomez needs is already on the roster. Nigel Dawes is the perfect compliment to Gomez.

  47. I say keep one of them…
    IMO Jagr will want too much money and if this seasons perfromance is a sign of things to come I’m not sure I’d want to keep him….and I don’t think he’s a great leader or captain (not taking any-thing away from his HOF career, or the fact that he is definitely one of the all time greats.)

    Shanny would sign at a cheaper price and IMO is a much better leader than JJ will ever be… and though slower than Malik on his worst day is a shoot out weapon and still has the ability to put up decent numbers

  48. The “wing” that Gomez needs is already on the roster. Nigel Dawes is the perfect compliment to Gomez.

    That could very well be true. Honestly, I wouldn’t bank of it though, and I’d rather see a Dawes/Dubinsky true homegrown combo though. Find Gomez a “proven” player. I hate to say it, but Marion would be *perfect*.

  49. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If Gomez and Drury are #1 centers in last year’s free agency, it’s only because guys like Datsyuk, Lecavalier, Thorton, Spezza, and that level of athlete rarely if ever hit free agency. I like Gomez and Drury, but they are well down that list of first line NHL centers.

  50. SPider,
    your comment is approved now! I make them have to be approved because I hate it when the comments end up just bashing one team or another. If someone complained about the video I would let it go through, but no profantiy at a team or player, and that goes both ways if an Isle fan started cursing at the Rnagers on one of my vids or a RAnger fan cursed about the Isles neither would be approved. And yes, the plack at the end is mine, my twin got it for me. But that is really it fro the video, althoguh I do have the picture of the 94 team on my wall as well!

    ABout Shanny coming back, first off I don’t want him to pull a NIdermeyer, and if that was the only way we could get him back then I would say no. I thought that was bogus. If he is going to be on the team, and they know it, then he should be here all season, and being here all season would force him to take fewer minutes. I don’t know that he would be willing to do it, and I don’t know that he would be willing to take the pay cut.

    I don’t thinkt he Rangers should go out and find a center for Jagr. If Shanny doesn’t come back I hope Prucha can try for his position. I would like to see Gomez Dawes and PRucha on the same line. Dawes and Prucha (along with Dubi) had some real chemistry going for awhile. Straka leaving means that either a young winger is called up from Hartford for next year or Greg More and Drury moves to wing perhaps. EIther way, as long as we keep one (and obviously I am leaning towards it being Jagr) of the veteran forwards we don’t need to sign a free agent, we have the payers in the organization (wow I forgot Anisimov adn Cheraponov (I’m so sorry I just butchered his name…) but I don’t know if either will be ready for next year. Cherry is still under contract in Russia I think, although Artem was cut rather late this preseason)

    I think Straka will retire because he has been doing the one year contracts for a couple of years now. He s a hard worker and I will be sorry to see him go. But as is the case with Shanny it may be time for younger legs (although Straka has looked good recently with Dru and Cally, but I think Cally stepping up has really been a big part of it)

    Sorry its so long…

  51. I’ll give it to you that Drury is “questionable” as a #1. Gomez though, has still yet to be given a forum on which to shine. I truly believe that he’s been “wasted” here so far. If you can’t see something truly special just below the surface of this Gomez guy, I don’t know what to tell you! I believe he could be an INCREDIBLE force if he just had someone to give the puck to once he penetrates the zone. The guy is *untouchable* until he has to stop skating, at which point there needs to be someone else there with him ready to take the puck a few more feet and complete the plays Gomez coordinates.

  52. “Sorry its so long…”
    Oh, the countless times I’ve uttered those words. lol

    Agreed that Dawes could be an excellent compliment to Gomer’s style. And Salty, so glad you see that Hossa could fit too. I’d love to see it, but I don’t think the $ is going to be the right way to go.

    And also salty, re: ‘falling behind’. We can pick up 4 pts this week and still fall behind. So as always, I say, just get the points. There’s no question that this is not the time of year you want to look ‘like a minor league team’. But home-ice is so close, at the end of the day, it could be as helpful as perfect play.

    Hopefully Mara’s back tomorrow night. I don’t care what Dman sits (except staal).

  53. salty – I see gomer the exact same way. The belief that he and Jags would fit is what’s holding him back I think.

  54. Interesting discussion here. I think both Jagr and Shanahan have been good Rangers during their respective tenures. Since Shanahan has said he wants to come back, and considering the Rangers’ loyalty to players like him (for better or worse), I think he’ll be back. Agree with the poster above who pointed out that Jagr said he “knows what he’s going to do at the end of the year but won’t say so it doesn’t distract the team”…this sounds like a guy on his way out.

    I like the idea of Shanahan maybe playing on the 4th line. He’s good defensively and can add some scoring touch. He’s a smart hockey player. This will decrease his ice time a little so that he can play on the Power Play and remain fresh. Maybe we could see a 4th line of Shanahan – Betts – Sjostrom?

    Heh, whatever. Let’s worry about this season first!

  55. Salty/Beer – Good call on Gomez. He’s perhaps the most exciting puck-carrier the Rangers have had since Leetch. Like you said Salty, he needs someone on the end of his passes that can continue the play, and most importantly, finish the play by putting the puck in the twine.

  56. I like the shanny, betts, sjostrom idea. I still think that Orr needs to be in the lineup 80-90% of the time though. I’d always feel more comfortable having a true fighter on the team so Avery, Dubi, Cally don’t have to risk injury to get a goon to stop running players. I’m thrilled that we have guys capable of it, but all 3 of them would get knocked the F out by guys like Parros/Boogard. Thank god their out west eh.

  57. If Shanny wants to continue play let it be elsewhere. Sign a budding power forward like Ryan Malone this July and play him with Gomez and he’ll score 30-35 goals easily while hitting and fighting to protect teammates as well. If not Malone then bring back Knuble. Who unlike Shanny is sdtill a top power forward. Knuble creates havoc in front and is one of the reasons the Flyers pp is so good. He is also a terrific pker.

  58. is there room under the cap for Marion? He would be a great addition but I just don’t see him fitting in. He’s going to command 6 or 7 million a year. Can we really afford to have 4 guys making 7 million a year?

  59. I agree Graves…Hossa has disappeared in big games for his entire career. He was a non-factor with Ottawa during all of their disappointing playoff runs, and how about Atlanta last year? I almost forgot he was on the team he was so invisible.

    Yes, Hossa produces. His stats don’t lie. I would probably rather have a guy like Malone if given the choice.

  60. Rob L – I could only estimate. And it would require some changes for sure. But if you look at the 4.9 WE’re paying Jags & the $ that shanny’s making, it should free up enough for Marion. I think most of us expect a youngster or prucha taking one of those spots, which would help us under the cap.

    The question is though, do you want to follow the route that TB did with their salary? I’m sure 99% of the answers you’d here would be ‘no’.

    Also, as I’ve read, one of the reasons he wanted to go to Pitt instead of MTL(who everyone expected him to go to), is that he didn’t want to play under that kind of pressure in MTL. So I’d have to say it’s a real long-shot to see him in NY. But that doesn’t mean that he and Gomer could be extremely productive together.

  61. I don’t buy that Hossa can’t handle big games garbage. If a guy can play hockey then he can play hockey. Don’t pin Ottawa and Atlanta not winning on Hossa. The entire Atlanta team was invisible last year and Ottawa will not win until they get some goaltending. Hossa would be a great addition but he’ll never fit with our cap situation.

  62. Hossa has only 13 goals in 55 playoff games. That’s well off his regular season pace.

    That’s not to say he can’t blow up and become a big-time playoff performer. I’m just presenting this argument and these facts.

  63. Graves9 – If Malone couldn’t score 35 playing with Crosby and/or Malkin, what would make you think he could do it skating with Gomez? Not trying to rip you, just trying to see your logic.

  64. Bring Shanney back..some of you people forget how many times he has pulled through this year and got us some points. he is a very importany part of this team

  65. I have never been a big Shanny fan, but… First off, unlike Messier in his last seasons here, Shanahan is still a better player then any young winger we’ve got.
    Second, I do not get that Bure shot, Sam. Although Pavel is higher, those two are comparable players. Both are/were pure snipers, both put up great HOF caliber numbers, both carried their respective teams at some point in their careers. No one knows what Bure would have looked like at 39. All I know Pavel is working for Russian Sport Ministry boss Fetisov, whom Brandon also knows well, but probably wouldn’t be able to do as good job for the obvious reasons, while I highly doubt Bure could play in the NHL now even with good knees. In that respect, yes, Brandon is not quite Bure.

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