New life for Gomez and the Rangers


You may now all officially exhale.

Brian Heyman checked in from practice just now for what has to be considered excellent news for the Rangers: After being examined by the team’s medical staff today, Scott Gomez was told he has no broken bones, and will not miss an extended period of time.

The center is listed as day-to-day, which means Tuesday night against Flyers is an outside possibility.

“If I can play, I’m going to play,” said Gomez, who obviously didn’t skate today. “That’s the way it is. At this time of year you want to go.”

Needless to say, this is a marked departure from the initial prognosis last night, which appeared much bleaker. I think the Rangers could have lived without having Gomez for the final seven games of the regular season. But not having the dynamic playmaker for the postseason would have been a crushing blow.

No word yet on what the short-term solution might be if Gomez can’t play Tuesday, but I would imagine it would involve Petr Prucha back in the fray.

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  1. Agravaine – Prucha came up as a center, I believe, as many players do. In his first year with the Rangers, he often took faceoffs on the power play when Straka was the only other center on the ice, playing the point, with Jagr and another wing and defenseman, as Nylander would be with the second unit, if I remember correctly. I don’t think Prucha has ever played center for us at even strength, at least not for an extended period of time.

  2. Who Needs Lohan (so Scarey) on

    Awesome news! Id sit him against those Philthydelphia Phuckers though even if he is ready. Thoses pieces of you know what will try to get him right where it hurts. And the refs will look the other way… Then just move Straka to Gomers spot and let Prucha have a chance. One thing is for sure, he will have some built up energy…..

  3. Mark n' Miami on

    BIG RELIEF!!! He should atleast sit Tuesday out, maybe even the next one just to be 100% and not aggrevate it. Prucha should some playing time, maybe at center where he’s had some experience, god knows the PP could use him. Moving Sjostrom up eliminating the 4th line till Betts comes back, could make this team more dangerous as well as playing Henrik from here on out.

  4. I’d bring up Dane Byers and have him play 4th line with Hollweg and Orr for one game LOL. Naw, but in reality, maybe shifting Cally to 4th line center could be the best short term solution and a way to get Prucha in for a game or two.

  5. Who Needs Lohan (so Scarey) on

    Mark n’ Miami said “as well as playing Henrik from here on out”

    I dont see that happening, in fact unless we start losing games in regulation (i.e. the next three) I think you will see Vally twice more this year. Both front ends of the back to back night home and homes against Pit and Isles I bet Vally plays. Both are road games on the front end of back to backs. Makes sense to play Vally there especially if we are either getting pts in the next 3 games and/or Wash and Buf are not getting points.

  6. awsome news just about to leave for florida for a couple of days and it was killing me about gomez… now i can really go on Vacation…

    my opinion is they let him rest up 2 or three games depending how they play on tuesday..

  7. During war times people like Dellapina would be a subject of summer court and execution.
    Rangers should rest Gomez until he is 100%. If they are healthy heading into play offs, there is no team to be affraid of.

  8. Who Needs Lohan (so Scarey) on

    Hey guys, anyone know why Tuesday nights game is a 7:30 start? Any reason for that?

  9. Wow. What a relief. Agreed he should sit for a game or two… however Renney gets the new blood in there (i.e. Prucha) would be fine with me for the next couple anyway.

  10. I’m more to the side that Valiquette likely won’t start again, but could start on Long Island depending on how we do until then. If the over/under was .5 though, I think I would take the under because we likely won’t lock up a specific seed until the end.

  11. Who Needs Lohan – It’s probably for Versus’s benefit because they have a doubleheader that night, with the second game starting at 10:30 PM, so they probably can’t force that one to be earlier, and they don’t want to do “Hockey Central” for an hour, potentially.

  12. Glad to hear. Also glad that we have depth players to fill in when someone goes down.

    I don’t even need to state my thoughts on the game. Of course I’m going to look at it as gaining a point on teams ahead of us. The points and healthy players are the most important thing right now. Not which players are on what lines or even in the lineup. I understand that those things will dictate how the team plays, but pretty or fugly, a point’s a point. Especially when it’s on the road.

    Someone mentioned my name in regards to Backman. And for once, I’m on the side that some often are in saying: It’s one game. And if he can produce consistently, then more power to him. But I’m not jumping up and down b/c he had 3 assists.

    trufans – also from yesterday(before game). I was trying to do a bunch of things in a rush to get ready to watch the game, and fumbling to try to post on a keyboard the size of my pinky toe. So my apologies if nothing I said made sense. I don’t even think it’s worth going back to revisit.

    Ugh…another 3 day break. Lucky for Gomer at least. And what’s lucky for Gomer, is lucky for us at this point.

  13. Beer Me! – I hope you saw my post on the “…Full Moon” thread where I have a link that states that there is no roster limit now.

    Sam – Any news about Mara? It’s too bad Backman is actually playing well, with three assists last game, because I think Mara would be better for us overall.

  14. Great news. The team has enough problems creating offense even with their best playmaker in Gomez. If Gomez is out a couple of games hopefully Straka not Avery is used at Center. Avery looked horrible at center yesterday. Let’s face it Avery does turn over the puck too much and doesn’t backcheck all that well two important things a center must do.

  15. Or not do. Sorry. How bout Backman he looked like Sergei Zubov late in the third yesterday. Who knew? Yerah it was almost assuradely an abberation but he did come up big. Shanny looks worse and worse game after game imo. Jagr hjad a very sad moment in the second period when he had the puck with only Riley Cote in his way and he couldn’t get past him. How the mighty have fallen. To be fair Jagr did come up big late in the third. Marty Biron was a big part of the Rangers comeback last night. Yet another Flyers goalie that can’t stop a beach ball(Dawes and Malik’s shots should have been stopped) The shootout was rather surprising. You can make a strong case that the Rangers didn’t deserve to win as they couldn’t create anything most of the game and was disjointed all over the place. Big point still though. They didn’t give up after being down 2-0.

  16. Who Needs Lohan (so Scarey) on

    BeerMe, that was me on Backman. I am not even referring to the three assists. I just think that he was slow outta the gate here, and does have some things to offer. His defense although not great has been better, you have to admit that. And if he can create on the offensive end then maybe he isnt a bad 7th man on D. Again, I look forward to Mara’s return but if we had to use him (Backman) in the playoffs Id be okay. Well maybe not okay, Id be holding my breath…..

  17. Great news on Gomez.. speaking of Alaska, check out CW11 now – the movie “Mystery,Alaska” is on. It’s about the Rangers playing an outdoor game vs. a local Alaskan team. Never seen it, but it seems similar to the “Mighty Ducks” movies. Haha..

  18. graves9 – How can you say Biron should have stopped Dawes’s goal? It was going wide until it went off Kukkonen’s leg. More likely, he should have stopped Jagr’s goal by pokechecking or getting in a better position, but it wasn’t really his fault anyway as it went in off of that crazy sprawling guy.

  19. You’re probably right on the Dawes goal. The Malik one should have been stopped. Biron does suck big time though. Valiquette in likely his last game of the year was sharp yet again. I hope Sather re-signs him imo he’s the best backup here since Healy. As far as Gomez I wouldn’t rush him. If he’s not 100% sit him vs the Flyers and maybe even the Devs and have him nice and rested for the game against the Pens next Sunday.

  20. malik’s goal was as soft as they come. a weak 50 ft wrister with no screen. totally biron’s fault

    malik’s turnover for the first goal was pathetic. and he allowed little briere to get inside position on him for the 3rd goal

  21. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    Awesome news.

    Hopefully Renney will find a way to work Prucha back into the lineup.

  22. Anybody watch the Oilers vs Avs game. It was crazy. Avs blew a 4-1 lead in the 3rd, but there was like 3 or 4 goals scored by each team in like 2 or 3 mins. Crazy game, but Oilers scored late and won 7-5. Fun game though.

    Anyway, good stuff on Gomer. We cant lose him this late in the year. But hopefully Gomer puts on a playoff performance like he did last playoffs. He was the best for the Devs.

  23. “I hope you saw my post on the “…Full Moon” thread where I have a link that states that there is no roster limit now.”

    Thanks Spider – I’ll go back and check it out. Finally huh?

    Lohan – Gotcha…on the Backman thing. His inconsistencies fit right in on our blueline, eh?

  24. I guess that has to serve as our ‘proof’. Just like the proof in Gomer having broken ribs according to Dellapina. Whata ya gonna do?


  26. Craig The Weatherman on

    Okay, I’ve got to imagine at this point that we’re playing the Debbies or the Whalercanes 1st round. Thoughts, predictions for matchups?

  27. In case no one is paying attention…….New Jersey sucks. Pray they get fourth and the Rangers grab the fifth seed, or vicey versey.

    P.S. Ottawa blows chunks too.

    P.P.S. I fear Les Habitants.

  28. Sanguinetti’s team is down 0-2 in best of 7.

    BRA (0) vs BAR (2)

    1. BAR (3) at BRA (1)
    2. BRA (2) at BAR (3) OT
    3. BAR at BRA
    Sun Mar 23 6:00 PM
    4. BRA at BAR
    Tue Mar 25 7:30 PM
    5. BAR at BRA
    Thu Mar 27 7:00 PM *
    6. BRA at BAR
    Sat Mar 29 7:30 PM *
    7. BAR at BRA
    Mon Mar 31 7:00 PM *

    if they lose quickly I would think he’ll go to Hartford.

  29. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    For anyone that’s hating on Malik for having a bad game, I’d like to hear why Rozsival isn’t at least as responsible for that play, where he’s caught in front of two Flyers wingers when he knows his defensive partner is slow? I also wonder if you play hockey, because blocked shots happen even to the best of players.

    I’d also like to understand why no one ever questions Rozy’s dumb plays (pinching and penalties because he’s caught flat footed). This guy’s stopped scoring and, along with Girardi, has the worst turnovers and mental defensive zone lapses on this team. I’m so baffled by Dan-G, his play has been extremely suspect the past 3-4 weeks. Dissapointing from a guy who was rock solid as a rookie.

  30. Plus-Minus since the trade deadline for Ranger D’s:

    Malik +5

    Tyutin +4

    Backman +2
    Girardi +2

    Rozsival +1
    Strudwick +1

    Staal -3

  31. My prediction: Pitt wins the east. Then their goaltending doesn’t hold up in late April.

  32. Doodie Machetto on

    I got engaged. There is a future Mrs. Doodie Machetto. She must really love me if she would put that on her stationary.

    I missed the Philly game, I’m glad to see Gomez isn’t seriously hurt. My vote for adjustment would be to mix up Gomez’s and Drury’s lines. Gomez’s Line will not function without Gomez, as he was the guy who carried the puck. Without that, Shanahan is totally useless. So, I suggest Sliding Straka to center Shanny and Prucha, and lowering their ice time, while having Dawes replace Straka on the Drury unit, and increasing their ice time. I’d ration out the time thusly (not considering PPs or PKs):

    Avery-Dubinsky-Jagr 18 mins of the game
    Dawes-Drury-Callahan 16 mins of the game
    Prucha-Straka-Shanahan 14 mins of the game
    Sjostrom-Hollweg-Orr 12 mins of the game

    If either DDC or PSS shows that it clicks, I’d up their ice times at the costs of the SHO line and the ADJ liune if it isn’t working well.

  33. Congrats DOODIE…I am right behind you.

    As for comparing Mystery Alaska to Mighty Ducks, SHAME ON YOU ANTE.

  34. Before we get too excited about Gomez, saying he has no broken bones is a far cry from saying he is OK, or will be able to play at a high level. We have no idea what is wrong, at what level (or when) he will be able to play.
    Gomez at full health is crucial for our success, although I still have hopes Prucha will be helpful. He was just getting his season turned around before he got hurt again & by time he was healthy, Callahan was playing too good to consider replacing him.
    Great time of year. Hockey playoffs & Yankees all at the same time.

  35. Congrats Doodie, Good luck.

    Good news about Gomer. Very good.

    Anyone catch the Debbie game last night, Doc and Chico sounded like someone died on the ice.

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