Must have been the full moon


A strange day all around yesterday:

The Rangers lose Blair Betts and Scott Gomez, somehow squeeze a point out of a sloppy game, and then my computer crashes at 11 p.m., prompting my own Bobby Knight moment and a blown deadline.

Not exactly my finest hour.

Anyway, more on Gomez’s condition later, but the early indications are not good.

At least Gomez had a sense of humor after the game.”Upper body,” he said. “I don’t know how long upper bodies take to heal.”

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  1. When someone get injured, it is the time for someone to take their spot. Prucha is the way to o. Keep the other lines in tact.

  2. REPOST:
    March 21st, 2008 at 9:59 pm
    “if gomer had a separated left shoulder, he wouldn’t have been scratching his head during the post game interview. I’ll bet he’s back in before the Pens game a week from Sunday.”

    Not a chance…plus he hit the boards with his right shoulder, or at least thats how I saw it…I can’t find video.

  3. REPOST:
    Spider O’Pig
    March 21st, 2008 at 9:01 pm
    “I never really blame the goalie too much in a shootout because I think it’s really to the shooters’ advantage. I just wish Valley didn’t look so bad on those last two goals. It’s not that I saw him make too many amazing saves either.”

    Didn’t make too many amazing saves…
    were you watching the game?
    Valli made some absolutely great saves that kept us in the game…Think you may have been watching the Devil game.

  4. This was a good game. Strange but good. Backman with three assists???

    Hope Gomez is OK. Ribs take a long time to heal. That ice was horrible. There could have been more injuries because of it.

  5. Full moon alright.
    Backman with a Leetch-like deke on Jagr goal.
    Malik scores.
    Jagr scores a clutch goal scorer’s goal!
    Good point despite all. We picked up a point on the Devils.
    My concern going forward with regard to injuries would be chemistry, which Renney has been so reticient to tamper with, and rightly so. Curious to see how the lines shake out. My hope is that the Drury & Callahan stay together.

  6. Who Needs Lohan (so Scarey) on

    I dunno, it seemed like we were having a harder time with the ice conditions then they were. I was thinking they snuck Steve Downie into our lockerroom and dull all of our skate blades.

  7. Fractured ribs = 6 weeks to heal. Maybe he’s back after 4 or 5 but I doubt it. If they’re only bruised we’re back for the playoffs.

  8. Who Needs Lohan (so Scarey) on

    My thoughts on last nights game….

    1)Yeah, NYR were a little shell shocked by Gomez injury but overall I thought they were pretty shitty.

    2)Girardi just doesnt take the body enough, seems to be out there for a ton of GA lately.

    3)The positive people will see it as taking 3 points out of a possible 4 in the last two games and the negative ones can say that in a playoff game w/ no shootout they could have been 0-2. I like to be positive but believe the latter.

    4)Malik. Yeah he should have put that one into the corner instead of the shot. what would all the aholes that yell “Shoot” at the Garden think of that goal? Yes, you’re right, they’d boo!

    5)Refs. Ugly yet again. Its like they were only watching one side.

    6)Briere. Man did we take the better Buffalo player in my opinion. The last think I want on my team is a diving pansy sh!tface!!! That guy can kiss my A! Id take Drury any day, I dont care if Briere scores 50, divers have no place on my team.

    7)Shanny. Sorry supporters, he is done.

    8)Straka and Callahan. Best players on the ice last night.

    9)Wally Backman. Give the guy credit BeerMe, he HAS looked a bit better even on the D side of things. Even threw the body once or twice.

    10)Coaching. Can someone explain to me how Pearn has a job? I mean, I know he isnt the guy out there with the man advantage, but obviously he is about as worthless as the 1 minute interviews he does after the 1st period. I also think this team is still way too reactive to the other teams style instead of setting their own pace. During the streak they would set the tone early, get a lead, then go into lockdoown mode. I am still not crazy about this and blame Renney for it. Cant all our guys have the intensity of Dubi, Cally, and Shoestring all 60 mins every night?

  9. Lohan, I agree with you about Shanny…
    crap has he faded…lately and for most of the season for that matter…he is a shootout weapon.
    During his regular shift… he doesn’t take the body cause he too slow.
    Some of you people think Malik is slow…watch Shanny, he makes Malik look fast.

    You can’t blame Pearn… the players are the people out there

  10. Sorry to see people calling out Shanahan b/c it sure seems like they’re right. He is done.

    The penalty he took to put the Rangers down 2 men was incredibly selfish.

  11. Staal Wart = Maybe it’s because I was watching the Philly broadcast, so they didn’t help me notice Valiquette’s good saves. The Flyers really used him on those two goals, though.

    reginald dunlop – Agreed about the refs for a couple plays. That “cross-check” by Staal was mostly Briere running into the back of the net. Dubinsky had his stick broken one time while digging for the puck – I thought that was an automatic slashing call.

    I wonder if Prucha could still play center. I’d rather have that than breaking up other lines. Unfortunately, you know Sjostrom is not gonna get much playing time then if Hollweg is still centering the fourth line. Hopefully with two penalty killers out, though, Sjostrom can get some time there.

    Shanahan did do a great job again last night on the penalty kill, especially during the overtime 4 on 3. It’s too bad he’s so good at that because it makes Renney use him there and helps to wear him down. I wish there was a way where we could only play him on PP and PK with different forwards rotating into his even-strength spot, having him there for a few shifts if there isn’t too much special teams play.

    Lo and behold, I’ve finally found something that confirms that there is no roster limit this time of year. I gather, though, that teams still use IR for bookkeeping and cap relief possibilities.

  12. I never saw the slash by Shanahan because I don’ think they showed a replay on CSN. That’s a pretty bad play during a penalty kill, I bet.

    Just to clarify, I think he did look pretty slow at even strength.

  13. Possible line combinations: (1)Straka , Dubie, Jagr, (2)Dawes, Avery, Shanahan, (3) Syostrum, Drury, Callahan & (4) Hollweg, Moore, Orr. Hate to lose two “A” rated players this late in the season but this how you test the team’s mettle. Avery played very well with Shanahan and Callahan last year and Jagr works well with Straka. Another option would be to have Straka center Avery and Jagr and place Dubie between Dawes and Shanahan. I agree with “Who needs Lohan” on Shanny; his gas tank is on empty. He retires at the end of the season.

  14. Shanny better retire at the end of the season, I love the guy, he’s one of my all time favs but sh## has he slowed down. It’s like he’s barely moving.

    Hey Lohan,
    maybe Shanny could take Pearn’s place LOL

  15. Since Shanny refuses to play physical he probably shouldn’t be on the pp either. Rangers need a guy who’ll make the extra effort during 1 v 1 battles along the boards.

  16. loneranger – Weren’t those the line combinations used last night, with people filling in on the rarely-used fourth line? I know I never saw Avery on the first line after Gomez went out.

  17. formerly formerlyjagrforgovernor on

    I would put Dawes with Jagr and Dubi.

    Dawes has the speed to open up some room for Jags and Dubi to be creative in.

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