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UPDATE, 8:05 p.m.: The Rangers will only say Gomez has an “upper body injury,” and that he won’t return.

UPDATE, 7:55 p.m.: Just looking at the replays, it looks like Gomez’s left shoulder. I’ll confirm later.

Just when you thought no Blair Betts was the biggest concern of the night, Scott Gomez went directly to the Rangers dressing room after crashing into the endboards.

Trainer Jim Ramsay was with Gomez through most of the Rangers’ power play. He’s since returned to the bench, but massage therapist Bruce Lifrieri is with Gomez now.

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  1. Where oh where has our little Betts gone? We sure can use him.

    I blame Nyr fans !! They cried about losing Betts, now you have something to cry about now….hopefully not though.


    Malik is a moron for not shooting that puck. Im sick of these euro losers passing up on a chance to score a fuggin goal. Ridiculous !!

    They better have a better period.

  2. The rangers looks like they are at public skate out there…what is up with that ice? Hope gomer is alright….

  3. “Colton Timberlake”, maybe you should learn something about the game before you bitch and moan. Look what happened when Malik did shoot the puck, earlier in the period, it was blocked and Richards got a breakaway and scored as a result. You don’t shoot when there’s no lane, jackass.

  4. when players get hurt, it is an opportunity for other players to step up. we’ll see if anyone does

  5. Has to be a Separation because arm did not snap back…Much better than a Dislocation. Depends on the grade…Think 2-3 weeks…

  6. Strange lines by Renney. Lose Gomez, and change all three lines instead of the one that was affected….

  7. Losing Gomez for any amount of time is going to kill them. Not to mention, they’re without Betts for at least 2-3 weeks as well. I hate to say it, but I see them going downhill quickly as a result.

  8. Rick, how are they only supposed to change one line? They’re short a player, which means someone must double-shift every rotation.

    What are they supposed to do, have a center skate every other shift?

  9. How about:

    Avery Dubinsky Jagr
    Sjostrom Drury Callahan
    Dawes Straka Shanahan
    Hollweg Orr


  10. quit the doom shit. the Canes are 13-3-1 since they lost Brindamour, and they have less depth than the Rangers do. they also are without Williams, Whitney and Cullen, but they keep on going

  11. No Rick… the fact late lost both Gomez AND BETTS are the reason… who would you put in Gomez place…Drury? then you screw up Drury’s line? So yes all lines have to be shuffled

  12. Yeah Jeff, two have to be changed. Sjostrom is not a stretch playing left wing with Callahan and Drury, and Straka has played center a lot in his career. Dawes at Center????

  13. Guys Shannahan is skating like I do after 4 hours of pond hockey…
    I hate to rag on stuff but jeez…

  14. Staal Wart:

    Believe me I get it…Your next best Forward is Sjostrom. He plays Left Wing. He moves up and then another Left Wing has to move to Center…Just don’t make it Dawes (who has never played Center), and don’t change ALL the lines…

  15. If you think us Ranger fans are nervous about Gomez going down, apparently Brodeur left his game halfway thru the 2nd…don’t know why yet.

  16. I love this guy vali, if anybody doesn’t want this guy as our backup next year than IMO they don’t know what they are talking about. I don’t want to hear that we need a veteran goaltender to challenge lundqvist because that makes no sense.
    This guy and lundqvist are good friends, if that doesn’t motivate lundqvist, than nothing will motivate lundqvist.

  17. Rick which line would you leave alone…everyone is double shifted…? you wanna have Drury and Dubinski out every other shift?

  18. 14 shots on goal through 2 periods…

    No line continuity…

    No Power Play…

    They play hard for Renney, but he does some silly stuff…

  19. Talk about an ugly/flat/unexciting hockey game between two rivals you would expect to have a lot of emotion working at this time of year.

  20. read above Staal Wart….

    Avery Dubinsky Jagr
    Sjostrom Drury Callahan
    Dawes Straka Shanahan
    Hollweg Orr

  21. vally has been good all year. and he IS a veteran of about 10 pro seasons. he is all they need to backup Henrik

  22. IMO the best ranger player tonight on the ice is Straka, if any ranger player is going to score a goal tonight it will be straka.

  23. the game changed after Gomer went down…
    seems like everyone is playing with less intensity to avoid another accident…
    Gomez wasn’t even touched…

  24. no pay czech on

    is it asking too much for mr. suck, 3 goals in 24 games jagr to actually score once to tie a game. or is he just too washed up to deliver even once.

  25. no pay czech,
    I agree about jagr, I really don’t want to see him back next year with the rangers, I am hoping he decides he had enough of the nhl and retires and than he can go play for his countrymen in Europe. The rangers could sign either Malone from the penguins (ufa) or ryder from montreal (ufa). I don’t want to hear that he draws other players to him to free up other ranger players.

  26. Is this team so fragile that it can’t focus on the task at hand against the slowm piss-poor Flyer D because a teammate got hurt? If that’s the case, um….how can that possible be the case??

  27. no pay czech on

    right, tomg, he just had that 4th line goon, riley cote take the puck away from him. too selfish to give and go

  28. I can see your point tomg, though I was one of the “draw players” people. What other top line player are just used for attracting defensive pressure?
    They are payed to beat that pressure!

  29. Ok, for those people tonight that wouldn’t let go malik’s block shot for a breakaway go, malik just made up for it.

  30. Chris F.,
    gomez was flying along the right side of the philly net when he lost an edge and crashed in to the boards, he had an xray done but haven’t heard the results yet on the xray.

  31. Let’s hope so. I’m really worried about Gomez. I was so happy they didn’t have too many injuries.

  32. it figures, the rangers making me look like a jack a## but I don’t mind, call me mr. negative, i don’t give a sh##, as long as the rangers win.

  33. chris F.,
    actually it was the left side of the philly net, got confused when i heard sam rosen scream “scored, “Nigel dawes”.

  34. yes tomg…you usu. are negative…but
    I still agree with you on Jagr.
    yes he set up Malik but looking at the entire season…I still have to agree

  35. OH YEAH!!! 1.30 minutes and they have scored TWO! NIGEL IS THE MAN! And Backman got 2 assists!

  36. That’s horrible, just horrible, after all that they give up a quick goal, that sucks.

  37. This is one hell of a game. Hopefully we can steal two points again. Such crazyness.

    By the way, Malik’s second goal of the season doesn’t make up for all of the bad things he does, though he has been playing well recently.

    Briere mostly tripped over the net there! AHHHH!

  38. okay, I came home from a meeting and mistakenly turned it on live even though it was tivoing. Sat on couch til 2-2. Then went to desk and we go down. Back to couch. Immediate jagr goal. Wacky.

    Thanks tomg.

  39. I’m still impressed that we were able to keep coming back in this game without Gomez. It’s too bad we couldn’t beat ’em, but they have to play a game before they play us again, while we have that time off. Still got a point closer to the playoffs.

  40. if you look how this game turned out, I’m happy with the point. if you were going to tell me that the rangers gave up a second goal late in the third and than fought back to tie the game and go to a shootout and lose, I’ll take it. One point is better than no point.

  41. I don’t want to here how bad Vali looked in the shootout because he made allot of big saves to keep the rangers in this game to get a point, that’s huge to me.

  42. I never really blame the goalie too much in a shootout because I think it’s really to the shooters’ advantage. I just wish Valley didn’t look so bad on those last two goals. It’s not that I saw him make too many amazing saves either.

  43. I thought the rangers played well considering they loss gomez and had to re-shuffle the lines. Vali kept them in the game. This game reminded me allot of the last game against the devils, unfortunately vali isn’t lundqvist in the shootout and the ranger players couldn’t score. Just to get a point i think is still a victory.

  44. WOW.

    I am more *PROUD* of this team than I have been at all this season and I think you all should be very happy about what you saw tonight, despite the loss. The team BATTLED to come back after losing their top guy early and looking pretty weak for a spell. THAT is passionate hockey played and way to battle back. Proud of this team tonight. *Proud of Renney.*

    Good stuff, Let’s hope Gonzo bounces back from his “upper body issue” and Betts too, despite still a pretty decent PK.

  45. Salty,
    AMEN, I basically said the same thing the post before your post, it’s nice to see we agree on something.

  46. I missed the pregame, but someone just told me Al Trautwig confirmed on Hockey Night Live that the Rangers are playing the Isles at Yankee Stadium on New Years day. Any truth to this?!

  47. This is depressing but im semi satisfied. Vally played awesome this whole game, but he really didn’t show up for the shootout, but ill take the point cause once again, for 2 games in a row this team didn’t show up and deserve any points but they managed to steal 3 out of 4.

    JEFF L

    LOL, if you were calling the shots, this game would have ended 2 – 0. Ha, i win.

    Anyway, Hank better get ready. In a way this is good. I dont want anyone thinking Vally is our starter when it comes to these games against Philly. Hank needs to show he is the man for the job, he needs to step it up on monday, or tuesday, when ever the game is.

  48. A heroic effort by penalty killers and a great character performance – something totally opposite to what they did in Florida.
    Of course, the question #1 is about Gomez. It’s really impossible to say anytning certain now, but from what I saw in his post-game interview, it should not be a disasterous injury.
    In the meanwhile, if he is out indeed, I would put Prucha back with Jagr and Dubi and send Avery to Straka – they will obviously have to use Marty as a center now.

  49. I should have said *Is someone else…*

    For the future, I’m not sure if it is most prudent to put Prucha into the lineup in the fourth line center. But I didn’t notice Hollweg at all this game, probably because he was always on the ice for four minutes. If Prucha was in there, I don’t even know. But if they’re only gonna play four minutes anyway… Maybe Renney could use Prucha on the second line, in Gomez’s place, as a center?

  50. Gomez did a post-game interview? It can’t be that bad of an injury then. It looked really bad when he was on the ice there shaking his legs up and down; you could tell he was really hurting and wanted the pain to go away.

  51. The good news is they only lost in the shootout. They didn’t lose the hockey game.

    You wonder how they’ll fare when there is no more shootout to turn to…I’m thinking they’ll continue with their ability to stick it out in tight games.

  52. if gomer had a separated left shoulder, he wouldn’t have been scratching his head during the post game interview. I’ll bet he’s back in before the Pens game a week from Sunday.

  53. The last two games showed me that we are capable of playing patient hockey and sticking to our game even when it doesn’t go our way from the get go. These last two games are what it takes to win in the playoffs. If someone said that last night was lucky, you are wrong. They scored a power play goal on us and that was it. Drury’s goal at the end was legit. Tonight we lost Gomez early and that messed up our lines and probably got in to the players heads, but I think they still handled it as well as they could. And to battle back like that showed me a lot. Let’s Go Rangers!


  54. Gomez has an ankle injury, below is his quote from the game recap

    “My ankle hurt a little bit so they’re concerned about that,” Gomez said.

  55. reginald dunlop on

    another excellent, evenly called, consistent game from the referees……….these guys get worse as the games go on…..are they ever gonna call some of the slashes and stick horizontal to the ice surface penalties that jagr endures every shift????? or the high sticking on avery???? nah just call the bogus interferences……..think these two guys were supposed to do the game across the parking lot, not the nhl game………just putrid

  56. big point everyone say a prayer for gomez. I really hope that goal gets jagr going big three days off

  57. brian. if you go on the rangers website and watch gomez’s interview he says that the x ray wasn’t even on his ankle and that its an upper body injury. he said his ankle hurt a little bit then he got to the bench and his thigh hurt. the problem isn’t his ankle or his thigh though, its above the waist. and he wasn’t in a sling or anything so its not a shoulder seperation either. i’m gonna guess a rib injury here.

  58. Nasty 1 Good post. My feelings exactly. We don’t panic and just play our game. Also, we dig down deep when we have to. We could go deep in the paly-offs. Just hoping Gomez’s injury is not serious as it’ll definately effect line chemistry. Temporary solution would be what Rick posted earlier. Have Syostrum take Straka’s spot on the 3rd line & have Straka center Shanahan & Dawes. However, I would bring up Moore or Anisimov from Hartford to center the 4th line.

  59. boobsensausage on


    i dont get you brah….i was just about to sit down and eat a ruben sandwich and you start saying some dumb shyt like dat.
    now go take a flying shit you piece of dukey!!!

  60. speaking of Sjostrom, I thought he played a great game. The more I see of him, the better I think the deal was. He’s young, is a speed demon, plays gritty, crashes the net, and seems to have decent hands…

  61. It’s a rib injury that Gomez has (according to Larry Brooks). Best case might be 2 weeks.

  62. 2 broken ribs (according to Dellapina in the Daily News)


    the Rangers suffered what could turn out to be a devastating blow midway through the first period when leading scorer Scott Gomez sustained what was preliminarily diagnosed as two broken ribs crashing hard into the boards.

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