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Last call to enter “’s NCAA Tournament contest”:, with a potential grand prize of $10,000. I recommend you do this because if you win, you and I will become fast friends, and I’ll make you feel important by letting you buy all the drinks.

Hey, that’s just the kind of guy I am.

More from Newark later….

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  1. Sam – don’t forget to put your wallet in your front pocket when you head to newark.

  2. hockeyman#2, Rob(s), those talking about the crowd.

    Now we see a little of what was mentioned after that MTL game. The quote about the crowd ‘helping the team’ (paraphrased). It’s not a myth. Crowd support, or lack there of, can change a game.

  3. I agree with all the comments about the crowd. I’d say 65% of the time during the regular season, MSG is one of the top 5 loudest venues in the league. However, that loudness is what makes a weak night stand out. I guess all crowds have good nights and bad nights.

    Montreal has a relationship that probably no other NHL team has with its fans. Hockey is treated there like soccer is treated in Europe. People are downright fanatical. They chant AND sing. It’s great to hear and to see.

    That said, I still love the Ranger crowd. And when MSG is rockin’ there’s no place like it, not even Centre Bell.

  4. Some guy in the aisle next to me was shouting for Malik to get off the ice after his first shift.

    I leaned over and said “Maybe you should let the guy make a mistake before you rag him.” The guy looked stunned, really.

    But seriously, give Malik a break already. We all know not to expect too much from him, but don’t rag just to rag.

  5. Tonight’s game is being nationally televised in Canada by TSN. There are no canadian team playing tonight.

    They’ll probably bash us the whole game.

  6. I don’t think it was because of the weekend games, but who knows. I just get disappointed when the crowd isn’t completely into it and when MSG isn’t shaking like it should be this time of year.

    Hey not to try to stir the pot too much but maybe the crowd is honestly just not impressed with this years product and it is really starting to become evident…

    Win or Lose…. the fact remains that the Rangers played a pretty sloppy game..Luckily, so did PIT. Those 2 goals in the 2nd came from a team that got too comfortable when they have a slight lead. You’ve got to crush teams that show up slowfooted, just like they’ve done to us.

  7. jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssussssssss christ salty. Always on the negative.

    I don’t think that has as much to do with it as you think. But a small part, sure.

    Leetch night wasn’t even too loud. Opening was loud, last years last game(playoffs) was loud, but other than that, I haven’t been impressed with the crowd volume. I only got to about 7 games so far, with 2 more to come, but its so much more fun when the place is rockin.



  9. heres a question.. whats a bigger priority Signing Avery or Signing Jagr.?

    i personally think jagr is done playing in the NHL i think after this season he wants to go back to Europe. for him to say that he knows what he wants to do already that has to be going back to europe. what else can he possibly mean.
    Avery– if we do not resign him he will get a contract very quick from another team. i feel that team will be the Eastern conference..
    my opinion Resigning Avery is a bigger priority
    what does everyone else think.

  10. I hate College Basketball more than any other sport. Most of all I hate Dick Vitale. I wish someone would Brashear him every time he starting screaming like a banshe.

  11. Wow… I have to start getting out of bed earlier… everybody pretty much covered everything I was going to say…

    – Renney, great call with the timeout (I was yelling at the TV “CALL A DAMN TIMEOUT FOR CHRIST’S SAKE” Guess I am a couch coach afterall.

    – Sign Avery!!! Great wrister and great patience on the 2nd.

    – I want Callahan and Dubi to keep hitting everything in an opposing jersey on every shift.

    – Jagr’s backcheck was unreal!!!

    – Great goal by Straka… sweet deflection.

    – Hank should have just covered the puck.

    – Malik is really impressing. The other day when I said I wanted him back in the lineup (and then felt dirty the rest of the day) was accurate and then validated.

    There, ALL CAUGHT UP.

  12. I think with the price of tickets skyrocking alot of the real fans have been priced out. In their place are drunken yahoos and corparate fans. Who spend the entire game getting liquored up and chant Potvin sucks a million times during the game while throwing out a meager let’s go Rangers once or twice a game. The crowds have changed at the Garden over the last decade or so and not for the better.

  13. I saw this on another ‘board.

    “Instead of retiring #9 for adam graves they should retire it for Eliot Spitzer”

    Funny stuff from that poster.

  14. joejoe315:

    Hard to say. While we know what the team’s record is with and without Avery, we haven’t had to play post-lockout without Jagr. The only time was the 05-06 playoffs, but that was a 1-man team anyway, built around him. The team isn’t like that anymore.

    Taking all things into consideration (age, cap hit, team dynamic, etc.), I think you have to sign Avery. Jagr is obviously a more talented player, but you just never know where the guy’s head is at. Look at this year, all that talk of his contract…He’s saying more by not saying anything. If he just said “I will re-sign in NY next year, we just have to agree on a number”, that would be way better than what he’s supposedly doing now. This is the loudest silence I’ve ever heard.

    Avery is just a one of a kind player. He adds a dynamic to the team that it just doesn’t have without him. He’s 27, heading into his prime…I just think he needs to be in NY.

    Even if we sign Jagr for another year, in a year or 2 the guy will be gone. Avery has 6-7 years of his prime left (assuming he can stay healthy. For the good of the team the post Jagr era needs to get underway.

  15. At this point, Avery is the priority. To the fans. Slats is the boss and makes the ultimate decision.

  16. Joejoe315,
    I agree with you on the Jagr point…I believe he has made up his mind to retire, but hasn’t really said anything about it to keep from distracting the team…
    However if he was planing on staying a Ranger I would have been no distraction to the team if he had said he wants to remain here.
    As far as Avery goes, we do have to resign him. However I also think he has been so good because of the line he is on. JJ creates so much room for him. Why was he open last night for two goals? because 2 men were on JJ…thats why he’s been so good. I’m not sure he would do the same on any other eastern team that might offer him a contract. But thats just my $.02

  17. “At this point, Avery is the priority. To the fans. Slats is the boss and makes the ultimate decision.”

    Wow, what a nugget of wisdom.

    The guy was asking for fan opinion, moron.

  18. prucha27 – THIS is what you decide to bring to the table? wow. You make Salty look like nostradamus.

    Sorry salt.

  19. Hahaha.

    Interesting tidbit.

    Before last night’s game I went up the escalator to the “Club” section of the Garden. Anyone with a season ticket can go up there. Anyway, Pete Stemkowski and Rod Gilbert were doing an informal Q & A with fans (it was a corporate sponsor event…Continental Airlines, I think). My dad and I stood on the side and eavesdropped. It’d be too much to type everything they said here, but here are some things I remember.

    – Both said the skating is what separates today’s game from when they played. Also, the salaries. Stemmer said he made $9,000 the year he helped the Leafs win the Cup, then asked for $20,000 the next year and got laughed out of the room. Times have changed.

    – Gilbert asked the fans “If you had something to say to Tom Renney right now, what would it be?” I couldn’t hear most of the responses, though who knows how many Ranger fans were in the audience anyway. Still, Gilbert brought up the Power Play.

    – Someone asked about European players and their positive/negative impacts on the game. Gilbert gave a really long answer of which I don’t remember a lot, but he did say something to the effect of “I love watching Jagr play…he goes in hard all the time”. I thought that was pretty cool.

  20. P27…you can’t go thru life like this…
    I hope this isn’t how you respond to people you encounter throughout the day…
    I mean seriously…this blog and sports for that matter are for entertainment and fun…
    If you that down about the team, fans, and life I general…I feel sorry for you.
    Life’s to short to get upset about what people say on a blog.

  21. joejoe – Is it ok that I didn’t answer your question in the manner that hemorrhoid27 wanted me to?

  22. whats in the club section never been up there didnt even know we were able to get up there with season tickets

  23. Oh please, these guys can talk all the crap they want and try to put people down, but as long as they try to abuse on sports related topics, it’s OK? F that.

  24. On the Renney timeout last night….Did anyone read his lips and see him say something adamantly about the forecheck? Clearly he made that call and then threw the 4th line out there, Orr, Betts, and Shoe started banging people and 50 sec later Shoe found the back of the net.

    Gotta give him some props for that….

  25. beer me as long as salty does not answer any of my opinion questions im happy..

    haha this is a blog i try not to take it that serious

  26. And PS, I don’t have to talk to most of the people I deal with in life like this, because they aren’t to total douche bags these guys are.

  27. Nothing really, though they have stacks of media notes at the top of the escalators, which is cool (at least for dorks like myself). Sometimes you catch former players/other notaries roaming around. I think the Play-By-Play Restaurant is up there too.

    Haha, it’s nothing special and I’m no elitist. I sit in the blues with my dad and always will.

  28. newman i was at the game last night but i always tivo the game so i can see stuff like that when i get home… that timeout was the game changer last night… it was great

  29. P27…IT’S SPORTS!
    Don’t get so worked up man…
    its a game and this is a blog…don’t take everything so seriously…
    Geez I sound like a counselor.

  30. P27….you have your opinions. You are welcome to them

    When people disagree with you, you get upset.

    Then when more people disagree, you continue to spout the same opinion repeatedly.

    Now people start to get annoyed that you continue to flog a dead horse (even if you are totally misguided in your opinion) and start telling you to give it a rest.

    Then you start cursing and swearing and calling people “know it alls” and a bunch of other things.

    You end it all by saying, “I don’t want credibility.”

    After all of this, you act like it’s the whole blog versus you when in fact you brought it on yourself.

    Please, just admit it, you really are Prucha.

  31. Staal, apparently I’m the the only one worked up. I appreciate your effort here (no sarcasm), but these guys are being just as inflammatory as I am. Why no speech for them?

  32. P27 try to tame down the personal attacks a touch huh?
    A lot of us ride eachother a lot, and get pretty riled up about this stupid stuff… but there *is a line* there too somewhere … try to identify it, I think it’s worth finding.

  33. Newman: Who are you to say who’s misguided? Because you and Beer decide what’s right and wrong on the Weinman blog?

    I don’t get upset when people disagree. But you do it with an unwarranted air of superiority. Your opinion isn’t any bette rthan mine just because it comes from you. Who are you to condescend anyone else.

    You get annoyed that I “beat a dead horse” which is ridiculous, because if Weinman posts 5 times about Jagr, I’m going to write 5 comments, and if he posts 3 times about Straka not playing well, then I’ll have 3 comments for that. It goes the same for everyone else on here. But heres the news flash…Who cares if you’re annoyed? Don’t respond to the post if that’s the case.

    You can disagree all you want, but you’re the type that has to try and make t like people are insane for having their opinion and that yours is the only one that is correct. That’s what I take offense to.

  34. Some GAVE ME, yes GAVE ME tickets 10 rows behind the Rangers bench (sec 85/86) for RICHTER NIGHT a few years back. They are club seats…obviously. If you EVER get the chance, those tickets (that must be stamped) provide access to the Club Bar & Grill. What an experience that is. Gilbert bought us drinks at the bar, it was awesome. Unfortunately the buffet was like $49/person. But it was crab legs, filet mignon, lobster tails, add’l carving station. Unreal. Separate entrance to arena, the whole 9 man.

    Worth the $ if it’s just 2 people. But not worth it for kids, IMO. unless you’ve got it to throw around.

  35. And I mean a line involved in what we say to/about eachother…. but I mean if you think they should do something, whether it be throw Prucha back on the PP or dig up Lyashenko and hold him up like a marionette to screen the goalie or something, you should stick to your guns until you no longer believe it…

    just wanted to clear that up…

  36. Someone came down on me for something like that a long time ago. Trying to say right and wrong. I never said I was an authority. But if my words translate that way to someone, perhaps it’s in the mind of the reader and not the writer deciding who’s an authority.

  37. Hey…to anyone going to the game tonight…Make sure if we’re up by at least 2 late in the game we hear some ‘You can’t beat us’. eh?

  38. Beer: Not saying you do that, but honestly…How many ways are there to take the sentence “even if you are totally misguided in your opinion”?

    I don’t think that’s in my head. And now that Newman just comes out and says it, you can pretty much rest assured it was in the tones of his post, as well.

    I mean, I even apologized to the guy on Monday for freaking out on Friday, and he still talked trash, while I wasn’t even posting. Everyone wants to talk to me about limits, but that should apply to everyone.

  39. wow, when did this blog turn into a junior high school girl’s bathroom? btw the “retire Eliot Spitzer’s #9” comment nearly just made me piss my pants

  40. new subject was sitting here looking at the standing and stats for this season so far. yes the rangers are not the best team in the league. BUT i feel the rangers no longer have a one man team.. and if u look through most of the teams they do have one or two man teams. what does a team like the Devils do when there goalie retires… ( i dont even like typing his name). what do the capitals do if Ovechkin gets hurt. look at the islanders there officially dont without DP..

    im very bored today as everyone can see

  41. The Isles were officially done before DP was out I think it is safe to say… The Islander fans here in the office conceded that to me weeks ago

  42. jagr will coem back for another year
    And avery wil resign as well
    Think about it. Him going to another city, even in the same division, he wont be getting the same reaction as he does here in NY
    And also, even Avery said it last ngiht, Everyone concentrating on JAgr gives him space and time. Hes not gonna get the same once JAgs is not a Ranger

    Let beat the shit out of the devils tonight and make it a sweep for the season!!

  43. i have a restaurant in NJ i have to deal with all Devil fan employees and costumers it sucks haha

  44. no backcheck, no pay czech on

    “jagr will come back for another year”

    eff jagr and his czech posse for another year.

    that meeting with Ranger fans on MSG-TV about future blue was 4 (FOUR) friggin years ago when those promises were made by Ranger mgmt

    it is beyond high time to get on with the new Ranger generation.

    jagr and straka and malik etc can go eff themselves after this year, enough is enough.

    I would rather see Sanguinetti score goals and make rookie mistakes than watch that selfish oaf malik chicken out in the corners for another year,

    and I would rather watch a young winger go to the net than watch another year of washed up jagr float around the perimeter for 4 PP goals in a whole friggin season

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If you guys want to read an interesting analytical comparison of the judiciary treatment Canadien teams receive vs. the rest of the league (it’s basically about how biased Colin Campbell is looking at every discretionary suspension handed out since the lockout) check-out this link… It’s pretty much as you’d expect.

  46. PRUCHA27…you need a tissue?? Sounds like you are starting to cry in that last post. You are making a lot of friends on this blog.(sarcasim)

  47. yea, I’m in Times Square but at least half of us are Long Island commuters…. I never used to hate the Islanders, but recently Islander fans have just made me by not leaving me alone for being a Ranger fan, so I had to start retaliating… I used to be one of those guys who doesn’t wish any particular team ill, I’d still rather see the Devils win a cup then some western conference team if the Rangers are eliminated, but otherwise I find it a waste of energy to actually despise a hockey team… My Boss actually pulled me out of a Mix session last year and sent me downstairs when the Rangers did the Times Square Rally during the playoffs and I never heard the end of it

  48. Well, Richard shall we call you Dick? I have real friends. I don’t need blog friends.

  49. JoeJoe I love it – Devils fans as ‘costumers’ – yeah I know what you meant just like what you said too :)

  50. Lotta nastiness on this board today (No offense Nasty1).

    The Rangers are back on a winning streak… I thought it would all be pussycats and rainbows.

  51. PRUCHA27…you like Dick. By all means you can speak the name and swallow it all at the same time.

  52. “Misguided in your opinion” means that if you said Prucha was the best hockey player ever, I would call that “misguided.”

    I would also say that if 99 people out of 100 thought that your opinion was foolish and of no merit (which apparently in these past many instances, nearly that many do) then I would call thse “misguided,” as well.

    The reason why I come back after you is, despite your apology, you use horrible language, swear like a sailor, and call me and other people ridiculous names and suggest ridiculous things involving lewd acts. I have no tolerance for that. If you were standing in front of me, I know you wouldn’t use those words or make those silly remarks. Else you’d risk a major beatdown.

    I prefer to use logic and words to make points in discussions and not drop F-bombs and the like to get my point across.

    If you can have a calm, cool discussion on this blog without getting emotional, without throwing swear words at everyone, and using logic (aka intelligence and convincing points to get your idea across) then I will stop coming after you.


  53. Ok ok boys, enough getting tough… really, we all get it, neither of you like each other, and apparently have some penis issues…

  54. Avery will be signed, i don’t think there is any serious question there. I do think that it may or may not be in the best interest of the team…it all depends on $$$. But like it or not, Avery is a fan is a Garden star and Sather knows it… not to mention he has been burying lots of pucks (which I agree has plenty to do with Jagr making space).

    Jagr, I can only pray will be gone. I can only pray for that. This whole team can finally start to *grow* when that Jagr is out. I wish we had traded him for some fresh meat.

  55. I for one wouldn’t mind seeing Jagr back… I like the space he creates, and still think he can score if he decides to believe he can and use his shot, you all know the one I mean, but even if not, I’d consider him an asset based only on the attention he attracts from other teams… Obviously I’d like to see the price tag come down considerably, but I wouldn’t mind at all having him back one more year, just take the focus off him

  56. “Misguided in your opinion” means that if you said Prucha was the best hockey player ever, I would call that “misguided.”
    I never said that. I make a lot of observations about a lot of players, why do you sweat that subject?

    “I would also say that if 99 people out of 100 thought that your opinion was foolish and of no merit (which apparently in these past many instances, nearly that many do) then I would call thse “misguided,” as well.”
    Well, Bush got voted back in, so apparently it’s possible that the majority CAN be wrong.

    “The reason why I come back after you is, despite your apology, you use horrible language, swear like a sailor, and call me and other people ridiculous names and suggest ridiculous things involving lewd acts. I have no tolerance for that. If you were standing in front of me, I know you wouldn’t use those words or make those silly remarks. Else you’d risk a major beatdown.”
    Another internet tough guy. Yawn.

    “I prefer to use logic and words to make points in discussions and not drop F-bombs and the like to get my point across.”
    No, actually you’re rude and condescending. You’re saying calling someone a moron directly, is less offensive than an abstract F bomb?

    “If you can have a calm, cool discussion on this blog without getting emotional, without throwing swear words at everyone, and using logic (aka intelligence and convincing points to get your idea across) then I will stop coming after you.”
    Come after me? What are you, the blog Gestapo? Who are you to “come after anyone”? If you don’t like someone’s opinion, ignore it. If I’m “misguided” I don’t need you to “show me the way”. You think anyone who doesn’t agree with you is misguided.

  57. DanNYC

    If I truly believed Jagr was comfortable and happy playing the reduced role, I would be all about it. He’s a great player, and could contribute lots down the line. However, I don’t think he would ever fully embrace that. At 36, he’s a tad more mature, and playing “team guy” and everything down the stretch…but I just don’t see him being passionate like that for another season. Something else to consider, suppose Jagr happens to “flare up” for a bit next season in his “reduced role” and starts putting up big numbers again… what do with our growing sprouts and new leaders we are trying to let find their identities? Do you give Jagr carte blanche to do as he pleases and “run the show” again just because he suddenly is playing well again? I don’t think you can do that without throwing off the entire team. Man my blood is getting hot talking about Jagr again. Seriously need to get this guy out of NY, he’s a bigger cancer and distraction than most people realize.

  58. Who Needs Lohan (Clearly a Mets Fan) on

    Wow, I miss 4 days on here on Vacation and this place sounds more like a Bath House blog than a Rangers blog. Glad to be back fellas. LGR!!!!

  59. I say if he starts putting up big numbers in that kind of system, why would they change anything, obviously he was doing fine within it… Didn’t mean to get you all hot bout it, just throwing in my two cents, VERY slow day in the office. I get your point, and see where your coming from, just not my view on it, I still think the guy has worth, maybe 3 to 4 million of it, not more

  60. Haha…no sweat Dan…lets face it, I do enjoy getting riled up/

    Let me put it this way though:

    If Jagr was on any *other team* right now, putting up the numbers he is right now… and the Rangers went and got him for $3-4M in the offseason… wouldn’t you think…. uhhhh good ol’ Rangers…picking up another washup veteran? I think most people would.

    Also, what message/image does that perpetuate to the rest of the hockey world? Man I am so desperate to change our image and be come a nasty, respectable hockey team that the league fears.

    taunting by Rangers fans in his own arena…. man that would be so epic.

  62. no backcheck, no pay czech on

    if anybody thinks that jagr would sign for 3-4 mil with his ego, get real. he was making 11 mil in his contract before the CBA reduced it to 8.360 mil, and the trade made the Caps pay almost half of it.

    so, if you think he is going to go from 11 to 3, in his selfish mind, forget it. he will not take 1/3 of what Gomez gets, his huge ego would not permit it.

    I hope he stays in europe and takes his cronies with him. good riddance.

  63. Thanks to whoever made the site work ten times better on the iPhone now. I love it all the comments show up on one page its perfect

  64. I should say I don’t believe he will be back in the NHL at all next year, and honestly pay czech I don’t think his ego is all that huge at all right now, he seems rather the opposite, broken and lacking any kind of confidence at all. I don’t think he is physically done yet, that’s all, I think there are more goals and dominating plays in him if he chooses to do so. Don’t get me wrong, I’m by far not the guy’s biggest supporter, but I am also not rationally or irrationally angry at him. More just trying to have some hockey talk instead of reading the junior high girlfight this blog was this afternoon on a rare day I don’t have anything to do but read it. I’m not the most frequent poster, again usually mixing all day and reading all your banter when I get home, but on a day like today you guys were a godsend once the bickering stopped

  65. i don’t think he likes the fact of getting showed up by little kids in the NHL that has to kill whatever ego he has left

  66. Doodie Machetto on

    Man, I wish I knew anything about college basketball. I sure could use that 10 grand right now.

  67. no backcheck, no pay czech on

    if you think he would tolerate getting moved off the #1 PP unit, or the #1 line this year, or reduced ice time right now, or shorter shifts, well you can see what I mean about his ego. it shows you are wrong when you say he has less ego now. just try to take him off the PP or the top line or shorten his shifts or take away the C, and “C” how he pouts.

    his ego is huge , and that all proves it.

  68. That’s the thing about Jaromir B-There…

    Next season he’s another year older… is he still creating space?

    It’s up to him to decide what he is and what role he’s comfortable playing and therefore what he thinks he’s worth.

    I doubt he’ll come to the conclusion that he can be what he has been this year (i.e. a space maker) and take the 3-4M that we’d all want him to take for that role.

    I sense retirement.

  69. I prefer when fans yell at him for banging his wife’s sister

    I don’t get why people act like thats a big insult to him… I think that’s totally awesome. Everyone wants to bang their wife’s sister out, at least once… Marty went and did it.

    Scummy? yes. Awesome?


    Not only was she probably smoking hot, but she was so attracted to Marty that she was willing to do her own sister completely wrong just to be with him. And to be fair to Marty, I’m a sure *plenty* worse goes on….

    I heard Brind’Amour’s wife slept with Lindros in the Philly days and that while it came to blows (PUNCHES people) in the locker room… Brind’Amour pretty much didn’t care in the long run and speaks fondly of Lindros to the day…pretty funny….

    I wouldn’t even bother owning 1 or 2 pairs of pants if I was in the NHL, I would basically never need them.

  70. Marty already sold his soul to the Devil (pun intended) so why not right?

    I think he signed the contract on May 7th, 1994.

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